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Josiah Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Josiah including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Josiah Overview

  • Meaning: The name means “healed by Yahweh” or “God heals.”
  • Gender: Josiah is most commonly used as a boy’s name. There are female variations of the name for girls.
  • Origin: The name Josiah originated in the Hebrew language.
  • Pronunciation: Josiah is easy to pronounce, with it being “joh-SY-uh.”
  • Popularity: Josiah has become a very popular name since the mid-2000s. In 2021, Josiah ranked 49th for boys born in the United States.
  • Nicknames: Jay, Joe, Joe Joe, Joey, Josey, Siah, Sy.
  • Variations: Giosia, Iosia, Iosiya, Josia, Josias, Jozyas, Yosia, Yushya.
  • Namesakes: King Josiah, Josiah Bartlett.

What Does Josiah Mean?

Josiah was originally a name in the Hebrew language. Josiah means “healed by Yahweh” or “God heals.” The spelling of the name Josiah in Hebrew is Yoshiyyahu. Josiah is an English variation of the Latin version Josias (1).

What Is the Origin of the Name Josiah?

The origin of the name Josiah is from the Hebrew Bible (2). It belonged to a righteous king who ruled the holy city of Jerusalem for 31 years. The Bible mentions Josiah in both the old and the new testament.

King Josiah is known for reforming religion within Jerusalem. The Bible details that he turned the Kingdom of Judah away from the worship of Baal and back to Judaism.

How Popular Is the Name Josiah?

The name Josiah has had a recent surge in popularity. Since 2008, Josiah has been in the top 100 most popular boy names. The name reached peak popularity in 2019, ranking number 45 (3).

The name Josiah did not become very popular in the United States until the late 1990s. In 2021, the name held the 49th spot for newborn boys.

Josiah is not a very common name outside of the United States. You can find people named Josiah in some African countries and Caribbean nations. Other countries typically use variations of the name.

How Do I Pronounce Josiah?

You pronounce the name Josiah as “joh-SY-uh.” The spelling is phonetic, so it is easy to pronounce.

Is Josiah a Boy or Girl Name?

Josiah is used most often for boys. There are variations of the name Josiah for a girl. The most common are Josie and Johanna.

Variations of Josiah

Because Josiah is an ancient name rooted in religion, there are many variations in use around the world. Some of the most noted versions of Josiah in different languages include:

  • Giosia (Italian)
  • Iosia (Samoan)
  • Iosiya (Russian)
  • Josia (Dutch)
  • Josias (Spanish)
  • Jozyas (Haitian)
  • Yosia (Swahili)
  • Yushya (Arabic)

Nicknames for Josiah

The name Josiah is not long. Usually, short names have fewer nicknames. Josiah does sound formal, so nicknames make it more casual. Here are a few ideas perfect for a newborn Josiah:

  • Jay
  • Joe
  • Joe Joe
  • Joey
  • Josey
  • Siah
  • Sy

Similar Names to Josiah

Josiah has become a more popular name over the last decade. If Josiah is not rare enough for you, here are some similar names to consider:

Middle Names for Josiah

The name Josiah is timeless and classic. It pairs best with names that are not modern. Simple and powerful names make a good choice for middle names for Josiah.

This is a list of middle names that go well with Josiah:

Sibling Names for Josiah

Josiah is a classic biblical boy’s name. Because of this, it pairs best with other simple names and those that have religious significance.

You might want to check out the following as they will work well with Josiah:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Josiah

As Josiah is thousands of years old, there have been many noted individuals who have added to the richness of the name.

Below are a few examples of notable people named Josiah:

  • King Josiah: Biblical king of Jerusalem.
  • Josiah Alexander: English cricket player.
  • Josiah Bartlett: Founding Father and signer of the American Declaration of Independence.
  • Josiah Bronson: American football player.
  • Josiah Clark: American musician and educationalist.
  • Josiah Freeman: American early photographer and politician.
  • Josiah Henson: American author, minister, and abolitionist.
  • Josiah Hort: Irish politician.
  • Josiah Seton: Liberian soccer player.
  • Josiah Wolf: American musician and member of the indie rock and alternative hip hop band Why?.

Josiah in Popular Culture

The name Josiah is not used too often in popular culture. It is found only sparingly in some books and television shows.

Here are a few characters that have the name Josiah in popular culture:

  • Josiah Bartlett: Character from the TV series “West Wing”.
  • Josiah Power: Character from DC Comics.
  • Josiah Trelawney: Character from “Red Dead Redemption 2” video game.
  • Josiah X: Character from Marvel Comics.

Josiah FAQs

Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the name Josiah:

Is Josiah a Formal Name?

The name Josiah does sound more formal than modern names. The name is simple and powerful. A person with the name Josiah is taken seriously. There are nicknames for Josiah that give off a more casual tone.

Are There Any Colors Associated With the Name Josiah?

The colors associated with the name Josiah are black, blue, and gray. These colors are bold and stable, just like the name they represent. The colors black, blue, and gray represent the masculinity of the name Josiah.

What Is the Personality of a Person Named Josiah?

Josiah is a stoic and masculine-sounding name. In the Hebrew Bible, the name belongs to a king. Most people who choose the name Josiah hope that their child embodies leadership traits. However, a name will not determine someone’s personality as every child is an individual regardless of their name.

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