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100 Unique Middle Names for Luca: Two Times as Cute

Shine a light on the best middle names for Luca that’ll suit your light-bringing baby boy.

Luca is a darling boy’s name originating in ancient Rome. Meaning “bringer of light,” it’s short enough to complement a wide range of middle names. Are you stuck on finding various perfect middle names for Luca your little one will love?

Take a look at our detailed list of carefully organized middle names for Luca. From traditional choices to ancient favorites, there are plenty of options to discover. Come away with the most memorable middle name for Luca, which your baby boy will cherish forever.

35 Classic Middle Names for Luca

Honor tradition with unforgettable Luca middle names that have stood the test of time.

  1. Alexander – means “man’s defender” and is derived from the Greek name Aléxandros.
  2. Ander – a Scandinavian boy’s name meaning “lion-man” from the Swedish Andreas.
  3. Anthony – means “priceless one” and “flourishing” from the Roman Antonius.
  4. Arlo – consists of the Old English “hoer,” meaning “strong,” and “hlaew,” meaning “hill.”
  5. Benjamin – from the Hebrew Bīnyāmīn, meaning “son of the right hand.”
  6. Bennett – means “blessed” and “well-spoken,” originally from the medieval Benedict.
  7. Blaise – dates back to the Latin Blaesus and means “to stammer” and “the stutterer.”
  8. Casimir – means “proclaimer of peace” and also appears as the Polish Kazimierz.
  9. Daniel – a popular middle name for Luca, meaning “God is my judge” in the Bible.
  10. Dean – taken from the Greek “dekanos,” meaning “monk in charge of ten others.”
  11. Dion – referred to as a “follower of Dionysus,” the Greek god of wine and fertility.
  12. Dominic – means “lordly” or “sovereign,” also describing someone “devoted to God.”
  13. Elliot – derived from the biblical name Elijah, which means “the lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  14. Eugene – comes from the Greek “eugenēs,” meaning “noble” and “well-born.”
  15. Felix – from the Latin “felicis,” meaning “happy”; also means “lucky” and “fortunate.”
  16. Finn – means “fair” or “blessed” and is associated with Fionn, a mythical Irish hero.
  17. Fisher – originally a two-syllable surname given to a fisherman, which fits Luca perfectly.
  18. Fletcher – a French occupational name for an arrowsmith from the Old French “fleche.”
  19. Flynn – an Anglo form of the Irish Ó’Floinn, meaning “descendant of Flann.”
  20. Francis – a term for a “Frenchman” or “free man” based on the Latin Franciscus.
  21. James – common among biblical Luca middle names meaning “may God protect.”
  22. Kyros – means “Lord” or “master” when taken from the Persian “kuruš.”
  23. Michael – a Hebrew male name meaning “Who is like God?” or “gift from God.”
  24. Milo – is related to the Slavic “mil,” meaning “beloved,” or Latin “miles,” meaning “soldier.”
  25. Nathaniel – derived from the Hebrew Netan’el, meaning “God/El has given.”
  26. Oliver – means “ancestor’s descendants” in Scandinavia and “olive tree” in Latin.
  27. Oscar – a common Irish name meaning “God spear,” “deer-lover,” or “champion warrior.”
  28. Pasquale – from the Latin “paschalis,” which is associated with Easter, for those born on Passover.
  29. Paul – originally from the Roman surname Paullus, meaning “small” and “humble.”
  30. Rhodes – means “clearing in the woods” and “where roses grow.”
  31. Rhys – a Welsh boy’s name meaning “ardent,” originally appearing as Deheubarth.
  32. Sebastian – means “revered” and “from Sebaste,” based on the Latin Sebastianus.
  33. Silas – comes from the Latin Silvanus, referring to the “woods” or “forest.”
  34. Sullivan – means “hawk-eyed” or “little dark-eyed one” from the Irish “súildhubhán.”
  35. Vincent – a classic boy’s name for your Luca that means “prevailing” or “conquering.”

35 Powerful Luca Middle Names

These middle names for Luca are as strong as they come for your little boy.

  1. Ace – a cool, short middle name for Luca that means “one” or denotes an “expert.”
  2. Andrew – from the Greek “andros,” meaning “man,” also means “brave” and “warrior.”
  3. Arjen – originated with the Latin Adrianus, given to someone “native from Adria.”
  4. Arthur – derived from the Greek “artos,” meaning “bear”; also means “bear hero.”
  5. Benito – a Spanish and Italian form of Benedict, meaning “blessed one.”
  6. Bruno – from the Latin Brunus, meaning “burnished,” or German “brun,” meaning “brown.”
  7. Caius – a powerful Roman title for Caesar, which means “rejoice” in Latin.
  8. Cassian – in Latin, it means “hollow” and relates to Cassius, a name for saints.
  9. Cedric – means “beloved” in Latin; an invented name by Sir Walter Scott for Ivanhoe.
  10. Constantine – originated as the Latin Constantinus, which means “constant” and “steadfast.”
  11. Cyrus – has Greek or Persian origins, meaning “sun”; used by various Persian kings.
  12. Darion – means “gift” in Greek and also appears as Darien or Darian.
  13. Erik – from the Old Norse, “ei,” meaning “ever” or “always,” and “ríkr,” meaning “ruler.”
  14. Falconer – an occupational French name for someone who trains and keeps falcons.
  15. Fox – an English nickname for someone with a “sly” or “cunning” personality or being “fox-like.”
  16. Gabriel – inspired by the angel Gaḇrīʾēl,” whose name means “God is my strength.”
  17. Jackson – means “son of Jack,” the nickname for John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  18. Julius – was Caesar’s first name derived from the Latin Jovilius, meaning “devoted to Jove.”
  19. Justen – means “just,” “righteous,” or “upright” as an antiquated form of Justin.
  20. Magnus – among beautiful middle names for Luca, which are meant for the “greatest.”
  21. Marius – means “manly” or “dedicated to Mars,” the Roman god of war.
  22. Matteo – the Italian variation of Matthew, which means “gift of God.”
  23. Maverick – a unique modern term for someone known to “avoid conformity.”
  24. Maxwell – means “Mack’s stream” in Scottish, from Magnus, and “wella,” meaning “stream.”
  25. Mete – a strong Turkish male name given to a “brave” and “valiant hero.”
  26. Odin – from the Old Norse Óðinn, meaning “lord of frenzy,” after the god of war.
  27. Owen – meanings include “noble,” “youthful,” and “well-born” in Irish and Welsh.
  28. Pompeo – means “five” in Latin, a form of Pompeius known for Pompey the Great.
  29. Ragnarmeans either “warrior” or “judgment” from the Old Norse Ragnarr.
  30. Rainer – an Old German name that means “deciding warrior” as a variant of Raginheri.
  31. Remington – originally an Old English surname meaning “from the raven’s home.”
  32. Rocco – among Luca middle names with German origins, based on “hrok,” meaning “to rest.”
  33. Thaddeus – means “heart” and “courageous” when taken from Theodorus, which means “God’s gift.”
  34. Theo – from the Greek Theodōros, from “theos,” meaning “God,” and “dōron,” translating to “gift.”
  35. Zeke – a nickname for the Hebrew Ezekiel, which means “God strengthens.”

30 Unisex Middle Names for Luca

Stand out from the crowd with modern unisex Luca middle names any little guy will adore.

  1. Avery – a French and English gender-neutral name meaning “ruler of elves.”
  2. Blakemeans “dark” from the Old English “blæc,” meaning “black”; it also means “pale.”
  3. Bodhi – short for Bodhisattva, which means “awakening” and “enlightenment” in Sanskrit.
  4. Bowie – means “blond,” based on the Gaelic “buidhe,” meaning “fair-haired.”
  5. Chance – means “good fortune” from the Middle English “cheaunce,” meaning “luck.”
  6. Finleyhas Gaelic origins and means “fair-faired,” “courageous one,” and “fair hero.”
  7. Jace – a Hebrew diminutive of Jason, meaning “lord of salvation” or “healer.”
  8. Jasper – a pretty Persian unisex name for a “treasurer” or a cute boy named Luca.
  9. Jett – initially used for a “jet aircraft” or an “intense black color.”
  10. Jordan – among biblical middle names for Luca, means “to go down” or “descend.”
  11. Jude – from the Latin Judaeus, originally an ethnic name for a Jewish person.
  12. Kai – means “sea” in Hawaiian; also related to the Frisian Kaimbe, meaning “warrior.”
  13. Lee – based on the Old English “laye,” meaning “woodland clearing” or “meadow.”
  14. Morgan – means “circling sea” or “white sea dweller” from the Welsh “mor” and “cant.”
  15. Parker – an Old English occupational name used for a parkkeeper who tended a park.
  16. Peyton – means “fighting man’s estate” or “Pæga’s settlement” and is linked to Patrick.
  17. Phoenix – inspired by the mythological bird; means “dark red” or “crimson.”
  18. Quinn – means “wise” or “reason,” from the Irish Ceann or Conn, meaning “chief.”
  19. Riley – originally an English surname meaning “rye clearing” or “courageous.”
  20. River – a middle name for Luca, referring to a “flowing body of water.”
  21. Rory – from the Irish “ruadh,” meaning “red,” named after Ruaidhrí, a 12th-century king.
  22. Rowan – a shorter variation of the Irish Ruadhán, meaning “little redhead,” for your Luca.
  23. Ryan – taken from the Gaelic “righ,” meaning “king,” and “an,” meaning “little.”
  24. Ryland – among Luca middle names based on surnames; for those living near “rye land.”
  25. Sage – describes a “wise” and “learned” person from the Latin “sagus,” meaning “prophetic.”
  26. Tate – an Old English name meaning “cheerful,” from the Old Norse “teitr,” meaning “glad.”
  27. Valentine – from the Latin name Valentinus, for someone “strong” and “healthy.”
  28. West – a nickname for Weston or Wesley initially indicating the direction West.
  29. Wilder – intended for an “untamed” or “wild” person; also means “enthusiastic.”
  30. Zion – from the Hebrew “ṣiyyôn,” meaning “castle”; also known to mean “highest point.”

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