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100 Magical Elf Names for Boys & Girls: With Meanings

Enter a realm of enchantment with elf names that offer a magical and mystical identity for your little one.

Type the words elf baby names into a search engine, and you’ll be presented with plenty of search results. The majority of the results will be almost identical, focusing on The Lord of the Rings and the Tolkien universe.

However, this belies the rich elfin mythology, which evolved with the early Germanic people of Northern Europe, an evolution that continues across multiple international cultures today.

To paint a clearer picture of this past, we have put together the ultimate list of elf names for babies. It does contain a few Tolkien monikers but also reflects stories of other elves, fairies, nymphs, and similar beings, both ancient and modern.

50 Elf Names For Boys

These 50 elf baby names for boys, along with a healthy dose of fairies, goblins, and others, made our shortlist.

1. Aegnor

Aegnor is an elf name from literature that means fell fire.

Aegnor is an elf baby name from the fictional Sindarin language. Loosely based on Welsh vocabulary, Sindarin was created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

2. Ailwi

Ailwi is a Medieval English boy’s name meaning ancient, noble, elf battle.

This name is a mixture of three Old English names; Ealdwig, which means ancient battle, Æðelwig, which means noble battle, and Ælfwig, which means elf battle.

3. Alberad

An Ancient Germanic name, Alberad means elf counsel.

The counsel element of this name could make it a good choice for a lawyer who is looking for an elf baby name.

4. Albwin

Albwin is an Ancient Germanic name that means elf friend.

King Albwin was an Ancient Germanic hero. He led a disparate group of tribes in a successful invasion of Italy, leading his people to settle and assimilate elements of Greek and Roman culture.

5. Alf

Alf is a name used in Norse Mythology, and it means elf.

Nordic folklore tells of a maiden named Alfhild who disguised herself as a warrior to avoid the advances of King Alf. When they end up fighting, Alfhild is so impressed by his skills she agrees to marry him.

6. Álfur

Álfur is the Icelandic word for elf.

Álfur is on the list of officially approved baby names in Iceland. In 2018, the latest year for which data is available, there were six people with the name Álfur living in Iceland.

7. Algar

An English name, Algar means elf spear.

Algar was an Old English name that had all but died out by the time of the Norman invasion. It saw a brief revival during the 19th century, but once again fell back into obscurity.

8. Allow

Allow is a Manx name of disputed meaning.

Manx names are used on the Isle of Man and are distinct from their Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and English cousins. Allow may mean elf, but it could also mean son of the bold or son of the comely.

9. Álváró

Álváró is a Hungarian name that means elf warrior.

Although the name Álváró is Hungarian, it is also popular in Spain, Portugal, and Chile. Meanwhile, in the U.S., Álváró has been in the top 1,000 boys’ names every year since 1962.

10. Alvin

An English name, Alvin means elf friend.

Alvin is a combination and evolution of the Anglo-Saxon names Ælfwine, Æðelwine, and Ealdwine. The “wine” element in each name means friend and became the “vin” in Alvin.

The “Al” element evolved from the Old English ælf, which means elf.

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11. Ave

Ave is a West Frisian name meaning elf.

West Frisian names are used in Friesland. This province in the northern Netherlands was part of Frisia, the traditional homelands of the Frisia people.

12. Bari

An ancient Scandinavian name, bari means magical being.

Although this is an ancient name, it is still used by a handful of people in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. In total, across the entire population of these countries, 134 people have this name.

13. Basil

Basil is an English name meaning king.

In the kids’ show Johnny and the Sprites, Basil is one of the house sprites. He is the most intelligent one and knows a great deal about gardening and the history of the Sprites.

14. Batī

Batī is Punjabi for elf.

Pronounced BAR-tee, you may want to avoid this elf name, depending on where you live. In Jamacia and much of the rest of the West Indies, bati or bati boy is an offensive, derogatory term.

15. Bernard

A Germanic name, Bernard means brave bear.

In the Christmas movie The Santa Clause, Bernard is the head elf in charge of Santa’s workshop. He sometimes appears to be grumpy, but he is good-natured, patient, and kind.

16. Bucca

Bucca is an Old Cornish word meaning nature spirit.

In Cornish folklore, Bucca was a male sea-spirit who sheltered in mines, caves, and coastal communities during stormy weather. Offerings of food and drink were left on the beach to curry his good favor.

17. Buddy

Buddy is an English name that means friend.

The movie Elf is fast becoming a Christmas classic, and at the center of the story is Buddy, a human child who is adopted and raised by Santa’s elves.

18. Círdan

Círdan is a Tolkien elf name meaning ship-maker.

Pronounced KEER-dan, it could be an appropriate elf name for a child with one or both parents working in the shipbuilding industry.

19. Claude

Claude is a French name thought to mean lame.

In the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Claude is a faerie prince who is said to be the epitome of the phrase tall, dark, and handsome.

20. Clurichaun

Clurichaun is a fictional name that references the Clurichauns of Irish mythology.

In Neil Gaiman’s famous graphic novel series, The Sandman, Claurichaun is a fairy who serves as an ambassador to other realms.

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21. Cutter

Cutter is a name without meaning.

Elfquest is a long-running comic book series about a race of elves living on a primitive Earth-like planet, and Cutter is one of the main characters.

22. Duende

Duende is Spanish for elf.

The word Duende evolved from the term dueño de casa or duen de casa, which means possessor of a house. In Spanish folklore, a duende was a mischievous spirit who lives in your home.

23. Duwende

The Cebuano word for elf is Duwende.

According to Philippine folklore, a duwende is an old-man like figure who is the size of a small child. A Duwende lives under the earth and, depending on which form it takes, can be a force for good or bad.

24. Eldacar

A name created for literature, Eldacar means elf helmet.

In the Middle Earth universe created by J.R.R. Tolkien, Eldacar is the name of both the fourth King of Andor and the 21st King of Gondor.

25. Eldarion

In The Lord of the Rings, Eldarion means son of the Elves.

Another name from the J.R.R. Tolkien Middle Earth universe, Eldarion was the second King of the Reunited Kingdom.

26. Elegast

Elegast is a Germanic name meaning elf spirit.

In the Early Middle Dutch poem, Charlemagne and Elbegast, Elegast is the King of the Elves and makes his first appearance as a knight riding a black horse. Some versions list the name as Elbegast, while others go with Elegast.

27. Elfas

Elfas is a Lithuanian name that means elf.

Elfas is also a range of hills in the Lower Saxony area of Germany. In this context, the German name comes from the word Fast, meaning an area of upland that descends on both sides.

28. Elving

Elving is a Swedish name meaning elf river.

Some experts believe this name comes from the Old Norse alf, meaning elf. But others feel it evolved from the Swedish elva, meaning eleven, and that it was used for the eleventh child in the family.

29. Ernest

Ernest is an English name that means serious.

Ernest J. Keebler is the head elf of the Keebler Company. Taking on his role in 1970, Ernest runs the Hollow Tree Factory, where the Keebler cookies are baked.

30. Gandalf

Gandalf is a name from Norse mythology, meaning elf wand.

The most famous Gandalf is the wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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31. Hermey

Hermey is a name of unknown meaning from popular culture.

Hermey features in the 1964 animated movie Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and the sequel released in 2001, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island Of Misfit Toys.

32. Ingálvur

Ingálvur is a Faroese name that means elf ancestor.

Ingálvur av Reyni was a celebrated painter from the Faroe Islands, which are located roughly halfway between Norway and Iceland.

33. Jack

Jack is a form of John, an English name that means God is Gracious.

Cornish Jacks was a name used to refer to immigrant Cornish miners. It arose because of their belief in Cornish Jack or Tommyknocker, an elf who lived in mines.

34. Joralf

A Norwegian name, Joralf means chief elf.

A relatively modern name, Joralf was first used in Norway in 1878. It was most popular in the country between 1935 and 1940 and is rarely used today.

35. Keijo

Keijo is a Finnish name meaning elf or fairy.

In Finland, Keijo is seen as a gender-neutral name, but it is given to significantly more boys than girls. Meanwhile, in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, it is used exclusively for boys.

36. Kimo

Kimo is a name from pop-culture and means gentle.

Elfquest is the longest-running independent graphic novel series in the U.S. Kimo is a kind and gentle elf who features in the novels.

37. Legolas

Legolas is a name from literature and means green leaves.

While we did say we wanted to avoid too many elven names from Lord of the Rings, we couldn’t leave Legolas off the list. An unstoppable fighter, Legolas was one of the most popular elves in the movie trilogy.

38. Link

Link is an abbreviation of Lincoln, which means colony by the lake.

We know Link from The Legend of Zelda is not an elf, but he is elf-like and an almost universally popular fixture in the video game universe.

39. Naggeneen

Naggeneen is a name of unknown meaning.

In the Irish folktale, The Haunted Cellar, Naggeneen is a clurichaun, which is a mischievous fairy in Irish folklore. Naggeneen haunts the cellar of an Irish Lord, playing practical jokes on the servants.

40. Niall

Niall is a Galaeic name thought to mean cloud.

In the Charline Harriss novels, Niall was a sky fairy prince who cut off ties between the human and fairy worlds. In the HBO adaptation of the books, True Blood, Niall was played by Rutger Hauer. In real life, Niall Matter is an actor who had a role in the television show Eureka.

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41. Nickel

Nickel evolved from the German word nickel, which means goblin.

When this name is inspired by the coin or the metal, it has evolved from the German word nickel. However, it is also used in the Netherlands and Germany as a short form of Nicholas, meaning Victory of the People.

42. Noralf

Noralf is a Norwegian name that means elf from the North.

In Norway, Noralf is seen as an older man’s name, which we think makes it an excellent cross-over option for elf Names and names with retro chic.

43. Oillill

Oillill is an Irish name that means sprite, elf.

Oillill is also a Hebrew name meaning My God is the Lord, and it’s an alternative form of Elijah. Consequently, some people use Elias, which is an alternative Elijah, as a more user-friendly form of Oillill.

44. Peregrin

Peregrin is an English name that means traveler.

If you want an elvish name that’s not too unusual, Peregrin or Peregrine is an excellent option. Peregrin “Pippin” Took is a hobbit, and although hobbits are not elves, for some people, the mystical being association may be enough.

45. Peri

Peri is a Hebrew variation of Pri, which means fruit.

In Persian mythology, the Peri are beautiful winged spirits. In early Persian translations of the Quran, good jinns were peris, and bad ones were divs.

46. Puck

Puck is an English name of uncertain meaning.

In English folklore, Puck was a mischievous house spirit who would carry out minor household tasks for you, but was not averse to causing mischief if you upset him.

47. Quant

A Middle High German name, Quant means imp or prankster.

Quant is a colloquial term in financial circles for a quantitative analyst. Quants use mathematical and statistical analysis and modeling to understand behavior.

48. Robin

Robin is an English name that means bright or fame.

Robin Goodfellow was an alternative name for Puck, the house spirit in English folklore. His name referenced the idea that house fairies, or spirits, were good fellows and something you would want in your home.

49. Sennin

A Japanese name, Sennin, means immortal mountain fairy.

As a name that occurs on multiple occasions in Japanese folklore, you can find numerous paintings, drawings, and sculptures named Sennin.

50. Tommy

Tommy is short for Thomas, and the English name meaning twin.

Tommyknockers were elvish spirits who lived in mines and would knock on mine walls to warn of an imminent cave-in. Miners would throw their last bite of food into the mine to feed and thank them.

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50 Elf Names For Girls

There are significantly more fairy and pixie names for girls, but we still found plenty of elven names and those that are closely related.

51. Aafje

Aafje is a Dutch name meaning elf.

Pronounced A-fya, this is a nickname used for girls who have a name that begins with the alf sound. However, it has recently seen use as a stand-alone name.

52. Ada

As a Filipino name, Ada means fairy.

The Sardinian Ada is a form of Agatha, which means good, and the German and Galician Ada is a form of Adah, which, in Hebrew, means adorned. Finally, as a Turkish name, Ada means island, so it’s a real multi-cultural multi-functional name.

53. Agada

In Hebrew, Agada means fairytale.

This modern Hebrew name evolves from the word aggadah. Aggadah is a compendium of texts written by rabbis. They document historical stories and folklore as well as practical advice in a variety of areas.

54. Albrun

Albrun is an Ancient Germanic name that means elf magic.

The Albrun Pass connects the town of Binn in Switzerland to Baceno in Italy, and it is the lowest pass in the Alps.

55. Alfdís

Alfdís is an Old Norse name meaning elf woman or elf goddess.

The earliest documented use of this name was in Iceland, sometime around the year 900. There are no records of anyone currently living in the Nordic countries with this name.

56. Alfiva

Alfiva is a Norweigen name that means gift from the elves.

This Norwegian name is a more user-friendly form of the Old English Ælfgifu from which it evolved. We think this is a beautiful elvish name in general but especially for a much longed-for child.

57. Alfsol

An Icelandic name, Alfsol means elf of the sun.

This is a pretty elf name, especially as it combines a sunny element. However, we do worry that anyone called Alfsol would experience bullying via an intentional mispronunciation of their name.

58. Alruna

Alruna is an early Germanic form of Alfrún, meaning elf secret.

The jury is out on whether this is a younger form of the Icelandic Álfrún, which means elf secret, or Ailrun, which is an Old High German name that means secret terror.

59. Älva

Älva is a Swedish name that means elf.

The feminine form of both Alf and Alv, Älva, is a sweet alternative to the much-used Eva or Elsa.

60. Alvgjerd

Alvgjerd is a Norwegen name that means elf garden.

Found exclusively in Norway, this is an evolution of the more traditional Old Norse girl’s name Alfgerðr, which has the same meaning.

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61. Alwine

Alwine is a Germanic name meaning elf friend.

Virtually unknown in the modern-day U.S., the only time Alwine has appeared in the top 1,000 most frequently used girls’ names list was in 1887. That year it ranked number 937, and seven girls were given the name.

62. Amethyst

Amethyst comes from the Greek amethystos, which means drunk or intoxicated.

In the novels of J.R.R. Tolkien, Amethyst Hornblower was a Hobbit. She married fellow Hobbit Rudibert Bolger, and their child was Adalbert Bolger.

63. Aoibheann

Aoibheann is an Irish name that means beautiful or radiant.

Pronounced Ay-veen, this lyrical Irish name is the moniker of a powerful elven sorceress in the video game, The Witcher.

64. Ariel

The gender-neutral Ariel is a Hebrew name meaning lion of God.

In William Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest, Ariel is a male spirit, but until the 1930’s, the role was usually played by a woman. Once Disney’s The Little Mermaid premiered, it has been viewed by most English speakers as feminine.

65. Aubrey

An English name, Aubrey means elf ruler.

As this gender-neutral name evolved from the German boys’ name Alberich, up until the 1970s, it was more commonly used as a masculine name. After the Bread song Aubrey, it became more widely viewed as a girls’ name.

66. Aveley

Aveley is an English girl’s name that combines Ælfgifu, or elf gift, with wood clearing.

The English town of Aveley, which is the source for this name, began life as Aelfgyth’s wood clearing, with Aelfgyth being a form of Ælfgifu.

67. Dindonette

Dindonette is a name from French literature and means turkey.

In the traditional French fairytale, A Fairy’s Blunder, the protagonist, Dindonette, casts a spell on the drinking water of the island on which she lives. However, despite her good intentions, things go horribly wrong.

68. Elba

Elba is a Spanish form of Alba, which means elf.

Elba is the name of an island off the Italian Tuscan coast. Nestled in the Meditteranean sea, it was famously the location of Napoleon’s first exile.

69. Elfriede

Elfriede is a German name meaning elf strength.

There are multiple spellings and variations of this name from which to choose. You could have the English Elfreda, Elfrida, or Elfrieda, all of which have the same meaning as the other German variant, Frieda.

70. Ehuang

Ehuang is a Chinese name that means fairy radiance.

In Chinese folklore, Ehuang and her twin sister Nüying were daughters of the emperor. Their father married them to Shun, a simple farmer whom he wanted to succeed him, and after their husband’s death, they became water spirits.

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71. Erina

A Swiss-Italian name, Erina means peace.

Erina began as a variant spelling of the name Irene. This is also the name used in Switzerland for the flower known in English as Fairy Foxglove.

72. Fay

Fay is an English name that means fairy.

This name comes ultimately from the Latin fata, which means The Fates. It became a name after it was used for Morgan le Fay in the Arthurian legends.

73. Galadriel

Galadriel is a fictional name that means maiden crowned with a radiant garland.

The meaning of this name comes from Sindarin, the fictional language created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his novels set in Middle Earth. Galadriel was an elf princess known for her beauty and wisdom.

74. Glóredhel

Another fictional Tolkien name, Glóredhel, means elf of the golden light.

Glóredhel was not an elf but was given the name because her hair was a golden blonde, and she had the stature of an elf.

75. Gunnalf

Gunnalf is a Swedish name that means battle elf.

The image of a small girl raging into battle, dressed as an elf, made us smile and guaranteed Gunnalf a place on our list of the best elf names for baby girls.

76. Houria

Houria is an Arabic name that means fairy or nymph.

Houria is a traditional Tunisian salad made with harissa, boiled, blended carrots, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, caraway seeds, and salt.

77. Joan

Joan is an English name that means God is gracious.

According to Cornish folklore, Joan the Wad was Queen of the Pixies. She used her wad, a touch of burning straw, to guide travelers across the moors. Some Cornish natives still carry Joan the Wad lucky charms.

78. Lamina

Lamina is a name from the Basque language and means nymph.

According to Basque mythology, Lamina were benevolent water nymphs who could be found living near the sea or in wells. They would grant wishes or favors and occasionally ask for them in return.

79. Lefaye

Lefaye is a French name meaning the fairy.

Lefaye evolved from the epithet of Morgan le Fay or Morgan The Fairy, a central figure in 12th-century Arthurian legends.

80. Melaine

A name from Greek mythology, Melaine means black or dark.

Melaine was a water nymph in Greek mythology. She was depicted as a beautiful woman, usually holding a water jug and wearing a lush green garland of foliage on her head.

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81. Nerissa

Nerissa came from the Greek word nereis, which means nymph.

This name was created by William Shakespeare for a character in his play, The Merchant of Venice. Said to be a “merry wench,” Nerissa was a lady-in-waiting to Portia as well as being her friend and verbal sparring partner.

82. Noralf

Noralf is a Norwegian name meaning Northern Elf.

Norse mythology is rich in tales of elves, which is why the majority of elf names are from these northern European countries. Girls born in the northernmost parts of Norway were the most likely to be bestowed with Noralf.

83. Olivia

A name in many European languages, Olivia means elf warrior.

A common misconception is that Olivia is derived from the word Olive. However, it is the feminine form of Oliver, which means elf warrior.

84. Ozma

Ozma is a fictional name of unknown meaning.

In the Oz series books by L. Frank Baum, Princess Ozma is half-human, half-fairy and the rightful ruler of the land of Oz.

85. Parineeti

Parineeti is a Hindi name that means beautiful fairy.

With her triple honors degree in business, finance, and economics, Parineeti Chopra planned to pursue a career in investment banking. However, she instead became an actress who has won multiple awards for her Hindi language movies.

86. Parisa

Parisa is a Persian name that means like a fairy.

Pari is a diminutive of Parisa, and this nickname on its own means fairy. As with many names, the shortened version has also become a name in its own right.

87. Parizad

Parizad is a Persian name meaning child of a fairy.

This would make an excellent name for the daughter of someone who had a name such as Fay, meaning fairy, or Bari, which means mythical being.

88. Sága

Sága is an Old Norse name that means seeing one.

Saga means fairytale in Swedish and is an incredibly popular girls’ name in modern-day Sweden. It also sees regular use in Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.

89. Sânziana

Sânziana is a Romanian name that means The Holy Diana.

In Romanian folklore, a sânziana is a type of gentle fairy. Sânziene is the plural of Sânziana, and annual Sânziene festivals are held in the fairy’s honor.

90. Shaperai

Shaperai is a Pashto name meaning fairy.

Popular Afghan musical artist Naghma was named Shaperai at birth. Currently living in California, she performs her pop and traditional musical numbers, predominantly in Pashto.

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91. Sheelin

Sheelin is an English name that means lake of the fairy pool.

This name is an Anglicized version of the Irish Síodh Linn. Referred to as Lough Sheelin in English, Síodh Linn is a freshwater lake in Ireland that can be found at the meeting point of the counties Westmeath, Meath, and Cavan.

92. Siofra

Siofra is an Irish name that means elf-like, sprite or changeling.

In Irish mythology, there was a Queen of the Fairies named Siofra. She was said to “enjoy the company” of human men and was so beautiful that all who laid eyes on her fell instantly in love.

93. Soni

A Japanese name, Soni, means fairy princess.

Soni is the lead character in an excellent, award-winning movie about two female police officers in the Delhi police. It explores how women experience prejudice from men at work and from other women at home.

94. Sylph

An Archaic English name, Sylph means nymph of the woods.

Sixteenth Century alchemist Paracelsus coined the term sylph as the name for invisible air spirits. He believed they were one of the four elemental creatures from which everything in the universe was created.

95. Teniya

Teniya is a Russian name that means fairy queen.

Teniya Brooks is a popular hip-hop choreographer and teacher who is much sought after in the film and television industry.

96. Tiên

Tiên is a Vietnamese name that means fairy, an immortal celestial being.

Also meaning ten in Dutch, the correct pronunciation of Tiên is TEE-in, although you will often hear it said as TEEN of TEE-en.

97. Tinuviel

Tinuviel is a Tolkien character whose name means daughter of twilight.

The story of elf princess Tinuviel first appears in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Tale of Tinúviel. Even though it’s a fictional name, we think it’s an appealing choice for a child born as day dissolves into night.

98. Tünde

Tünde is a Hungarian name that means fairy.

Although this is a popular name in Hungary, it is virtually unheard of in the U.S. Pronounced Toon-dah, this would be a pretty mythical creature name for a family with Hungarian heritage.

99. Vila

Vila is Serbian for fairy.

Port Vila is the largest city on the island of Efate and the capital of Vanuatu. Known locally as simply Vila, it is pronounced vi-la or vee-la and not in the same way as the English word villa.

100. Vilde

A Norwegian name, Vilde means battle of the elves.

Vilde has been in the top 30 girls’ names in Norway since 1992. However, in the U.S., it has never made it as far as the top 1,000.

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Immortal Spirits Everywhere

So, there you have it, 100 beautiful, quirky, and creative elf names for a baby, with a generous allowance of fairies, nymphs, sprites, and the like thrown in for good measure. We hope you’ve found something suitable for your little elf.

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