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67 Cute Middle Names for Amelia: With Origins and Meanings

These middle names for Amelia are adorable!

Are you searching for the perfect complimentary middle name for Amelia? We’ve done our research to make this your one-stop for the best picks to pair with this adorable Germanic epithet.

From the stunning Seraphine to the exotic Eirlys, our collection showcases middle names for Amelia that are balanced and attractive.

So whether you’re welcoming a new addition to your family or creating a compelling character, these will surely inspire and intrigue you. Read on to discover 67 awesome Amelia middle names!

15 Popular Middle Names for Amelia

Here are some classic and popular choices for Amelia middle names.

  1. Aisha – means “alive, living” in Arabic, ranking as the 273rd most common forename worldwide.
  2. Claire – is the short, one-syllable French form of Clara, from the Latin Clarus (bright, clear).
  3. Elena – is a form of the Greek Helen, meaning “bright, torch, corposant,” or possibly “moon.”
  4. Grace – stems from the Latin “gratia” and is used as an English virtue name.
  5. Isabella – derives from a medieval Occitan form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is plenty/an oath.”
  6. Jane – is a medieval English variant of Jehanne, a feminine form of John (Jehovah is gracious).
  7. Kate – a diminutive of Katherine, likely from the Greek Hekaterin (each of two), or “katharos” (pure).
  8. Malika means “queen” in Arabic, as it is the feminine form of Malik (king).
  9. Maria – is the Latin form of Mary, ultimately from the Hebrew Miriam, meaning “rebellious.”
  10. Marie – the French-Czech form of the Greco-Roman Maria, from the Hebrew Miriam, meaning “rebellious.”
  11. Maya means “water” in Hebrew, “illusion” in Hindu, Sanskrit; a form of the Greek Maia (midwife, mother).
  12. Nika – the Slavic feminine form of Nikola (victory of the people); means “virtuous, good” in Persian.
  13. Rose – derives from the Germanic Hrodohaidis (famous type), later associated with the Latin “rosa” (rose).
  14. Sofia – is a variant of the Greek name Sophia, meaning “wisdom.”
  15. Sol means “sun” in Spanish and Portuguese; also a diminutive of the Hebrew masculine Solomon (peace).

15 Cute Middle Names for Amelia

These short middle names for Amelia are simply too sweet!

  1. Ada – stems from the Germanic element “adal,” meaning “noble,” which also means “island” in Turkish.
  2. Angel – a unisex epithet from the medieval Angelus, from the Greek word “angleos” (messenger).
  3. Beth – a diminutive of Elizabeth (my God is plenty); short for Bethany (house of affliction/figs).
  4. Daisy – stems from the Old English “dægeseage” (day’s eye), denoting a little white flower.
  5. Hope – derives from the Old English “hopian,” denoting an optimistic expectation used as a virtue name.
  6. Joy – a one-syllable English vocabulary word from the Norman “joie,” meaning “happiness, gladness.”
  7. Kiki – a cute diminutive of names beginning with K or with the “KEE” sound.
  8. Lila – a variant of the English Leila, also means “night” in Arabic and “play, amusement” in Sanskrit.
  9. Lily – has roots in the Latin “lilium,” denoting a flower, which is a symbol of purity.
  10. May – stems from the month named after the Roman goddess, from the Greek “maia” (midwife/mother).
  11. Mei – is of Chinese origin, meaning “beautiful” or “plum”; means “bud/sprout life/garment” in Japanese.
  12. Nora – from the Latin Honora (honor/esteem) or the English-Germanic Eleanor; a variant of the Arabic Nura (light).
  13. Pippa – a diminutive of the English Philippa, meaning “lover of horses,” ultimately of Greek origin.
  14. Poppy – derives from the Old English “popæg,” denoting a red flower symbolizing endurance.
  15. Tala means “star” in Filipino, “gold” in Persian, and “story” in Samoan.

10 Cool Amelia Middle Names

Check out these ten super cool middle names for Amelia.

  1. Avery – derives from the Norman form of Alberich (elf ruler) or Alfred (elf counsel).
  2. Juno – of uncertain meaning, possibly from an Indo-European root meaning “young,” denoting an ancient Roman goddess.
  3. Lee – a common unisex epithet from the Old English “leah” (meadow/woodland clearing).
  4. Leigh – a unisex variant of Lee from the Old English “leah,” meaning “meadow/woodland clearing.”
  5. Lux – a simple unisex moniker from the Latin “lux,” meaning “light.”
  6. Raine – stems from the French “reine,” meaning “queen,” a variant of the English vocabulary name Rain.
  7. Rio – means “river” in Spanish, including “white jasmine thread, cherry blossom village” in Japanese.
  8. Sage – derives from the English word denoting a type of spice or a wise person.
  9. Skye – from the Scottish Skye or a variant of the English Sky, from the Old Norse “ský” (cloud).
  10. Zara – means “princess, exalted, high status” in Arabic.

15 Beautiful Middle Names for Amelia

These pretty middle names for Amelia are simply stunning.

  1. Angelica – derives from the Latin “angelicus” (angelic), ultimately from the Greek “angelos” (messenger).
  2. Anika – means “sweetness of face” in African and “army, splendor” in Sanskrit; a Germanic diminutive of Hannah (grace).
  3. Anne – a French form of Anna, from the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning “favor, grace.”
  4. Belle – a diminutive of Isabella, meaning “my God is plenty/an oath”; is French for “beautiful.”
  5. Brooke – an English variant of Brook, a surname denoting someone living near a small stream.
  6. Charlotte – a French feminine diminutive of Charles, from the Latin Carolus, meaning “(free) man.”
  7. Chiara – means “clear, bright” in Italian, from the feminine form of the Latin Clarus.
  8. Elise – is a Germanic and English diminutive of Elizabeth, from the Hebrew Elisheva (my God is plenty).
  9. Isolde – a German and Welsh form of Iseult, possibly with Celtic roots, meaning “ice battle.”
  10. Mireille – of French-Dutch origins, stems from the Occitan Mirèio, meaning “to admire.”
  11. Rosalind – derives from the Old German elements “hros” (horse) and “lind” (soft/tender).
  12. Sayuri – stems from the Japanese kanji for “little/small lily.”
  13. Seraphine – is an Anglicized form of Séraphine, ultimately from a Hebrew word meaning “fiery ones.”
  14. Soraya – stems from a Persian form of the Arabic Thurayya, meaning “the Pleiades (star cluster).”
  15. Vivienne – is a French form of Viviana, from the Latin Vivianus, meaning “alive.”

12 Unique Amelia middle names

Here are 12 uncommon middle names for Amelia.

  1. Blythe – an Old English surname meaning “cheerful” from the Proto-Germanic “blithiz” (gentle/kind).
  2. Calista – is a feminization of Callistus or a variant of Kallisto, from the Greek Kallistos (most beautiful).
  3. Eirlys – stems from the Welsh compound meaning “snowdrop (flower), snow plant.”
  4. Isra – means “night journey, night travel” in Arabic.
  5. Lakshmi – denotes the Hindu goddess of wealth and purity and means “good sign, mark” in Sanskrit.
  6. Liora – a feminine form of the Hebrew Lior, meaning “my light.”
  7. Nephele – from the Greek word for “cloud,” denoting a goddess created from a cloud by Zeus.
  8. Niamh – means “radiant, bright” in Irish and is pronounced “NEEV.”
  9. Saffron – denotes a spice, a flower, or a color, from the Persian-derived Arabic “za’faran” (gold leaves).
  10. Sakina – means “tranquility, calmness, peace” in Arabic.
  11. Thalassa – an ancient Greek personification of the sea, from the Greek word for “sea, ocean.”
  12. Zephyrine – stems from the French feminine form of Zephyrinus, ultimately from the Greek Zephyros (west wind).


What Does the Name Amelia Mean?

The name Amelia means “unceasing, industrious, vigorous, brave.”

Although it is sometimes confused with Emilia, it is a variant of Amalia. This means it originates from the Germanic element “amal,” meaning “unceasing, hardworking.”

Amelia is not only pretty, but it denotes one with strong character.

What’s a Good Middle Name for Amelia?

A good middle name for Amelia might be Grace. This is a top pick among many parents and netizens and is also highly popular on its own (1).

Another good middle name for Amelia could be any spelling of May, as it feels well-balanced. It sounds appealing, and the matching “M” sounds throughout both provide rhythm and flow. May or Mae means “midwife, mother.” However, the Chinese-Japanese Mei (MEH-EE) can mean “beautiful,” “plum,” or “bud.”

What Is the Nickname for Amelia?

The best nickname for Amelia is up to personal taste. Consider options like Milly, Lia, Lee, Amy, or Meli.

Many of these nicknames come with their own meanings. Amy means “beloved,” and Lee means “meadow/clearing.” Meli is “bee” or “honey” in Hawaiian. Each one is as cute as the last.

What Name Sounds Like Amelia?

Emilia is a name that sounds like Amelia. However, Emilia is a feminine form of Aemilius, from the Latin “aemulus,” meaning “rival.” It has a distinct root and meaning from Amelia, rooted in the Germanic element “amal” (brave/unceasing/industrious).

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