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Autumn Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Autumn including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Autumn Overview

  • Meaning: Autumn means “fall season” or “of the woods.”
  • Gender: Autumn is a female given name.
  • Origin: Autumn is of Latin and French origins.
  • Pronunciation: “AW-tum”
  • Popularity: Autumn is a very popular baby name ranking at #66 on the highest-ranking baby girl names list.
  • Nicknames: Aut, Auts, Auttie, Autty, Auto, Min, Tum, Tum Tum.
  • Variations: Autum, Autumnn, Awtumn, Awtumnn, Autymn.
  • Namesakes: Autumn Christian, Autumn de Forest, Autumn Derald, Autumn Kent, Autumn Mills, Autumn Sandeen, Autumn Smithers.

What Does Autumn Mean?

Autumn means “the fall season” or “of the woods”. Fall, or autumn, is the season that takes place between summer and winter.

Its etymology stems from Latin and Old French words. Hence, most children named Autumn are usually born in the fall season or named for one of their parents’ favorite seasons.

What Is the Origin of the Name Autumn?

The name Autumn is from the Latin word “autumnus” which means “fall” or “autumn” or “the woods” in English. This Latin word is also derived from the Old French term “automne,” which means “the time of gathering crops” or “harvest time.”

Before fall became the word to designate the autumn season, the Old English term was “hærfest” (or harvest). French influence changed the word to “Autumn” in the 14th century.

The fall season takes place in the United States between late September to late November. The Fall Equinox usually starts on September 22nd or 23rd (1).

It is a name reminiscent of the season where leaves turn from green to red, orange, and yellow and fall off the trees. It is a name of cleansing and rebirth as the old leaves fall off the trees to make way for new ones that will come in the spring.

How Popular is the Name Autumn?

As of 2021, Autumn is currently #66 on the top 1,000 baby girls’ names list from the Social Security Administration. The most popular year for Autumn was 2013 at #64 (2). Besides its American popularity, it also holds precedence in England and Canada.

Autumn started rising in popularity in the late 1960s when it entered the list at #831 in 1969. From 1975 to 1996, it bobbed and weaved in the 200s and 100s before it hit #91 in 1997. Autumn has stayed within the top 100 baby girl names for Americans since 1997.

How Do I Pronounce Autumn?

The pronunciation of “AW-tum” is the more popular way to say Autumn. Others prefer the pronunciation of “AW-tim.”

Is Autumn a Boy or Girl Name?

Autumn is a feminine given name. However, it has grown in popularity as a unisex name for babies born during the fall season no matter their gender.

Variations of Autumn

Autumn has some distinctive spelling variations for a more creative presentation on the birth certificate. We’ve collected a few below!

  • Autum
  • Autumnn
  • Awtumn
  • Awtumnn
  • Autymn

Nicknames for Autumn

Autumn is a unique name that deserves an equally distinct nickname, so check out the list we made below:

  • Aut
  • Auts
  • Auttie
  • Autty
  • Auto
  • Min
  • Tum
  • Tum Tum
  • Tumny

Similar Names to Autumn

Some names like Autumn may pique your interest more than this one. You may like one of these similar names such as:

Middle Names for Autumn

Autumn is a longer name that goes well with shorter middle names. These are the middle names we picked for Autumn:

Sibling Names for Autumn

If you already have a child named autumn and are looking for sibling names, then look no further:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Autumn

Many famous people have the namesake Autumn, including:

  • Autumn Christian: American author.
  • Autumn de Forest: American painter.
  • Autumn Derald: American cinematographer.
  • Autumn Kent: American mathematician.
  • Autumn Mills: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Autumn Phillips: Peter Phillips’ Canadian wife; Phillips is Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson.
  • Autumn Sandeen: American blogger and transgender activist.
  • Autumn Smithers: American professional soccer player.

Autumn in Popular Culture

Autumn has a couple of pop culture references in superhero fiction and plenty of characters with the name in published books. Some pop culture references to Autumn include:

  • Autumn: Anime character in “Reiko Makigami.”
  • Autumn: Supporting character in the animated installment “Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl.”
  • Autumn Adams: Main character in the novel “Knock Me Off My Feet” by Susan Donovan.
  • Autumn Evans: Protagonist in the novel “Back to Basics” authored by Patricia Ann Phillips.
  • Autumn MacRae: Real name for the Marvel superhero, Sunshine.
  • Autumn Milski: Protagonist in the novel “Blind Obsession” written by Lee Wilkinson.
  • Rose Autumn: Real name for the Marvel superhero, Foxfire.

Autumn FAQs

Autumn is a lovely seasonal name, but you may still have questions about it. Here are answers to your frequently asked questions about Autumn.

Who Was the Goddess of Autumn?

Carpo was the Greek goddess of autumn and the daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus. She is known as the personification for that season of the year. She was known as one of the Hours goddesses that represent seasons.

Carpo had two other sisters. Thallo represented spring while her sister Auxo personified the summer season.

What Is the Meaning of Autumn Spiritually?

Autumn personifies evolution and harvesting because of what the fall season it’s known for. Growth and transition in life’s chapters are epitomized through the fall season, which is what the name Autumn spiritually represents.

What Does the Bible Say About Autumn?

The Bible says that autumn’s yielding of the crops and a follower’s patience will be needed to await the return of Jesus. Just as farmers wait for crops to harvest in the fall, this is how Christ’s followers should wait on Him.

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