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Lucia Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Lucia including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Lucia Overview

  • Meaning: Lucia means “light.”
  • Gender: Lucia is a traditionally female name.
  • Origin: Lucia is of Italian and Spanish origin.
  • Pronunciation: “loo-CHEE-uh” or “loo-SEE-uh”
  • Popularity: Lucia is moderately popular, ranking at about 150 in the US.
  • Nicknames: Lucy, Lulu, and Luce.
  • Variations: Lucy, Luca, Lucija, Luciana, and Luce.
  • Namesakes: Saint Lucia, Sister Lucia, Lucia Lopez, Lucia Albano.

What Does Lucia Mean?

Lucia is a classical name meaning “light.” It has been around for centuries and is most commonly a lovely name for girls (1).

What is the Origin of the Name Lucia?

The name Lucia derives from the Latin word “lux,” which means “light.” It’s a name that has been used for centuries all across Europe. Lucia is primarily an Italian name but is also used in German, Slavic, Portuguese, and English.

How Popular is the Name Lucia?

Lucia is a perennially popular name. Although it’s rarely been in the top 100 in the United States, the name often appears on the charts in the top 200 or 300 most popular baby names. Currently, Lucia sits around number 150 on the charts (2).

How Do I Pronounce Lucia?

Lucia has two main pronunciations. The primary English pronunciation is “loo-SEE-uh.” However, in Italian or Spanish-speaking countries, it is pronounced “loo-CHEE-uh.” The sound of the C depends on the root language. Occasionally Lucia is pronounced “LOO-shah.” If you know someone named Lucia, ask how they pronounce it.

Is Lucia a Boy or Girl Name?

In the United States, Lucia is a girl’s name. It’s almost never used as a boy’s name. Variations of Lucia, such as Lucas, are generally male names.

Variations of Lucia

There are several variations of the name Lucia from all over Europe, from Scandinavia to Ukraine. Here are some of the most common differences:

  • Luca
  • Lucas
  • Luce
  • Luci
  • Luciana
  • Luciano
  • Lucius
  • Lucie
  • Lucija
  • Lucille
  • Lucja
  • Lucy
  • Luz
  • Luzia

Nicknames for Lucia

Lucia is a beautiful name on its own. However, most kids end up with nicknames, whether those are shorter versions of their given names or entirely different monikers. Here are some of the common nicknames for the name Lucia:

  • Chia
  • Chichi
  • Cici
  • Cindy
  • Lou
  • Luce
  • Lucy
  • Lu
  • Lulu

Similar Names to Lucia

Lucia is a lovely name, but you might be looking for something slightly different for your baby. Whether it’s in sound, meaning, or language, there are plenty of names close to Lucia. Here is a list of names similar to Lucia:

Middle Names for Lucia

The perfect first name needs the perfect middle name. Although you can’t always choose your child’s last name, a first and middle name should go together well. Here are some popular middle names for Lucia:

Famous People Named Lucia

You might love the name Lucia because of an aunt or grandmother, but you can’t forget about famous namesakes. Here are some of the most famous people named Lucia and what they’re recognized for:

  • Gina Lucia: Actress and artist
  • Lucia Albano: Italian politician
  • Lucia Aniello: Director and playwright
  • Lucia Berlin: American writer
  • Lucia Gibson: Mel Gibson’s daughter
  • Lucia Jiminez: Actress
  • Lucia Lacarra: Ballet dancer
  • Lucia Lopez: Field hockey player
  • Lucia Popp: Opera singer
  • Lucia Siposova: Broadway and film actress
  • Saint Lucia: A saint from the Middle Ages (also known as Saint Lucy)
  • Sister Lucia: Catholic visionary who claimed to see Mary

Lucia in Popular Culture

Of course, the name Lucia has been around for centuries. It has been the first and last name of famous people but is also used for fictional characters. If you’ve heard the name, it’s likely that it’s for one of these fictional Lucias or places named after the saint.

  • Lucia: Heroine from Lunar: Eternal Blue
  • Lucia: New Zealand clothing brand
  • Lucia Konohana: A character from the novel Rewrite
  • Lucia de Lammermoor: A tragic opera
  • Lucia Raregroove: A character from Rave Master
  • Lucia Von Bardas: A villain from Marvel Comics
  • Saint Lucia: Jamaican island

Lucia FAQs

There is always more to learn about names, especially when you’re considering what to name your child. Here are some frequently asked questions about the name Lucia and their answers. We hope they answer your questions!

Is Lucia a Biblical Name?

Lucia is not a name you will find in the Bible, but the concept of light and holiness is throughout the entire book. There is also Saint Lucia, Saint Lucy, and many other holy people named after the idea of Heaven’s light (3). Lucia is very commonly used as a religious name, both in Christianity and other religions.

Is Lucia an Italian Name?

Lucia derives from Latin for “light” and is most commonly used in Italy. However, many Latinate and Slavic languages have the name Lucia, including Romanian, Spanish, English, Finnish, Polish, and Portuguese. However, it is most commonly an Italian name.

Is Lucia Only for Girls?

Lucia is traditionally for girls and is mainly used for girls. However, it has variants, such as Luca, that are primarily masculine names. Lucia itself is a variation of the male name Lucius, which also means “light.” It was an ancient Latin and Roman name before it became popular as a girl’s name.

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