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Miles Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Miles including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Miles Overview

  • Meaning: Miles means “a soldier.”
  • Gender: Miles is a masculine name, especially in the United States and Europe.
  • Origin: The name Miles is of English origin and is derived from a Latin term for soldiers.
  • Pronunciation: Miles is pronounced, “MIELZ.”
  • Popularity: Miles is a very popular name. In the United States, it broke into the top 100 in 2018 and held 54th place for newborn boys in 2021.
  • Nicknames: Mi, Mil, Miley, Milo, Mili, Mimi, Smiles, Smiley.
  • Variations: Milan, Milo, Milos, Milosz, Myles, Mylo.
  • Namesakes: (Miles Austin, American football player), Miles Davis (American musician).

What Does Miles Mean?

The name Miles means “a soldier.” Other translations of the name are “warrior,” “warrior of God,” and “combatant.” While the most common use of the name comes from English origin and has any variation of these valorous meanings, a Japanese translation suggests that the name means “length.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Miles?

Miles is of English origin, though its roots lie in Latin. Classical Latin associated “miles” with infantry soldiers. In contrast, Medieval Latin reserved the term solely for the more prestigious knight (1).

Eventually, it was adopted as a given name. There are instances of the name in use as early as the 12th Century. One theory suggests that it might have also been a derivative of Michael.

How Popular Is the Name Miles?

Miles is a very popular name in the United States and some European countries. In the US, it ranked as the 54th most common choice for boys in 2021 (2).

The name Miles was not always this popular. It very rarely appeared in the top 300 name choices throughout the 1900s. However, its prevalence has steadily increased in the 21st Century, and it first entered the top 100 in the late 2010s.

How Do I Pronounce Miles?

The name Miles is pronounced as “MIELZ.” When pronouncing the name, use a long “i” sound and do not pronounce the “e” after the “l.” That makes Miles one syllable.

Is Miles a Boy or Girl Name?

Miles is a masculine name, yet it has the potential to be a unisex option. In fact, girls are often given the name in Australia. In the United States, it is much rarer, and too few girls have been given the name for the SSA to have statistics.

Variations of Miles

There are variations of “Miles” that share its meaning of “a soldier,” but differ in spelling and sometimes even pronunciation. The following have a rich history but are less common variants in English-speaking countries:

  • Milan (Slavic, Roman)
  • Milo (German)
  • Milos (Slavic, Greek, Polish)
  • Milosz (Polish)
  • Myles (Irish, Gaelic)
  • Mylo (Slavic, Roman)

Nicknames for Miles

Miles is a short name, but that has not stopped it from being given a range of nicknames. Some rhyme with Miles, while others condense the name even further:

  • Mi
  • Mil
  • Miley
  • Milo
  • Mili
  • Mimi
  • Smiles
  • Smiley

Similar Names to Miles

If you like the idea of naming your child Miles but it does not quite hit the mark, then take a look at this list of similar names in both sound and meaning:

Middle Names for Miles

Choosing a middle name can be almost as challenging as deciding on a given name. A middle name can be a special part of a child’s identity and can be a way to pay homage to a loved one or something else meaningful to you. The following options sound great with the name Miles:

Sibling Names for Miles

If you already have a delightful Miles, you might be wondering what name will go well with them. Thankfully, Miles is a dynamic choice that can go well with classical, modern, and theme options, such as:

Famous People Named Miles

Since Miles is popular in many countries, several famous people share the name. Among the many are artists, athletes, and writers, including:

  • Miles Austin: American football player.
  • Miles Brown: American rapper, actor, and dancer.
  • Miles Butler-Hughton: English actor.
  • Miles Davis: American trumpeter and composer.
  • Miles Dempsey: British army officer that commanded D-Day troops.
  • Miles Franklin: Australian writer.
  • Miles Heizer: American actor.
  • Miles Kane: English singer and guitarist.
  • Miles McKenna: American YouTuber, actor, and activist.
  • Miles Teller: American actor.
  • Miles Wesley: American singer.

Miles in Popular Culture

It is not uncommon to find characters who have the name Miles in popular culture. All of the following characters from varied works share the name Miles:

  • Miles: Otherwise known as “Baby” from “Baby Driver.”
  • Miles: Character from the animated film “Barnyard.”
  • Miles Archer: Character in the franchise “The Maltese Falcon.”
  • Miles Miller: Character from “Bad Times at the El Royale.”
  • Miles Morales: Character from the MCU film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”
  • Miles O’Brien: Character in the science fiction television series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

Miles FAQs

You may still want to know much more about the name Miles, so we have answered three of the most common questions people ask about it.

Is Miles a Biblical Name?

Miles can be seen as a religious name in Christianity, but it has no recorded appearances in the Bible. However, the name Miles is a derivative of the name Michael. That is mentioned multiple times in the Bible thanks to Michael the Archangel.

How Popular Is the Name Miles in Ireland?

Despite Miles having connections to Ireland, the name is not that popular in Ireland. Even the more Irish spelling of Myles only ranked 141st for newborn boys in 2021 (3).

Is Miles a Good Name?

Yes, Miles is a lovely name. It rolls off the tongue nicely, and its lionhearted meaning gives it special significance.

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