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Emery Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Emery including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Emery Overview

  • Meaning: In Latin, Emery means loving. Emery derived from the Germanic language with both powerful and successful connotations.
  • Gender: Emery can be given to males and females.
  • Origin: Emery has a German and Anglo-Saxon origin, evolving over the centuries from the name Emmerich into what we use today.
  • Pronunciation: “emm-err-ee”
  • Popularity: Emery has become a very popular unisex name.
  • Nicknames: Em, Emmer, Emmie, Ems, Ree, RiRi, Merry, Ry.
  • Variations: Amory, Emory, Amery, Emmery, Amor, Emmory.
  • Namesakes: Emery Lehman, Olympic speed skater.

What Does Emery Mean?

Emery has a Latin origin, meaning loving for both girls and boys. Emery derives from the Norman name Emmerich, which faded out of popularity and only lasted in the Middle Ages. In the German language, Emery means powerful home. It was adopted by the personal name Emaurri, with amja meaning busy and ric meaning powerful. Emery also has industrious and powerful connotations.

English and French interpretations of Emery exist as well. The Normans introduced this name to English speakers from France after an 11th-century invasion. Some of the earliest records of this name date back to the 1600s. Emery was originally Emmerich in the 13th century but slowly changed into what we know today.

What is the Origin of the Name Emery?

Emery was first used as a surname. The German origin, as explained above, shows its steadfast nature. Traditionally, this name was masculine, inferring a brave, powerful ruler. But now, Emery can be used for both girls and boys.

The Anglo-Saxons had a chieftain named Almericus, another interpretation of how this name came to be. Emery’s first origins were from Amalric, amal meaning bravery and ric meaning powerful. Emery is also a type of stone that’s ground into a powder and used as an abrasive in many applications.

How Popular is the Name Emery?

Emery only recently became popular, hitting the top 100 list in 2018. Ever since 2018, this name has slowly increased in popularity. Emery reached number 89 in 2020. Its peak popularity was in 2018, when it earned its place as a top popular unisex name for newborns.

Emery hit maximum popularity in the 1950s, only to lose that ranking in the 60s. Emery wasn’t super common in the 1980s up till the early 2000s. Currently, Emery ranks number 93 in the United States. Well-known names like Emily and Emma boosted the gender-neutral name of Emery into recognition.

How Do I Pronounce Emery?

Emery has a few pronunciations. With its three syllables, there are multiple ways to say it. The most common pronunciation of Emery is “emm-err-ee”.

Is Emery a Boy or Girl Name?

Emery has been used as a boy’s name since the 19th century, but Emery can easily be a girl’s name. You don’t have to change the spelling unless you want to for either a girl or boy.

Variations of Emery

If you like Emery but want to see if there are other variations of this name, keep reading. These names are akin to Emery but have different spelling and sounds.

  • Amery (English)
  • Amor (Spanish)
  • Amory (German)
  • Emmery (German)
  • Emmory (German)
  • Emory (German)

Nicknames for Emery

You can nickname your baby however you like. But, below are some cute and fun names to shorten Emery into an endearing term you can use daily.

  • Em
  • Emmer
  • Emmie
  • Ems
  • Merry
  • Ree
  • RiRi
  • Ry

Similar Names to Emery

If you are partial to the name Emery but are curious to see if there are names with a similar connotation, this next section will help you. You can use several of these names whether you’re expecting a boy or girl.

Middle Names for Emery

You aren’t required to have a middle name, but having one certainly completes the full name. Check out the following list to see if any of these spark your interest and sound appropriate with your last name, too.

Sibling Names for Emery

If you already have an Emery in the household and expect a little boy or girl in the near future, then this section is for you. Here, we’ll talk about names that mean brave or powerful and would match the name Emery perfectly.

Famous People Named Emery

Emery is a frequently used name for the daughters of celebrities. Most recently, Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn’s baby was named Emery.

  • Emery Barnes: Athlete and Canadian politician.
  • Emery Emery: Comedian.
  • Emery Lehman: Olympic speed skater.
  • Emery Lord: Author.
  • Emery Walker: Artist and photographer.

Emery in Popular Culture

There are a couple of uses of Emery in books and television shows, as seen below.

  • Emery Ashworth: the main character in The Children of Hypnos.
  • Emery Whitehill: the main character on Star, Crossed.

Emery FAQs

The following section will talk about a few frequently asked questions about the name Emery. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the name’s meaning and whether you’d like to name your upcoming bundle of joy Emery.

How Old Is the Name Emery?

The name Emery dates back to the Anglo-Saxons with a chieftain named Almericus. The surname Emery was first found in the Domesday Book of 1086 in Latin form, and in the years 1207 to 1279, there were various spellings, including Amalrici, Aumarui, Aymery, Emeri, and Emeric. Anglo-Saxon names were influenced by French, Latin, and other languages, with medieval spelling variations including Emmery, Emory, Emerye, and Emmerie.

What Is Emery’s Personality Like?

People named Emery are powerful and enthusiastic. Their cheerfulness allows for great self-expression, but they can get emotional. They are naturally artistic and entertainers with an exuberant youthfulness that makes them a delight to be around. Emery is a name displaying determination and kindness.

People with the name Emery are charming, quick-witted, and happy. They tend to live in the now and make spontaneous choices. Not only that, but people named Emery are loyal and lucky, living a loving life with those special to them.

How Do You Spell Emery for a Girl?

You can use the spelling in this article for a girl’s or boy’s name. If you want a variant of Emery, you could consider Emory, Emerie, and Emmarie, but the former remains the most popular.

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