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Griffin Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Griffin including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Griffin Overview

  • Meaning: Griffin means “a fabled monster” or “strong lord.”
  • Gender: Griffin is typically a boy’s name.
  • Origin: The name Griffin originates from English, Latin, and Welsh.
  • Pronunciation: “GRIHF-in”
  • Popularity: Griffin is a popular name, particularly in the United States.
  • Nicknames: Griff, Griffy, Finn, Finny.
  • Variations: Garvin, Girvan, Griff.
  • Namesakes: Griffin Canning, Griffin Dillon, Griffin Dunne.

What Does Griffin Mean?

The most common meaning of the name Griffin is “a fabled monster.” In mythology, a griffin is a large animal that has the head and wings of an eagle, and the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion (1). Griffins are present in a wide variety of cultural fables in countries ranging from Persia to Egypt to Greece (2).

Because the lion is considered the strongest land animal and the eagle the most fearsome bird, griffins are well-known in mythology for being powerful, majestic, and strong. It served as a symbol of “divine power” (3).

It also means “strong lord” historically in Latin and “hooked nose” in Greek.

Griffin is a strong-sounding name with a unique meaning and rich history and background, making it an excellent option for naming your child. Its sound evokes imagery of classic royalty and rugged handsomeness.

What is the Origin of the Name Griffin?

While a Gryphon as a mythical creature has been around for centuries, the name Griffin itself isn’t quite as old. As a name, it originates from English, Latin, and Welsh.

In English, it originated as a nickname for a fierce or dangerous person. It began as a surname but has increased in popularity as a first name over the last few decades.

In heraldry, the griffin represents strength, courage, and leadership (4).

How Popular is the Name Griffin?

As a first name, Griffin didn’t enter prominence until the 1970s, and Griffin was most popular as a baby name in 2012.

In 2022, Griffin ranks 232 in the United States (5), making it a popular choice. Griffin is a particularly popular choice in the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.

In the United States, the name first appeared in 1881, but only six babies were named Griffin that year.

How Do I Pronounce Griffin?

Griffin is pronounced as it is spelled: GRIHF-in. It is not typically mispronounced.

Is Griffin a Boy or Girl Name?

Griffin is most commonly a boy’s name. However, if you’re going for a unique and edgy vibe, it works well as a girl’s name too. Because of this versatility, some may consider Griffin to be a gender-neutral name. Still, less than one hundred baby girls were named Griffin last year, so it is significantly less popular as a girl’s name.

Variations of Griffin

  • Garvin [English]
  • Girvan [Irish]
  • Griff [Latin]
  • Griffen [Latin]
  • Griffon [Latin]

Nicknames for Griffin

  • Big G
  • Griff
  • Griff Griff
  • Griffy
  • Fifi
  • Fin
  • Finny

Similar Names to Griffin

Middle Names for Griffin

Sibling Names for Griffin

Here are some of our favorite sibling names for Griffin.

For a Sister

For a Brother

Famous People Named Griffin

  • Griffin Boyette Bell: American judge.
  • Griffin Riley Conine: American baseball player.
  • Griffin Canning: American MLB player.
  • Griffin Dillon: American soccer player.
  • Griffin Dunne: American actor, film producer, and director.
  • Griffin Gluck: American actor.
  • Griffin Layne: American country music singer and songwriter.
  • Griffin Money: Australian politician.
  • Griffin Neame: New Zealand professional rugby league footballer.
  • Griffin Patrick O’Neal: American actor.
  • Griffin Reinhard: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Blake Griffin (Last name): American basketball player.
  • David Griffin (Last name): American basketball executive.
  • Eddie Griffin (Last name): American actor and comedian.
  • Garrett Griffin (Last name): American football player.
  • Kathy Griffin (Last name): American comedian.
  • Katie Griffin (Last name): Canadian actress.
  • Morgan Griffin (Last name): Australian actress.
  • Taylor Griffin (Last name): American basketball player.

Griffin in Popular Culture

  • The Griffin Family: While Griffin is the last name instead of the first name in this instance,this surname belongs to one of the most famous cartoon families, the Griffin family from Family Guy. Their familyconsists of Peter Griffin (the father), Lois Griffin (the mother), Meg Griffin (the daughter), Chris Griffin (the son), Stewie Griffin (the baby), and Brian Griffin (the dog).
  • Clarke Griffin: The main character on the CW’s post-apocalyptic show, The 100.
  • Griffin (no last name): The title character in H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man.
  • Griffin Bowen: Character in the movie Poltergeist.
  • Griffin Castillo: A character in the soap opera All My Children.
  • Griffin Grey: A character on the TV show The Flash.
  • Griffin Hawkins: A character on the TV show Boy Meets World.
  • Griffin Holbrook: A character on the TV show Party of Five.

Griffin FAQs

Still have questions about the name Griffin? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Does a Griffin Symbolize?

Griffins symbolize ferocity, pride, wisdom, courage, and power by merging the personalities and traits of a lion and an eagle (6).

Is the Griffin Animal Real?

No, griffins are fictional, mythological beasts that are a combination of an eagle and a lion.

What Powers Do Griffins Have in Mythology?

Griffins have superhuman strength that comes from the portion of their body that is a lion. They also have enhanced sight and can fly from their eagle traits.

What Are Some Different Ways to Spell Griffin?

Griffin can also be spelled the following ways: Gryphon, Gryffin, Gryphan, Gryffan, Gryphen, Griffen, or Griffon.

Is Griffin a First Name or a Last Name?

It can be either. It originated as a surname in Ireland, England, and Wales but has since evolved into a first name.

Is Griffin a Gender-Neutral Name?

While it is more commonly a boy’s name, Griffin is a gender-neutral name and makes a great choice for your baby boy or girl.

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