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Top 1000 Girl Names in the U.S.: 2024 List

These adorable girl names are as pretty as a picture.

Are you looking for the coolest girl names around town? Check out this list of the top 1,000 names for girls. From A to Z, exotic to trendy, this list has it all. Whether you’re wondering where your name ranks or desire options for your little daughter, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve included the origin and a little background on each title to help you make an informed decision. So, make yourself at home; we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. The perfect name for your darling girl is right under your nose!

The Top 1,000 Girl Names in the United States

These gorgeous girl names will surely capture your heart.

  1. Olivia – of Roman origin, meaning “olive tree,” a universal symbol of peace and unity.
  2. Emma – hails from Germany; means “universal” or “whole,” perfect for the girl who rules your world.
  3. Charlotte – the feminization of Charles, a French title meaning “petite” or “free man.”
  4. Amelia – a Latin pick referring to a hard worker, made popular during the Industrial Revolution.
  5. Sophia – of Greek origin, borne by Sophia, patron saint of wisdom and knowledge.
  6. Isabella – an Italian pick meaning “devoted to God,” a variant of Elizabeth.
  7. Ava – a cute Latin pick referring to a birdlike girl.
  8. Mia – means “mine” in Spanish/Italian or “dear” and “darling” in Slavic.
  9. Evelyn – a unisex pick from France, meaning “desired” or “island.”
  10. Luna – one of the top nature-inspired names, meaning “moon” in Latin.
  11. Harper – the ideal pick for music lovers, referring to a harpist or minstrel.
  12. Camila – a derivative of Camillus, meaning “priests’ helper” or “religious attendant.”
  13. Sofia – a badass variation of Sophia meaning “wisdom,” perfect for your intelligent lady.
  14. Scarlett – means “red” in French, symbolizing passion and romance.
  15. Elizabeth – a pick with biblical associations; means “God is my oath” or “God is my promise.”
  16. Eleanor – of French origin, borne by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.
  17. Emily – a Latin and Roman pick meaning “industrial” or “rival,” a popular play on Emma.
  18. Chloe – of Greek origin, meaning “blooming,” appears in the New Testament as someone who housed disciples.
  19. Mila – a derivative of Milagros meaning “miracle,” means “gracious” in Slavic or “word” in Hebrew.
  20. Violet – stems from Viola, referring to the violet flower, symbolizing innocence and eternal devotion.
  21. Penelope – is of Greek origin, meaning “weaver,” borne by the mythical wife of Odysseus.
  22. Gianna – short for Giovanna, an Italian and Hebrew option meaning “God is gracious.”
  23. Aria – from Italy, referring to a melody; perfect for the girl born into a musical family.
  24. Abigail – of Hebrew origin meaning “my father’s joy,” perfect for the daddy’s girl.
  25. Ella – is among the most diverse baby girl names, with Hebrew, German, and English roots.
  26. Avery – an English and French pick meaning “ruler of the elves,” for the future class president.
  27. Hazel – of English origin referring to the hazel tree, which many believe has rare, magical powers.
  28. Nora – a Hebrew and Arabic option meaning “divine light,” ideal for the charismatic girl.
  29. Layla – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “dark,” fitting for the girl born at night.
  30. Lily – has Latin roots pointing to the flower used as an Easter decoration, symbolizing new life.
  31. Aurora – means “dawn” in Latin, an alias for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  32. Nova – is of Latin origin, meaning “new,” often used when referring to stars and galaxies.
  33. Ellie – of English origin, meaning “bright shining one,” short for Ellen or Eleanor.
  34. Madison – was originally an English surname meaning “son of Matthew.”
  35. Grace – a derivative of “gratia,” meaning “blessing” or “favor.”
  36. Isla – of Spanish origin, meaning “island,” promoting visions of relaxing, sunny days.
  37. Willow – an English option connected to the willow tree, symbolizing resilience and growth.
  38. Zoe – the Greek variant of Eve, meaning “life,” a biblical title that’s not oversaturated.
  39. Riley – of English origin, meaning “wood clearing” or “courageous,” perfect for parents who like flexibility.
  40. Stella – means “star” in Latin, borne by fashion designer Stella McCartney.
  41. Eliana – a pretty Hebrew title meaning “God has answered” or “sun.”
  42. Ivy – points to the winding vine often given to newlyweds as a sign of eternal fidelity.
  43. Victoria – the feminization of Victor, taken from the Latin word for “victory.”
  44. Emilia – a Shakespearean pick featured in Othello, meaning “eager.”
  45. Zoey – a variant of Zoe, connected to Eve; means “life” or “mother of life.”
  46. Naomi – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “patient” and “gentle,” borne by the biblical figure, Ruth.
  47. Hannah – a derivative of Channah meaning “favor” and “grace,” doubles as an anagram.
  48. Lucy – stems from Lucius, meaning “light,” referring to one with a light complexion.
  49. Elena – a sweet Greek title meaning “shining light” – can be a moniker for Eleanor.
  50. Lillian – connected to Lily, a flower symbolizing tranquility and resurrection, ideal for the Easter baby.
  51. Maya – an alias for Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of luck, prosperity, and good looks.
  52. Leah – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “weary” or “delicate,” borne by the biblical patriarch Jacob’s wife.
  53. Paisley – a Scottish pick meaning “church cemetery,” a ghoulish pick for the little gothic.
  54. Addison – an Old English option referring to the “son of Adam,” initially a surname.
  55. Natalie – of Latin origin, meaning “the birth of our Lord,” a pick for the Christmas baby.
  56. Valentina – the feminine variation of Valentine, a Latin title meaning “strong” and “healthy.”
  57. Everly – among the most modern girl names, meaning “boar” and “woodland clearing” in Old English.
  58. Delilah – a Hebrew title borne by the Bible’s most popular villainess who betrayed Samson.
  59. Leilani – of Hawaiian origin, meaning “heavenly garland of flowers,” making every day feel like a vacation.
  60. Madelyn – related to Magdalene, a Hebrew title pointing to a high tower.
  61. Kinsley – an English habitational surname turned forename, means “king’s meadow.”
  62. Ruby – is of Latin and French origin, referring to the gemstone symbolizing health, passion, and wisdom.
  63. Sophie – a simple variation of Sophia, meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  64. Alice – of German origin, meaning “exalted” or “noble,” made famous by Lewis Carroll’s fictional character.
  65. Genesis – means “origin” or “beginning” in Greek and is the Bible’s first book.
  66. Claire – hails from France, meaning “bright” or “clear,” connected to Clara.
  67. Audrey – of English origin, meaning “strength,” borne by famous actress Audrey Hepburn.
  68. Sadie – a playful alternative to Sarah, meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  69. Aaliyah – of Arabic origin, familiar for Muslim girls, meaning “exalted one.”
  70. Josephine – the feminization of Joseph, a Hebrew title meaning “God will increase.”
  71. Autumn – has Latin roots, meaning “season of harvest,” perfect for the girl born in the fall.
  72. Brooklyn – means “broken land” in English, joins the ranks of city-inspired names for girls.
  73. Quinn – a unisex pick meaning “wise” or “reason” in Irish, possibly connected to queens.
  74. Kennedy – of English origin, meaning “chief,” borne by former U.S. President John F. Kennedy.
  75. Cora – an alias for Persephone, a key figure in Greek mythology and Zeus’s daughter.
  76. Savannah – means “treeless plain” in Spanish and is a famous city in Georgia.
  77. Caroline – of Italian and French origin, means “free man,” “strong,” and “song of happiness.”
  78. Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom who also rules warfare and handicrafts.
  79. Natalia – a derivative of “natalis,” meaning “birthday,” given initially to Christmas babies.
  80. Hailey – means “hays meadow” in English or “hero” in Norse dialect, for the fearless girl.
  81. Aubrey – of German descent, stems from Alberich, a mythical creature who ruled the elves.
  82. Emery – appeared in the Middle Ages, meaning “powerful,” a great pick for the future CEO.
  83. Anna – a moniker for Hannah, meaning “grace,” appears in the New Testament.
  84. Iris – a Greek pick meaning “rainbow” or a hit song by the Goo Goo Dolls.
  85. Bella – of Italian and Latin origins, means “beautiful” and can be short for Isabella.
  86. Eloise – means “famous warrior” in German, borne by the fictional character who lived at the Plaza.
  87. Skylar – an English pick meaning “noble scholar,” for the girl with beauty and smarts.
  88. Jade – is of English origin, meaning “precious stone,” symbolizing harmony and peace.
  89. Gabriella – a fancy alternative to Gabrielle, meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew.
  90. Ariana – related to Ariadne, the mythical daughter of Greek King Minos of Crete.
  91. Maria – of Latin origin, meaning “bitter,” “beloved,” or “rebellious.”
  92. Adeline – hails from Germany, derived from Adel, meaning “nobility,” ideal for your high-class daughter.
  93. Lydia – means “beautiful one” in Greek, and is a businesswoman specializing in clothing in the Bible.
  94. Sarah – is of Hebrew and Persian origin, meaning “princess” or “woman of high rank.”
  95. Nevaeh – an American pick meaning “heaven,” which it spells backward.
  96. Serenity – among virtuous French names for girls referring to total peace and tranquility.
  97. Liliana – a derivative of Lilium, pointing to the lily flower meaning “innocent” and “pure of heart.”
  98. Ayla – means “oak tree” in Hebrew or “circle of light around the sun or moon” in Turkish.
  99. Everleigh – of English origin meaning “boar meadow,” perfect for your farmer girl.
  100. Raelynn – an American option meaning “beam of light,” “beautiful lamb,” and “princess of divine light.”
  101. Allison – hails from German, meaning “noble,” ideal for a girl with good morals.
  102. Madeline – a popular English title meaning “woman from Magdala,” often shortened to Maddie.
  103. Vivian – borne by vintage actress Vivian Leigh, known for her role in Gone With the Wind.
  104. Maeve – is of Irish origin, meaning “she who rules” or the Irish goddess of love and respect.
  105. Lyla – a derivative of Lila, a Hebrew pick meaning “dark beauty,” perfect for the raven-haired princess.
  106. Samantha – the feminization of Samuel, a Hebrew title meaning “God hears.”
  107. Rylee – among the best variations of Riley, meaning “courageous” in English.
  108. Eva – connected to Eve, a Hebrew title referring to life or the mother of life.
  109. Melody – is of Greek origin, meaning “sweet song” or “aria.”
  110. Clara – a variation of Claire, means “famous” or “bright” in Latin.
  111. Hadley – hails from the U.K., referring to a heather meadow, evoking tranquil feelings.
  112. Julia – of Latin origin, meaning “Jove’s child” or “youthful,” perfect for the girl who’s forever young.
  113. Piper – a British pick referring to a king’s servant who played the pipes.
  114. Juniper – has Latin roots, pointing to the juniper tree, symbolizing protection and strength.
  115. Parker – an occupational surname referring to a park keeper, a popular forename in 1999.
  116. Brielle – of French origin, short for Gabrielle, meaning “God hears.”
  117. Eden – joins the ranks of biblical titles and means “place of pleasure” in Hebrew.
  118. Remi – a French pick meaning “oarsmen” or “cure,” a cute pick for the future doctor.
  119. Josie – short for Josephine, meaning “God will increase” in French.
  120. Rose – of Latin origin, referring to the fragrant bloom symbolizing friendship or passion.
  121. Arya – a Sanskrit pick meaning “noble,” “song,” or “melody.”
  122. Eliza – of English origin, a moniker for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my promise.”
  123. Charlie – hails from Germany, short for Charlotte or Charles, meaning “free man.”
  124. Peyton – a habitational surname meaning “fighting man’s estate,” perfect for the strong-willed girl.
  125. Daisy – of English origin meaning “days eye,” pointing to the cute flower symbolizing hope.
  126. Lucia – a derivative of Lux, meaning “light” in Spanish and Italian, associated with Saint Lucia.
  127. Millie – short for Millicent, a Latin title meaning “gentle strength” or “strong in work.”
  128. Margaret – means “pearl” in Greek, often shortened to Maggie.
  129. Freya – hails from Scandinavia and is borne by the mythical goddess of love and beauty.
  130. Melanie – appeared in the Middle Ages, of Greek origin, meaning “dark-skinned.”
  131. Elliana – of Hebrew origin, meaning “my God has answered,” perfect for the long-awaited baby.
  132. Adalynn – a cool twist on Adaline, a German title meaning “noble” and “kind.”
  133. Alina – of Slavic heritage, meaning “bright,” “beautiful,” and “fair.”
  134. Emersyn – the American adaptation of Emerson, a British option meaning “brave” and “powerful.”
  135. Sienna – a Latin pick inspired by the city of Siena, meaning “red-orange.”
  136. Mary – among the most spiritual female names, pointing to the mother of Christ.
  137. Isabelle – of Hebrew and French origin, meaning “pledged to God.”
  138. Alaia – a Basque pick meaning “joyful” or “happy,” perfect for your little sunshine.
  139. Esther – a brave biblical queen who saved her people; her story is in the book of Esther.
  140. Sloane – an occupational surname meaning “raider” in Irish, an edgy pick for your trendsetter.
  141. Mackenzie – is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, meaning “born of fire” or “pleasant to look at.”
  142. Amara – combines Latin, Spanish, and Sanskrit cultures, meaning “everlasting” and “grace.”
  143. Ximena – derived from Simeon; appealing to parents who list the “X-factor” as a requirement.
  144. Sage – means “wise” and “healthy” in Latin or a fragrant spice used in cooking.
  145. Cecilia – derived from the mythical King Caeculus, means “little blind one.”
  146. Valeria – of Latin origin, meaning “strong,” can also be a verb meaning “to be strong.”
  147. Reagan – an Irish option meaning “little king,” borne by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.
  148. Valerie – is of French origin, connected to “valiant,” which means “brave” and “fierce.”
  149. Catalina – a derivative of Catherine, a Greek title meaning “pure in heart.”
  150. River – a nature-inspired title referring to calm or chaotic waters, depending on the day.
  151. Magnolia – of Latin origin, appears in Song of Solomon as a metaphor for sweet love.
  152. Kehlani – a Hawaiian pick referring to the sea and sky, perfect for your beach babe.
  153. Summer – an English option symbolizing sun, warmth, and lazy days by the pool.
  154. Ashley – originally an Old English surname, referring to one who lived by a meadow.
  155. Andrea – the feminization of Andrew, one of Christ’s apostles, means “brave” in Latin.
  156. Isabel – a sophisticated alternative to Isabella, an Italian title that means “beautiful.”
  157. Oakley – an English pick meaning “meadow of oak trees,” symbolizing the power of deep roots.
  158. Olive – of English origin, pointing to the olive tree, a universal symbol of peace.
  159. Oaklynn – a Welsh option meaning “oak pond,” perfect for your little naturalist.
  160. Ember – hails from the U.K., meaning “spark” or “burning low.”
  161. Kaylee – of British origin, pointing to a laurel crown, an ancient sign of victory.
  162. Georgia – the feminine variation of George or an American state famous for its peaches.
  163. Juliette – a fancy alternative to Julie, meaning “Jove’s child” or “youthful” in Latin.
  164. Anastasia – of Greek and Russian origin, means “resurrection,” making it suitable for Christians.
  165. Genevieve – a French and German pick meaning “white wave,” invoking images of crystal waters.
  166. Katherine – of Greek origin meaning “pure,” a popular title among early Christians.
  167. Blakely – means “black meadow” or “dark clearing” in Old English, giving this title an eerie air.
  168. Reese – a gender-neutral Welsh option, meaning “enthusiasm” or “fiery,” fitting for your tough daughter.
  169. Amaya – has many meanings in the Japanese Kanji system, like “the end” and “heavenly valley.”
  170. Emerson – of German origin, meaning “brave,” also a popular surname in America and Europe.
  171. Brianna – the girly version of Brian, means “exalted” and “noble” in Irish.
  172. June – a derivative of Juno and the month that summer begins, symbolizing warmth and freedom.
  173. Alani – of Hawaiian origin, meaning “orange tree” and “fragrant,” often shortened to Lani.
  174. Lainey – a French pick meaning “bright shining light,” perfect for your little leader.
  175. Arianna – similar to Ariana, means “most holy” in the Italian and Greek dialects.
  176. Rosalie – of French origin, pointing to a rose garden, one of the most fragrant wonders.
  177. Sara – a modern revision of Sarah, the biblical wife of Abraham and mother to Isaac.
  178. Jasmine – of Persian origin, meaning “gift of God,” fitting for your blessing.
  179. Ruth – a Hebrew pick meaning “loyal,” connected to the biblical figure Ruth, known for her faithfulness.
  180. Adalyn – means “noble” and “kind” in German, appealing to parents who value virtues.
  181. Ada – a derivative of Adeline, meaning “noble” or “of nobility” in German.
  182. Bailey – an English and French occupational surname referring to a bailiff or steward.
  183. Ariella – a variation of Ariel, a Hebrew title meaning “lion of God.”
  184. Wren – of English origin, connected to the sweet brown songbird.
  185. Myla – the female variation of Milo, which means “soldier” or “merciful” in Latin and French.
  186. Khloe – means “green shoot” in Greek, borne by businesswoman Khloe Kardashian.
  187. Callie – a derivative of Callisto, a Greek pick meaning “beautiful” and “lovely.”
  188. Elsie – of Scottish origin, connected to Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.”
  189. Alexandra – the feminization of Alexander, means “defender of mankind” in Greek.
  190. Ryleigh – an Irish pick meaning “rye clearing” and “brave,” a girly variant of Riley and Rilee.
  191. Faith – among the oldest virtue names meaning “hope” and “trust,” made popular by the Puritans.
  192. Norah – a longer spelling of Nora, meaning “divine light” in Hebrew and the Arabic dialect.
  193. Margot – of French origin, means “pearl,” borne by American actress Margot Robbie.
  194. Zuri – an exotic Swahili title that means “beautiful,” fitting for your little pageant queen.
  195. Journee – an alternate spelling of Journey, an American pick meaning “to travel a long distance.”
  196. Aspen – of American origin, means “quaking tree” or a popular ski location in Colorado.
  197. Gemma – a Latin pick meaning “gem” or “jewel,” ideal for your priceless darling.
  198. Kylie – a Scottish title also popular in Australia, means “boomerang.”
  199. Molly – a moniker for Mary, meaning “bitter” or “wished for child” in English.
  200. Blake – means “pale” or “dark,” borne by actress Blake Lively, star of Gossip Girl.
  201. Zara – of Arabic origin, meaning “radiance” or “blooming flower.”
  202. Alaina – the feminization of Alan, means “torch,” “beautiful,” or “light” in French and English.
  203. Alana – means “awakening” or “precious” in Latin or “oak tree” in Irish.
  204. Brynlee – of English origin, referring to a burned meadow, a common practice for farmers.
  205. Amy – a French pick meaning “beloved,” ideal for parents who prefer keeping it short and sweet.
  206. Annie – a moniker for Hannah or Anna, means “grace” in Hebrew.
  207. Saylor – derived from “sailleor,” a French pick meaning “dancer,” a variation of “sailor.”
  208. Ana – the Spanish variation of Anna meaning “grace” or “favor.”
  209. Amira – an Arabic pick meaning “princess,” “proverb,” or “treetop,” perfect for the multifaceted girl.
  210. Kimberly – an English surname referring to families who lived near the royal forest.
  211. Noelle – means “Christmas” in French, fitting for festive babies.
  212. Kamila – of Hungarian and Latin origin, meaning “perfect” or “priest’s attendant.”
  213. Morgan – a unisex option meaning “sea-born” or “sea-circle.”
  214. Phoebe – a Greek title borne by one of Jesus’ female followers known for delivering speeches.
  215. Harmony- a derivative of Harmonia, meaning “unity” in Greek.
  216. Sutton – hails from the U.K., meaning “southern settlement.”
  217. Taylor – an English occupational surname pointing to those who tailor clothing.
  218. Finley – means “fair-haired” or “courageous one” in Irish, perfect for your blondie.
  219. Lilah – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “delicate” and “night beauty.”
  220. Juliana – a Latin pick referring to a youthful girl; many call their girls Julie.
  221. Lila – can be short for Delilah or stand independently; means “night” and “beauty.”
  222. Londyn – a modern variation of London, a famous city in England.
  223. Kailani – of Hawaiian origin, meaning “sea” and “sky,” fitting for the beach girl.
  224. Vera – means “faith” in Slavic, making it a unique virtue name.
  225. Kaia – a Scandinavian diminutive of Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  226. Angela – a derivative of Angel, meaning “messenger of God” in Greek and Latin.
  227. Hallie – short for Harriet, meaning “home-ruler” or a stand-alone title meaning “praise the Lord.”
  228. Diana – means “divine” in Greek and Latin, borne by the goddess of hunting and forests.
  229. Lennon – of Irish origin, meaning “lover,” best associated with singer John Lennon.
  230. Presley – an English surname meaning “priest’s meadow,” borne by singer Elvis Presley.
  231. Arabella – of Latin origin, means “yielding to prayer,” giving this title a spiritual slant.
  232. Aliyah – means “rising” or “ascending” in Arabic, perfect for the girl who levels up.
  233. Lilly – a derivative of “lilium,” meaning “innocence” and “purity.”
  234. Milani – connected to Milan, Italy’s city of fashion, means “from the middle of the plain.”
  235. Jordyn – a derivative of Jordan, meaning “down flowing” in Hebrew.
  236. Camille – stems from the French surname Camilus, referring to the priest’s attendants.
  237. Ariel – means “lion of God” in Hebrew, borne by Disney’s famous mermaid.
  238. Aubree – a variation of Aubrey, meaning “ruler of the little people” in German and French.
  239. Selena – means “the moon” in Greek, borne by singer and actress Selena Gomez.
  240. Sawyer – a unisex pick meaning “woodcutter,” originally an English surname.
  241. Nyla – of Arabic origin, meaning “the achiever,” perfect for your straight-A student.
  242. Delaney – means “dark challenger” in Irish, a popular European surname.
  243. Mariana – a famous Portuguese title meaning “star of the sea,” similar to Mary.
  244. Rachel – the biblical wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph, means “ewe” in Hebrew.
  245. Adaline – a variation of Adeline, meaning “noble” and “kind” in German.
  246. Leila – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, means “night” or “dark.”
  247. Collins – a fresh unisex pick meaning “holly,” associated with Christmastime.
  248. Lia – means “weary” or “gentle” in Italian, a fun variation of Leah.
  249. Octavia – traditionally given to the eighth child, means “eight” in Latin.
  250. Kali – a Sanskrit pick meaning “the black one” or “time,” a reminder to cherish each moment.
  251. Lena – a diminutive of Helena, means “ray of light” in Persian.
  252. Kiara – derived from Chiara, an Italian title meaning “light” or “clear.”
  253. Kaylani – refers to the “sea of heaven,” a popular title for Hawaiian girls.
  254. Elaina – a fresh take on Elaine, meaning “torch” in Greek, related to Helen.
  255. Daniela – the feminization of Daniel, a Hebrew title meaning “God is my judge.”
  256. Leia – means “weary” in Hebrew, “child of heaven” in Hawaiian, and “lioness” in Latin.
  257. Gracie – short for Grace, a classic virtue title popular in Europe and America.
  258. Dakota – a Native American pick meaning “friend,” connected to North and South Dakota.
  259. Elise – a moniker for Elizabeth, means “God’s promise” in Latin.
  260. Hope – made popular by the Puritans, means “desire of fulfillment” in English.
  261. Harlow – an Anglo-Saxon surname referring to those who were from rocky hills.
  262. Lola – a derivative of Delores, meaning “sorrows,” associated with the Virgin Mary.
  263. Stevie – an edgy variation of Steven, means “crown” in Greek.
  264. Malia – means “calm” and “peaceful” in Hawaiian and can be short for Miriam.
  265. Miriam – of Hebrew origin meaning “sea of sorrow,” borne by Moses’ sister in the Bible.
  266. Alora – a Latin option meaning “my beautiful dream” or “dreamer.”
  267. Gia – a derivative of Gianna, means “God is gracious” in Italian.
  268. Evangeline – a derivative of “evangel,” meaning “to share the good news,” popular for Christians.
  269. Brooke – refers to water or a small stream, invoking serene images.
  270. Lilith – an Assyrian option borne by the mythical first wife of Adam.
  271. Sydney – of French and English origin, meaning “wide-open meadow” or a popular tourist city in Australia.
  272. Ophelia – of Greek origin, featured in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  273. Alayna – a variation of Alana, means “precious” in Gaelic.
  274. Tatum – hails from the U.K., meaning “Tata’s homestead,” cute for the little farmer.
  275. Evie – a moniker for Eve, means “life” in Hebrew.
  276. Rowan – of Irish and Scottish origin, initially given to redheaded babies.
  277. Marley – means “marshy meadow” in English, borne by legendary singer Bob Marley.
  278. Daphne – a Greek pick meaning “laurel tree,” symbolizing victory.
  279. Kayla – of Yiddish origin, referring to a slim, beautiful girl.
  280. Dahlia – a derivative of “dal,” meaning “valley” in Swedish, or a perennial flower.
  281. Lucille – means “light” in French, borne by actress and comedian Lucille Ball.
  282. Blair – joins the ranks of female names doubling as surnames, meaning “meadow” in English.
  283. Adelaide – of German origin, borne by the former Queen of Great Britain.
  284. Wrenley – a derivative of Wren, connected to the tiny brown songbird.
  285. Haven – stems from “haefen,” meaning “safe place” in Old English.
  286. Teagan – means “little poet” in Irish but can also mean “fair” in Welsh.
  287. Adelyn – of German origin, meaning “nobility” and “noble,” ideal for the little princess.
  288. Alyssa – derived from “alyssum,” a medicinal flower once used to combat anxiety.
  289. Payton – originally used as a surname describing descendants of Peatan.
  290. Jane – of English origin, meaning “God is gracious,” borne by author Jane Austen.
  291. Mckenna – a Gaelic surname meaning “son of Ken,” can also mean “to soar.”
  292. Celeste – of Latin origin meaning “heavenly,” perfect for your cherub.
  293. Juliet – a Latin, French, and English option featured in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  294. Palmer – traditionally a surname given to families on a holy pilgrimage.
  295. Maggie – short for Margaret, meaning “pearl,” June’s birthstone.
  296. Rebecca – the biblical mother of Jacob and Esau, means “to tie” in Hebrew.
  297. London – of English origin, referring to the busy, beautiful city in England.
  298. Noa – a derivative of “nacham,” meaning “comfort” in Hebrew.
  299. Samara – of Hebrew origin, meaning “protected by God” or “guardian.”
  300. Thea – short for Dorothea, means “goddess” or “godly” in Greek.
  301. Kendall – an Anglo-Saxon pick meaning “valley of the kings.”
  302. Mya – means “mother” or “great one” in Greek and English, a variant of Maya.
  303. Talia – of Hebrew and Aramaic origin meaning, “dew of God.”
  304. Winter – means “time of water” in German, referring to the amount of snow and ice.
  305. Angelina – a fancy derivative of Angela meaning “messenger” or “angel” in Greek.
  306. Vivienne – the French variation of Vivian, meaning “alive” and “well.”
  307. Esme – means “beloved” in French, can also be short for Esmerelda, meaning “emerald.”
  308. Laila – of Arabic origin, meaning “of the night,” ideal for the night owl.
  309. Nina – means “little girl” in Spanish and “God was gracious” in Hebrew.
  310. Trinity – a religious title referring to the concept of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  311. Vanessa – hails from the U.K., meaning “butterfly,” symbolizing freedom and beauty.
  312. Mabel – a derivative of Amabel, meaning “lovable,” perfect for your darling.
  313. Camilla – means “young helper to the priest” in Italian, an honorable duty.
  314. Jocelyn – of German origin meaning “joyful,” a good omen for your girl.
  315. Journey – an English option meaning “trip” or “expedition” and a famous band in the 1980s.
  316. Paige – a variation of Page, meaning “young servant” in French.
  317. Phoenix – a mythical creature known for its ability to resurrect, means “dark red” in Greek.
  318. Amina – the feminization of Amin, an Arabic title meaning “faithful” and “trustworthy.”
  319. Alivia – a variation of Olivia, meaning “olive tree” and “peace.”
  320. Amari – means “eternal” in Sanskrit, “to be loved” in Latin, and “promised by God” in Hebrew.
  321. Joanna – a derivative of Yohannah, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  322. Nicole – the feminization of Nicholas, meaning “victory” and “people of victory.”
  323. Annabelle – means “favored grace” and “beauty” in French and Hebrew.
  324. Raegan – a variation of Regan; many call their girls Rae for short.
  325. Aitana – of Basque origin, meaning “glory,” fitting for parents who enjoy exotic picks.
  326. Julianna – an elegant Latin title, means “downy” or “youthful.”
  327. Lauren – the female version of Laurence, meaning “laurel tree” or “sweet honor” in French.
  328. Catherine – a derivative of “katharos,” means “pure” in Greek.
  329. Adriana – means “from Adria” in Latin or “dark” in Italian and Spanish.
  330. Madilyn – connected to the biblical Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ best-known followers.
  331. Harley – hails from the U.K., meaning “the long field,” or a popular brand of motorcycles.
  332. Tessa – a nickname for Theresa, means “to gather” in Greek.
  333. Evelynn – a modernization of Aveline, meaning “wished for child” in French.
  334. Elianna – of Hebrew origin, means “God has answered,” fitting for your blessing.
  335. Rory – means “red king” in Irish, made popular by the hit show Gilmore Girls.
  336. Dream – of English origin, meaning “joyous music,” refers to a vision for the future.
  337. Nayeli – a classic Native American pick meaning “I love you.”
  338. Poppy – means “red flower” in Latin, often associated with the military.
  339. Gabriela – a variation of Gabriella meaning “God is my strength” or “heroine of God.”
  340. Jayla – means “God will protect” in Hebrew and “heal” in Greek.
  341. Cataleya – points to Cattley’s flower, a type of orchid.
  342. Celine – of French origin, meaning “heavenly,” borne by singer Celine Dion.
  343. Hayden – an English surname referring to those who lived by hay fields.
  344. Shiloh – a biblical place of assembly, means “abundance” in Hebrew.
  345. Mariah – of Latin origin, meaning “the Lord is my teacher,” a fun take on Moriah.
  346. Charlee – a girly variation of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  347. Maisie – of Scottish origin, meaning “pearl,” ideal for your priceless baby.
  348. Regina – means “queen” in Latin, perfect for the girl who rules the roost.
  349. Adelynn – a variation of Adal, meaning “noble.”
  350. Briella – derived from Gabriella, meaning “God is my strength,” comes with the nickname Bri.
  351. Giselle – a derivative of gisil, means “pledge” in French.
  352. Fatima – of Arabic origin, means “captivating,” borne by the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter.
  353. Danna – a variation of Dana, meaning “God will judge” in Hebrew.
  354. Alessia – an Italian pick, means “defender,” fitting for your little fighter.
  355. Mckenzie – derived from Mackenzie, meaning “born of fire” and “pleasant to look at.”
  356. Wynter – an English pick meaning “born in winter,” ideal for the cold-blooded girl.
  357. Fiona – means “fair” in Irish and Gaelic, borne by the lovable ogre princess in Shrek.
  358. Brooklynn – of English origin, meaning “small stream” or a cultural city in New York.
  359. Gracelynn – a Latin option meaning “grateful” and “pleasing.”
  360. Luciana – connected to Lux, means “light” in Latin, perfect for little miss sunshine.
  361. Alexis – closely related to Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind” in Greek.
  362. Everlee – of English origin, a variation of Everly or Everligh, meaning “boar meadow.”
  363. Laura – the feminization of Laurus, pointing to victory and fame, ideal for the superstar.
  364. Selah – a biblical title featured in the Psalms, means “stop” or “praise.”
  365. Reign – of American origin, meaning “sovereign” or “rule,” joins the ranks of royal girl names.
  366. Alayah – an Arabic pick meaning “exalted” or “noble,” popular among Muslims.
  367. Rosemary – means “dew of the sea” in Latin or a fragrant herb used for cooking.
  368. Lilliana – a derivative of Lily, a fragrant bloom that rules springtime.
  369. Ariyah – a Hebrew title related to Ariel, meaning “lioness of God.”
  370. Heidi – short for Adelheid, means “nobility” in German, associated with the classic book.
  371. Esmeralda – of Spanish origin, meaning “emerald,” perfect for the green-eyed girl.
  372. Logan – hails from Scotland, means “little hollow,” can also be a surname.
  373. Amora – a derivative of “amor,” meaning “love” in Spanish.
  374. Kalani – of Hawaiian origin, means “sky” or “royal one,” technically a gender-neutral pick.
  375. Leighton – means “leek garden” in Old English, borne by Leighton Meester, an actress.
  376. Cali – short for Calista or California, also a variant of Callie.
  377. Melissa – means “honeybee” in Greek, symbolizing sweetness and hard work.
  378. Aniyah – of African origin, meaning “grace” or “merciful.”
  379. Izabella – an edgy alternative to Isabella, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  380. Michelle – the feminization of Michael, means “who resembles God” in Hebrew.
  381. Raelyn – an American invention referring to a beam of light.
  382. Alessandra – a fancy alternative to Alexandra, means “defender of mankind” in Greek.
  383. Viviana – of Italian origin, stems from Viivian, meaning “alive.”
  384. Madeleine – a Greek pick associated with Mary Magdalene, means “woman from Magdala.”
  385. Arielle – a cute variation of Ariel, means “lion of God” in Hebrew.
  386. Serena – derived from “serenus,” meaning “tranquility” and “serenity.”
  387. Francesca – of Italian origin, means “free,” perfect for the wild child.
  388. Brynn – a Welsh title meaning “hill” and a moniker for Brynlee.
  389. Gwendolyn – of Welsh origin, meaning “blessed ring,” a common figure in mythology.
  390. Kira – the feminization of Kir, referring to a Russian ruler or mistress.
  391. Destiny – a derivative of “destine,” meaning “to determine.”
  392. Elle – a moniker for Elizabeth or Eleanor, often shortened to Ellie.
  393. Makayla – stems from Michael, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  394. Alaya – of Sanskrit origin, means “abode,” ideal for the girl who loves being home.
  395. Malani – rooted in Sanskrit, Hawaiian, and a Pacific Islander dialect, meaning “heavenly.”
  396. Willa – a Germanic option referring to a soldier’s helmet.
  397. Saige – a variation of Sage, meaning “wise,” a nickname for the village healer.
  398. Makenna – means “son of Kenneth” or “the happy one” in Irish.
  399. Remington – a habitational surname referring to families from Remington, often shortened to Remi.
  400. Demi – of French origin, meaning “half” or “small,” borne by singer Demi Lovato.
  401. Adelina – the Italian variation of Adeline, meaning “noble.”
  402. Raya – means “friend” in Hebrew or “flag” in Arabic, borne by Disney’s fictional princess.
  403. Astrid – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “divinely beautiful,” fitting for your pretty girl.
  404. Azalea – refers to a type of flower that thrives in dry conditions.
  405. Veronica – a Latin pick meaning “she who brings victory,” often shortened to Ronnie.
  406. Meadow – of American origin, pointing to a wide open space filled with vegetation.
  407. Anaya – means “gracious” in Sanskrit, fitting for your generous girl.
  408. Elisa – a Spanish variation of Elisabeth, meaning “God’s promise.”
  409. Raven – of English origin, meaning “dark-haired,” can also refer to the mysterious bird.
  410. Alexandria – the feminization of Alexander, means “defender of the people.”
  411. Hattie – a derivative of Harriet, meaning “home-ruler” in English.
  412. Alicia – of Mexican origin, referring to the noble or exalted girl.
  413. Sabrina – has Celtic, Italian, and Latin roots and means “legendary princess.”
  414. Gracelyn – a melodious union of Grace and Lynn, meaning “grateful” or “pleasing.”
  415. Matilda – of Germanic origin, means “mighty in battle,” perfect for your warrior child.
  416. Skye – a Scottish title meaning “island of clouds,” the ideal nature title for your dreamer.
  417. Annalise – of Latin and German origin, means “graced with God’s bounty.”
  418. Frances – originally given to those from France, fitting for the French girl.
  419. Miracle – a Latin title meaning “wonder” or “marvel.”
  420. Maia – featured in Greek mythology as the mother of Hermes, meaning “mother.”
  421. Helen – of Greek origin, meaning “light” or “torch,” borne by the mythical Helen of Troy.
  422. Lana – means “shining,” “light,” and “blessed” in Slavic.
  423. Daleyza – is a Spanish title meaning “delightful,” perfect for your little gift.
  424. Rosie – an adorable moniker for Rose, a sweet-smelling bloom.
  425. Charli – derived from Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  426. Bianca – means “white” or “pure” in Italian, connected to winter.
  427. Royalty – describes a member of the nobility, perfect for the confident princess.
  428. Sarai – the traditional Hebrew version of Sarah, meaning “princess.”
  429. Amiyah – of Arabic origin, a variation of Aimee, meaning “beloved” or “friend.”
  430. Nylah – means “champion” or “achiever” in Arabic, a variation of Nyla.
  431. Aylin – a Swiss and Turkish pick meaning “one who belongs to the moon” or “moon halo.”
  432. Maryam – derived from Miriam, a Hebrew title meaning “beloved” or “rebellious.”
  433. Scarlet – of French origin, meaning “dark red,” symbolizing love and passion.
  434. Antonella – a derivative of Antonia, means “priceless one” or “praiseworthy” in Latin.
  435. Sylvia – of Latin origin, referring to a dark forest, borne by author Sylvia Plath.
  436. Sylvie – a moniker for Sylvia meaning “from the forest” in Latin.
  437. Nadia – means “hope” in Russian or “delicate” in Arabic.
  438. Ari – short for Ariana or is an independent title meaning “lion” or “eagle.”
  439. Lexi – a moniker for Alexis or Alexandria, means “defender of the people” in Greek.
  440. Mylah – a derivative of Miles, meaning “soldier” in French.
  441. Julieta – connected to Julia and Juliet, means “youthful” in Latin.
  442. Lorelei – a mythical sea siren who lured sailors to their deaths.
  443. Avianna – of Latin origin, meaning “birdlike,” perfect for your little nature-lover.
  444. Armani – an Italian pick meaning “child of Armano” or “warrior,” associated with a luxury brand.
  445. Camryn – a Scottish pick, originally referring to someone with a crooked nose.
  446. Emely – of Latin origin, a unique alternative to Emily, meaning “rival” or “eager.”
  447. Rylie – means “brave” in Irish” and “rye clearing” in English.
  448. Colette – a derivative of Nicole, means “people’s victory” in French.
  449. Daniella – the feminine form of Daniel, a biblical prophet.
  450. Liana – of French origin, stems from liane, meaning “to twine around.”
  451. Brinley – an English pick meaning “burnt meadow,” a technique used to improve crops.
  452. Kate – of Greek and English origin, meaning “pure,” short for Katherine.
  453. Salem – another name for Jerusalem, a holy city or an eerie town in Massachusetts.
  454. Marlee – a girly variation of Marley, meaning “marshy meadow” in English.
  455. Alison – of German origin, related to Adelaide, referring to “nobleness” or “nobility.”
  456. Carmen – a derivative of “carmel,” meaning “garden” or “orchard” in Spanish.
  457. Felicity – stems from Felicitas, meaning “good fortune” or “happiness” in Latin.
  458. Fernanda – the feminization of Fernando, a Spanish title meaning “bold voyager.”
  459. Holly – an English surname referring to families who dwelled by hollows.
  460. Ariah – a variation of Aria, meaning “lion” or “song” in Italian and Hebrew.
  461. Aisha – of Arabic origin, meaning “well,” borne by the Prophet Muhammed’s third wife.
  462. Kora – translates to “maiden” in Greek, an alias for the mythical Persephone.
  463. Amanda – means “worthy of love” in Latin, often shortened to Mandy.
  464. Ailani – of Hawaiian origin, referring to a chief or spiritual food.
  465. Elaine – a variant of Helen, meaning “light” or “torch” in French.
  466. Emory – an alternate spelling of Emery, a German title meaning “home strength.”
  467. Joy – among virtuous baby girl names, means “happiness” in Latin.
  468. Oaklee – an English title meaning “meadow of oak trees.”
  469. Lyric – of Greek origin, means “lyre” or “songlike,” perfect for the future rock star.
  470. Madelynn – a derivative of Migdal, meaning “high tower.”
  471. Haisley – hailing from the U.K., means “enclosure,” a cute alternative to Paisley.
  472. Allie – means “harmony” or “stone” in Celtic, a moniker for Allison meaning “noble” in German.
  473. Helena – is a variant of the Greek Helen and Eleanor, meaning “shining light.”
  474. Danielle – the feminization of Daniel, a Hebrew title meaning “God is my judge.”
  475. Katalina – an alternative to Katherine or Kaitlyn, referring to one who’s pure of heart.
  476. Carolina – the female version of Carolus, connected to Charles, meaning “free man.”
  477. Zariah – a unisex option for Arabic babies, meaning “blossom.”
  478. Navy – of English origin, referring to a fleet of ships or shade of blue.
  479. Cassidy – an Irish surname given to those with curly hair.
  480. Lorelai – a variation of Lorelei, meaning “alluring enchantress.”
  481. Stephanie – the feminization of Stephen, an early Christian martyr.
  482. Alma – of Latin, Italian, and Filipino origin meaning “kind” and “soul.”
  483. Mira – a diverse pick meaning “admirable,” “peace,” and “queen” in Arabic, Spanish, and Sanskrit.
  484. Legacy – refers to something handed down by a predecessor, a sentimental pick for your darling.
  485. Jolene – a variation of Jolie, meaning “pretty” in French, a hit song by Dolly Parton.
  486. Anya – related to the Anna, meaning “grace” in Russian.
  487. Dorothy – means “gift of God” in Greek, often shortened to Dotty.
  488. Paris – a beautiful city in France known for its pastries and art.
  489. Yaretzi – a beautiful Aztec option meaning “you will always be loved.”
  490. Aurelia – related to Aurelius, meaning “the golden one” in Latin.
  491. Maddison – a derivative of Madison, means “to conquer” or “powerful battler.”
  492. Renata – of Latin origin, meaning “reborn” or “resurrected.”
  493. Jimena – a variation of Ximena, means “listener” in Spanish.
  494. Xiomara – a Spanish option meaning “ready for battle,” ideal for the fierce girl.
  495. Itzel – of Native American origin, means “rainbow lady,” perfect for the vibrant cutie.
  496. Heaven – a supernatural paradise or holy place where God resides, together with angels and saints.
  497. Lyra – a derivative of lyre, a harp that appears in Greek mythology.
  498. Estella – means “star” in Latin, often shortened to Stella.
  499. Gabrielle – of French origin, meaning “God is my strength,” comes with the nickname Gabbi.
  500. Maren – connected to Mary, means “star of the sea” or “bitter.”
  501. Jacqueline – the feminization of Jacques, meaning “supplanter.”
  502. Jennifer – a variation of Guinevere, referring to “the fair one.”
  503. Imani – prevalent in Africa, means “faith” and “belief,” a great spiritual option.
  504. Jordan – a unisex pick associated with the Jordan River, where Christ was baptized.
  505. Paislee – a variation of Paisley, a loud fabric popular in the 70s.
  506. Ainsley – an English option, meaning “one hermitage,” ideal for an introvert.
  507. Emmy – a playful moniker for Emily and Emma, means “universal” or “whole.”
  508. Jessica – a Shakespearean title meaning “God beholds,” featured in The Merchant of Venice.
  509. Alondra – of Spanish origin, connected to larks or songbirds.
  510. Mae – a derivative of May, meaning “bitter” or “pearl,” associated with the Roman goddess of motherhood.
  511. Makenzie – a nonbinary pick of Scottish origin, means “born of fire.”
  512. Bristol – an English option referring to a meeting place by the bridge.
  513. Edith – hailing from the U.K., meaning “prosperous in strife,” often shortened to Edie.
  514. Cameron – a Gaelic surname meaning “crooked nose” or “crooked river.”
  515. Elora – of Greek origin, refers to a sunray or means “my God is light” in Hebrew.
  516. Jazlyn – a combination of Jasmine and Lynne, meaning “flower waterfall.”
  517. Averie – derived from Alfred, meaning “ruler of the elves,” perfect for the natural leader.
  518. Ivory – connected to elephant tusks and a neutral color, symbolizing purity.
  519. Kenzie – a moniker for Makenzie, meaning “born of fire” or “son of the wise one.”
  520. Emelia – joins the ranks of alternate spelling girl names, meaning “eager” in Latin.
  521. Angel – stems from Angelos, meaning “messenger,” associated with celestial beings.
  522. Cecelia – of Latin origin, borne by the patron saint of blindness, often shortened to Celia.
  523. Maliyah – a variation of Malia, a Hawaiian title connected to Maria.
  524. Oakleigh – an alternate spelling of Oakley, referring to someone living near oak trees.
  525. Opal – a gemstone used in amulets of protection, associated with good fortune.
  526. Oaklyn – an English option meaning “strong oak tree,” symbolizing dignity and resilience.
  527. Kinley – of Gaelic origin, meaning “protected” and “helmet,” ideal for the self-sufficient girl.
  528. Kayleigh – an Irish and American pick that means “white, “keeper of the keys,” and “fair.”
  529. Bonnie – a Scottish term of endearment meaning “pretty.”
  530. April – derived from Aprillus, meaning “sunny,” ideal for the spring chicken.
  531. Kamryn – an edgy alternative to Cameron, originally given to those with crooked noses.
  532. Mallory – means “an unhappy person” in French and “army counselor” in German.
  533. Briar – a thorny title that doubles as an alias for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  534. Leona – connected to Leo, means “lion,” fitting for the girl with a strong-willed mind.
  535. Keira – an Irish option meaning “dark-haired,” ideal for your raven-haired daughter.
  536. Alexa – a moniker for Alexandra or Amazon’s high-tech virtual assistant.
  537. Macie – a derivative of Maccius, means “gift of God” in Roman.
  538. Ariya – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “song” or “noble,” both positive attributes.
  539. Briana – a cute pick for the Irish girl, means “noble” or “high.”
  540. Virginia – a popular girl’s name since the Middle Ages, means “virginal.”
  541. Skyler – of English origin, meaning “sky” or “scholar,” ideal for the girl with sky-high hopes.
  542. Amber – a gemstone once used in vow renewals, thought to bring luck to warriors.
  543. Hanna – derived from Hannah, a Hebrew title meaning “God has answered.”
  544. Monroe – an iconic surname associated with vintage actress Marilyn Monroe.
  545. Frankie – a moniker for Francesca or Francine, appeals to parents who adore masculine titles.
  546. Miranda – a derivative of “mirror,” meaning “to admire,” sometimes shortened to Randi.
  547. Dayana – an exotic variation of Diana, the goddess of the moon and the hunt.
  548. Charleigh – of German origin, derived from Charles, referring to a free man.
  549. Meredith – of Welsh origin, meaning “great ruler,” technically a unisex title.
  550. Carter – an English occupational surname given to men who transported things by cart.
  551. Sierra – of English origin, means “range of mountains,” one of America’s greatest wonders.
  552. Sunny – an English option perfect for the girl with a cheery disposition.
  553. Indie – short for Independence, symbolizing freedom and self-reliance.
  554. Eve – the first woman created in the Bible, means “life” in Hebrew.
  555. Beatrice – a derivative of Beatrix, meaning “she who brings happiness,” often shortened to Bea.
  556. Nalani – of Hawaiian origin, meaning “serenity of the skies,” possibly referring to heaven.
  557. Kyla – means “crown of laurel” in English, symbolizing victory and courage.
  558. Clementine – is French for “sweet delights” and can also point to a juicy orange.
  559. Katie – short for Kaitlyn or Katherine, meaning “pure of heart” in Greek.
  560. Kennedi – a variation of Kennedy, a surname originally given to those with an odd head shape.
  561. Myra – a biblical title in the New Testament, means “to pour out.”
  562. Blaire – derived from “blar,” a Gaelic option meaning “plain” or “battlefield.”
  563. Davina – the feminine variation of David, originating in Scotland.
  564. Faye – of Latin and French origin, means “fairy” and “loyalty.”
  565. Anahi – means “beautiful like a flower” in Spanish, perfect for your little seedling.
  566. Madilynn – a Hebrew pick referring to a woman from Magdala, associated with Mary Magdalene.
  567. Alejandra – the Spanish variation of Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  568. Alanna – of Hawaiian and German origin, means “beautiful offering” and “precious.”
  569. Ivanna – a Slavic title meaning “God is gracious,” ideal for your answered prayer.
  570. Mariam – a variation of Miriam meaning “rebellious” and “beloved.”
  571. Yara – ideal for parents who love hygge names for girls, means “butterfly” in Swiss.
  572. Anne – a sophisticated respelling of Anna, translating to “grace” in French.
  573. Addilyn – derived from Adeline, a German pick meaning “noble” and “kind.”
  574. Braelynn – an American invention referring to one who lived by a moor.
  575. Lilian – connected to the lily flower, means “pure” in Latin.
  576. Dylan – a Welsh surname meaning “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.”
  577. Amirah – of Arabic origin, means “princess,” delighting any little girl.
  578. Lina – a variation of Lena, meaning “ray of light” in Persian.
  579. Reyna – an alternate spelling of Reina, means “queen” in Spanish.
  580. Amalia – derived from Amal, a Germanic option meaning “work.”
  581. Amani – means “peace” in Swahili and “wished for” in Arabic.
  582. Ryan – of Gaelic origin, meaning “little king,” can also be a surname.
  583. Calliope – depicted as a mythical Muse known for her singing voice.
  584. Isabela – a variation of Elisabeth, means “God’s promise” in Hebrew.
  585. Michaela – of Hebrew origin, meaning “who is like God,” connected to Michael.
  586. Abby – short for Abigail, means “my father’s joy” in Hebrew, borne by King David’s wife.
  587. Alia – a variation of Ali, one of Allah’s attributes, making this title sacred to Muslims.
  588. Emerie – of German origin, means “brave” or “home strength.”
  589. Lylah – means “playful” in Indian or “night” in Arabic.
  590. Holland – a traditional Dutch pick meaning “woodland,” or a gorgeous European country.
  591. Sevyn – an alternate spelling of Seven, the biblical number of completion.
  592. Winnie – a Welsh title meaning “friend,” associated with Disney’s Winnie the Pooh.
  593. Leyla – means “night” in Arabic, ideal for the girl born under the moon.
  594. Shelby – a fierce Norse option meaning “willow,” a gorgeous tree.
  595. Rosalia – of Latin origin, referring to the gorgeous rose that symbolizes friendship or love.
  596. Zariyah – a multicultural delight meaning “flower” or “scattering wind” in Russian or Hebrew.
  597. Rhea – the Greek goddess of fertility and motherhood, fitting for this season in your life.
  598. Emberly – connected to Ember, meaning “low flame,” perfect for your little firecracker.
  599. Marie – of French origin, means “star of the sea,” connected to Mary.
  600. Nia – means “lustrous” or “purpose” in Swahili, a great pick for the dazzling girl.
  601. Remy – an occupational title given to oarsmen or sailors.
  602. Chaya – the feminization of Chaim, meaning “life” in Hebrew, popular for Jewish babies.
  603. Haley – of English origin, means “hay meadow” or “hay clearing,” associated with farm animals.
  604. Kaliyah – closely related to Aliyah, meaning “beloved” or “sweetheart” in Arabic.
  605. Rosa – a Mexican title meaning “rose,” perfect for the girl you love with a passion.
  606. Zahra – an Arabic title borne by the Prophet Muhammed’s daughter, means “beautiful.”
  607. Jayleen – combines Jay and Eileen, which means “beautiful jaybird” in English.
  608. Karsyn – of Scottish origin, meaning “son of Carr.”
  609. Malaysia – a country in Asia known for its coastal areas.
  610. Jaliyah – derived from Aliyah, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  611. Mina – a Germanic term of endearment, means “love.”
  612. Kensley – a derivative of Kinsley, an English surname referring to those who dwelled near springs.
  613. Lennox – of Scottish and Gaelic origin, meaning “elm grove” or “of many elms.”
  614. Maxine – related to Max, a Latin option meaning “greatest.”
  615. Hadassah – was the Hebrew name of the biblical Queen Esther, referring to the myrtle tree.
  616. Mikayla – a newfangled variation of Michaela, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  617. Margo – of French origin, means “pearl,” short for Margaret.
  618. Noah – traditionally given to boys, borne by the biblical figure known for his ark.
  619. Azariah – means “helped by God” in Hebrew, appeals to parents who adore female names with Z.
  620. Mara – of Hebrew origin, meaning “bitter,” connected to Mary.
  621. Eileen – a variation of Eibhlin, means “little bird” and “desired” in Gaelic.
  622. Florence – is of Latin origin, meaning “blossoming” and “prosperous.”
  623. Melany – a simple respelling of Melanie, means “dark” or “blackness” in Greek.
  624. Reina – the Spanish equivalent of “queen,” can also mean “pure” or “wise.”
  625. Journi – an edgy variation of Journey, meaning “voyage” or “long trip.”
  626. Amaia – of Basque origin, means “the end,” ideal for this new season in your life.
  627. Kaitlyn – a Greek pick meaning “pure of heart,” connected to Katherine.
  628. Elliott – derived from Elijah, a biblical title meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  629. Kelsey – a unisex pick meaning “ship’s island” or “Cenel’s island.”
  630. Nola – of Celtic origin, means “fair shoulder” and can also be short for Magnolia.
  631. Gloria – means “eternal glory,” a variation of Glory associated with Christmas carols.
  632. Keilani – a Hawaiian option meaning “sky” and “heaven.”
  633. Freyja – of Norse origin, means “lady” or “maiden,” borne by the Norse goddess of love.
  634. Arleth – a derivative of Arlett, means “noble” or “honor” in French.
  635. Jenna – of English origin, meaning “white wave,” borne by actress Jenna Dewan Tatum.
  636. Sloan – an Irish pick that once referred to a raider or warrior.
  637. Analia – combines Anna and Lucia, meaning “light” and “grace.”
  638. Louise – the feminization of Louis, means “famous” or “loot bringer.”
  639. Melina – of Greek origin, referring to “honey,” which was once priceless.
  640. Sasha – a Russian pick short for Alexander, though some use it as a moniker for Natasha.
  641. Dior – means “golden,” associated with designer Christian Dior.
  642. Thalia – of Greek origin, means “flourishing,” borne by the goddess of comedy.
  643. Noemi – hailing from Italy, meaning “delightful” or “pleasantness.”
  644. Maci – a French pick connected to gifts of God or blessings.
  645. Dallas – means “from the meadow dwelling” or is a busy city in Texas.
  646. Marina – a place where people dock boats, perfect for the water bug.
  647. Aliana – derived from Eliana, meaning “gracious” in Latin.
  648. Ezra – a book of the Bible featuring a message of repentance.
  649. Adley – a spiritual alternative to Hadley, meaning “God is just” in Hebrew.
  650. Cassandra – a mythical princess known for her prophetic powers.
  651. Aleena – derived from Helena, means “sunny” and “fair.”
  652. Leslie – means “holly garden,” symbolizing celebration and cheer.
  653. Capri – an island in Italy that features the Blue Grotto.
  654. Mckinley – originally a surname meaning “son of the fair warrior.”
  655. Angelica – means “angelic” or “messenger of God” in Latin.
  656. Romina – an Arabic option meaning “land of Christians” or “citizen of Rome.”
  657. Della – of Germanic origin, from Adelaide/Adela, referring to a “noble” girl.
  658. Kathryn – a respelling of Katherine, meaning “pure” in Greek.
  659. Kyra – of Greek origin, meaning “lord” or “lady.”
  660. Milan – an Italian city known as the fashion capital of the world.
  661. Tiana – means “princess” in Russian and is associated with Disney’s first African-American princess.
  662. Khaleesi – created by George R.R. Martin, meaning “queen.”
  663. Nellie – short for Cornelia, meaning “sunray” or “horn.”
  664. Cleo – a moniker for Cleopatra, Egypt’s powerful leader.
  665. Murphy – a Gaelic occupational surname for soldiers.
  666. Bethany – means “house of happiness,” a biblical town near Jerusalem.
  667. Irene – a derivation of Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace.
  668. Ellianna – related to Elijah, can mean “God has answered me” or “my God is Yahweh.”
  669. Zelda – is of Germanic origin and is associated with the popular video game.
  670. Aleah – a Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic option meaning “high” and “exalted.”
  671. Janelle – combines Jane and Elle, giving you a double bang for your buck.
  672. Yareli – derived from Yara, means “small butterfly” or “water lady” in Arabic.
  673. Adalee – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my refuge” or “noble one.”
  674. Dani – short for Danielle, connected to Daniel, a book in the Bible.
  675. Marceline – a variation of Marcellus, meaning “young warrior.”
  676. Coraline – of Latin, German, and Greek origin, referring to a “maiden” or “rose garden.”
  677. Estrella – the Latin variation of Stella, means “star” or “divine strength.”
  678. Ila – connected to the Sanskrit goddess Pavarti, meaning “sacred speech.”
  679. Iyla – of Sanskrit origin, means “moonlight” and can also be a variation of Isla.
  680. Mavis – means “songbird” in French, perfect for your little lark.
  681. Kenna – the feminization of Kenneth, meaning “born of fire” in Gaelic.
  682. Vienna – a derivative of “vedunia,” meaning “forest” in Celtic, or a hit song by Billy Joel.
  683. Zendaya – of African origin, means “give thanks to God,” borne by actress Zendaya Coleman.
  684. Cheyenne – a Native American option referring to people who speak a different language.
  685. Erin – an alternate name for Ireland, can also mean “peace.”
  686. Karla – a variation of Charles or Carl, meaning “free man” in German.
  687. Mikaela – connected to Michael, means “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  688. Jazmin – of Persian origin, meaning “gift of God,” an alternate spelling of Jasmine.
  689. Persephone – means “bringer of destruction,” borne by the wife of Hades.
  690. Elodie – a French and Greek option, meaning “foreign riches.”
  691. Selene – of Greek origin, meaning “moon,” fitting for the moody darling.
  692. Chelsea – an English pick referring to the place where ships would dock.
  693. Scout – a French option meaning “to listen,” associated with Girl and Boy Scouts.
  694. Theodora – means “God’s gift” in Greek, often shortened to Thea or Dora.
  695. Lara – a derivative of “lares,” referring to the Roman idols who protected homes and crops.
  696. Marilyn – combines Mary and Lynn, which means “star of the sea.”
  697. Novah – derived from the Novus, meaning “new,” fitting for your newborn.
  698. Ellis – associated with Ellis Island in New York, where immigrants found hope.
  699. Charley – a moniker for Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  700. Jemma – means “precious stone” in English, a variant of Gemma.
  701. Amayah – is of Arabic origin, meaning “night rain,” a refreshing option.
  702. Karina – an alternate form of Katherine, means “chaste” in Scandinavian.
  703. Kendra – of English origin, means “knowing” or “greatest champion.”
  704. Miley – an American invention borne by singer and actress Miley Cyrus.
  705. Laney – hailing from France, meaning “bright light.”
  706. Laurel – points to the laurel tree, whose leaves were used for Grecian victory crowns.
  707. Leilany – a breezy Hawaiian option meaning “heavenly garland of flowers.”
  708. Halle – of Norse origin, means “army ruler,” associated with actress Halle Berry.
  709. Jenesis – an alternate spelling of Genesis, the Bible’s first book.
  710. Malaya – has Filipino roots and refers to the independent girl.
  711. Marleigh – a girly variant of Marley, meaning “marsh meadow.”
  712. Wrenlee – associated with the wren bird, symbolizing the promise of bright days.
  713. Zaylee – the feminization of Zayle, meaning “sea strength.”
  714. Fallon – a European surname referring to the descendant of a ruler.
  715. Julie – derived from Julius, meaning “Jove’s child” or “youthful.”
  716. Priscilla – of Latin origin, means “ancient,” symbolizing wisdom.
  717. Bellamy – a French or Irish option meaning “good friend” or “handsome.”
  718. Adrianna – of Latin origin, describing the girl from Hadria.
  719. Angie – short for Angela, meaning “angelic” in Greek.
  720. Siena – inspired by the Italian city, means “brown-red” in Latin.
  721. Aileen – an alternate spelling of Eileen, meaning “shining light.”
  722. Macy – a French surname referring to those dwelling near hills, can also mean “weapon.”
  723. Estelle – of French origin, meaning “star,” connected to Stella.
  724. Hana – a Spanish pick meaning “happiness” and a variant of Hannah.
  725. Martha – the biblical figure known for her work ethic, sister to Mary and Lazarus.
  726. Flora – borne by the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.
  727. Kylee – a quirky Australian option meaning “boomerang.”
  728. Liv – short for Olivia, meaning “peace,” borne by actress Liv Tyler.
  729. Megan – derived from Margaret, meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  730. Sariyah – of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess,” an authentic alternative to Sarah.
  731. Galilea – taken from Galilee, a biblical landmark where Jesus taught and walked on water.
  732. Penny – short for Penelope, meaning “weaver” or a coin worth one cent.
  733. Jovie – of American origin meaning “joyful,” a good omen for your girl.
  734. Jamie – connected to James, a spiritual option meaning “he who supplants.”
  735. Amoura – a derivative of “amor,” meaning “love” in French.
  736. Emmie – short for Emma or Emily, means “universal” in German.
  737. Henley – of English origin, meaning “high meadow,” invoking visions of tranquility.
  738. Sky – a Norse option meaning “atmosphere seen from Earth.”
  739. Christina – a variation of Christian, meaning “follower of Christ,” often shortened to Christy.
  740. Violeta – derived from Violet, a petite bloom or brilliant shade of purple.
  741. Arlet – of French and Spanish origin, means “eagle,” America’s national bird.
  742. Belen – means “Bethlehem” in Spanish, the city where Jesus was born.
  743. Aviana – of Latin origin, meaning “bird,” perfect for your little sprite.
  744. Kori – a Greek option meaning “maiden,” can also be related to Kora.
  745. Monica – derived from “monere,” meaning “to advise” in Latin.
  746. Savanna – means “flat, grassy plain” in Spanish, with the nickname Savvy.
  747. Naya – of Indian origin meaning “fresh,” fitting for your newborn blessing.
  748. Alena – a variant of Helen or Olena, means “tower” in Russian.
  749. Aya – means “amazing” in Arabic or “to fly swiftly” in Hebrew.
  750. Waverly – of English origin, meaning “meadow of quivering aspens.”
  751. Brynleigh – an English pick meaning “meadow on the hill” or “burnt meadow.”
  752. Aliza – an alternate spelling of Eliza, means “joy” in Hebrew.
  753. Kiana – of American origin, meaning “ancient,” perfect for the old soul.
  754. Love – among the cutest baby girl names, referring to your affection toward your girl.
  755. Clover – a popular plant, considered lucky when you find one with four leaves.
  756. Pearl – points to the creamy, iridescent jewel found in oysters, symbolizing the beauty in the ordinary.
  757. Skyla – is of Dutch and English origin, meaning “scholar.”
  758. Bria – a moniker for Brianna, meaning “liveliness” and “noble” in Irish.
  759. Ocean – describes a place of relaxation for many people, a beautiful tribute to your girl.
  760. Alisson – a respelling of Alison, meaning “exalted one” in German.
  761. Treasure – means “to cherish” or “precious objects” in English.
  762. Lillie – a variation of Lily, pointing to the Easter flower symbolizing new life.
  763. Jaylani – of Hawaiian and Indian origin, means “jaybird” or “victory.”
  764. Liberty – an alternate word for “freedom,” perfect for the independent little lady.
  765. Rayna – means “counsel” in Scandinavian or “queen” in Bulgarian.
  766. Milana – of Italian origin, meaning “from Milan” and “favored.”
  767. Zaria – a Slavic option referring to “daybreak” or “early morning light.”
  768. Emerald – points to May’s gemstone, a cute pick for the spring girl.
  769. Halo – a crown worn by angelic beings or a hit song by Beyoncé.
  770. Taytum – means “Tata’s homestead in Anglo-Saxon, an alternate spelling of Tatum.
  771. Andi – a derivative of Andreas, meaning “manly” in Greek.
  772. Milena – means “pleasant” or “dear,” often used as a Slavic pet name.
  773. Noor- a unisex Arabic option referring to a divine light or a person’s inner being.
  774. Kataleya – of Spanish origin, meaning “orchid,” symbolizing fertility and strength.
  775. Kimber – a British option referring to the “royal forest,” closely connected to timber.
  776. Carly – the feminization of Carl, meaning “free man.”
  777. Jream – an odd respelling of Dream, appealing to parents who think outside the box.
  778. Samira – means “night companion” in Babylonian, the feminization of Samir.
  779. Ashlyn – of Irish origin, means “dream,” perfect for your little vision to come true.
  780. Hunter – means “pursuer” in English, used as an occupational surname.
  781. Marlowe – a French pick meaning “from the hill by the lake.”
  782. Promise – joins the ranks of mystical girl names like Dream, meaning “vow.”
  783. Joelle – means “Jehovah is God” and “Lord be willing” in French.
  784. Dulce – of Spanish origin, meaning “sweet candy,” perfect for your kindhearted girl.
  785. Lea – short for Leah, meaning “weary” or “delicate” in Hebrew.
  786. Ashlynn – a respelling of Ashlyn, meaning “dream” in Irish.
  787. Zoya – the Russian version of Zoe, meaning “life.”
  788. Elliot – connected to Elijah, meaning “the Lord is my God,” often shortened to Ellie.
  789. Jolie – means “pretty” in French, associated with actress Angelina Jolie.
  790. Kai – of Welsh origin, means “keeper of the keys” or “Earth.”
  791. Bridget – means “strength” or “exalted one” in Gaelic.
  792. Johanna – connected to John, a biblical pick meaning “God is gracious.”
  793. Paulina – a derivative of Paulinus, meaning “small” in Spanish.
  794. Ramona – the feminization of Raymond, means “wise protector,” of Spanish and German origin.
  795. Aila – means “from a strong place” in Scottish or “oak tree” in Hebrew.
  796. Jessie – short for Jessica or a stand-alone title meaning “He sees” or “the Lord exists.”
  797. Mercy – gained traction with the Puritans, means “compassion” in English.
  798. Rayne – an alternate spelling of Rain, or a Latin pick meaning “song.”
  799. Rivka – a traditional variation of Rebecca, meaning “to bind” in Hebrew.
  800. Arlette – means “noble” and “honor” in French, shortened to Lettie.
  801. Paula – a derivative of Paulus, meaning “small,” perfect for the little shortie.
  802. Valery – an alternate spelling of Valerie, means “healthy” in Latin.
  803. Birdie – short for Byrd, meaning “famous” and “bright” in Old English.
  804. Nala – of African origin, means “queen” and “lion,” featured in Disney’s The Lion King.
  805. Kelly – rooted in Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic, means “warrior” and “bright-headed.”
  806. Kinslee – a cute respelling of Kinsley, referring to the king’s meadow.
  807. Linda – of Spanish origin, meaning “pretty” or “linden tree.”
  808. Madisyn – hailing from the U.K., means “child of Matthew” or “child of a mighty warrior.”
  809. Aspyn – an alternative to Aspen, a tree known for its regenerative abilities.
  810. Baylor – an English occupational surname referring to a horse trainer or someone transporting goods.
  811. Chana – a variation of Hannah, meaning “God has favored me” in Hebrew.
  812. Zaniyah – of Aztec origin, means “forever” and “always.”
  813. Goldie – a derivative of Golde, meaning “made of gold” in Yiddish.
  814. Marianna – combines Mary and Anna, which means “star of the sea” and “grace.”
  815. Novalee – of American origin, meaning “new field.”
  816. Loretta – means “laurel” in Italian, belonging to singer Loretta Lynn.
  817. Elyse – connected to Elizabeth, meaning “God’s promise” in Hebrew.
  818. Stormi – a variation of Stormy, meaning “impetuous nature.”
  819. Adele – an original respelling of Adel, means “noble” in German.
  820. Berkley – a Scottish title referring to a birch tree meadow or an Ivy League College.
  821. Anika – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “brilliant” or “warrior.”
  822. Marisol – means “Mary of solitude” in Spanish, connected to the Virgin Mary.
  823. Kassidy – a Gaelic option traditionally given to curly-haired girls.
  824. Roselyn – derived from Roslindus, meaning “gentle horse” in French.
  825. Louisa – of German origin, meaning “famous warrior,” borne by author Louisa May Alcott.
  826. Alexia – a variation of Alexander referring to one who defends her people.
  827. Dalia – rooted in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian, meaning “destiny” or “gentle.”
  828. Ensley – a respelling of Ainsley, means “solitary clearing,” perfect for introverts.
  829. Hayley – hailing from the U.K., meaning “hay meadow,” associated with homesteads.
  830. Jayda – a variation of Jada, a biblical title pointing to the precious jade gemstone.
  831. Harmoni – an alternative to Harmony, referring to unity among people.
  832. Jada – means “goodness” in Arabic, connected to the jade gemstone symbolizing eternity.
  833. Marigold – a flower with special meaning to Buddhists, used to worship Buddha.
  834. Zayla – of Arabic origin, referring to the “dark beauty,” perfect for the girl with ebony skin.
  835. Ayleen – a variation of Aylin, means “moon halo” and “bright and shining one” in Turkish.
  836. Natasha – traditionally given to girls born on Christmas Day.
  837. Sol – a gender-neutral option meaning “peace” in Hebrew.
  838. Annika – of Russian origin, means “grace” and “sweet-faced.”
  839. Malayah – hails from the Philippines, meaning “freedom.”
  840. Drew – a Welsh pick meaning “wise,” borne by actress Drew Barrymore.
  841. Anais – of Hebrew and Latin origin, means “holy,” “merciful,” and “gracious.”
  842. Angelique – connected to Angel, meaning “messenger of God” in Latin.
  843. Zhuri – a rare respelling of Zuri, means “beautiful” in the African dialect.
  844. Aliya – means “high” and “exalted” in Arabic, a respelling of Aaliyah.
  845. Azaria – a variation of Azariah, meaning “helped by God” in Hebrew.
  846. Zora – of African and Arabic origin, means “dawn.”
  847. Allyson – a respelling of Allison, meaning “noble” and “exalted.”
  848. Brittany – originally a French nickname describing Britains, often shortened to Brit.
  849. Kamiyah – of American origin, combines Camilla and Maya, giving you the best of both worlds.
  850. Gwen – the feminization of Gwyn, meaning “white” or “holy” in Welsh.
  851. Vada – joins the ranks of 4-letter names, which means “famous ruler” in German.
  852. Giuliana – a respelling of Juliana, referring to the girl who stays forever young.
  853. Elina – connected to Helen, means “torch” or “light” in Greek.
  854. Hadlee – a variation of Hadley, pointing to a meadow of wildflowers.
  855. Itzayana – one of the most mysterious names, thought to mean “rainbow” in Aztec.
  856. Jianna – the American variation of Gianna, meaning “God is gracious.”
  857. Cadence – means “rhythmic” or “flowing” in Latin, associated with music.
  858. Greta – short for Margaret, meaning “pearl” in German.
  859. Lilianna – a combination of Lily and Anna, connected to the Easter lily.
  860. Denver – the capital of Colorado, known for its gorgeous mountains.
  861. Robin – the feminization of Robert, means “bright” in English or a red-breasted bird.
  862. August – a variation of Augustus, means “to increase” in Latin.
  863. Jazmine – an edgy respelling of Jasmine, pointing to the fragrant flower.
  864. Royal – of French and British origin, means “the kingly one.”
  865. Braelyn – a Celtic pick connected to primroses, symbolizing safety.
  866. Celia – a literary title featured in Shakespeare’s As You Like It and George Eliot’s Middlemarch.
  867. Yamileth – the Spanish variation of Jamila, means “beautiful.”
  868. Avayah – connected to Ava, meaning “life” in Hebrew.
  869. Baylee – a girly variation of Bailey, an English surname given to bailiffs.
  870. Iliana – an alternate spelling of Helen, means “shining light” in Greek.
  871. Teresa – of Spanish origin, means “summer,” ideal for the girl born in that season.
  872. Amelie – short for Amelia, meaning “industrious” and “hard worker” in Latin and German.
  873. Judith – of Hebrew origin, means “praised” or “woman from Judea.”
  874. Kara – an Italian term of endearment meaning “dear” or “darling.”
  875. Lacey – a Norman surname given to those who dwelled near Lassy.
  876. Amiri – means “prince” or “treetop” in Hebrew, perfect for your high-achiever.
  877. Elowyn – of English origin, referring to the elm tree, symbolizing strength.
  878. Georgina – the feminization of George, means “farmer” in Latin.
  879. Justice – an English virtue name meaning “to deliver what is just.”
  880. Emmalyn – means “peaceful home” in French.
  881. Harlee – of British origin, meaning “hare meadow,” cute for the rabbit lover.
  882. Kamari – an Arabic pick meaning “moon” perfect for your little star.
  883. Kaydence – a derivative of Cadence, associated with musical rhythm.
  884. Khalani – means “sea and sky” in Hawaiian.
  885. Luisa – a variant of Louisa, meaning “renowned warrior” in Italian.
  886. Whitley – an English surname given to those who dwelled near a white meadow.
  887. Bailee – a variation of Bailey, an English occupational surname for bailiffs.
  888. Cynthia – an alias for Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon.
  889. Karter – originally an English occupational surname for those who carted goods.
  890. Livia – short for Olivia, meaning “olive tree,” symbolizing peace.
  891. Aubrie – a variation of Aubrey, means “ruler of the little people.”
  892. Veda – among the most spiritual names, refers to Sanskrit religious texts.
  893. Janiyah – of Hebrew origin, connected to Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  894. Salma – a popular title for Arabic girls, means “well-being.”
  895. Araya – hailing from Japan, means “wild” or “valley” in the Kanji system.
  896. Aubrielle – a combination of Aubrey and Brielle, means “magical being” or “God is my strength.”
  897. Bexley – of English origin, meaning “clearing surrounded by box trees.”
  898. Giana – an Italian variation of Giano, connected to John, means “God is gracious.”
  899. Keyla – of American origin, means “keeper of the keys.”
  900. Katelyn – a modern variation of Katherine, meaning “pure one” in Greek.”
  901. Saoirse – pronounced “SER-shuh” in Irish, meaning “freedom.”
  902. Sariah – of Hebrew origin, means “princess of the Lord.”
  903. Araceli – a Spanish pick meaning “heavenly homemaker,” ideal for the crafty girl.
  904. Artemis – the Greek goddess of the moon, known for her hunting skills.
  905. Averi – a variation of Avery, meaning “ruler of the elves” in English.
  906. Yasmin – of Persian origin, means “jasmine flower,” the national flower of the Philippines.
  907. Kaiya – hailing from Japan, meaning “forgiveness,” an admirable trait.
  908. Emberlynn – means “glowing lake” in Welsh, giving this title a mystical air.
  909. Amaris – of Hebrew origin, meaning “promised by God.”
  910. Sapphire – a precious gemstone symbolizing good fortune and holiness.
  911. Kallie – of Greek origin, meaning “fairest” or “beautiful one.”
  912. Shay – means “fortunate” in Gaelic or “gift” in Hebrew.
  913. Guinevere – a fantasy-lovers dream meaning “white fairy” in Welsh.
  914. Lilyana – the Bulgarian version of Lilian, meaning “God is my oath.”
  915. Magdalena – of Greek origin, means “woman from Magdala,” connected to Mary Magdalene.
  916. Tinsley – an English pick meaning “Tynni’s meadow.”
  917. Zainab – of Arabic origin, referring to a beautiful plant or fragrant flower.
  918. Deborah – the Bible’s only female judge, known for her wisdom.
  919. Kenia – of Welsh origin, means “greatest victor.”
  920. Laylah – means “night” or “dark” in Arabic and Hebrew.
  921. Layne – an English option meaning “path” or “roadway.”
  922. Scottie – a pet name describing someone from Scotland.
  923. Carla – connected to Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  924. Chandler – an Old English surname pointing to someone who sold household supplies.
  925. Rosalina – a Shakespearean title in Romeo and Juliet, meaning “gentle horse.”
  926. Kairi – means “sea” in Japanese, often shortened to Kai.
  927. Lauryn – an alternate spelling of Lauren, meaning “laurel tree.”
  928. Nyomi – of Hebrew origin, meaning “my delight” or “my happiness.”
  929. Raina – the Bulgarian version of Regina, meaning “my queen.”
  930. Aubriella – an American invention combining Aubree and Gabriella, means “God is my strength.”
  931. Elia – a Hebrew pick meaning “God has answered.”
  932. Lenora – of Greek origin, means “light,” “compassion,” or “sunray.”
  933. Lisa – short for Elisheba, referring to the lily flower, can also mean “oath from God.”
  934. Nori – a Japanese pick meaning “seaweed,” often used to make sushi.
  935. Tiffany – the modernization of Theophania, meaning “revelation of God.”
  936. Giovanna – a feminine version of Giovanni, meaning “God is gracious” in Italian.
  937. Jaylah – means “God will protect” in Hebrew and “victory” in Sanskrit.
  938. Rosalyn – based on Rose, of Spanish origin, means “tender” or “horse.”
  939. Chanel – often associated with Coco Chanel, a luxury fashion designer.
  940. Maddie – short for Madeline, means “woman from Magdala.”
  941. Avah – a derivative of Eve, meaning “life” in Hebrew.
  942. Leanna – of Latin origin, referring to a sunray or peaceful meadow.
  943. Luz – a spiritual Spanish option meaning “our lady of light.”
  944. Addilynn – derived from Adeline, meaning “noble one” in German.
  945. Brylee – of English origin, points to a pasture or a briar clearing.
  946. Casey – short for Cathasaigh, means “watchful” and “brave” in Irish.
  947. Laylani – a breezy Hawaiian pick referring to a “heavenly lei of flowers.”
  948. Tru – derived from Trudy, meaning “universal strength” in German.
  949. Billie – short for William, a popular girl’s title for singer Billie Eilish.
  950. Lottie – a moniker for Charlotte, meaning “little woman” in French.
  951. Alianna – the modernization of Aliana, meaning “noble” in Latin.
  952. Meilani – a Hawaiian option referring to a heavenly bouquet.
  953. Lexie – short for Alexandria, means “defender of the people” in Greek.
  954. Nathalia – means “birthday” in French, traditionally given to girls born on Christmas.
  955. Avalynn – of Old English origin, meaning “beautiful breath of life.”
  956. Julissa – a Spanish and American pick meaning “soft-haired” or “youthful.”
  957. Paloma – of Mexican origin, means “dove” or is a popular cocktail.
  958. Rosalee – means “beautiful rose” in French, perfect for your little bloomer.
  959. Rebekah – appears in the Old Testament, meaning “captivating” in Hebrew.
  960. Simone- the feminization of Simon, a biblical title meaning “listen.”
  961. Egypt – a Greek pick meaning “temple of the soul of Ptah” in ancient Egyptian.
  962. Scarlette – a brilliant shade of red symbolizing love and passion.
  963. Sarahi – derived from Sarah, meaning “princess” in Hebrew, ideal for your lady in waiting.
  964. Alaiya – a variation of Aliyyah, meaning “high-born” in Arabic.
  965. Hadleigh – hailing from the U.K., means “heather meadow.”
  966. Inaya – the feminization of Inayat, meaning “care” or “solitude” in Arabic.
  967. Keily – a derivative of “cadhla,” means “graceful” in Irish and is a variation of Kylie.
  968. Lakelynn – an American option referring to a lake near the waterfall.
  969. Nyra – a Sanskrit option meaning “beauty of the goddess Saraswati.”
  970. Princess – of English origin, pointing to the royal daughter.
  971. Rowyn – an Irish pick originally given to red-haired babies.
  972. Vida – means “life” in Spanish, can be pronounced “VEE-dah” or “VYE-dah.”
  973. Elisabeth – a beautiful respelling of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God” in Hebrew.
  974. India – hailing from the U.K., means “from the Indus River,” borne by singer India Arie.
  975. Ryann – the feminization of Ryan, meaning “great king” in Irish.
  976. Barbara – is of Greek origin, meaning “foreign” or “strange.”
  977. Belle – short for Isabel, meaning “beautiful” in Italian, borne by Disney’s studious princess.
  978. Saanvi – a Hindi name describing a follower of the goddess Lakshmi.
  979. Xyla – of Greek origin, meaning “wood-dweller,” perfect for the little trekker.
  980. Winona – a Native American pick traditionally given to the first daughter.
  981. Aadhya – an Indian option that doubles as an alias for the goddess Durga.
  982. Indigo – a beautiful shade of blue symbolizing intuition.
  983. Lakelyn – a combination of Lake and Lynn, meaning “lake by the waterfall” in English.
  984. Paola – the feminization of Paolo, an Italian title meaning “small.”
  985. Emmeline – associated with Emily, which means “industrious” in German.
  986. Joyce – of English origin, means “cheerful” or “merry,” often shortened to Joy.
  987. Kamilah – the female version of Kamil, meaning “perfect” in Arabic.
  988. Maisy – means “child of light” and “pearl” in Greek.
  989. Rylan – an Old English surname given to those who dwelled near rye fields.
  990. Soleil – a French option meaning “sun,” perfect for your sunbeam.
  991. Ainhoa – of Basque, French, and Spanish origin, means “town of the Virgin Mary.”
  992. Maleah – the American version of Malia, meaning “star of the sea.”
  993. Neriah – a Hebrew pick meaning “light of Jehovah,” traditionally given to Hannukuh babies.
  994. Elsa – of Hebrew origin, connected to Elizabeth, borne by Disney’s ice princess.
  995. Emiliana – derived from Emilia, a Latin pick meaning “to excel.”
  996. Luella – inspired by Louise, means “famous elf” or “famous warrior” in Welsh.
  997. Nancy – an unexpected variation of Ann, means “grace” in Hebrew.
  998. Cielo – means “sky” in Spanish, associated with Christ’s mother, the Virgin Mary.
  999. Madalyn – a rare variation of Madeline, means “woman from Magdala” in Hebrew.
  1000. Kahlani – of Hawaiian origin, means “sea” and “sky,” shortened to Lani.

Girl Names FAQs

What Are Unique Female Names?

There is no shortage of unique girl names, delighting parents who break the status quo. Among the most memorable are more masculine titles, like Elliot, Charlie, and Jordan. Other rare picks include mystical options like Legacy, Journey, and Angel. Of course, no list of unique titles is complete without a few exotic picks: Nalani, Hadassah, Azariah, and Kai all fit the bill.

What Is the #1 Girl Name in America?

The #1 girl’s name in America is Olivia, which landed on U.S. charts in the early 1900s. Olivia has been a top 10 pick since 2001 and the leading name for girls since 2019. With associations to the “olive tree,” Olivia has become a universal symbol of peace. Many parents choose to call their tranquil darling Liv or Livvy for short.

What Is a Fancy Girl Name?

Fancy girl names are ideal for the little darling who makes a splash wherever she goes. Timeless titles with added flair include Charlotte, Isabella, Sophia, and Penelope. Newfangled picks are also a fun choice, including Everly, Sara, Londyn, and Evelynn. Fanciness spans the globe, with titles like Luna, Isla, and Valentina capturing hearts.

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