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Aurelia Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Aurelia including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Aurelia Overview

  • Meaning: Aurelia means “the golden one” or “of the golden line.”
  • Gender: Aurelia is traditionally a feminine name, and the masculine version is Aurelius.
  • Origin: Aurelia is a Latin name from the Ancient Roman empire.
  • Pronunciation: Aurelia is pronounced as “ah-rel-ee-uh.” The name rhymes with “Romania” or “Albania.”
  • Popularity: Aurelia is fairly popular, recently becoming the 516th most popular girl’s name in the US in 2021.
  • Nicknames: Ari, Aura, Ella, Ellie, Leah, Rea, Rel, Relia, Riley, Rory.
  • Variations: Aurélia, Aurelian, Aureliana, Aureliano, Aurélie, Aurelija, Oralie.
  • Namesakes: Aurelia Cotta, Aurelia Browder, Aurélia de Souza.

What Does Aurelia Mean?

Aurelia and its masculine counterpart Aurelius come from the Latin “aureus.” Aureus refers to the gold coin of the same name and was a part of the regular currency in Ancient Rome.

Because of the link to the gold currency, the name Aurelia means “the golden one” or “of the golden line” (1).

What Is the Origin of the Name Aurelia?

The name Aurelia is the feminine counterpart to the masculine given name and surname Aurelius and the Latin version of the French given name Aurélie. This association makes it Latin in origin.

The surname Aurelius became famous for its rise in the political sphere of Rome. The Aurelius (or sometimes Aurelia) family began as a lower-class family. After Gaius Aurelius reached the highest elected political office in the empire, the name became synonymous with political power.

In 212 BCE, Marcus Aurelius gave Roman citizenship to any free residents in the empire. Because of this, many new citizens named their children either Aurelius or Aurelia to honor the person who gave them a place in the Roman empire (2).

How Popular Is the Name Aurelia?

The name Aurelia became popular in Ancient Rome to honor Marcus Aurelius. In modern times, the name has been fairly popular, typically staying within the top 1000 popular baby names for girls in the United States.

The name was fairly popular from 1880 to 1950, hitting the rank of #352 in 1880 and only falling out of the top 1000 in 1950.

Aurelia became less popular post-1950 and didn’t get back into the top 1000 until 2012 when it reached #998. Since 2012, it has grown in popularity, breaking the top 600 twice in 2020 and 2021. It is projected that the name will grow in popularity over the next few years (3).

How Do I Pronounce Aurelia?

Aurelia is pronounced as “ah-rel-ee-uh.” The name rhymes with “Romania” or “Albania.”

Is Aurelia a Boy or Girl Name?

Aurelia has traditionally been considered a feminine name, with the masculine version of the name being Aurelius.

Variations of Aurelia

Aurelia originally comes from Ancient Rome, so as the name spread in popularity, so did the different language variations.

  • Aurélia (Hungarian)
  • Aurelian (Romanian)
  • Aureliana (Italian
  • Aureliano (Spanish)
  • Aurélie (French)
  • Aurelija (Lithuanian)
  • Oralie (English)

Nicknames for Aurelia

We have gathered some of the cute nicknames those with the name Aurelia often go by.

Similar Names to Aurelia

If you enjoy Aurelia as a name, these are some similar names that may also inspire you.

Middle Names for Aurelia

There are many middle names that fit well with Aurelia, many of which share the name’s Ancient Roman/Latin origin.

Sibling Names for Aurelia

Here are some options for sibling names that pair very well with the beautiful Aurelia.

Famous People Named Aurelia

Many famous people named Aurelia in history are related to the Aurelius Roman family line, though others do not share the relation.

  • Aurelia Cotta: Mother of Julius Ceaser.
  • Aurelia of Strausborg: 4th-century saint.
  • Aurelia Browder: African-American civil rights activist.
  • Aurelia Harwood: American conservationist.
  • Aurelia Plath: Mother of famous American poet Sylvia Plath.
  • Aurélia de Souza: Portuguese painter.

Aurelia in Popular Culture

Aurelia makes for a great historical or fantasy name in pop culture works.

  • Aunt Aurelia: A character in the film “Der Adler.”
  • Aurelia: A character in the film “Love Actually.”
  • Aurelia: A character from the historical film “Pompeii.”
  • Aurelia: A character from the fantasy story “For The Love Of Gods” who is the goddess of the sun.
  • Aurelia Jimenez: A character from the movie “From Prada to Nada.”

Aurelia FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the name Aurelia.

Is Aurelia a Type of Flower?

While Aurelia is better-known as a given name for most, many gardeners recognize the name as a color variety of roses. The “Aurelia spray rose” is a type of rose that has a rusty orange or burnt orange color.

Is Aurelia a Type of Jellyfish?

In addition to being a given name for humans, Aurelia also refers to a specific type of jellyfish. The “Aurelia” genus of jellyfish is a type of moon jellyfish, which refers to the translucent shape of their bodies and their ability to glow at night.

The Aurelia genus of jellyfish is recognized by the jellyfish body being almost entirely transparent, meaning it is difficult to spot them during the day. However, at night, their bioluminescence makes it far easier to see them, and many are mesmerized by their glow (4).

What Do People Think of the Name Aurelia?

The name Aurelia has many positive connotations with people, many considering it a beautiful and feminine moniker. The name’s meaning in Latin is “golden,” though many believe it sounds like a name related to nature (such as the phenomenon of “auroras” or the name of a flower such as “camelia”).

Aurelia became popular in Ancient Rome due to its association with the Aurelius families, but it has continued to be a fairly popular name in the modern-day because people enjoy the way it sounds.

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