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100 Thriving Girl Names That Start With T: With Meanings

Find a tremendous collection of girl names that start with T that your special little lady can show off.

There’s an abundance of girl names that start with T. Some are super feminine, while other unisex names are growing in popularity. Between old-fashioned names and ones that began as surnames, you may not know where to start.

Once you check out our helpful list of T names for girls, your journey will be easy (and fun). We’ve got tried-and-true names that have been around forever, plus more modern alternatives. You’ll be left with the best T name to suit your baby girl’s unique sense of style she’ll love.

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100 Popular Female Names That Start with T

Dive into these gorgeous girl names that start with T to make your little one smile.


Tabitha means “beauty” and “grace,” inspired by the long-legged gazelle. In the Bible, Tabitha was one of Jesus’ disciples, famous for her good deeds.

  • Origin: Aramaic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Gazelle
  • Pronunciation: TAEB-ih-Thah
  • Variations: Tabytha, Tabatha, Tabata
  • Namesakes: Tabitha St. Germain, a Canadian actress in the PBS Kids series Martha Speaks. Tabitha King, an American author of Small World in 1981 and the wife of Stephen King.
  • Popularity: Tabitha is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in Kenya, and ranked 815th for girls in the U.S. in 2023.
Formal, Vintage


Taelyn takes its inspiration from the boy’s name Talon, meaning “large claw of a bird of prey.” It’s also an American combination of the classic names Taylor and Lynn that comes in a myriad of fun variations.

  • Origin: English, French
  • Meaning: To cut the lake
  • Pronunciation: TEY-Lihn
  • Variations: Telin, Telinn, Telinne
  • Popularity: Taelyn is extremely rare worldwide, with just two known occurrences in 2014, mainly in the U.S.
Unusual, Modern


Tahel comes from the Hebrew “halal,” meaning “to praise” and “to shine.” It’s also one of many Hebrew-based girl names that start with T meaning “gift from God.”

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: You will shine
  • Pronunciation: Tah-HEHL
  • Popularity: Tahel is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Israel, where it ranked 1,132nd in 2014.
Ancient, Rare


Tahmina refers to Rustam’s wife in a 10th-century Persian epic folktale. It’s a variant of the Persian Tahmineh, meaning “powerful” and “strong” for your beautiful baby girl.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Strong woman
  • Pronunciation: Taa-MEEN-Ah
  • Variations: Tahmeena, Tahmineh, Taminah
  • Namesakes: Tahmina Kohistani, an Afghan runner who competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Tahmina Begum, an English football referee and the first of Bangladeshi descent in the UK.
  • Popularity: Tahmina is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in Bangladesh, and ranked 26th in 2014.
Strong, Ancient


Taika also means “tiger” in Maori and is used more for boys than girls. As a Finnish name, it refers to a magic “spell” and all things meaning “enchantment.”

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Magic
  • Pronunciation: TAEY-kah
  • Popularity: Taika is very rare worldwide, mainly used in India, and ranked 1,446th in Finland in 2014.
Mystical, Unusual


Tailynn is considered an American construct that combines the Vietnamese Tai, meaning “talented,” and Lynn, meaning “waterfall.” It means “lake” and “cascade” when based on the original Old English Lynn.

  • Origin: Vietnamese, English
  • Meaning: Talent/Lake
  • Pronunciation: TAEY-Lihn
  • Variations: Telinn, Telinne, Taelynn, Taelynne, Tailyn
  • Popularity: Tailynn is extremely rare worldwide, with only 34 known occurrences in 2014, primarily in the U.S.
Rare, Modern


Takako means “dutiful” and “precious.” It’s made up of the Japanese “taka,” meaning “filial piety,” and “ko,” meaning “child.” Your noble child will appreciate this otherworldly name.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: TAA-Kaa-kow
  • Namesakes: Takako Iida, a Japanese volleyball player who competed at the 1976 Olympic games. Takako Shigematsu, a Japanese manga artist known for the series Tenshi Ja Nai!!
  • Popularity: Takako ranked 1,909th worldwide and is mostly used in Japan, ranking 32nd in 2014.
Traditional, Common


Tali also means “dew from heaven” and “rising” or “ascending.” It can be short for Talicia but is super cute all on its own.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My lamb
  • Pronunciation: TAA-Liy
  • Variations: Talia
  • Namesakes: Tali Shalom-Ezer, an Israeli filmmaker known for Princess (2014). Tali Darsigny, a Canadian weightlifter and silver medalist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
  • Popularity: Tali is rare worldwide, mainly used in India, and ranked 218th in Israel in 2014.
Informal, Unique


Tallulah is composed of the Old Irish “tuile,” meaning “abundance,” and “flaith,” meaning “prince.” It’s a Native American-Choctaw word meaning “leaping water” from the southern American town of Tallulah Falls, Georgia.

  • Origin: Irish, Native American
  • Meaning: Lady of abundance
  • Pronunciation: Taa-LUW-laa
  • Variations: Tallulah, Talula
  • Namesakes: Tallulah Bankhead, an American actress appearing in Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat (1944). Tallulah Morton, an Australian fashion model appearing in Vogue and Marie Claire.
  • Popularity: Tallulah is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S., where it ranked 1,895th for girls in 2022.
Feminine, Vintage


Tamara means “date” or “fruit date.” The biblical Tamar is also associated with a “date palm.” Tamara is one of the oldest female names that start with T, but yours can be called Tammy for short.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Date palm
  • Pronunciation: Tah-MAAR-ah
  • Variations: Tamra, Tamar
  • Namesakes: Tamara Frolova, a Russian politician in the State Duma since 2016. Tamara Todevska, a Macedonian pop singer who competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 and 2019.
  • Popularity: Tamara ranked 619th worldwide, is mostly used in Ukraine, and ranked 757th for girls in the U.S. in 2023.
Feminine, Popular
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Tammia means “date palm” and “ruler.” It also means “thunder” in French, which is never as adorable as “chipmunk.”

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Chipmunk
  • Pronunciation: TAEM-Yaa
  • Variations: Tamia
  • Popularity: Tammia is rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S.
Unique, Rare


Tammy means “life” in Hebrew and “who loves the land” in Egypt. It’s a nickname for Tamsin or Tamara and ranked in the top 10 names between the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Origin: Greek, Arabic
  • Meaning: Date palm
  • Pronunciation: TAEM-iy
  • Variations: Tammi, Tammie
  • Namesakes: Tammy Clarkson, an Australian actress known for The Circuit. Tammy Sutton-Brown, a Canadian basketball player for the Charlotte Sting.
  • Popularity: Tammy ranked 1,584th worldwide and is primarily used in the U.S.
Informal, Cute


Tangwystl is made up of the Welsh “tanc,” meaning “peace,” and “gwystl,” meaning “pledge.” Tangwystl was the mistress of 13th-century Welsh ruler Llywelyn the Great and is one of the longest T names for girls.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Pledge of peace
  • Pronunciation: TAENG-whist–EhL
Unusual, Rare


Tanisha is also a West African name meaning “born on a Monday.” It’s the female form of Tanish, meaning “happiness” in “Arabic.”

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Ambition
  • Pronunciation: Taa-NIY-Shaa
  • Variations: Taneisha, Tannisha, Tanysha, Tanesha
  • Namesakes: Tanisha Scott, an MTV VMA-nominated choreographer known for work with Rihanna. Tanisha Wright, an American basketball head coach of the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA.
  • Popularity: Tanisha is rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S., ranking 801st for girls in 2023.
Pretty, Unique


Taniya is the Russian diminutive for Tatiana. It’s one of the prettiest names for girls that start with T, especially for little girls who want to be fairy princesses.

  • Origin: Russian
  • Meaning: Fairy queen
  • Pronunciation: Tae-NIY-yah
  • Variations: Tania
  • Namesakes: Taniya Bhatia, an Indian cricketer for Punjab. Taniya Chatterjee, an Indian actress appearing in Gandii Baat season 4.
  • Popularity: Taniya is rare worldwide and mainly used in Bangladesh, where it ranked 488th in 2014.
Mystical, Royal


Tansy is based on the Greek “athanasia,” meaning “immortality.” A Tansy is a flowering plant in the Aster family, also called Cow Bitter or Golden Buttons.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Eternal life
  • Pronunciation: TAEN-Siy
  • Variations: Tansey, Tansi, Tansie, Tansye, Tanzy
  • Namesakes: Tansy Rayner Roberts, an Australian fantasy writer published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Tansy Davies, an English composer who performed with the London Symphony Orchestra.
  • Popularity: Tansy is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Cute, Unusual


  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: From the river
  • Pronunciation: TAA-Nuw
  • Variations: Tano
  • Namesakes: Tanu Roy, an Indian actress appearing in the film Ee Adutha Kalathu.
  • Popularity: Tanu is one of the most unknown women’s names that start with T, and also means “slim body.” It denotes a woman who’s “sweet” yet has “power” at her fingertips, as your little one can.
Cute, Pretty


Tanya is well-known as a Russian name meaning “fairy queen,” but is also a Slavic diminutive of Tatiana. Alexander Pushkin’s poem Eugene Onegin is famous for its main character, Tatiana Larina.

  • Origin: Russian, Slavic
  • Meaning: Fairy queen
  • Pronunciation: TAEN-Yah
  • Variations: Tania, Tannya, Taunia
  • Namesakes: Tanya Donelly, an American musician who formed the band The Breeders. Tanya Hunks, a Canadian swimmer and bronze medalist at the 2006 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships.
  • Popularity: Tanya is uncommon worldwide and mainly used in the U.S., where it’s slightly uncommon.
Mystical, Informal


Tara also means “star” and is based on the Hill of Tara in Meath, Ireland. It ranked in the top 100 U.S. girls’ names between 1970 and 1990 and peaked in 1977 at 35th.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Hill
  • Pronunciation: TAAR-ah
  • Variations: Tarah, Tarra, Tarrah
  • Namesakes: Tara Moss, a Canadian-Australian author and UNICEF national ambassador. Tara Lipinski, an American figure skater and the 1998 Olympic champion.
  • Popularity: Tara ranked 682nd worldwide, is primarily used in India, and ranked 474th for girls in the U.S. in 2023.
Cute, Popular


Taraji may not be super common among girl names with T, but it also means “faith” in Swahili. Taraji is used regularly in India, which means it manages to travel.

  • Origin: Swahili
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Pronunciation: Taa-RAA-jhiy
  • Namesakes: Taraji P. Henson, an American actress appearing in Hustle & Flow (2005).
  • Popularity: Taraji is very rare worldwide and mostly used in India.
Unusual, Rare
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Tasha is a more recent abbreviation for the Russian Natasha, meaning “birthday.” It refers to the “birthday of the Lord,” aka “Christmas,” if your baby girl has a December 25th birthday.

  • Origin: English, Russian
  • Meaning: Birthday
  • Pronunciation: TAH-Shah
  • Namesakes: Tasha Smith, an American actress on the NBC series Boston Common (1996 to 1997). Tasha Cobbs Leonard, an American gospel musician and winner of three Billboard Music Awards.
  • Popularity: Tasha is rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S.
Informal, Modern


Tasmin is a cool nickname for Thomasina and is the female version of Thomas. Tasmin is prevalent throughout the UK but hasn’t taken off in the U.S. yet.

  • Origin: English, Arabic
  • Meaning: She who fulfills
  • Pronunciation: TAEZ-Mihn
  • Variations: Tazmin
  • Namesakes: Tasmin Lucia-Khan, a British news anchor for BBC Three 60 Seconds. Tasmin Rana, a member of Bangladesh Parliament from 2005 to 2006.
  • Popularity: Tasmin is rare worldwide and primarily used in Bangladesh, ranking 545th for girls in 2014.
Mystical, Unique


Tate comes from the Old Norse “teitr,” meaning “bright” and “glad.” It’s more popular for boys and ranked 304th in the U.S. in 2021.

  • Origin: Old Norse
  • Meaning: Cheerful
  • Pronunciation: TEYT
  • Variations: Tait, Taite, Taete
  • Popularity: Tate is rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Cute, Traditional


Tatiana goes all the way back to the Latin Tatius and Roman family name Tatianus. King Tatius is the inspiration here, an ancient ruler of the Sabines and Romans. Tatiana also ranked 829th for girls in the U.S. in 2023.

  • Origin: Russian, Latin
  • Meaning: Fairy queen
  • Pronunciation: Tae-tiy-AEN-ah
  • Variations: Tatianna, Tatyana, Tatjana, Tatijana
  • Namesakes: Tatiana Kosheleva, a Russian volleyball player and gold medalist at the 2015 European Championship. Tatiana Pauhofová, a Slovak actress known for Kruté radosti (2002).
  • Popularity: Tatiana ranked 321st worldwide and is mainly used in Ukraine, where it ranked 7th in 2014.
Formal, Feminine


Tau was an ancient symbol for life and resurrection and the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet (“theta”). Tau also symbolizes death and makes a unique middle name.

  • Origin: Tsanan, Bantu
  • Meaning: Lion
  • Pronunciation: TAA-uw
  • Namesakes: Piotr Kowalczyk (known as Tau), a Polish rapper with the debut album Seans spirytystyczny (Séance).
  • Popularity: Tau is rare worldwide, primarily used in Vietnam, and ranked 341st in Papua New Guinea in 2014.
Cute, Unique


Tawny means “green field” and “golden brown” in Irish. Tawny owls are famous for their similarly “golden brown” feathers.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Golden brown
  • Pronunciation: TAO-Niy
  • Variations: Tawney, Tawni, Tawnie
  • Namesakes: Tawny Kitaen, an American actress appearing in the horror film Witchboard (1986). Tawny Little, an American beauty contestant and Miss New York 1975.
  • Popularity: Tawney is very rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Pretty, Vintage


Taylor began as an English occupational surname for a tailor, meaning “cutter of cloth.” The Old French “tailleor” is another derivation that led to Taylor being extremely popular among girls in the 1980s.

  • Origin: English, French
  • Meaning: Tailor
  • Pronunciation: TEY-Laor
  • Variations: Taiylor, Tayler, Tayllor
  • Namesakes: Taylor Swift, an American singer-songwriter, featured in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time. Taylor Anderson, an American curler and the 2019 U.S. National Champion.
  • Popularity: Taylor is rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S., where it ranked 134th for girls in 2023.
Traditional, Cool


Tea derives from the Greek “theós,” meaning “god,” and “dôron,” meaning “gift.” It’s also a distinct nickname for Teresa that stands out among girl names that start with T.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Pronunciation: TEH-aa
  • Variations: Teya
  • Namesakes: Tea Pedić, a Croatian footballer for the Croatia women’s national team. Tea Gueci, an Italian chess player and winner of the Italian Women Chess Championship (2012).
  • Popularity: Tea is rare worldwide and primarily used in Georgia, ranking 50th in 2014.
Cute, Pretty


Teagan is an English spelling of the Gaelic Ó’Tadhgáin, meaning “descendant of Tadhgán.” It means “attractive” and “philosopher,” while the Gaelic “taghg” means “wise poet.”

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: TIY-Gaen
  • Variations: Tegan, Teagen
  • Namesakes: Teagan Croft, an Australian actress known for the series Titans (2018 to present). Teagan O’Keeffe, a South African BMX rider who competed at the 2015 UCI BMX World Championships.
  • Popularity: Teagan is very rare worldwide, mostly used in Australia, and ranked 829th for girls in 2023.
Pretty, Unique


Teal so simply refers to the “greenish-blue” color of a Teal bird. It’s based on the Middle English “tele” and Middle German “telink” for a small freshwater duck.

  • Origin: English, Dutch
  • Meaning: Blue-green bird
  • Pronunciation: TEEL
  • Variations: Teale, Teele
  • Namesakes: Teal Bunbury, a Canadian soccer player for Nashville SC. Teal Sherer, an American actress appearing in the web series The Guild.
  • Popularity: Teal is very rare and mainly used in the U.S.
Cute, Modern
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Teddy also means “brave people” and “God’s gift.” It’s a very gender-neutral version of the famous Theodora, made up of “theos,” meaning “God,” and “dōron,” meaning “gift.”

  • Origin: English, French
  • Meaning: Wealthy protector
  • Pronunciation: TEHD-ee
  • Variations: Teddee, Teddey, Teddi, Teddie
  • Popularity: Teddy is uncommon worldwide and primarily used in Uganda, where it ranked 84th in 2014.
Cute, Informal


Tegwyn means “lovely” and “shining.” Saint Tecwyn is the 6th-century patron saint and founder of the Welsh Llandecwyn church.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair
  • Pronunciation: TIYG-Wihn
  • Variations: Tecwyn, Tegwen
  • Popularity: Tegwyn is rare worldwide and mostly used in Wales, ranking 1,171st in 2014.
Mystical, Ancient


Tekakwitha is singular among female names that start with T, named for a 17th-century Mohawk woman. She is famous as the first Native American Catholic saint whose name is still remembered today.

  • Origin: Mohawk
  • Meaning: She who bumps into things
  • Pronunciation: Teh-kak-WIHTH-ah
  • Popularity: Tekakwitha is extremely rare worldwide, with 24 known occurrences in 2014, mainly in the U.S.
Rare, Mystical


Temperance comes from the Latin “temperantia,” which symbolizes “moderation.” The Greek deity Sophrosyne symbolized temperance, which became synonymous with abstinence from alcohol in the 19th-century.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Moderation
  • Pronunciation: TEHMP-erehnz
  • Variations: Temperanse, Temperence, Temperense
  • Popularity: Temperance is very rare worldwide and primarily used in South Africa.
Vintage, Traditional


Tempest is synonymous with “turbulent” weather, which is why it inspired Shakespeare to name his play The Tempest. It was an English and French nickname for someone with a short temper, but it has a sense of drama today.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Stormy
  • Pronunciation: TEHMP-Ehst
  • Variations: Tempeste, Tempiste, Tempestt
  • Namesakes: Tempest Storm (born Annie Banks), an American burlesque star and best-known performer of the 1950s.
  • Popularity: Tempest is very rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Cool, Strong


Temple is taken from the Latin “templum.” In the ancient world, it was a term for a place used for spiritual and religious rituals, from prayer to sacrifice.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Dweller near the temple
  • Pronunciation: TEHMP-uwl
  • Variations: Tempell
  • Namesakes: Temple Grandin, an American animal behaviorist, ranked in the 2010 Time 100 list.
  • Popularity: Temple is rare worldwide and mainly used in Nigeria.
Ancient, Unusual


Tenzin may feel very uncommon to western ears, but it is one of the many given names of the current Dalai Lama. Tenzin is also an Indian boy’s name but works for any spiritually-minded baby boys or girls.

  • Origin: Tibetan
  • Meaning: Holder of the teaching
  • Pronunciation: TEHN-Zihn
  • Variations: Tenzing
  • Namesakes: Tenzin Palmo, a Tibetan Buddhist nun and founder of the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery in Himachal Pradesh, India.
  • Popularity: Tenzin is rare worldwide and primarily used in Bhutan, ranking 18th in 2014.
Unique, Mystical


Very little information exists about Tercia other than it’s the literal Latin word for “third.” It’s based on the original Tertia and works whether your little lady is your third child or your first.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Third
  • Pronunciation: TEHR-Chah
  • Variations: Tertia
  • Popularity: Tercia is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Brazil.
Ancient, Formal


Teresa is the Spanish equivalent of Theresa and comes from the Greek “theros,” meaning “summer.” It’s one of the most popular T names for girls that is as beautiful as it is classic.

  • Origin: Spanish, Italian
  • Meaning: To harvest
  • Pronunciation: Teh-RIY-sah
  • Variations: Theresa, Therese, Terese
  • Namesakes: Teresa Pearce, a British Member of Parliament from 2010 to 2019. Teresa Edwards, an American women’s basketball player and four-time Olympic gold medalist.
  • Popularity: Teresa ranked 134th worldwide and is mainly used in the U.S., where it ranked 1,482nd for girls in 2022.
Traditional, Popular


Terra was a Roman goddess representing the earth. The Latin term “terra firma” connotes the dry land that sailors long for after an extended voyage at sea.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Earth
  • Pronunciation: TEY-Raa
  • Variations: Tera
  • Namesakes: Terra Jolé, an American reality TV personality known for Little Women: LA. Terra Findlay, a French-Canadian ice dancer and the 2004 Canadian junior silver medalist.
  • Popularity: Terra is rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Cool, Ancient
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Terry comes from the French Thierry and Theodoric. It was first an occupational name for a potter based on “terrin,” meaning “earthenware vase.” Terry also means “late summer” in German and is more commonly used as a diminutive for Teresa.

  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: Gracious, good
  • Pronunciation: TEY-REE
  • Variations: Teri, Terri, Terrie
  • Namesakes: Terry McMillan, an American novelist known for the 1992 book Waiting to Exhale. Terry M. Bellamy, the mayor of Asheville, North Carolina, from 2005 to 2013.
  • Popularity: Terry ranked 803rd worldwide and is mostly used in the U.S., ranking 801st for girls in 2023.
Common, Informal


Tessa means “to reap” and “to gather.” It’s a 5-letter nickname for Theresa, meaning “summer harvest.” The original Greek version also referred to “an inhabitant of Thera“ and a “huntress.”

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Fourth child
  • Pronunciation: TEH-sah
  • Variations: Tessie
  • Namesakes: Tessa Virtue, a Canadian ice dancer and the 2018 Olympic champion. Tessa Schram, a Dutch actress/filmmaker who directed 100% Coco (2017).
  • Popularity: Tessa is rare worldwide, mainly used in the Netherlands, and ranked 287th for girls in the U.S. in 2021.
Ancient, Pretty


Tevy is also known as Teva, meaning “word” in Hebrew. Other close meanings include “messenger” to symbolize the white wings of your little angel.

  • Origin: Cambodian
  • Meaning: Angel
  • Pronunciation: TEH-vee
  • Variations: Tevee, Tevey, Tevi, Tevie
  • Popularity: Tevy is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Unique, Rare


Teyana also means “unique” and “goddess.” It’s only occasionally used, even in the U.S., where it’s mostly an African-American name.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Graceful
  • Pronunciation: Tey-AH-nah
  • Variations: Teyanna
  • Namesakes: Teyana Taylor, an American actress appearing in Madea’s Big Happy Family.
  • Popularity: Teyana is very rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Unusual, Feminine


Thalia is based on the Greek “thallein,” meaning “to bloom.” In Greek mythology, Thalia was the comedy muse, representing beauty and charm, as your young lady does.

  • Origin: Greek, Hebrew
  • Meaning: To flourish
  • Pronunciation: TAAL-Yaa
  • Variations: Talia
  • Namesakes: Thalia Charalambous, a Cypriot long-distance runner who competed at the 2020 World Athletics Half Marathon Championships. Thalia Assuras, a Canadian journalist for Global Television.
  • Popularity: Thalia is rare worldwide, mainly used in Brazil, and ranked 273rd in Cyprus in 2014.
Mystical, Ancient


Thea originated with the Greek Theía, meaning “goddess.” It’s also a nickname for Theodora, a regal name used in the ancient world. Thea can be a short form of names like Althea, Mathea, and Dorothea.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Goddess
  • Pronunciation: THIY-ah
  • Variations: Tea
  • Namesakes: Thea Rasche, the first female aerobatics pilot in Germany. Thea Knutzen, a member of Norway’s Parliament elected in 1985 and 1989.
  • Popularity: Thea is rare worldwide, primarily used in Germany, and ranked 134th for girls in the U.S. in 2023.
Informal, Cute


Thelma means “desire” when taken from the Greek “thelema.” It came into being mostly due to Marie Corelli’s 1887 novel Thelma and has a retro feel for little girls.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Will, volition
  • Pronunciation: THEHL-Maa
  • Variations: Thelmah, Thellma
  • Namesakes: Thelma Schoonmaker, an American film editor known for continued work with director Martin Scorsese. Thelma Aoyama, a Japanese singer whose song “Soba ni Iru ne” was the best-selling digital download single in Japan in 2008.
  • Popularity: Thelma is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 239th in Guatemala in 2014.
Vintage, Feminine


Theodora is the female form of Theodore and is one of the most ancient women’s names that start with T. It’s made up of the Greek “theos,” meaning “god,” and “doron,” meaning “gift.”

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Pronunciation: Thiy-ah-DOW-Rah
  • Variations: Theadora, Teadora
  • Namesakes: Theodora, a 6th-century Byzantine empress honored as a saint in the early Christian Church. Theodora Petraliphaina, a 13th-century consort of Epirus and an Orthodox Christian saint.
  • Popularity: Theodora is rare worldwide, mainly used in Greece, and ranked 455th for girls in the U.S. in 2023.
Regal, Formal


Thi means “poetry” and “verse,” along with “single female” in Vietnamese. It’s also a city in The Wizard of Oz and is the Vietnamese term for Persimmon flowers for added meaning.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Poem
  • Pronunciation: TIY
  • Variations: Thia, Thy
  • Popularity: Thi ranked 1,579th worldwide, is primarily used in Vietnam, and ranked 17th in Cambodia in 2014.
Unique, Common


Thiri means “she who is good-looking.” It fully covers baby girls full of both “radiance” and “splendor” in Burmese.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Burmese
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: THEE-riy
  • Popularity: Thiri is rare worldwide and mostly used in Myanmar, ranking 95th in 2014.
Unusual, Rare
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Thisbe is a variation of Tisbe, a character in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Pyramus and Tisbe were doomed lovers and the subject of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Lover of Pyramus
  • Pronunciation: THIHS-Biy
  • Variations: Thisbi, Thisbie, Thisby, Thizbi
  • Namesakes: Thisbe Nissen, an American author of Out of the Girls’ Room and into the Night.
  • Popularity: Thisbe is very rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S.
Ancient, Mystical


Thomasina is a biblical name mostly found in Scotland and Northern Ireland today. Cool nicknames for Thomasin include Tasmin, Tamsin, and even Tammy.

  • Origin: Aramaic, English
  • Meaning: Twin
  • Pronunciation: TAH-ma-SEE-Nah
  • Variations: Thomasin
  • Namesakes: Thomasina Miers, an English cook and co-founder of the Wahaca chain of Mexican restaurants. Thomasina Pidgeon, a Canadian rock climber and the first Canadian female to climb the V10 through V12 grades.
  • Popularity: Thomasina is rare worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 589th in Scotland in 2014.
Formal, Vintage


Thora is the female equivalent of the Old Norse Thor. The Scandinavian word for “thunder” (“Þórr”) is also a link. Thor is the Norse god of thunder and is as strong as Norse deity names go.

  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: Thunder
  • Pronunciation: THAOR-ah
  • Variations: Tora
  • Namesakes: Thora Bjorg Helga, an Icelandic actress appearing in Ragnar Bragason’s Metalhead. Thora Birch, an American actress best known for American Beauty (1999).
  • Popularity: Thora is very rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 758th in Denmark in 2014.
Mystical, Strong


Thrud also means “promised to Alvis” in Old Norse. In Norse mythology, Thrud is the daughter of Thor and the goddess Sif and one of the Valkyries.

  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: Strength
  • Pronunciation: THROOD
  • Popularity: Thrud is extremely rare worldwide, with just five known occurrences in 2014, all in India.
Strong, Mystical


Tia likewise means “goddess” in Greek, based on Theia. Theia was the Greek goddess of the blue sky and was a celestial mother to the moon, sun, and stars.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Aunt
  • Pronunciation: TEE-ah
  • Variations: Tiah
  • Namesakes: Tia Carrere, an American actress best known for the Wayne’s World films. Tia Hellebaut, a Belgian track and field athlete and the 2008 Olympic champion.
  • Popularity: Tia is rare worldwide, mainly used in Indonesia, and ranked 327th for girls in the U.S. in 2023.
Cute, Traditional


Tiana is also a Slavic name meaning “fairy queen.” It can also mean “daylight,” “Christian woman,” and “joy.” Tiana is also a character in Walt Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (2009).

  • Origin: Greek, Russian
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Pronunciation: Tiy-AEN-ah
  • Variations: Teana, Teanna, Tianna, Tiyana, Tyanna
  • Namesakes: Tiana Alexandra, a Vietnamese-American filmmaker whose movie Hollywood to Hanoi was the first American documentary feature shot by a Vietnamese-American. Tiana Ringer, an American wrestler for BSE Pro.
  • Popularity: Tiana is rare worldwide and primarily used in Madagascar, where it ranked 10th in 2023.
Pretty, Royal


Tiara literally means “headdress” or “crown,” worn by royal family members. If a queen wears it, it’s called a crown, but it’s a tiara if a princess like yours does.

  • Origin: Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: Crown
  • Pronunciation: Tiy-AAR-ah
  • Variations: Tiarrah, Tiarah, Tiyara
  • Namesakes: Tiara Jacquelina, a Malaysian actress known for Puteri Gunung Ledang (2005). Tiara Andini Prastika, an Indonesian mountain cyclist and gold medalist at the 2018 Asian Games.
  • Popularity: Tiara is rare worldwide, primarily used in Indonesia, and ranked 1,284th for girls in the U.S. in 2022.
Royal, Pretty


In Latin, Tibby originally symbolized “the river Tiber.” It’s a lesser-known diminutive of Elizabeth, also used for girls named Isabelle and Tabitha.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Devoted to God
  • Pronunciation: TIH-Biy
  • Popularity: Tibby is very rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S.
Informal, Cute


Tierney derives from the Gaelic “tiarna,” meaning “lord” and “master.” It’s based on the surname O’Tierney, from ÓTíghearnaigh, meaning “descendant of a lord” (or master).

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Descendent of a lord
  • Pronunciation: TIHYR-Niy
  • Variations: Tierni, Tiernie, Tierny
  • Popularity: Tierney is very rare worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 1,945th in Ireland in 2014.
Formal, Strong


Tiffany is a French-based version of the Greek Theophania, meaning “revelation of God.” It was given to baby girls born on the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6. Tiffany was massively popular in the U.S. between 1980 and 1991, peaking in 1988.

  • Origin: Greek, French
  • Meaning: Manifestation of God
  • Pronunciation: TIYF-ah-Niy
  • Variations: Tiffaney, Tiffani, Tiffanie, Tiffanny, Tiffiney
  • Namesakes: Tiffany Darwish (known as Tiffany), an American musician whose single “I Think We’re Alone Now” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Tiffany Haddish, an American comic actress appearing on The Carmichael Show (2015 to 2017).
  • Popularity: Tiffany is uncommon worldwide and mostly used in the U.S., where it ranked 348th for girls in 2023.
Common, Feminine
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Tilda is a unique nickname among girl names with T used for Matilda. It also means “heroine” in Swedish and is inspired by Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror.

  • Origin: Spanish, English
  • Meaning: Battle-strength
  • Pronunciation: TIHL-Daa
  • Variations: Tilde, Tylda
  • Namesakes: Tilda Swinton, a British actress named by The New York Times as one of the greatest actors of the 21st-century in 2020. Tilda Thamar, an Argentine actress appearing in The Woman with the Orchid (1952).
  • Popularity: Tilda is very rare worldwide, mainly used in Sweden, and ranked 702nd in Hungary in 2014.
Informal, Strong


Tillie comes from the Old German Mahthilda, made up of “maht,” meaning “power” and “hiltia,” meaning “battle.” It’s another nickname for Matilda and one of the strongest names for girls that start with T.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Mighty in battle
  • Pronunciation: TIHL-ee
  • Variations: Tilly
  • Namesakes: Tillie Ehringhaus, the First Lady of North Carolina from 1933 to 1937. Tillie Pierce, an American author of “At Gettysburg, or What A Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle: A True Narrative.”
  • Popularity: Tillie is rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Cute, Uncommon


Timika is a variation of Tamika, meaning “beautiful child” in Japanese. It also means “sweet” in Swahili and “flower of the rising sun.” Timika is the name of a city on the southern coast of Central Papua, Indonesia.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: People
  • Pronunciation: Tih-MIY-kah
  • Variations: Tamika
  • Popularity: Timika is very rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Unusual, Rare


Tina is a modern nickname for Christina and other names ending in “-ina,” like Bettina and Martina. It also means “God is abundance,” “God is my oath,” and “a Christian.”

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Pronunciation: TIY-Nah
  • Variations: Tinna, Teana, Teena
  • Namesakes: Tina Turner, an American singer best known for the song “What’s Love Got to Do with It.” Tina Louise, an American actress known for the series Gilligan’s Island.
  • Popularity: Tina ranked 661st worldwide and is mainly used in the U.S., ranking 478th for girls in 2023.
Popular, Informal


Tindra has only been used since the 1980s in Sweden, where it remains very popular. It also means “to sparkle” and is a feminine version of Tindur.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Twinkle
  • Pronunciation: TIHN-Drah
  • Variations: Tendra
  • Popularity: Tindra is very rare worldwide and primarily known in Indonesia.
Informal, Pretty


Tinley comes from the Old English “tynan,” meaning “fence,” and began as a surname. It’s mildly common for girls in the U.S., where former unisex surnames are climbing the charts.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Hedge
  • Pronunciation: TIHN-liy
  • Popularity: Tinley is extremely rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S., ranking 1,336th for girls in 2022.
Vintage, Unique


Tinuviel is the most unusual among girl names that start with T, since it’s elf-based. It’s made up of “tinnu,” meaning “twilight,” and the suffix “-ien,” meaning daughter.” The Primitive Quendian tindômiselde translates to a most whimsical “daughter of twilight” moniker.

  • Origin: Elvish
  • Meaning: Nightingale
  • Pronunciation: Tih-NUW-viy-Ahl
  • Popularity: Tinuviel is extremely rare worldwide, with just 14 known occurrences in 2014, mainly in the U.S.
Mystical, Rare


Tippi is a retro Swedish nickname for “Tupsa,” meaning “sweetheart.” In Greek, Tippi refers to a “golden horse” yet is most famous as the nickname for actress Tippi Hedren.

  • Origin: Swedish
  • Meaning: Sweetheart
  • Pronunciation: TIHP-ee
  • Variations: Tippee, Tippey, Tippie, Tippy
  • Namesakes: Tippi Degré, a French explorer who hosted Around the World with Tippi from 2002 to 2003. Tippi McCullough, a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives since 2019.
  • Popularity: Tippi is very rare worldwide and primarily used in India.
Cute, Rare


Tirz also means “pleasing” and “cypress tree.” It’s a biblical name for one of the daughters of Zelophehad, which also names an ancient city.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Delight
  • Pronunciation: TIHYR-Zaa
  • Variations: Thirza, Tirzah
  • Popularity: Tirza is rare worldwide, mostly used in Indonesia, and ranked 878th in Israel in 2014.
Unique, Ancient


Titania is most famously the queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Titanias are the daughters of Titans and a race of giants. Other names like Tania and Tatiana also refer to this original fairy queen name.

  • Origin: Greek, Russian
  • Meaning: Land of giants
  • Pronunciation: Taey-TEY-niy-Ah
  • Variations: Titaniah
  • Namesakes: Titania McGrath, an American radical poet and bestselling author of Woke: A Guide to Social Justice.
  • Popularity: Titania is very rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S.
Mystical, Strong
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Tivka comes from the Hebrew “tiqwah,” meaning “hope.” It barely registers among female names that start with T, but it is a unique way to hope for the best.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Pronunciation: TIHV-kah
  • Variations: Tivkah
  • Popularity: Tivka is extremely rare worldwide, with only four known occurrences, primarily in Bulgaria.
Unusual, Rare


Toby means “Yahweh is good,” while the Hebrew Toviah is made up of “tov,” meaning “good,” and “Yahweh,” meaning “God.” As a boy’s name, Toby is commonly short for Tobias and is known for Sir Toby Belch, a character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

  • Origin: English, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is good
  • Pronunciation: TOW-Biy
  • Variations: Tobi, Tobie
  • Popularity: Toby is rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Informal, Cute


Tomeka is the female alternative to Tomek, the Polish form of Thomas. In the U.S., Tomeka peaked in 1976 at 476th but is hardly found among girls now, whether twins or not.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Twin
  • Pronunciation: TOW-meh-Kah
  • Variations: Tamika
  • Namesakes: Tomeka Reid, an American composer who performed with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Tomeka Butler, the mayor of Eudora, Arkansas, since 2020.
  • Popularity: Tomeka is very rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S.
Traditional, Unique


Tone means “storm” in Norwegian and “New Thor” in Old Norse since he’s the god of thunder. It’s also a Slovene boy’s name used as a nickname for Anton.

  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: New thunder
  • Pronunciation: TUWN-ah
  • Namesakes: Tone Fossum, a Norwegian racing cyclist and winner of the 1990 Norwegian National Road Race Championship. Tone Tingsgård, a Swedish member of the Riksdag from 2002 to 2010.
  • Popularity: Tone is rare worldwide and primarily used in Norway, where it ranked 50th in 2014.
Unique, Traditional


Toni also means “flower” and “flourishing.” It’s used as a diminutive of Antionette and Antonia. Toni peaked in the U.S. in 1960 but never reached those heights of popularity again.

  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: Beyond praise
  • Pronunciation: TOW-Niy
  • Variations: Toney, Tonie, Tony
  • Namesakes: Toni Basil, an American singer/choreographer best known for the 1980s hit single “Mickey.” Toni Collette, an Australian actress known for Little Miss Sunshine (2006).
  • Popularity: Toni is uncommon worldwide and mostly used in the U.S., ranking 464th for girls in 2023.
Pretty, Cute


Topaz originated with the Greek “topazos,” meaning “to seek.” It’s best known as the birthstone for November, but there’s also Topaz, a Marvel comic book sorceress.

  • Origin: Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Golden gem
  • Pronunciation: TOW-paaz
  • Variations: Topazz
  • Namesakes: Topaz Winters (pen name of Priyanka Aiyer), a Singaporean writer and the youngest Singaporean nominee for the Pushcart Prize.
  • Popularity: Topaz is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Israel, where it ranked 1,327th in 2014.
Unusual, Cool


Tova is also based on the Old Norse Tófa and means “beautiful Thor” in Swedish. It’s the feminine variant of Thor, the Norse god of thunder.

  • Origin: Swedish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Good, pleasing
  • Pronunciation: TOW-Vaa (Hebrew), TUW-Vah (Swedish)
  • Variations: Tovah, Tovva
  • Namesakes: Tova Magnusson, a Swedish actress in the Danish-Swedish series The Bridge (2013). Tova Sanhadray, an Israeli member of the Knesset from 1959 to 1974.
  • Popularity: Tova is rare worldwide and is primarily used in Israel, ranking 160th in 2014.
Ancient, Vintage


Tracy derives from the Irish “treasach,” meaning fighter. It can also mean “more powerful” or “superior.” Tracy peaked for American girls when ranking 12th in 1964.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: War-like
  • Pronunciation: TREY-Siy
  • Variations: Tracey, Traci, Tracie
  • Namesakes: Tracy Chapman, an American singer-songwriter best known for her song “Fast Car.” Tracy Looze, an Australian-Dutch track-and-field athlete who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Tracy ranked 1,182nd worldwide and is mostly used in the U.S., where it’s mildly uncommon.
Common, Feminine


Treasure first appeared as the Greek “thesauros” and Latin “thesaurus,” meaning “treasury” or “valued possession.” It’s the term for any extra-special “group of precious objects” to be cherished like your baby girl.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Highly-valued possession
  • Pronunciation: TREH-Sher
  • Variations: Treasur
  • Popularity: Treasure is rare worldwide, mainly used in Nigeria, and ranked 891st in Swaziland in 2014.
Modern, Rare


Tressa is another name for Teresa, meaning “late summer.” It also means “third” and refers to the Tressa river in Tuscany.

  • Origin: English, Cornish
  • Meaning: Long hair
  • Pronunciation: TREH-Saa
  • Variations: Teressa
  • Popularity: Tressa is rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Pretty, Unique
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So little is known about Trivina besides its closest name, Travinia, meaning “Italian.” The true meaning of Trivina is unknown, but it certainly looks special in connection with T names for girls.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: Trih-VEEN-ah
  • Variations: Trevina
  • Popularity: Trivina is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Indonesia.
Rare, Unusual


Trinity is a spiritually-minded ode to the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It became more common from the 1980s to the 2000s and makes a thoughtful middle name for girls.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Triad
  • Pronunciation: TRIHN-ih-Tee
  • Variations: Trinitee, Trinitie, Trinytie, Trynitey, Trynyty
  • Namesakes: Trinity Rodman, an American soccer player for the Washington Spirit. Trinity Baptiste, an American basketball player for the Indiana Fever.
  • Popularity: Trinity is rare worldwide and mainly used in Malawi, ranking 435th in 2014.
Unique, Unusual


Trisha is a somewhat modern (and some say outdated) nickname for the Latin Patricia, meaning “noble.” It’s also a Hindi name meaning “desire” and “thirst.” Trisha was the most popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

  • Origin: Latin, English
  • Meaning: Noble, patrician
  • Pronunciation: TRIH-Shaa
  • Variations: Trish, Tricia
  • Namesakes: Trisha Goddard, an English TV host of the talk show Trisha (1998 to 2010). Trisha Yearwood, an American singer and TV food personality who hosts Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.
  • Popularity: Trisha is rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Informal, Vintage


Trixie means “she who brings happiness.” It’s a lively nickname for classics like Beatrice or Patricia and more rare choices like Beatrix.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Bringer of joy
  • Pronunciation: TRIYK-siy
  • Variations: Trixi
  • Namesakes: Trixie Gardner, an Australian-British member of the House of Lords and the most senior Life peer member. Trixie Tagg, a Dutch-Australian soccer coach of the Australia women’s national football team.
  • Popularity: Trixie is rare worldwide and mostly used in the Philippines.
Cute, Cool


Trudy can mean “ruler of the spear” when based on the German Gertrude. It’s also based on the more obscure Ermintrude, meaning “wholly beloved” for your strong little girl.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Universal strength
  • Pronunciation: TRUW-Diy
  • Variations: Trudey, Trudie
  • Namesakes: Trudy Groenman, a Dutch tennis player and a three-time Netherlands champion. Trudy Larkin Forster, an American writer known for Los Gatos del Casino.
  • Popularity: Trudy is rare worldwide, mainly used in the U.S., and ranked 348th in the Netherlands in 2014.
Strong, Informal


True is less typical for girls’ names with T and is more of a literal term. It means “factually correct,” “legitimate,” and “accurate” when taken from the Old English “trīewe.” True can also mean “loyal” for girls who “stay true” to something or someone.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Real, genuine
  • Pronunciation: TRUW
  • Variations: Tru
  • Popularity: True is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Modern, Cool


Truth makes a more catchy name to describe a young lady with “honesty” and “integrity.” As an Indian name, Truth refers to “a blessed and fragrant person.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Of fact, reality
  • Pronunciation: TRUWTH
  • Popularity: Truth is very rare worldwide, mostly used in Ghana, and ranked 1,665th for girls in the U.S. in 2022.
Unusual, Rare


Tsifira is mostly a beautiful-sounding moniker among names for girls that start with T. It also means “diadem” in Hebrew, an ornament for someone “who is crowned.” Tsifira has no available popularity stats, so snatch it up while you can.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Crown
  • Pronunciation: Tsah-FIYR-Ah
  • Variations: Tsifeera, Tsifirah, Tsifyra, Tsiphira, Tsiphyra
Ancient, Royal


Tsisana comes from the Georgian “tsis,” meaning “of the sky,” yet also describes the “heavens.” It’s used to describe the Forget-Me-Not flower, which makes this Georgian beauty extra unique.

  • Origin: Georgian
  • Meaning: Heavenly
  • Pronunciation: Tsee-SAAH-Nah
  • Variations: See-SAH-nah
  • Namesakes: Tsisana Tatishvili, a Georgian opera singer who performed at the Tbilisi Opera from 1963 to 2000.
  • Popularity: Tsisana is rare worldwide and mainly used in Georgia, where it ranked 144th in 2014.
Mystical, Feminine


Tuesday derives from the Old English “tīwesdæg,” meaning “Tiu’s day.” Like the Norse Tyr, Tiu was a Germanic god of the sky and war. Names modeled after the days of the week come from Latin-named planets and tend to begin with the gods.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Tiu’s Day
  • Pronunciation: TUWZ-Dey
  • Variations: Tuesdae, Tuesdai, Tuesdaye
  • Namesakes: Tuesday Knight, an American actress known for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Tuesday Middaugh, an American synchronized swimmer who competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Tuesday is rare worldwide and primarily used in Nigeria.
Modern, Cool
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Tulip means “turban” in Turkish because of the shape of the springtime flower. It’s based on the Persian “tulipan,” since Sultan Suleyman I was known to give tulips to important visitors.

  • Origin: Turkish, Persian
  • Meaning: Spring flower
  • Pronunciation: TUW-Lahp
  • Variations: Tullip, Tullop
  • Namesakes: Tulip Joshi, an Indian actress appearing in Matrubhoomi (2003). Tulip Siddiq, a British member of Parliament since 2015.
  • Popularity: Tuliip is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Bangladesh.
Cute, Unusual


Tulla is a variation of the Spanish Tulia, meaning “strength” and “peak.” When spelled Tula, the meanings include the Hindi “Libra” and the Scandinavian “little girl,” likely the cutest.

  • Origin: Spanish, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Round hill
  • Pronunciation: TUW-lah
  • Variations: Tula
  • Namesakes: Tulla Blomberg Ranslet, a Norwegian sculptor with works at the St. Göran children’s hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Popularity: Tulla is very rare worldwide and mainly used in India.
Pretty, Uncommon


Tully was originally an Irish surname taken from the Gaelic Ó’Taithligh, meaning “descendant of Taithleach.” It also means “flood” and “hill” and is not often used for girls.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Peaceful
  • Pronunciation: TUH-Lee
  • Variations: Tuley, Tuli, Tulley, Tulli, Tuly
  • Namesakes: Tully Bevilaqua, an Australian basketball player for the San Antonio Stars. Tully Jensen, an American model appearing on the cover of Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines.
  • Popularity: Tully is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Cute, Uncommon


In the original Persian, Turkessa was given to “the one who comes from Turkey.” It was used in France but is almost extinct today. Turkessa is less like other women’s names that start with T and more like a regal title for your queen.

  • Origin: French, Persian
  • Meaning: From Turkey
  • Pronunciation: Tuhr-KESS-ah
  • Variations: Turquessa
  • Popularity: Turkessa is very rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Formal, Rare


Tuulikki is based on the Finnish root “tuuli,” meaning “wind.” It’s also the name of a Finnish forest goddess, the daughter of Tapio, so it brings a mythical feel to it.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Little wind
  • Pronunciation: Tuw-YEW-liy-Kee
  • Namesakes: Tuulikki Laesson, an Estonian chess player and two-time winner of the Womens’ Estonian Chess Championship. Tuulikki Pyykkönen, a Finnish cross-country skier and bronze medalist at the 1997 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.
  • Popularity: Tuulikki is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Finland, ranking 262nd in 2014.
Mystical, Unusual


Twiggy is a most unusual name that had its moment as a nickname for the famous 1960s supermodel. It’s still associated with the meanings “slender” and “delicate” today.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Slender
  • Pronunciation: TWIHG-iy
  • Variations: Twiggi, Twiggie
  • Namesakes: Lesley Lawson (known as Twiggy), a British model named “The Face of 1966” by the Daily Express.
  • Popularity: Twiggy is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Zambia.
Cute, Vintage


Twyla is an artsy short form for “twilight.” When Twila, it means “light in the dark places” in Hebrew – a longer way of calling your little one “twilight.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Twilight
  • Pronunciation: TWAEY-Laa
  • Variations: Twila
  • Namesakes: Twyla Tharp, an American dancer with the American Ballet Theater. Twyla Herbert, an American songwriter known for “Lightnin’ Strikes.”
  • Popularity: Twyla is rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Pretty, Mystical


Tyberia refers to “the river Tiber” that runs through Rome. It was originally the Roman family name Tiberius, which became Tiberia and Tyberia for women.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: The river Tiber
  • Pronunciation: Tih-BIYR-iy-Ow
  • Variations: Tiberia
  • Popularity: Tyberia is extremely rare worldwide, with just six known occurrences in 2014, mainly in the U.S.
Ancient, Formal


Tyla originally referred to a “worker of roof tiles.” It’s a mostly unknown variant of Tyler but with more of a stand-out, feminine feel for modern girls.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Roof tile maker
  • Pronunciation: TAEY-Laa
  • Namesakes: Tyla Flexman, a Canadian field hockey player for the Canadian Women’s National Field Hockey Team from 2004 to 2012. Tyla Hanks, an Australian rules footballer for Melbourne.
  • Popularity: Tyla is very rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Unique, Uncommon


Tyler was first an English occupational surname meaning “maker of tiles,” also influenced by the French “tieulier.” It was also used as an “owner of a tavern.” Tyler ranked in the top 10 U.S. names from 1992 to 2000 and is more prevalent for boys.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Maker of tiles
  • Pronunciation: TAEY-Lehr
  • Variations: Tylor, Tylar
  • Popularity: Tyler is rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S., ranking 1,771st in 2014.
Modern, Unique
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T Names for Girls FAQs

What are Unique Girl Names That Start With T?

Unique T names for girls include vintage favorites like Tallulah and Tabitha, plus unisex choices like Teagen and Tyler. From Tate to Trinity and Tatum, female names that start with T are loaded with cool and unusual options.

What is the Most Popular T Name for a Girl?

Though technically unisex, Taylor is currently the most popular among girl names that start with T in the U.S. It was first an English surname and ranked 134th for girls in the U.S. in 2023. Taylor is also common in Canada and Australia, so it continues to be on the rise.

What is the Prettiest Girl Name That Starts With T?

T names for girls include beautiful ones like Tamara, Tiana, and Tallulah. Tiffany is the most popular and beautiful T name for girls that’s also a classic. It ranked 310th in 2023 but isn’t as popular as some less feminine names for girls that start with T. Other pretty choices include Teresa, Tara, and Tatiana.

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