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Bennett Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Learn about the name Bennett including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Bennett Overview

  • Meaning: “blessed” or “well-spoken.”
  • Gender: Bennett is a unisex name. It is more commonly a name for boys, but it is not rare as a girl’s name either.
  • Origin: Latin origin.
  • Pronunciation: “ben-it”
  • Popularity: At present, Bennett is in the top 100 most popular boy names.
  • Nicknames: Bean, Ben, Benny, Bett, En, Ennie.
  • Variations: Benedict, Benedictus, Bénet, Benito, Benoít, Binane.
  • Namesakes: Bennett Carter, Bennett Cerf, Bennett Cohen, Bennett Jackson, Bennett Malone, Bennett Miller, Bennett Omalu.

What Does Bennett Mean?

The name Bennet has two well-accepted meanings. The first meaning is “blessed.” The second accepted meaning is “well-spoken.”

What is the Origin of the Name Bennett?

The name Bennett has its origins in the ancient Latin language. Bennett is an anglicized version of the Latin masculine name Benedictus. Over time, the Latin name Benedictus evolved to Benedict. The Anglo-Norman people spelled it as Bennett (1).

How Popular is the Name Bennett?

The name Bennett is currently seeing its highest popularity in the United States. The Social Security Administration lists Bennett as the 90th most popular boy name as of 2021. Over the last decade, Bennett has surged in popularity each year (2).

Before the 2000s, Bennet was not a popular name. Previously its highest popularity was in the 1920s when the name was the 486th most common boys name.

Bennett is popular in other countries as well. Most of these countries are European in origin. In particular, the name Bennett is very popular in France.

How Do I Pronounce Bennett?

The pronunciation of Bennett is phonetic. The name is not considered difficult to pronounce. You pronounce Bennett as “ben-it.”

The simplicity of Bennett ensures that you won’t have to worry about mispronunciations.

Is Bennett a Boy or Girl Name?

Bennett is most often a name chosen for boys. However, Bennett is also an appropriate name for girls. The name is unisex.

It is more common for Bennett to appear as a middle name for girls, while it is often a first name for boys.

Variations of Bennett

The name Bennett has evolved over the years. There are several variations of the name Bennett:

  • Benedict (Latin)
  • Benedictus (Latin)
  • Bénet (French)
  • Benito (Spanish)
  • Benoít (French)
  • Binane (Celtic)

Nicknames for Bennett

The name Bennett has a wealth of nicknames from which to choose. The simplicity of the name lends itself to short and cute nicknames. Below are some fun nicknames used for someone named Bennett:

  • Bean
  • Ben
  • Benny
  • Bett
  • En
  • Ennie

Similar Names to Bennett

Bennett is a name that has evolved over time to reach its most current iteration. There are other names similar to Bennett that have common roots. If you’re not in love with the name Bennett, consider these similar names below:

Middle Names for Bennett

Bennett is a simple name that sounds powerful and formal. It pairs well with a variety of different middle names.

Some of the middle names that sound best with Bennett are:

Sibling Names for Bennett

There are many choices for sibling names that work well with Bennett. The sibling names that sound best with Bennett tend to be short names with no more than three syllables.

Here’s a list of sibling names that flow well with the name Bennett:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Bennett

The name Bennett was first recorded in 1208. This means that it’s been in use for over 1000 years. Thanks to its age, there are plenty of famous people who share the name Bennett. Here are some of the most notable Bennetts throughout history:

  • Bennett Carter: American musician.
  • Bennett Cerf: American Businessman.
  • Bennett Cohen: American founder of Ben & Jerry.
  • Bennett Jackson: American football player.
  • Bennett Malone: American politician.
  • Bennett Miller: American director.
  • Bennett Omalu: Nigerian doctor.

Bennett in Popular Culture

The name Bennett is found sparingly throughout popular culture. There are more examples of Bennett as a surname than a first name in books, films, and television shows. Here are some examples of Bennett in popular culture:

  • Bennett: Character in the video game “Genshin Impact.”
  • Captain Bennett: Character from the movie “Commando.”
  • Cybil Bennett: Character from the TV series “Silent Hill.”
  • Emily Bennett: Character from the “American Doll” book series.
  • Rue Bennett: Character from the TV series “Euphoria.”

Bennett FAQs

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the name Bennett:

Is Bennett a Religious Name?

The name Bennett is religious in meaning. The name means “blessed.” The word blessed has religious connotations and generally refers to a person favored by God. There are no mentions of the name Bennett in any of the holy books of the major world religions.

What Colors Are Associated With the Name Bennett?

The colors red and light green and considered lucky colors for people named Bennett. These lucky colors come from Indian astrology and are determined by the spelling of the name.

Is There a Saint Named Bennett?

There was not a Saint Bennett, however, there was a Saint Benedict. Benedict is an earlier iteration of the name Bennett. Saint Benedict is the Patron Saint of all of Europe. He is credited with establishing rules for European monks to live by (3).

Is Bennett a First Name or a Last Name?

Before the 2000s, Bennett was more commonly a last name. However, there are records of people with the first name Bennett since medieval times. It was not until recently that Bennett became a more common first name.

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