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Brielle Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Brielle including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Brielle Overview

  • Meaning: Brielle means “God is my strength.”
  • Gender: Brielle is usually a name for girls.
  • Origin: The name Brielle is of French origin and is a shortened version of “Gabrielle.”
  • Pronunciation: Brielle is pronounced, “Bree-EHL.”
  • Popularity: Brielle is a popular name, especially in the United States and the Netherlands. In the US, it has been in the top 200 for a decade and was the 118th most popular choice for girls in 2021.
  • Nicknames: Bree, Bri, Brie, Ell, Ella, Elle, Ellie, Lee.
  • Variations: Abrielle, Brealle, Breelle, Briela, Briella, Brielle, Gabrielle.
  • Namesakes: Brielle Barbusca (American actress), Brielle Von Hugel (American singer).

What Does Brielle Mean?

The name Brielle is a derivation of the French girl’s name Gabrielle. That translates as “messenger of God” (1). Somewhat similarly, Brielle can mean “God is my strength.”

Secondary meanings of the name include “Woman of God” and “Gift from God,” giving Brielle religious significance.

What Is the Origin of the Name Brielle?

Brielle is relatively modern. It is a derivative of the feminine “Gabrielle,” which was inspired by the Hebrew masculine name “Gabriel.”

Historically, Brielle was more likely to be encountered as a surname. In that context, it was likely influenced by the historic Dutch seaport town of Brielle (2).

As a given name, Brielle has since taken on its own life rather than just a shortened version of Gabrielle.

How Popular Is the Name Brielle?

Brielle is a popular name, particularly in the United States. Since it first appeared in the late 20th Century, it has been steadily rising up the charts maintained by the Social Security Administration.

In the past two decades, Brielle has broken into the top 500 (in the early 2000s) and entered the top 200 (in the 2010s). In 2021, it ranked as the 118th most popular choice for newborn girls (3).

It is also popular in other countries, namely the Netherlands, where people often name their girls after the historic seaport town of Brielle.

How Do I Pronounce Brielle?

Brielle is a two-syllable name that uses soft vowels. The emphasis in the name lands on the second syllable.

To pronounce Brielle correctly, say, “Bree-EHL.”

Is Brielle a Boy or Girl Name?

The name Brielle is primarily feminine, and there are very few instances of parents giving it to boys.

While Brielle is in the top 200 for girls, it has never broken into the top 1000 choices for boys. Still, if you like the name Brielle for a boy, remember that it traces its roots to the ancient Hebrew masculine name Gabriel.

Variations of Brielle

If you like the name Brielle but would like to change up the spelling or pronunciation, then you may want to use a variation of it. Check out the following variations of Brielle that you may want to consider:

  • Abrielle (Hebrew, French)
  • Brealle (English, French)
  • Breelle (English, German)
  • Briela (Hebrew, Albanian)
  • Briella (English, Hebrew)
  • Brielle (English, Hebrew)
  • Gabrielle (Hebrew, French)

Nicknames for Brielle

Brielle is the kind of name that is well-suited to being given cute and varied nicknames. Whether you’re an expectant parent or a family friend, consider giving one of the following nicknames a shot:

Similar Names to Brielle

You may like how Brielle sounds, but you may not want to use that name. If this is the case, then something that sounds similar could be an excellent option. Try out the following names that are similar to Brielle:

Middle Names for Brielle

If you have decided on Brielle, then it is time to take the next step: picking out a middle name. Of course, you have to find a middle name that sounds nice in conjunction with Brielle. See how the following middle names suit the name:

Sibling Names for Brielle

Maybe your child’s name is already Brielle, or perhaps you are expecting twins and have only decided on one name. Here are some fantastic options for a sibling of Brielle:

Famous People Named Brielle

Since Brielle is a popular name, there are a few famous people who go by it. Since it is a modern name, most people named Brielle are young women. They include:

  • Brielle Barbusca: American actress and influencer.
  • Brielle Biermann: American model.
  • Brielle Lacosta: American model.
  • Brielle Milla: American child genius.
  • Brielle Von Hugel: American pop singer who appeared in season 11 of “American Idol.”

Brielle in Popular Culture

There are a few characters in pop culture named Brielle, but it is fairly rare to find. The following characters share the name:

  • Brielle: Main character in the song “Sky Sailing.”
  • Princess Brielle Elise Madeleine Strasberg: Character in the novel “Undeniable Crush: The Billionaire and The Princess.”

Brielle FAQs

If you have more questions about the name Brielle, then read on below to find the answers to three of the most commonly asked queries.

Is Brielle a Biblical Name?

Although the name Brielle has religious meaning, the Bible does not mention it specifically. Still, Gabriel the Archangel does make multiple appearances in the Bible. Gabrielle is a derivation of Gabriel, and Brielle is a shortened version of Gabrielle. So, Brielle can be validly said to have biblical roots.

How Old Is the Name Brielle?

Brielle is a contemporary name. While Brielle has been around for many centuries, often as a name for towns, it was not until the late 20th century that people began to use it as a name for people separate from Gabrielle.

Is Brielle a Classic Name?

The name Brielle has classic roots but is relatively modern as it only emerged as a popular choice in the 21st Century. However, its religious meaning and lovely sound give Brielle a classic aesthetic regardless.

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