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Devin Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Devin including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Devin Overview

  • Meaning: Devin means “poet” or “bard.” It can also mean “prophetic” from its Latin root, or “godlike” from its use in medieval France.
  • Gender: Devin is considered a gender-neutral name but is most popular among boys.
  • Origin: Devin originates from the Irish surname “damán allaid” meaning “fawn.” The name Devin is used in Old English, medieval France, and even Latin.
  • Pronunciation: “d-EH-v-ih-n”
  • Popularity: Devin is considered a popular name in the United States for boys, but is rare for girls.
  • Nicknames: Dev, Devi, Vin, Vinny.
  • Variations: Deivon, Devon, Devonne, Devyn
  • Namesakes: Devin Harris, basketball player. Devin DeVasquez, actress.

What Does Devin Mean?

The name Devin has multiple meanings across different languages. Its most common meaning is “bard” or “poet,” coming from Irish origin. Devin can also mean “divine,” “perfect,” “servant,” and “fawn.” The name is even known to mean “godlike” based on its popularity for high kings in medieval France.

What Is the Origin Of the Name Devin?

Devin originated in Ireland from the given name “damán allaid,” which means “fawn” or “poet.” In France, this name comes from the Old French nickname “Devin,” meaning “divine” (1). Devin appears in many languages like Celtic, Gaelic, Latin, and English.

How Popular Is the Name Devin?

The name Devin hit peak popularity as a boy’s name in the US in 1997, ranking 59 on the top 1,000 baby names list. Since then, its popularity has gradually decreased, hitting its lowest ranking in 2021 at 389.

Still, Devin is considered a popular name for baby boys. On the flip side, Devin is an uncommon name for baby girls. In recent years, the name Devin used for girls has not ranked within the top 1,000 baby names (2).

How Do I Pronounce Devin?

You can pronounce the name Devin a few different ways, but not all of them are correct. Using this spelling, Devin should be pronounced as d-EH-v-ih-n. However, some people pronounce this name as DEHV-ahn, replacing the “i” with an “a” sound.

The name Devon is similar in spelling but not in pronunciation. Devon is pronounced d-EH-v-ohn, with an “o” sound instead of the “ih” sound.

Is Devin a Boy or Girl Name?

Devin is a gender-neutral name but is most commonly used as a boy’s name. Devin was initially considered a boy’s name and was picked up for use as a girl’s name as time passed, though it never became quite as popular as it is for baby boys.

Variations of Devin

Below are some boy and girl variations for the name Devin. Most of these variations come from the English names meaning “From Devonshire.”


  • Deivon (Irish)
  • Devan (English)
  • Deven (English)
  • Devohn (Irish)
  • Devon (English)
  • Devone (English)
  • Devonn (English)
  • Devonne (English)


  • Deaven (English)
  • Devan (English)
  • Devana (English)
  • Devanna (English)
  • Devenne (English)
  • Deveyn (English)
  • Devinne (English)
  • Devion (English)
  • Devionne (English)
  • Devone (English)
  • Devoni (English)
  • Devynn (English)

Nicknames for Devin

If you are looking for some fun nickname ideas for your Devin, take a gander at the list below. Just because the name is short doesn’t mean you can’t use a fun moniker or abbreviation for it!

  • Dev
  • Dev Dev
  • Devi
  • Devinator
  • Devinsky
  • Devster
  • Devy
  • Devvy
  • Vin
  • Vinny

Similar Names to Devin

Perhaps the name Devin isn’t quite what you are looking for. Below are some similar names to pursue instead.


  • Braden
  • Brendan
  • Brent
  • Conlan
  • Conner
  • Darren
  • Devon
  • Dillon
  • Dustin
  • Euston
  • Garrett
  • Keagan
  • Kevin


  • Ansley
  • Blaine
  • Bobbie
  • Cambrie
  • Devon
  • Dwyn
  • Dyani
  • Walker

Middle Names for Devin

If you are having trouble picking out a middle name for your Devin, below is a list of lovely names to choose from.



Sibling Names for Devin

Is your Devin expecting a sibling? We’ve put together some great sibling names for the Devin in your life.



Famous People Named Devin

Due to the name’s popularity in the US, there are plenty of famous Devin’s in the media. Below is a list of some of the famous Devins you can find.

  • Devin Copeland: American rapper.
  • Devin Druid: American actor.
  • Devin Faraci: American film critic.
  • Devin Harris: American basketball player.
  • Devin Hester: American football player.
  • Devin Kelley: American actress, model, and dancer.
  • Devin Renee DeVasquez: American model and actress.
  • Devin Sola: American bassist in the metal band Motionless In White.
  • Devin Star “Dev” Tailes: American singer/songwriter.

Devin in Popular Culture

The name Devin appears less in popular culture than its variant Devon. Because Devon seems to be a more popular name in film and TV, there aren’t many characters with the name Devin in pop culture. We were still able to find a few notable Devins in popular TV series.

  • Devin: A teenager in the TV Series “Once Upon A Time.”
  • Devin: A character in the TV Series “The Twilight Zone.”
  • Devin: A teen contestant from the TV Series “Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.”

Devin FAQs

If you still have questions about the name Devin, you might find answers to them below!

What is the Personality of the Name Devin?

The name Devin can mean you have a generous and humanitarian personality. It’s said that those named Devin enjoy traveling, adventuring, meeting new friends, and embracing change. People perceive those named Devin to be family people and protectors.

What is Devin in Latin?

The name Devin in Latin comes from the term divinus, meaning “prophetic.” This Latin word was used in the making of the French word diviner which means a seer or fortune teller. Perhaps this is why medieval France named their high kings Devin – they considered them Godlike and prophetic.

When Did the Name Devin Become Popular?

In the US, the name Devin first appeared on the popularity charts in 1960. Compared to other names, Devin is a relatively recent popular name here. Its peak popularity came in the 1990s, and it has kept its place in the top 1,000 US baby names since then.

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