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100 Unique Names That Mean Night: For Boys & Girls

No more staying up all night searching for the perfect name for your little one!

Dreaming about the perfect names that mean night for your little one can keep you up all night. Often culture, religion, language, and time-related trends will influence different interpretations.

We also tend to forget the true wonder and mystery that the night holds. You may even find the night your favorite part of the day. As the sun goes down and the moon and stars light up the sky, we are drawn into the wondrous beauty of the evening. Browsing through our selected list of night names is sure to shed some light on the perfect night name for your baby!

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100 Cool Names Meaning Night

Relax, kick up your feet and enjoy our ensemble of heavenly names meaning night for your little one.


Aayan is a commonly used Muslim name with several Islamic meanings. The Hindu meaning is “God’s gift, manifest, blessing,” which coincides with the life of Lord Vishnu. Ayaan is another name for Lord Vishnu and will be a blessing for your little one.

  • Origin: Persian, Urdu, Hindu
  • Meaning: Long night, era, God’s gift, manifest, blessing
  • Pronunciation: A-ay-an
  • Variations: Ayan, Ayaan
  • Popularity: Aayan is a fairly popular name, ranked #996 in the U.S. in 2019.
Charming, Cool


Abital was originally a gender-neutral name. Abital is a biblical name and the name of King David’s Israelite wife. If you’re looking for an inspiring royal name for your bundle of joy, Abital is the ideal ancient regal pick for you.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Jewish
  • Meaning: My father is dew, the night dew, pure
  • Pronunciation: AB-i-tal
  • Popularity: Abital is popular in Israel among Hebrew people but rarely used by other cultures or religions.
Unique, Beautiful


Aharnish is a typical Indian name mainly used by Hindu people. Aharnish has no distinct religious connotation, so the exclusive use by Hindu people could be cultural. This is a powerful name with a neutral meaning that fits perfectly with names meaning night.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Day and night
  • Pronunciation: AHA-renee-sh, Ahar-nish
  • Popularity: Aharnish is a common Hindu name but is rarely used by other cultures and religions.
Fearless, Beautiful


Ajambo is a charming feminine name used by the Luo people of East Africa, predominantly in the region of Kenya and Tanzania. In Africa, it’s common practice to use names related to the time of the day or the seasons. Ajambo is a delightful addition to the growing list of night names.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Born in the evening
  • Pronunciation: a-JAHM-BO
  • Popularity: Ajambo is a rare name globally.
Strong, Traditional


Ajradah derives from Arabic roots and means “great worshipper who worshipped long in the night.” Ajradah will be a sincere gift for your baby girl for its virtuous qualities. If you are looking for the perfect name with a deep meaning, Ajradah is definitely a keeper.

  • Origin: Arabic, Muslim
  • Meaning: Great worshipper
  • Pronunciation: AJ-rah-DAH
  • Popularity: Ajradah is a fairly popular name among Muslims.
Spiritual, Elegant


Amaiah is associated with religion and has an appropriate meaning for names that mean night. There is something about rain during the night that carries a sense of calmness and peace. Amaiah is a cheerful yet delicate girl name that will be an inspiration for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Night rain, cheerful, responsible
  • Pronunciation: A-mah-ee-ah, Ahm-ay-ah
  • Variations: Amayah, Amaia
  • Popularity: Amaiah is a rare name worldwide.
Powerful, Caring


Amya derives from the Medieval English Amy, which enjoys worldwide popularity. In Arabic, Amya means “soft” and is a graceful feminine name that sounds much like a cute nickname. Amya could be that rare gem that sparkles your interest.

  • Origin: Basque, Japanese, Arabic
  • Meaning: The end, night rain, soft
  • Pronunciation: A-may-ah, Ahm-yah
  • Variations: Amaya, Amiah, Amia
  • Popularity: Amya is an uncommon name worldwide.
Beautiful, Elegant


Anadil is predominantly a Muslim girl name common in Iraq. The extended meaning of Anadil is “a sweet bird called nightingale.” Anadil is also a character in the School For Good And Evil, written by Soman Chainani.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Nightingale
  • Pronunciation: An-e-dil
  • Popularity: Anadil is somewhat common among Muslims but is not very popular.
Fearless, Spiritual


Andalah is a somewhat common first name among Arabic people, also used as a surname in Egypt and Indonesia. Andalah represents the melodic song of the nightingale and would be a perfect name for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Song of the nightingale
  • Pronunciation: An-dah-lah, Ahn-dalah
  • Variations: Andala
  • Popularity: Andalah is a rare name worldwide.
Traditional, Classic


Anjami derives from Sanskrit and means “glorious one who is bright and nightless.” Anjami is a glowing nocturnal name worthy of admiration and could be a great masculine choice for your baby boy.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Not black, nightless, glorious, bright
  • Pronunciation: An-jah-mee, An-jami
  • Popularity: Anjami is an uncommon name worldwide but fairly common in Indonesia.
Brave, Powerful
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Ankareeda means “resembling the night star” in Hindi. The term “night star” could be the evening star, an important navigation tool. Ankareeda has some funky nickname options like Anka or Reeda, which may add some weight to your decision.

  • Origin: Hindu, Arabic
  • Meaning: Night Star, Graceful, Shining
  • Pronunciation: AENGK-erlY-DAH
  • Variations: Ankareda, Ankareeta, Ankareta, Ankarida, Ankarita, Ankaryda, Ankaryta
  • Popularity: Ankareeda is an unusual name and not widely used.
Charming, Caring


Asra is related to the Arabic-Turkish name Esra. The variation Azra is a very common name all over Turkey and Bosnia. In Punjabi, Asra means “generous, nobler.” Asra is a sweet yet bold feminine name that is relatable and easy to remember.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic, Old Greek, Muslim
  • Meaning: Travel at Night
  • Pronunciation: AS-ra
  • Variations: Azra, Esra
  • Popularity: Asra is widely used and fairly common in some regions of the Middle East and Asia.
Strong, Beautiful


Astraea stems from Greek mythology and means “goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision.” The Starry Night is an oil-on-canvas painting by the Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh. Astraea is a decadent girl name fit for royalty.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Star-maiden, starry night
  • Pronunciation: aeS-TREY-aa, aa-s-t-r-EH-aa, As-traea
  • Popularity: Astraea is not a popular name in the U.S. or any other region.
Beautiful, Unique


Atiena is commonly used among Christians. Its variation Atienza is widely used in the Philippines and Spain and is also a common last name in the U.S. Atiena could be a forceful defender of her family and a great short name choice for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Brazilian, Swahili
  • Meaning: Guardian of the Night
  • Pronunciation: ah-tea-E-nah
  • Variations: Atienza
  • Popularity: Atiena is a rarely used girl name.
Powerful, Caring


Ayla is popular in Scotland, Ireland, and Australia. Ayla is also Hebrew and can mean “oak tree” or “halo.” Ayla became known for the first time in the U.S. after the novel Clan of the Cave Bear and has remained popular. Soft and lovable nicknames for Ayla include Ay and Lala.

  • Origin: Turkish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Oak tree, halo, moonlight
  • Pronunciation: AY-la
  • Variations: Aila, Layla
  • Popularity: Ayla is fairly popular in the U.S and rated #108 in the U.S.
Pretty, Elegant


The English variation Aslin means “beautiful, daughter of God.” The Arabic Azlynn means “the one who is blessed with the greatness of Allah.” Azlin can also mean “sun” or “shine,” making this name even more beautiful, knowing your baby girl will be a night vision full of sunshine.

  • Origin: Arabic, Muslim
  • Meaning: A night vision or a dream
  • Pronunciation: Ah-Z-lin
  • Variations: Aslin, Azlynn
  • Popularity: Azlin is fairly popular in Malaysia but less so in the U.S. and other western countries.
Fearless, Powerful


Badru is a somewhat common last name in the United Arab Emirates. In Swahili, Badru means “born during the full moon.” Badru is associated with great inner strength and independence, which are great qualities for your baby boy to emulate.

  • Origin: Swahili
  • Meaning: Full moon
  • Pronunciation: BAA-DROO
  • Popularity: Badru is not a very popular name.
Strong, Brave


Belma has been a common surname in the U.S. since 1880. The Arabic meaning “the night of the full moon” adds mystery and intrigue to this stunning female name. Belma will be an adorable name for your newborn baby girl.

  • Origin: Arabic, German
  • Meaning: The night of the full moon, husband
  • Variations: Bel-mah
  • Popularity: Belma is an uncommon name mainly found in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Classic, Cool


Bibigul is a lovely, lyrical girl name meaning “nightingale,” which is known for its beautiful song. In Kazakh, Bibigul also means “lady of flowers,” which embodies natural femininity. Bibigu is one of the very rare names meaning night and will be a daring pick for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Kazakh
  • Meaning: Nightingale
  • Namesakes: Bibigul Tulegenova, a renowned Soviet-Kazakh opera singer.
  • Popularity: Bibigul is a common name in Kazakhstan but uncommon elsewhere.
Spiritual, Unique


Budde stems from India and is a softer variation of Budda. Even though Budde is commonly used as a surname, it’s a stylish first name. Budde has a strong religious association and will be ideal for a baby boy.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Night
  • Variations: Budda
  • Pronunciation: BHU-de
  • Popularity: Budde is not a common first name but is a fairly common surname in Scandinavia.
Strong, Powerful
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Bulbul is of Hindu origin but also has roots in Islam, stemming from the Persian word for “nightingale.” Bulbul is a revered religious name amongst Hindu and Muslim people and may have other Islamic meanings. This musical name might be ideal for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Hindu, Persian
  • Meaning: The nightingale, a songbird
  • Popularity: Bulbul is not a very popular name worldwide but is widely used among Muslim and Hindu people.
Charming, Strong


Chaitri derives from Chaita, the first month of the Hindu calendar, and is typically used by Hindu people. Chaitri also means “beautiful and happy” in Hindi. Chaitri might be a good choice for your baby girl if you are looking for a rare name.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Full moon night
  • Pronunciation: Chuh-yt-ree
  • Variations: Chaitra
  • Popularity: Chaitri is not a very common name.
Fearless, Powerful


Chausiku is the product of the Swahili tradition, where the time of birth is used. Here is a fun fact about Chausiku- in 2018, Barnaba released a musical album called Chausiku.

  • Origin: Eastern African, Swahili, Kenyan
  • Meaning: Born at night
  • Pronunciation: CH-ah-uw-SIY-Kuw
  • Popularity: Chausiku is mainly used in Africa as a surname but is rare elsewhere.
Traditional, Strong


Daegal stems from Anglo-Saxon roots and also means “dawn.” The meaning “dweller by a dark stream” relates to the “light of Christ’s love that leads us out of our dark dream.” Daegal is a charming old religious name with modern flair and is a manly name that may meet your expectations.

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: Dweller by the dark stream, night dweller
  • Pronunciation: DA-e-gal
  • Popularity: Deagal is a rare name worldwide.
Strong, Modern


Diwali is a Hindu holiday celebration of light over darkness, making the meaning of Dipanwita uniquely special. Dipanwita is a celebrated but rare name that could be the perfect religious pick for a beautiful baby girl.

  • Origin: Hindu, Indian
  • Meaning: Light, Night of Diwali
  • Pronunciation: Dee-pan-weeta, Dee-pan-wi-tah
  • Variations: Deepanwita
  • Popularity: Dipanwita is commonly used in India and Bangladesh among Hindu people but not popular in other cultures and religions.
Cool, Fearless


The Hindu meaning of Drewv refers to the north star, also called Polaris. The north star is a visual navigation tool identifying where the north lies. Drewv is a lovely masculine name for a strong, adventurous boy.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: The mighty night star
  • Pronunciation: DRE-v
  • Variations: Drew
  • Popularity: Drewv is a common first name among Hindu people.
Brave, Classic


Dyrk derives from English and Old German and is a variant of the English Derek. Dyrk also means the “power of the tribe” and “people ruler,” first recorded as a surname in the U.S. in 1920. If you are looking for a strong masculine name, Dyrk is the name for you.

  • Origin: English, Old German
  • Meaning: One who admires nighttime
  • Pronunciation: Dih-rk
  • Variations: Derek, Dirk, Dyrck
  • Popularity: Dyrk is not a popular name but is widely used in Germany.
Caring, Brave


Esmeray derives from the Turkish “esmer” meaning “dark” and “ay” meaning “moon.” Esmeray is an ancient but stunning feminine name that has given rise to other beautiful female names. The meaning has a certain mystic quality amplified by the sheer beauty of its melodic sound. Cute nicknames like Esme and Ray make it challenging to pass up.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Dark moon
  • Pronunciation: ES-me-rye
  • Popularity: Esmeray is widely popular in Muslim countries and is also used in other countries.
Beautiful, Traditional


Evening is of English origin and refers to the time after sunset. The evening is beautiful, with the stars lighting up the night sky. Evening is a well-balanced unisex name that would be a bold and unique choice for a newborn baby.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: The dusk or time of the day when the sun sets
  • Pronunciation: EEV-ning
  • Popularity: Evening is an uncommon name worldwide.
Fearless, Pretty


Gau is a habitational middle-high German name derived from “göu” meaning “area of fertile agricultural land.” The nickname Gouwe or Gauwe, meaning “quick clever,” is used in North German. Gao is also the Chinese variant of Gau. The meaning is soft yet serious and could make a great name for a baby boy.

  • Origin: Australian, Basque
  • Meaning: Calm as the night sky
  • Pronunciation: Gh-How
  • Popularity: Gau is an uncommon name across the globe.
Cool, Brave
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Hanisha originates from Arabic but also has roots in Hindu and Muslim cultures. Cute nicknames could be Hani, Nisha, or Nish. Of all the names that mean night, Hanisha is an elegant and beautiful choice for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful night, sweet as honey
  • Pronunciation: HA-nee-SHAH
  • Variations: Haneesha, Honeysha
  • Popularity: Hanisha is fairly popular in the Hindu and Muslim faiths but not so in other religions.
Elegant, Beautiful


Hesperia also has Spanish and Dutch roots. Hesper is linked to the male form of Hesperus, known as the evening star or Venus in Greco-Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, Hesperia was one of the three Hesperides or “goddesses of the evening and sunsets.” Hesperia is a keeper; you will not go wrong with this choice for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Evening, evening star
  • Pronunciation: Her-PEER-ee-ah
  • Variations: Hesper, Hespera
  • Popularity: Hesperia hasn’t ranked on popular name lists.
Elegant, Pretty


Hoku is a traditional Hawaiian name and makes for one of the more interesting names that mean night for girls and boys. For some, Hoku might lean more towards a baby boy’s name but could also be beautiful for a strong baby girl.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Night of the Full Moon
  • Variations: Hokku
  • Namesakes: Hoku Ho Clements, an American singer and actress best known for her 2000 hit single Another Dumb Blonde.
  • Popularity: Hoku is an uncommon name worldwide.
Unique, Traditional


Ilta originated from Scandinavian. There is no need for a nickname because Ilta is already short and sweet. If your little girl is born at night and you are looking for a cute name with a special meaning, Ilta would be a perfect match.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Finnish
  • Meaning: Evening
  • Pronunciation: EEL-tah
  • Variations: Hoshi
  • Popularity: Ilta is not a common name worldwide.
Cool, Elegant


Indeela is associated with the musical Nightingale. The variant Indila is a very popular name of French origin, meaning “talented.” The meaning is very fitting, seeing a famous French singer-songwriter uses it as her stage name. Indeela has an upmarket pronunciation that is rather attractive.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Like a Nightingale
  • Pronunciation: In-DEE-lah
  • Variations: Indeelah, Indila
  • Popularity: Indeela is somewhat popular among Muslim and Islamic people but rare elsewhere.
Traditional, Beautiful


Jaamini is mainly used as a last name in Asia and means “the replacer” in some Asian cultures. Jaamini is a delightful nature-inspired name and will make a great name choice for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Night, flower
  • Pronunciation: JAH-mee-nee, Jaami-nee
  • Variations: Jamini, Jaaminey
  • Popularity: Jaamini is a very unusual name and is not popular in any specific region.
Caring, Pretty


Jemisha is a multi-cultural and multi-religious female name of Indian origin. Jemisha also means “God has seen,” which is a deep meaning considering God sees all and knows all. One of the reasons why Jemisha is popular is because of the “gem” sound in the pronunciation. And who of us doesn’t like gems?

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Queen of night, monarch of the night, queen of the darkness
  • Pronunciation: Je-MEE-sha
  • Variations: Jenisha
  • Popularity: Jemisha is widely used but not popular.
Charming, Modern


Jusamah is of Arabic origin with Urdu and Muslim roots and has several Islamic meanings. Jusamah is associated with a fearless man and a determined leader. Jusamah offers manly charm and is one of the more beautiful names meaning night.

  • Origin: Urdu, Muslim
  • Meaning: Nightmare, name of a companion
  • Pronunciation: Ju-SA-mah
  • Variations: Jusama
  • Popularity: Jusamah is not a popular name.
Strong, Fearless


Kanjika has a very unusual meaning related to fermented rice water left to stand overnight. The essence is “uninterrupted time,” like an overnight hair mask to help your hair grow and give it a natural glow. Kanjika would be a neat option for your glowing baby girl.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Sour rice water that stands overnight
  • Pronunciation: Khan-YEE-ka
  • Popularity: Kanjika is fairly popular among Indian people but rare among other ethnic groups.
Unique, Cool


In Hebrew, Kishi (Kushaiah) is the name of the Old Testament Merarite and the father of Ethan, the minstrel. Kishi is a Hebrew male name. The Japanese meaning of Kishi is “night, beach, shoreline” and was very popular during the Edo period that ended in 1868. Kishi is neither old nor modern but has a soft feminine appeal. Perhaps you can bless your baby girl with this rare gem lost to time.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Japanese
  • Meaning: Night, beach, seashore
  • Pronunciation: KSHEE, KEE-SHEE, KI-SHI
  • Variations: Kushaiah
  • Popularity: Kishi is a rare name, not listed on top-name lists.
Cool, Elegant
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The beauty of Kishil is that it is an honorable name given to babies born at night. Kishil is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a rare indigenous American name for your little one.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: Kih-shih-l
  • Variations: Kishi
  • Popularity: Kishil is not a popular name.
Spiritual, Classic


Kitkun is a Native American heritage name used by the Haida of British Columbia. In the U.S., the “Casablanca-class escort carrier” was also named Kitkun. This carrier was specifically built for the navy during World War II. The deep historical background of Kitkun makes for an intriguing name choice.

  • Origin: Haida Native America
  • Meaning: Night Bird
  • Pronunciation: KIHT-KHOON
  • Popularity: Kitkun is an uncommon first name.
Strong, Powerful


Kokil translated directly into English, means “nightingale bird.” The meaning also relates to the cuckoo, presumably for its melodic song. There is no denying that Kokil is a musical name.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Nightingale, cuckoo, one who can sing sweetly
  • Pronunciation: KAH-KIHL
  • Variations: Kokill, Kokyl, Kokyll
  • Popularity: Kokil is mostly popular among Hindu people.
Modern, Fearless


Koko stems from Japanese and Native American roots and is a catchy, cool choice among names that mean night. The variant Coco is an Americanized female version meaning “chocolate bean.” Koko is a well-balanced straightforward name for a little boy or girl, which makes for an easy pick.

  • Origin: Japanese, Blackfoot Native American
  • Meaning: Stork, midnight
  • Variations: Coco
  • Popularity: Koko is a widely used but not very popular name.
Modern, Cool


Kshapesh is of Muslim origin but is mainly used by Hindu people. The “lord of the night” is known for bringing justice to criminals. Kshapesh represents a boy who will one day be the guardian and caretaker of his family.

  • Origin: Muslim
  • Meaning: The moon, lord of the night, bright, radiant, luminant moon
  • Pronunciation: K-shah-pesh
  • Popularity: Kshapesh is used amongst Hindu people but is not very popular.
Spiritual, Elegant


The variant Kshipra is also of Indian origin and means “one who is easy to appease,” and is also the name of a river in India. Kshipa has a straightforward meaning and will be a perfect pick for your beautiful baby girl.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: Ks-hee-pah
  • Variations: Kshipra
  • Popularity: Kshipra is a rare first name worldwide.
Caring, Pretty


Lail is commonly used as a last name in English. Al-Lail is also known as chapter 92 in the Koran, meaning “the night.” Lail is a universal name that could easily become a trendy name for a little boy or girl. Lail is a short, attractive name among other night names.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Night, nighttime, dark
  • Pronunciation: LEY-L
  • Variations: Laila, Layla, Leela, Leelah, Leilah, Leilia, Lela, Lelah, Lelia, Leyla
  • Popularity: Lail is an uncommon first name worldwide.
Brave, Modern


Layla stems from the Hebrew “layl,” meaning “night.” After the song Layla was released in 1970 by Derek, Layla became an overnight sensation in the U.S.

  • Origin: Persian, Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Night, dark, dark beauty
  • Pronunciation: LIE-lah, LAY-lah
  • Variations: Laila, Leila, Laylah, Leyla, Lejla, Leighla
  • Namesakes: Layla Ali, an American professional ex-boxer known for her boxing career and as Muhammad Ali’s daughter.
  • Popularity: Layla is widely popular and ranked #25 in the U.S. in 2021.
Beautiful, Modern


The meaning of Lealla relates to everlasting beauty. This profound meaning makes Lealla one of the most beautiful, softer names meaning night. A perfect choice if you’re looking for an inspiring feminine name for your bundle of joy.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: An eternal beauty of the night
  • Pronunciation: Le-AL-ah
  • Variations: Leala
  • Popularity: Lealla is a rare first name around the world.
Cool, Charming


The variation Leilynn is Swedish and means “waterfall of flowers.” Leilyn stems from Layla, usually given to girls born at night, and means “night beauty or dark beauty.” Leilyn is just a bit more profound and would be a good choice for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: A dark beauty that is born in the nighttime
  • Pronunciation: L-EY-lihn
  • Variations: Leilynn, Laylynn, Lailyn, Laelynn, Laelian
  • Popularity: Leilyn is a widely used name but not popular in the U.S.
Pretty, Classic
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Lelius is of Arabic origin but is also believed to be of Latin origin. Lelius is a soft, gentle name meaning night. Lelius also relates to braveness and honesty and is said to represent loyalty and self-respect.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: The one who is born in the night
  • Pronunciation: Leh-lee-us
  • Variations: Lealius
  • Popularity: Lelius is a rare first name worldwide.
Powerful, Brave


Lila also as French roots meaning “good night.” Lila is the feminine of Lyle and is commonly used amongst Indian females. Its simplicity and modesty give Lila a thumbs up among names meaning night.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Night beauty, dark beauty
  • Pronunciation: LEE-lah
  • Variations: Lyla
  • Popularity: Lila is a popular name and ranked #223 in 2021 in the U.S.
Pretty, Modern


Lilith’s main origin is Arabic but is also of Assyrian and Sumerian origin. Lilith derives from the Akkadian word “lilitu,” meaning “of the night.” Lilith means “ghost” or “night monster.” In Judaic mythology, Lilith, known as Eve, was banished from the Garden of Eden for disobedience after convincing Adam to eat the apple. Lilith is a very enchanting name.

  • Origin: Arabic, Assyrian, Sumerian
  • Meaning: Belonging to the night
  • Pronunciation: LIHL-ith
  • Variations: Lillith
  • Popularity: Lilith is a popular name and ranked #268 in the U.S. in 2021.
Elegant, Fearless


Lisha sounds more like a female name yet is widely used as a gender-neutral name. Lisha also means “sweet, honest truth, and God is salvation,” which should make for a much easier pick. Knowing the connection to religion, your baby girl or boy will have the associated good morals to serve as a life guide.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Darkness before midnight
  • Pronunciation: LEESH-a
  • Variations: Lisa, Elisha
  • Popularity: Lisha is fairly common in Indian communities but uncommon in other cultures.
Unique, Pretty


Loelia is mainly used in English and is not popular in other areas. It is believed that Loelia is the girly version of the African name Loel. Loelia is a soft and gentle-sounding name, easy to pronounce.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: L-OE-lee-a
  • Variations: Laelia, Loel
  • Popularity: Loelia is fairly common in Australia and other western countries.
Caring, Classic


Luna stems from Roman mythology and is the goddess of the moon. The goddess Luna is often depicted riding a white chariot across the night sky. The sun god Sol is her brother, and Aurora, the goddess of dawn, is her sister. Luna is also an ancient Hawaiian name which adds intrigue to this decadent name.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Goddess of the moon
  • Pronunciation: LOO-nah
  • Namesakes: Luna Blaise Boyd, an American actress best known for her role in the movie Manifest.
  • Popularity: Luna ranked #14 in the U.S. in 2020 and is very popular in many western countries.
Pretty, Beautiful


Lyra relates to music, harmony, and the night sky, derived from “lyre,” an ancient Greek stringed instrument resembling a small U-shaped harp. Lyra is also associated with a Greek myth and the Lyra star constellation. This enchanting name would be perfect for any mother looking for a modest name for her little girl.

  • Origin: Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: Music, harmony, night sky
  • Pronunciation: LIE-rə
  • Variations: Layra, Lyrah, Lyre
  • Popularity: Lyra ranked #489 in the U.S. in 2021 and is popular worldwide.
  • Namesakes: Lyra Virna, an Indonesian actress known for her roles in numerous TV series, including Goddess of Winds and The Jabrik.
Pretty, Unique


Madhunisha is usually chosen as a religious formality associated with confidence and good looks. Madhunisha is a beautiful melodic name that radiates happiness and contentment. Madhunisha will be sure to bring much joy to her loved ones.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Pleasant night
  • Pronunciation: Mah-DHOO-nee-shah
  • Popularity: Madhunisha is an unknown name worldwide.
Strong, Unique


Miyabi sounds much like Miyagi from The Karate Kid film. This calm older man with his pure helping heart reminds us of the name Miyabi. A night fire entertains the imagination with all sorts of visions and is truly enchanting. This elegant, cool name would perfectly fit your beautiful little night fire.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Elegance, beautiful night fire
  • Pronunciation: MEE-YAH-BEE, Me-Yah-Bee
  • Variations: Miyagi
  • Popularity: Although Miyabi was a popular name in Japan during the 1900s, it is now rarely used.
Elegant, Cool


Miyako has many meanings that depend on the system of Japanese writing used. One of the main descriptions for Miyako is “beautiful night child” or “beautiful baby born in the night.” Miyako is a pleasant addition to the growing list of names meaning night.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful night child
  • Pronunciation: MEE-YA-KO
  • Popularity: Miyako peaked in popularity in Japan in the mid-20th-century but has since slipped in ratings.
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Neisha means “night” in Arabic and “special, lovely flower, or pure” in Hindi. Neisha was a trendy name during the 19th-century but faded with time. Neisha is a soft feminine name that is not overused by current standards.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hindu
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: Nay-SHA
  • Variations: Neesha
  • Namesakes: Neza Buh known as Neisha, a Slovenian pianist and pop singer known for her musical talent.
  • Popularity: Neisha is widely used but not very common.
Charming, Classic


Nightingale was originally an English last name and would typically be a nickname for a person with a good singing voice. Nightingale is earthy and enchanting, just like a diamond in the rough.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Night singer
  • Pronunciation: Nai-tuhng-gayl
  • Namesakes: Annie Nightingale, an English radio and television broadcaster famous for being the first female radio presenter.
  • Popularity: Nightingale is a rare first name worldwide.
Spiritual, Charming


Nisha derives from the Dravidian Tamil “nisha,” meaning “night, midnight,” the blackest part of the night. In Hindu mythology, Nisha was the twin sister of Ziarre, the goddess of the day. Nisha is a gorgeous nature-inspired name that resonates with delicate beauty.

  • Origin: Hindu, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Night, Midnight
  • Pronunciation: Nee-shah
  • Namesakes: Nisha Noor, an Indian actress known for Tamil and Malayalam films.
  • Popularity: Nisha is a widely popular name among Indian and English people and is steadily gaining more ground in western countries.
Caring, Modern


Nishant derives from the Sanskrit word “nisa,” meaning “night,” and “anta” meaning “end.” Nishant is traditionally a revered name associated with being a foundation of society. Traits, including reliability, discipline, and hard work, are also added to the meaning. Here is an old classic name that will be a safe choice for your new addition to the family.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: End of night
  • Pronunciation: NI-sha-nt
  • Namesakes: Nishant Kumar, a famous Indian cricketer.
  • Popularity: Nishant is widely used but is currently not popular.
Classic, Caring


Nocturne is a unique name associated with an inspiring, deeply spiritual person. Adam Rapp recently released a riveting play called Nocturne, which is a dissection of the American dream. Nocturne could make a good choice for a baby boy or girl born at night.

  • Origin: Gothic
  • Meaning: Music evoking night
  • Pronunciation: NOK-tuhn
  • Popularity: Nocturne is an uncommon name.
Unique, Spiritual


Nox stems from the Latin “nox” and Greek Nyx, which is mainly used by Latino people. In Roman mythology, Nox is the goddess of the night. Nox has a brave warrior sound, and any girl would be proud to be named after the Roman goddess of the night. Nox is considered a variant of the Scottish masculine Knox, but the two names are unrelated. Nox is a delightful name sometimes used for boys as well.

  • Origin: Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: NOKS
  • Variations: Nyx
  • Popularity: Nox is an uncommon name worldwide.
Brave, Strong


Nuit is of Germanic origin but also of Dutch and Egypt origin. In French, Nuit means “night.” In ancient Egyptian religion, Nuit was the goddess of the night-time sky known for protecting the dead in the afterlife. This may twist your arm when deciding which night name will be best for your baby girl.

  • Origin: German, Dutch, Egyptian
  • Meaning: Sky, night
  • Pronunciation: NOO-it, NOOT
  • Popularity: Nuit is not a very popular name in any region worldwide.
Strong, Unique


In Greek mythology, Nyx was an ancient and unique primordial goddess of the night. It’s believed that Nyx was feared by many, including Zeus, the king of the gods. Nyx could bring sleep upon any mortal human.

  • Origin: Greek, French
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: NIKS, NUYKS
  • Variations: Nox
  • Popularity: Nyx is mainly used among Greek people but is not currently popular.
Traditional, Spiritual


In Greek Mythology, Orpheus was a well-known legend with the best “musical skills.” Orpheus was also known as a great poet and prophet. Orpheus might be that fearless boy name that will bring music to your ears.

  • Origin: Greek, German
  • Meaning: The darkness of the night, darkness of the nether world
  • Pronunciation: OR-PEWS, AWR-fee-əs
  • Popularity: Orpheus is uncommon worldwide.
Strong, Brave


Otieno is the male version of the feminine Atieno. Otieno is commonly used as a last name in Kenya and the rest of East Africa. However, some like to mix things up and use Otieno as a first name.

  • Origin: Kenya
  • Meaning: Born at night
  • Pronunciation: O-TEE-no
  • Variations: Atieno
  • Popularity: Otieno is an uncommon name used in many regions of the world.
Traditional, Fearless
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Parkha translated directly into English, means “dew.” Other meanings include “destiny” and “luck,” which would make anyone feel at ease. Parkha is usually given to people of the Islamic faith. Parkha sounds like the unisex English name Parker and is short and sweet, with no need for any nicknames.

  • Origin: Pashtun
  • Meaning: Dew or tiny droplets of water falling at night
  • Pronunciation: p-uh-r -kh-ah
  • Variations: Parka
  • Popularity: Parkha is not a common name in any region.
Spiritual, Pretty


Pomare is a Tahitian royal name, belonging to four kings and one queen of Tahiti. Pomare was created after a beloved baby boy passed due to a night cough. Pomare sounds right for royalty and can be seen as a survivor of the royals that live on today.

  • Origin: Tahitian
  • Meaning: Night cough
  • Pronunciation: PHO-ma-reh
  • Popularity: Pomare is fairly popular both as a surname and first name.
Brave, Strong


In New Zealand, there is a breathtakingly beautiful private island, also known as Ponui Island, that cannot be accessed by anyone except the owner and those with special permission. Ponui is associated with someone who speaks their truth and keeps an open mind. Perhaps the truth is indeed the “victory of the gods.”

  • Origin: Maori
  • Meaning: Long night, great night, victory of the gods
  • Pronunciation: POH-noo-EE
  • Popularity: Ponui is an uncommon name worldwide.
Unique, Charming


Raaina is of Arabic origin but also has Urdu and Latin roots. Raaina is mainly used among Muslims and is a cherished religious name. Raaina has many meanings, but the one that stands out is “a beautiful princess of the night.” You won’t go wrong by choosing Raaina for your little princess.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful princes, night, pure, clean, queen
  • Pronunciation: Rah-ee-na
  • Variations: Raina
  • Popularity: Raaina is uncommon, but the variant, Raina, is fairly popular, ranked #887 in the U.S. in 2021.
Caring, Pretty


Raakesh is commonly used in India, England, and Malaysia among people of Indian descent. In Sanskrit, Rakesh means “full moon day,” whereas Raakesh means “full moon night.” Raakesh is a sophisticated boy name with a graceful air.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Lord of the night, lord of the full moon night
  • Pronunciation: RAH-kesh
  • Variations: Rakesh
  • Popularity: Raakesh is a very common Hindu name but has not bridged into the western world.
Traditional, Powerful


Rachany is of Cambodian origin but also has ancient Indian Sanskrit roots. Rachany’s beautiful creative meaning depicts the most fantastic time of day. To some, Rachany may sound prettier than the conventional Stephany, which also has an air of sophistication.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Cambodian
  • Meaning: Dusk, night
  • Pronunciation: rah-chah-NEE
  • Popularity: Rachany is not a common name in any specific region.
Pretty, Elegant


Rajani is mainly used amongst Indian people on the sub-continent. Pakistani people have embraced Rajani as a practical first name with a neutral meaning. Rajani can also mean “the dark one” or “dark and beautiful night.” Perhaps this mysterious night name could be an option for your baby girl?

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Dark, of the night
  • Pronunciation: Rah-JA-nee
  • Popularity: Rajani is a widely used name but not popular.
Modern, Fearless


Ratree derives from the night-blooming jasmine plant common in the West and South Indies. The variation Rahtree is used as a last name in Thailand. Ratree is a unique name and might be a perfect gem for your girl on the way.

  • Origin: Thai
  • Meaning: Jasmine flower, the night jasmine
  • Pronunciation: RAH-tree
  • Variations: Rahtree, Ratri
  • Popularity: Ratree is not a commonly used name worldwide.
Charming, Beautiful


Ratri is a Hindu girl name symbolizing darkness and intuition. It’s believed that a baby girl named Ratri will have the ability to understand everything around her. She will be able to go through life with perseverance. This may sound like a tall order, but it is something we all wish for our children.

  • Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: RAA-TRih
  • Variations: Ratree
  • Popularity: Ratri is not a common name but is widely used on the Indian subcontinent.
Powerful, Pretty


From Arabic and Hebrew roots, Ryna means “night.” One of the Greek meanings for Ryna is “ defender of men,” which is welcomed in our modern times. It’s also believed to be of Indian origin, meaning “king” or “princess.” Ryna derives from the more popular Rina and could also be the feminine version of Ryan.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Night, defender of men, clear, bright
  • Pronunciation: RAY-na
  • Variations: Raina, Rayna, Rina
  • Popularity: Ryna is not commonly used in any specific world region.
Strong, Pretty
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Samira means “from heaven” in Hebrew, which compliments the Arabic meaning. Samira is a compassionate evening conversationalist, the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Samira captures the story of companionship through deep and meaningful conversations. Your little Samira may also be there to listen and guide her loved ones.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Night companion, entertaining companion, one with lively conversation
  • Pronunciation: sa-MEE-rah
  • Variations: Samirah, Sameera, Sameerah
  • Namesakes: Samira Wiley, an American actress known for her role in Orange is the New Black.
  • Popularity: Samira ranked #927 in the U.S. in 2021 and is widely popular across the globe.
Caring, Beautiful


Sanja has several origins. The shared Old Greek and Russian meaning is “defender of man.” Sanja derives from Croatian and Serbian “sanjati” which means “to dream.” Sanja is a pretty name with an international flair and should make it onto your shortlist.

  • Origin: Arabic, Greek, Slavic
  • Meaning: Evening, face of the night, defender of man, to dream
  • Pronunciation: SAN-jah
  • Variations: Sanjah, Sanya Sonja
  • Popularity: Sanja is a widely used name but not common.
Powerful, Pretty


Satvari originates in India, specifically from Hindu roots. There is very little information about this unusual yet charming name. Satvari may sound like a long, strong name, perhaps even hard on the ear for some. This little gem is meant for a baby girl with a fearless, brave heart.

  • Origin: Hindu, Indian
  • Meaning: The night
  • Pronunciation: Sat-VHA-ri
  • Variations: Shatavari, Satvhari
  • Popularity: Satvari is widely used but not very common.
Fearless, Brave


Shabana is a Muslim name associated with a girl or woman who is helpful and generous. Shabana is an angelic name that gives the impression of a compassionate gentle-natured girl. The soft melodic tone of Shabana reassures the virtues laced into this warm-hearted name.

  • Origin: Persian, Arabic, Indian
  • Meaning: Belonging to the night, young lady, nightfall
  • Pronunciation: Sha-BA-nah
  • Variations: Shaabana
  • Popularity: Shabana is a widely used Islamic name, fairly common in Muslim countries.
Charming, Elegant


Shabin means “music of night,” which is far-reaching. The Music of the Night is also a famous song by Andrew Lloyd Webber and is part of the musical The Phantom of the Opera. This is a big drawcard to consider Shabin for your baby girl. It would simply be an honor for any girl to be associated with this beautiful song.

  • Origin: Muslim, Arabic
  • Meaning: Music of night
  • Pronunciation: SHA-bihn
  • Popularity: Shabin is fairly common among Muslim people.
Cool, Caring


Shirina is a traditional feminine Indian name, and the variation Shirin is of Persian origin, meaning “sweet.” In Persian history, Shirin was the wife of a Sasanian king. Of the many names that mean night, Shirina is one of the more unique options with a western sound.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: shih-REE-nah
  • Variations: Shirin
  • Popularity: Shirina is popular in India and Pakistan but not uncommon in other countries.
Traditional, Unique


Sura sounds like a version of the Arabic name Sora meaning “sky,” but the two are unrelated. Sura is also an Americanized spelling of the Old Polish Szura, meaning “brother-in-law.” Sura’s Arabic and Hebrew meaning makes this courageous yet cute name a strong contender for your shortlist.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Brave, travel by night, princess
  • Pronunciation: SOO-Rah
  • Variations: Surah
  • Popularity: Sura is not a popular name in any specific region but is widely used in some cultures.
Strong, Brave


Talika is a beautiful name with many interesting meanings. Talika is associated with pride, generosity, and self-sufficiency. It also means “bird” in Arabic, but does not specify the nightingale. If you’re looking for an unusual name for your baby girl, Talika ticks many boxes.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Person of specified kind or character, calm, nightingale, palm of the hand
  • Pronunciation: TA-lee-kah
  • Variations: Taalika
  • Popularity: Talika is a widely used name among Hindu and Muslim people.
Fearless, Classic


Translated directly into English, Tinuviel means “daughter of twilight,” which means “nightingale.” Tinuviel is a Lord of the Rings elf character and one of the most beautiful children of Iluvatar who fell in love with a mortal man and chose to become mortal herself. She loved the mortal man so much that she would offer her life for him.

  • Origin: Sindarin, Literary
  • Meaning: Daughter of the twilight, nightingale, enchantress
  • Pronunciation: Tih-NOO-vee-il
  • Popularity: Tinuviel is not a popular name in any specific region.
Strong, Pretty


Although Tiphina is of Latin origin, it’s mostly used by English-speaking people. The night of the twelfth is better known as Epiphany Eve, a Christian holiday. William Shakespeare wrote the Twelfth Night, a romantic comedy play for the close of the Christmas season. Tiphina can be associated with a down-to-earth, creative and inspiring girl.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: One born on the night of the twelfth
  • Pronunciation: Ti-FEE-nah
  • Popularity: Tiphina is a rarely used name.
Unique, Caring
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Trijama is of Bengali origin and is typically given to people of the Hindu faith. The River of Jamuna is the second largest river in Bangladesh. Trijama is also the name of an Indian Bengali movie released in 1956. The film is a romantic drama, and we would like to think Trijama would be someone with a romantic heart.

  • Origin: Bengali
  • Meaning: The River Jamuna, river of night
  • Pronunciation: Tri-JAH-ma
  • Popularity: Trijama is widely used among Indian people throughout the world.
Spiritual, Charming


Twyla derives from the English word “twilight” and came into use in the 19th-century. Those familiar with the Canadian television sitcom Schitt’s Creek will be able to relate to this original name. Twyla became a favorite and even more so with the sweet nickname, Twy. Twyla is a funky modern-day kick-ass name with a few more likes.

  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Twilight, nightfall, early evening
  • Pronunciation: TWIE-la
  • Variations: Twylla, Twayla
  • Popularity: Twyla was fairly popular in the U.S. in 1965, ranking #923 but has since lost its appeal.
Beautiful, Modern


Vesper is a unisex name of Latin and German origin. Vesper is a common surname with a few famous namesakes. “Evening star” refers to the second planet to the Sun, Venus. Vesper adds character to a well-used name like Casper and might have that refreshing edge you seek.

  • Origin: Latin, German
  • Meaning: Evening star
  • Pronunciation: VEHS-par
  • Popularity: Vesper is a popular surname in Germany but rare elsewhere.
Powerful, Fearless


In Mesoamerican mythology, Yadita refers to the nine gods who ruled in cycles from every ninth night in a calendar cycle. Yadita will always be popular among Hindu people because of its spiritual ties.

  • Origin: Hindu, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Lord of the night
  • Pronunciation: Yah-DEE-tah
  • Variations: Yadira, Yaditha
  • Popularity: Yadita is widely used by Bengali, Malayali, and Tamil people.
Charming, Strong


Yamya is of Hindu origin and has Malayalam and Sanskrit roots. Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer, and Vishnu as the preserver, both principal deities of Hinduism. Yamya brings balance and harmony to the roles of these powerful gods. Its association with the night could be from the dark blue complexion of Lord Vishnu.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Another name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, night
  • Pronunciation: YAM-yah
  • Popularity: Yamya is widely used among Hindu people.
Fearless, Charming


Yelda is predominantly a Muslim first name. There are various Islamic meanings for Yelda, of which “dark night” is one. According to the Roman Catholic Church, St. John describes the “dark night” as a “spiritual journey toward union with God.” Yelda could be a great alternative to the more well-known Zelda.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, Kurdish
  • Meaning: Dark night
  • Pronunciation: YEL-dah
  • Variations: Yalda, Yeldah, Zelda
  • Popularity: Yelda is mainly used amongst Arabic people but is not very common in western society.
Brave, Strong


Yiska is a charming Native American name belonging to Abraham’s niece in the first book of the Bible. “The night has passed” refers to a prayer. In reality, the meaning can be very different for different people. It may bring relief and joy to some but to others, it may signify the end of something.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: The night has passed
  • Variations: Yiskah
  • Popularity: Yiskah is a rare name around the world.
Pretty, Cool


Yoru translated directly into English, means “night.” Yoru has a gender-neutral appeal and is a perfectly balanced name. Written in Japanese symbols, Yoru has different interpretations and could mean “wing” or refer to a kind of lapis lazuli jewelry. Yoru is a nice, clean-cut name and will make for an easy pick.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: YO-ROO
  • Popularity: Yoru is a rare name around the world.
Traditional, Spiritual


Yvaine stems from Scottish roots and means “evening” or “night star.” Yvaine is the female form of Yvain and could be a combination of Yvonne and Elaine. In 1999 Neil Gaiman published a novel titled Stardust, bringing Yvaine to life. Incidentally, Yvain was one of King Arthur’s knights of the round table. Yvaine is certainly steeped in Scottish history.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Evening star
  • Pronunciation: EE-v-ai-n
  • Popularity: Yvaine is popular in Scotland but uncommon in other countries.
  • Variations: Yvain
Pretty, Classic


Zuhr also means “first three nights of the month” in Arabic. Zuhr is used as both a first name and surname and has multiple Islamic meanings. Zuhr is a revered name in the Islamic faith. Zuhra is more popular than Zuhr, and both could make a great choice for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Variant of Duhr, forenoon
  • Pronunciation: ZOO-hr
  • Variations: Zuhra
  • Popularity: Zuhr is widely used among Arabic people but uncommon in western cultures.
Traditional, Caring
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