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100 Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names: With Meanings

These pretty Vietnamese girl names are as lovely and warm as the tropical seas.

Is Vietnamese ancestry and culture significant in your life? Sharing the beauty of such a lovely heritage through your baby’s name is a precious gift.

Whether you had a life-changing experience in Vietnam or appreciate Vietnamese culture, we’ve got you covered. We’ve composed a list of beautiful Vietnamese girl names for you to choose from. So let’s dive right in and help you find the perfect name for your little one on the way.

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100 Cute Vietnamese Names for Girls

These unique Vietnamese girl names are sure to make your heart flutter!


Ai, pronounced “eye,” is most popular among girls in China, Japan, and Vietnam. A short and sweet name with a profound meaning, Ai can capture the depths of your endearment for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: A sentimental love
  • Pronunciation: ih
  • Namesakes: Ai Sugiyama, a Japanese tennis player. Ai Carina Uemura, a Japanese American entertainer.
Poetic, Romantic


In Vietnamese culture, the moon represents prosperity. Am could signify the good fortune your daughter brings to your life.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Lunar, female
  • Pronunciation: ahm
Sweet, Cute


Anh is a common unisex name in Vietnam, but it’s mostly given to girls. Globally, Anh is a rare name. Since 1880 in the U.S., less than 3,000 babies have been named Anh.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Peace, brave
  • Pronunciation: ahn
  • Variations: Ahn, An
  • Namesakes: Anh Do, a Vietnamese Australian author.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Anh ranked third in popularity for Vietnamese-born girls.


Although Bian is a popular name for Vietnamese girls, it’s also a common surname in China. It’s ranked 86 in the traditional Hundred Family Surnames poem written during the Song Dynasty by an unknown author between 960 and 1279.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Secretive, woman with secrets
  • Pronunciation: bee-uhn
  • Namesakes: Bian Jingzhao, a Chinese painter. Queen Bian, a Western Quin dynasty empress.


Bich is an unusual-looking name, but it’s common for Vietnamese girls. The Southern Vietnamese pronunciation of “ch” as “t” and “i” as “u” may baffle some in the U.S., but Bich is unique and has a lovely colorful meaning.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Jade, blue-green color
  • Pronunciation: bu’t
  • Namesakes: Bich Minh “Beth” Nguyen, a Vietnamese American novelist.
Unusual, Unique


Ca would be fitting for a firstborn child, given its meaning. The Cả River, a Vietnamese landmark and namesake, crosses Laos and Vietnamese provinces.

  • Origin: Northern Vietnamese
  • Meaning: The eldest, the first
  • Pronunciation: kah


Just over 100 babies in the U.S. were named Cai in 2020. Although it’s an uncommon name in the U.S., Cai is a long-held classic in Vietnam.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Female, feminine
  • Pronunciation: kih
  • Namesakes: Cai Xuzhe, a Chinese astronaut. Lady Cai, a Han dynasty empress.


Cais is a rare name in Vietnam and abroad. Short and sweet and filled with joy, Cais could be the perfect name for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: A person that rejoices
  • Pronunciation: ka-iss
Sweet, Rare


Cam is not only a lovely name for a baby girl, but it’s also a fairly common Vietnamese surname. It is the surname of over 55,000 people in Vietnam, far outpacing any other region in the world.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Orange fruit, sweet citrus
  • Pronunciation: kahm


Cara was in the top 1,000 baby names in the U.S. in 2021. Its popularity in America is likely conflated with the Latin name Cara meaning “dear.” They share similar spelling and pronunciation, but the Vietnamese version has a bit more sparkle in its meaning.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Precious jewel
  • Pronunciation: kah-rah
  • Namesakes: Cara Judea Alhadeff, an American photographer, performance artist, writer, and yoga teacher.
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Chau is derived from Zhou and Chow, both of Chinese origin. This Vietnamese spelling and pronunciation have made Chau more common as a given name than a surname in Vietnam.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Pearls
  • Pronunciation: chow
  • Namesakes: Chrissie Chau, a Chinese actress best known for her role in the film Womb Ghosts.


Since 2021, Chi jumped up 2,000 spaces on the popularity rankings among U.S. girls. It’s still far more popular for girls in Vietnam than anywhere else to be named Chi.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Tree brand, twig
  • Pronunciation: chee
  • Variations: Ji


Chrysanthemums are vibrant flowers. Cuc could signify the distinct splendor of your baby girl’s beauty. Cuc is a common name in Vietnam and is not usually heard outside the country. Rare, yet gorgeous, just like its floral namesake.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Chrysanthemum
  • Pronunciation: kuk
  • Popularity: In 2015, Cuc fell off the Vietnamese popularity charts and is now a rare name.
Earthy, Rare


Da’o is a rare name in the U.S. and abroad. Still, this rarity could be a lovely name for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Blossom
  • Pronunciation: dow
Feminine, Poetic


In Vietnam, Dep has different meanings for boys and girls. When given as a boy’s name, Dep means “handsome.” Dep is a rare name globally, even in Vietnam, ranking just in the top 1,000 in 2021.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Beautiful, beautiful lady


Diep is a rare given name, and around 65,000 people in Vietnam have it as a surname. Diep could be great for your baby girl if you love nature.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Leaf
  • Pronunciation: dee-ep
  • Namesakes: Francis Xavier Truong Buu Diep, a Vietnamese Catholic priest.
Cute, Earthy


Dieu is rooted in Chinese and Vietnamese history and is a common Chinese surname. Dieu would make a great name for a girl who has a family of both Chinese and Vietnamese origins.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Good looking
  • Pronunciation: dew
Cute, Sweet


Diu is a rare name globally and commonly used in Vietnam. This sweet-sounding name perfectly captures the tenderness of a baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Tender, gentle, meadow
  • Pronunciation: dee-ew
Sweet, Poetic


Giang is a popular surname and women’s given name in Vietnam. It could be a wonderful name to signify your love for nature.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: River
  • Pronunciation: gee-yang
  • Namesakes: Giang Oi, a popular Vietnamese YouTuber.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Giang ranked 50th among popular girl names in Vietnam.
Traditional, Earthy


Ha sounds like the start of laughter and means “warmth.” We couldn’t think of a more joyful name for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Sunshine, warmth
  • Pronunciation: hah
  • Namesakes: Ha Ji-won, a South Korean actress best known for her role in the film Hwang Jini.
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Hang is the most popular in China and Vietnam as a given name and surname. In 2020, 83% of babies born in Vietnam named Hang were girls.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Angel in full moon
  • Pronunciation: hohng
  • Popularity: In 2021, Hang was the 45th most popular name for Vietnamese girls.


One in 225 girls in Vietnam is named Hanh. This name has been popular in Vietnam for centuries but is rare globally.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Beautiful and moral
  • Pronunciation: hahn
  • Popularity: In 2021, Hanh ranked in the top 100 names for girls in Vietnam.

Hanh Phu’c

Hanh Phu’c is rare in Vietnam and globally. The glorious meaning of the name stands out, making it an excellent choice for your sweet girl from above!

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Blessing from above, happiness
  • Pronunciation: hahn-fook


Although Hao is a unisex name, it’s more commonly used for Vietnamese boys. Hao could still be perfect for a girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Good, perfect
  • Pronunciation: how
  • Namesakes: Hao Lei, a Chinese actress best known for her role in the film Summer Palace.


Hien’s meaning has attributes we’d all love for our babies to be born with, quietness and gentleness. Hien is soft and perfectly fitting for a baby girl, although it’s also a common surname and unisex name in Vietnam.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Gentle, quiet
  • Pronunciation: hee-in
  • Namesakes: Hien Nguyen, a Vietnamese actress, best known for her role in Mother Fish. Kim Hien, a Vietnamese American actress, best known for her role in Sword of the Assassin.
  • Popularity: Hien ranked 34th for girls in Vietnam in 2021.
Sweet, Soft


Hiep is an excellent choice as a first or middle name for girls. The name’s unisex nature and meaning break through traditional gender norms. In 2021, Hollywood entertainers Olivia Munn and John Mulaney named their son Malcolm Hiep, in honor of Munn’s Vietnamese heritage.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: To unite
  • Pronunciation: hah-ee-ep


Hoa is such a common Vietnamese name that 1 out of every 96 girls has the name. Hoa’s floral meaning makes it a perfect name for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Flower, peace
  • Pronunciation: hoh-uh
  • Namesakes: Hoa Minzy, a Vietnamese singer and actress, best known as the Start Vietnam Academy season one winner.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Hoa ranked 22nd among popular Vietnamese girl names.

Hong Hanh

Pink apricot blossoms signify elegance and purity of heart. Hong Hanh is a beautiful, flower-inspired name for your blossoming daughter on the way.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Pink apricot blossom
  • Pronunciation: hohng-hahn


Lilies are associated with purity, rebirth, and motherhood across the globe, and in Vietnam, it’s no different. Hue beautifully links the significance of lilies to motherhood.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Lily
  • Pronunciation: hew


Pink roses are a symbol of gratitude. Naming a baby girl Huong could be a beautiful nod of appreciation for her coming into your life.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Pink rose
  • Pronunciation: hoo-wong
  • Namesakes: Huong Tram, is a Vietnamese singer.
Beautiful, Romantic
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Flowers are known for their beauty and delicacy. Even though we haven’t seen her yet, we know the same saying goes for your little one, who is about to grace you with her presence.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: wah


Hyunh is a rare given name in Vietnam and abroad. Yellow is the color of happiness, so we’re sure this sunny color is the closest to describing how you feel about your baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Yellow, golden
  • Pronunciation: hie-uhn


Vietnam is well-known for its natural gemstones, such as quartz crystals and sapphire rubies. Khanh could be a gorgeous name for your very own precious gem, your baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Precious stone
  • Pronunciation: kahn


Ba Chua Cho, also known as goddess Kho, is the goddess of marketplaces and businesses in Vietnam. If you have aspirations for your daughter to be industrious, Kho would be very fitting.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Goddess of the marketplace
  • Pronunciation: koh


A traditionally unisex name, Khuyen is most popular in Vietnam for baby girls. In 2020, less than five people born in the U.S. were named Khuyen.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Give advice
  • Pronunciation: KOO-yin


Kieu is a popular name for girls in Vietnam. Additional meanings for Kieu include “seductive, spoiled, or loveable” and “lofty or tall.”

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Graceful, beloved, pretty
  • Pronunciation: KEEW
  • Namesakes: Kieu Chinh, a Vietnamese actress, best known for her role in Operation C.I.A.


In 2021, over 20% of South Koreans had Kim as their surname. Between North & South Korea, Vietnam, and the United States, Kim is the 25th most common surname in the world. Kim can also be a great middle name for a girl. In the U.S., Kim is typically a nickname for Kimberly.

  • Origin: Vietnamese, Korean
  • Meaning: Golden
  • Namesakes: Kim Ah-joong, a South Korean actress best known for her role in the film 200 Pounds Beauty. Tran Trong Kim, a Vietnamese Prime Minister.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Kim was Vietnam’s 17th most popular name.

Kim Cuc

The chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan, which is where Kim Cuc originates. During the Vietnamese New Year, chrysanthemums are brought into the home to usher in happiness for the future. Kim Cuc is a lovely name to evoke happiness into the life of your little one.

  • Origin: Vietnamese, Japanese
  • Meaning: Golden chrysanthemum
  • Pronunciation: kim-kuk
Bold, Pretty


Kim-Ly is a rare name in Vietnam and abroad, but its beautiful meaning is significant in Vietnamese culture. Lions are meant to bring prosperity and good fortune.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Golden lion
  • Pronunciation: kim-lee


Floral-inspired names have been popular among girls for many years, and Lan is no exception. Lan is a popular name for Vietnamese girls and even more popular in China.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: lahn
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Sweet potatoes are popular agricultural staples in Vietnam because they can grow easily, even in hot and monsoonal climates. Lang is a popular name for girls in Vietnam, and the meaning is as sweet as your little one will be.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Sweet potato
  • Namesakes: Bang Lang, a Vietnamese model, and actress, best known for her role in the film Dance Girls.


Lotus flowers are sacred in Vietnamese culture. Uniquely, lotus flowers can rise above muddy waters and bloom beautifully. Naming your daughter Lien would send the world a beautiful message about her.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Lotus flower
  • Pronunciation: leen


Spring is a term of birth and renewal. Linh would be so fitting for your daughter if she’s born during springtime.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Spring
  • Pronunciation: lin
  • Namesakes: Linh Dan Pham, a Vietnamese-French actress best known for her role in the film Indochine.


Luck is rare, and few people have it. Similarly, Loan is a rare name that your daughter would be lucky to have.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Lucky bird
  • Pronunciation: lun
  • Namesakes: Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, a former South Vietnamese National Police chief.


Dragons are culturally significant in Vietnamese folklore. According to Vietnamese mythology, all Vietnamese people are descended from a dragon and a fairy. The dragon represents life force energy. Long is a strong name that would set the tone for the boldness you’d like your daughter to embody.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Dragon
  • Namesakes: Gia Long, founding emperor of the Vietnamese Nguyen dynasty.


Ly is a small but mighty name. Lions in Vietnamese culture are prominent animals in mythology and religion as they signify good fortune.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Lion
  • Pronunciation: lih
  • Namesakes: Minh Hoang Ly, a professional Vietnamese American poker player.


Yellow apricot flowers are displayed in celebration of the Vietnamese New Year. So it’s not surprising that Mai is a trendy name for Vietnamese girls. Mai is such a popular given name in Vietnam that one in 100 girls was named Mai in 2021. Mai is also a rare surname in Vietnam.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Plum, yellow apricot flower
  • Pronunciation: mih
  • Namesakes: Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, a German chemist and science journalist.
Sweet, Romantic

Mat Ga Trong

Mat Ga Trong is a sun goddess in Vietnamese mythology. Her name is unique and rarely given, but it is sure a powerful one.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Sun goddess
  • Pronunciation: maht-gah-trahng


Historically, My has been a popular name for Vietnamese girls and a popular surname in Vietnam. My would make for a lovely name for your little one, who we are sure will bring the meaning of this name to life with her beauty.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Pretty
  • Pronunciation: mih
  • Popularity: In 2021, My was in the top 100 most popular names for Vietnamese girls.
  • Namesakes: Mỹ Tâm, a Vietnamese singer-songwriter best known for her song Hoạ Mi Tóc Nâu.


Mychau has a significant meaning. Wanting your child to be great is what we all want as parents, and the meaning of Mychau speaks to that aspiration.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Great
  • Pronunciation: mih-chow
Beautiful, Bold
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This one is an excellent choice if you love hyphenated names. My-Duyen is a wonderful name to give a baby girl to honor the beauty in her heritage and her individuality.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Beautiful, pretty
  • Pronunciation: mih-dew-yin
  • Namesakes: My Duyen, a Vietnamese dancer and actress, best known for her role in Kung Fu Pho.
  • Popularity: Since 2014, My-Duyen has fallen off the Vietnamese popularity rankings and is now considered rare.

Nam Ha

Saigon River, located in southern Vietnam, is an abundant source of fish and the main water supply in the region. If your family’s ancestry links to south Vietnam, Nam Ha would be a beautiful and rare name to honor your heritage.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: South River
  • Pronunciation: nahm-hah


In Vietnam, it’s customary for women to wear jade jewelry to ward off evil spirits and negativity. Ngoc carries a protective meaning, so you could name your daughter Ngoc as a lasting token of good energy and positivity.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Jade, precious stone, gem
  • Pronunciation: nyope
  • Namesakes: Ho Ngoc Ha, a Vietnamese model, and entertainer.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Ngoc was the 15th most popular name for girls in Vietnam.

Ngoc Bich

Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and across Asian cultures, sapphires represent spirituality and loyalty. Ngoc Bich is a rare name globally.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Sapphire
  • Pronunciation: nyope-bu’t
Unique, Rare


Speaking good qualities over your children is a valuable tool. Ngon is a great name to give a child if you’d like them to speak with eloquence as they grow.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Good communication
  • Pronunciation: nyon


Nguyen has been one of the most popular Vietnamese given names for centuries. It’s also the most common surname in Vietnam, belonging to nearly one in four residents.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Sleep
  • Pronunciation: new-en
  • Namesakes: Nguyen Sinh Cung, a Vietnamese Prime Minister.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Nguyen was one of the top 100 surnames in the U.S.


The moon and lunar phases hold religious significance across all cultures. Nguyet is a beautiful name that could represent the moon’s significance in your heritage and your personal fascination.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: new-yet
Unique, Gentle


We know your baby girl is everything you’ve ever dreamed of, even in the womb. Nhu is a name that signifies that she is your dream come true.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Everything according to one’s wishes, alike
  • Pronunciation: n-oo
  • Namesakes: Nhu Loan, a Vietnamese singer.


This soft-flowing name is lovely for a baby girl. In Asian culture, deer represent longevity and riches. It’s no wonder why this name is so popular in Vietnam.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Velvet, Young Horns of a Deer
  • Pronunciation: n-yung
  • Popularity: In 2021, Nhung was listed among the top 100 Vietnamese girl names.
Beautiful, Soft


You can’t get much girlier than Nu, seeing it simply means “girl.” Nu is a fairly common given name for Vietnamese girls. Nu is also a popular surname in Myanmar.

  • Origin: Vietnamese, Burmese
  • Meaning: Girl
  • Pronunciation: noo
  • Namesakes: U Nu, a former Union of Burma prime minister.
  • Popular: In 2021, Nu was ranked the 64th most popular surname in Myanmar.
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Orioles are birds that like to feed on fruit, and it’s best to attract them to feeders with nectar and sweets. Oanh, meaning “oriole,” is equally sweet.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Oriole
  • Pronunciation: own
Beautiful, Sweet


Birds are delicate and whimsical animals that inspire art and invention. By naming your daughter Phoung, your little one can have a name bringing those awe-inspiring characteristics to mind.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: A legendary bird
  • Pronunciation: f-awng


Phuong is a common name among Vietnamese immigrants. Given the various directional meanings of the name, it seems most fitting if you have plans for you and your little one to live and travel abroad.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Destiny, direction, phoenix
  • Pronunciation: fung
  • Namesakes: Phuong Dung, a Vietnamese country singer.


Ping may have been the alternate name of the beloved character in Disney’s Mulan, but it is a traditional Sino-Vietnamese name that means “peace.”

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Namesakes: Ping Fu, a Chinese American entrepreneur and co-founder of 3M software.


Turtles are important animals in Vietnamese culture. At a young age, children are taught the story of a turtle who protects Vietnam’s independence. Qui beautifully honors this sacred tale.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Turtle
  • Pronunciation: kee


Although Quy is a unisex name, more Vietnamese boys have been given the name historically. Given its tender meaning, Quy works well as a middle or first name for a girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Precious
  • Pronunciation: kih
  • Namesakes: Kim Quy Bui, a Vietnamese filmmaker best known for her film The Inseminator.


Quyeen is a rare name in Vietnam and abroad. It’s one of the many Vietnamese girl names meaning bird and one of the most distinct.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Bird
  • Pronunciation: kih-een


Red is considered a lucky color in Vietnam and the dominant color on the country’s flag. Color-inspired names are rare globally, making Quynh a distinctly beautiful one.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Deep red
  • Pronunciation: kih-n


Nobility is such an honorable trait, which explains why Sang is such a popular name across many Asian cultures. Sang is a popular given name in Vietnam for boys and girls. In China, Sang is one of the most popular surnames in the country.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Noble


Lotus flowers are the most prominent flowers in Vietnamese culture. Sen can be a wonderful name, offering cultural significance to your baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Lotus, purity
  • Pronunciation: sin
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Suong is a rare name with an unusual meaning. If you love catching people by surprise, you can name your daughter this beautiful and very unusual name.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Fog
  • Pronunciation: sue-ong


Tai is a popular name globally, but it’s mostly popular in Vietnam. This unisex name is more common for boys, but it’s a perfect name for a little girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Prosperous, talented
  • Pronunciation: tie


From the day you heard her heartbeat on that first ultrasound, your little girl has been your heart. Tam perfectly captures that feeling. Tam is a rare given name globally and is often a nickname for girls named Tamarah or Tamlyn.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Heart
  • Namesakes: Tam Lenfesty, a Guernsey poet.


Like most color-inspired names, Tanh is rarely given, which doesn’t make it any less beautiful or meaningful. There are many reasons why Tanh would be a great name for your baby girl. In Vietnam and several other cultures, blue is associated with calmness, hope, and trustworthiness.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Bright blue
  • Pronunciation: tan


Tha’m is a lovely name with an even more beautiful meaning. Tha’m is not a common name, but it just might top your list.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Discreet grace
  • Pronunciation: TAHM
Beautiful, Unusual


Having reverence for parents and the elderly is highly valued in Vietnamese culture. Naming your baby girl Thao could affirm this respectful quality in her.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Respectful of parents
  • Pronunciation: thow


Thi is a very rare name globally. For artists, especially writers, Thi might be the perfect name for a baby girl. Whether you have hopes for her to be a poet or your love for her brings out the poet in you, it’s a great fit.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Poem
  • Pronunciation: thee


Thoai is the goddess of water in Vietnamese mythology. Are you planning on having a water birth? Do you feel drawn to the element? These are some reasons why Thoai could be perfect for your daughter.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Goddess of water
  • Pronunciation: tho-aye


Thom looks like the British English variant spelling of Tom, short for Thomas, but the pronunciation is completely different. Thom also has a much sweeter meaning for baby girls.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Sweet smelling, pineapple
  • Pronunciation: tow-m


Tet Trung Thu, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is widely celebrated in Vietnam. If your baby girl is born in the fall season, Thu would be a gorgeous name for her.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Autumn, poem
  • Pronunciation: too
Beautiful, Cute
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Thuong Ngan

In Vietnamese mythology, Thuong Ngan is the goddess of forests. If you are a nature lover, Thuong Ngan could be just the right name for your little one.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Goddess of the forests
  • Pronunciation: too-ong nahn
Unusual, Earthy


Thuy is a soft-sounding name with an equally soft meaning. Thuy is also a rare name globally, but it is no less appealing.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Gentle
  • Pronunciation: too-ee


Ti is a rare pick among Vietnamese female names but a common middle name. Your little one will likely always be a little one in your eyes, and Ti speaks to that reality.

  • Origin: Sino-Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Very tiny
  • Pronunciation: tee


Tien has an ethereal meaning. Are you fascinated with ethereal, otherworldly beings? You may see your child as one, and you’d be correct in your assessment of her.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Angel, fairy, spirit
  • Pronunciation: tee-in


Beauty and intelligence are highly revered in nearly every culture, especially across Asian cultures. Trang encapsulates these two traits and would be fitting for your little girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Intelligent, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: trong

Trang Chim

Trang Chim is a moon goddess in Vietnamese mythology. If you have a deep love and reverence for the moon, Trang Chim might be a name that stands out to you.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Moon goddess, moon swan
  • Pronunciation: trong-KIM


Trinh is a pure and lovely name. The innocence of babies, particularly baby girls, is undeniable. Trinh is a great way to signify this innocence.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Virgin
  • Pronunciation: ching
Beautiful, Soft


Bamboo trees in Vietnam represent resilience and vitality. Bamboo trees have been a significant part of the Vietnamese legend of Saint Giong, who used them to fight off invaders to protect Vietnam. Truc is an excellent name to symbolize strength for baby girls.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Bamboo
  • Pronunciation: chuwkp


Your daughter is still growing and forming, but ever since you heard you were having a baby girl, she’s been the star of the show. Tu is a beautiful name with a sparkly meaning that captures this feeling.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Star, elegant, beautiful, outstanding
  • Pronunciation: TOO
Soft, Beautiful


Tuy^n is a lovely and rare name globally. The meaning has a piercing effect, like a ray of light — an excellent name for a fearless baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Ray
  • Pronunciation: too-een
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Due to its tropical climate, you’re unlikely to see any snowfall in Vietnam. There are still winter festivals, and it does get chilly during certain months. If your daughter is born in the wintertime, Tuyen could be an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Snow
  • Pronunciation: too-yeen


Tuyet is a rare pick among Vietnamese names for girls. It simply means “white,” a color known for purity, youth, and surrender. Vietnam is one of the rare Asian cultures where white has mostly positive implications. In China, white represents mourning, but in this instance, Tuyet could mean rebirth and renewal for your little one.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: too-yet


Uoc is a rare given name globally. Even though the name is unusual, its meaning is straightforward and hopeful. Uoc can signify your deep desire for your little one to have all of her wishes come true.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Wishes
  • Pronunciation: ooh-ahc


If you’ve had children before, and you’re deciding that this will be your last time giving birth, Ut could be a perfect name. Elders are mostly revered in Vietnamese culture, but there is also a special place in everyone’s hearts for the youngest among us.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Last
  • Pronunciation: uht


Clouds are an important part of our atmosphere and are glorious indicators of what the day will look like. Babies also send us beautiful signals about what to look out for with their ever-flowing tears or sunny smiles.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Cloud
  • Pronunciation: VUN


You may have dreams for your child to write their own stories in life. Whether they become artists or boldly expressive, Vie’t is perfect for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: To write
  • Pronunciation: vee-it
Bold, Unusual


Your daughter is the glory of your world. So why not give her a name that says so? Vinh is also the biggest city in northern Vietnam. A vibrant cultural hub that links Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Glory
  • Pronunciation: vin


If your daughter is born during the spring season, Xuan would be most fitting for her arrival. Vietnam is well-known for its numerous colorful springtime festivals. The Perfume Pagoda Festival, Yen Tun Festival, and Lim Festival are just a few.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Springtime
  • Pronunciation: wahn
Pretty, Poetic


Ye’n is a rare name in Vietnam and abroad. Swallow birds may be small, but they have a unique place in this world. Similarly, your little one is small but oh so unique and worthy of love and protection!

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Swallow bird
  • Pronunciation: yan
Unusual, Unique


Yến is a rare name globally. The meaning of the name is resounding and would be a fantastic choice for a little girl.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Pronunciation: yin
Soft, Poetic
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