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252 Clever Rogue Names: Fit for a Spy

Unlock the secrets of stealth and intrigue with these clever rogue names!

Welcome to our exciting article on rogue names for girls and boys. Looking for unique and clever names that bring mystery and adventure? In this guide, we’ll explore rogue names perfect for daring characters in books, movies, and games.

Whether you want female rogue names showing strength and intrigue or male rogue names with smarts, we’ve got you covered. From legendary thieves to skillful spies, these names are ideal for creating unforgettable characters with a mischievous twist. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of rogue names and find the perfect alias for your daring persona.

118 Exciting Male Rogue Names

These male rogue names and thief names are perfect for a boy who doesn’t play by the rules!

  1. Ace – an English word meaning “highest rank,” perfect for a highly skilled rogue.
  2. Adrian – a Latin boy’s name meaning “man from Hadria,” linked to Vigilante, an anti-hero in DC Comics.
  3. Aegis – a legendary shield from Greek mythology, symbolizing safety and protection.
  4. Ajax – a Greek hero known for his strength and bravery.
  5. Alaric – meaning “ruler of all,” representing a powerful and authoritative presence.
  6. Ambrose – originating from Greek, meaning “immortal” or “eternal.”
  7. Amunet – an Assassin’s Creed character who operates in ancient Egypt.
  8. Anduin – inspired by a character in WoW (World of Warcraft), symbolizing a noble and valiant rogue.
  9. Apollo – the Greek god of archery, music, and prophecy.
  10. Aragorn – a character from The Lord of the Rings, known for his skilled swordsmanship.
  11. Archer – a popular pick among male rogue names for a sharpshooter.
  12. Aripine – a fictional name often used for rogue gnomes in DnD (Dungeons & Dragons).
  13. Arno – the Assassin’s Creed Unity protagonist and a master of parkour and combat.
  14. Artemis – a ruthless assassin from DnD, highly proficient in stealth.
  15. Ashen – associated with the remnants of fire, representing a character with smoldering intensity.
  16. Ashitaka – means “leap” in Japanese, associated with a brave archer in Princess Mononoke.
  17. Azrael – of Hebrew origin meaning “God has helped,” born by the biblical Archangel of Death.
  18. Bandit – a striking rogue name for boys meaning “outlaw” or “thief.”
  19. Bixx – a gnome character from the MMO game World of Warcraft.
  20. Blade – an English word for a sharp-edged weapon.
  21. Blaze – a character with fiery passion and power, like a blazing inferno.
  22. Bloodmoon – a character linked to a lunar event, representing a fierce and powerful rogue.
  23. Booker – the main character of Bioshock Infinite, adept in combat and investigating.
  24. Brutus – means “heavy” in Latin, embodying a powerful and ruthless character.
  25. Cade – from Old English, meaning “round,” associated with a Star Wars bounty hunter.
  26. Cassius – means “empty” or “vain” in Latin, perfect for a master of deception.
  27. Clyde – from the River Clyde in Scotland, associated with the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.
  28. Connor – of Irish origin, meaning “lover of hounds,” a determined rogue in Assassin’s Creed III.
  29. Corvo – means “raven” in Italian, belonging to a mysterious vigilante in the video game Dishonored.
  30. Cypher – from Valorant, a surveillance expert rogue with deadly precision in PvP arenas.
  31. Daggerclaw – a character known for their deadly proficiency with dagger-like claws.
  32. Dante – the protagonist in Dante’s Inferno, a journey through the realms of Hell.
  33. Darius – a sophisticated Persian male name meaning “possessing goodness.”
  34. Daud – means “beloved” in Hebrew, born by a skilled assassin in Dishonored.
  35. Declan – a powerful Irish name well-suited for an honorable rogue.
  36. Dillinger – linked to John Dillinger, a notable bank robber and scoundrel in the 1930s.
  37. Drake – a Greek boy’s name meaning “dragon,” associated with a treasure hunter from Uncharted.
  38. Drizzt – inspired by Drizzt Do’Urden, a legendary drow ranger from DnD.
  39. Dusk – is English for “twilight,” ideal for stealthy rogues operating under cover of darkness.
  40. Edwin – an Old English name meaning “wealthy friend,” born by a power-hungry DnD wizard.
  41. Elminster – is an iconic wizard character in DnD.
  42. Erik – is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  43. Ezio – means “eagle” in Italian, affiliated with an Assassin’s Creed vigilante.
  44. Falcon – is the name of a bird associated with Marvel Comics thief Sam Falcon.
  45. Faust – In German myths, Faust made a pact with the Devil for unlimited knowledge.
  46. Felix – a happy option among rogue male names meaning “fortunate.”
  47. Fenris – a monstrous wolf from Norse mythology.
  48. Finn – of Irish origin meaning “blessed,” born by a legendary warrior in Irish tales.
  49. Flint – means “hard quartz” in English, an excellent rogue name for a boy skilled in survival.
  50. Flynn – an Irish boy’s name associated with the charismatic thief from Tangled.
  51. Galahad – a legendary knight of King Arthur’s Round Table.
  52. Gambit – a charismatic rogue inspired by the mutant hero Remy LeBeau (Gambit).
  53. Gandalf – a wise and powerful wizard from The Lord of the Rings.
  54. Garrett – of English origin, meaning “spear strength,” a skilled thief from the Thief series.
  55. Garrus – a skilled and tactical rogue sniper from the Mass Effect series.
  56. Gideon – means “mighty warrior” in Hebrew, symbolizing a rogue with exceptional strength.
  57. Grayson – is Nightwing’s real name, a skilled acrobat and vigilante in DC Comics.
  58. Grifter – an English word for a con artist or scoundrel.
  59. Grommash – a fierce Orc chieftain in the MMO game WoW (World of Warcraft).
  60. Hanzo – means “large mountain” in Japanese and a skilled archer in Overwatch.
  61. Honor – a character known for their sense of integrity, loyalty, and noble intentions.
  62. Inigo – a Spanish boy’s name meaning “fiery,” associated with the iconic rogue in The Princess Bride.
  63. Jack – a medieval form of John, linked to the cunning pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.
  64. Jasper – originating from Persian, meaning “treasurer,” perfect for a treasure hunter.
  65. Jin – of Japanese origin, meaning “benevolence,” a skilled samurai in Ghost of Tsushima.
  66. Joel – the resourceful survivor and skilled rogue from The Last of Us series.
  67. Kairos – of Greek origin, meaning “opportune moment,” well-suited for a strategic rogue.
  68. Kayn – a versatile rogue from League of Legends who can transform into an assassin or bruiser.
  69. Kokopelli – a trickster and fertility deity in some Native American tribes; and can be shortened into various nicknames.
  70. Legolas – an iconic elf from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
  71. Locke – a punny nickname for a rogue with a knack for picking locks.
  72. Loki – a trickster god from Norse mythology, symbolizing cunning and wit.
  73. Lupin – inspired by Arsène Lupin, a famous gentleman thief in French literature.
  74. Malik – perfect for a rogue with natural leadership qualities, meaning “king” in Arabic.
  75. Marcus – of Roman origin, meaning “male,” a skilled hacker and rogue in Watch Dogs 2.
  76. Matey – a friendly and charming character, embodying the spirit of a pirate.
  77. Maverick – an independent and unconventional character known for their daring exploits.
  78. Mercer – inspired by the master thief and guild leader in Skyrim.
  79. Minsc – a heroic ranger from the Baldur’s Gate DnD series.
  80. Mirage – an English word referring to an optical illusion.
  81. Nightstriker – an agile and cunning rogue, striking under the cover of darkness.
  82. Orion – a mighty hunter in Greek mythology.
  83. Outlaw – symbolizing a character who operates outside the boundaries of the law.
  84. Percival – is of French origin, meaning “pierce the valley,” perfect for a chivalrous rogue.
  85. Phantom – an elusive character linked to the iconic Phantom of the Opera.
  86. Phoenix – a mythical bird known for its rebirth from ashes, representing resilience.
  87. Pike – an English word referring to a pointed weapon, such as a spear or lance.
  88. Puck – a mischievous gnome character from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  89. Quicksilver – a fast and elusive character inspired by the element mercury.
  90. Quinn – of Irish origin, meaning “wise” or “counsel,” perfect for an intelligent rogue.
  91. Ragnarmeans “warrior” in Norse, symbolizing a fierce and battle-hardened rogue.
  92. Ragnarok – a cataclysmic event or character symbolizing the end of the world or epic battles.
  93. Raiden – born by a thunder god in Mortal Kombat, meaning “thunder” and “lightning” in Japanese.
  94. Ralof – a Skyrim character skilled in archery, one-handed combat, and sneaking.
  95. Remy – has French origins meaning “oarsman,” associated with Remy LeBeau, a mutant hero in Marvel Comics.
  96. Rick – means “brave ruler,” associated with The Walking Dead protagonist who battles the undead.
  97. Rico – of Spanish origin, meaning “strong ruler,” a rogue agent in the Just Cause series.
  98. Rikimaru – the silent and deadly ninja from the Tenchu series.
  99. Selkirk – a Scottish pirate known for his daring escapes and survival skills.
  100. Seraph – means “burning ones” in Hebrew, fitting for a rogue with fire-related skills.
  101. Shadowblade – a stealthy and lethal character skilled in shadowy combat and assassinations.
  102. Shinobi – a group of silent warriors from For Honor.
  103. Sinclair – a suave and charming male rogue name meaning “Saint Clair.”
  104. Smaug – the dragon antagonist from The Hobbit, is known for his cunning and greed.
  105. Talon – derived from the English word for a sharp claw or nail.
  106. Theron – a perfect rogue name for fans of Star Wars or actress Charlize Theron.
  107. Thievul – a play on “thief” and “vulpix,” representing a sly and crafty persona.
  108. Thor – a powerful and heroic character associated with thunder, strength, and protection.
  109. Thorn – an English word referring to a sharp, pointed projection.
  110. Thranduil – a high elf from The Hobbit, known for his majestic and regal nature.
  111. Tracer – from Overwatch, a time-jumping rogue who’s excellent for PvP battles.
  112. Uriah – means “God is my light,” representing rogues who rely on a higher power.
  113. Vaas – the insane pirate antagonist in Far Cry 3.
  114. Valerius – an ancient Roman male name meaning “strong” or “brave.”
  115. Xander – originating from Greek, meaning “defender of men.”
  116. Zephyr – this awesome Greek name means “west wind.”
  117. Zidane – one of the best thief names, associated with a thief from Final Fantasy IX.
  118. Zorro – a Spanish word meaning “the fox,” associated with the iconic swashbuckler.

89 Badass Female Rogue Names

These awesome female thief names and rogue names are badass enough for a warrior princess!

  1. Aela – a Skyrim character known for her prowess as an archer and werewolf.
  2. Alarielle – a fictional name for a high elf queen in DnD.
  3. Aloy – a modern name inspired by the resourceful warrior from Horizon Zero Dawn.
  4. Amara – of Latin origin meaning “bitter,” belongs to a dark witch in Supernatural.
  5. Arachne – means “spider” in Greek, associated with a tale in Greek mythology.
  6. Arsenia – derived from “arsenic,” suitable for a character with poison-related skills.
  7. Artemis – In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt.
  8. Arwen – a beautiful elf from The Lord of the Rings.
  9. Arya – means “noble” in Sanskrit, associated with the badass warrior in Game of Thrones.
  10. Astraea – the Greek goddess of justice, symbolizing power and morality.
  11. Astrid – a great Scandinavian name meaning “beloved by God.”
  12. Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom, known for her strategic and tactical prowess.
  13. Aurelia – means “golden” in Roman, linked to a witty rogue in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
  14. Aveline – a freeing French female name meaning “bird.”
  15. Aya – is a powerful assassin in the Assassin’s Creed game series.
  16. Bellatrix – inspired by Bellatrix Lestrange, the famous dark witch from Harry Potter.
  17. Bonnie – means “beautiful” in English, associated with Bonnie and Clyde.
  18. Callisto – originating from Greek mythology, meaning “most beautiful.”
  19. Carmen – linked to Carmen Sandiego, a famous fictional thief and master of disguise.
  20. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, the powerful Egyptian queen.
  21. Dagmar – of Old Norse origin, meaning “day maid,” a skilled and daring female rogue.
  22. Echo – a nymph cursed to repeat the words of others in Greek myths.
  23. Elara – an elegant rogue name meaning “bright” or “shining” in Greek.
  24. Elva – derived from Elfa, meaning “elf,” representing an agile and mystical character.
  25. Eris – originating from Greek mythology, representing the goddess of strife and discord.
  26. Esmeralda – an elegant female name associated with The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  27. Eowyn – a fierce shield maiden in the Lord of the Rings.
  28. Evelynn – from League of Legends, a deadly rogue specializing in stealth.
  29. Eviemeans “life” in Hebrew, connected to a cunning rogue from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.
  30. Faith – the parkour expert and rebel runner from Mirror’s Edge.
  31. Faustina – the female form of Faust and a German man who made a pact with the devil.
  32. Gemma -the lead character in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, possessing magical powers.
  33. Isolde – a tragic character who goes on the run with her forbidden lover in Celtic myths.
  34. Ivy – a climbing plant symbolizing an agile thief who can easily navigate her surroundings.
  35. Jarlaxle – a swashbuckling drow mercenary character in Forgotten Realms.
  36. Jyn – a human thief-turned-rebel-hero in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  37. Kallari – from Paragon, a deadly rogue who excels in PvP combat.
  38. Kasumi – of Japanese origin, meaning “mist,” associated with an expert thief from Mass Effect.
  39. Katarina – means “pure” in Greek, associated with a lethal assassin in League of Legends.
  40. Keira – of Irish origin, meaning “dark-haired,” perfect for a rogue with a mysterious presence.
  41. Lara – means “household” in Spanish, affiliated with a rogue archaeologist in Tomb Raider.
  42. Lenneth – a mythical warrior and protagonist in Valkyrie Profile.
  43. Luna – derived from Latin, meaning “moon,” for a character with a mysterious aura.
  44. Marian – linked to Robin Hood’s love interest, Maid Marian, a skilled archer and thief.
  45. Melie – possibly of Arabic origin, associated with a thief character from DnD.
  46. Melisandre – is the powerful Red Witch in Game of Thrones.
  47. Morrigan – inspired by the shape-shifting Celtic goddess of fate and death.
  48. Nadira – a captivating female rogue name meaning “rare” or “unique.”
  49. Nisha – one of the best female thief names on our list, meaning “night” in Sanskrit.
  50. Nocturna – a mysterious female rogue linked to the night and shadows.
  51. Nova – is Latin for “new star,” capable of unleashing explosive and devastating attacks.
  52. Nymora – is a badass demon from Runescape.
  53. Nyx – a night goddess in Greek myths, perfect for a stealthy female rogue.
  54. Onyxia – a dragon and raid boss in the MMO game World of Warcraft.
  55. Pandora – in Greek myths, this was the first human woman who released evil into the world.
  56. Raven – a blackbird representing cunning and mystery.
  57. Riona – means “queenly” in Irish, a top choice among female rogue names.
  58. Rogue – a powerful mutant who absorbs the lives and powers of others in Marvel Comics.
  59. Rosalind – a character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, is known for her loyalty, bravery, and wit.
  60. Safire – inspired by the gemstone sapphire, representing a skilled and elegant character.
  61. Scarlett – a mighty Old English name meaning “bright red.”
  62. Selene – a mysterious name belonging to the Greek goddess of the moon.
  63. Selina – is of Greek origin, meaning “moon,” associated with the famous Catwoman.
  64. Senna – inspired by the Senna plant and a cursed warrior in League of Legends.
  65. Senua – the warrior protagonist in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.
  66. Seraphina – derived from Hebrew, meaning “fiery” or “ardent.”
  67. Seren – an enchanting and graceful female rogue name, meaning “star” in Welsh.
  68. Sheida – a badass Iranian name meaning shadow.
  69. Sombra – is Spanish for “shadow,” borne by a stealthy hacker in Overwatch.
  70. Sylvanas – inspired by the high elf and leader from World of Warcraft.
  71. Talia – means “dew from God” in Hebrew, born by a badass rogue in the Batman comics.
  72. Tifa – a compassionate yet powerful fighter from Final Fantasy VII.
  73. Titania – an enchanting elf queen from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  74. Triss – a badass name borne by the flaming red-haired sorceress from The Witcher.
  75. Trixie – a clever and cunning thief with a mischievous side.
  76. Vala – means “prophet” in Old Norse, connected to ancient female shamans.
  77. Valeera – a stealthy elf rogue from WoW.
  78. Veda – a badass Sanskrit name meaning “knowledge.”
  79. Vesper – means “evening star” in Latin, associated with a double agent in a James Bond film.
  80. Vex – a thief, lockpicking master, and stealth expert from Skyrim.
  81. Vixen – a cunning name for female rogues associated with a female fox.
  82. Willow – is derived from Old English, referring to a tree symbolizing new life and flexibility.
  83. Xena – a badass Greek name meaning “stranger,” borne by Xena: Warrior Princess.
  84. Yara – means “small butterfly” in Arabic, associated with the Game of Thrones character Yara Greyjoy.
  85. Yennefer – an intelligent sorceress from The Witcher series.
  86. Ylva – originating from Norse, meaning “she-wolf,” symbolizing a fierce and cunning female warrior.
  87. Yuffie – from the Greek word for “joy,’ born by a ninja princess in Final Fantasy VII.
  88. Zelda – a mighty Germanic girl’s name meaning “gray battle.”
  89. Zora – derived from Slavic, meaning “dawn” or “daybreak.”

45 Awesome Gender-Neutral Rogue Names

Discover 45 clever rogue names for males and females that sound like they were ripped from a fantasy novel!

  1. Aimer – a character known for their skilled marksmanship and precision.
  2. Alias – a funny nickname for a thief skilled in using multiple disguises.
  3. Anarchy – a character with a rebellious and disruptive nature, defying authority.
  4. Arsenic – a punny thief name for a rogue who uses poison in their schemes.
  5. Ash – a unisex name for a rogue who blends into the shadows like smoke.
  6. Astral – a celestial name linked to magical elves in DnD.
  7. Briar – inspired by thorny bushes, best for a rogue with a tough personality.
  8. Cerys – reminiscent of the bold island queen Cerys An Craite from The Witcher.
  9. Cobra – inspired by the venomous snake, representing a cunning and deadly character.
  10. Dasneak – a punny name for a sneaky rogue.
  11. Eclipse – symbolizes a character with dual nature, balancing light and darkness.
  12. Eivor – of Norse origin, meaning “ever or always,” a fierce rogue in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
  13. Ember – means “burning coal,” perfect for a fiery and unpredictable rogue.
  14. Espada – a nickname for a skilled fighter inspired by the Spanish word for “sword.”
  15. Freya – inspired by the Norse goddess of love and war.
  16. Hunter – a strong name for a rogue who tracks and ambushes their target.
  17. Jinx – an unpredictable rogue in the PvP game League of Legends.
  18. Kara – a brave rogue name meaning “courageous” in Turkish.
  19. Kestrel – the word for a small but fierce type of falcon.
  20. Kieran – of Irish origin, meaning “little dark one,” perfect for a mysterious rogue.
  21. Kismet – a fate-driven name, symbolizing destiny and chance.
  22. Mayhem – a rogue known for causing chaos and disorder wherever they go.
  23. Morgan – means “sea circle” in Welsh, associated with the daring pirate Henry Morgan.
  24. Ortgeist – a unique and fictional name suitable for an otherworldly persona.
  25. Renegade – an edgy name for a character who defies authority.
  26. Robin – one of the best thief names for boys, linked to the famous robber Robin Hood.
  27. Rowan – a Gaelic name for the rowan tree, representing power and adaptability.
  28. Rune – inspired by ancient magical symbols.
  29. Sage – of English origin, meaning “wise.”
  30. Shadow – a mysterious and stealthy rogue with a talent for disappearing like a phantom.
  31. Shay – means “favorable” in Irish, born by a character in Assassin’s Creed Rogue.
  32. Silvertongue – one of the best rogue names for a smooth talker skilled at persuasion.
  33. Snatcher – one of the best thief names for someone who quickly snatches items.
  34. Sparrow – a clever and resourceful character inspired by the bird’s agility and cunning.
  35. Stelf – a unique and fictional name suitable for a stealthy and skilled character.
  36. Storm – a character with a turbulent and powerful personality, like a thunderstorm.
  37. Talonfire – a character known for their fierce and deadly attacks.
  38. Thistle – inspired by the spiky flower- represents a prickly and clever character.
  39. Vandal – a rogue known for causing chaos and mayhem wherever they go.
  40. Vanish – a punny nickname for a thief with exceptional disappearing skills.
  41. Venomstriker – a character known for their deadly and precise venomous attacks.
  42. Viper – an English word for a venomous snake, a perfect choice for a deadly assassin.
  43. Wanderer – a character known for their nomadic and free-spirited nature.
  44. Whisper – an excellent thief name for a quiet and elusive rogue.
  45. Zero – means “empty” in Greek, belonging to the stealthy assassin from Borderlands 2.

Rogue Names FAQs

What Are Rogue Names?

Rogue names are associated with stealth, cunning, and deception, evoking mystery and adventure. They are often used for fictional characters, legendary thieves, and skilled spies in literature, movies, and real-life stories.

In gaming, rogue names are highly popular for characters that employ stealth-based tactics, cunning maneuvers, and surprise attacks. They are commonly found in role-playing games, MMOs, and PvP titles, symbolizing characters who excel in agility, wit, and strategic gameplay.

Which Names Mean Rogue?

There is no name that directly means “rogue” except for Rogue itself. However, many names have meanings or associations with rogues. For instance, Cassius means “empty” or “vain” in Latin, signifying cunning and deception. Esmeralda, linked to The Hunchback of Notre Dame, represents an alluring and skilled rogue. And let’s not forget Loki, the trickster god from Norse mythology, who embodies mischief and cleverness. These cool picks truly capture the spirit of a rogue!

What Are Good Female Rogue Names for a Character?

Good female rogue names are mysterious and interesting. Some of our favorites are Artemis, borne by the Greek huntress; Arya from Game of Thrones; Bellatrix, inspired by the infamous dark witch in Harry Potter; and Viper, a cunning rogue name associated with poison. These awesome female rogue names will add excitement and intrigue to your character’s persona.

What Are Cool Warrior Rogue Names?

Cool warrior rogue names embody strength, agility, and cunning. Male rogues may opt for Shadowblade, Nightstriker, or Daggerclaw, suggesting combat and stealth skills. As for female rogues, Scarlett, Shadow, and Luna exude fierceness and elegance, adding a mysterious allure to these warrior names. The options are endless, so choose whichever warrior rogue names you think are clever and cool!

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