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Freya Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Freya including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Freya Overview

  • Meaning: Freya means “noble lady”.
  • Gender: Freya is traditionally a female name
  • Origin: Freya is of Scandinavian origin and is the name of the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  • Pronunciation: Freya is pronounced “FRAY-uh”
  • Popularity: The name Freya is popular in the United States
  • Nicknames: Frey, Yaya, Effie, Fae, Fee, Rae, Fia, Fee-fee, Fifi, Fay
  • Variations:Fara, Farra, Ffreuer, Frea, Freyja, Freia, Frida, Frieda, Freja, Frøya
  • Namesakes: Freya Allan (British actress), Freya Anderson (British swimmer), Freya Christine Clausen (Danish singer), Audrey Freyja Clarke (Icelandic figure skater).

What Does Freya Mean?

The name Freya means “noble woman” or “noble lady.”

What is the Origin of the Name Freya?

The name Freya is derived from the Old Norse name of Freyja, goddess of love, fertility, and war. Some sources believe that “Freyja” was not a personal name but a title for a noble or well-respected woman (1).

The earliest recorded use of this name is unknown, but it can be traced back to the eighth century CE. This is when the first stories of the Norse gods started being passed down through the Scandinavian tribes of the Viking Age (2).

The name is often confused with Frigga or Frigg (pronounced “FRIH-guh”), the Old Norse goddess of marriage, future sight, and motherhood. Though they are similar in sound and image, they are the names of two distinct figures. Freyja and Frigga are two of the eminent goddesses in the Norse pantheon.

How Popular is the Name Freya?

While the name Freya was never popular in past centuries, it has seen a huge surge in popularity in the 2000s. It first broke into the top one thousand most popular names for baby girls in 2013.

At the moment, the name Freya is popular. It is the one hundred and seventy-ninth most popular name given to baby girls (3).

How Do I Pronounce Freya?

The name Freya is pronounced, “FRAY-uh.”

Is Freya a Boy or Girl Name?

Freya is most commonly used as a girl’s name. There is no recorded instance of the name Freya being given as a boy’s name.

Variations of Freya

Due to its rich origins, the name Freya can be spelled in multiple ways. Possible variations of the name Freya include:

  • Fara
  • Farra
  • Ffreuer
  • Frea
  • Freia
  • Freja
  • Freyja
  • Frida
  • Frieda
  • Frøya

Nicknames for Freya

Playfully shorten Freya with these possible nicknames:

  • Effie
  • Fae
  • Fay
  • Fee
  • Fee-fee
  • Fia
  • Fifi
  • Frey
  • Rae
  • Yaya

Similar Names to Freya

Freya’s historical origins also lend to a number of similar names like:

  • Alia (Arabic, “sky” or “heaven”)
  • Bailey (English, “bailiff”)
  • Clara (Latin, “clear” or “bright”)
  • Eiya (Japanese, “beautiful crystal” depending on the characters used)
  • Faye (English, “faith”)
  • Francesca (French, “French”)
  • Frida/Freida (Swedish, “peace”)
  • Hayley (English, “hayfield”)
  • Jada (Hebrew, “he knows” or “wise”)
  • Priya (Sanskrit, “beloved”)

Names that are similar in meaning to Freya include:

  • Adara (Hebrew, “noble”)
  • Audrey (Scandinavian, “noble strength”)
  • Despoina/Despina (Greek, “lady” or “mistress”)
  • Donna (Italian, “lady”)
  • Ethel (English, “noble”)
  • Kyrie (Greek/Latin/English, “lord”)
  • Martha/Marta (Aramaic, “lady of the house”)
  • Perchuhi (Armenian, “elegant lady”)
  • Reina (Spanish, “queen”)
  • Sarah (Hebrew, “lady,” “princess,” and “noblewoman”)

Middle Names for Freya

Since it’s a relatively short name, you can combine Freya with some possible nicknames to balance it out:

Sibling Names for Freya

These names are some wonderful candidates for Freya’s sibling:

  • Elli
  • Erna
  • Ernest
  • Frey/Freyr
  • Gudrun
  • Idun
  • Kara
  • Sigmund

Famous People Named Freya

There are some famous people behind the name Freya. These include:

  • Audrey Freyja Clarke: Icelandic figure skater.
  • Freya Allan: British actress.
  • Freya Anderson: British swimmer.
  • Freya Christine Clausen: Danish singer.
  • Freya Hartas: British illustrator.
  • Freya Mavor: Scottish actress.
  • Freya Ridings: British singer-songwriter.
  • Freya Powell: American artist.
  • Freya Tingley: Australian actress.
  • Freya von Moltke: German anti-Nazi resistance fighter.
  • Freya Yates: British actress.

Freya in Popular Culture

Since Freya is of mythological origin, it’s no surprise that a number of characters, media, and other aspects of popular culture take her name such as:

  • 76 Freia: asteroid discovered in 1862
  • Freya Beauchamp: character in the 2013 American supernatural drama Witches of East End
  • Freya Crescent: character in the game Final Fantasy IX
  • Freya: character in the Nintendo video game Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Freya: character in the manga Chobits by CLAMP
  • Freya: character in the 1912 novel Freya and the Seven Isles by Joseph Conrad
  • Freya: the villain of the 2016 film The Huntsman: Winter’s War
  • Freya: character in the 2008 science fiction action film Outlander
  • Freya: character in the manga Saint Seiya by Masami Kurumada
  • Freya: character in the 1997 American science fiction television series Stargate SG-1
  • Freya: character in the 1995 American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager
  • Freya: a retconned character from Marvel Comics’ Thor comics
  • Freya: character in the MMORPG World of Warcraft
  • Freyja: character in the 2020 fantasy video game Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Freya FAQs

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about the name Freya:

Is Freya an Old Name?

Yes, the name Freya is centuries if not millennia old. It is derived from an Old Norse word and a figure from one of the oldest faiths in the world.

Can I Name My Child Freya?

Sure! Freya is one of the more popular figures from Norse mythology to name a child after. The name is popular in contemporary England, Germany, Scandinavia, and the United States.

What Does Freya Mean in the Bible?

No. Freya is a figure in pre-Christian Norse mythology and does not appear in the Bible.

Is Freya a Strong Name?

In Norse mythology, the goddess Freya is an incredibly strong figure. She was associated with battle and warfare as well as love and fertility.

While the god Odin took half the heroes killed on the battlefield to bring back to Valhalla, Freya had the right to claim the other half. She would bring them back to her realm of Fólkvangar, along with Norse women who had died noble deaths (4).

If you are looking to give your child a strong name, Freya is an excellent choice.

Are Freya and Freyja the Same Name?

Yes. Freyja is the original Old Norse name given to the goddess of love and warfare. Freya is the most common English spelling of the name. Several variants can be found in the “Variations” section above.

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