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Top 1000 Boy Names in the U.S.: 2024 List

These boy names will have you longing to meet your little man.

Are you looking for the most remarkable boy names of all time? Check out this list of the top 1,000 baby boy names. From A-Z, exotic to trendy, this list has what you want. Whether you’re wondering where your name ranks or desire options for your son to be, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve included the origin and a little background on each title to help you make an informed decision. So, grab your pen and paper; you’ll want to take lots of notes. The perfect name for your dapper dude may be right under your nose.

The Top 1,000 Boy Names in the United States

  1. Liam – of Irish origin, meaning “helmet of will” or “protection.”
  2. Noah – a biblical figure known for his obedience during the Great Flood.
  3. Oliver – an English option, means “olive branch,” a universal symbol of peace.
  4. James – of Hebrew origin, meaning “replacer” or “supplanter.”
  5. Elijah – a biblical prophet mentioned in the Old Testament, means “Jehovah is God.”
  6. William – a derivative of Wilhelm, meaning “resolute protector” in German.
  7. Henry – of French origin, refers to the “home ruler,” perfect for the boy who rules the roost.
  8. Lucas – a variation of Luke, means “bringer of light” in Latin.
  9. Benjamin – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “son of the right hand” and “son of my days.”
  10. Theodore – derived from Theodoros, meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  11. Mateo – the Spanish variation of Matthew, a disciple of Christ, means “gift of God.”
  12. Levi – mentioned in the Old Testament as the son of Jacob and Leah, of Hebrew origin.
  13. Sebastian – of Greek origin, means “venerable” or “revered,” ideal for the little leader.
  14. Daniel – joins the ranks of biblical names for boys, which means “God is my judge.”
  15. Jack – an English moniker for Jacob or John, became popular in the Middle Ages.
  16. Michael – of Hebrew origin, means “who is like God” or “gift of God.”
  17. Alexander – a Greek title associated with Alexander the Great, means “defender of man.”
  18. Owen – a derivative of Owain, meaning “noble-born” in Welsh.
  19. Asher – means “happy” in Hebrew, often shortened to Ash.
  20. Samuel – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “name of God” and “God has heard.”
  21. Ethan – stems from the Hebrew Eitan, a biblical author whose work is featured in Psalms.
  22. Leo – short for Leopold, can also mean “lion” in Latin, borne by actor Leo DiCaprio.
  23. Jackson – means “son of John,” can also be a popular surname in America and Europe.
  24. Mason – an English occupational title referring to a stone mason.
  25. Ezra – of Hebrew origin, means “helper,” borne by a biblical scribe and prophet.
  26. John – means “God is gracious” in Hebrew; famous namesakes include Christ’s cousin.
  27. Hudson – an English surname meaning “son of Hudd,” associated with the Hudson River.
  28. Luca – one of many Italian boy names, means “bringer of light.”
  29. Aiden – means “little fire” in Gaelic and Irish, connected to Aodh, the Celtic sun god.
  30. Joseph – the biblical father of Christ or a famous Old Testament figure, means “Jehovah shall add.”
  31. David – a consistent top 100 pick for boys, meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  32. Jacob – of Hebrew origin, means “to supplant,” borne by the biblical brother of Esau.
  33. Logan – a handsome surname turned forename, meaning “little hollow” in Gaelic.
  34. Luke – short for Loukas, means “light giving” in Latin and Hebrew.
  35. Julian – of Greek origin, refers to Jove’s child or the youthful young man.
  36. Gabriel – a Hebrew pick meaning “God is my strength,” often shortened to Gabe.
  37. Grayson – an English surname that means “son of the gray-haired man.”
  38. Wyatt – derived from Wyot, describing a warrior or someone with strength, of British origin.
  39. Matthew – of Hebrew origin, one of Christ’s apostles and author of a namesake New Testament book.
  40. Maverick – of American origin, means “an independent man who avoids conformity.”
  41. Dylan – a Welsh pick meaning “son of the sea,” perfect for the beach babe.
  42. Isaac – the biblical son of Abraham, means “son of laughter” in Hebrew.
  43. Elias – a variation of Elijah, meaning “the Lord is my God” or “Jehovah is God.”
  44. Anthony – derived from Antonius, means “priceless one” in Latin.
  45. Thomas – a Hebrew title traditionally given to twins, often shortened to Tommy or Tom.
  46. Jayden – means “thankful” and “God will judge” in Hebrew.
  47. Carter – an English occupational surname referring to someone who transports goods by cart.
  48. Santiago – of Spanish origin, referring to James, the patron saint of Spain.
  49. Ezekiel – a Hebrew pick meaning “God is strength,” perfect for the cute boy who values faith.
  50. Charles – means “free man” in German, often shortened to Charlie.
  51. Josiah – of Hebrew origin, borne by the Bible’s youngest king, christened at age eight.
  52. Caleb – a Hebrew option meaning “faithful” or “brave.”
  53. Cooper – an English occupational surname meaning “barrel maker.”
  54. Lincoln – of English origin, associated with former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.
  55. Miles – a Latin pet name for a soldier that became popular in the Middle Ages.
  56. Christopher – means “bearing Christ” in Greek, often used among Christian families.
  57. Nathan – short for Jonathan, a powerful title meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew.
  58. Isaiah – of Hebrew origin, meaning “salvation of the Lord,” a prophetic book of the Bible.
  59. Kai – has Welsh, Hawaiian, and Scandinavian roots and means “earth” or “keeper of the keys.”
  60. Joshua – means “God is deliverance” in Hebrew, often shortened to Josh.
  61. Andrew – a common Greek title meaning “strong” or “manly.”
  62. Angel – of Latin origin, refers to an angelic being or messenger of God.
  63. Adrian – means “son of Adria” in Latin and “rich” in Greek.
  64. Cameron – a cool Gaelic title originally given to men with crooked noses.
  65. Nolan – is of Gaelic origin and means “champion,” doubling as an Irish surname.
  66. Waylon – a variation of Wayland, means “courageous fighter,” borne by singer Waylon Jennings.
  67. Jaxon – of British origin, a modern take on Jackson meaning “son of Jack.”
  68. Roman – a masculine pick meaning “strong” in Hebrew, can also refer to someone from Rome.
  69. Eli – short for Elijah or Elisha, means “elevated” or “high.”
  70. Wesley – is of English origin, meaning “western meadow,” a famous surname originally given to Methodists.
  71. Aaron – a Hebrew option borne by Moses’ brother and the first high priest of the Israelites.
  72. Ian – rooted in Scottish and Hebrew dialects, meaning “God is gracious.”
  73. Christian – a derivative of Christianus, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  74. Ryan – of Gaelic origin, means “little king,” perfect for the boy who rules your heart.
  75. Leonardo – a great pick for parents who love strong male names, means “lionhearted” in German.
  76. Brooks – hailing from Germany, refers to a small trickling brook or stream.
  77. Axel – means “my father is peace” in German, a variation of Absalom.
  78. Walker – an English occupational surname given to those who worked with cloth.
  79. Jonathan – the son of biblical King Saul and King David’s best friend, of Hebrew origin.
  80. Easton – of English origin, meaning “east town.”
  81. Everett – is of Germanic origin and a famous surname meaning “strength of a wild boar.”
  82. Weston – an English option, means “from the west town.”
  83. Bennett – a variation of Benedict, referring to a blessing given at the end of sermons.
  84. Robert – means “bright fame” in German, fitting for your unique boy.
  85. Jameson – of English origin, meaning “son of James,” associated with the whiskey brand.
  86. Landon – was originally an English surname given to those dwelling near long hills.
  87. Silas – a derivative of Silvanus, meaning “forest” and “woods,” perfect for the outdoorsman.
  88. Jose – the Spanish version of Joseph, means “raised” and “who pardons.”
  89. Beau – means “beautiful” in French and can also be a pet name for a boyfriend.
  90. Micah – of Hebrew origin, means “who is like God,” connected to Michael.
  91. Colton – an English pick meaning “coal settlement,” often shortened to Colt.
  92. Jordan – a derivative of Yarden, meaning “to go down,” associated with the Jordan River.
  93. Jeremiah – a biblical prophet known for his message of repentance and restoration.
  94. Parker – an English occupational surname given to those who cared for parks.
  95. Greyson – of English origin, means “son of the grey-haired man,” often referring to an estate owner.
  96. Rowan – an Irish and Scottish pick, given initially to redheaded boys.
  97. Adam – means “son of the red earth” in Hebrew, borne by the first man ever created.
  98. Nicholas – of Greek origin, refers to the people’s victory, often shortened to Nick.
  99. Theo – short for Theodoros, meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  100. Xavier – an Arabic option, means “new house” or “bright.”
  101. Hunter – an English occupational surname given to hunters, means “pursuer.”
  102. Dominic – a derivative of Dominicus, meaning “of the Lord.”
  103. Jace – short for Jason, means “healer,” ideal for the future doctor.
  104. Gael – a moniker given to Gaelic men, can also mean “generous” in Brazilian.
  105. River – joins many nature-inspired baby names, referring to a flowing body of water.
  106. Thiago – a moniker for Santiago, connected to Jacob, meaning “supplanter” in Brazilian.
  107. Kayden – of Arabic origin, means “companion” or “strength.”
  108. Damian – a derivative of Damianus, meaning “to conquer,” connected to the fertility goddess.
  109. August – short for Augustus, meaning “great” or “magnificent” in Latin.
  110. Carson – means “son of marsh dwellers” in Scottish, a pretty surname borne by sharpshooter Kit Carson.
  111. Austin – of Latin origin, short for Augustine, meaning “great.”
  112. Myles – a respelling of Miles, a nickname often given to English soldiers.
  113. Amir – an Arabic pick traditionally given to emperor’s sons, means “prince.”
  114. Declan – hailing from Ireland, means “full of goodness,” a great tribute to your sweet boy.
  115. Emmett – the male version of Emma, meaning “universal” in Hebrew and German.
  116. Ryder – an English occupational surname referring to an equestrian.
  117. Luka – means “bringer of light” in Latin or “person from Luciana” in Hebrew.
  118. Connor – of Celtic origin, has an uncommon meaning of “lover of wolves.”
  119. Jaxson – an edgy variation of Jackson, meaning “son of Jack.”
  120. Milo – a derivation of Miles, meaning “soldier” or “merciful” in German.
  121. Enzo – the Italian version of Henry, points to a king or rich ruler.
  122. Giovanni – a powerful Italian pick with high-fashion vibes, means “God is gracious.”
  123. Vincent – is of Latin origin, meaning “conquering.”
  124. Diego – short for Santiago, means “supplanter” and “teaching.”
  125. Luis – a Spanish variation of Lewis, refers to a famous warrior.
  126. Archer – an English surname traditionally given to those with rare bowman skills.
  127. Harrison – means “son of Harry” in English, a fun nod to dad.
  128. Kingston – of English origin, referring to those living near the king’s meadow.
  129. Atlas – a Greek titan tasked with holding the world on his shoulders or a map.
  130. Jasper – of Persian origin, means “treasurer,” perfect for your little mathematician.
  131. Sawyer – means “woodcutter” in English, associated with the fictional Tom Sawyer.
  132. Legend – an English pick meaning “story” or “hero,” fitting for the boy who loves fairy tales.
  133. Lorenzo – of Italian and Spanish origin, means “wise” and “humble.”
  134. Evan – the Welsh variation of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  135. Jonah – a well-known biblical figure known for his whale of an adventure!
  136. Chase – hailing from France, was traditionally given to hunters, meaning “to chase.”
  137. Bryson – a Welsh pick meaning “son of a nobleman.”
  138. Adriel – among the best biblical titles, means “of God’s flock.”
  139. Nathaniel – means “God has given” in Hebrew, often shortened to Nathan.
  140. Arthur – of Celtic and Welsh origin, means “strong as a bear.”
  141. Juan – the Spanish variation of John, means “God is gracious.”
  142. George – a derivative of Georgios, meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker.”
  143. Cole – of Greek origin, means “victorious people.”
  144. Zion – a Hebrew pick referring to God’s holy city, meaning “highest point.”
  145. Jason – means “healer” or “God is salvation” in Hebrew.
  146. Ashton – of Old English origin, means “of the ash tree” or “ash tree town.”
  147. Carlos – a breezy variation of Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  148. Calvin – joins the ranks of funny boy names, initially given to men with bald hair.
  149. Brayden – of Irish origin, means “broad,” “brave,” and “wise.”
  150. Elliot – derived from Elijah, means “the Lord is my God.”
  151. Rhett – a Latin pick meaning “to speak” or “advisor,” fitting for the wise boy.
  152. Emiliano – of Spanish origin, means “eager” or “rival.”
  153. Ace – means “unity” in Latin, associated with winning card hands.
  154. Jayce – a handsome variation of Jason, referring to a healer or doctor.
  155. Graham – an English surname given to families that dwelled near a gravel pit.
  156. Max – short for Maximilian, means “greatest” or “best” in Latin.
  157. Braxton – of Old English origin, means “badger,” symbolizing wisdom and strength.
  158. Leon – a Greek pick meaning “lion,” known for its might and prowess.
  159. Ivan – rooted in Slavic, Russian, and Hebrew, means “God is gracious.”
  160. Hayden – of Old English origin, a surname referring to those who lived near hay meadows.
  161. Jude – means “praised” in Greek, associated with the hit song Hey, Jude by The Beatles.
  162. Malachi – a biblical book written by a namesake prophet, means “messenger of God.”
  163. Dean – means “valley” in English or “verdict” in Hebrew.
  164. Tyler – a French surname pointing to a tile maker.
  165. Jesus – of Hebrew and Spanish origin, meaning “the Lord is salvation,” often pronounced “HAY-zoos.”
  166. Zachary – a variation of Zechariah, means “God remembers” in Hebrew.
  167. Kaiden – a cute repelling of Kaden, the perfect Arabic title for your list of possibilities.
  168. Elliott – means “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew, a derivative of Elijah.
  169. Arlo – of Old English origin, means “fortified hill,” referring to a place of shelter.
  170. Emmanuel – one of Christ’s names meaning “God with us” in Hebrew.
  171. Ayden – a popular respelling of Aiden, means “little fire” in Irish.
  172. Bentley – hailing from the U.K., points to a meadow with coarse grasses.
  173. Maxwell – of Scottish origin, meaning “great stream,” a refreshing pick for your love.
  174. Amari – a common pick for Hindu boys, means “eternal” or “to be loved.”
  175. Ryker – rooted in German, was initially a nickname for rich men.
  176. Finn – a derivative of Fionn, means “fair” or “from Finland.”
  177. Antonio – of Spanish and Italian origin, associated with priceless flowers.
  178. Charlie – a cute moniker for Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  179. Maddox – means “son of Madoc” or “fortunate” in Welsh.
  180. Justin – of Latin origin, a derivative of Justinus, which means “upright.”
  181. Judah – a popular title among Christians, means “praise” in Hebrew.
  182. Kevin – an Irish option meaning “handsome.”
  183. Dawson – means “son of David” in English, associated with the hit show Dawson’s Creek.
  184. Matteo – the Italian version of Matthew, often shortened to Matt or Teo (TAY-oh).
  185. Miguel – of Spanish, English, and Portuguese origin, means “who is like God.”
  186. Zayden – a respelling of Zaiden, meaning “increasing” in Arabic.
  187. Camden – hailing from Scotland, refers to a long, winding valley.
  188. Messiah – a Hebrew option commonly associated with Jesus Christ.
  189. Alan – of Gaelic origin, means “handsome” and “cheerful.”
  190. Alex – short for Alexander, which means “defender of the people” in Greek.
  191. Nicolas – the Americanization of Nicolaos, referring to the people’s victory.
  192. Felix – a Latin pick that means “happy” or “fortunate.”
  193. Alejandro – the Spanish version of Alexander, means “defender of the people.”
  194. Jesse – a biblical option meaning “the Lord exists.”
  195. Beckett – an Anglo-Saxon name referring to a “stream or brook.”
  196. Matias – of Hebrew origin, means “gift of God,” ideal for your blessing.
  197. Tucker – an English occupational surname given to those who made clothing.
  198. Emilio – a Latin pick meaning “rival” or “eager.”
  199. Xander – a moniker for Alexander, a Greek title connected to warriors.
  200. Knox – of English origin, means “from the small hill.”
  201. Oscar – means “champion warrior” in Irish and “deer” or “loving” in Gaelic.
  202. Beckham – an English surname given to those who owned homesteads with streams.
  203. Timothy – a derivative of Timotheos, meaning “God’s honor” in Greek.
  204. Abraham – a biblical figure known as the father of all nations, often shortened to Abe.
  205. Andres – the Portuguese version of Andrew, means “warrior” or “man.”
  206. Gavin – is of Scottish origin, meaning “white hawk,” symbolizing majesty and might.
  207. Brody – an Irish surname doubling as a handsome forename, means “muddy ditch.”
  208. Barrett – means “mighty as a bear” in English, traditionally given to quarrelers.
  209. Hayes – of English origin, meaning “hedged in area,” sometimes seen as a surname.
  210. Jett – a derivative of Jet, means “excellence” or “jet black” in English.
  211. Brandon – means “prince” or “chieftain” in Celtic, perfect for your future CEO.
  212. Joel – of Hebrew origin, means “Jehovah is God,” featured in the Old Testament.
  213. Victor – a Latin pick meaning “conqueror,” associated with Christ’s victory over the grave.
  214. Peter – one of Christ’s disciples, a Greek pick meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  215. Abel – derived from “hevel,” meaning “breath” in Hebrew.
  216. Edward – an English pick referring to a rich or fortunate man.
  217. Karter – a derivative of Carter, an occupational surname for men transporting goods.
  218. Patrick – taken from Patricius, meaning “nobleman,” borne by the patron saint of Ireland.
  219. Richard – of French and German origin, means “strong in rule,” referring to a king.
  220. Grant – means “big” in English and French, borne by famed actor Carey Grant.
  221. Avery – an English pick meaning “ruler of the elves,” delighting fantasy fans.
  222. King – hailing from the U.K., refers to a ruler or monarch.
  223. Caden – a variation of Cade, meaning “spirit of battle.”
  224. Adonis – derived from Adoni, means “master” in Greek, associated with Christianity.
  225. Riley – means “rye clearing” or “courageous” in English.
  226. Tristan – of Welsh origin, means “sorrowful,” connected to King Arthur’s legends.
  227. Kyrie – a Greek option meaning “lord,” referring to nobility.
  228. Blake – among the most contradictory boy names, can mean “black” or “white” in English.
  229. Eric – is of Norse origin, meaning “eternal ruler” or “forever king.”
  230. Griffin – joins the ranks of royal names, which means “lord” or “prince” in Welsh.
  231. Malakai – connected to Malachi, means “my angel” in Hebrew.
  232. Rafael – of Spanish, Hebrew, and Portuguese origin, means “God has healed.”
  233. Israel – means “to fight with God” in Hebrew, an alias given to Jacob after wrestling with God.
  234. Tate – a British option meaning “cheerful,” perfect for the peppy boy.
  235. Lukas – a sassy respelling of Lucas, means “bringer of light” in Latin.
  236. Nico – short for Nicolas, meaning “victory of the people” in Greek.
  237. Marcus – connected to Mars, the Roman god of war, means “warlike.”
  238. Stetson – a derivative of Stytt, a moniker given to street fighters.
  239. Javier – the Spanish version of Xavier, means “new house,” pronounced “HA-vee-AIR.”
  240. Colt – of English origin, short for Colton, connected to young horses.
  241. Omar – an Arabic option meaning “one who has a long life.”
  242. Simon – associated with the biblical apostle Simon Peter, means “reputation” in Hebrew.
  243. Kash – a derivative of Akash, meaning “universe” or “sky” in Sanskrit.
  244. Remington – an English surname given to those who owned homes near riverbanks.
  245. Jeremy – the Americanization of Jeremiah, means “lifted by God” in English.
  246. Louis – derived from Ludwig, a French pick meaning “famous warrior.”
  247. Mark – connected to Mars, the Roman war god, means “warlike” in Latin.
  248. Lennox – originally a region of Scotland, means “elm grove.”
  249. Callum – a Latin pick meaning “dove,” representing the Holy Spirit.
  250. Kairo – a respelling of Cairo, means “victorious one,” connected to the famous Egyptian city.
  251. Nash – of English origin, means “by the ash tree” but can be short for Nashville.
  252. Kyler – an English occupational surname given to archers, a fun alternative to Tyler.
  253. Dallas – means “skilled” in Irish or “valley house” in English.
  254. Crew – an English option meaning “group of people,” perfect for the friendly cutie.
  255. Preston – of English origin, means “priest’s town” or “priest’s estate.”
  256. Paxton – means “peace town” in Latin, fitting for the tranquil tot.
  257. Steven – a modern respelling of Steven, meaning “crown” in English.
  258. Zane – of Hebrew origin, means “gift of God.”
  259. Kaleb – a variation of Caleb, meaning “devotion to God” in Hebrew.
  260. Lane – an English surname given to families who owned homes with long driveways.
  261. Phoenix – associated with the Greek phoenix known for its resilience or a city in Arizona.
  262. Paul – derived from Paulus, meaning “small” or “humble” in Latin.
  263. Cash – of English origin, means “money” or “wealth.”
  264. Kenneth – hailing from Ireland, means “handsome” or “born of fire.”
  265. Bryce – a derivative of Brych, given initially to Scottish boys with freckles.
  266. Ronan – an Irish option meaning “little seal,” connected to mythology.
  267. Kaden – of Arabic origin, means “little fighter,” perfect for your tough guy.
  268. Maximiliano – a sophisticated Latin pick meaning “greatest,” often shortened to Max.
  269. Walter – of Germanic origin, means “commander of the army” or “ruler of the world.”
  270. Maximus – a Latin option meaning “greatest,” originally given to decorated soldiers.
  271. Emerson – the male variation of Emily, means “brave” or “powerful” in German.
  272. Hendrix – derived from Hendrik, referring to home rulers in German and Dutch.
  273. Jax – a punk alternative to John, means “God is gracious.”
  274. Atticus – means “from Attica” in Latin, associated with Harper Lee’s Atticus Finch.
  275. Zayn – an Arabic option meaning “beauty,” borne by singer Zayn Malik.
  276. Tobias – of Hebrew and Greek origin, points to God’s goodness, often shortened to Tobi.
  277. Cohen – a derivative of Kohen, describing a Hebrew priest.
  278. Aziel – rooted in Hebrew, means “God is my strength.”
  279. Kayson – a cool variation of Jason, means “healer” in English.
  280. Rory – hailing from Ireland, refers to a red king, or man with red hair.
  281. Brady – an Irish title initially given to men with large chests or eyes.
  282. Finley – of Irish origin, means “fair-haired courageous one.”
  283. Holden – an Old English pick meaning “valley.”
  284. Jorge – the Spanish variation of George, refers to a farmer or earth worker.
  285. Malcolm – a Scottish title meaning “devotee of Saint Columba,” perfect for the boy with strong faith.
  286. Clayton – of Old English origin, means “settlement with clay soil.”
  287. Niko – derived from Nicolas, means “victory of the people,” ideal for the little activist.
  288. Francisco – a Latin title meaning “free man” or “Frenchman.”
  289. Josue – is the Portuguese version of Joshua, meaning “God is salvation.”
  290. Brian – of Irish origin, means “high” or “noble,” often shortened to Bri.
  291. Bryan – a derivative of Brian, meaning “virtuous” in Irish.
  292. Cade – taken from Cada, meaning “round” or “barrel.”
  293. Colin – means “cub” in Gaelic and French, perfect for your little bear.
  294. Andre – a variation of Andreas, means “man” or “warrior” in French.
  295. Cayden – means “fighter” or “warrior” in English, a combination of Cade and Aiden.
  296. Aidan – of Gaelic origin, means “little fighter,” associated with Aodh, the Irish god of fire.
  297. Muhammad – a deeply spiritual Arabic pick meaning “praiseworthy.”
  298. Derek – means “people ruler” or “gifted ruler” in English.
  299. Ali – an Arabic option borne by the first man to convert to Islam.
  300. Elian – a derivative of Elijah, a biblical prophet, meaning “God is family.”
  301. Bodhi – of Sanskrit origin, means “awakening” or “enlightenment.”
  302. Cody – means “helpful person” in Gaelic, a lucky omen for your adorable boy.
  303. Jensen – a Danish surname referring to the son of Jen.
  304. Damien – derived from Damianos, means “to tame” or “subdue.”
  305. Martin – of Latin origin, means “dedicated to Mars” and “God of war.”
  306. Cairo – the capital of Egypt, known for its pyramids.
  307. Ellis – connected to Ellis Island, New York, where refugees found safety.
  308. Khalil – an Arabic option meaning “friend,” often used for Muslim boys.
  309. Otto – of German origin, means “wealth” and “prosperity.”
  310. Zander – is the “Z” version of Xander, connected to Alexander, a Greek option.
  311. Dante – a derivative of Durante, means “enduring” in Italian.
  312. Ismael – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “God will hear.”
  313. Angelo – a variant of Angelus, referring to angelic beings in Latin.
  314. Brantley – means “fiery torch” in Norse, borne by singer Brantley Gilbert.
  315. Manuel – derived from Immanuel, meaning “God with us.”
  316. Colson – of French origin, means “son of Nicholas.”
  317. Cruz – a Portuguese option meaning “cross,” a major Christian symbol.
  318. Tatum – hailing from the U.K., meaning “Tata’s homestead.”
  319. Jaylen – of Greek and Hebrew, meaning “healer” or “tranquil.”
  320. Jaden – an American pick meaning “God has heard,” ideal for your blessing.
  321. Erick – a respelling of Eric, meaning “eternal ruler” in Norse.
  322. Cristian – the Spanish variation of Christian, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  323. Romeo – isof Italian origin, meaning “Roman,” borne by the fictional partner to Juliet.
  324. Milan – a Slavic title referring to a kind and gracious boy or a fashionable European city.
  325. Reid – means “red-haired” or “red-skinned” in Irish.
  326. Cyrus – a Persian pick meaning “sun,” borne by a biblical king of Persia.
  327. Leonel – of Spanish origin, means “young lion,” perfect for your fierce cub.
  328. Joaquin – the Spanish variation of Joachim, meaning “established by God.”
  329. Ari – rooted in Scandinavian and Hebrew dialects, means “eagle” or “lion.”
  330. Odin – borne by the Norse god of poetry, means “lord of frenzy.”
  331. Orion – a constellation depicting a mythical hunter, means “dawning.”
  332. Ezequiel – the Spanish and Portuguese version of Ezekiel, meaning “strength of God.”
  333. Gideon – of Hebrew origin, meaning “one who cuts down,” borne by a biblical military strategist.
  334. Daxton – a French option meaning “from Dax” or “bright town.”
  335. Warren – an English and French surname given to park keepers.
  336. Casey – means “watchful” or “vigilant” in Scottish and Gaelic.
  337. Anderson – a Scandinavian surname meaning “son of Andrew.”
  338. Spencer – derived from “despensier,” referring to someone who served food.
  339. Karson – of English and Scottish origin, meaning “son of Carr.”
  340. Eduardo – a Spanish option meaning “wealthy guard.”
  341. Chance – means “good fortune” in English, a reminder to live to the fullest.
  342. Fernando – is of Germanic origin, meaning “adventurous” or “bold journey.”
  343. Raymond – a German option originally given to men prone to fighting.
  344. Bradley – of English origin, means “broad meadow.”
  345. Cesar – means “long-haired” in Latin, perfect for your pretty boy.
  346. Wade – an English and Scandinavian pick meaning “to go” or “ford.”
  347. Prince – one of many monarchal male names, means “firstborn” or “ruler.”
  348. Julius – a Greek option meaning “devoted to Jove,” associated with Julius Caesar.
  349. Dakota – of Native American origin, means “friend” and “ally.”
  350. Kade – short for Kaden, means “from the wetlands.”
  351. Koa – a Hawaiian tree known for its rarity or a title meaning “valiant one.”
  352. Raiden – of Japanese origin, connected to the mythical god of thunder.
  353. Callan – means “battle” and “rock” in Scottish.
  354. Hector – a variation of Hektor, meaning “steadfast,” borne by a Greek war hero.
  355. Onyx – derived from “onyxis,” referring to the mythical Greek god’s fingernails.
  356. Remy – a variation of Remi, meaning “oarsmen” in French.
  357. Ricardo – of Spanish origin, means “powerful leader,” an exotic substitute for Richard.
  358. Edwin – a variation of Edward, meaning “wealthy friend” in English.
  359. Stephen – a Greek title borne by Christianity’s first martyr.
  360. Kane – an Irish title meaning “slender” or “fair,” perfect for a blondie.
  361. Saint – a derivative of Sanctus, meaning “holy” in Latin.
  362. Titus – of Latin and Roman origin, means “title of honor.”
  363. Desmond – an Irish surname given to families from South Munster.
  364. Killian – an alternate spelling of Cillian, means “little warrior” or “bright-headed.”
  365. Sullivan – of Gaelic origin, means “dark eyes,” perfect for the brown-eyed baby.
  366. Mario – means “manly” in Italian, associated with the namesake video games.
  367. Jay – rooted in Sanskrit and English, means “blue jay” or “happy.”
  368. Kamari – an African option referring to the moon, ideal for the baby born at night.
  369. Luciano – of Spanish and Portuguese origin, means “light” and “shining.”
  370. Royal – hailing from the U.K., refers to any member of the monarchy.
  371. Zyaire – of African origin, means “river,” symbolizing chaos or tranquility depending on the day.
  372. Marco – a Spanish and Italian pick meaning “warlike,” associated with Roman mythology.
  373. Wilder – an English and German surname, means “untamed,” perfect for the wild child.
  374. Russell – was originally a French pet name meaning “little red.”
  375. Nasir – of Arabic origin, describing a helpful boy.
  376. Rylan – a variation of Ryland, an English surname pointing to rye fields.
  377. Archie – short for Archibald, meaning “genuinely bold” in Scottish and English.
  378. Jared – a biblical figure known for longevity, means “he descends” in Hebrew.
  379. Gianni – an Italian variation of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  380. Kashton – means “sky” in Sanskrit or “money” in English.
  381. Kobe – of Swahili origin, means “turtle,” symbolizing wisdom and tenacity.
  382. Sergio – the Spanish variation of Sergius, means “servant” or “attendant.”
  383. Travis – a French occupational surname given to toll collectors.
  384. Marshall – of French origin, given to those caring for horses.
  385. Iker – a Spanish pick meaning “visitation,” ideal for the charismatic darling.
  386. Briggs – means “bridge” in Scottish and English.
  387. Gunner – a variation of Gunther, meaning “warrior” or “battler” in German.
  388. Apollo – borne by the Greek god of healing and medicine, means “destroyer.”
  389. Bowen – of Welsh origin, meaning “son of Owen,” often shortened to Bow.
  390. Baylor – an Irish option originally given to bailiffs or administrators of the law.
  391. Sage – a Latin option meaning “wise” and “healthy,” or a fragrant herb.
  392. Tyson – of French origin, means “high-spirited” or “ember.”
  393. Kyle – derived from Caol, given to men with slender figures.
  394. Oakley – an English pick meaning “meadow of oak trees.”
  395. Malik – of Arabic origin, meaning “king,” perfect for the little royal.
  396. Mathias – means “gift of God” in Hebrew, connected to Matthew.
  397. Sean – an Irish option meaning “God is gracious,” a variant of John.
  398. Armani – of Italian origin, means “child of Armando,” associated with the luxury fashion label.
  399. Hugo – a Germanic pick meaning “mind,” perfect for the brilliant boy.
  400. Johnny – a moniker for John, means “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  401. Sterling – of English origin, means “little star,” perfect for the future Hollywood sensation.
  402. Forrest – a respelling of Forest, pointing to a mysterious grove of trees.
  403. Harvey – an English pick meaning “battle worthy” or “strong in battle.”
  404. Banks – of English origin, originally a surname given to families dwelling near rivers.
  405. Grady – means “noble” or “illustrious” in Irish, derived from the surname O’Grady.
  406. Kameron – a respelling of Cameron, meaning “crooked nose” in Scottish.
  407. Jake – short for Jacob, means “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  408. Franklin – derived from Frankelin, meaning “free man” in English, often shortened to Franky.
  409. Lawson – of British and Scottish origin, referring to the son of Laurence.
  410. Tanner – an English occupational surname given to leather workers.
  411. Eden – the biblical garden where Adam and Eve lived, associated with paradise.
  412. Jaziel – a priest mentioned in the Old Testament, means “God apportions” in Hebrew.
  413. Pablo – the Mexican variation of Paul, meaning “small” or “humble.”
  414. Reed – a derivative of “read,” meaning “red” in English, perfect for the little ginger.
  415. Pedro – the Spanish respelling of Peter, meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  416. Zayne – a variation of John meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  417. Royce – of German origin, means “fame,” associated with the luxurious Rolls Royce car.
  418. Edgar – an Old English option meaning “wealthy spear,” given to talented warriors.
  419. Ibrahim – the Arabic version of Abraham, meaning “father of many.”
  420. Winston – means “joyful stone” in English, borne by former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
  421. Ronin – of Japanese origin, means “wave man.”
  422. Leonidas – a Greek pick meaning “son of a lion,” borne by a former King of Sparta.
  423. Devin – means “divine” or “godlike,” fitting for your little cherub.
  424. Damon – of Greek origin meaning “to subdue,” borne by a mythical namesake known for his loyalty.
  425. Noel – means “born on Christmas” in French, perfect for the December boy.
  426. Rhys – a Welsh pick meaning “enthusiasm” and “passion.”
  427. Clark – derived from “clerk,” an English pet name given to secretaries.
  428. Corbin – means “crow” in English, originally given to boys with dark hair.
  429. Sonny – of English origin, means “son,” associated with singer Sonny Bono.
  430. Colter – an English occupational surname referring to horse trainers.
  431. Esteban – a Spanish variant of Stephen meaning “crown” or “garland.”
  432. Erik – of Norse origin, means “eternal ruler.”
  433. Baker – an English occupational last name given to those who baked bread and clay bricks.
  434. Adan – the Spanish variation of Adam, meaning “fire” or “earth.”
  435. Dariel – of French origin, means “dearly beloved” or “darling.”
  436. Kylo – a Latin option meaning “sky” or “heavenly.”
  437. Tripp – of French origin, a funny moniker given to clumsy men.
  438. Caiden – a Gaelic pick meaning “fiery,” perfect for the strong-willed boy.
  439. Frank – short for Franklin, means “free to be” in German.
  440. Solomon – borne by the Bible’s wisest king and son of King David.
  441. Major – of Latin origin, means “greater,” associated with military ranking.
  442. Memphis – rooted in Egyptian, Greek, and English, meaning “beautiful and enduring.”
  443. Quinn – a derivative of Ceann, meaning “chief” in Irish.
  444. Dax – of French origin, means “leader,” borne by actor Dax Shepard.
  445. Hank – a Germanic option meaning “home-ruler.”
  446. Donovan – derived from O’Donnabhain, an Irish surname given to dark-haired families.
  447. Finnegan – of Irish origin, means “son of fair-haired.”
  448. Nehemiah – a Hebrew pick meaning “God comforts,” borne by a biblical official.
  449. Andy – short for Andrew, means “brave” in Greek.”
  450. Camilo – a derivative of Camilus, means “priest’s helper” in Latin.
  451. Asa – of Hebrew origin, means “healer” or “doctor,” borne by the biblical king of Judah.
  452. Jeffrey – a Germanic pick meaning “pledge of peace” or “God’s peace.”
  453. Santino – means “little saint” in Italian, fitting for your sweet cherub.
  454. Isaias – of Hebrew, Spanish, and Italian origin, means “salvation of the Lord,” connected to Isaiah.
  455. Jaiden – a Hebrew option referring to a thankful person or God’s judgment.
  456. Kian – an alternate spelling of Cian, meaning “grace of God” in Irish.
  457. Fabian – a derivative of Fabius, means “one who grows beans,” perfect for the little gardener.
  458. Callen – of Gaelic origin, meaning “rock” or “brave little battler.”
  459. Ruben – a Hebrew title traditionally given to firstborn sons, inspired by a biblical tribe leader.
  460. Alexis – derived from Alexander, meaning “defender of the people” in Greek.
  461. Emanuel – a variation of Emmanuel, meaning “God with us” in Hebrew.
  462. Francis – connected to Franklin, describes a “free man” or “Frenchman.”
  463. Garrett – an Irish pick meaning “spear strength,” perfect for your little warrior.
  464. Kendrick – a Welsh surname given to the greatest champions.
  465. Matthias – inspired by Matthew, meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  466. Wells – hailing from the U.K., points to a spring or someone who dwells near a well.
  467. Augustus – of Latin origin, means “magnificent,” associated with Augustus Caesar.
  468. Jasiah – connected to Josiah, meaning “God will save” in Hebrew.
  469. Alijah – a respelling of Elijah, a biblical prophet.
  470. Alonzo – means “noble” and “ready for battle” in German and Spanish.
  471. Koda – stems from Dakota, meaning “friend” or “ally” in Native American.
  472. Collin – of Scottish origin, means “cub” or “whelp.”
  473. Ford – describes a shallow place where water flows, originally an English habitational surname.
  474. Frederick – a respelling of Friedrich, meaning “peaceful ruler” in German.
  475. Jaxton – derived from Jason and John, means “healer” or “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  476. Kohen – a variation of Cohen, a Hebrew title describing a priest.
  477. Troy – means “foot soldier” in Irish or the ancient city where the mythical Trojan War occurred.
  478. Kason – of Scottish origin, means “son of the marsh-dweller.”
  479. Seth – a biblical title borne by Adam and Eve’s third son, means “appointed.”
  480. Denver – hailing from France, means “green valley,” also a major Colorado city.
  481. Kyson – an American pick meaning “ocean” or “son of Kyle.”
  482. Ares – the Greek god of war, means “throng of battle.”
  483. Raphael – of Hebrew origin, means “God has healed,” borne by an Italian painter.
  484. Bodie – a Scandinavian pick meaning “one who brings news.”
  485. Sylas – of Latin origin, originally given to those who lived near forests.
  486. Uriel – means “God is my light” in Hebrew, borne by a powerful archangel.
  487. Zaiden – derived from Zadeni, meaning “divinity” or “angel” in Hebrew.
  488. Shiloh – a Hebrew pick that means “His gift” or a sanctuary city mentioned in the Bible.
  489. Lewis – of Germanic origin, means “renowned warrior,” connected to Louis.
  490. Kieran – means “little dark one” or “black-haired” in Irish.
  491. Marcos – a Roman option, means “dedicated to Mars,” a popular ancient god.
  492. Bo – among the shortest boy names, means “to live” in Scandinavian.
  493. Shepherd – hailing from Britain, means “sheep herder.”
  494. Philip – of Greek origin, means “fond of horses” or “horse loving.”
  495. Zaire – an African option connected to the Congo River, means “river of all rivers.”
  496. Gregory – a variation of Gregarios, means “watchful” and “vigilant.”
  497. Princeton – means “princely town” in Latin or a prestigious college.
  498. Roberto – the Spanish version of Robert, means “bright fame,” often shortened to Robby.
  499. Leland – of English origin, means “fallow land” or “uncultivated land.”
  500. Eithan – a Hebrew option, means “endurance,” an exotic alternative to Ethan.
  501. Moshe – connected to Moses, means “savior” in Greek.
  502. Johnathan – of Hebrew origin, means “God has risen” and “gift of God.”
  503. Lucca – an Italian pick meaning “bringer of light.”
  504. Kenzo – means “healthy” and “wise” in Japanese, good omens for your son.
  505. Mack – a moniker for Maximilian, meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  506. Porter – a French occupational surname referring to doormen.
  507. Kolton – an alternate spelling of Colton, means “coal town” in English.
  508. Kaison – connected to Jason, meaning “healer” or “warrior;” origin is unknown but rumored to be American.
  509. Valentino – an Italian pick meaning “health” and “strength.”
  510. Saul – of Hebrew origin, means “prayed for,” borne by Israel’s paranoid king.
  511. Shane – a variation of Sean, meaning “God is gracious” in Irish.
  512. Jamari – an Arabic pick meaning “beauty,” fitting for the good-looking boy.
  513. Rocco – means “rest” or “repose” in Italian, a good reminder to take it easy.
  514. Kylan – of Gaelic origin, meaning “straight and narrow,” referring to the virtuous path.
  515. Deacon – derived from “diakonos,” a Greek title for a clergymember.
  516. Dalton – an English surname for wealthy landowners, means “settlement.”
  517. Moses – from a Hebrew verb (“mashah”) meaning “to draw out,” a key Old Testament figure.
  518. Callahan – an Irish pick often given to boys with flaming red hair.
  519. Tadeo – of Spanish and Aramaic origin, means “praise” or “heart.”
  520. Makai – connected to Michael, a Hebrew title meaning “who is like God.”
  521. Amiri – means “prince” or “treetop” in Hebrew, also associated with the wind.
  522. Rowen – of Irish origin, means “little red one,” referring to the sweet ginger.
  523. Drew – can be short for Andrew, meaning “manly” or “strong” in Greek.
  524. Jalen – of American origin, describing the tranquil child.
  525. Kylian – a Celtic pick meaning “little warrior” or “bright-headed.”
  526. Sutton – hailing from Britain, means “southern settlement.”
  527. Dominick – a derivative of Dominus, meaning “belonging to the Lord.”
  528. Reece – of Welsh origin, means “enthusiastic” or “happy.”
  529. Rodrigo – a Spanish pick meaning “famous ruler,” perfect for your little love.
  530. Soren – means “stern” in Danish, often given to strict men.
  531. Kasen – a variation of Casey, means “pure” in Greek.
  532. Ridge – an elevated crest, often given to English families who lived near ridges.
  533. Zachariah – means “God remembers” in Hebrew, often shortened to Zach.
  534. Jamir – a combination of Jamal and Amir, means “handsome prince” in Arabic.
  535. Peyton – an English pick referring to the fighting man’s estate.
  536. Omari – means “speaker” in Hebrew or “God is exalted” in Swahili.
  537. Trevor – a respelling of Trefor, meaning “great settlement” in Welsh.
  538. Morgan – an alternate spelling of Morcant, meaning “sea-born” in Welsh.
  539. Izaiah – an edgy variation of Isaiah, meaning “God helps me.”
  540. Alessandro – a softer alternative to Alexander, referring to a defender of the people in Greek.
  541. Kaysen – means “son of the marsh dwellers” in Scottish.
  542. Enrique – the Spanish version of Heinrich, means “home ruler.”
  543. Marcelo – a Spanish respelling of Marcellus, connected to Mars, the Roman god of war.
  544. Sincere – is derived from “sincerus,” meaning “pure” and “clean” in Latin.
  545. Lucian – means “light” in Latin, perfect for your little star.
  546. Leandro – a fierce Greek option meaning “lion man,” symbolizing strength.
  547. Armando – of Spanish origin, means “armed man,” pointing to a soldier.
  548. Braylen – the Americanization of Brayden, means “lion,” “hill,” and “marsh.”
  549. Jayson – a modern spelling of Jason, meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  550. Julio – derived from Julianus, means “downy bearded,” traditionally given to hairy men.
  551. Lawrence – of Latin origin, means “man from Laurentum,” often shortened to Larry.
  552. Cassius – a Roman option associated with helmeted warriors, comes with the nickname Cass.
  553. Raul – the Spanish derivative of Ralph, meaning “wolf counsel.”
  554. Jase – short for Jason, meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  555. Mohammad – a variation of Muhammed, meaning “highest praise” in Arabic.
  556. Zain – of Arabic origin, means “grace,” a welcome addition to spiritual names.
  557. Jayceon – the Americanization of Jason, meaning “to heal.”
  558. Jonas – a variant of Jonah, means “dove” or “gift of God” in Hebrew, a common surname.
  559. Ronald – means “counsel rule” in English and Scottish, perfect for the wise guy.
  560. Ayaan – is an Indian option meaning “gift of God,” also an alias for the Sanskrit god Vishnu.
  561. Rio – of Spanish origin, means “river,” symbolizing freedom and provision.
  562. Allen – a Gaelic pick referring to a little rock or harmonious union.
  563. Bruce – a Celtic surname given to those who dwelled near thickets or woods.
  564. Mohamed – of Arabic origin, means “praiseworthy” or “commendable.”
  565. Dorian – a derivative of Doron, meaning “of Doris,” connected to Helen of Sparta.
  566. Maximilian – stems from Maximus, a Latin title meaning “greatest.”
  567. Keegan – of Irish origin, means “fiery” or “son of fire.”
  568. Shawn – a distant relative to John, means “God is gracious” in Irish.
  569. Yusuf – the Arabic version of Joseph, means “God will increase.”
  570. Pierce – of Welsh and Irish origin, means “son of Peter.”
  571. Ariel – a Hebrew pick meaning “lion of God,” ideal for the savvy boy.
  572. Ander – means “lion man” in Scandinavian and Greek.
  573. Conor – a derivative of Conaire, meaning “lover of hounds” in Irish.
  574. Conrad – of Germanic origin, means “brave counsel,” connected to military strategists.
  575. Phillip – stems from Philippos, meaning “horse lover,” ideal for the future equestrian.
  576. Arjun – a Sanskrit pick meaning “bright” and “clear.”
  577. Roy – of Celtic origin, means “red king,” describing a flaming-haired ruler.
  578. Moises – a respelling of Moses, meaning “to draw out” in Hebrew.
  579. Arturo – means “noble” and “courageous” in Spanish, connected to Arthur.
  580. Johan – short for Johannes, means “God is gracious” and “champion.”
  581. Gerardo – a Spanish option, referring to a fighter who takes chances with his spear.
  582. Atreus – of Greek origin, borne by the mythical king of Mycenae.
  583. Nikolai – a derivative of Nicholas meaning “people of victory” in Greek.
  584. Braylon – an All-American pick referring to a “hill or marsh.”
  585. Samson – a biblical figure known for his strength and downfall through Delilah.
  586. Hezekiah – stems from “chazaq,” meaning “God strengthens.”
  587. Kayce – of Irish origin, means “alert” and “watchful.”
  588. Scott – means “the man with the shield” in Latin or a moniker for Scottish people.
  589. Gunnar – a Nordic nickname for soldiers, means “brave warrior.”
  590. Jamison – derived from Jacob, meaning “he who supplants” in Hebrew.
  591. Samir – means “charming” in Arabic or “so good” in Albanian, perfect for your charismatic darling.
  592. Keanu – of Hawaiian origin, means “cool breeze,” borne by actor Keanu Reeves.
  593. Ledger – an English surname referring to a spear tribe, associated with the late actor Heath Ledger.
  594. Jaime – a Spanish and Portuguese title meaning “supplanter,” connected to Jacob.
  595. Finnley – of Irish origin, means “fair-haired warrior,” perfect for the little blondie.
  596. Cannon – an English title meaning “clergyman,” fitting for the future minister.
  597. Colby – a Norse option referring to a wealthy man’s estate.
  598. Nikolas – derived from Nikolaos, meaning “people of victory.”
  599. Emmitt – an alternate spelling of Emmet, meaning “whole” and “truth” in German.
  600. Kamden – a variation of Camden, means “winding valley” in English.
  601. Miller – an English occupational surname describing someone who grinds wheat.
  602. Boone – means “blessing” in French, borne by pioneer Daniel Boone.
  603. Hamza – of Arabic origin, means “lion,” known for its strength and bravery.
  604. Ocean – a derivative of Oceanus, the Greek god of the ocean.
  605. Mac – means “son of” in Irish and Scottish, also short for Mackenzie.
  606. Anakin – an American pick associated with Darth Vader from Star Wars.
  607. Brixton – of English origin, means “the stone of Brixi” or a cool area of London.
  608. Roland – means “famous land” or “from the famous land” in German, another form of Orlando.
  609. Huxley – an English habitational surname referring to families who lived near Hugh’s Meadow.
  610. Zeke – short for Ezekiel, meaning “strength of God” in Hebrew.
  611. Danny – a moniker for Daniel, meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  612. Marvin – of Welsh origin, describes a “sea friend” or “merman.”
  613. Otis – an English option meaning “son of Ode” or “wealth.”
  614. Albert – means “noble” and “bright” in German, ideal for your smart cookie.
  615. Clay – of English origin, traditionally given to clay workers.
  616. Emir – a respelling of Amir, meaning “prince” or “ruler” in Arabic.
  617. Boston – an English pick meaning “town by the sea” or a historical American city.
  618. Bruno – a derivative of Brunus, meaning “brown” in German.
  619. Lionel – of Latin origin, means “little lion,” borne by singer Lionel Richie.
  620. Ozzy – short for Oscar or Osborne, means “divine strength” in German.
  621. Taylor – a French occupational last name describing tailors.
  622. Jamie – connected to James, meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  623. Augustine – a derivative of Augustus, means “great” or “magnificent” in Latin.
  624. Chaim – of Hebrew origin, means “life,” perfect for the boy who’s your whole world.
  625. Krew – an American pick, connected to Crew, referring to a group of people.
  626. Rayan – the Persian version of Ryan, meaning “wise” or “smart.”
  627. Alden – a variation of Ealdwine, meaning “old friend” in English.
  628. Bellamy – of French and Irish origin, means “handsome friend” or “good friend.”
  629. Amos – an Old Testament prophet, meaning “carried by God.”
  630. Drake – of English origin, means “dragon” or “male duck.”
  631. Davis – means “son of David” in English and doubles as a popular surname.
  632. Dustin – a mythical English pick referring to Thor’s stone.
  633. Corey – derived from “coire,” meaning “from the hollow” in Gaelic.
  634. Ahmad – an Arabic pick meaning “highly praised” or “one who thanks God.”
  635. Conner – a respelling of Connor, means “lover of hounds” in Irish and Scottish.
  636. Gustavo – the Mexican version of Gustav, meaning “royal staff” or “staff of the gods.”
  637. Layton – an English surname given to families who lived near meadow settlements.
  638. Abram – closely related to Abraham, meaning “father of all nations” in Hebrew.
  639. Axton – an edgy variation of Ashton, means “ash town” in English.
  640. Chandler – of English origin, means “candle maker,” perfect for your shining light.
  641. Azariah – a biblical title meaning “helped by God” in Hebrew.
  642. Reese – means “enthusiasm” in Welsh.
  643. Benson – an English pick meaning “son of Ben,” a cute nod to Dad.
  644. Tru – short for Truman or Truett, means “loyal one” in German.
  645. Case – hailing from the U.K., meaning “case maker,” also short for Casey.
  646. Trey – means “three” in English, was originally given to third sons.
  647. Mauricio – the Spanish variation of Maurus, means “dark-skinned.”
  648. Westin – an English surname referring to families living in the West town.
  649. Gage – of French origin, means “pledge” or “oath.”
  650. Reign – an American title meaning “rule,” perfect for your prince charming.
  651. Creed – a religious option meaning “belief” or “doctrine” in Latin.
  652. Mylo – derived from Miles, a Slavic nickname for soldiers.
  653. Dennis – a variation of Dionysus, the mythical son of Zeus.
  654. Quentin – of French origin, means “fifth.”
  655. Madden – an Irish option meaning “little dog,” associated with the National Football League.
  656. Rome – means “power” in Italian, the capital city of Italy known for its art and culture.
  657. Julien – a variation of Julian, meaning “youthful” in French.
  658. Sam – short for Samuel, means “God hears” in Hebrew.
  659. Zaid – an Arabic pick meaning “master” or “to increase.”
  660. Marcel – of French origin, means “warrior” or “belonging to Mars,” pointing to the god of war.
  661. Maximo – a Latin pick meaning “greatest” or “best,” often shortened to Max.
  662. Layne – an alternate spelling of Lane, pointing to a winding road.
  663. Ahmed – of Arabic origin, means “highly praised,” often given to Muslim boys.
  664. Kannon – means “clergyman” in English or the Buddhist god of compassion.
  665. Quincy – connected to Quinten, means “fifth” in Latin.
  666. Yosef – the Arabic variation of Joseph, meaning “God will increase.”
  667. Aarav – a Hindi pick meaning “sound” or “thundering” ideal for the loud tot.
  668. Lennon – of Irish origin, means “lover,” borne by musician John Lennon.
  669. Ryland – hailing from Britain, points to a field where rye is grown.
  670. Skyler – an English option meaning “sky” or “scholar.”
  671. Chris – of Greek origin, means “follower of Christ,” can be short for Christopher.
  672. Eliam – means “God is my nation” or “people of God” in Hebrew.
  673. Kareem – an Arabic title meaning “generous” or “gracious,” fitting for the caring boy.
  674. Kyree – a Greek option referring to a noble lady or lord.
  675. Dario – of Italian origin, means “possessing goodness.”
  676. Donald – a Scottish option meaning “proud chief,” often shortened to Donny.
  677. Fletcher – a derivative of Flechier, meaning “arrow maker” in French.
  678. Darius – of Persian and Greek origin, means “maintains possessions well,” referring to the conscientious tot.
  679. Duke – means “leader” in Latin or a title given to members of the nobility.
  680. Rayden – of Japanese origin, means “god spirit,” giving this title a spiritual twist.
  681. Salem – a Hebrew pick meaning “safe” and “peaceful,” connected to the holy city of Jerusalem.
  682. Vicente – the Spanish variation of Vincent, means “victorious.”
  683. Vincenzo – an Italian pick meaning “to conquer,” often shortened to Vinny.
  684. Cayson – short for Casey or Carson; the meaning is unclear, but translators lean toward “brave.”
  685. Eliseo – a variation of Elisha, meaning “God is my salvation” in Hebrew.
  686. Issac – the biblical father of Jacob and Esau, means “laughter” in Hebrew.
  687. Lian – of Chinese origin, meaning “lotus flower,” symbolizing resurrection.
  688. Clyde – a Scottish pick meaning “friendly,” associated with Bonnie’s partner in crime.
  689. Wilson – of Germanic origin, a surname meaning “son of Will.”
  690. Santana – a spiritual Spanish option meaning “follower of Saint Anne” or “holy.”
  691. Tomas – is an obscure respelling of Thomas, meaning “twin.”
  692. Dexter – means “right-handed” in Latin and “dyer of cloth” in English.
  693. Keith – of Gaelic origin, meaning “wood,” symbolizing beauty and versatility.
  694. Houston – rooted in Scottish, Irish, and English dialects, a bustling city in the heart of Texas.
  695. Harry – a Germanic pick meaning “home-ruler,” associated with Harry Potter.
  696. Uriah – an Old Testament title meaning “my God is light” in Hebrew.
  697. Lee – a derivative of “laye,” meaning “clearing in the woods” or “meadow.”
  698. Rex – of Latin origin, meaning “king,” associated with powerful dinosaurs.
  699. Tony – a Latin pick meaning “priceless one” can be short for Antonio or Anthony.
  700. Carmelo – of Italian origin, points to a garden oasis, perfect for the spring boy.
  701. Alberto – the Latin variation of Albert, meaning “bright” and “noble.”
  702. Loyal – a rare virtue name describing the faithful boy to a tee.
  703. Trace – an English pick meaning “brave” or a moniker for Tracey.
  704. Alfredo – of Spanish and Italian origin, means “elf counsel” or “wise one.”
  705. Riggs – an English surname describing families that lived near ridges.
  706. Forest – describes a thicket of trees or a French surname given to woodcutters.
  707. Raylan – of American origin, means “wise” and “counsel.”
  708. Salvador – means “savior” in Spanish, considered a tribute to Jesus Christ.
  709. Jakari – derived from Jacob, means “supplanter” in Hebrew and Irish.
  710. Zakai – a modern respelling of Zaccai, meaning “pure of heart” in Hebrew.
  711. Louie – an alternative to Louis, a German pick meaning “renowned warrior.”
  712. Flynn – an Irish surname given to families with “rosy” cheeks, cute for the little trekker.
  713. Leonard – means “lion’s strength” in German and “descendant” or “lover” in Irish.
  714. Mohammed – a variation of Muhammed, means “highly praised” in Arabic.
  715. Derrick – short for Theodoric, meaning “ruler of the people” in German.
  716. Musa – a variation of Moses, meaning “to draw up” in Arabic.
  717. Avi – of Indian origin, means “sun and air,” perfect for your little ray of hope.
  718. Ty- a Hebrew pick appealing to parents who prefer short boy names, a moniker for Tyler.
  719. Westley – an alternate spelling of Wesley, means “western meadow.”
  720. Ambrose – of Greek origin, meaning “immortal” or the “nectar of the gods.”
  721. Brycen – a Celtic option originally given to freckled children.
  722. Aron – a variation of Aaron, the biblical brother of Moses, meaning “mount of strength.”
  723. Caspian – of Latin origin, means “white” or a large sea between Europe and Asia.
  724. Gatlin – means “cousin” or “companion” in German.
  725. Harlan – a British surname given to families dwelling near rocky land.
  726. Dillon – an Irish pick meaning “like a lion,” embodying your best wishes for your ferocious cub.
  727. Emery – of English origin, means “industrious” and “power,” ideal for the hard worker.
  728. Nixon – a Scottish surname meaning “son of Nicholas,” borne by former U.S. President Richard Nixon.
  729. Tommy – short for Thomas, a Greek title traditionally given to twins.
  730. Watson – of English and Scottish origin, means “son of Walter.”
  731. Zayd – an Arabic pick meaning “growth” and “abundance.”
  732. Azrael – means “helped by God” in Hebrew, borne by the archangel of death.
  733. Zyair – a derivative of Zaire, meaning “river that swallows all rivers.”
  734. Azriel – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my help,” popular among Jewish boys.
  735. Legacy – describes something handed down to future generations.
  736. Cillian – means “bright-headed” or “church” in Irish.
  737. Alvin – an alternative to Alwin, meaning “noble friend” in German.
  738. Bridger – a British surname given to families dwelling near bridges.
  739. Alec – of Greek origin, short for Alexander, meaning “defender of men.”
  740. Edison – hailing from Britain, meaning “son of Edward,” borne by inventor Thomas Edison.
  741. Kingsley – means “from the king’s meadow” in English, often seen as a surname.
  742. Remi – of French origin, initially given to “oarsmen.”
  743. Briar – describes a thorny bush of brambles connected to roses and other fragrant blooms.
  744. Jaxxon – a punk pick derived from Jackson, meaning “son of Jack.”
  745. Truett – a habitational surname pointing to English families who live by river bends.
  746. Lachlan – an Irish option, meaning “land of lakes,” perfect for the boy who adores water.
  747. Cal – short for Caleb or a stand-alone title meaning “faithful” in Hebrew.
  748. Landen – a variation of Landon, meaning “long hill” in Swedish.
  749. Roger – of German origin, means “famous spearman,” traditionally given to war heroes.
  750. Alonso – a Spanish pick meaning “ready for battle,” perfect for the little soldier.
  751. Kaiser – stems from Keiser, meaning “emperor” in German.
  752. Blaze – means “fire, flame” in Latin, ideal for the boy who will set the world aglow.
  753. Jerry – joins the ranks of moniker names for boys, short for Jeremy or Jeremiah.
  754. Seven – a number or a famous Turkish title meaning “loving one.”
  755. Kenji – of Japanese origin, traditionally given to the second son, means “intelligent.”
  756. Noe – a derivative of Noah, means “rest” in Hebrew.
  757. Quinton – means “queen’s town” or “fifth” in English, often shortened to Quinn.
  758. Grey – a neutral hue symbolizing compromise, initially given to grey-haired British men.
  759. Jefferson – an English surname meaning “son of Jeffery,” comes with the nickname Jeff.
  760. Marcellus – of Latin origin, meaning “young warrior,” connected to Mars, the Roman god of war.
  761. Ray – short for Raymond, meaning “protection” in German.
  762. Kyro – rooted in Arabic and Greek, means “master” or “victorious one.”
  763. Benicio – of Latin origin, means “blessed,” connected to spiritual benedictions.
  764. Justice – a virtuous option meaning “upright” and “righteous” in English.
  765. Neil – derived from Niall, means “champion” and “passionate” in Irish.
  766. Idris – an Arabic option meaning “studious,” borne by actor Idris Elba.
  767. Bear – of German origin, meaning “strong and brave bear,” borne by adventurer Bear Grylls.
  768. Kiaan – a Sanskrit pick meaning “grace of God” or “king.”
  769. Wayne – an English occupational surname given to a “wagon maker,” borne by Western star John Wayne.
  770. Ben – short for Benjamin, meaning “son of my right hand” in Hebrew.
  771. Junior – means “the younger one” in Latin and is likelier to be used as a moniker.
  772. Karim – of Arabic origin, means “generous” and “honorable.”
  773. Yehuda – the traditional Hebrew variation of Judah, meaning “to praise.”
  774. Jimmy – a moniker for James, meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  775. Ramon – the Spanish version of Raymond, meaning “counsel” or “protection.”
  776. Bjorn – of Scandinavian and Norse origin, meaning “bear.”
  777. Nathanael – an alternate spelling of Nathan, meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  778. Stanley – a habitational surname given to English families living near stony fields.
  779. Hassan – a popular Arabic option meaning “good looking” and “doer of good.”
  780. Magnus – of Latin origin, means “greatest,” borne by the patron saint of the Orkney Islands.
  781. Trenton – means “trespasser” in Celtic, connected to the River Trent.
  782. Brayan – an American option meaning “noble” and “virtuous.”
  783. Brock – of British origin, means “badger,” symbolizing patience and endurance.
  784. Jagger – hailing from Britain, meaning “carter” or “one who cuts.”
  785. Cason – a Scottish pick meaning “son of the marsh dwellers,” often shortened to Case.
  786. Dakari – of African origin, means “joyful” and “rejoice,” ideal for the optimistic boy.
  787. Rey – means “king” in Spanish, perfect for a boy with a bright future.
  788. Abdiel – connected to Obadiah, means “servant of God” in Hebrew.
  789. Abdullah – a famous option for Muslim boys, means “servant of Allah” in Arabic.
  790. Casen – of Irish and English origin, originally given to watchers or spies.
  791. Jiraiya – means “young thunder” in Japanese, perfect for the boy who makes waves wherever he goes.
  792. Lance – an English option meaning “land,” borne by bicyclist Lance Armstrong.
  793. Misael – a Hebrew pick, means “as God is,” reminding hearers of God’s blessings.
  794. Alvaro – of Spanish origin, means “guardian” or “all guard.”
  795. Robin – means “bright” in English, borne by the fictional hero Robin Hood.
  796. Langston – an English pick meaning “tall man’s town.”
  797. Nelson – means “son of Nell” or “champion” in English, often shortened to Nels.
  798. Wes – short for Wesley, meaning “Western meadow” in English.
  799. Khari – an African pick meaning “kingly,” for the boy with a good head on his shoulders.
  800. Landyn – of British origin, means “long hill,” an edgy spelling of Landon.
  801. Jakai – means “God is gracious” in America, rumored to be connected to John and Jack.
  802. Lochlan – emerged as a Viking name meaning “land of the lakes.”
  803. Valentin – a Latin option meaning “strong and healthy,” derived from Valentinus.
  804. Keaton – means “place of hawks” in English, borne by actor Michael Keaton.
  805. Amias – derived from Amatus, meaning “loved” in Latin.
  806. Joziah – a rare spelling of Josiah, meaning “God helps” in Hebrew.
  807. Thaddeus – an Aramic pick, means “gift of God,” often shortened to Thad.
  808. Jedidiah – means “beloved of the Lord” in Hebrew.
  809. Orlando – the Italian version of Roland, means “the fame of the land.”
  810. Eliel – of Hebrew origin, means “my God is God;” comes with the nickname Eli.
  811. Hugh – a variant of Hugo, meaning “intellect” in German.
  812. Koen – short for Koenraad, means “brave” and “bold” in Irish.
  813. Calum – inspired by Columba, meaning “dove” in Gaelic, symbolizing the Holy Spirit.
  814. Enoch – a biblical title borne by Noah’s great-grandfather, means “dedicated.”
  815. Mitchell – derived from Michael, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew, often shortened to Mitch.
  816. Rohan – means “good character” in Persian or “ascending” in Sanskrit.
  817. Aryan – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “noble one.”
  818. Dilan – derived from de Lyon, meaning “from Lyon,” a French village.
  819. Aden – an alternative to Aiden, meaning “little fire” in Gaelic.
  820. Allan – a derivative of Alun, means “cheerful” and “happy” in Celtic.
  821. Leighton – means “meadow town” in English, can also describe families living near leek fields.
  822. Elisha – an Old Testament prophet closely connected to Elijah, means “God is salvation.”
  823. Evander – of Greek and Scottish origin, means “good man.”
  824. Castiel – a Hebrew option meaning “shield of God.”
  825. Curtis – of French origin, a moniker given to men with outstanding manners.
  826. Kellen – means “slender” in German, borne by Twilight star Kellen Lutz.
  827. Dash – derived from Dashiell, means “young bloke” or “to run quickly” in Scottish and English.
  828. Douglas – is of Scottish origin, meaning “black river” or “dark stream.”
  829. Eddie – short for Edward, meaning “wealthy guardian” in English.
  830. Melvin – an Irish option meaning “gentle lord” or “great chieftain.”
  831. Avyaan – a respelling of Avyan, means “he who has no imperfections” in Sanskrit.
  832. Everest – of English origin, meaning “dweller on the Eure River” or a well-known mountain range.
  833. Zamir – means “heart” in Arabic or “peace” in Russian.
  834. Ricky – short for Richard, meaning “strong in rule.”
  835. Dutton – an English surname given to families from hill towns.
  836. Yahir – a respelling of Yair, means “he will enlighten,” referring to God’s wisdom.
  837. Devon – hailing from the U.K., meaning “deep valley dwellers.”
  838. Franco – derived from Francis, meaning “free man” or “Frenchman.”
  839. Khaza – a variation of Khazan, referring to a treasurer or guardian in Arabic.
  840. Dior – of French origin, meaning “gold,” and is associated with the luxurious brand Christian Dior.
  841. Leif – means “heir” in Scandinavian, borne by explorer Leif Eriksson.
  842. Sevyn – an alternate spelling of seven, the spiritual number of completion.
  843. Guillermo – is of Spanish origin, meaning “strong-willed warrior.”
  844. Ira – means “watchful” in Hebrew, borne by one of the biblical King David’s best soldiers.
  845. Emory – of English origin, meaning “industrious,” ideal for the boy with a good work ethic.
  846. Felipe – the Spanish variation of Phillip, meaning “lover of horses.”
  847. Titan – means “defender” in Greek, referring to many minor gods.
  848. Alfred – a derivative of Aelfraed, meaning “wise” and “elvin” in English.
  849. Azael – inspired by Azazel, the powerful archangel of death.
  850. Zahir – of Arabic origin, meaning “supporter” or “helper.”
  851. Kellan – an alternate spelling of Kellen, meaning “slender” in Gaelic.
  852. Darren – means “great” in Irish, often shortened to Darry.
  853. Rudy – short for Rudolph, meaning “famous wolf” in German.
  854. Ayan – an Indian and Arabic pick, meaning “watchful” and “viewing.”
  855. Leroy – of French origin, describes a king or ruler, often shortened to Roy.
  856. Anders – a Scandinavian option meaning “brave” or “manly.”
  857. Ishaan – associated with the Hindu god Shiva, means “Lord of wealth” or “son.”
  858. Reuben – means “behold” and “a son” in Hebrew, a biblical pick borne by a tribe leader.
  859. Boden – a derivative of “abode,” meaning “shelter” in Scandinavian, comes with the nickname Bode.
  860. McCoy – of Irish origin, means “son of Aodh” or “fire.”
  861. Heath – short for Heathcliff, a romantic pick meaning “land of grass” in English.
  862. Kase – means “box” in English and “strait” in Japanese.
  863. Wylder – is an alternate spelling of Wilder, meaning “wild animal” in English.
  864. Judson – a variation of Jordan, meaning “to go down” in Hebrew.
  865. Khai – of Arabic origin, means “crown,” ideal for your spoiled darling.
  866. Kye – rooted in Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek, meaning “keeper of the keys.”
  867. Axl – a simpler spelling of Axel, meaning “my father is peace” in Hebrew.
  868. Crue – of French origin, means “team,” ideal for your newest player.
  869. Ernesto – the Spanish variation of Ernest, meaning “sincere” or “earnest.”
  870. Ahmir – a respelling of Amir, meaning “prince” in Arabic.
  871. Zyon – inspired by Zion, meaning “highest point” and is known as a famous biblical city.
  872. Aries – of Latin origin, meaning “ram,” perfect for the March or April baby.
  873. Mustafa – among the many aliases for the Prophet Muhammad, meaning “chosen” in Arabic.
  874. Santos – a Spanish pick meaning “holy” or “saint,” ideal for the angelic boy.
  875. Dane – of English origin, a pet name for Danish people, or a large dog breed.
  876. Damari – means “gentle” in Greek and Irish, connected to fertility deities.
  877. Elio – of Italian and Latin origin, meaning “sun” and “different.”
  878. Jadiel – a derivative of Yehudiel, meaning “praise of God.”
  879. Jovanni – inspired by Giovanni, means “God is gracious” in Italian.
  880. Salvatore – the Italian version of Salvador, meaning “savior.”
  881. Mathew – a respelling of Matthew, meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  882. Kolson – of English origin, a variation of Colson, meaning “son of Nicholas.”
  883. Nova – originally a Latin girl’s title that recently crossed into the boy world, meaning “new.”
  884. Brendan – an alternate spelling of Brenden, meaning “prince” in Irish.
  885. Murphy – of Gaelic origin, means “sea warrior,” perfect for the surfer dude.
  886. Brodie – a Scottish and Irish pick meaning “little ridge.”
  887. Damir – means “give peace” or “iron” in Slavic, symbolizing the strength of unity.
  888. Rocky – is of English origin and means “rest,” despite its edgy reputation.
  889. Larry – short for Laurence, meaning “crowned with laurel” in Latin.
  890. Fisher – an English occupational surname given to fishermen.
  891. Waylen – means “land by the road” in English.
  892. Byron – hailing from Britain and was initially given to cattlemen.
  893. Ermias – of African origin, meaning “God will rise,” symbolizing hope for tomorrow.
  894. Joey – a lighthearted take on Joseph, meaning “God will increase” in Hebrew.
  895. Joe – connected to Joseph, means “God will add” in Hebrew.
  896. Jon – short for John or Jonathan, a Hebrew pick meaning “God has given.”
  897. Arian – of Turkish origin, means “golden life,” perfect for your lucky boy.
  898. Chosen – an English pick meaning “of divine favor.”
  899. Jairo – a Spanish option meaning “he shines.”
  900. Vihaan – means “dawn” in Indian, fitting for your son born at daybreak.
  901. Kylen – a sophisticated alternative to Kyle, meaning “narrow” in Gaelic.
  902. Ameer – an alternate spelling of Amir, meaning “prince” in Arabic.
  903. Dion – the Greek god of wine and parties, a festive tribute to your party boy.
  904. Jrue – an enigma rumored to be of American origin, meaning “manly.”
  905. Kaizen – of Japanese origin, meaning “good change.”
  906. Yousef – the Arabic version of Joseph, meaning “God increases.”
  907. Bryant – an English pick meaning “honorable” and “virtuous.”
  908. Cullen – means “son of the holy one” or “handsome” in Gaelic.
  909. Kaisen – an alternate spelling of Casen, means “descendant of the vigilant one.”
  910. Kelvin – hailing from Britain, meaning “friend of ships” or “river.”
  911. Zen – of Japanese origin and means “meditation,” connected to spiritual enlightenment.
  912. Kartier – a French pick meaning “driver of the cart.”
  913. Randy – short for Randall, means “wolf” and shield” in English.
  914. Shepard – an English occupational surname given to sheepherders.
  915. Alaric – means “all-powerful ruler” in German, ideal for the bossy boy.
  916. Cain – of Hebrew origin, means “spear” and “possessed.”
  917. Jeremias – inspired by Jeremiah, meaning “exalted of the Lord” in Hebrew.
  918. Alfonso – a militaristic Spanish pick meaning “battle ready.”
  919. Brecken – of Irish origin, means “freckled” or “speckled.”
  920. Colten – means “coal town” in English, an alternate spelling of Colton.
  921. Gian – the Italian version of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  922. Rhodes – hailing from the U.K., means “where roses grow.”
  923. Wesson – an English surname given to families dwelling in the West.
  924. Duncan – of Scottish origin, means “dark-skinned warrior.”
  925. Harold – derived from Hereweald, meaning “army ruler” in Scandinavian.
  926. Henrik – means “ruler of the home” in German, often shortened to Henri.
  927. Harley – an English option meaning “hare’s meadow,” associated with motorcycles.
  928. Alistair – of Scottish origin, means “defender of the people.”
  929. Agustin – the Spanish variation of Augustine, meaning “great.”
  930. Jericho – means “city of the moon,” mentioned in the Old Testament book of Joshua.
  931. Talon – means “bird claw” in English, fitting for the fierce toddler.
  932. Westyn – a respelling of Weston, meaning “west town” in English.
  933. Cassian – a Latin pet name given to those with curly hair.
  934. Eugene – means “well-born” or “noble” in Greek.
  935. Ryatt – a combination of Ryan and Wyatt, an American invention with no defined meaning.
  936. Shmuel – short for Samuel, meaning “God hears me.”
  937. Braden – of English origin, means “broad valley,” an alternate spelling of Brayden.
  938. Yahya – an Arabic pick meaning “God is merciful.”
  939. Aldo – inspired by Adal, meaning “old” and “wise,” perfect for the old soul.
  940. Dangelo – a derivative of Angelus, meaning “messenger” in Latin, pointing to angelic beings.
  941. Ezrah – a respelling of Ezra, meaning “helper” in Hebrew.
  942. Korbin – of Latin origin, means “raven,” symbolizing the connection between the dead and the living.
  943. Zavier – a Spanish pick meaning “Savior” or “new house.”
  944. Bronson – an English surname given to relatives of brown-haired men.
  945. Teo – of Italian origin, means “divine gift” or “gift of God.”
  946. Jones – a Hebrew pick meaning “God is gracious,” connected to John.
  947. Neo – means “new” in Greek, appropriate for the most beautiful new beginning.
  948. Stefan – the German variation of Stephen, means “crown,” often shortened to Steve.
  949. Van – short for Vance, meaning “marshland” in English.
  950. Mekhi – a fresh take on Mickey, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  951. Coleson – of Greek origin, means “son of Nicholas.”
  952. Eren – an alternate spelling of Aaron, can also mean “holy man” in Turkish.
  953. Ignacio – a Spanish pick meaning “fiery one,” ideal for your bright little boy.
  954. Kristian – the Scandinavian version of Christian, meaning “Christ follower.”
  955. Harlem – associated with the hip New York neighborhood, meaning “home on a wooded hill.”
  956. Zev – of Hebrew origin, means “wolf” or “given by God.”
  957. Canaan – means “to be brought down by a heavy load,” borne by an Old Testament figure.
  958. Cedric – an English option, means “kindly” and “loved.”
  959. Khalid – of Arabic origin, meaning “immortal” and “everlasting.”
  960. Bode – a Germanic pick meaning “order” and “command,” connected to the military.
  961. Gary – an English option, meaning “spear,” generally given to warriors.
  962. Rene – of Latin origin, meaning “rebirth” and “born again,” a common term in Christianity.
  963. Benedict – taken from “benediction, a blessing given at the end of religious services.
  964. Maxton – means “greatest” in Latin, often shortened to Max.
  965. Thatcher – an English occupational surname given to roof thatchers.
  966. Wallace – of Scottish origin, meaning “Welshman” or “stranger.”
  967. Davian – combines David and Dion, meaning “beloved” in English.
  968. Gordon – a Scottish option meaning “spacious” and “fort.”
  969. Niklaus – the Slavic version of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  970. Yisroel – derived from Israel, means “God contended” in Hebrew.
  971. Kabir – the perfect title for your A-lister, means “great” in Arabic.
  972. Osman – of Turkish origin, meaning “wise” or “most powerful.”
  973. Adler – means “eagle” in German, America’s native bird.
  974. Darian – hailing from Persia, meaning “possessing goodness.”
  975. Terry – means “power of the tribe” in English, can be short for Terrence.
  976. Cartier – an English occupational surname for men who carted goods.
  977. Osiris – the Egyptian god of the Underworld who rules alongside Isis.
  978. Vance – of British origin, means “marshland.”
  979. Demetrius – a Greek pick meaning “follower of Demeter,” the goddess of the harvest.
  980. Kamryn – an alternate spelling of Cameron, meaning “crooked nose” in Scottish.
  981. Lux – means “light” in Latin, also associated with a high-class life.
  982. Stone – of English origin, means “dweller by the rocks,” symbolizing steadfastness.
  983. Jaxx – taken from Jackson, meaning “son of Jack, ideal for parents who like the “X factor.”
  984. Kooper – an English option referring to a barrel maker.
  985. Rodney – means “Roda’s island” or “island near the clearing” in German.
  986. Aurelio – of Italian origin, meaning “golden.”
  987. Darwin – a vintage title meaning “dear friend” in English.
  988. Jakob – an alternative to Jacob, meaning “he who supplants” in Hebrew.
  989. Zechariah – a variation of Zachariah, a Hebrew title meaning “God hears.”
  990. Brennan – of Irish origin, meaning “teardrop” or “raven,” giving this title a melancholy side.
  991. Marlon – an American option meaning “little warlike one.”
  992. Meir – means “little bright one” in Hebrew, popular for Jewish babies.
  993. Yael – taken from Jael, meaning “he who goes up” or “mountain goat” in Hebrew.
  994. Asaiah – an alternate spelling of Isaiah, meaning “the Lord hath made” in Hebrew.
  995. Atharv – of Indian origin, meaning “knowledge,” a good trait for any little man.
  996. Imran – a brilliant Arabic pick meaning “prosperity,” perfect for the boy rich in love.
  997. Ivaan – an alternate spelling of Ivan, means “God is gracious” and “ruler” in Russian.
  998. Kanan – means “merchant” in Arabic or “little wolf” in Welsh.
  999. Kalel – a variation of Khaleel, or a stand-alone title meaning “voice of God” in Hebrew.
  1000. London – the hub of London known for its rich history and art.

Boy Names FAQs

What Are Cute Boy Names?

There’s no shortage of cute boy names, though the definition varies worldwide. Adorable English options include Oliver, Levi, Grayson, Hendrix, and Micah. Exotic options are also plentiful, such as Kai, Ryker, Atticus, Felix, and Rafael. Short names are always seen as youthful, making Ty, Eli, Ian, and Jax an obvious win.

What Are Unique Boy Names?

Unique boy names delight parents who think outside the box. Among the most memorable are titles that work for either gender, like Hunter, Rowan, Sawyer, and Jordan. Other rare options include mystical titles like Legacy, Zen, and Angel. Titles that are unique to Americans include Yehuda, Yahya, Dangelo, and Neo.

What’s the #1 Boy Name in America?

The #1 boy name in America is Liam, which landed on American name charts in 1967. Liam has been a top-10 pick since 2012 and the top-rated option from 2017-2022. Like many popular titles, Liam began as a moniker, short for William, derived from the Irish name Uilliam. With a general interpretation of “will helmet,” “protector,” and “guardian,” Liam appeals to the strength in all of us.

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