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100 Good-Natured Names That Mean Kind: Boys & Girls

These names that mean kind will melt your heart.

Children are the future, and raising caring, thoughtful humans is an honor. Parents hoping their children live up to their title should consider names that mean kind. Kindness is something anyone can choose to embody, including your little darling.

We hope this list of names that mean kindness inspires you to make the world a better place. We’ve included kind names from around the world and given you various meanings, namesakes, and fun facts.

So grab your pencil and notebook; you’ll walk away with plenty of possible names for your caring baby on the way!

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100 Beautiful Names Meaning Kind

Dive into this amazing collection of sugary sweet names that mean kind.


Abdo is a moniker for Abdul that’s often used as a given name. Abdo is a common surname of notable politicians and athletes in the Middle East. Alternate meanings include “servant” or “slave.” Abdo refers to the thoughtful boy who isn’t afraid to show his sensitive side.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind and sensitive one
  • Pronunciation: AHB-doh
  • Namesakes: Abdo Al-Edresi, a Yemini football player.
  • Popularity: Abdo is famous in the Middle East but rare elsewhere.
Strong, Exotic, Masculine


Adalie is a variation of Adalia and Adela. Adalie can also mean “God is my refuge,” giving this selfless title a spiritual slant. Parents searching for a youthful alternative to Adelaide will adore Adalie. You can call your little helper Addie for short.

  • Origin: Hebrew, German
  • Meaning: Noble-natured
  • Pronunciation: AH-dah-lee, AH-dah-lye
  • Variations: Adalee
  • Popularity: Adalie is popular in New Zealand but rare elsewhere.
Beautiful, Unique, Cute


Adelina joins the list of popular “Adel-” names, ranking among the top 1,000 options since 1900. Notable namesakes include Saint Adelina, who was a fearless dame. Other references to Adelina can be found in The Young Elites series by Marie Lu. Parents searching for saintly names that mean kind should add Adelina to their list of possibilities.

  • Origin: German, Italian, Spanish
  • Meaning: Noble one
  • Pronunciation: ah-dah-LEE-nah
  • Variations: Adalina
  • Namesakes: Adelina Garcia, a Mexican American singer.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Adelina was among the top 410 names for American girls.
Elegant, Sophisticated, Classy


Parents with Hebrew roots will adore Adiv, which resembles Adam. Alternate meanings include “kind” and “courteous,” perfect for the lovable boy with a big heart. With a title like Adiv, your little man will know that kindness is the key to an abundant life.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Pleasant, gentle
  • Pronunciation: AH-dihv, ah-DEEV
  • Popularity: Adiv is a unique name worldwide.
Masculine, Handsome, Rare


Agatha is bound to bring to mind Agatha Christie, a famed mystery writer. One of the first recorded uses of Agatha was the daughter of William the Conqueror, who made the title famous. Other notable namesakes include Agatha, a patron saint of Sicily, and wet nurses. Agatha fell off American charts in 1945, but your little one could bring it back to life.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Good woman
  • Pronunciation: AG-uh-thuh
  • Namesakes: Agatha Barbara, the first woman president of Malta.
  • Popularity: Agatha peaked in 1913, ranking #392 on American name charts.
Vintage, Beautiful, Strong


Ailia is a derivative of Ailsa, a beautiful Scottish island. Alternate meanings include “light” and “bright one,” pointing to the girl who shines with inner beauty. Adorable nicknames for your little star include Lia (LEE-ah). Parents looking for kind names with geographical inclinations will find Ailia alluring.

  • Origin: Scottish, Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Of a noble kind
  • Pronunciation: AY-lee-ah
  • Popularity: Ailia is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Cute, Delicate, Unusual


Alman is a traditional English surname, but the Middle East uses it as a forename. Alman can also mean “German” or “widower,” perfect for boys with a mixed heritage. Though Alman is well-known in the Middle East, it’s rare elsewhere. You can shorten this distinguished title by nicknaming your boy Al.

  • Origin: Arabic, Swedish, English
  • Meaning: Kind, wise, willing
  • Pronunciation: AL-man
  • Popularity: Alman is a unique name worldwide.
Handsome, Unique, Rare


Amla is an alias for Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of beauty, power, and luck. Lakshmi is hailed as the mother goddess, known for her creativity. Amla is also a derivative of Amala, meaning “clean” or “pure.” May your little Amla radiate with as much kindness as her name suggests.

  • Origin: Arabic, Indian
  • Meaning: The pure one
  • Pronunciation: AHM-lah, AM-lah
  • Popularity: Amla is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Strong, Spiritual


Anisa is the feminization of Anis, a popular title in the Middle East. Alternate meanings include “pleasant companion,” fitting for the girl with excellent people skills. Anisa is well-known and comes with many namesakes, like Anisa Butt, an Indian actress. Anisa is also associated with the Anisa Wissa Palace in Egypt.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Good-natured, kind
  • Pronunciation: uh-NEE-sah
  • Namesakes: Anisa Makhlouf, the former first lady of Syria.
Cute, Unusual, Delicate


Try Anya if you want a fancy alternative to Anna. Anya became popular in Russia but won American hearts in the 1980s. Alternate meanings include “grace,” referring to God’s loving-kindness. You’ll find references to Anya in Roman Holiday and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

  • Origin: Russian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Gracious, merciful
  • Pronunciation: AHN-yuh
  • Namesakes: Anya Gallacio, a British artist known for using organic materials.
  • Popularity: Anya peaked in 2009, ranking among the top 400 names for girls in the U.S.
Trendy, Strong, Classy
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Avani will inspire hearers to do their part to create a kind world. With an alternate meaning of “earth,” Avani could be a great option for the Earth Day baby. Avani is unusual in the United States, but its beautiful pronunciation could make it popular. You can call your little goddess Vani (VAH-nee) for short.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: The kind earth, the good earth
  • Pronunciation: uh-VAH-nee, ay-VAH-nee
  • Namesakes: Avani Chaturvedi, an Indian pilot.
  • Popularity: Avani is popular in India but rare elsewhere.
Exotic, Beautiful, Elegant


Bahram is the Persian word for Mars, making it the perfect title for the future astronomist. Alternate meanings include “victory over resistance,” giving Bahram a spot amongst badass names meaning kindness. Bahram is a title for royalty, with multiple rulers of Iran sharing the title. With connections to Iranian deities, Bahram also balances compassion and power.

  • Origin: Iranian, Persian
  • Meaning: Kind, nice
  • Pronunciation: BAH-rahm
  • Namesakes: Bahram Radan, an Iranian actor known for his role in The Black Cat.
  • Popularity: Bahram is popular in Iran but rare elsewhere.
Strong, Masculine, Unique


Bashir refers to one who brings good news, like an angel. Angels are some of the most caring beings, known for their guidance. What a fitting title for the little boy who brings color to your world. You’ll find references to Bashir in Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Harbinger of good things
  • Pronunciation: bah-SHEER
  • Popularity: Bashir is a unique name worldwide.
Unusual, Unique, Rare


Parents looking for names that mean kindness with a romantic flair will adore Benigno, which unites the Spanish, Italian, and Latin cultures. Notable namesakes include Benigno Perez, a Filipino model and television host. Benigno is great on its own, but you can call your charismatic cutie Benny for short.

  • Origin: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Friendly, kind
  • Pronunciation: bih-NEEN-yoh
  • Namesakes: Benigno Zaccagnini, an Italian politician and physician.
  • Popularity: Benigno is a popular surname but a rare forename.
Exotic, Elegant, Handsome


Benvolio is a Shakespearean name featured in Romeo & Juliet. In this drama, Benvolio is a loving man with a penchant for peace. Alternate meanings include “good wisher,” fitting for the boy who dreams big or encourages others. Classy monikers for your boy include Ben.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Goodwill
  • Pronunciation: ben-VOH-lee-oh
  • Popularity: Benvolio is a unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Masculine, Strong, Handsome


Buena is the Spanish word for “good” and often appears as part of a location, for example, Buena Vista County. In 1907, Buena was among the top 1,000 names for American girls but became extinct after. Buena refers to the kind girl with a good heart, perfect for your little love. Buena fits the bill if you’re looking for kind names with exotic flair.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Excellent
  • Pronunciation: BWAY-nuh
  • Popularity: Buena is a unique name worldwide.
Vintage, Classy, Cute


Calia is a variation of Kaliah, the daughter-in-law of Jacob, the biblical patriarch. Alternate meanings include “beloved” and “beauty,” a fitting tribute to your gorgeous girl. Depending on the color, Calia can also refer to a rosebud, symbolizing love or friendship. You can call your little flower Callie or Lia for short.

  • Origin: Italian, Hebrew, Greek
  • Meaning: Good person, beautiful person
  • Pronunciation: kuh-LEE-ah
  • Variations: Kalia, Caleah, Caliah
  • Popularity: Calia is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Rare, Elegant, Sophisticated


Caoimhe is a beautiful Gaelic option that will befuddle hearers. Notable namesakes include Saint Caoimhe, known for her dedication to reading the Bible aloud. Caoimhe is popular in Ireland, but its bewildering spelling has made it rare in the U.S. Alternate meanings include “beautiful” and “precious,” honorable attributes for any little girl.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Kind, gentle
  • Pronunciation: KEE-vah
  • Namesakes: Caoimhe Butterly, an Irish human rights activist.
  • Popularity: Caoimhe is well-known in Ireland but rare elsewhere.
Unusual, Unique, Strong


Caris is a derivative of “caru,” meaning “love” in the Welsh dialect. Caris is primarily used for girls but earns gender-neutral status due to its manly namesakes. You’ll find references to Caris in the novel World Without End. Stick with a gentle theme by nicknaming your little one Care.

  • Origin: Welsh, Greek
  • Meaning: Kindness, grace
  • Pronunciation: KAIR-iss, KAH-riss
  • Variations: Karis, Carys
  • Namesakes: Caris LeVert, an American basketball player.
  • Popularity: Caris is a unique name worldwide.
Unique, Cute, Delicate


Parents desiring a strong alternative to Karen will be delighted with Caron. A derivative of Catherine, Caron can also mean “pure-hearted,” giving this title a spiritual side. Notable namesakes include Caron Keating, a British television presenter. Gender-neutral monikers for your loyal soul include Ronnie.

  • Origin: Greek, Welsh
  • Meaning: Kind-hearted, loving
  • Pronunciation: KAIR-uhn
  • Variations: Karon
  • Namesakes: Caron Wheeler, a British singer and songwriter.
  • Popularity: Caron peaked in 1956, ranking among the top 1,000 names for American girls.
Vintage, Strong, Classy
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Sir Walter Scott invented Cedric, featuring the title in Ivanhoe. In 1903, Cedric landed on American name charts, where it was prevalent in the 1970s. Fans of the Harry Potter series will associate it with Cedric Diggory. Alternate meanings include “warlord,” giving Cedric a little grit.

  • Origin: Celtic, French, English
  • Meaning: Kindly, loved
  • Pronunciation: SED-rihk
  • Namesakes: Cedric Benson, an American football player who played for the Chicago Bears.
  • Popularity: Cedric peaked in 1974, ranking among the top 400 names for American boys.
Masculine, Handsome, Cool


Like many virtue names, the Puritans made Charity famous. Traditionally, Charity was used for triplets, with the other sister’s named Faith and Hope. Notable namesakes include Saint Charity, a young martyr. Charity is a popular name in literature, appearing in books by Charles Dickens and the Harry Potter series.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Kindness, giving
  • Pronunciation: CHAIR-ih-tee
  • Variations: Charitee
  • Namesakes: Charity Shea, an American actress known for her role in The Best Years.
  • Popularity: In 1975, Charity was among the top 175 names for girls in the U.S.
Spiritual, Vintage, Beautiful


Cherish joins the ranks of vintage names that mean caring, falling off U.S. name charts in 2016. To cherish someone is to treat them with the utmost kindness, a virtue everyone can benefit from. Madonna fans will associate Cherish with the hit song about falling in love. With a name like Cherish, your girl will always know she’s valued.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Care for, dear
  • Pronunciation: CHAIR-ish
  • Popularity: Cherish peaked in 2007, ranking #643 on American name charts.
Vintage, Spiritual, Delicate


Christian describes someone who follows Christ, hailed as history’s kindest man. Christian is unisex but became rare for girls in 2004. Nonetheless, Christian could be a fabulous way for your cherub to share their faith. Common nicknames include Chris or Chrissy.

  • Origin: Greek, Latin, English
  • Meaning: Anointed one
  • Pronunciation: KRISS-chin
  • Variations: Kristian
  • Namesakes: Christian Slater, an American actor known for his role in Mr. Robot.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Christian was among the top 75 names for American boys.
Trendy, Spiritual, Cool


Clement is among the holiest names meaning kind, claimed by many popes and saints. Among the most notable namesakes is Clement, the patron saint of mariners. What a terrific option for the boy who lives on the water. Adorable nicknames for your tranquil tot include Clemmy.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Mild, kind
  • Pronunciation: KLEH-ment, KLEE-ment
  • Variations: Klement
  • Namesakes: Clement Freud, an English writer and politician.
  • Popularity: Clement peaked in 1912, ranking among the top 300 names for boys in the U.S.
Vintage, Masculine, Handsome


Cody has been a popular boy’s name since the 1950s, but in 1978, it entered the girl world. Alternate meanings include “decent one,” describing a person with empathy. Cody is technically unisex but became rare for girls in the early 1990s. With various spellings, Cody is a smashing success in America and Europe.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Helpful person
  • Variations: Kody, Codie, Kodie
  • Namesakes: Cody Linley, an American actor known for his role in Hannah Montana.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Cody was among the top 350 names for boys in the U.S.
Trendy, Edgy, Cool


Dalal is a well-known Muslim surname used intermittently for little girls. Alternate meanings include “pampered” and “coddled,” fitting for the spoiled princess. Your little girl will have many creative namesakes, such as authors, artists, and film directors. Cute nicknames for your sweet blessing include Doll or Dolly.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Treated in a kind way
  • Pronunciation: duh-LALL
  • Namesakes: Dalal Aziz, an Egyptian actress known for her role in Five-Star Thieves.
Exotic, Unique, Sophisticated


Dalia landed on American name charts in 1994, remaining a serene favorite. Dalia is a variation of Dahlia, a flower symbolizing love and respect. Lithuanian mythology tells us that Dalia is the goddess of fate, responsible for dispersing prosperity. With many earthy interpretations, Dalia will inspire visions of tranquil nature scapes.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Spanish, Swahili
  • Meaning: Kind, gentle, tendril
  • Pronunciation: DAH-lee-uh, DAL-yuh
  • Variations: Dahlia
  • Namesakes: Dalia Sofer, an Iranian American writer.
  • Popularity: Dalia peaked in 1994, ranking among the top 500 names for American girls.
Cool, Beautiful, Edgy


Dayaa is a derivative of Diana, a queenly title meaning “goddess.” Dayaa has multiple origins with alternate meanings like “bird of prey” and “mercy.” Parents who prefer modern names that mean kind will revel in Dayaa’s double “A” ending. With much flexibility, Dayaa will be welcome wherever life takes her.

  • Origin: Indian, Hebrew, Indonesian
  • Meaning: Kindness, compassion, strength
  • Pronunciation: DAH-yah, DAY-uh
  • Variations: Daya
  • Popularity: Dayaa is a unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Unusual, Rare


Dulce is among the sweetest names meaning kind, pointing to the girl with endless patience. Dulce has always been popular in Spanish-speaking countries, but in 1990 it won American hearts, too. Dulce has unexpected ties to the Virgin Mary, delighting those with a Catholic background. There’s no better pick for the girl sweeter than candy.

  • Origin: Latin, Italian, Spanish
  • Meaning: Sweet
  • Pronunciation: DULL-say
  • Namesakes: Dulce Loynaz, a Cuban poet.
  • Popularity: Dulce peaked in 2007, ranking among the top 300 names for American girls.
Cute, Trendy, Delicate
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Ebele is a fancy variant of Ebere, a traditional Ibo title popular in Africa. Notable namesakes include Ebele Okeke, a Nigerian engineer and former Head of the Nigerian Civil Service. Alternate meanings include “compassion,” solidifying Ebele’s status among kind names. You can call your little queen Belle for short.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Mercy, kindness
  • Pronunciation: eh-buh-LEE, eh-BELL-ee
  • Namesakes: Ebele Okoye, a Nigerian painter.
  • Popularity: Ebele is a unique name worldwide.
Rare, Exotic, Strong


In the Bible, Ehud is an Old Testament judge known for his cunning murder of a Moabite king. Ehud was left-handed, a fact that made him an excellent warrior. Alternate meanings include “united,” perfect for the future world leader. Parents looking for biblical names that mean caring will be drawn to Ehud.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Kind, love
  • Pronunciation: EE-hood
  • Namesakes: Ehud Olmert, a former Israeli prime minister.
  • Popularity: Ehud is popular in the Middle East but rare elsewhere.
Spiritual, Rare, Handsome


Elisedd is a derivative of “elus,” meaning “benevolent.” Though Elisedd is a unique name, it was claimed by the former King of Wales. In many ways, Elisedd is an enigma, perfect for the boy who writes his own story. Westernize this Welsh title by nicknaming your little prince Ed or Eddie.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Kind
  • Pronunciation: el-ESS-ed
  • Popularity: Elisedd is a globally unusual name.
Unusual, Rare, Strong


Ellis is a derivative of Elijah, a biblical prophet whose name means “Jehovah is my God.” Ellis can also be short for Elizabeth or Eliza, a great way to honor a beloved family member. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will associate Ellis with Meredith Grey’s mother. Ellis is unisex but likelier to be used for little boys.

  • Origin: English, Welsh, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Kind, benevolent
  • Pronunciation: ELL-iss
  • Namesakes: Ellis Lankster, an American football player.
  • Popularity: Ellis peaked in 1900, ranking among the top 175 names for American boys.
Trendy, Cute, Delicate


Elmira is a derivative of Amirah, meaning “princess.” In Muslim circles, Elmira is a non-Quranic title referring to a woman who puts others first. Elmira fell off American name charts in 1937, giving it vintage appeal. Parents hoping their princess will be pure of heart should add Elmira to their list.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Pronunciation: el-MEER-ah, el-MYE-rah
  • Variations: Elmyra
  • Popularity: Elmira peaked in 1902, ranking among the top 500 names for girls in the U.S.
Vintage, Elegant, Cool


Eudoxia was all the rage in the Middle Ages, particularly in Europe. Notable namesakes include Saint Eudoxia, known for her quiet devotion to a life of service. Names with an X are always seen as edgy, giving this saintly title a cool side. You can call your little girl Doxie (DAHKS-ee) for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Good deeds
  • Pronunciation: yoo-DAHKS-ee-uh
  • Popularity: Eudoxia is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Rare, Unusual, Strong


Evangel refers to the good news of Christ regarding God’s love, kindness, and salvation available for all humanity. Alternate meanings include “good tidings,” a fitting choice for the tot who builds others up. Evangel is also associated with evangelizing, the act of sharing the gospel with the world. Parents hoping their sons will become missionaries should look into Evangel.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Gospel
  • Pronunciation: ee-VAN-jel
  • Popularity: Evangel is a globally unusual name.
Spiritual, Unique, Edgy


Evangeline refers to one who spreads the gospel of Jesus, which teaches peace, hope, and kindness. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow gave Evangeline a fame boost by featuring the title in his poem, released in 1847. You’ll also find references to Evangeline in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Beautiful nicknames for your little missionary include Vange and Eva.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Bearer of the gospel
  • Pronunciation: ee-VAN-juh-LEEN
  • Namesakes: Evangeline Lily, an Australian actress known for her role on Lost.
  • Popularity: Evangeline peaked in 2021, ranking among the top 350 names for girls in the U.S.
Trendy, Spiritual, Classy


Faria is a famous Portuguese and Italian surname used as a given name in the Middle East. Alternate meanings include “happy lady” or “wealthy woman,” ideal for the girl rich in joy and material possessions. Faria can also refer to a serene beach in California.

  • Origin: Arabic, Portuguese, Italian
  • Meaning: Kind, loving
  • Pronunciation: FAR-ee-ah
  • Namesakes: Faria Sheikh, a Pakistani model and actress.
  • Popularity: Faria is well-known in the Middle East but rare elsewhere.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


Fazli is an indirect Quranic title that means “generous” or “praiseworthy.” In the Middle East, you’ll find many families that claim Fazli as their surname. Fazli originally described someone associated with a man named Fazel. You can call your little honey Fazi (FAH-zee) for short.

  • Origin: Arab
  • Meaning: Kind, graceful
  • Pronunciation: FAHZ-lee
  • Popularity: Fazli is a unique name worldwide.
Rare, Handsome, Exotic
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Galahad is believed to be a derivative of Gilead, a biblical location mentioned in the story of Jacob and Laban. In Arthurian legends, Sir Galahad was one of King Arthur’s knights who found the Holy Grail. Sir Galahad was the son of Sir Lancelot, honored for his kind-hearted morals. Alternate meanings include “hawk of battle,” proving that a title can be tough and sweet.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Selfless, kind
  • Pronunciation: GAL-uh-had
  • Popularity: Galahad is a unique name worldwide.
Unusual, Masculine, Elegant


Garbo was originally a moniker describing a caring little girl. Alternate meanings include “curt” and “abrupt,” making Garbo feel straightforward. Garbo is also a variant of Galbo, a nickname for someone with fair hair. With references to an old Hollywood star, Garbo could be the next Monroe.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Polite, kind
  • Pronunciation: GAR-boh
  • Namesakes: Greta Garbo, a Swedish-American actress known for her role in Camille.
Unusual, Strong, Rare


One of Gareth’s first appearances was in Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory. Sir Gareth was an honorable knight known for his humility and brave actions. Gareth also appears in the British variation of The Office as an awkwardly intelligent employee. Parents searching for a vintage alternative to Garrett will think Gareth is charming.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Gentle, kind
  • Pronunciation: GAIR-eth
  • Namesakes: Gareth Reynolds, an American comedian.
Rare, Handsome, Cute


Gennady is a variation of Gennadius, an early saint celebrated for his intelligence. To this day, people celebrate Saint Gennadius’ feast day on August 25, making it a cute pick for the autumn boy. Gennady is popular in Russia but virtually unheard of elsewhere. If you’re looking for European names that mean kind, add Gennady to your shortlist.

  • Origin: Russian
  • Meaning: Kind, generous
  • Pronunciation: gih-NAH-dee
  • Namesakes: Gennady Sokolsky, a Soviet-Russian artist and animator.
  • Popularity: Gennady is a unique name worldwide.
Unique, Strong, Masculine


Glenda is a derivative of “glan,” meaning “pure” or “holy.” Glenda was a top 100 pick for American girls from 1941-1952. In 1989, Glenda fell off American name charts, making it an American classic. There’s no better pick for the girl who shines with virtue.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Good, kind, fair
  • Namesakes: Glenda Collins, an English pop singer.
  • Popularity: Glenda peaked in 1944, ranking #79 on American name charts.
Vintage, Cute, Elegant


Grace is a buzzword in Christian circles, referring to God’s unmerited kindness toward believers. Grace is found over 100 times in the Bible, depending on your translation. Since 1995, Grace has been a top 100 choice for American girls. With a combination of spirituality and elegance, you’ll find girls named Grace worldwide.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Goodness, generosity
  • Namesakes: Grace Bumbry, an American opera singer.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Grace was the 35th most popular name for American girls.
Spiritual, Beautiful, Trendy


Bible scholars will recognize Hadassah as Queen Esther’s Hebrew title, meaning “myrtle tree.” Queen Esther’s story inspires Christians to live brave lives, sacrificing for others when necessary. Prophets saw the myrtle tree as a sign of future prosperity. Hadassah is the girl for the job if you’re looking for biblical girl names that mean caring.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Compassion
  • Pronunciation: ha-DASS-ah
  • Namesakes: Hadassah Richardson, an American model.
  • Popularity: Hadassah peaked in 2022, ranking among the top 700 names for girls in the U.S.
Spiritual, Beautiful, Exotic


Halima is sacred in Muslim circles as it’s the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s foster mother. There’s no doubt that Halima impacted Muhammad’s life, imparting grace and wisdom to his soul. To this day, Halima is widespread in Egypt and Africa. Halima is gorgeous on its own, but you can call your girl Hallie for short.

  • Origin: African, Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, gentle
  • Pronunciation: ha-LEE-mah
  • Namesakes: Halima Namakula, a Ugandan musician and actress.
  • Popularity: Halima is well-known in Africa but rare elsewhere.
Rare, Cute, Delicate


Hanan is mentioned in the Quran as another title for John the Baptist, making it popular amongst Islams. Hanan is also mentioned in the Bible as a descendant of King Saul. Alternate meanings include “God is gracious” and “affection,” perfect for the mild-tempered tot. Hanan is a fabulous unisex option that unites faith and history.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Gracious, compassionate
  • Pronunciation: HAN-an
  • Variations: Hannan
  • Namesakes: Hanan Ibrahim, a Somali activist.
Exotic, Classy, Cool


Hanny is a moniker for Hannah or Channah that’s cool enough to stand independently. Alternate meanings include “Yahweh is merciful,” referring to the blessings of God. If you’re hunting for kind names that sound like nicknames, go with Hanny. You can keep things traditional or try an edgy variation.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Grace, kindness, favor
  • Pronunciation: HAN-ee, HAH-nee
  • Variations: Hanni, Hannie
  • Popularity: Hanny is a unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Cute, Unusual, Rare
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In the Kanji system, one name can have many meanings based on the symbols used. Hiroko has many interpretations, including “tolerant” and “prosperous.” What a great reminder that the biggest success comes from having a kind heart. You can call your little love bug Hiro or Koko for short.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Kind, generous, fair
  • Pronunciation: KEE-roh-koh, HEE-roh-koh
  • Namesakes: Hiroko Nakamura, a Japanese pianist.
  • Popularity: Hiroko is popular in Japan but rare elsewhere.
Exotic, Delicate, Elegant


Hiroshi may have Japanese roots, but from 1915-1927, it was a popular choice for American lads. In the Kanji system, Hiroshi can also mean “tolerant” or “prosperous,” perfect for the little peacemaker. Hiroshi embodies the gentleness of Japanese culture, making it a great way to explore your heritage. You can call your baby boy Hiro for short.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Generous, kind
  • Pronunciation: KEE-roh-shee, HEE-roh-shee
  • Namesakes: Hiroshi Amano, a Japanese physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize.
  • Popularity: Hiroshi peaked in 1924, ranking among the top 800 names for American boys.
Vintage, Exotic, Cute


Inaya is among the freshest names that mean caring, landing on American name charts in 2022. You’ll also find plenty of namesakes in Europe and the Middle East. Alternate meanings include “gift from God,” describing your girl to a tee. Keep things interesting with an I spelling, or switch it up with a fun variation.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Care, concern
  • Pronunciation: ee-NYE-ah
  • Variations: Enaya, Anaya
  • Namesakes: Inaya Day, an American singer.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Inaya was among the top 1,000 names for American girls.
Trendy, Cool, Edgy


Jin is among the most common Chinese surnames, consistently making the top 100 list. Notable namesakes include Qui Jin, a Chinese women’s rights activist and writer. Jin can also mean “tapestry,” “gold,” or “ferry,” depending on the symbols used. You’ll see references to Jin in the Avatar series and the popular animé, Bleach.

  • Origin: Japanese, Chinese
  • Meaning: Kindness, tenderness
  • Pronunciation: JIN, JEEN
  • Namesakes: Jin Akanishi, a Japanese singer and actor.
  • Popularity: Jin is popular in Asia but rare elsewhere.
Cute, Delicate, Exotic


Junpei contains two Japanese symbols that can be customized to fit a boy or girl. Alternate meanings include “peaceful” and “level,” embodying every parent’s hopes for a chilled baby. Junpei is all the rage in Japan and has plenty of namesakes, including artists, athletes, and voice actors. Like June, Junpei could be a good choice for the summer, darling.

  • Origin: Chinese, Japanese
  • Meaning: Kind, pure
  • Pronunciation: JOON-pay
  • Namesakes: Junpei Mizobata, a Japanese actor known for his role in Akai Ito.
  • Popularity: Junpei is popular in Japan but rare elsewhere.
Beautiful, Classy, Exotic


Kadin is a creative variation of Kaden, ideal for the boy who marches to the beat of his own drum. Kadin is also a derivative of McCadden, meaning “son of Caden.” Kadin landed on American name charts in 1999 and became rare in 2010. With a title like Kadin, your little man will be everyone’s best friend.

  • Origin: Arabic, English, Scottish
  • Meaning: Kind friend
  • Pronunciation: ka-DEEN, KAY-dehn
  • Variations: Kaden, Caden, Cadin
  • Namesakes: Kadin Chung, a Canadian soccer player.
  • Popularity: Kadin peaked in 2004, ranking among the top 500 names for American boys.
Vintage, Edgy, Cool


Kai is one of the most flexible names that mean kind, with a buffet of interpretations. As a moniker for Kaimbe, Kai means “warrior,” while in Native American culture, Kai means “willow tree.” If you want a title that ties together nature, tenacity, kindness, and joy, go with Kai. With the rise of Cobra Kai, we predict Kai will stay trendy for a long time.

  • Origin: Hawaiian, Japanese, Estonian
  • Meaning: Kindness, mercy, sea
  • Pronunciation: KYE
  • Variations: Cai
  • Namesakes: Kai Lennox, an American actor known for his role in Apartment 143.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Kai was among the top 60 names for American boys.
Cute, Trendy, Cool


Kalman is a moniker for Kalonymous that’s used occasionally on its own. Kalman was originally a surname referring to a family of good repute. Notable namesakes include Kalman Aron, a Latvian American Holocaust survivor and artist. You can shorten this classy title by calling your little guy Kal.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Kind, good reputation
  • Namesakes: Kalman Cohen, an American economist.
  • Popularity: Kalman is a unique name worldwide.
Unusual, Handsome, Classy


Kannon can refer to an aggressive tool, giving it a macho-man vibe. Kannon is also a highly respected Japanese deity with the power to ease suffering. Kannon appears as a god or goddess of mercy and compassion, making this title unisex. Its tough exterior makes Kannon likelier to be used for little boys.

  • Origin: Japanese, English
  • Meaning: Compassionate, mercy
  • Pronunciation: KAN-nuhn
  • Variations: Cannon
  • Namesakes: Kannon Shanmugam, an American jurist and attorney.
  • Popularity: Kannon peaked in 2020, ranking #538 on American name charts.
Cool, Trendy, Strong


Kareem is among the most popular foreign names, earning a spot on American charts since the 1970s. Kareem is a highly desired title amongst Muslims as it’s one of the names of God mentioned in the Quran. Aside from being a popular forename, Kareem is a famous Arabic surname. Notable namesakes include Kareem Kelly, an American football player.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, noble, generous
  • Pronunciation: kuh-REEM
  • Namesakes: Kareem Rush, an American basketball player.
  • Popularity: Kareem peaked in 1980, ranking among the top 400 names for American boys.
Masculine, Handsome, Elegant
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Keeva is the Westernization of Caoimhe, a traditional Irish title. Keeva can also be a variation of Kivah, meaning “to protect.” Stars like Alyson Hannigan made headlines by choosing Keeva for their daughters. Parents who adore Caoimhe but want easier pronunciation will find Keeva is their best bet.

  • Origin: Irish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Kind, precious
  • Pronunciation: KEE-vah
  • Namesakes: Keeva Fennelly, an Irish camogie player.
  • Popularity: Keeva is famous in Ireland but rare elsewhere.
Rare, Unique, Cute


Parents who want more bang for their buck should consider Keiji, which has many aesthetics. Keiji is a popular name in Japan, meaning there are various ways to write it. Keiji can also mean “lead with caution” and “respect,” fitting for the tiny boss. Keiji is usually used for the second son, a fun fact for parents who wish to keep things traditional.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: To pity and be kind
  • Pronunciation: KAY-gee
  • Popularity: Keiji is well-known in Japan but rare elsewhere.
Exotic, Cool, Unique


Kevin is a variation of Caoimhín, the masculine version of Keeva. Spiritual namesakes are many, including Kevin, the patron saint of Dublin, Ireland. From 1957-1979, Kevin was a top 20 pick for American boys. Pop culture references include the main character from Home Alone.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Handsome, kind
  • Namesakes: Kevin Bacon, an American actor known for his role in Footloose.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Kevin was the 182nd most popular name for American boys.
Trendy, Handsome, Classy


Khairi is an indirect Quranic name title popular for Arabic boys. Since the release of Cobra Kai, names with “ai” have been fashionable, making Khairi on point. Alternate meanings include “goodness” and “charitable,” describing your golden boy to a tee. You can nickname your helpful guy Kai (KYE) for short.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, full of goodness
  • Pronunciation: KYE-ree, KAY-ree
  • Popularity: Khairi is a unique name worldwide.
Exotic, Elegant, Cool


Latifah was most popular in the early 1900s, making the top 1,000 picks for girls in 1990 and 1992. Actress Dana Owens chose Queen Latifah as her stage name, instantly making it a sensation. Alternate meanings include “pleasant” and “friendly,” adding to Latifah’s star quality. With a name like Latifah, there’s no doubt your girl will be one to watch.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, gentle
  • Pronunciation: lah-TEE-fah
  • Popularity: In 1990, Latifah was among the top 1,000 names for American girls.
Vintage, Beautiful, Sophisticated


Layan is one of the most popular titles for girls in the Middle East. Parents looking for exotic names that sound familiar will run to Layan. Layan originally described a softhearted girl with a heart for people. You can call your girl Lee or Ann for short.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, gentle, soft
  • Pronunciation: LAY-ahn, LEE-ann
Rare, Unique, Sophisticated


Disney’s Lilo and Stitch introduced the world to Lilo Pelekai, a spunky Hawaiian girl. Though many associate Lilo with sunny skies, it also has German roots, as a moniker for Lieselotte. With adorable pronunciation, Lilo will turn heads wherever she goes.

  • Origin: German, Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Caring one, generous one
  • Pronunciation: LEE-loh
  • Namesakes: Liselotte (Lilo) Johanna Lewin, a French-German actress, and singer.
  • Popularity: Lilo is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Cute, Delicate, Cool


You may have dived into Lykke if you’re into the Danish hygge (HOO-gah) practice. Lykke is the Danish art of finding joy, incorporating creativity and kindness. Though Lykke is a unique name, the concept is becoming well-known in the U.S. With Lykke by your side; every day will be a cozy adventure.

  • Origin: Swedish, Danish
  • Meaning: Happiness, kindness, joy
  • Pronunciation: LOO-kah, LYE-kah
  • Namesakes: Lykke Andersen, a Danish model.
Unique, Cute, Delicate


Maitri is one of the main concepts in Buddhism that focuses on compassion meditation. The point of Maitri is to cultivate loving kindness toward yourself and others by changing your thought patterns. Alternate meanings include “benevolent” and “amicable,” referring to a positive self-image. Maitri will be a wonderful reminder to extend kindness to yourself in all situations.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Loving kindness
  • Pronunciation: MYE-tree
  • Popularity: Maitri is a unique name worldwide.
Unique, Beautiful, Elegant


Mehar is a story waiting to be told, with little information available besides its origin and meaning. As Mehar contains “May,” it could be a beautiful choice for the spring chickadee. With its mysterious allure, Mehar is a Punjabi title fit for any Persian princess. You can call your pretty baby May for short.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Kind, benevolent
  • Pronunciation: MAY-har
  • Namesakes: Mehar Bano, a Pakistani actress known for her role in Balaa.
  • Popularity: Mehar is well-known in Pakistan but rare elsewhere.
Rare, Classy, Sophisticated
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Mehri is a derivative of mehr, an Iranian month and alias for a Zoroastrian goddess. Though Mehri sounds like Mary, the two have entirely different interpretations. Alternate meanings include “radiant like the sun,” perfect for your little sunbeam. Adorable nicknames for your little best friend include Ree and Mer (MAIR).

  • Origin: Persian, Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, lovable
  • Pronunciation: MEH-ree
Unusual, Strong, Classy


Mercia is associated with mercy, the act of showing undeserved kindness. Mercia was also an Anglic kingdom that took over most of England in the 9th century. Some believe Mercia is a variant of Mercedes or Marcia, making it an elegant alternative to a classic.

  • Origin: English, Latin, Welsh
  • Meaning: Compassion
  • Pronunciation: MAIR-see-ah, MER-see-ah
  • Popularity: Mercia is a unique name worldwide.
Unique, Elegant, Beautiful


Though Mercy was popular during the Puritans’ time, it didn’t enter American territory until 2012. Mercy appears in the Bible over 200 times. Many Christians use Mercy to describe God’s kindness in sending His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to take the penalty for people’s sins. You’ll find references to Mercy in The Pilgrim’s Progress book and the hit show 7th Heaven.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Compassion, kindness
  • Variations: Mercie, Mercee, Mersee
  • Namesakes: Mercy Warren, an American poet, and activist.
  • Popularity: Mercy peaked in 2019, ranking among the top 800 names for American girls.
Spiritual, Cute, Cool


Many people associate Merry with happiness, but it can also be a moniker for Mercy, meaning “loving kindness.” Merry is often used in holiday greetings, making it a great name pick for the Christmas cutie. Merry fell off American name charts in 1969, giving it instant 70s vibes. Fans of Marvel will associate Merry with Gimmick Girl.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Compassion, happy, joyous
  • Variations: Merri
  • Namesakes: Merry Anders, an American actress known for her role in The Quick Gun.
  • Popularity: In 1948, Merry was among the top 500 names for American girls.
Vintage, Cute, Delicate


Mildred is often associated with Saint Mildred, celebrated for her compassion for the poor. Mildred is more likely to be seen on grandmothers, as from 1903-1926, it was a top 10 pick for girls. Mildred is sprinkled throughout shows like Two and a Half Men and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Modern nicknames for your wise little girl include Millie.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Gentle, kind strength
  • Namesakes: Mildred Bailey, an American jazz singer.
  • Popularity: Mildred peaked in the early 1900s, ranking #6 on American name charts.
Vintage, Elegant, Classy


Miliani will bring visions of sunny skies and palm trees to mind. Despite its positive interpretation, Miliani is currently rare in the United States. Parents with Hawaiian roots will adore Miliani, a fond reminder of home. You can call your girl Millie or Anni for short.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Gentle touch, kind caress
  • Pronunciation: MILL-ee-AHN-ee
  • Popularity: Miliani is a unique name worldwide.
Beautiful, Cute, Classy


Miyeon joins the ranks of Korean girl names that mean caring, though it can also mean “pretty” and “pleasing.” What an appropriate option for the girl who wins people with her shining attitude. Miyeon can also be hyphenated (Mi-Yeon) for an exotic look. Miyeon is an adorable forename, but Koreans also use it as a surname or middle name.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Beautiful, kind-hearted
  • Pronunciation: MEE-yahn
  • Popularity: Miyeon is a popular name in Korea but rare elsewhere.
Exotic, Delicate, Sophisticated


Parents looking for 4-letter names that mean kind will be smitten with Mona. Mona is a moniker for titles like Monica and Ramona, but many use it independently. Alternate meanings include “God has heard” and “aristocratic,” perfect for the classy girl with a strong faith. Mona fell off American name charts in the 1950s, but with connections to the Mona Lisa, anything is possible.

  • Origin: Irish, Arabic, Italian
  • Meaning: Good, kind, noble
  • Pronunciation: MOH-nuh
  • Namesakes: Mona Charen, an American columnist and political commentator.
  • Popularity: Mona peaked in the 1950s, ranking among the top 250 names for American girls.
Vintage, Strong, Elegant


Nanna is a nickname for Channah, a gorgeous Jewish title meaning “grace” or “kindness.” Channah is the Hebrew variation of Hannah, a biblical figure known for her consistent prayers to God. Nanna also has mythical ties, as the wife of Norse king Baldyr. Alternate meanings include “daring,” perfect for the risk-taking tot.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Scandinavian, German
  • Meaning: Kindness, favor, brave
  • Pronunciation: NAH-NAH
  • Popularity: Nanna is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Unique, Exotic, Rare


Noha appears multiple times in the Quran, meaning “ability to think” or “intelligence.” Noha can also mean “rest” or “a guide,” referring to the girl who confidently leads others. Despite its versatility, Noha remains one of the rarest kind names, but your girl could change that.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Thoughtful, kind
  • Pronunciation: NOH-HA
  • Popularity: Noha is a unique name worldwide.
Unique, Cute, Sophisticated
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With little-known information, Opkar has remained elusive over the years. Alternate meanings include “charity” and “generosity,” ideal for the boy who is the whole package. Parents searching for Punjabi titles that aren’t oversaturated should add Opkar to the list.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Benevolence, kindness
  • Pronunciation: OHP-ker
Exotic, Masculine, Handsome


Qasim’s best-known namesake is the son of the Prophet Muhammed. This connection gave the Prophet the nickname Abul Qasim, meaning “father of Qasim.” Alternate meanings include “giver” and “handsome,” honorable traits for any little guy. You can call your little man Qaz (KAHZ) for short.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, generous
  • Pronunciation: KAH-sihm
  • Variations: Qasem
  • Popularity: Qasim is famous in Arabic communities but rare elsewhere.
Unique, Exotic, Strong


Rada is a variant of Radoslav, a European surname meaning “famous.” Rada refers to several locations in Spain, such as the Rada de Haro. Rada can also mean “rose,” symbolizing passion, friendship, and purity.

  • Origin: Yiddish, Bulgarian, Spanish
  • Meaning: Happy, willing, caring
  • Pronunciation: RAH-dah
  • Namesakes: Radmila (Rada) Manojlovic, a Slavic singer and songwriter.
  • Popularity: Rada is a unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Unusual, Cute, Delicate


Parents hoping their boy values friendship should look into Rafiq, which means “intimate friend.” Notable namesakes include Rafiq Batia, an American musician and member of Son Lux. With similarities to the Lion King’s Rafiki, Rafiq has a whimsical air. You can nickname your social butterfly Rafi (RAH-fee).

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Kind, gentle
  • Pronunciation: rah-FEEK
  • Variations: Rafik
  • Namesakes: Rafiq Azad, a Bangladeshi poet and editor.
  • Popularity: Rafiq is popular in the Middle East but rare in the U.S.
Handsome, Elegant, Cool


Raham appears in the Old Testament as a relative of Caleb and the son of Hezron. Raham is a variation of Racham, meaning “of God.” Alternate interpretations include “compassion” and “a friend,” key components to relational success. Westernize this fun title by calling your little man Ray.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Mercy, kindness
  • Pronunciation: RAY-ham
  • Popularity: Raham is a unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Spiritual, Unique, Classy


Rauf is a variation of Raif, meaning “sympathetic” or “compassionate.” Rauf is also associated with al-Rauf, one of Allah’s aliases, meaning “the most kind.” Rauf has a slew of Middle Eastern namesakes, including athletes and movie stars. With similarities to Ralph, Rauf will fit in from coast to coast.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Caring, kind, loving
  • Pronunciation: ROWF
  • Variations: Raufe
  • Namesakes: Rauf Khalid, a Pakistani actor, and director.
  • Popularity: Rauf is famous in the Middle East but rare elsewhere.
Cute, Delicate, Cool


Rukhi refers to a girl with a natural penchant for kindness. Because Rukhi is so rare, it doesn’t have any recorded namesakes. What a great opportunity for your girl to show the world her uniqueness. Adorable nicknames include Roo and Kiki.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: A girl who is kind of her own heart
  • Pronunciation: ROO-kee
Delicate, Unique, Unusual


In the Bible, Ruth was a widow who stuck by her mother-in-law’s side during times of famine. Ruth was rewarded for her faithfulness and became a descendant of Christ. Ruth’s story inspires Christians to be loyal during the good times and bad.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Caring friend, kind friend
  • Namesakes: Ruth Wilson, an English actress known for her role in Jane Eyre.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Ruth was among the top 200 names for American girls.
Trendy, Spiritual, Beautiful


Parents who don’t mind a little chaos will adore Sadhbh. Sadhbh is all the rage in Europe, particularly Ireland. Its confusing spelling has made it virtually unknown in the United States. Notable namesakes include Sadhbh Nic Donnchadh, an Irish princess.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Sweet, kind
  • Pronunciation: SYEV
Unusual, Rare, Cute


Shifra is one of many biblical titles meaning kind, appearing as Moses’ midwife in the Old Testament. In the Bible, Shifra exhibited bravery as practicing midwifery defied the Pharaoh. Alternate meanings include “lovely,” ideal for the pretty princess.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lovely, kind
  • Pronunciation: SHIH-frah, SHEE-frah
  • Namesakes: Shifra Horn, an Israeli author known for her family sagas.
Unique, Exotic, Elegant
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Hindu legend paints Sunita as the daughter of Lord Yama, known for her trickery. Sunita was also a devoted disciple of Buddha, celebrated for his service to the temple. Sunita is unisex but likelier to be used for little girls. Traditional female nicknames include Suni (SOO-nee).

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Well-behaved, kind, wise
  • Pronunciation: soo-NEE-tah
  • Popularity: Sunita is well-known in India but rare elsewhere.
Rare, Beautiful, Delicate


Parents looking for Welsh names with fairy-tale lure should look into Tirion. Tirion is a city in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, delighting Lord of the Rings fans. Tirion is also featured in the hit video game World of Warcraft. Tirion is a truly gender-neutral title equally rare for boys and girls.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Kind, gentle
  • Pronunciation: TEER-ee-uhn
  • Popularity: Tirion is a unique name worldwide.
Unique, Strong, Edgy


Tova is the feminine form of Thor, the Norse thunder God. Unsurprisingly, Tova’s alternate meaning includes “beautiful Thor,” proving girls can have beauty and strength. Thor is known as the sky god, making Tova a cute pick for the girl born in a storm.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Kind, good, pleasing
  • Pronunciation: TOH-vah
  • Namesakes: Tova Beck-Friedman, an American artist.
Rare, Spiritual, Cool


Tovi is a variant of Thorfrid, an alias of the Norse god Thor. Thor is hailed as the god of thunder, often depicted with his hammer. Marvel fans will jump to name their child after this famous comic book character. Alternate meanings include “goodness of God,” giving this tough title spiritual cred.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My kindness
  • Pronunciation: TOH-vee
  • Popularity: Tovi is a unique name worldwide.
Cool, Edgy, Unique


Winnie was once a moniker for Winifred, but it can also be used autonomously. Winnie will undoubtedly remind hearers of Winnie the Pooh, keeping your girl forever young. Alternate meanings include “holy peacemaking,” ideal for the girl prioritizing tranquility. Jimmy Fallon made headlines by naming his girl Winnie Rose in 2013.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Kind friend
  • Pronunciation: WIH-nee
  • Variations: Winny
  • Namesakes: Winnie Holzman, an American screenwriter and poet.
  • Popularity: In 1900, Winnie was among the top 200 names for American girls.
Cute, Delicate, Cool


Parents desiring kind names that start with X will be overjoyed to find Xhiva. Xhiva is inspired by Lord Shiva, a supreme being in Hinduism who has the power to create and alter the universe. Xhiva can also mean “auspicious,” ideal for the boy destined for success.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Benign, kind
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-vah
  • Popularity: Xhiva is a unique name worldwide.
Edgy, Cool, Rare


Yarina is a variation of Irene, the Greek goddess of spring and peace. Unlike Irene, Yarina has remained a rare jewel waiting to be uncovered. Parents who want their daughters to stand out should consider Yarina, a globally unique title. You can call your girl Rina for short.

  • Origin: Greek, Russian
  • Meaning: Compassion, peace
  • Pronunciation: yah-REE-nah
Beautiful, Strong, Elegant


Yoko’s most famous namesake is Yoko Ono, wife of the late John Lennon. Other namesakes include Yoko of Mikasa, former Princess of Japan. In the Kanji system, Yoko can mean “bright,” “sheep,” “weekday,” and “willow.” You’ll find references to Yoko in the Resident Evil video games.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful, kind girl
  • Namesakes: Yoko Kanno, a Japanese composer and musician.
  • Popularity: Yoko is famous in Japan but rare elsewhere.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


Yoshi is a Japanese pet name for a kind child. Americans will undoubtedly connect Yoshi to the lovable Nintendo character. Alternate interpretations include “righteous” and “good luck,” fitting for your good luck charm. Yoshi will be a fabulous reminder not to take yourself too seriously.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Kind, respectful
  • Pronunciation: YOH-shee
  • Popularity: Yoshi is popular in Japan but rare in the United States.
Cute, Delicate, Exotic


Zuri has been popular in Africa for ages, but in 2010 it became a popular title in the U.S. If you’re looking for a fun Disney girl’s name, you’ll recognize Zuri in The Lion Guard and Jessie. Ziggy Marley boosted Zuri’s fame even more by choosing the title for her girl in 1995. With a title like Zuri, your girl will always be reminded of her inner beauty.

  • Origin: Swahili, African
  • Meaning: Kind, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ZOO-ree
  • Namesakes: Zuri Tibby, an American model.
  • Popularity: Zuri peaked in 2022, ranking #194 on American name charts.
Trendy, Cool, Classy
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