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Luca Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Luca including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Luca Overview

  • Meaning: Luca has ancient origins. The Latin name Lucas is the root of Luca, and means “bringer of light”, in relation to the Bible. Others believe Lucas means “sacred wood.” This name describes those who hail from Luciana, a southern district in Italy during ancient times.
  • Gender: The name Luca is primarily assigned to males. However, traditionally, Luca is a name for girls in some Eastern European countries. As androgynous name trends increase, Luca is becoming a gender-neutral name.
  • Origin: Luca traces its roots to ancient Italy and Biblical origins.
  • Pronunciation: The standard pronunciation for Luca is LOO-ka.
  • Popularity: Luca remains a trendy name in the United States, consistently ranking in the top 100 since 2005. Luca is also trendy in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean.
  • Nicknames: Lou, Luce, Luke, and Luki.
  • Variations: Louka, Loukas, Lluc, Luc, Lucas, Lukas, Łukasz, Luka, Luke, Luuk
  • Namesakes: Luca Brasi, novel and film character, The Godfather.

Ever wondered what the meaning of the name Luca is? We’ve outlined all you need to know about this name below.

What Does Luca Mean?

Luca comes from Latin roots. The Latin name Lucas is the root of Luca and means “bringer of light” or “sacred wood.” In Italy, some claim the name Luca refers to those who hail from Luciana, a southern district in Italy during ancient times.

What is the Origin of the Name Luca?

Luca comes from Latin or Italian origins. The ancient district of Luciana convinces some Italians of deep roots in this name.

How Popular is the Name Luca?

Luca grew in baby name popularity starting as the nineties began to end (1). In the early 2000s, 297 baby boys were named Luca. By 2020, 4,785 boys were named Luca. As a name within the top 100, Luca is considered a very popular name.

How Do I Pronounce Luca?

The most common pronunciation of Luca is LOO-ka. In Hungary and Croatia, it has a different pronunciation, which looks like [ˈlutsa].

Is Luca a Boy or Girl Name?

Traditionally, Luca adorns baby boys in most cultures around the world. In fact, this Italian moniker is considered very popular for boys in the United States. Luca is also common in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece (2).

However, in Hungary and Croatia, Luca is a name more commonly given to girls. Luca is treated like Lucy in the United States. In these countries, the pronunciation of Luca is [ˈlutsa] instead. As with any name, if you love it, it is the perfect fit for your boy or girl!

Variations of Luca

Because Luca derives from Lucas, there are many variations on the name Luca. Locations from all over the world inspire these variations.

  • Louka (French)
  • Loukas (Greek)
  • Luc (Welsh)
  • Lucas (Latin)
  • Lukas (Danish)
  • Luka (Polish)
  • Luuk (Dutch)

Nicknames for Luca

Whether you choose Luca for your baby boy or little girl, there are many adorable nickname options you can also adopt.

  • Lou
  • Luce
  • Luke
  • Luki
  • Lu

Similar Names to Luca

If Luca appeals to you, there are several categories of similar names you can consider exploring. Consider a European name that borrows from the solid Italian roots of Luca. Or follow the Biblical path for a name choice if you like Luca.

Middle Names for Luca

There are so many kinds of names you can combine with the classic Luca. From traditional middle names to exciting modern choices, almost everything goes with Luca.

Sibling Names for Luca

If you already have a Luca and are adding another bundle of joy, there are many ideal sibling names available. Maybe you are looking to continue the Italian-sounding names, or you want another contemporary classic name? Consider these sibling names for Luca.

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Luca

Do you want to make sure your baby’s namesakes are impressive? Here is a list of famous people named Luca:

  • Luca Badoer: Racecar driver, Italian.
  • Luca Garza: Basketball player, United States.
  • Luca Ivankovic: Basketball player, Croatia.
  • Luca Kozák: Track athlete, Hungary.
  • Luca Prodan: Musician, Italy.
  • Luca Della Robbia: Sculptor, Italy.
  • Luca Toni: Soccer player, Italy.
  • Saint Luke: Biblical figure, patron saint of surgeons, artists, students.

Luca in Popular Culture

Especially lately, characters by the name of Luca have been taking video games, films, and novels by storm.

  • Luca Abele: A major video game enemy, Dishonored 2.
  • Luca Blight: A major video game enemy, Suikoden II.
  • Luca Brasi: A novel and film character, The Godfather.
  • Luca Esposito: A manga and anime character, Astra Lost in Space.
  • Luca McIntyre: A recurring character in thesoap opera series Doctors.
  • Luca Paguro: Titular and main character, Pixar film Luca (3).
  • Luca: A TV character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s anime series.
  • Luca: A video game character, Final Fantasy IV.
  • Luca: A character from Planet of the Apes (2011–2017).

Luca FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the name “Luca.”

Is Luca Biblical?

The biblical figure, Luke, made Luca a popular Christian name. Luke was a central character in the Bible and carries strong influence. Choosing Luca is one way to honor the Christian origins while giving the name a unique spin.

What Is the Feminine Form of Luca?

There are a few feminine derivations of Luca that may inspire you. Consider Lucy, Lucille, Luciana, Lucinda, or Lucia for a direct connection to Luca. You may also think about simply naming your baby girl Luca – it is a very versatile name!

Does Luca Mean Wolf?

There is some speculation the name Luca has connections to the Greek translation of “Lykos” or wolf. The tribe designated as being from Luciana, or Lucas, may have been originally named after wolves. Others think the name comes from the Latin word “Lucas,” for a sacred grove of trees.

Is Luca Spanish?

While the name Luca is now widespread in Spain, Portugal, and Latin American countries. The name originates in Italy. Italian and Spanish are both romance languages and sound quite similar.

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