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150+ Unique Nicknames for Girlfriends: With Cute Meanings

You’ll fall in love with these cute nicknames for girlfriends.

Are you looking for the cutest nicknames for girlfriends? We’ve got you covered. This extensive list is bound to have something that catches your eye. Every love story is unique, so we’ve included a variety of girlfriend nicknames, including exotic and elegant options.

By the end of your journey, you’ll be armed with a variety of pet names for girlfriends. Sit back and relax; the perfect girlfriend nicknames are just around the corner.

41 Delicious Nicknames for Girlfriends

These 41 yummy nicknames for girlfriends will remind you how sweet love is.

  1. Babelicious – an adorable variation of babe inspired by Bubblicious gum.
  2. Babycakes – a funny variation of Baby that’s sweeter than pie.
  3. Bonbon – joins the ranks of chocolate-infused nicknames for girlfriends originating in France.
  4. Bun – a cute moniker for “bunny” can also refer to a sweet bun or donut.
  5. Candy – short for Candice, a perfect pick for the girl who’s sugary sweet.
  6. Cookie – a sticky-sweet nickname borne by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.
  7. Cupcake – meaning “soft and sweet” in slang, ideal for the demure darling.
  8. Donut – a unique pick bound to bring laughter and sweetness to your relationship.
  9. Dumplin’ – one of many Southern girlfriend nicknames, featured in a namesake book and Netflix movie.
  10. Fine Wine – a term for an attractive person, often used to describe an older woman.
  11. Honey – is among the oldest terms of endearment, recorded in the Middle Ages.
  12. Honey Bunch – hails from the U.K., meaning “darling” or “sweetheart.”
  13. Jelly – a popular breakfast condiment, can also refer to a jealous lover.
  14. Jellybean – a vintage pet name referring to someone who dresses stylishly.
  15. Love Muffin – the feminine variation of Stud Muffin, ideal for your favorite contact!
  16. Lucky Charm – a popular breakfast cereal in the U.S., showing your girl how blessed you are.
  17. Marshmallow – refers to a gentle, soft individual, perfect for your kindhearted girl.
  18. Muffin – a sweet breakfast pastry, means “pretty girl” in American slang.
  19. Nutter Butter – a cookie famous in the U.S. or a flirty moniker for your crazy girl.
  20. Peach – one of Georgia’s famous fruits, perfect for your Southern belle.
  21. Peanut – a title used to describe a petite cutie, also a popular nickname for children.
  22. Puddin’ – made famous by Harley Quinn, who claimed it meant “classic.”
  23. Pumpkin – an American option bound to remind your girlfriend of pumpkin spice and autumn leaves.
  24. Short Stack – a slang term describing a short, voluptuous woman, inspired by pancakes.
  25. Shug – short for sugar, perfect for the girl who can’t be boxed in.
  26. Skippy – a derivative of skipper, fitting for the girl who wears the pants in the relationship.
  27. Smarties – the perfect pick for your beloved brainiac, inspired by Smarties candy.
  28. Sprinkles – a famous garnish for desserts, fitting for the girl who makes you look good.
  29. Sugar – a classic English option showing your girlfriend just how special she is.
  30. Sugar Baby – a caramel-based candy or a young lady supported by her older boyfriend.
  31. Sugar Lips – the best pick for the girl whose kisses are sweet as candy.
  32. Sweet Cheeks – a delightful option for the girl with pinchable cheeks.
  33. Sweetie – short for sweetheart, a pet name for the girl you’re going steady with.
  34. Sweetie Pie – a play on the popular phrase “sweet as pie,” perfect for your angelic darling.
  35. Sweetkins – the English variation of “soetken,” the Dutch word for “sweetheart.”
  36. Sweetness – a classy pick borne by NFL legend Walter “Sweetness” Payton.
  37. Sweet Pea – refers to the delicious vegetable or flower, symbolizing pleasure.
  38. Sweet Thing – a romantic title that speaks for itself, ideal for an honest relationship.
  39. Sweetums – of English origin, means “sweetheart” or “sweet personality.”
  40. Tootsie – made popular in the 1930s, short for tootsy-wootsy or a Tootsie roll candy.
  41. Yummy – a classic pick describing the girl with a delicious aesthetic.

51 Elegant Nicknames for Girlfriends

These 51 sophisticated nicknames for girlfriends are as timeless as your Love.

  1. Angel Eyes – a vintage nickname based on the namesake song by Matt Dennis.
  2. Babe – of English origin, short for baby or slang for a hot girl.
  3. Beautiful – a straightforward pick that will make your girl feel like a supermodel.
  4. Beauty – is derived from “beaute,” a French word meaning “pretty.”
  5. Beloved – one of many old-fashioned names to call your girlfriend, meaning “dearly loved.”
  6. Birdie – a nature-inspired pick ideal for the delicate girl who takes you to new levels.
  7. Blue Eyes – an adorable way to remind your girlfriend of her best feature.
  8. Brown Eyes – for your doe-eyed girl, inspired by the hit song Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison.
  9. Butterfly – of English origin, describing the social sweetheart known for her friendly personality.
  10. Charmer – for the girl who won your heart, associated with soul mates due to Prince Charming.
  11. Cherished – of English origin, a great reminder to treat your girlfriend respectfully.
  12. Cinderella – a fairytale-inspired title that’s fitting for your perfect princess.
  13. Daisy – short for Margaret, a romantic title given to Little Women’s Meg March.
  14. Darling – if you’re looking for well-known pet names for girlfriend, Darling is your best bet.
  15. Dear – the old-fashioned equivalent of babe or sweetie, often used at the beginning of love letters.
  16. Dimples – the best way to pay homage to your beautifully dimpled darling.
  17. Doll – a derivative of Dorothea, meaning “gift of God” or a moniker for a pretty girl.
  18. Doll Face – of English origin, the perfect way to tell your girl her beauty is beyond compare.
  19. Foxy – an American pick describing the girl with unmatched physical beauty.
  20. Freckles – a cute tribute to a feature that makes your girlfriend uniquely yours.
  21. Girlfriend – short, sweet, and to the point, perfect for couples that don’t play games.
  22. Girly – a good alternative to girl, can also describe the ultrafeminine cutie.
  23. Goddess – an umbrella term referring to the strong, smart girl who rules your world.
  24. Gorgeous – an old-fashioned pet name experiencing a new revival due to Taylor Swift’s namesake song.
  25. Green eyes – describes the rarest eye color; it could be a great title for your unicorn girlfriend.
  26. Hun – short for honey, a simple way to stay connected to your girl throughout the day.
  27. Joy – a popular girl’s name that can also be a nickname for your ray of sunshine.
  28. Juliet – of French origin, showing your girl she’s the Juliet to your Romeo.
  29. Lady – has ties to nobility, making it a respectful pet name for your modest girl.
  30. Ladylove – a classier variant of Babylove, means “mistress” or “sweetheart.”
  31. Love – derived from Lover, can also be written as “my love” or “luv.”
  32. Love Bug – someone bitten by the love bug, another way of saying you’re head over heels!
  33. Love of My Life – the perfect pet name for your one and only sweetheart.
  34. Lover – of English origin, fitting for the girl you share your body, heart, and soul with.
  35. Melody – from Greece; an appropriate choice for the girl who puts a song in your heart.
  36. Minnie – a Disney-inspired option referring to half of the iconic Mickey and Minnie duo.
  37. My Girl – one of the most possessive nicknames for girlfriends, letting the world know she’s yours.
  38. Pearl – an English title meaning “precious gemstone,” a great pet name for your June girlfriend.
  39. Perfect – a pet name of adoration, fitting for your flawless soul mate.
  40. Poppet – hails from the U.K., describing a child or a beautiful young girl.
  41. Princess – among royal girlfriend names, perfect for the girl who doesn’t have to lift a finger.
  42. Queen – of English origin, fitting for the queen of your heart.
  43. Rose – a German title referring to the gorgeous flower, symbolizing love and passion.
  44. Rosebud – an unopened rose, a cute metaphorical nickname for new relationships.
  45. Sexy – of English origin, fitting for the girl who makes your heart race.
  46. Smokeshow – another way of saying your girlfriend is smoking hot, ideal for your attractive cutie.
  47. Snookums – means “the sun” in the Indian dialect, often given to Hindi girlfriends.
  48. Soul Mate – a simple pet name for your match made in heaven.
  49. Sunny – short for Sunshine, a winning pick for the girl with an optimistic personality.
  50. Sweetheart – among the oldest names to call your girlfriend, first recorded in the 13th-century.
  51. Valentine – a derivative of Valens meaning “strong” and “healthy,” fitting solid relationships.

30 Exotic Nicknames for Girlfriends

These 30 foreign nicknames for girlfriends will take you to a foreign land.

  1. Ai – is of Japanese origin, meaning “love” and “affection.”
  2. Aiko – hails from Japan and means “little loved one,” fitting for your petite sweetie.
  3. Aimi – a classic Japanese pick meaning “love” and “beauty,” ideal for your pageant queen.
  4. Akira – among the most versatile Japanese nicknames for girlfriends, means “love,” “sun,” “clear,” and “intelligent.”
  5. Amore Mio – of Italian origin meaning “My Love,” giving your relationship international flair.
  6. Azucar – the Spanish word for “sugar,” a cute twist on a classic pet name.
  7. Bebe – of Spanish origin meaning “baby,” a sophisticated nickname for your darling girl.
  8. Bella – means “beautiful” in Spanish and Italian, doubling as a popular name for girls.
  9. Bombon – the Spanish word for “chocolate,” perfect for your dark-skinned goddess.
  10. Bonita – of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “pretty” and “cute.”
  11. Cara Mia – an Italian and Spanish endearment meaning “my beloved.”
  12. Carina – a variant of Cara meaning “beloved” or “dear” in Italian and Spanish.
  13. Carino – of Spanish origin, equivalent to Darling, Dear, or Sweetie.
  14. Chica – the Spanish word for “girl,” a fancy alternative to chick.
  15. Dulce – derived from “dulcis,” a Latin word meaning “sweet candy,” featured in many exotic dessert titles.
  16. Gioia Mia – hails from Italy, means “my joy,” “my happiness,” or “my jewel,” covering all your bases.
  17. Gudiya – a Hindi option meaning “my girl” or “my love,” sure to capture your girl’s attention.
  18. Liebling – of German origin, meaning “to love,” can be used interchangeably with darling and sweetheart.
  19. Ma Belle – means “my pretty” in French and “lovable” in Latin, the best of both worlds.
  20. Mi Amor – a Spanish option meaning “ love” or “light of my life,” beautiful tributes to your beloved.
  21. Mi Cielo – of Spanish origin meaning “my sky” or “my heaven,” perfect for your ethereal queen.
  22. Mi Reina – a popular name in Mexico, meaning “my queen,” for the girl who makes your life royally awesome.
  23. Mi Vida – a Spanish pick meaning “my life,” fitting for the all-consuming relationship.
  24. Mon Cheri – a popular pet name since the mid-1800s, originating in France, meaning “my sweetheart.”
  25. Mon Vilain – hails from France, referring to “my naughty one,” perfect for your mischievous vixen.
  26. Osito – of Spanish origin, meaning “little teddy bear,” bringing to mind a well-loved comfort object.
  27. Princessa – the Spanish equivalent of princess, bound to make any girl happy.
  28. Pulcino – from Italy, referring to a “baby chick,” falls under pet names for girlfriends or children.
  29. Ragazza – an Italian endearment describing an unmarried young girl.
  30. Señorita – means “young girl” in Spanish or a song by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

48 Cute Nicknames for Girlfriends

These 48 nicknames for girlfriends are as adorable as they come.

  1. Adorable – derived from the Latin “adorabilius,” meaning “worthy of adoration.”
  2. Angel – a variant of “angelos,” the Latin word for “messenger,” perfect for your cherubic love.
  3. Baby – originally described infants but became a term of endearment in the early 1900s.
  4. Baby Girl – an adorable tribute to the woman you long to care for.
  5. Baby Love – of English origin, became popular after the release of Baby Love by the Supremes.
  6. Bae – a derivative of Bae or Baby, can also mean “before anyone else.”
  7. Blossom – of British origin, meaning “flowerlike,” perfect for the girl who doesn’t beat around the bush.
  8. Boo – a modern play on Beau, meaning “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” with endless pop culture references.
  9. Boss – an English option referring to the girl in charge of the relationship.
  10. Bright Eyes – was first used in Planet of the Apes, referring to a girl with enchanting eyes.
  11. Bubbies – means “little girl” in Latin, often used as a cutesy nickname for girlfriends.
  12. Bubbles- of English origin meaning “bubbly” or “happy,” perfect for your joyous union.
  13. Bug – a derivative of “boog,” meaning “devil” or “ghost” in Welsh, a nickname for petite women.
  14. Buttercup – of English origin, referring to the yellow flower symbolizing attraction and joy.
  15. Chipmunk – joins the ranks of animal names connected to the cute yard pet.
  16. Cuddle Bunny – made popular in the 1940s, perfect for your Snuggle Buddy.
  17. Cuddles – a blunt option referring to a fun activity for the girl who values physical affection.
  18. Cutie – an American option meaning “cute” that can also be an Arabian surname.
  19. Cutie Pie – a combination of Cute and Sweetie Pie, made popular in the Midwest in the 1900s.
  20. Diva – the Italian equivalent of Goddess, often used to describe movie stars, ideal for your A-lister.
  21. Dreamboat – an English pick made popular in the 1940s, referring to someone who carries another’s dreams.
  22. Dreamy – a variation of Dreamboat, pointing to an attractive loved one.
  23. Gem – short for Gemstone, a Latin title meaning “jewel.”
  24. Good Lookin’ – a redneck pick based on the hit song by Hank Williams released in 1951.
  25. Heartthrob – first appeared in the 1800s, meaning “beat of my heart” and “passion.”
  26. Hot Mama – an expression of astonishment at someone’s attractiveness, perfect for the mother of your children.
  27. Hottie – a term of endearment that originated in the late 1990s, meaning “hot.”
  28. Kiddo – of Scandinavian origin referring to a baby goat, a playful pet name for your girlfriend.
  29. Little Lady – given to women of short stature, can also refer to a youthful woman.
  30. Little Miss – a cute play on Little Lady, generally given to women with an air of ingenuity.
  31. Lovey – a variation of Love, popular in the late 1800s.
  32. Main Squeeze – of English origin, picked up steam in the 1970s, referring to one’s lover.
  33. Mama – a term of endearment used between parents, a cute twist on mother.
  34. Old Lady – surprisingly, doesn’t refer to someone of advanced age, but a wife or girlfriend.
  35. Other Half – stems from the concept that humans are incomplete until they meet their soul mate.
  36. Pixie – of Celtic and Swedish origin, meaning “fairy,” perfect for your out-of-this-world darling.
  37. Pookie – a general pet name often given to children, can be a sappy girlfriend nickname.
  38. Precious – of Latin origin meaning “highly esteemed” or “of great worth,” perfect for your treasured love.
  39. Rainbow – an English option symbolizing beauty after the storm, ideal for the bright, colorful lass.
  40. Short Stuff – a funny nickname for the girl who is on the short side.
  41. Shorty – can also be spelled Shawty, most popular in the early 2000s.
  42. Smiley – the perfect pick for the girl who makes you smile with her winning sense of humor.
  43. Smoochy – among the mushiest names to call your girlfriend, reminding a couple of their favorite thing!
  44. Snuggle Bug – a winning option for the girl who loves snuggling under the covers.
  45. Sunshine – of English origin, a warm pick for the beauty who lights up your life.
  46. Toots – a variant of Tootsie, a charming pet name for your sweetheart.
  47. Twin Flame – stems from the Hindu concept of two souls inhabiting one body, describing the ultimate match.
  48. Wifey – a variation of wife, a serious nickname for the girl you could spend your life with.

Nicknames for Girlfriends FAQs

What Is a Nickname for a Lover?

There is no shortage of nicknames for lovers, including Lover itself. You can also allude to physical activity by calling your girlfriend Snuggle Bug, Cuddle Bunny, Smoochy, or Sugar Lips. Old-fashioned nicknames for girlfriends are a cute choice, for example, Darling, Sweetheart, and Honey. No matter your choice, your girl will be reminded how glad you are to have her.

What Is a Flirty Name to Call a Girl?

Flirty names to call girls are a favorite among playful partners. Shorty or Shawty are among the finest flirty pet names, made popular through 2000s rap songs. Whereas Shorty used to refer to a petite female, the definition broadened to include any beautiful lady. Other flirty titles include Hottie, Hot Mama, and Boo.

What Is the Most Unique Girlfriend Nickname?

If you’re looking for a unique nickname to call your girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with exotic names. Japanese girlfriend nicknames include Ai, Aiko, and Aimi, all meaning “love.” Spanish nicknames are also popular, including Señorita, Bella, and Bonita. Rounding out the love languages are Italian options like Ragazza and Pulcino.

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