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100 Gorgeous Princess Names: With Inspiring Meanings

These princess names are royally superb.

It’s no secret that darling baby girls are their parent’s princesses. This may be why princess names are such a common theme. History and fantasy tales have graced us with many brilliant royals and titles. We’ve gathered the cream of the crop in one place for your viewing pleasure.

This list contains a variety of fictional princesses, real-life rulers, and names that mean princess, leaving you with an abundance of possibilities. It’s our joy to help you “crown” your little royal with one of these perfect names for princesses.

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100 Beautiful Princess Names for Girls

Get ready to discover a buffet of reigning princess names for your sweet girl.


Alexa will bring to mind Amazon’s virtual assistant, but there’s more to this title than meets the eye. Alexa is the feminine variation of Alex, which means “defender.” Notable namesakes include Alexa Chung, an English model. Alexa is also a fictional princess in Barbie’s The Diamond Castle.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Defender
  • Pronunciation: uh-LEHK-sah
  • Namesakes: Alexa Vega, an American actress known for her role in Spy Kids.
  • Popularity: Alexa peaked in 2006 at #39 on American name charts.
Strong, Beautiful, Cool


In mythology, Alexandra was an alias for Hera, the goddess of marriage and family. Aside from her positive traits, this mythical figure was known for being green with envy. Alexandra is the title of multiple members of royalty, including Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark. Strong nicknames for your little fighter include Alex.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Defender of man
  • Pronunciation: ah-lihg-ZAHN-druh
  • Namesakes: Alexandra Fusai, a French tennis player.
  • Popularity: Alexandra peaked in 1996 but remained among America’s top 200 girl names.
Popular, Elegant, Mythical


Throughout history, Alice has been a popular name for the monarchy. At least seven royal ladies are named Alice, including Princess Alice of the United Kingdom. Tina Fey named her oldest daughter Alice, giving it star power. Fictional associations include Alice in Wonderland, giving this title a hint of Disney nostalgia.

  • Origin: German, French
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Pronunciation: AL-iss, uh-LEES
  • Namesakes: Alice Sebold, an American author.
Trendy, Cute, Delicate


Alyssa is derived from alyssum, a flower thought to cure hysteria. George R.R. Martin created a princess namesake in The World of Ice & Fire books. Princess Alyssa is known for her beautiful flaxen hair, making it an excellent option for your petite blondie. You can call your girl Lyss for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Joy, noble, truth
  • Pronunciation: uh-LIS-uh
  • Namesakes: Alyssa Milano, an American actress known for her role in Charmed.
  • Popularity: In 1998, Alyssa was the 11th most popular name for American girls.
Rare, Beautiful, Strong


Ameera was traditionally given to Hebrew girls born during Shavuot, making it a great choice for the summer girl. Aside from meaning “princess,” Ameera is the title of Saudi-Arabian royal, Princess Ameera Al-Taweel. Though Ameera is rare, its alternate spelling is among the top 500 American girl names. If you’re looking for exotic princess names, Ameera won’t disappoint.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: ah-MEER-ah
  • Variations: Amira
  • Popularity: Ameera is popular in Saudi Arabia but rare elsewhere.
Spiritual, Exotic, Classy


Anastasia’s greatest namesake is Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, a grand duchess with a tragic story. For many years, Anastasia Romanova was considered missing until science proved she died with the rest of her family. Anastasia was initially given to girls born around Easter, perfect for the spring chicken. Lighten this beautiful title by calling your girl Stasi for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Resurrection
  • Pronunciation: an-uh-STAY-zha, an-uh-STAH-zha
  • Namesakes: Anastasia Hille, an English actress known for her role in Snow White and the Huntsmen.
  • Popularity: Anastasia peaked in 2018 when it ranked #147 on U.S. name charts.
Spiritual, Sophisticated, Elegant


In the Bible, Anna was a prophetess known for her dedication to prayer. There’s no shortage of royal women named Anna, including Anna Jagiellon, Queen of Poland. Disney fans will associate Anna with Elsa’s sister and princess of Arendelle. Anna’s spiritual association will appeal to parents desiring biblical princess baby names.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Grace
  • Pronunciation: AN-nuh, AH-nuh
  • Namesakes: Anna Wintour, a British journalist, and editor of Vogue.
  • Popularity: From 1900-1918, Anna was among the top 10 American girl names.
Popular, Biblical, Delicate


Anneliese was featured in one of Barbie’s most popular movies, The Princess and the Pauper, released in 2004. One year later, Anneliese landed on American name charts. Anneliese became obsolete by the beginning of 2006, giving your girl the spotlight. Alternate meanings include “graced by God’s bounty,” perfect for this new season of blessings.

  • Origin: German, Dutch
  • Meaning: Grace, oath
  • Pronunciation: AN-uh-lees, AH-nuh-lees
  • Namesakes: Anneliese Maier, a German historian known for her philosophy research.
Rare, Sophisticated, Elegant


Barbie’s Magic of the Pegasus featured Princess Annika, delighting fantasy fans. Alternate meanings include “God has favored me,” giving this cozy title a spiritual slant. With various spellings and pronunciations, Annika will appeal to parents who enjoy flexibility. Cute nicknames for your girl include Anni (AH-nee).

  • Origin: Swedish, Russian
  • Meaning: Grace
  • Pronunciation: AH-nih-kuh, AN-ih-kuh
  • Variations: Anika
  • Namesakes: Annika Marks, an American actress known for her role in Grace.
  • Popularity: Annika peaked in 2003 when it ranked #285 on the American name charts.
Cute, Elegant, Beautiful


With a variety of origins, Anya unites multiple cultures. In Latin, Anya means “favored by God,” while Africans interpret it as “mother.” Anya is also a fictional princess played by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. If you’re looking for Indian princess girl names, Anya will make your list.

  • Origin: Indian, Hebrew, Greek, African
  • Meaning: Power, melody
  • Pronunciation: AHN-yah
  • Namesakes: Anya Corke, a Chinese chessmaster.
  • Popularity: Anya peaked in 2009 but remained among America’s top 1,000 girl names.
Cute, Delicate, Rare
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C.S. Lewis coined Aravis for a princess in The Horse and His Boy. Aravis is known for her bravery and ability to make stories come to life. Despite the popularity of the Narnia series, Aravis remains one of the rarest princess names for girls. Perhaps your girl will be the next great author.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: People’s friend
  • Pronunciation: uh-RAH-viss
  • Popularity: Aravis is a unique name worldwide.
Unusual, Unique, Cool


Philosophers will instantly recognize Arete as the concept of moral virtue and excellence. Japanese film studios made history with their smash hit Princess Arete, a girl who escapes royalty. Arete also appears in Greek mythology as the Queen of Scheria, known for her intelligence. Though Arete is multifaceted, it’s a rare gem waiting to be uncovered.

  • Origin: Greek, Japanese
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: EYE-ree-tee, air-EHT
  • Variations: Arite
  • Popularity: Arete is a globally unusual title.
Exotic, Rare, Unique


In Greek mythology, Ariadne is a Cretan princess who helps her love escape Minotaur’s lair. Ariadne is the goddess of fertility, fitting for the birth of your newborn. From 2014-2018, Ariadne was among the top 1,000 names for American girls. Take a note from celebrities and call your girl Ari for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Most holy
  • Pronunciation: AIR-ee-AHD-nee
  • Namesakes: Ariadne Meyers, an American actress known for her role in Kate & Allie.
  • Popularity: Ariadne fell off American name charts in 2018.
Rare, Unusual, Mythical


Disney made Ariel a household name when introducing their first mermaid princess. Though Ariel is unisex, it was strictly masculine in Bible times, and the tradition continues in Israel. Actor Peter Coyote chose Ariel for his little girl, boosting this fun title. Unconventional nicknames include Ellie.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lion of God
  • Pronunciation: AIR-ee-ehl
  • Variations: Arielle
  • Namesakes: Ariel Winter, an American actress known for her role in Modern Family.
  • Popularity: In 1991, Ariel was ranked #66 on American name charts.
Strong, Beautiful, Sophisticated


Lord of the Rings fans will jump at the chance to name their girl after Princess Arwen. Arwen is hailed as the most beautiful elf in the series, made even more lovely by her kindness. Aside from being a famous princess, Arwen is the name of a hilly area on Saturn. Your little Arwen is sure to turn heads with this literary title.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Noble maiden
  • Pronunciation: AR-wihn
  • Namesakes: Arwen Hardy, an English folk singer.
  • Popularity: Arwen is a globally unique name.
Unique, Sophisticated, Classy


Superfans of The Office will remember Astrid as the child of Jan Levenson. Astrid has many royal connections, including Princess Astrid, daughter of the former King of Sweden. Astrid’s origins give it hygge vibes, perfect for girls with Swedish roots. There’s no better name for the girl with the beauty of a goddess.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Norse
  • Meaning: Divine beauty
  • Pronunciation: AST-rihd
  • Namesakes: Astrid Lindgren, a Swedish children’s author known for the Pippi Longstocking books.
  • Popularity: Astrid is popular in Denmark, America, and Sweden.
Strong, Popular, Cool


In Greek mythology, Atalanta is the Princess of Arcadia with high standards for a mate. Known for her swift feet, Atalanta refused to marry anyone unless they could run as fast as her. Atalanta is the perfect name for a girl who can do anything boys can. You can call your little runner Attie for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Equal in weight
  • Pronunciation: AH-tah-LAN-tah
  • Popularity: Atalanta is a unique name worldwide.
Mythical, Unique, Unusual


Greek mythology paints Athena as the daughter of Zeus, born from his forehead. Athena is the ancient goddess of crafts, math, war, and wisdom. Notable namesakes include Princess Athena of Denmark. You’ll find Athena in television shows like General Hospital and Xena: Warrior Princess.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: From Athens
  • Pronunciation: uh-THEE-nuh
  • Namesakes: Athena Tibi, a Filipina singer.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Athena was the 98th most popular American girl’s name.
Popular, Cute, Delicate


Many myths explain natural events, with some legends claiming Aurora causes sunrises. What a pretty title for the girl born while the world sleeps. Disney’s Princess Aurora is one of America’s most famous fairy-tale princesses. Aurora is among the hippest names for princesses, ranking in America’s top 100 from 2015-2021.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Pronunciation: ah-ROR-ah
  • Namesakes: Aurora Flores, a Mexican artist, and muralist.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Aurora peaked at #36 on American name charts.
Trendy, Beautiful, Sophisticated


Queen Victoria took the world by storm, naming her youngest daughter Beatrice. Since Shakespeare mentioned it in Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice must be made for drama. Alternate meanings include “blessed” and “voyager,” perfect for your little travel bug. Cute nicknames include Bea or Trixie.

  • Origin: Latin, Italian
  • Meaning: She who brings happiness
  • Pronunciation: BEE-uh-triss
  • Namesakes: Beatrice Hicks, one of the first American female engineers.
  • Popularity: Beatrice peaked in 1910 but remained among America’s top 1,000 girl names.
Vintage, Strong, Classy
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Belle was once a moniker for Isabelle but now stands independently. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast made Belle famous, debuting a cute and smart princess. Parents who adore French titles will flock to Belle, a European favorite. Your little girl will be the “Belle” of the ball.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: BELLE, BEHL
  • Namesakes: Belle Baker, an American singer and actress.
  • Popularity: Belle fell off American name charts in 2020.
Rare, Cute, Delicate


Aspiring astronomers will instantly connect Callisto to the giant moon in Jupiter. In Greek legends, Callisto was a princess seduced by Zeus and later turned into a bear. Callisto’s Great Bear constellation can still be seen on dark nights. Adorable nicknames for your star include Liss.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Most beautiful
  • Pronunciation: kuh-LISS-toh
  • Variations: Calisto
  • Popularity: Callisto is a unique name worldwide.
Unusual, Mythical, Rare


Caroline’s most regal namesake is Princess Caroline of Monaco, known for her fashion sense. Caroline is the female variation of Charles, a great way to honor a loved one. Literature features Caroline in Little House on the Prairie and Pride and Prejudice. Common nicknames include Carol.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Free woman
  • Pronunciation: KAIR-oh-lihn, KAIR-oh-lyen
  • Namesakes: Caroline Ingalls, an American pioneer and mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  • Popularity: Caroline peaked in 2017 but remained among America’s top 100 girl names.
Popular, Beautiful, Sophisticated


Catherine is commonly associated with Catherine Middleton, the Princess of Wales. Long before that, Catherine was used for multiple Queen consorts of England. Classic novels like Wuthering Heights found Catherine a good pick for the main character. You can call your little sweetie Cate or Catie for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Pronunciation: KATH-er-ihn
  • Variations: Katherine, Kathryn, Kathrynne
  • Namesakes: Catherine Bosworth, an American actress known for her role in Blue Crush.
  • Popularity: From 1900-1997, Catherine was among America’s top 100 girl names.
Vintage, Elegant, Classy


Charlene, Princess of Monaco, made this aristocratic title famous in the U.S. and Europe. Like many names, Charlene became extinct at the turn of the century, giving your girl all the attention. Many would never guess, but Charlene is a variation of Charlotte. Alternate meanings include “free thinker” and “warrior,” perfect for your little hippy.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Free woman
  • Pronunciation: shar-LEEN
  • Namesakes: Charlene Wong, a Canadian figure skater.
  • Popularity: Charlene fell off American name charts in 1999.
Elegant, Sophisticated, Strong


Prince William and Kate Middleton gave Charlotte a boost of fame by choosing the title for their girl in 2015. Unsurprisingly, Charlotte is among the most popular girl names in Europe, Canada, and America. Fans of children’s literature will associate Charlotte with the lovely spider in Charlotte’s Web. Charming nicknames include Lottie.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Petite
  • Pronunciation: CHAR-leht
  • Namesakes: Charlotte Brontë, an English novelist.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Charlotte was the 3rd most popular name for American girls.
Trendy, Cute, Delicate


If you want to give your girl a name only a few have, try Chimi. Though Chimi is rare, it has a famous namesake, Princess Chimi of Bhutan. Depending on the symbols, one name can have many interpretations in the Kanji system. Alternate meanings include “fruit,” perfect for the apple of your eye.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Smart, kind
  • Pronunciation: CHIH-mee, CHEE-mee
  • Popularity: Chimi is a unique name worldwide.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


Cinderella is one of the most popular princesses, first recorded in the 1600s. Disney released their own version of the classic fairy tale in the 1950s. Despite its positive association, Cinderella has yet to break into name charts. Cinderella may be unique, but you can always call your girl Ella for short.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Little ashes
  • Pronunciation: SIHN-der-EL-ah
  • Popularity: Cinderella is a globally unique name that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Unusual, Cool, Unique


The Witcher television and book series features Princess Cirilla, a resourceful royal. Cirilla was born with a magical scream that makes people stop in their tracks. While we don’t wish that upon your newborn, strength is an honorable attribute for anyone. Take a note from the fictional princess and call your girl Ciri (SEER-ee) for short.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Lordly
  • Pronunciation: SEER-ih-lah, SIR-ih-lah
  • Variations: Cyrilla
  • Popularity: Cirilla is a unique name worldwide.
Rare, Delicate, Cool


Cleopatra VII Philopator was the princess of Egypt who later went on to be the Queen. This royal had quite a love life and was connected to Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. However, her claim to fame was her knack for politics and her love of country. You can call your sweet newborn Cleo for short.

  • Origin: Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: Glory of the father
  • Pronunciation: klee-oh-PAT-rah
  • Namesakes: Cleopatra Mathis, an American poet.
  • Popularity: Cleopatra is a unique name worldwide.
Unusual, Unique, Strong
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In L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series, Cordelia was Anne’s desired name. History’s most infamous Cordelia was Princess Cordelia of Britain. Shakespeare based his beloved play King Lear on Cordelia’s family, cementing her fame. Take a note from a popular 90s store and call your girl Delia for short.

  • Origin: Latin, Celtic
  • Meaning: Heart
  • Pronunciation: kor-DEEL-ee-AH
  • Namesakes: Cordelia Fine, a British philosopher and author.
  • Popularity: Cordelia fell off American name charts in 2015.
Vintage, Elegant, Beautiful


Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon, perfect for your little night owl. Diana is always associated with Princess Diana of Wales, mother to Prince William and Prince Harry. Princess Diana was known for her humanitarianism and keen sense of fashion. Many parents choose to honor her memory by christening their daughters Diana.

  • Origin: Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: Heavenly, divine
  • Pronunciation: DYE-an-uh, DEE-an-uh
  • Variations: Deana
  • Namesakes: Diana Ross, an American singer and member of The Supremes.
  • Popularity: Diana peaked in 1946 but remained among America’s top 1,000 girl names.
Strong, Mythical, Cool


Disney Junior fans will instantly be reminded of the princess from Elena of Avalor. Art imitates life, as Elena was the real Princess of Romania. If you’re looking for princess names with E, try Elena. You can even choose the pronunciation and spelling that fits your girl best.

  • Origin: Spanish, Italian, German
  • Meaning: Bright light
  • Pronunciation: ee-LEE-nah, ee-LAY-nah
  • Variations: Elaina
  • Namesakes: Elena Goode, an American actress known for her role in The Husband.
  • Popularity: Elena peaked in 2021 when it ranked #53 on U.S. name charts.
Trendy, Cute, Delicate


In the Bible, Elizabeth was Mary’s cousin and mother of John the Baptist. Elizabeth is one of the most famous names for royals, particularly in England. Notable namesakes include Queen Elizabeth I of England, also known as “Good Queen Bess.” Cute nicknames for your girl include Lizzie and Beth.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Pronunciation: ee-LIHZ-uh-beth, uh-LIHZ-uh-beth
  • Variations: Elisabeth
  • Namesakes: Elizabeth Olsen, an American actress known for her role on WandaVision.
  • Popularity: Elizabeth is popular in Europe, Australia, and America.
Trendy, Popular, Biblical


Some versions of Cinderella name their princess Ella. Disney followed suit with their live-action film Cinderella released in 2015. If you’re into reading, you’ll remember Ella Enchanted, another fictional princess. Hollywood adores Ella, with stars like John Travolta and Moira Kelly claiming the title for their girls.

  • Origin: German, English, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Fairy maiden
  • Pronunciation: EL-lah
  • Namesakes: Ella Fitzgerald, an American jazz singer.
  • Popularity: Ella is popular in Europe and America.
Cute, Cool, Trendy


Fans of the show Willow will jump to name their girl after Sacred Princess Elora Danan. Elora sounds old, but it appeared on American name charts in 2015. Though Elora doesn’t appear in the Bible, it features “El,” for Elohim, another name for God. If you want princess-inspired names with a spiritual slant, choose Elora.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Greek
  • Meaning: The Lord is my light
  • Pronunciation: ee-LOHR-uh, EL-or-ah
  • Popularity: In 2021, Elora was the 553rd most popular American girl’s name.
Spiritual, Beautiful, Exotic


Disney’s Frozen, released in 2013, featuring an ice queen named Elsa. Within a year, Elsa climbed 200 slots on U.S. name charts. Though Elsa’s fame was short-lived, it remains an attractive option for the winter girl. Elsa is also a moniker for Elizabeth, a monarchal title.

  • Origin: Hebrew, German
  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Pronunciation: EL-sah
  • Namesakes: Elsa Barker, an American novelist and poet.
  • Popularity: Elsa peaked in 2014 but remained among America’s top 1,000 girl names.
Rare, Elegant, Sophisticated


Esme was originally a masculine title, but you’re likelier to see it for little girls. If you enjoy reading aloud, your girl will love the Princess Esme series about a mischievous royal. The Twilight series made Esme famous by featuring a namesake matriarch in the books and movies. Esme is mildly popular in the U.S. but is a smashing success in Europe.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: ESS-may, ESS-me
  • Variations: Esmee
  • Namesakes: Esme Bianco, a British actress known for her role in Game of Thrones.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Esme ranked #379 on American name charts.
Popular, Cute, Delicate


Princess Estelle of Sweden made this French title popular in America and across the pond. Parents of faith will be glad to know Estelle is also the patron saint of young Christian girls. Saint Estelle is celebrated on May 11th, making this an excellent title for the girl born this month. Adorable nicknames include Stella.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: ess-TELL
  • Namesakes: Estelle Getty, an American actress known for her role in The Golden Girls.
  • Popularity: Estelle peaked in 1911 but remained among America’s top 1,000 girl names.
Elegant, Sophisticated, Beautiful


Though Eugenie is now archaic, it was all the rage during the Roaring Twenties. Eugenie’s first royal association was Eugénie de Montijo, wife to Napoleon III. Modern highborn namesakes include Princess Eugenie of York, daughter of Prince Andrew. You can call your darling Genie (JEE-nee) for short.

  • Origin: French, Greek
  • Meaning: Wellborn
  • Pronunciation: yoo-GEE-nee
  • Namesakes: Eugénie Niboyet, a French feminist author.
  • Popularity: Eugenie fell off American name charts in 1920.
Vintage, Cute, Classy
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Fallon was a hit in the U.S. from 1981-1995, taking a brief hiatus until 2019. Readers will connect this strong title with Princess Fallon in Princess of Fire by Shannon Drake. Alternate meanings include “descended from royalty,” establishing Fallon as a cool princess name. Fallon is unisex but more popular for girls.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Leader
  • Pronunciation: FA-luhn
  • Namesakes: Fallon Fox, an American mixed martial artist.
  • Popularity: In 1982, Fallon was among the top 400 names for American girls.
Cool, Unique, Strong


One of the first recorded uses of Fiona is in James Macpherson’s poetry. After that, the name took off in Europe and, by 1990, was popular in America, too. Fictional namesakes include Princess Fiona, featured in the infamous Shrek movies. You can call your girl Fifi for short.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: White, fair
  • Pronunciation: fee-OH-nuh
  • Namesakes: Fiona Apple, an American singer and songwriter.
  • Popularity: Fiona is popular in the U.S. and Europe.
Trendy, Elegant, Beautiful


The feminine form of Gabriel, Gabriella, will appeal to parents who love religious titles. In the Bible, Gabriel is an archangel who told the virgin Mary about Christ’s birth. Notable namesakes include Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès. Gabriella is one of few princess baby names that unites multiple cultures.

  • Origin: Italian, Hebrew, Spanish
  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Pronunciation: gah-bree-EHL-ah
  • Variations: Gabriela
  • Namesakes: Gabriella Dorio, an Italian Olympic runner.
  • Popularity: Gabriella peaked in 2009 but remained among America’s top 100 girl names.
Trendy, Cute, Delicate


J.R.R. Tolkien invented Galadriel, needing a beautiful name for an elven princess. Galadriel became Queen of the Elves, hailed for her beauty and nobility. Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular book series, but Galadriel remains obsolete. Take a note from children’s literature and call your girl Gilly for short.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Maiden crowned with a garland of bright radiance
  • Pronunciation: guh-LAH-dree-el
  • Namesakes: Galadriel Stineman, an American actress known for her role in From the Heart.
  • Popularity: Galadriel is a globally unique name.
Unusual, Rare, Cool


Disney’s Enchanted features Princess Giselle, a spunky redhead who can speak to animals. Giselle is also the title of a tragic ballet that debuted in the 1800s. With a star-powered title like Giselle, don’t be surprised when your girl loves the stage. Adorable nicknames include Ellie.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Pledge
  • Pronunciation: GIS-ehl, JIZ-ehl, ZHEE-ZEHL
  • Variations: Gisele
  • Namesakes: Giselle Loren, an American voice actress known for her role in Happy Feet.
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Classy


Grace is a buzzword for Christians who use the term to describe Christ’s sacrifice. Grace is mentioned over 100 times in the Bible, depending on your preferred translation. Grace Kelly experienced a real-life fairy tale when she became Princess of Monaco. Alternate interpretations include “eloquence,” an honorable trait for any princess.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Grace
  • Pronunciation: GRAYS
  • Namesakes: Grace Jones, a Jamaican model.
  • Popularity: Grace peaked in 2003 at #13 on American name charts.
Biblical, Spiritual, Trendy


Hilda is a moniker for Brunhilda, a legendary Valkyrie who escorted dead soldiers to Valhalla. Princess Hilda of Nassau was part of Baden’s last monarchy before the German Revolution in 1918. Though Hilda became obsolete in the late 1980s, you’ll see the name in video games like Cuphead. Hilda is proof that princess names for girls can be strong and beautiful.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Battle woman
  • Pronunciation: HILL-duh
  • Namesakes: Hilda Heine, former President of the Marshall Islands.
  • Popularity: Hilda fell off American name charts in 1986.
Vintage, Strong, Cool


Ines is an exotic form of Agnes, popular in the early 1900s. Royal namesakes include Princess Inés, Duchess of Syracuse. Other monarchal references include Queen Inês de Castro, known for her rocky love life. If you prefer princess girl names with Z, try an alternate spelling.

  • Origin: Italian, Portuguese, Croatian
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Pronunciation: EYE-nehz
  • Variations: Inez
  • Namesakes: Inés Mendoza, former First Lady of Puerto Rico.
  • Popularity: Ines fell off American name charts in 1933.
Vintage, Cute, Delicate


Ingrid is rare in the United States, but Scandinavians think it’s the bee’s knees! Ingrid is the feminine version of Ing, the Norse god of fertility and peace. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway is second in line to the throne, giving this name delightful Queen vibes.

  • Origin: Norse, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Fair
  • Pronunciation: ING-rihd
  • Namesakes: Ingrid Michaelson, an American singer and songwriter.
  • Popularity: Ingrid fell off American name charts in 2019.
Rare, Unique, Delicate


Irelina is a fancy variation of Earla, an Old English classic. With similarities to Ireland, Irelina will remind you of exotic lands. Alternate meanings include “warrior,” perfect for the tough princess. Cute nicknames for your girl include Lina (LEE-nah).

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: EYER-lee-nah
  • Popularity: Irelina is a globally unique name.
Rare, Unusual, Unique
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Irene is a derivative of Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace. Princess Irene of the Netherlands is a prominent namesake known for her humanitarian efforts. Fictional references include characters in Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Irene was most popular in the early 1900s but remained on the top 1,000 names for American girls.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Pronunciation: EYE-reen
  • Variations: Eirene
  • Namesakes: Irene Dunne, an American actress known for her role in My Favorite Wife.
  • Popularity: Irene is popular in Europe and the United States.
Cute, Delicate, Beautiful


Isolde was first recorded in a 12th-century legend about a forbidden romance. Princess Isolde and her escort ingested a magic potion, causing them to fall in love. All would be well, except Princess Isolde was set to marry Tristan’s uncle. Isolde would be a fabulous option for parents who want their girls to appreciate the arts.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Ice ruler
  • Pronunciation: ih-SOLD, ih-SOL-duh
  • Namesakes: Isolde Costner, an Italian Olympic skier.
  • Popularity: Isolde is a globally unique name that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Unusual, Rare, Vintage


Ivy has been one of the most popular botanical names since the 1900s. Ivy symbolizes love and was often given to newlyweds. This tradition began with myths that said ivy grew around the altar of Hymenaios. Disney Junior’s Sofia the First features Princess Ivy, a beautiful villainess.

  • Origin: British
  • Meaning: Ivy plant
  • Pronunciation: EYE-vee
  • Namesakes: Ivy Compton Burnett, an English novelist.
  • Popularity: Ivy peaked in 2021 when it ranked #49 on U.S. name charts.
Trendy, Cute, Cool


Jane was popular in the early 1900s when it ranked among the top 50 names for American girls. Though Jane isn’t as hip as it used to be, Jimmy Kimmel chose it for his girl. Regal namesakes include Jane Seymour, former Queen of England. Disney’s Tarzan features a jungle princess named Jane, giving this title a wild twist.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: JAYN
  • Variations: Jayn
  • Namesakes: Jane Austen, an English novelist with six hit books.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Jane was among the top 300 girl names in the U.S.
Vintage, Strong, Elegant


Disney debuted their Arabian Princess Jasmine in 1992. Jasmine was among the top 25 American girl names just one year after Aladdin was released. Jasmine is also the name of a fragrant flower, symbolizing love and beauty. Modern nicknames include Jazzy.

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Pronunciation: JAZ-mihn
  • Variations: Jasmin, Jazmine
  • Namesakes: Jasmine Murray, an American model and pageant queen.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Jasmine was among the top 200 American girl names.
Popular, Beautiful, Sophisticated


Bhutanese royal Jetsun Pema is among the youngest Queen consorts in the world. The Bhutanese call their leader The Dragon Queen, referencing the brilliant storms that hit their country. Despite the charisma of Jetsun, the name hasn’t picked up steam. You can call your little girl Jetty for short.

  • Origin: Tibetan
  • Meaning: Venerable
  • Pronunciation: JEHT-soon
  • Variations: Jetsunma
  • Popularity: Jetsun is a globally unique name.
Exotic, Rare, Unique


Joan is unisex, but until 2007 it was likelier to be used for boys. If you’re searching for nonbinary names for princesses, you’ll adore Joan. Joan is commonly associated with Joan of Arc, a brave woman who stood up for her faith. Royal namesakes include Joan of Kent, the first Princess of Wales.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: JOHN
  • Namesakes: Joan Rivers, an American comedian and talk show host.
  • Popularity: Joan fell off the American name charts in 1993.
Vintage, Strong, Spiritual


The feminine form of Joseph, Josephine, is a great pick for a girl with strong faith. Favorite fictional namesakes include Josephine March, the spunky literary heroine from Little Women. Josephine is a popular title for royals with at least six princess namesakes. Call your little cherub Jo or Josie for short.

  • Origin: Hebrew, French
  • Meaning: Jehovah increases
  • Pronunciation: JOH-seh-feen, HOH-seh-feen
  • Popularity: In 1916, Josephine was among the top 20 American girl names.
Popular, Elegant, Classy


In Disney’s The Lion King, Kiara is Simba’s best friend and a lioness princess. Kiara has many origins, with different meanings based on locale. Koreans interpret Kiara as the “first ray of sun,” while the Irish say Kiara means “dark.” Adorable nicknames for your sweet cub include Kiki.

  • Origin: Italian, Korean, Swahili
  • Meaning: Princess, bright, clear
  • Pronunciation: kee-AR-uh
  • Namesakes: Kiara Bosio, an American soccer player.
  • Popularity: Kiara peaked in 1999 when it ranked in the top 100 American girl names.
Cute, Exotic, Delicate


Star Wars fans will associate this strong title with Princess Leia, a leading protagonist in the series. Leia will remind many of Hawaiian leis, which may explain its meaning of “heavenly flowers.” No matter where your girl is, she’ll have the coolest name in the galaxy.

  • Origin: Hindi, Hebrew, Latin, Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Lioness, heavenly flowers
  • Pronunciation: LAY-uh, LEE-uh
  • Variations: Leah, Laya
  • Popularity: In 2021, Leia was among the top 300 American girl names.
Strong, Popular, Cool
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Despite its similarity in length, Leonore is a moniker for Eleanor. Princess Leonore of Gotland gave this rare title a boost of fame. Leonore hasn’t been famous since the late 1920s, giving your girl a leg above the rest. You can call your little sunshine Leonie (LEE-uh-NEE) for short.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Shining light
  • Pronunciation: lee-uh-NOR
  • Popularity: Leonore fell off American name charts in 1929.
Vintage, Rare, Unusual


Disney’s Peter Pan features Princess Tiger Lily, a strong-willed, loyal friend. Harry Potter readers will recognize Lily as Harry Potter’s daughter, a full-circle moment for fans. Lily is also a beautiful flower seen around Easter, perfect for the spring girl. With a variety of spellings, you’ll never get bored.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Lily flower
  • Pronunciation: LIL-ee
  • Variations: Lillie, Lille, Lilli
  • Namesakes: Lily Allen, an English singer and songwriter.
  • Popularity: In 2011, Lily was among the top 15 American girl names.
Trendy, Cute, Delicate


Princess Malika is featured in a Persian myth about a girl who falls in love with the enemy. Though Malika is a beautiful name, the story has a gory ending. Parents who enjoy gothic backstories will quickly add Malika to their list of possibilities.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Pronunciation: muh-LEE-kuh
  • Namesakes: Malika Oufkir, a Moroccan writer.
  • Popularity: Malika is a unique name worldwide.
Exotic, Rare, Unique


Many view Maria as a spiritual title associated with the Virgin Mary. History has graced us with many regal namesakes, including Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark. Alternate meanings include “wished for child,” fitting for the girl of dreams.

  • Origin: Latin, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Star of the sea
  • Pronunciation: muh-REE-uh
  • Namesakes: Maria Von Trapp, the Swiss matriarch of the Trapp Family Singers.
  • Popularity: Maria peaked in 1975 but remained among America’s top 200 girl names.
Spiritual, Delicate, Sophisticated


Marianne combines Mary and Anne, giving you the best of both worlds. History buffs will instantly be reminded of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands, who lived in the 1800s. Fictional namesakes include Marianne Dashwood Brandon from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Call your little love Mari or Annie for short.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Beloved grace
  • Pronunciation: MAIR-ee-an
  • Variations: Maryanne
  • Namesakes: Marianne Leone, an American actress and writer.
  • Popularity: Marianne fell off American name charts in 1991.
Vintage, Rare, Beautiful


Mary was the mother of Jesus and one of the most prominent figures in history. Unsurprisingly, from 1900-1946, Mary was the #1 name for American girls. History books tell of many royal namesakes, some good and some bad. Among the most notable is Mary Donaldson, the Crown Princess of Denmark.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: MAIR-ee
  • Variations: Mari
  • Namesakes: Mary Tyler Moore, an American actress, and star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Mary was the 133rd most popular name for American girls.
Biblical, Spiritual, Popular


In Greek mythology, Medea was a princess with magical powers. Medea was portrayed as a murderess, but later adaptations painted her as a woman scorned. You can find Medea in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Ponder, ruler
  • Pronunciation: muh-DEE-uh, MEE-dee-ah
  • Namesakes: Medea Figner, an Italian opera singer.
  • Popularity: Medea is a globally unique name.
Mythical, Unusual, Exotic


Meghan represents the beautiful pearl, a symbol of wisdom and protection. Pearls are June’s birthstone, making Meghan a great option for the summer sweetheart. Meghan is associated with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, known for her humanitarianism. Alternate meanings include “strong warrior.”

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Pronunciation: MAY-gan, MEE-gan
  • Variations: Megan
  • Popularity: In 2021, Meghan was among the top 1,000 American girl names.
Strong, Cool, Elegant


Merida joins the ranks of Disney princess names, exciting those who loved the movie Brave. Princess Merida was Disney’s first Scottish princess, hailed for her bravery and gorgeous red locks. What a terrific option if you have a little ginger. You can call your little achiever Meri for short.

  • Origin: Spanish, Latin
  • Meaning: One who has achieved a high honor
  • Pronunciation: MAIR-ih-duh
Unique, Unusual, Rare


Mia is a nickname for Maria that’s captured hearts in the U.S. and Europe. Author Meg Cabot made Mia a royal title by creating Princess Mia Thermopolis, ruler of fictional Genovia. The books were such a success that Disney created a film adaptation. Alternate meanings include “darling,” fitting for your newborn.

  • Origin: Italian, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Mine, bitter
  • Pronunciation: MEE-uh
  • Namesakes: Mia Hamm, an American soccer player.
  • Popularity: From 2009-2021, Mia was among the top 10 American girl names.
Trendy, Cute, Delicate
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Mirabai is among the most uncommon princess baby names. Outstanding namesakes include Mirabai, a 16th-century princess, and poet. Rumor says Mirabai was socially unconventional and entirely devoted to her religion. If you want unique Indian names, Mirabai is your best bet.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: An ocean of knowledge
  • Pronunciation: MEER-uh-bye
  • Popularity: Mirabai is a globally unique name that doesn’t appear on charts.
Exotic, Unique, Cute


Shakespeare coined Miranda for The Tempest, but it didn’t take off until 1957. You can find Miranda in shows like Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lizzie McGuire. Princess Miranda is also a character in Barbie: Princess Charm School. With a buffet of pop culture references, we predict Miranda will be popular for a while.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Marvelous
  • Pronunciation: mir-AN-duh
  • Namesakes: Miranda Lambert, an American country music singer.
  • Popularity: Miranda peaked in 1995 but remained among America’s top 600 girl names.
Strong, Classy, Elegant


In 2016, Disney introduced the world to Princess Moana of Motunui. Moana inspired girls to break out of their shells and set sail on big adventures. Unsurprisingly, Moana is a Hawaiian title referencing the ocean. What a perfect name for the girl born by the sea.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Deep ocean
  • Pronunciation: moh-AH-nuh
  • Namesakes: Moana, a New Zealand singer, and songwriter.
  • Popularity: Moana is a globally rare name.
Rare, Beautiful, Exotic


Mulan represents the gorgeous magnolia tree, sacred in Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese medicine uses magnolia bark to assist with sleep and emotional balance. Disney introduced fans to Princess Mulan, based on a Chinese legend. May your little girl be just as tranquil as her name suggests.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Magnolia
  • Pronunciation: MOO-lahn
  • Popularity: Mulan is a unique name worldwide.
Exotic, Unusual, Elegant


Natasha was traditionally given to girls born near Christmas, a festive option for your little gift. Fictional namesakes include Cartoon Network’s Princess Natasha, a royal who doubled as a spy. Adorable nicknames include Tasha, or Obama’s moniker of choice, Sasha.

  • Origin: Russian
  • Meaning: Birthday of the Lord
  • Pronunciation: nuh-TAH-shah
  • Namesakes: Natasha Richardson, an English actress known for her role in The Parent Trap.
  • Popularity: Natasha peaked in 1986 but remained among America’s top 1,000 names.
Vintage, Cute, Classy


Author Sarah Maas made Nehemia a household name by crafting a namesake in the Throne of Glass series. Maas’ Princess Nehemia wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in, even when it cost her. Nehemia earns unisex status as an alternate spelling for Nehemiah. Cute nicknames for your brave girl include Mia.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Comforted by Yahweh
  • Pronunciation: NEE-huh-MEE-uh, nee-HEM-ee-uh
  • Popularity: Nehemia is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Unusual, Unique, Delicate


Ballet fans will recognize Princess Odette as the main character in Swan Lake. The animated film The Swan Princess was loosely based on the ballet and also featured Odette. Odette has been very rare since 1902, but Mark Ruffalo chose this vintage title for his daughter. Nonbinary nicknames include Odie (OH-dee).

  • Origin: French, German
  • Meaning: Wealthy
  • Pronunciation: OH-deht
  • Namesakes: Odette Myrtil, a French American actress known for her role in Kitty Foyle.
  • Popularity: Odette fell off American name charts in 1905.
Vintage, Strong, Rare


The most famous Ophelia is Shakespeare’s Princess Ophelia, featured in Hamlet. Princess Ophelia’s character is often used as proof that innocence isn’t always bliss. Musician Dave Grohl found Ophelia alluring, choosing the title for his girl in 2014. Hip nicknames for your little helper include Opie (OH-pee).

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Benefit
  • Pronunciation: oh-FEEL-ee-uh
  • Variations: Ofelia
  • Namesakes: Ophelia Benson, an American author specializing in feminist works.
  • Popularity: In 1900, Ophelia was among the top 300 girl names in the U.S.
Elegant, Sophisticated, Classy


Orla is well-known in Ireland but rare elsewhere. With its interpretation of “golden princess,” Orla is a great title for the fair girl. Though Orla is primarily obsolete, it makes a minor appearance in Harry Potter. Princess Charlotte of Wales chose Orla for her cocker spaniel.

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Golden princess
  • Pronunciation: OR-lah
  • Namesakes: Orla Brady, an Irish actress known for her role in Star Trek: Picard.
Cute, Delicate, Rare


Author L. Frank Baum caught readers’ eyes when he created Princess Ozma in Ozma of Oz. Ozma is the feminine version of Osmond, a classic Scandinavian title. While Ozma is untraditional, it’s a unique way to participate in the princess fad. Rocker-inspired nicknames include Ozzie.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: God’s protection
  • Pronunciation: AHZ-muh
  • Variations: Osma
  • Popularity: Ozma is a unique title worldwide.
Unique, Unusual, Strong
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Pocahontas was a Native American Chief’s daughter who lived in the 1500s. Her real name was Matoaka, but she was dubbed Pocahontas because of her spunky personality. Disney created their version of this tale in 1995, adding diversity to their princess lineup.

  • Origin: Algonquin
  • Meaning: Playful one
  • Pronunciation: POH-kuh-hahn-tiss
  • Popularity: Pocahontas is a globally unique name that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Unique, Beautiful


Not much is known about Putri, except its meaning and origin. How fitting for the girl who writes her own story. Alternate meanings include “daughter,” perfect for your newborn. Westernize this title by calling your girl Ree for short.

  • Origin: Indonesian
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: POO-tree
  • Namesakes: Putri Silean, an Indonesian pop singer.
  • Popularity: Putri is a unique name worldwide.
Rare, Unusual, Cute


Rania will appeal to parents with Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, and Indian heritage. Queen Rania of Jordan gave this title an aristocratic air, fitting for its interpretation of “queenly.” Alternate meanings include “she is singing” and “eye-catching.” If you want princess names that are open for interpretation, try Rania.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Greek
  • Meaning: Queenly, heavenly
  • Pronunciation: RAH-nee-uh
  • Namesakes: Rania Elwani, an Egyptian Olympic swimmer.
  • Popularity: Rania is a globally unique name that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Rare, Unusual


Those with Catholic backgrounds will recognize Regina as one of the Virgin Mary’s names. Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen was Austria’s royal namesake, known for her charity work. Millennials will associate this title with Regina George from the film Mean Girls. You can call your queen bee Gina for short.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Pronunciation: reh-JEE-nah
  • Popularity: Regina peaked in 1967, ranking #80 on U.S. name charts.
Vintage, Strong, Elegant


Try Rosette if you’re looking for a unique alternative to Rose. Princess Rosette is a fictional namesake introduced by Madame d’Aulnoy in the 1700s. French fairy tales like these paved the way for women authors to shine. Cute nicknames include Rosie.

  • Origin: Latin, French
  • Meaning: Little rose
  • Pronunciation: ROHZ-eht
  • Popularity: Rosette is a globally unique title.
Sophisticated, Classy, Unique


In Celtic mythology, Sabrina was a princess that moonlighted as a sea nymph. This Cinderella story features an evil stepmother who tried to throw Sabrina into the river. Thankfully, her plan didn’t succeed, and Sabrina became immortal. Other references include the film Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn.

  • Origin: Latin, Celtic
  • Meaning: River goddess
  • Pronunciation: suh-BREE-nuh
  • Namesakes: Sabrina Le Beauf, an American actress known for her role in The Cosby Show.
  • Popularity: Sabrina peaked in 1997 but remained among America’s top 500 girl names.
Cute, Delicate, Beautiful


Sadie was once a moniker for Sarah that now stands independently. Adam Sandler drew attention by naming his daughter Sadie in 2006. Parents looking for a sassy alternative to Sarah will adore this princess-inspired title. Some may appreciate the nod to the Sadie Hawkins dance, where girls ask boys out.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: say-DEE
  • Variations: Sadi
  • Namesakes: Sadie Robertson Huff, an American actress and businesswoman.
  • Popularity: Sadie peaked in 2014, ranking #46 on American name charts.
Trendy, Popular, Beautiful


San, also known as Princess Mononoke, is an animated character in Hayao Miyazaki’s film by the same name. In the movie, San is also the Princess of the Wolf Gods, as wolves were her family. Princess Mononoke won multiple awards, but San never became popular.

  • Origin: English, Burmese
  • Meaning: The sandpiper bird
  • Pronunciation: SAH-n
  • Popularity: San is a globally unique title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Unusual, Unique


Sarah was Abraham’s wife and the mother of Isaac in the Bible. Sarah was a barren woman who God eventually blessed with a son. Royally famous namesakes include Sarah, Duchess of York. May your little princess be blessed with her heart’s desire.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: SAIR-uh
  • Variations: Saira, Sara
  • Namesakes: Sarah Dessen, an American author specializing in young adult fiction.
  • Popularity: Sarah peaked in 2014, ranking #46 on American name charts.
Trendy, Cute, Biblical


Sophie is interpreted as “wisdom,” something every parent wishes for their child. A lighter variation of Sophia, Sophie is perfect for the playful little fairy. Princess Sophie of Sweden is just one of many royal namesakes. In 2021, Sophie was among the top 100 U.S. girls’ names, making it feel fresh.

  • Origin: French, Greek
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Pronunciation: SOH-fee
  • Variations: Sofi
  • Namesakes: Sophie Sumner, an English model.
  • Popularity: In 2011, Sophie was among America’s top 60 girl names.
Trendy, Beautiful, Strong
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Stephanie is the female variation of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Stephanie’s “crown” interpretation refers to the Greek tradition of crowning victors with laurel wreaths. Prominent namesakes include Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Crown, garland
  • Pronunciation: STEH-fuh-nee
  • Variations: Stefanie
  • Namesakes: Stephanie Meyer, an American author known for the Twilight series.
  • Popularity: Stephanie peaked in the late 90s, ranking in the top 10 American girl names.
Elegant, Sophisticated, Classy


Suiko was Japan’s first ruling empress in the 500s, smashing gender roles for that time. Despite its feminist history, Suiko remains extraordinary. Alternate meanings include “chic” and “different.” You can call your girl Koko for short.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Water child
  • Pronunciation: SWEE-koh
  • Popularity: Suiko is a unique name worldwide.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


Suri is commonly associated with the daughter of celebrities Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Parents looking for unique names that mean princess should give Suri a second glance. Alternate meanings include “sun” and “rose,” giving Suri an unexpected nature twist.

  • Origin: Persian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Princess, red rose
  • Pronunciation: SIR-ee
  • Namesakes: Suri Krishnamma, a British film director.
  • Popularity: Suri is a globally unique name that doesn’t appear on charts.
Rare, Strong, Unusual


Theodora is the feminine version of Theodore and was most popular in the early 1900s. Though Theodora is fairly uncommon, it does have royal associations. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark was relevant in the 1940s, giving this title old Hollywood vibes. Adorable nicknames include Dora.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Pronunciation: thee-OH-dor-uh
  • Popularity: In 2021, Theodora ranked #734 on American name charts.
Vintage, Strong, Beautiful


Tiana is Disney’s first African-American princess, a wonderful occasion for girls everywhere. Tiana is also one of Disney’s newest princesses, starring in The Princess and the Frog. Alternate meanings include “princess,” perfect for your little darling. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson chose Tiana for his daughter in 2018, giving it superstar power.

  • Origin: Slavic, Russian
  • Meaning: Fairy queen
  • Pronunciation: tee-AHN-ah
  • Namesakes: Tiana Tolstoi, a French model.
  • Popularity: Tiana peaked in 1995, ranking #267 on American name charts.
Exotic, Beautiful, Classy


Victoria is associated with the Victorian era, led by Queen Victoria, who ruled for over 60 years. Victoria is the female variation of Victor, a title used by Christians to signify Christ’s victory over death. Victoria is also the Roman goddess of victory. Common nicknames for your little champ include Vicky.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Victory
  • Pronunciation: vik-TOR-ee-uh
  • Variations: Viktoria
  • Popularity: Victoria peaked in 1999, ranking #16 on American girl names charts.
Vintage, Elegant, Sophisticated


90s kids will instantly associate this rare title with Xena: Warrior Princess. This beloved show ran for six years, but Xena was only famous in America from 1996-1997. Alternate meanings include “hospitable,” perfect for the friendly princess.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Guest
  • Pronunciation: ZEE-nuh
  • Popularity: Xena fell off American name charts in 1997.
Rare, Vintage, Unusual


Zadie is an edgy variation of Sadie, a cute title meaning “princess.” Though this name has a modern feel, Zadie was most popular in the early 1900s. If you desire rare princess names with Z, go for Zadie.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: ZAY-dee
  • Popularity: Zadie fell off American name charts in 1910.
Vintage, Unique, Cool


Zali is a derivative of Sarah and a fun alternative to Hailey. Zali is a story waiting to be written, perfect for your independent girl. Namesakes include Zali Steggal, an Australian athlete and politician. Alternate meanings include “noblewoman” and “lady.”

  • Origin: Hebrew, Hungarian
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: ZAY-lee
  • Popularity: Zali is a unique name worldwide.
Rare, Unusual, Beautiful


Look no further for strong princess girl names. Zhao is traditionally a surname or boy’s name, but it’s acceptable for girls, too. Princess Zhao of Pingyang was a brilliant Chinese army leader, proving girls can do anything. Zhao could be the perfect title for your active little girl.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Jump, walk quickly
  • Pronunciation: ZOW
  • Popularity: Zhao is a popular surname but a rare forename.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate
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