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98 Pretty Native American Girl Names

These Native American names for girls are pretty enough for your little princess!

Native American girl names are deep and meaningful, often inspired by nature and the spiritual world. Giving your daughter an Indian name could be a fantastic way to honor your indigenous ancestors or to show appreciation for native cultures.

However, most Native American names for girls are not well-known, making it a challenge to find authentic options. But don’t worry- we’re here to help! Next, we’ll discuss 98 genuine Native American female names from several different tribes across the Americas.

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98 Powerful Native American Names for Girls

Keep reading to discover some of the most beautiful Native American female names for your little girl!


Abeque is a Native American woman’s name meaning “she stays at home.”

A fitting name for homebodies, Abeque most likely comes from the Chippewa word “abi,” meaning “sits in a place,” and “ishkwii,” meaning “she/he stays behind.” However, it could also derive from “anzhikewabi,” which means “she lives alone.”



Agisa is a Native American name for girls meaning “doe.”

Agisa is an adorable Cherokee name for your little doe-eyed girl. It could be an excellent choice for a shy baby, who rarely cries. Some online sources report that Awinita is the Cherokee word for “doe” instead of Agisa. In actuality, Awinita isn’t in the Cherokee dictionary. The closest word to Awinita is “awina,” meaning “young man” or “boy.” So, Agisa is probably the more suitable choice for a little girl!

Natural, Cute


Aiukli is a Choctaw name meaning “beautiful.”

Pronounced eye-yuke-lee, Aiukli is a name from the Choctaw tribe. The most famous bearer is Isabella Aiukli Cornell, a Choctaw Indian who wore a red dress to her prom to raise awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women in 2018. This gorgeous name could be a fitting choice for your little beauty!



Alaska is a Native American name meaning “great land.”

On par with the Georgia’s and Dakota’s of the world, Alaska is another name derived from a place. It comes from the Aleut word Alyeska, meaning “great land,” but may also mean “mainland” or “the object towards which the sea is directed.”

This free-spirited name is yet to make the U.S. top 1000. However, its popularity appears to be on the rise, with the number of baby girls named Alaska doubling in recent years. So, now could be the perfect time to choose this name before it becomes the next trend!

Trendy, Cool


Angeni is a Native American name for girl’s meaning “angel.”

A non-traditional pick, the name Angeni first came about during European colonization. Some Native American tribes used it as their word for “angel” since their languages did not have the letter “L.” If you were considering naming your daughter Angel but would prefer something a little less obvious, Angeni could be an adorable alternative!

Cute, Sweet


Aponi is a Native American name for girls meaning “butterfly.”

Aponi, pronounced ah-pah-nee, comes from the Blackfoot Indian word “apaniiwa.” Many Blackfoot speakers shorten Apaniiwa to Apani, dropping the final “wa.” Aponi is another version of Apani, both translating to “butterfly.” The Blackfoot associate butterflies with sleeping, often decorating their children’s cribs with images of these beautiful creatures to ensure they have good dreams.



Aquinnah is a Native American place name meaning “land under the hill.”

Pronounced uh-kwi-nuh, Aquinnah is the name of a town located on the western end of Martha’s Vineyard island in Massachusetts. It was given its name by the indigenous Wampanoag people, who resided there for over 10,000 years.

The Wampanoag creation myth states that their people arrived at Aquinnah by traveling on a piece of drift ice from the North. Aquinnah is considered sacred to the tribe, especially the Aquinnah cliffs, which were believed to be created by a benevolent giant named Moshup. This beautiful place name could be an excellent choice if you are Wampanoag or live in Massachusetts!



A strong choice among our Native American names for girls, Ashwiyaa means “arms oneself.”

Ashwiyaa belonged to an Ojibwa woman colloquially known as Hanging Cloud or the Chippewa Princess. She was the only female in her tribe ever to become a full-time warrior, participating in battles, raids, and war dances. Naming your daughter Ashwiyaa could encourage her to fight for what she believes in! Cute nickname options include Ash or Wiya.

Strong, Warrior


Atabey is a Native American name of a goddess.

Atabey is the supreme goddess of the Taino Indians and is the ruler of freshwater, fertility, love, and storms. Many Taino women would pray to Atabey to ensure they’d have a safe childbirth. Atabey has been featured in several literary works, including books by Cuban-American writers Daina Chaviano and Frederick de Armas. Potential nicknames are Ata or Bey.

Mystical, Pretty


Atina is a Native American female name meaning “mother.”

Pronounced ah-tuh-nah, Atina was a sacred goddess in Arikara mythology. The Arikara believed she was created by Nishanu, their chief spirit, from an ear of corn. She became the goddess of the harvest and the protector of the Arikaras, who helped them survive by teaching them how to farm. This name is also spelled as Atna and Atina, where Atina is the most popular.

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Awe is a Tuscarora name meaning “water.”

Pronounced ah-way, Awe is a short and sweet name representing one of the world’s most essential elements: water. Many Native American tribes consider water to be a sacred substance. This is especially true among the Blackfoot Indians, who think water is the home of divine beings that taught their tribe how to be morally good. Awe could be a beautiful name if you deeply appreciate this spiritual resource!

Cute, Spiritual


Aylin is a Native American, Turkish, and German name meaning “clear.”

Aylin is a worldly name with several origins. Among the Mapuche people indigenous to Chile, it means “clear” or “transparent,” while in Turkish, it means “moon halo.” Aylin could also be a German version of the Irish name Eileen. This multi-faceted name is popular in several countries, including the U.S., Netherlands, Turkey, and Chile. Famous namesakes include Turkish fashion model Aylin Koseturk and German artist Aylin Langreuter.

Worldly, Popular


Byhalia is a variation of a Native American name meaning “white oak.”

Byhalia, pronounced bye-HAIL-yah, is the name of a town in Mississippi. It was derived from a nearby creek called Bihalee, which was inspired by the Chickasaw word Dai-yi-il-ah, meaning “white oak.” The U.S. Postal Service accepted Byhalia as the name for this town in 1846. This unique place name is rarely used as a personal name for girls, making it a truly original pick!



Chaha is a Native American female name meaning “tall” or “high.”

Does being tall run in the family? If so, Chaha could be an adorable name for your not-so-little girl! Chaha is a word from the Choctaw tribe. This cute name could be a unique alternative for more conventional “Ch” names like Chelsea or Charlotte.

Cute, Unique


Chepi is a Native American girl’s name meaning “fairy” or “ghost.”

Chepi were prominent figures in the myths of the Narragansett people, an Algonquian Indian tribe from Rhode Island. They were said to be spirits of the dead who gave knowledge to the medicine people in the tribe while they were sleeping. The medicine people could also call upon the Chepi to destroy an enemy or an unwanted spirit. Chepi is sparingly used as a surname and a given name for girls.

Mystical, Unique


Cheyenne means “foreign speakers” in Sioux.

The Cheyenne were Plain Indians who lived in Minnesota until the 1700s. The tribe called themselves Tsistsistas, which has an unknown meaning. They were given the name Cheyenne by Sioux Indians who were unfamiliar with the Algonquian language they spoke. Cheyenne was first used as a given name for U.S. girls during the 1980s. Its popularity skyrocketed from 1994 to 2000 when it became a top 100 pick. Today, Cheyenne is familiar but not overused, ranked #581 in 2020.

Trendy, Popular


Cholena is a Native American girl’s name meaning “bird.”

Cholena, pronounced ko-LEE-nah, is a modern name with indigenous roots. It is believed to have derived from the Lenape word “chulens,” meaning “bird.” This name is rare, with very few bearers. The most famous Cholena is the Indian princess mouse from the 1998 classic, An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island.



Dahteste is a Native American name with an unknown meaning.

Pronounced TAH-des-te, Dahteste was a Choconen Apache woman who was an accomplished warrior, linguist, and translator. She participated in many raids, fighting alongside legendary figures like Geronimo and Lozen. Later in life, Dahteste served as a mediator between Geronimo and the U.S. Cavalry until he was forced to surrender in 1886. This mighty Apache name could be a unique choice for your little warrior in the making!

Strong, Historical


Dakota is a Native American tribal name meaning “ally.”

Pronounced dah-KOH-tah, Dakota isn’t a traditional Native American name for girls. Rather, it is the name of a Sioux tribe that lived in Minnesota and western Wisconsin for many generations. So, naming your daughter Dakota is kind of like calling her “the American” or “the Frenchman.”

Several famous individuals are named Dakota, including prominent actress Dakota Fanning and football linebacker Dakota Allen. As of 2020, Dakota ranked #261 out of the top 1000 girl names, making it a trendy selection.

Popular, Strong


Doli is a Native American, Croatian, and Hebrew girl name meaning “bluebird.”

This feminine name has several different origins. In the Navajo tribe, Doli is a shortened form of the word “doliilchii,” meaning “bluebird.” Doli is also the Croatian version of the English name Dolly. Additionally, Doli could be a diminutive form of the unisex Hebrew name Dolev. If Doli isn’t authentic enough for you, you could name your daughter Doliilchii and use Doli as a cute nickname!

Natural, Worldly
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Dyani is a Native American name for girls meaning “deer.”

Pronounced dah-YAHN-ee, Dyani is the Lakota word for deer or gazelle. In Indian folklore, deer are often viewed as messengers or fertility spirits. They are very important to many Mexican tribes, thought to be the parents of the human race. Deer are also significant to the Tlingit tribe, who view them as peaceful ambassadors for the earth.

One famous namesake is Dyani White Hawk, a contemporary artist who combines abstract painting with traditional Lakota art to create her masterpieces.

Natural, Mystical


Ewa is a Native American and Polish name meaning “rain.”

This cute “e” name is one of many Shoshone words for rain. If Ewa is a little too short for your liking, you can name your daughter Ewatainne, meaning “rainbow,” and use Ewa as a nickname. This name also has origins in Poland, where it is the equivalent of the English Eve and Latin Eva. Many Polish namesakes exist, including singer Ewa Demarczyk and Olympic rower Ewa Ambroziak.



Eyota is a Native American name meaning “great.”

It was derived from the Sioux word “iyotak,” meaning “greatest” or “most.” Eyota is the name of a city in Minnesota first settled by Benjamin Bear, who chose the location because of its ever-flowing spring. This stunning indigenous name is unique and exotic-sounding, which adds to its charm!



Godasiyo is a Native American female name meaning “woman chief.”

In Tuscarora mythology, Godasiyo was the leader of the Iroquois people until they fought and split into different tribes. Godasiyo was so displeased with the fighting that she became a fish and swam away. The Iroquois tribes remained enemies until a legendary figure named the Peacemaker reunited them generations later.

This name ends in “o,” which gives it a masculine feel. However, if you can overlook this, Godasiyo could be a mighty girl’s name with a great story to back it up!



Gouyen is an Indian name for females meaning “wise.”

Gouyen is a strong choice among our Native American names for girls. The most famous bearer was a 19th century Apache warrior who snuck into a Comanche camp to kill the chief that had taken her husband’s life. Gouyen remains a legendary figure among the Apache, honored for her heroism and bravery.

Strong, Historical


Hateya is a Native American girl’s name.

It is a modern derivation of the Miwok word “ha t’ej,” meaning “press with the foot” or “make tracks.” Many sites state that it means “footprints in the sand,” but this could be an embellishment. It’s possible that Hateya could be an anglicization of a longer Miwok name that did have this meaning. Hateya looks like the words “hate” and “ya,” so it may have negative connotations if you live in an English-speaking country.



Hurit is a Native American word meaning “beautiful.”

Hurit comes from Unami, an extinct Algonquian language formerly spoken by the Lenape people, also meaning “good or fine.” The Lenape don’t normally use Hurit as a name. However, its pretty meaning and close resemblance to Harriet make it a great option!

Pretty, Unique


Iara is a Native American name for girls meaning “lady of the water.”

In Tupi legends, Iara is often used for naming mermaid-like creatures. When the Iara see men nearby, they lure them with songs, like the Sirens in Greek mythology.

In another Tupi legend, Iara is the name of a famous female warrior. Her brothers became jealous of her skill and plotted to kill her, but she managed to get to them first. As punishment, her father banished her to a lake where she was transformed into a mermaid.

Iara is a relatively popular choice in the U.S., ranked #706 in 2020. So, it could be an on-trend option for your little mermaid!

Popular, Mystical


Illari is a Native American, Russian, and Latin name for girls with two potential meanings: “dawn” or “bright.”

Illari, pronounced EE-yah-REE is a worldly choice for your little woman in the making! In the Americas, it comes from the Quechua tribe, who are indigenous to Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. It also has roots in Russia, where it’s used as the Karelian (aka Finnish) version of Illarion. In Latin, Illari is a shortened form of Hilarianus, the name of a fourth-century saint.



Issi is a Native American name meaning “deer.”

Pronounced is-see, Issi is a Choctaw name and can be given to a little girl or boy. It sounds similar to Izzy and Izzie, so it may have a more feminine ring to it! The shortened version is Isi.

Natural, Cute
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Kachina is a Native American name for mythological figures.

Kachina are spirit beings that are central to the religious beliefs of the Hopi, Zuni, and Keresan tribes. While the Kachina are not worshipped, they are treated with respect because they can provide the tribes with rain, protection, fertility, and other things they need.

Kachina isn’t traditionally used as a name for girls. However, in modern times, some parents may choose to use it as a fresher alternative for commonplace “K” names like Katherine and Katherina.



Kaniehtiio is a Native American name for girls meaning “beautiful snow.”

Pronounced ka-nieh-tee-yo, this is a gorgeous name inspired by nature. However, It’s challenging to pronounce, making it an uncommon choice in the 21st century. The only notable bearer is Kaniehtiio Horn, a Canadian actress of Mohawk descent. Cute nickname options include Ka or Tiio.

Cool, Unique


Kateri is a Native American girl’s name.

Pronounced kah-teh-ree, Kateri is the Mohawk version of Katherine or Catherine meaning “chaste or pure.” Kateri Teckakwitha was the first Native American saint, informally known as “Lily of the Mohawk.” She was initially named Tekakwitha, meaning “she who bumps into things,” but was called Kateri after she was baptized. Kateri is revered for having an unwavering faith in God even after her tribe shunned her for converting. Kateri could be a wonderful option if your family is Catholic!



Kati is a Native American name meaning “moon.”

It comes from the Arawak tribe, who viewed the moon as a sacred deity that controlled childbirth and the tide. Kati was on the U.S. charts from 1980 to 1992 but has since been replaced by Katy and Katie. Still, Kati is a cool name with a tribal past, making it a winner in our books!

Cute, Charming


Keme is a Native American name meaning “secret.”

Keme derives from the Algonquin word Kiim, meaning “secret.” Some sites state that Keme means “thunder,” but this is not true. This mistake is often attributed to a typo in a baby book. While Keme was traditionally used as a boy’s name, it is pronounced similar to the feminine Kimmy. So, it could also be a cool choice for girls!



Kimimila is a Native American name meaning “butterfly.”

Pronounced kee-mee-me-lah, Kimimila is from the Lakota tribe. The Lakota people believed butterflies were the spirits of their deceased relatives, returning to earth to visit them. Other tribes viewed butterflies as symbols of change, balance, and beauty.

Beautiful, Sweet


Komeha’e is a Native American female name meaning “coyote woman.”

Pronounced ko-may-ha, Komeha’e is from the Cheyenne tribe. It is a shortened form of O’komeha’e, which also means “coyote woman.” In Cheyenne, coyotes are known for their crafty intelligence, often used as allegorical figures to teach moral lessons. The Navajo and Shoshone view them as anti-heroes involved in witchcraft. While many California-based tribes believe coyotes are heroic figures who benefit humanity.

Unique, Mystical


Komorkis is a Native American female name meaning “moon.”

Komorkis is a prominent figure in Blackfoot myths, featuring as the mother of the moon married to the sun god, Natos. Komorkis is also the grandmother of several legendary Blackfoot heroes, including Star-Boy. While this name is pronounced as koh-koh-mih-kih-sun in Blackfoot, the anglicized pronunciation of koh-mor-kiss is more common. Many spelling variations exist, including Ko’komiki’somm, Kokimmikisoom, and Kokomi, but Komorkis is used most frequently.

Natural, Mystical


One of many animal-inspired Native American names for girls, Kosa means “sheep.”

Is your newborn as soft and gentle as a little lamb? Then, you should consider naming her Kosa! Kosa comes from the Cheyenne tribe, who view sheep as sacred beings. To the Navajo, sheep represent the “good life” since they can live in harmony with the land.

Cute, Sweet


Lomasi is a Native American name for girls meaning “beautiful flower.”

Pronounced loh-MAH-see, Lomasi is sweeter than roses! This authentic Hopi name derives from loma, meaning “good” or “beautiful,” and “naci,” meaning “self blossomed.” It could also derive from the Hopi word “masi” meaning “gray,” referring to a specific species of bluebird.

Pretty, Charming
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Lozen is a Native American female name meaning “dextrous horse thief.”

Want your daughter to be brave and strong? Then, you should consider naming her Lozen. The most famous Lozen was a mighty Apache warrior during the 1800s. From a young age, Lozen defied gender norms, becoming one of the best horse riders and marksmen in her tribe. She was also a gifted strategist who used her wit to win battles against American and Mexican military forces.



Mahala is a Native American name for girls with an unknown meaning.

Pronounced mah-hah-lah, Mahala’s true origins are unclear. It could be an Indian variation of Mary, or a shortened form of several Native American female names. Another possibility is that it’s a corruption of the Tutelo word “mahei” meaning “woman.” Even though its exact origins are unknown, Mahala is a beautiful name that could be a unique alternative for the more popular Michaela.



One of the most beautiful Native American girl names, Matoaka means “flower between two streams.”

Matoaka was Pocahontas’s name at birth. She was named this because she was born between the Mattaponi and Pamunkey rivers. Matoaka was Pocahontas’s “secret name” that only people in her tribe knew. Outsiders called her Pocahontas, an endearing nickname given to her by her father.

Beautiful, Historical


Among our many nature-inspired Native American names for girls, Mecha means “moon.”

In Yaqui mythology, Mecha was a moon spirit who was the mother of all creation. This pretty name has never made the U.S. top 1000, making it a unique choice that is easy to spell and pronounce.



Meli is a Native American and Italian name.

Pronounced may-lee, Meli is among the many Native American girl names mistakenly thought to mean something they don’t. A quick Google search of Meli will tell you that it means “one who is bitter” or “of the sea.” In actuality, Meli is the Cherokee version of Mary! Meli is also an affectionate nickname in Sicily, meaning “honey.”

Worldly, Cute


Mika is a Native American name for girls meaning “raccoon.”

Pronounced mee-kuh, Mika is perfect for animal lovers. Often embellished to mean “wise little raccoon” or “intelligent raccoon,” Mika simply means “raccoon” in Osage and Omaha-Ponca languages. Many Native American tribes view the raccoon as a trickster who uses wit to get out of bad situations.

Adorable, Natural


Mosi is a Native American female name meaning “cat.”

Are you a cat person? If so, Mosi could be the purrfect choice for your little kitten! In some tribes, cats get a bad rep, viewed as greedy creatures with no regard for the rules. The Zuni and Mohave tribes viewed them as good luck charms, often carrying small cat figurines while hunting. The Pawnee wrapped their babies in wildcat fur at night to bring them blessings from the heavens. Alternative spellings include Masi or Moasi.

Cute, Natural


Nadua is a Native American girl’s name meaning “someone found.”

Nadua is a historical figure, known initially as Cynthia Ann Parker, who was renamed when the Comanche tribe took her. She was accepted into the tribe, eventually marrying chief Peta Nocona and having three children. At age 34 she was captured by Texas Rangers, who forced her to stay away from her family, causing her to die of a broken heart. Nadua is a tragic name in line with the Juliets, Ophelias, and Antigones of the world.

Historical, Poetic


Nampeyo is a Native American name for girls meaning “snake that does not bite.”

Nampeyo was a prominent Hopi-Tewa potter in Arizona during the late 1800s. She used ancient pottery techniques to create amazing works that have been featured in museums all over the world, including the National Museum of American Art in DC and the Peabody Museum at Harvard. Nampeyo could be the perfect name for an artist in the making!

Beautiful, Historical


Nane is a Native American name meaning “hill.”

This pretty name comes from the Choctaw Indian tribe. According to legend, the Choctaw people came to earth through a passageway in the Nane Chaha or “high hill” before dispersing across the land. The tribe still honors the Nane Chaha since they saw the sun for the first time from its summit. An alternative spelling is Nanih.

Sweet, Poetic
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Nanyehi is a Native American female name meaning “spirit person.”

Nanyehi was the name of a famous Cherokee warrior, recognized for her role in the 1755 Battle of Taliwa against her tribe’s enemy, the Creek Indians. After the battle, they gave her the prestigious title Ghigau, meaning “beloved woman” or “warrior woman.” Nanyehi eventually became the leader of the Women’s Council of Clan Representatives, which allowed her to advocate for her people.



Nashoba is a Native American name meaning “wolf.”

Pronounced nah-shoh-bah, Nashoba is the Choctaw word for “wolf.” In many Native cultures, wolves are symbols of strength, courage, and loyalty. Although Nashoba isn’t a common personal name, it’s a typical place name, with several cities, valleys, and schools in Oklahoma and Massachusetts bearing this name.

Natural, Powerful


Neakita is a Native American girl’s name meaning “wild rose.”

Neakitas are simple flowers with five white petals and golden centers. The Choctaw believed that wherever a mother’s tears landed on the ground, Neakitas would grow. Many of these flowers lined the path from Mississippi to Oklahoma along the Trail of Tears- known as a massive forced displacement of the Choctaw Indians from 1830 to 1850. Giving your daughter this sad yet beautiful baby name could be a great way to honor everything the Choctaw Indians’ have overcome.

Beautiful, Sweet


Nicoma is a Native American name for girls with two potential meanings: “I do as I promise” or “we stand together.”

This poetic name comes from the Iowa tribe. The most famous bearer was the wife of 19th-century fur trader Peter Sarpy who helped establish several towns in Nebraska. Nakoma, a variation of Nicoma, was the name of Pocahontas’s female friend in Disney’s 1995 animated film.



Nidawi is a Native American girl’s name meaning “elephant woman.”

Nidawi is often mistakenly thought to mean “fairy.” However, the actual meaning is much less dainty! According to Osage scholar Francis LaFlesche, “nida” refers to giant bones found in a riverbank, while “wi” carries a feminine tone- leading us to the meaning “giant creature woman” or “mammoth woman.” While Nidawi may have been a dignified name in the past, naming your daughter “elephant women” in modern times will likely carry some negative connotations.



Nishiime is a Native American name meaning “my little sister.”

Are you preparing to have your second, third, or fourth child? If so, Nishiime could be an excellent choice! This cute name is an Ojibwa word for a younger sibling. Pronounced nish-EE-me, this name is a bit complex to spell. However, it may be worth it for the adorable meaning!



Nita is a strong choice among our Native American girl names, meaning bear.

Bears are central figures in Choctaw, Tlingit, Hopi, Lenape, Chippewa, and Creek mythology. They are often viewed as symbols of wisdom and strength. Additionally, many tribes think bears have strong healing powers since they can keep fighting when they are seriously wounded.

Nita was a popular selection for U.S. girls from the early 1900s through the 1960s but has since fallen off the radar. Perhaps it’s time for this mighty baby name to be rediscovered?

Powerful, Natural


Nizhoni is a Native American girl’s name meaning “beautiful.”

Nizhoni is a Navajo word referring to something or someone beautiful. However, it doesn’t just reference physical appearance. It also applies to someone who’s inwardly beautiful. So, naming your baby Nizhoni could demonstrate that she is gorgeous, both inside and out!

Pretty, Poetic


Nokomis is a Native American female name meaning “my grandmother.”

Nokomis is a legendary figure in traditional Ojibwa stories. She is the daughter of the moon who raises legendary chief Hiawatha after his mother, Winona, dies in childbirth.

Nokomis’s name is a staple in the U.S., with several counties, schools, and streets bearing her name. Although it means “grandmother,” Nokomis could be a wonderful choice for a little girl who is wise beyond her years!

Mystical, Charming


Nova is a Native American and Latin name meaning “food.”

Many websites report that Nova means “she who chases butterflies.” In actuality, Nova is more mundane, meaning “food” in Hopi. The mistake may have resulted from a misspelling of the Hopi word “ngoyva,” meaning “chase.”

In Latin, Nova has a much prettier meaning. It is derived from “novus,” meaning “new,” referring to a newly visible nebula or star. Nova is very trendy in the U.S., ranked #38 in 2020. We suspect parents are choosing it for its Latin meaning, not its Native American one!

Pretty, Popular
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Noya is a Native American girl’s name meaning “sand.”

Whether you live by the ocean or love nothing more than dipping your toes in the sand, Noya is an adorable beach-inspired name for your baby on the way! This Cherokee name has never made the U.S. top 1000, making it an original option.



Onatah is the name of a Native American corn goddess.

Pronounced oh-nah-tah, Onatah is sometimes thought to mean “of the earth.” In actuality, Onatah is the Tuscarora goddess of corn and fertility. She is the daughter of Eithinoha, meaning “Mother Earth,” which may have led to the mistaken meaning.



Among the many Native American female names derived from a tribe, Oneida means “people of the standing stone.”

The Oneida are one of the five tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy. According to a legend, while an enemy tribe was pursuing them, they suddenly disappeared, leading people to believe that they shapeshifted into stone. Oneida has made the U.S. top 1000 twice, once in 1919 and again in 1922.



Orenda is a Native American name with two potential meanings: “Divine Essence” or “Great Spirit.”

Many baby name websites report that it means “magical power” or “tribal soul on the right path.” However, Orenda is actually an Iroquois religious term meaning “Great Spirit,” which refers to their God. So, naming your daughter Orenda may be a bit egotistical. But each to their own!



Pitamakan is a unisex Native American name meaning “running eagle.”

Pitamakan is traditionally a masculine name in the Blackfoot tribe. On rare occasions, it is given to females to honor their achievements. One warrior named Weasel Woman was given this title after she saved her father from an enemy tribe and avenged her husband’s death. Naming your daughter Pitamakan could encourage her to be as brave as this she-warrior!

Natural, Powerful


Pocahontas is a popular choice among our Native American female names, meaning “playful one.”

Pocahontas is one of the most famous Native American women in U.S. history. She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan, who helped the struggling English settlers in Jamestown survive during the 1600s. In 1995, Disney created an animated musical that showed a romanticized version of Pocahontas’s life, including her relationship with English explorer John Smith. Despite Pocahontas’s fame, her name has never made the U.S. top 1000. So, Pocahontas could be a recognizable yet unique name choice for your baby on the way.

Cute, Famous


Rayen is a Native American female name meaning “flower.”

Rayen, pronounced rah-YEN, comes from the Mapuche word for flower. It was made popular by famous Chilean opera singer Maria Quitral, who took on the name Rayen to honor her Mapuche heritage. Rayen has never ranked in the U.S. However, it’s a big hit in Chile, ranked #46 in 2010. If you love the name Ryan but are looking for something a tad more feminine, Rayen could be the perfect selection!



Saba is a Native American place name meaning “the rock.”

Pronounced say-ba, Saba is the name of an island in the Caribbean. It was initially inhabited by the Taino Indians before the Arawak tribe settled there around 800 A.D. They named the island Siba, meaning “the rock,” likely because of the island’s small size and circular shape.

Strong, Historical


Sacagawea is one of the best-known Native American girl names, meaning “boat traveler.”

Sacagawea was a famous Shoshone Indian who worked as Lewis and Clark’s interpreter from 1804 to 1806. Both explorers wrote about Sacagawea’s serenity, endurance, and strength. While the exact translation of her name is unknown, it may mean “boat traveler” since Sacagawea often traveled in a longboat. Clark erroneously thought her name meant “bird woman” because the Shoshone people would flap their arms to symbolize the boat’s oars.



Sedna is a Native American female name meaning “mother of the sea.”

Senda is the Inuit goddess of the ocean and marine life. In Inuit legends, she was a beautiful maiden who was taken by a bird spirit. Her father tried to save her by taking his kayak to the piece of drift ice where she was held hostage. When the bird spirit returned and saw that she was missing, he asked a sea spirit to make the ocean rough, causing Senda to fall out of the boat to the bottom of the sea. This whimsical name could be an excellent choice if you plan to raise your daughter by the seashore!

Spiritual, Mystical
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Sehoy is a Creek girl’s name meaning “beauty.”

Sehoy was an Indian princess of the Wind Clan, the highest-ranking tribe in the Creek Nation. She was well known for her beauty and grace, eventually marrying wealthy Scottish trader Charles Weatherford. They had a son named Red Eagle, who would become one of the clan’s most famous warriors and chiefs. This beautiful name is packed with historical significance, making it a meaningful option for your baby on the way!

Pretty, Charming


Selu is a Native American woman’s name meaning “corn” or “maize.”

Pronounced say-loo, Selu was the goddess of corn in Cherokee mythology. She had twin sons who eventually killed her because they were afraid of her power. She taught her sons how to plant corn on her deathbed, which allowed her spirit to be resurrected with the harvest each year.

Cute, Mystical


Sequoia is an Indian name meaning “hog” or “possum.”

Giant Sequoias are the largest trees in the world. Botanist Stephen Endlicher chose the name in honor of a Cherokee Indian named Sequoyah, who made it possible to read and write in Cherokee. Sequoia is an excellent name for nature lovers and history fanatics alike. Plus, it’s very recognizable, so pronunciation shouldn’t be an issue!



Shikoba is a Native American name meaning “feather.”

Pronounced shee-koh-bah, Shikoba is from the Choctaw tribe. It’s a suitable name for any baby whose skin is as soft as a feather! Adorable nicknames are Shi and Koba.



Sipala is a Native American name meaning “peach.”

Many websites report this name meaning “peace,” however, it’s actually the Hopi word for peach. Although Sipala may not be as meaningful as you previously thought, it could still be a “peachy” choice for your baby girl!

Cute, Unusual


One of many Native American female names based in mythology, Soatsaki means “feather woman.”

Soatsaki, pronounced soh-ah-tsah-kee, was a legendary figure in the Blackfoot tribe. She was a mortal who won the love of a sky-being Morning Star, and bore him a son named Star Boy. She eventually disobeyed Morning Star, resulting in her and Star Boy being banished from Sky Land and being sent back to earth.



Soho is a Native American girl’s name meaning “star.”

Stars are an essential part of many Native American legends. Many of the Blackfoot tribe’s most influential spiritual beings are named after the stars. Additionally, the Cayuga, Caddo, and Arapaho tribes have stories about people transforming into stars.

Soho is also the name of a chic area in New York City. Urban planner Chester Rapkin gave the area its name because it was “South of Houston Street.”

Pretty, Cool


Sonoma is a Native American name with several potential meanings, including “valley of the moon,” “earth village,” or “nose.”

One of many Native American girl names derived from a place, Sonoma is a county in Northern California well known for its wine production. While everyone agrees that Sonoma has indigenous roots, the exact origins are disputed. Some think it’s Miwok for “valley of the moons,” derived from a legend where the moon rose from Sonoma valley every night. Others think it comes from the native word “tso-noma,” meaning “earth village.” Another theory is it’s from the Patwin tribe’s word for “nose,” likely because the area had nose-shaped geographic features.

Beautiful, Charming


Talula is a Native American name meaning “small town with one mound.”

In the past, Tallulah was mistakenly thought to be Cherokee for “loud waters.” In actuality, this word has no meaning in Cherokee. Other sources state that Tallulah means “leaping water” in Choctaw, which is unlikely since the Choctaw word for water is “oka.” Talula, on the other hand, is an authentic Creek word, referring to a small town. Cute nicknames include Tally or Lula.



Tanis is a Native American and Phoenician name meaning “daughter.”

Pronounced tah-niss, Tanis has two potential origins. One possibility is that it’s an indigenous name derived from the Cree word for “daughter.” It could also be a variation of Tanith, the Phoenician goddess of the moon and fertility. Noteworthy namesakes include 1920s actress Tanis Chandler and Tlingit artist and sculptor Tanis S’eiltin.

Sweet, Pretty
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Teku is a Native American girl’s name meaning “squirrel.”

This cute “t” name comes from the Yaqui. Some tribes view squirrels as noisy gossip spreaders who cause trouble among other animals. Others view them more positively, admiring their courage and extraordinary food-gathering abilities. Many Indians from the Northwest coast believe squirrels are messengers who can tell humans when they are in danger.

Cute, Natural


Tokori is a Native American name for girls meaning “screech owl.”

While owls are associated with wisdom in modern times, they had a more mysterious association in many Native cultures. Owls were viewed as spirits of the dead who could bring messages from beyond the grave. Sometimes, they were thought to be shapeshifters who could transform themselves into humans and other animals.

Powerful, Natural


Topanga is a Native American place name meaning “where the mountains meet the sea” or “a place above.”

Topanga is the name of a hilly area in California that has been the home of several stars, including filmmaker Wallace Berman and singer Neil Young. The indigenous Tongva tribe gave the region its name. The most notable Topanga was an eccentric female character in the 1990s teen sitcom, Boy Meets World. This spunky name could be a fun choice for your daughter, especially if you’re a big fan of the show!

Cool, Unique


Topsannah is a Native American name for girls meaning “prairie flower.”

Topsannah, pronounced toh-tsee-ah, is a Comanche name with a sad history. Topsannah was the daughter of Nadua, an American who was adopted by the Comanche tribe. Topsannah and Nadua were captured by Texas Rangers, who forced them to live apart from their family. Topsannah eventually caught influenza, resulting in her untimely death. Although this name has a tragic past, its historical significance and beautiful meaning could make it a fitting choice for your daughter.

Pretty, Historical


Una is a Native American girl’s name meaning “good memory” or “remember.”

Having a good memory is a beneficial trait in every culture. However, to the Hopi, remembering is essential since it allows them to pass on legends and remember their ancestors. While naming your daughter Una won’t ensure that she will have a fantastic memory, it sure can’t hurt!

Sweet, Cute


Viko is a Native American girl’s name meaning “honey bee.”

Bees are not prominent mythological figures in most North American tribes. However, in South America, they are viewed as small but fierce warriors who can take on larger enemies. Bees are also associated with fertility, regarded as good luck charms for couples who are trying to conceive.



Wachiwi is a Native American name for women meaning “dancer.”

Pronounced wah-chee-wee, Wachiwi comes from the Lakota tribe. Wachiwi could be an excellent name if you often feel your baby dancing in your belly!

Dancing is an important activity in several Native cultures. Many tribes perform dances during religious rituals and other important ceremonies. Dancing also occurs before battles, hunts, and harvests to encourage good luck.



One of many Native American girl names inspired by animals, Wahya means “wolf.”

The Cherokee named wolves Wahya because whenever they heard one howl, they would say “wayanigawe,” meaning “he is calling.”

Wolves are a significant part of many Cherokee myths, songs, and legends. One of the most notable is the “Two Wolves Story,” where a grandfather explains to his grandson that everyone has a good wolf and a bad wolf inside of them. The type of wolf that prevails is the one you feed, suggesting that we all face conflicting emotions, but it’s up to us to choose which wolf we become.



Wakinyan is a Native American name meaning “thunder.”

Although this Lakota word is most often interpreted to mean “thunder,” it may also be a blend of the word “wahka,” meaning “sacred,” and “kinyan,” meaning “wings,” “thunder spirits” or “thunderbirds.” In Sioux mythology, Wakinyan, pronounced wah-keen-yahn, is a powerful sky spirit who takes on the form of a giant bird. Whenever it flaps its wings, it creates the sound of thunder.

Powerful, Spiritual


Watseka is a Native American name for females meaning “daughter of the evening star.”

Watseka is from the Potawatomi language. A notable bearer was the daughter of Potawatomi chief Shabbone who was called Watseka because she was born underneath the stars. Watseka married early Illinois settler Gurdon Hubbard, who played an influential role in the development of Chicago during the 19th century. Today, there is a city in Illinois named in her honor. This celestial name could be an excellent choice for a little girl born during the night!

Natural, Strong
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Weetamoo is a Native American name for girls meaning “speak to them.”

Other variants of this name include Weethao, Wattimore, Wetamou, and Wetemoo. The most notable bearer was the female chief of the Pocasset tribe during the 1600s. She was an influential leader who commanded over 300 male warriors. Weetamoo had five different husbands in her lifetime, the most famous being Wamsutta, a Wampanoag Indian chief who participated in the first Thanksgiving.



Winona is a Native American female name meaning “first daughter.”

This beautiful Sioux name is pronounced win-oh-nah. Many variations have developed over the years, including Winnona, Winonna, Wynona, Winonah, and Wenona. However, the traditional spelling is still the most popular. Winona was a prevalent name for U.S. women during the 20s and 30s, but has fallen out of favor, not making the top 1000 since 1957. Famous namesakes include Beetlejuice actress Winona Rider and Native American activist Winona LaDuke.

Trendy, Cool


Wohpe is a Native American name for girls meaning “meteor.”

In Lakota mythology, Wohpe is the spirit of peace and the daughter of the solar spirit Wi and the Moon. When she visited earth, she gave the Lakota a pipe as a symbol of peace. Wohpe later became known as the White Buffalo Calf Woman, so their myths are often intertwined. This celestial name could be a stellar choice for lovers of the night sky!

Unusual, Mystical


Woya is a Native American female name meaning “pigeon.”

In many Native American tribes, Pigeons and their close relative, the dove, are viewed as symbols of gentleness and peace. Several tribes have pigeons as their clan animal, including the Loway, Ho-Chunk, and Mohave. The Cherokee even have a pigeon dance in honor of the creature. So, while the pigeon may not seem like a significant animal today, they have been revered in Native American cultures for centuries.



Yamka is a Hopi name meaning “time for blossoms.”

One of the many beautiful Native American girl names related to flowers, Yamka is a perfect reference to spring. This name is also pretty easy to say, pronounced YAHM-kah.



Yeil is a Native American name meaning “raven.”

Yeil is from the Tlingit tribe. In Tlingit culture, there are two important raven characters with very different personalities. One of the ravens is a beautiful creator who is credited with bringing light into the world. The other is selfish and childish, only looking out for itself. Naming your daughter Yeil will ensure that you have a metaphor on hand to teach her the difference between right and wrong!

Strong, Cool


Zitkala-Sa is a Native American name for females meaning “red bird.”

Zitkala-Sa was a Yankton Dakota activist during the late 1800s. She wrote about the struggles of maintaining her cultural identity in American society, including powerful critiques on how Native Americans are forced to assimilate. She is honored as one of the most influential Native American writers of the 20th century. The name Zitkala-Sa has never made the U.S. top 1000, making it a unique choice for your baby girl. Potential nicknames are Kal, Kala, or Sa.



Zonta is a Native American girl’s name meaning “trustworthy.”

Pronounced zon-tah, Zonta comes from the Lakota tribe. In 1991, a women’s advocacy group chose Zonta as the name for their organization out of respect for Lakota women.

Although Zonta is an unusual first name, it’s a semi-common last name, especially in South America. Notable bearers are volleyball player Maria Zonta and race car driver Ricardo Zonta.

Charming, Strong

Native American Name FAQs

How Do You Say Baby In Cherokee?

The Cherokee word for baby is “usdi,” pronounced uze-dee. In some circumstances, usdi can also mean little. For example, “usdi yona” means “little bear.”

How Do You Say Love In Cherokee?

There are over 2000 different ways to say “I love you” in Cherokee, depending on who you are speaking to, how many people you are talking to, and more.

For example, “I love you” in Cherokee is “gvgeyuha.” However, “I love you all” is “itsvgeyuha,” and “I love him/her/it” is “tsigeyuha.” When saying “I love them,” you’d say “gatsigeyuha.” If the “them” you refer to is deceased, you’d say “detsigeyuha” instead.

What are Some Popular Native American Girl Names?

Many Native American girl names are not in the mainstream. However, there are a few that have managed to make their way into the U.S. top 1000, including Nova, Dakota, and Cheyenne. Winona, Kati, and Oneida were popular selections in the past, but have since fallen out of favor.

If you want a well-known name that isn’t currently on the U.S. charts, consider Pocahontas, Sacagewea, Sequoia, or Sonoma.

What are the Rarest Native American Girl Names?

The vast majority of Native American names for girls are not within the mainstream. However, some names are rarer than others, with Komeha’e, Kaniehtiio, Wakinyan, Nashoba, and Zitkala-Sa being some of the rarest gems!

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