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150 Fierce Hunter and Huntress Names: With Cool Origins

These hunter and huntress names are on target.

Hunters are a common theme throughout mythology and fiction. They’re generally well-regarded and have honorable character qualities. Parents hoping their children embody bravery, wit, and agility will often find hunter and huntress names appealing.

We’ve gathered the best names that mean hunter in one place, including fictional and real-life titles. You’ll find moral namesakes and ones that fall into the badass category. With over 100 options – you can’t go wrong. Pull up a seat and get ready to dive into a beautiful array of hunter names.

52 Cool Hunter Names

These 52 fierce hunter names are fair game.

  1. Acetaeon – a masculine Greek title and mythical hunter considered the first human sacrifice.
  2. Apollo – the ancient mythical Greek god of archery, poetry, and sunlight or a giant asteroid.
  3. Apsat – of Georgian origin, referring to the god of hunting, birds, and animals.
  4. Arawn – a central character in Welsh mythology, known for his hunting skills and shape-shifting powers.
  5. Aristaeus – the Greek protector of hunters, meaning “best.”
  6. Arrow – a unisex English option referring to a popular tool for hunters.
  7. Bow – a weapon used to hunt large game such as elk or deer.
  8. Cayde – among hunter names inspired by video games, borne by Cayde-6 from Destiny.
  9. Chase – a French option that means “to hunt down” and a vintage nickname for hunters.
  10. Chasen – of French and Hebrew origin, meaning “huntsman” and a badass alternative to Jason.
  11. Chiron – a Greek centaur trained by Artemis in the art of hunting and archery.
  12. Cocidius – of Celtic origin, borne by the mythical god of wars and hunting, equivalent to Mars.
  13. Colt – an English pick referring to a young horse or a gun used for hunting.
  14. Connor – of Celtic origin, meaning “master of hounds” or “hunter.”
  15. Davy – short for the Hebrew title David, borne by sharpshooter Davy Crockett.
  16. Draven – derived from “drafend,” meaning “to hunt” in Old English.
  17. Eros – the Greek god of love, known for his victory in all areas, including hunting.
  18. Esau – of Hebrew origin, meaning “man of the field,” one of the Bible’s best-known hunters.
  19. Firas – is Arabic for “lion,” a fierce beast famous for its predatory skills.
  20. Fowler – of English origin, another word for “bird hunter.”
  21. Fred – short for Alfred, meaning “peace,” borne by famous archer Fred Bear.
  22. Gahiji – joins the ranks of Egyptian names that mean hunter, prevalent in the Middle East.
  23. Grosvenor – of French origin meaning “great hunter,” perfect for your little marksmen.
  24. Holter – a great French pick referring to a hunter or fisherman.
  25. Huntington – hails from the UK, often seen as a surname meaning “hunter’s settlement.”
  26. Ivar – a Scandinavian pick meaning “archer” or “bow warrior,” perfect for your on-point boy.
  27. Jaeger – among famous German surnames referring to the best hunters.
  28. Kanati – borne by a Cherokee Indian responsible for teaching his people how to hunt.
  29. Khonvoum – of African origin, referring to the god of the hunt, depicted with a rainbow weapon.
  30. Lelantosis the Greek titan of the air known for his ability to hunt down prey sneakily.
  31. Leo – the Latin word for “lion,” among the fiercest hunters of the animal kingdom.
  32. Niabi – a Native American pick meaning “fawn spared by the hunter,” perfect for the compassionate boy.
  33. Nimrod – of Hebrew origin, noted in the Bible as Noah’s great-grandson, honored for his hunting skills.
  34. Nodens – the Norse variation of Mars, a mythical god hailed as one of the greatest hunters.
  35. Nyyrikki – a strong option referring to the Finnish god of the hunt, associated with Nimrod.
  36. Oden – a variant of Odin, a mythical figure famous for Odin’s Hunt, which preceded misfortune.
  37. Odysseus – a Greek and Roman pick borne by a mythical titan who loves hunting.
  38. Oringo – of African origin, meaning “he who likes to hunt.”
  39. Orion – a Greek pick pointing to Orion’s constellation, depicting a hunter.
  40. Rudra – of Indian origin, meaning “storm” or “the hunt.”
  41. Sidon – a Hebrew title for boys meaning “hunting,” “fishing,” and “venison.”
  42. Theron – of Greek origin, means “hunter” or “pursuer.”
  43. Thimba – hails from the Swahili dialect, meaning “lion hunter.”
  44. Todd – is an English surname doubling as a forename, given initially to fox hunters.
  45. Trapper – of English origin, refers to someone who hunts animals with traps.
  46. Tyoma – the Russian god of hunting and childbirth, comes with the adorable nickname Ty.
  47. Wallace – of Welsh origin, can refer to the Wallace hunting kilt.
  48. Washington – an English pick borne by U.S. President George Washington, an avid hunter.
  49. Wepwawet – the Egyptian god of hunting and war, often depicted with a wolf’s head.
  50. Wesson – of English origin, a popular brand of firearms used by hunters.
  51. Woodman – an English surname meaning “hunter” that can be used as a dashing forename.
  52. Wylder – a German pick meaning “adventurer” or “hunter.”

49 Elegant Huntress Names

These 49 sophisticated huntress names will have you hooked.

  1. Aala – hails from the United States, meaning “she who hunts.”
  2. Abnoba – of Celtic origin, referring to the goddess of the hunt – cute nicknames include Abbie.
  3. Aife – a variation of Aoife, a Celtic warrior known for her immense hunting skills.
  4. Airmed – the Celtic goddess of foraging or hunting for herbs.
  5. Alcyone – of Greek origin meaning “kingfisher,” a beautiful bird with a knack for fishing.
  6. Alessia – hails from Italy, meaning “hunter,” perfect for the girl who stands up for herself.
  7. Andromache – a Greek pick meaning “man battler” and wife of a famous mythical hunter named Hector.
  8. Annie – of Hebrew origin, meaning “full of grace” borne by sharpshooter Annie Oakley.
  9. Arduinna – the Roman goddess of forests and hunting, often depicted riding a boar.
  10. Artemis – of Greek origin referring to the goddess of hunting, means “twin of Apollo” and “butcher.”
  11. Atalanta – a Greek huntress whose name means “equal in weight,” honored for her agility.
  12. Aurora – refers to the Roman goddess of dawn, a popular time to hunt.
  13. Auryon – an American pick that’s a variant of Orion, meaning “hunter.”
  14. Belisama – the Norse goddess of the hunt, comes with the beautiful nickname Bella.
  15. Bendis – the Thracian goddess of the moon and hunt, equivalent to Artemis.
  16. Brenda – of Norse origin, meaning “blade of the sword,” ideal for the fiercest hunter.
  17. Brielle – hails from France, meaning “hunting ground,” can also be short for the Hebrew Gabrielle.
  18. Britomartis – the Cretan goddess of mountains and hunting made famous through Greek mythology.
  19. Camilla – featured in works by Shakespeare and Virgil, portrayed as a tomboy who adores hunting.
  20. Cynthia – joins the ranks of mythical female hunter names, an alias for Artemis, the goddess of hunting.
  21. Cyrene – of Greek origin, referring to Hypeseus’ daughter, a fierce huntress.
  22. Dali – a Georgian goddess who rules hoofed animals, perfect for your little mountain girl.
  23. Di – of Latin and Greek origin, short for Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting.
  24. Diana – of Greek and Latin origin, refers to the mythical Roman ruler of hunting and forests.
  25. Diane – a variation of Diana, the goddess of hunting and the moon, perfect for the night owl.
  26. Divana – derived from Devana, the Polish ruler of nature, forests, hunting, and the moon.
  27. Enda – an Irish title meaning “like a bird,” referring to a natural-borne predator or hunter.
  28. Fianna – of Irish origin, meaning “warrior huntress,” a popular username for WoW players.
  29. Flidais – hails from Egypt, meaning “divine mother,” referring to the goddess of the hunt.
  30. Guinevere- a French pick borne by fictional King Arthur’s hunting companion and wife.
  31. Jameka – an African title meaning “hunter” or “loyal,” both honorable attributes for your girl.
  32. Kainda – a good pick for hunting parents as it means “hunter’s daughter” in the African dialect.
  33. Katniss – a Greek title borne by Katniss Everdeen, a sharpshooter featured in the Hunger Games.
  34. Kenzleigh – of English origin, meaning “spirit hunter,” comes with the adorable moniker Kenzie.
  35. Lara – a Russian and Greek title borne by Lara Croft, a fictional treasure hunter and warrior.
  36. Makaya – a Native American pick from the Hopi tribe, meaning “one who hunts eagles.”
  37. Merida – of Latin origin, borne by Disney’s fictional princess, known for her archery skills.
  38. Neith – among Egyptian names, borne by the goddess of war and hunting.
  39. Pakhet – of Egyptian origin, meaning “she who scratches,” referring to the goddess of the hunt.
  40. Sedna – an Inuit title claimed by the mythical goddess of the sea, fishing, and marine animals.
  41. Sylvanas – ideal for gaming parents, as it refers to World of Warcraft’s chief huntress.
  42. Teresa – is of Greek origin, meaning “from Theras” or “huntress.”
  43. Tessa – a Greek pick short for Theresa, meaning “hunter.”
  44. Valda – a variation of Holda, featured in mythology as Woldan’s wife and co-leader of the hunt.
  45. Venatrix – the Latin word for “hunter,” similar to a feminine gladiator.
  46. Winda – of Swahili origin, meaning “hunter,” a beautiful way to share your African pride.
  47. Zada – an Arabic pick meaning “fortunate” or “hunter,” ideal for your good luck charm.
  48. Zambadi – of Arabic origin, meaning “hunter,” perfect for the Arabian beauty.
  49. Zarola – a famous title among Muslim girls, meaning “hunter” or “huntress.”

49 Unisex Hunter and Huntress Names

The buck stops with these 49 hunter and huntress names.

  1. Alex – joins Greek hunter and huntress names, referring to someone who hunts down the enemy.
  2. Archer – an English surname doubling as a forename, a cool pick for the little bowman.
  3. Aris – short for Aristaceus, the god of hunting and pottery, can be used for either gender.
  4. Asp – a type of Egyptian cobra known for hunting prey three times its size.
  5. Bear – a ferocious animal famous for its ability to stalk prey, symbolizing strength and courage.
  6. Betelgeuse – a legendary Arabic title meaning “hunter’s shoulder,” referring to Orion, a renowned hunter.
  7. Caine – a biblical Hebrew pick meaning “spear hunter,” borne by the world’s first murderer.
  8. Caliber – describes the size of a bullet, a popular term amongst hunters.
  9. Canowicakte – of Native American origin, meaning “forest hunter.”
  10. Cernunnos – one of many Celtic hunting gods, often pictured surrounded by dogs.
  11. Falcon – a large bird trained to retrieve hunter’s kills.
  12. Fiagai- the Irish word for “hunter,” suitable for either gender.
  13. Fisher – an English occupational last name for fisherman that can be used for girls and boys.
  14. Fletcher – a Scottish surname referring to those who make arrows for hunting.
  15. Forager – a hunter-gatherer who travels to find herbs, berries, and nuts.
  16. Forest – of English origin, meaning “woodsman” or “woods,” a popular spot for hunters.
  17. Gauge – a term describing the size of a shotgun barrel or ammunition, pronounced “GAYJ.”
  18. Gwyn – a key character in Welsh mythology, known as the leader of the hunt.
  19. Hawke – a variation of hawk, a bird trained to help hunters capture their prey.
  20. Herne – a Celtic god associated with the hunt, featured in Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.
  21. Hunter – an English pick describing someone who hunts for a living.
  22. Huntingden – a classy English surname meaning “from the hunter’s hill.”
  23. Huntley – of Old English origin, referring to a hunter’s meadow.
  24. Jaecar – the German word for “hunter,” perfect for parents who adore the nickname Jae.
  25. J’onn – a fictional title borne by J’onn J’onnz, also known as The Martian Manhunter in DC Comics.
  26. Lubdhaka – a rare Sanskrit pick meaning “hunter” or “covetous,” giving this title a badass air.
  27. Lynx – a wild cat symbolizing hunting and protection, a cool pick for parents wanting the “X-factor.”
  28. Meadow – an English title meaning “grass” or “vegetation,” a popular setting for hunters to stalk prey.
  29. Mixcoatl – of Aztec origin, referring to the goddess of the hunt, associated with the Milky Way.
  30. Nujalik – a Chinese or Inuit title meaning “goddess of hunting” or “god of the land.”
  31. Nullah – an Australian pick meaning “hunting stick” or “war club,” perfect for your fierce baby.
  32. Oakley – of English origin, meaning “meadow of oak trees,” borne by Annie Oakley.
  33. Oceane – the French equivalent of ocean, a place to hunt fish and other marine life.
  34. Pager – a French surname given to talented marksmen in training to become knights.
  35. Paris – another name for Alexandros, meaning “defender,” someone who hunts enemies.
  36. Pyro – a Greek pick meaning fire, also associated with the Monster Hunters video game.
  37. Rama – an Indian title featured in the Dharma pointing to a deer hunter.
  38. Raven – a large black bird featured in literature, known for its effective hunting skills.
  39. Remington – an English surname and a popular brand of hunting ammunition.
  40. Rigel – of Arabic origin, meaning “foot,” referring to Orion the Hunter’s constellation.
  41. Robin – a unisex title made famous by falconer Robin Hood and his merry men.
  42. Sabre – a heavy sword used for hunting large mammals.
  43. Sage – of English origin referring to a wise person who foraged for healing herbs.
  44. Sig – a German pick that points to the Sig Sauer brand of guns and ammunition.
  45. Skade – the Norse god or goddess of bowhunting and skiing, perfect for the winter baby.
  46. Talon – of English origin, the claw a bird uses to hunt its prey.
  47. Waltonian – an English title meaning “keen fisherman,” inspired by Izaak Walton, an author and conservationist.
  48. Wilde – of German origin meaning “hunter,” a cool title for your chaotic cherub.
  49. Wolfe – a derivative of Wolf, pointing to one of the savviest hunters in North America.

Hunter Names FAQs

What Is the Greek Name for Huntress?

The Greek name for huntress is Artemis, inspired by mythology. Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild animals, and vegetation. Hunters would sacrifice to Artemis in hopes of a successful hunting expedition. Artemis isn’t the most popular deity, but she has a powerful father in Zeus. Artemis was also the twin sister of Apollo, the god of archery.

What Is the Viking Name for Hunter?

While there’s no exact Viking name for a hunter, several names allude to the sport. Nodens, for example, is an excellent pick for boys, meaning “to trap.” Parents looking for girl Viking names meaning hunter will adore Belisima, the goddess of the hunt. Unisex options include Skade, the god or goddess of bowhunting, perfect for the little archer.

What Is the Celtic Name for Hunter?

The Celtic name for a hunter is Fiagai, which can also mean “deer stalker.” Fiagai is a fabulous unisex pick for babies born near Saint Patrick’s Day. Like many Celtic titles, Fiagai has a unique pronunciation: FEE-uh-GYE, which rolls off the tongue. Call your little one Fifi, or Guy for short.

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