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Hunter Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Hunter, including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Hunter Overview

  • Meaning: Hunter means “to hunt” or “huntsman” in English and Scottish.
  • Gender: Hunter is traditionally a boy’s title but can also be used for little girls.
  • Origin: Hunter is taken from “hunta,” an English term meaning “huntsman.” Hunter is also connected to “chasse,” meaning “to chase” in French.
  • Pronunciation: Hunter is universally pronounced “HUN-ter.”
  • Popularity: Hunter was most popular in the early 1990s when it consistently ranked among the top 500 picks for American boys. Today, Hunter is still among the top 102 names for American boys.
  • Nicknames: Hun, Hunster, Hunt, Hunter Boy, Hunter Man, Hunt Man, Hunty, Huntz.
  • Variations: Huntar, Huntere, Hunterr, Huntter, Huntor, Huntur.
  • Namesakes: Hunter Corbett, American missionary to China. Hunter Schafer, American actress and activist.

What Does Hunter Mean?

Hunter is an English and Scottish title that means “one who hunts” and “pursuer.” Throughout history, Hunter has played many roles. Originally, Hunter was an occupational surname given to those who hunted for a living. Hunter could also describe men with good aim or those who brought home prized game. In the Middle Ages, Hunter was given to bird catchers, adding another twist to the plot.

Around the 17th-century, Hunter became a stylish forename, often pointing to relatives of men named Hunter. Hunter symbolizes tenacity, self-sufficiency, and savvy survival skills.

What Is the Origin of the Name Hunter?

Hunter has roots in English and Scottish dialects, though nearly every language has its form of the title. The name is taken from “hunta,” which means “huntsman” in English. Hunter was originally a title for nobility, giving this forename a regal air.

In Gaelic, Hunter appears as “fiadhach,” while the French prefer Chasse, meaning “to chase.” The earliest records of Hunter appear in 12th-century Scotland, thought to be a lighthearted moniker long before that.

How Popular is the Name Hunter?

Hunter has been a popular surname since the 12th-century, particularly in Europe. In the 17th-century, Hunter gained traction as a forename, like many occupational surnames. Hunter landed on American name charts in 1900 but peaked in 2000, ranking #35.

In 1993, when masculine titles became fit for girls, Hunter was recognized as a top unisex forename. 1998, Hunter was at an all-time high, ranking #305 among American girls. Today, Hunter is most prevalent in America, though you’ll find it sprinkled throughout Europe, too.

How Do I Pronounce Hunter?

Hunter is pronounced “HUN-ter” worldwide.

Is Hunter a Boy or Girl Name?

Hunter is technically a unisex name, but it’s likelier to be used for boys.

Variations of Hunter

Check out these fierce variations of Hunter.

  • Huntar (English, Scottish)
  • Huntere (English, Scottish)
  • Hunterr (English, Scottish)
  • Huntter (English, Scottish)
  • Huntor (English, Scottish)
  • Huntur (English, Scottish)

Nicknames for Hunter

Take a peek at these cute Hunter nicknames.

  • Hun
  • Hunster
  • Hunt
  • Hunter Boy
  • Hunter Man
  • Hunt Man
  • Hunty
  • Huntz

Similar Names to Hunter

Get a load of these names similar to Hunter in pronunciation, meaning, and origin.

Middle Names for Hunter

These middle names for Hunter take the cake.

Sibling Names for Hunter

Try one of these adorable sibling names for Hunter.

Famous People Named Hunter

Here are just a few of Hunter’s many namesakes.

  • Hunter Biden: American businessman and son of President Joseph Biden.
  • Hunter Corbett: American missionary to China.
  • Hunter Foster: American Broadway actor and musician.
  • Hunter Hayes: American country music singer.
  • Hunter Mahan: American pro golfer.
  • Hunter Renfrow: American football player and member of the Raiders.
  • Hunter Schafer: American actress and activist.
  • Hunter Thompson: American journalist and author.
  • Hunter Tootoo: Canadian politician and businessman.
  • Hunter Tylo: American soap opera star.

Hunter in Popular Culture

Keep an eye out for these mentions of Hunter in pop culture.

  • Hunter: Primary character in Neil Gaiman’s novel “Neverwhere.”
  • Hunter: Featured in “The Owl House” cartoon.
  • Hunter Bradley: Leading character in the “Power Rangers: Ninja Storm” franchise.
  • Hunter Clarington: Featured in television’s “Glee.”
  • Hunter Hollingsworth: Mentioned in television’s “Degrassi.”
  • Hunter Niall: Character in Cate Tierman’s “The Sweep” series.
  • Hunter Raymond: Minor character in television’s “The Office.”
  • Hunter Rey: Character in the “Paranormal Activity” films
  • Hunter Van Pelt: Character in the hit film “Jumanji.”
  • Hunter Zolomon: Primary villain in various DC Comics.

Hunter FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Hunter.

Is Hunter a Rare Name?

Hunter is far from rare and is well-known worldwide. Hunter is most prevalent in America and Europe, though you’ll find title variations in other locales. Hunter has been a prime option for boys since the 17th-century, but became unisex in the 1990s.

What Does Hunter Mean Spiritually?

Though Hunter isn’t a distinctly spiritual forename, it still has mystic associations. Bible readers may associate Hunter with Nimrod, considered the world’s first Hunter. In Genesis, Nimrod is described as “a mighty hunter before the Lord” and was hailed for his strength. On a feminine note, mythology fans will connect Hunter with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. In true Greek tradition, hunters used to pray that Artemis would grant them a successful hunting trip. Hunter may also be associated with strength and spiritual prowess.

Is Hunter a Traditional Name?

Like many occupational surnames, Hunter is considered a traditional name. It was first used in the 12th-century as a surname for marksmen. In the 17th-century, Hunter became a proper forename claimed by many prominent men and women. To this day, Hunter remains a classy option for parents wanting a timeless title.

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