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Matthew Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Matthew including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Matthew Overview

  • Meaning: Matthew means “Gift of God” when translated from Hebrew.
  • Gender: Matthew is typically given to boys, though there are female iterations such as Matty and Mattea.
  • Origin: Matthew has Hebrew origins. It was initially found in the New Testament as the name of one of Jesus’s Apostles. The name has been translated to almost every language in some form, including “Mattathias” in Greek and Matthaeus in Latin.
  • Pronunciation: Matthew is most often pronounced as “MATH-you” in English. However, in Hebrew, “MATH YOO” is the correct way of saying it.
  • Popularity: Matthew is a prevalent name globally. It is in the top 25 names for boys in Ireland and the top 10 for males in the US and UK.
  • Nicknames: Huey, Matheu, Mato, Mats, Mat, Matty, and Theo.
  • Variations: Madis, Mads, Maidiú, Mathúin, Máté, Mateo, Matei, Mateu, Matevž, Matheus, Matteo, Matthaeus, Mathias, Mathieu, Matiss, Matko, Matouš, Matthaios, Mattias, and Mátyás .
  • Namesakes: Matthew McConaughey, actor, and author.

What Does the Name Matthew Mean?

The name Matthew is used in the English language. It is typically a boy’s name. It comes from the Hebrew name Matityahu, which translates to “Gift of God.”

Matthew was one of Jesus’s twelve Apostles. Matthew wrote the Gospel of Matthew. The name comes from the Hebrew language, which is known as Matityahu.

What is the Origin of the Name Matthew?

The famous nature of the name Matthew comes from the bible. You can find the first iteration of Matthew in the New Testament—he was one of Jesus’s apostles.

The name has been translated to almost every language in some form, including “Mattathias” in Greek and Matthaeus in Latin. Since then, English-speaking countries began using it as simply Matthew.

How Popular is the Name Matthew?

Matthew is a very common and popular name globally due to its religious affiliations. This popularity started around 1300 AD and continued through Northern Europe to today.

Ireland saw Matthew stay in the top 25 names for males in the country and top 10 in the United Kingdom.

As for the rest of the world, Matthew stays in the top 1,000 names most popular for men. This is primarily in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

How Do I Pronounce Matthew?

The most popular way of pronouncing Matthew is “MATH-you.” In Hebrew, it is pronounced, “MATH YOO,” with a second emphasis on the second syllable.

Is Matthew a Boy’s or Girl’s Name?

Matthew is primarily a name given to boys. However, some variations are designated for girls, such as Mattea.

Variations of Matthew

With such an old name, there are bound to be many iterations of Matthew. Some of them include:

  • Madis (Estonian)
  • Mads (Scandinavian)
  • Maidiú (Konkow)
  • Mathúin (Irish)
  • Máté (Hungarian)
  • Mateo (Spanish)
  • Matei (Romanian)
  • Mateu (Catalan)
  • Matevž (Slovene)
  • Matheus (Portuguese)
  • Matteo (Italian)
  • Matthaeus (Aramaic)
  • Mathias (Hebrew)
  • Mathieu (Hebrew)
  • Matīss (Latvian)
  • Matko (Croatian)
  • Matouš (Czech)
  • Matthaios (Aramaic)
  • Mattias (Hebrew)
  • Mátyás (Hungarian)

Nicknames for Matthew

Along with the variations of Matthew are countless nicknames that come with so many syllables as Matthew has.

Some of the many include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Hewy
  • Huey
  • Matheu
  • Mato
  • Mats
  • Matz
  • Matt
  • Matty
  • Theo

Similar Names to Matthew

There are also a handful of names that sound similar to Matthew or play on the original while still giving it a new spin.

Some of those similar names include:

Middle Names for Matthew

Matthew sounds good with so many things. But if you don’t know how or what to pair with the name Matthew, we’ve got you covered.

Some fun, new ways to add a middle name include:

Sibling Names for Matthew

Similar to middle names, many names go great alongside Matthew, despite the gender.

Famous People Named Matthew

Many names come to mind when we hear the name, Matthew. One of the first is the Academy Award-winning actor and author, Matthew McConaughey.

Some other Matthews include:

  • Matthew Broderick: American actor, best known for his role as Ferris Bueller.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler: American actor and author who plays Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.
  • Matt Groening: Cartoonist, illustrator, producer, voice actor, and creator of The Simpsons.
  • Matt Lauer: American former news anchor and journalist.
  • Matthew Perry: American actor from the television show Friends.
  • Matthew Stafford: American Football player.

Matthew in Popular Culture

On top of the long list of famous Matthews are the fictional characters who use the name.

You might recognize:

  • Matthew Burdock: The true name of Marvel’s Daredevil.
  • Matthew Crawley: Character from Downton Abbey.
  • Matthew McGuire: Character from television show Lizzie McGuire.
  • Matt McNamara: Character from television show Nip/Tuck.
  • Matt Parkman: Character from the television show, Heroes.
  • Matt Saracen: Protagonist from Friday Night Lights.

Matthew FAQs

There might be some other questions in your mind about the name Matthew. Let’s look at some.

What Personality Does the Name Matthew Fit?

The connotations of the name Matthew are exciting. Words that come to mind include uplifting, stimulating, intelligent, charming, and energizing. Matthews often attract attention with wit and are often the life of the party.

Is Matthew an English Name?

Despite its Hebrew origins as Matityahu (“Gift of God”), the specific name Matthew is English and Scottish. It comes from the 14th century. Most other variations on the name refer to another country’s use.

Is Matthew a Good Name?

With the popularity of the name Matthew since the 80s, it’s a name that has withstood the test of time.

Having its religious ties always helps a name stay in style as well. Since the New Testament, consistently, Matthew has been one of the most in-style names. It is a nice alternative to more common names like James or Jonathan, yet with the classic touch.

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