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Amanda Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Amanda including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Amanda Overview

  • Meaning: Amanda means “worthy of love” and “lovable.”
  • Gender: Amanda is typically a name for baby girls.
  • Origin: Amanda stems from Latin origin. It also has roots in Aramaic and Hebrew.
  • Pronunciation: “uh-MAN-duh”
  • Popularity: Amanda is a popular name that is currently #475 out of 1,000.
  • Variations: Amada, Amandah, Amandalee, Amandalyn, Amandi.
  • Namesakes: Amanda Bauer, Amanda Bellt, Amanda Blake, Amanda Borden, Amanda Bynes.

What Does Amanda Mean?

Amanda primarily means “worthy of love” or “loveable” in Latin. Other meanings are “loved very much by everyone” or “deserving to be loved” (1).

What Is the Origin of the Name Amanda?

Amanda is a name of Latin origin. A baby girl received the name for the first time in 1212 in Warwickshire, England. During the 1600s and 1700s, Amanda was a prominent name for infant girls.

When a hurricane struck Florida in 1863, it was later named Amanda. It was the only hurricane recorded in history that touched the land during one year when it was May (2).

Authors and poets used the name of characters in their work. They based it directly on the Latin word with matching spelling and meaning. Colley Cibber released a play in 1696 called “Love’s Last Shift” with a primary character named Amanda.

How Popular Is the Name Amanda?

Amanda is a popular name and ranked #475 out of 1,000 as of 2021. During that year, 653 girls were named Amanda. It first hit the top 1,000 list in 1900 at rank #154 (3).

In 1980, it was at its highest popularity at #2. It stayed in the top 5 baby girl names for 12 years following. The name remained in the top 10 list from 1976 to 1995.

How Do I Pronounce Amanda?

Amanda is pronounced as “uh-MAN-duh.” In the Spanish or Italian way, you pronounce Amanda as “ah-MAN-da.”

Is Amanda a Boy or Girl Name?

Amanda is a name for baby girls. The Social Security Administration only has name information for girls named Amanda.

No information is available for Amanda as a boy name. The masculine name for Amanda is actually Amandus, which is of Late Roman origin. The Spanish alternative is Amando.

Variations of Amanda

While Amanda has risen and fallen in popularity over time, maybe you are looking for something different. Variations are primarily of Latin origin. These are the variations of Amanda that we suggest:

  • Amada (Spanish)
  • Amata (Latin)
  • Amandalee (Latin)
  • Amandalyn (Latin)
  • Amandi (Nigerian and Igbo)
  • Amandine (French)

Nicknames for Amanda

Amanda is long enough to allow for many nickname options. We love these nicknames for Amanda:

  • Andi
  • Andy
  • Manda
  • Mandee
  • Mandi

Similar Names to Amanda

Maybe Amanda is not the name vibing with you. We get it! It takes much comparison and contrast amongst names before finding the best name for your little one. We love these similar names to Amanda:

Middle Names for Amanda

Amanda is a name that starts with a vowel that would go well with many middle names that begin with a consonant. Middle names beginning with a consonant flow well with ones that start with a vowel. These are the middle names we picked out for Amanda:

Sibling Names for Amanda

If you have a girl named Amanda already, you may be wondering which sibling names go well with Amanda. These are the sibling names we suggest for a brother or sister of a girl named Amanda:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Amanda

Since Amanda is a popular name, many famous people hold this namesake. Popular people we found that have the name Amanda include:

  • Amanda Bauer: American astronomer.
  • Amanda Bell: American mixed martial artist.
  • Amanda Blake: American actress.
  • Amanda Borden: American gymnast.
  • Amanda Bynes: American actress.
  • Amanda Figueras: Spanish journalist.
  • Amanda Gorman: American activist and poet.
  • Amanda Hale: British actress.
  • Amanda Holden: British writer.

Amanda in Popular Culture

Amanda is a name that shows up in songs, video games, television shows, and cartoons. We found these popular culture references with the name Amanda:

  • “Amanda”: Song by the band Boston released in 1980.
  • Amanda: Character in “Bert Diaries,” who is Gabriella’s sister.
  • Amanda Carrington: Character in the television series, “Dynasty.”
  • Amanda De Santa: Fictional character in the hit video game, “Grand Theft Auto V.”
  • Amanda Duff: Character from the hit cartoon “Tiny Toons Adventures.”
  • Amanda Grayson: Spock’s mother in the popular television series “Star Trek.”
  • Amanda Harper: Character from the “Escape Room” series.
  • Amanda Tanen: Fictional character from the television show “Ugly Betty.”

Amanda FAQs

Amanda may be on the list of your possible baby names for your little girl already. As you consider your options, here are answers to other questions you may have.

Is Amanda a Biblical Name?

Amanda does have a biblical girl’s name meaning. It is also a Hebrew and Aramaic name that means “gift from God.” Because of its Latin meaning “worthy of love,” Amanda also means “worthy of God” because the Bible says God is love.

Is Amanda a Beautiful Name?

Amanda is a beautiful name that evokes strength and a lovely essence when someone says it. Its simplistic yet eloquent three-syllable makeup sounds quick-witted, romantic, and feminine.

Is Amanda a Victorian Name?

Yes, Amanda is a Victorian feminine name. Since it originated in Britain in the 13th century, parents love Amanda because of its fancy Victorian vibes.

Lady Amanda Ellingworth is Queen Elizabeth II’s second cousin once removed. Her grandfather is Prince Louis of Battenberg.

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