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265 Popular Corgi Names: for Your Special Pup

Find the best of the best among adorable corgi names for your furry friend.

It’s no secret how much corgis are loved and respected globally. Starting as herding and farming dogs, they soon became more famous as the late Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite breed. Naming your beloved Corgi might seem like a challenge you’re unprepared for.

Drop any stress and dive into our fun-loving list of top corgi names you’ll adore. Whether a Pembroke or a Cardigan, your best pal will wag their tail with glee when blessed with the perfect name.

93 Adventurous Male Corgi Names

These handsome male corgi names are just what your little guy needs to stand out.

  1. Ace – means “one on a dice,” it also indicates an expert at something (like tail wagging).
  2. Alfie – a cute nickname for the English Alfred, meaning “wise counselor” for your sage-like pup.
  3. Archie – a short form of the fancy Archibald, meaning “bold” or “brave” for your good boy.
  4. Aspen – the capital of Colorado meaning “quaking tree” and unique among Corgi names.
  5. Atticus – from the Greek Attikos, meaning “from Attica,” and a character in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  6. Bailey – an English surname for a “bailiff” or “officer,” for adorable corgis of either gender.
  7. Bandit – taken from the Italian “bandito,” meaning “outlaw” when your doggie is a rebel or cowboy.
  8. Baxter – originating as the Old English “bæcere,” meaning “baker” (of dog treats, hopefully).
  9. Beau – short for Beauregard, meaning “handsome,” for French male corgi names with a cool aesthetic.
  10. Benny – based on the Hebrew Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand.” Benji isn’t far behind.
  11. Boomer – means “large,” “loud,” or “notable” for top dogs that stand out among the rest.
  12. Boone – from the Old English “bune,” meaning “good” when your puppy is your lucky charm.
  13. Bowie – once the Scottish surname Bower, means “yellow” in Gaelic for blonde corgis to enjoy.
  14. Bruce – from the Latin “bruscia,” meaning “brushwood,” as a nod to a dog’s favorite place.
  15. Bruno – derives from the German “brun,” meaning “shield,” a solid choice for badass pups.
  16. Bundle – based on the Middle English “bundel,” meaning “bundle pack” for strong yet compact Corgis.
  17. Buster – means “to break” when your Pembroke Welsh Corgi is too powerful to handle lightly.
  18. Charlie – a nickname for Charles, meaning “free man,” when your favorite dog can’t be contained.
  19. Chester – means “camp of soldiers” in Latin, ranked 108th for NYC dog names in 2023.
  20. Cooper – reserved for an English “barrel maker.” Cooper fits the shape of a Corgi perfectly!
  21. Cosmo – means “order,” “beauty,” and “universe” when your Corgi dreams of touching the stars.
  22. Duke – another term for a “ruler” and a royal title befitting Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite breed.
  23. Fergus – a name given to Queen Elizabeth II’s corgi in honor of her uncle Fergus Bowes-Lyon.
  24. Finn – based on the Gaelic Fionn, meaning “fair” or “white” for blonde and beautiful dogs.
  25. Frankie – derives from the Latin “franciscus,” meaning “free,” when your corgi wants to roam wild.
  26. Gatsby – means “from Gaddesby” in German, but famous for The Great Gatsby to inspire your puppy.
  27. George – means “farmer” in Greek and a fitting nod to King George VI, Queen Elizabeth’s father.
  28. Goose – a silly, hilarious choice among names for corgis that may have your furry friend confused.
  29. Gus – a short form of the Latin Augustus, meaning “magnificent,” when you know your dog is the best.
  30. Hank – from the German Hanko, meaning “lord of the manor” or a down-home version of Henry.
  31. Henry – a name fit for kings, based on the German Heimerich, meaning “home-ruler.”
  32. Homer – short for the Greek Homêros in honor of the Odyssey’s writer, Homer Simpson.
  33. Jack – the famous nickname for John, meaning “God is gracious,” that’s fit for man or beast.
  34. Jackson – meaning “son of Jack” in Scottish, Jackson is the awesome formality your corgi needs.
  35. Jake – the modern take on the Hebrew Jacob, meaning “supplanter,” that’s as easy as it looks.
  36. Jasper – comes from the Greek “iaspis,” meaning “spotted stone,” which fits any spotted corgi.
  37. Kirby – means “church village” from the Old English “cyrbe” and is a unisex success for dogs.
  38. Kobe – in Japanese, Kobe means “God’s door” and may be inspired by basketball star Kobe Bryant.
  39. Kylo – the Latin word meaning “sky” as “caelum,” but a powerful Star Wars character to boot.
  40. Lancelot – although “servant” in French, it’s for dogs brave enough for Arthurian Legend.
  41. Liam – the Irish nickname for William and currently the second highest-ranked U.S. baby boy name.
  42. Lincoln – means “lake/pool colony” in England, where corgis love to splash and play with friends.
  43. Logan – a properly Scottish name meaning “hollow,” full of green grass to run through.
  44. Louie – meaning “famous warrior,” with many French kings called Louis, but they can’t fetch and roll over!
  45. Lucky – ranked 24th among the top 2023 dog names, a literal way for your dog to feel “fortunate.”
  46. Mac – used for Gaelic names meaning “son of,” it’s a loving nod to your son in dog form.
  47. Marley – the English Marley means “meadow by the lake,” an ode to your corgi’s favorite spot.
  48. Marty – short for Martin, it means “warrior” when you have a fun-loving corgi who’s also tough.
  49. Mason – an occupational name for a “stoneworker,” an American favorite for boys and their dogs.
  50. Milo – means “soldier” or “merciful” in German, so your puppy has a choice of destinies.
  51. Monty – from the French “mont,” meaning “mountain” when your corgi heads for the hills.
  52. Murphy – based on the Irish surname Ó’Murchadha, proof that Murphy’s law is real!
  53. Obi – a Nigerian word meaning “heart,” famous for Star Wars’ Obi-wan Kenobi.
  54. Odie – a variant of the Old English Ode, meaning “prosperity” for well-off pups.
  55. Olaf – taken from the Old Norse Anleifr, meaning “ancestor” for some familial tradition.
  56. Oliver – means “olive tree” in Latin when your corgi is a representative of peace.
  57. Ollie – short for Oliver, meaning “ancestor’s descendent” when a sweet pup enters your family.
  58. Otis – means “Son of Ode” in German to honor Otis Redding when your corgi can sing.
  59. Pippin – means “awe-inspiring” in German, yet feels like a diminutive for Pip, an already cute name.
  60. Prince – when you crave royalty, call your doggie Prince for the British royals or the musician.
  61. Pumpkin – ideal for corgis born in the autumn as a symbol of Halloween and jack-o-lanterns.
  62. Ranger – means “forest guardian” in French for a dog who stands guard in every forest.
  63. Remington – a posh British name to represent a “red meadow” when dogs love to frolic.
  64. Rex – means “king” in Latin and is always popular among dog names because it rocks.
  65. Riley – an English surname for “wood clearing,” a typical place your dog likes to hang out.
  66. Rocco – an Italian boy’s name meaning “famous,” when your corgi thinks of himself as a tough guy.
  67. Rocket – means “little spindle” in Italian, inspired by the lightning speed at which dogs run.
  68. Rocky – from the Latin “roccus,” meaning “stone,” and for canine contenders who never quit.
  69. Rogers – means “famous spearman” in German and is a fun ode to musician Prince’s middle name.
  70. Rudy – a pet name for the German Rudolph, when your corgi considers himself a “famous wolf.”
  71. Rufus – means “reddish” in Latin to match a pup’s color and sounds like his famous bark.
  72. Ryder – meaning “horseman,” a surname for a “rider” like your dog rides the wind.
  73. Sam – a nickname for the Hebrew Samuel, ideal for doggie boys and girls alike.
  74. Scooter – a name for any person, pet, or object that “moves quickly,” like your fast fella.
  75. Scout – is an English term for a “guard” always looking for fun doggie activities.
  76. Seamus – the traditional Irish form of James, meaning “supplanter,” he can grow into.
  77. Simba – the “strength of a lion” is all you need to name your special pal.
  78. Simon – means “listen” or “hearing” in Hebrew, to honor the power of a dog’s ears.
  79. Sirius – from the Latin for “burning,” referring to the biggest star in the sky.
  80. Skip – a short form of Skipper, meaning “sea captain,” when your pup’s a fan of water.
  81. Spencer – a much more posh and welcoming choice than its meaning of “administrator.”
  82. Sunny – what better name for a “happy,” “cheery” corgi could there be but the warming “sunny?”
  83. Taco – used to describe a “stuffed toy,” but your corgi is as popular as tacos.
  84. Teddy – a loving nickname for Theodore for a dog as cute as a teddy bear.
  85. Tigger – though a popular tiger character, Tigger also works well for canines with pep.
  86. Tito – a variant of the Latin Titus as sweet as a corgi with a “giant” personality.
  87. Toby – short for Tobias, meaning “God is good” as endearing as the best corgis out there.
  88. Tucker – from the Old Norse “tokker,” meaning “to bark” when you feel like being literal.
  89. Wales – corgi itself means “dwarf dog” in Welsh to honor the beautiful country they call home.
  90. Wally – a diminutive of Wallace, meaning “stranger” or “Welshman,” ideal for your Welsh corgi.
  91. Watson – means “son of Walter” or “son of knowledge” for the smartest doggy in the room.
  92. Winston – an Old English surname meaning “wine’s stone” that’s as distinguished as the best corgi.
  93. Yoshi – a Japanese word meaning “good luck” for a unique take on your lucky puppy.

85 Attractive Female Corgi Names

Only the prettiest female corgi names are worth choosing for your sweet furry gal.

  1. Angel – based on the Greek “angelos,” meaning “messenger” when your little angel is like no other.
  2. Ava – means “bird-like” or “voice” for the prettiest girl dog to stand out among her pals.
  3. Avery – from the Old English “aelf,” meaning “elf,” and “ric,” meaning “ruler,” for your little queen.
  4. Bella – when your favorite female corgi names must mean “beautiful” in Italian, only Bella will do!
  5. Bonnie – honor the Scots’ word for “pretty” when your girl dog is too cute for words.
  6. Brooklyn – why should parents have the fun when you can call your lady pup Brooklyn too?
  7. Carly – derived from the Latin “carollus,” meaning “strong” for girl doggies with power.
  8. Carwen – the female form of the Welsh Carwyn, meaning “blessed” for your Welsh corgi.
  9. Cassie – a down-to-earth nickname for Cassandra, meaning “shining over men” for a Greek prophet.
  10. Chloe – a nature lover’s dream of a name meaning “blooming” or “young green shoot.”
  11. Coco – taken from the Hawaiian “koko,” meaning “sweetheart,” explains Coco’s popularity.
  12. Coral – one of the Victorian “jewel” names inspired by the seascape for your teacup pup.
  13. Daisy – the yellow and white flower, meaning “day’s eye,” for dogs as fresh as a daisy.
  14. Dixie – means “ten” in French, a way to show love for the southern U.S.
  15. Dolly – from the Hebrew “dollah,” meaning “beloved,” perfect for your dolly-sized corgi girl.
  16. Duchess – a title of honor since the Middle Ages and one of several royal corgi names.
  17. Ella – when a name means “fairy maiden” and “goddess,” it’s meant for your canine princess.
  18. Emma – composed of the Germanic “ermen,” meaning “universal,” and number two for 2023 dog names.
  19. Fiona – a Gaelic ode to dogs who are “white” or “fair” as a Celtic queen.
  20. Flora – when you need the Latin word for “flower” to show affection for your corgi girl.
  21. Flossie – a diminutive of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, and also where your pup plays.
  22. Freya – a Scandinavian way to call your corgi “lady” inspired by the Norse goddess of love.
  23. Gertie – when the German Gertrude is too formal, a dog named Gertie is all smiles.
  24. Gigi – a short form of female names containing “gi” and the ultimate sign of cuteness.
  25. Ginger – is not just for redheads, but also perfect for corgis with a “reddish-brown” coat.
  26. Ginny – a diminutive of Virginia, meaning “chaste” and “pure” when nothing else will do.
  27. Goldie – an endearing way to show your corgi she’s “made of gold” inside or out.
  28. Gracie – from the Latin “gratia,” meaning “grace” or “favor” for your blessed beast.
  29. Gwen – a nickname for Gwendolyn, the most beautiful of names in Arthurian Legend.
  30. Harper – an occupational name for a “harp player” and now a cool unisex choice for pups.
  31. Hazel – based on the Old English “haesel,” relating to the hazelnut tree, where dogs dig.
  32. Heather – the iconic Scottish plant that celebrates the nature where corgis spend their day.
  33. Holly – inspired by the holly tree with red berries, ideal for Christmas puppies.
  34. Ivy – a plant associated with loyalty in ancient Greece, which your canine girl embodies.
  35. Jewel – the name for a “precious stone” as valuable to you as your corgi gal.
  36. Katniss – though Greek, Katniss, the female hero from The Hunger Games, is strong enough for pups.
  37. Lady – when you must elevate your choice of names for corgis that celebrate refinement.
  38. Leia – means “child of heaven” in Hebrew, but closer to the Star Wars heroine you’re seeking.
  39. Libby – a unique nickname for Elizabeth that honors the queen who loved corgis most.
  40. Lilibet – another royal-inspired pet name for Elizabeth II, the famous Queen’s childhood nickname.
  41. Lily – for the flower symbolizing innocence that means “purity,” Lily is for angelic dogs.
  42. Little Lady – a fun take on Lady that turns into a diminutive for your miniature doggie.
  43. Lizzy – a diminutive for Elizabeth, meaning “God’s promise” that packs more punch than Lily.
  44. Lola – a trendy choice based on the Spanish Delores, meaning “sorrows” with more bounce to it.
  45. Lucy – stands alone as a variant of the Latin “lux,” meaning “light.”
  46. Lulu – means “pearl” in Arabic and “famous warrior” in German, but your doggie can be both.
  47. Mabel – a down-home favorite taken from the Latin Amabilis and Amabel, meaning “lovable.”
  48. Maggie – a popular derivative of Margaret, based on the Greek Margaritas, meaning “pearl.”
  49. Mallory – ignore the fact that Mallory means “unlucky” in French for its sophisticated charm.
  50. Merida – from the Latin “meritas,” meaning “deserve,” a form of the Celtic Mairead, meaning “pearl.”
  51. Mila – derives from the Slavic “milu,” meaning “dear one” or “beloved” as a pet name.
  52. Millie – based on Mildred, from the Old English Mildthryth, meaning “gentle strength.”
  53. Minnie – the perfect name for a stout corgi that’s a nickname for Wilhelmina.
  54. Missy – comes from the Old English “maegi,” meaning “young woman” for your young canine lady.
  55. Misty – means “covered in mist or dew,” which your corgi is bound to be every morning.
  56. Molly – from the Latin “mollis,” meaning “soft” or a tribute to the Irish Molly Malone.
  57. Nellie – a Greek nickname for Eleanor, meaning “shining” and “bright” for your beauty.
  58. Nita – from Hindi, it means “friendly” and “to plant” for pups who love to play outdoors.
  59. Olive – dates back to the Latin “oliva,” meaning “olive tree,” symbolizing peace.
  60. Paris – when only the name symbolizing the city of love will do, Paris exudes puppy elegance.
  61. Peggy – a nickname for Margaret, meaning “pearl,” that’s more down-to-earth than the original.
  62. Penelope – taken from the Greek “penelopss,” meaning “weaver,” inspired by The Odyssey character.
  63. Penny – the short form of Penelope, meaning “weaver,” representing your lucky doggy.
  64. Phoebe – from the Greek “phōbos,” meaning “shining one,” in honor of a character from Friends.
  65. Piper – corgis named Piper bring magic based on the Latin “pipare,” meaning “to play a pipe.”
  66. Pixie – the ideal name for a “mischievous fairy” to offer your diminutive puppy.
  67. Rosie – means “rose” in Latin, “horse” in German, and “red” in French, so take your pick.
  68. Roxy – short for Roxanne, meaning “dawn,” Roxy is as playful as any corgi can get.
  69. Ruby – associated with the red ruby gemstone to appropriately match your auburn dog’s coat.
  70. Sadie – short for Sarah, meaning “princess, lady,” ranked 33rd for dogs in Los Angeles in 2023.
  71. Sawyer – a unisex favorite inspired by Tom Sawyer that also works for girl dogs.
  72. Scarlet – not just for Scarlet O’Hara, it represents the vibrancy of red and expensive cloth.
  73. Shiloh – means “he is to be sent” in Hebrew and is good enough for Angeline Jolie’s daughter.
  74. Sissy – a vintage nickname for Cecilia that’s also an adorable word for a sister.
  75. Sophie – a top name for girls in Scotland, meaning “wise” as a cuter form of Sophia.
  76. Stella – based on the Latin word for “star” when your pup wants to shine bright.
  77. Susan – the famous first of Queen Elizabeth’s female corgi names, which means “lily.”
  78. Tilly – a spunky diminutive for the German Matilda, meaning “strength in battle.”
  79. Trixie – means “she who brings happiness” in Latin; otherwise, it defines a good dog.
  80. Violet – a gorgeous shade of purple in Latin that’s as feminine as corgi names come.
  81. Vivian – based on the Latin Vivianus, meaning “lively,” to suit your exuberant corgi girl.
  82. Willow – the earthiest of female corgi names inspired by the willow tree, a symbol of strength.
  83. Winnie – derives from Winifred, meaning “peaceful friend,” when your teacup corgi is the cutest.
  84. Zazu – means “movement” in Hebrew for puppies that love to run free.
  85. Zoe – the Greek variation of Eve, meaning “life” for the happiness your corgi brings you.

87 Offbeat Unisex Corgi Names

When nothing short of the most out there, corgi names will fit your best pal.

  1. Apollo – the Greek god of the sun for your strong-willed one.
  2. Bear – why be literal when you can show everyone how furry and strong your corgi is?
  3. Berry – an Old English surname meaning “fortified castle,” symbolizing the berry bushes they play with.
  4. Bijou – means “jewel” or “precious” in French for the most sophisticated pups.
  5. Blue – the color of the ocean, but also represents the color of the gods.
  6. Brandy – one of Queen Elizabeth’s famous liquor-inspired corgi names for girl puppies.
  7. Brownie – the most delicious treat is ideal for your brown-coated corgi pal.
  8. Brush – may represent your dog’s favorite activity and the brushy bushes he plays in.
  9. Bushy – when your corgi has a thick coat, Bushy becomes a sweet nickname.
  10. Butterscotch – the tastiest candies symbolize a honey or golden-colored corgi.
  11. Buzz – an old-school nickname for Busby meant for the feistiest of doggies.
  12. Candy – short for Candice, one of many funny names for corgis based on sweet treats.
  13. Cheddar – one of the most popular cheeses, a terrific name for your show-off corgi.
  14. Chewie – the short form of Star Wars Chewbacca, which works if your pup has hairy toes.
  15. Cider – a well-known apple drink that screams autumn when your corgi is the same color.
  16. Cinnamon – everyone’s favorite spice is a boisterous name for your spicy canine friend.
  17. Cyclone – not just a tropical storm, but the famous Coney Island roller coaster representing an energetic dog.
  18. Cookie – plenty of food names bring us to the sweetest of all, also the Queen Mother’s nickname.
  19. Copper – the best name for a reddish-brown corgi, symbolizing their unique beauty.
  20. Cricket – an unexpected diminutive of Charles, with miniature written all over it.
  21. Crumpet – the most British of food-centric male corgi names to honor Queen Elizabeth.
  22. Diesel – when your corgi thinks he’s tougher than he is, only the strong Diesel will do!
  23. Earl Grey – known as England’s favorite tea, Earl Grey proves not all Corgi names are black and white.
  24. Einstein – your corgi must be a genius if you name your pup after Albert Einstein.
  25. Elf – the perfect choice for your short-legged friends inspired by the little ones of folklore.
  26. Fergal – an Irish boy’s name meaning “brave” and “manly” for your traditional pup.
  27. Flash – means “peaceful ruler” and is a diminutive for Frederick; that’s all science fiction.
  28. Folly – originally given to a “free-spirited” person, so why not a carefree corgi?
  29. Foxy – when corgis are as sly as a fox or the cutest, Foxy brings the fun.
  30. Gizmo – the Greek “gizmo” means “magical device,” plus it’s the name of the 1980s Gremlin.
  31. Guinness – the national drink of Ireland – a fitting ode to a darker-haired corgi.
  32. Honey – the magical elixir of life that represents a golden-colored corgi well.
  33. Java – another word for coffee that’s got all the caffeinated energy of your best pal.
  34. Jax – an edgy nickname for Jacqueline or Jack that’s fun to say in one-syllable.
  35. Jedi – for the Star Wars fans, the famous Jedi is a great choice for corgis knights.
  36. Junior – when you consider your doggy a miniature version of you, Junior is all there is.
  37. Knight – for the medieval at heart, Knight means “noble” or “soldier.”
  38. Loki – is the Norse god of chaos with plenty of comic book associations, too.
  39. Luna – the Latin word for “ moon” associated with Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt.
  40. Maple – another fitting color name for corgis whose coats look like the autumn trees.
  41. Marvel – means “extraordinary” for pups who wish to excel at great things.
  42. Mini – the most literal of corgi names for your compact guy or gal.
  43. Mochi – an adorable name inspired by the Japanese rice cake and just as delicious.
  44. Moose – when corgis go small, name them big with Moose, meaning “twig eater.”
  45. Muick – a Queen Elizabeth favorite, inspired by Loch Muick in the Balmoral Estate in Scotland.
  46. Munchkin – means “little monk” in Gaelic and is the ideal size for any corgi.
  47. Nacho – means “small one” in Spanish and is a favorite snack for people and dogs alike.
  48. Nala – based in Sanskrit, where it means “princess” or “daughter” for your furry gal.
  49. Noble – a fine trait for any corgi to be named after, meaning “aristocratic.”
  50. Nova – means “new” in Latin when you can’t wait to welcome a corgi to your family.
  51. Nugget – a diminutive word meaning “small,” when a corgi-sized friend is all you need.
  52. Peaches – based on the French “pêche,” peaches were once called “Persian apples.”
  53. Peanut – one of America’s favorite nuts, is also a fantastic pet name for your little one.
  54. Peewee – one of the cutest ways to regard a pint-sized corgi with style.
  55. Pepper – from the Latin “piper,” it’s as spicy as many a corgi’s personality.
  56. Pizza – why not name your favorite pet after everyone’s favorite food?
  57. Ponty – an Old English tool for blowing glass that’s as jolly as any name.
  58. Poppi – named for the quintessential English flower, symbolizing remembrance.
  59. Princess – only Princess will do when your girl corgi needs to connect with her inner royal.
  60. Pudding – another British term for dessert that’s a great homage to the UK.
  61. Queenie – from the Old English “cwen,” meaning “woman” (in this case, a royal one).
  62. Sassy – means “cheeky” and “impudent,” which all vivacious dogs are.
  63. Sherry – from the French “cheri,” meaning “dear one,” and one of the late Queen Elizabeth’s pups.
  64. Shorty – why not get literal with the cutest and shortest of dogs around?
  65. Smoky – save this one for the gray corgis who need their own name.
  66. Span – a distinct occupational surname for a metal worker that’s cool and unusual.
  67. Spick – best kept for a set of dogs names Spick and Span as a pair.
  68. Sprinkles – where would ice cream sundaes be without the tiniest of treats?
  69. Sugar – a name as sweet as your best canine friend.
  70. Sweetie – the sweetest of names for corgis, full of pure love.
  71. Taj – means “crown” in Hindi when you require your royal names to be exotic.
  72. Thor – for the corgi who fancies himself the Norse god of thunder.
  73. Tinkerbell – Peter Pan fans love naming their magical princess dog after this famous fairy.
  74. Tiny – another literal name meant for small dogs with a big personality.
  75. Titan – just because corgis are small, there’s no reason their names can’t be “strong.”
  76. Toffee – indulge your sweet tooth with this delicious name that matches a golden coat.
  77. Topaz – the color of a shining jewel, representing health and love.
  78. Truman – the surname of the 33rd U.S. president is all the credibility your pup needs.
  79. Twain – a fine way to honor American writer Mark Twain’s country style.
  80. Velvet – for the corgi with fur as soft as this luxurious cloth.
  81. Vulcan – fans of Star Trek love this homage to the logical Mr. Spock.
  82. Waffles – it’s always breakfast time when this sweet treat is your doggy’s name.
  83. Whisky – a Queen Elizabeth favorite to go along with Sherry and Brandy.
  84. Winter – to honor the coldest season, Winter matches a solid white corgi well.
  85. Yoda – no Jedi master is as wise as your corgi (outside of Star Wars)!
  86. Zeus – what dog wouldn’t want to be named after the most supreme Greek god?
  87. Ziggie – means “victorious protector” in German and is a famous comic strip character.

Corgi Names FAQs

What Are the Two Types of Corgi?

The corgi dog breed comes from Wales and is made up of the Welsh “cor” and “ci,” meaning “dwarf” and “dog.” The two types of corgis are the Cardigan Welsh and Pembroke Welsh corgi.

The Cardigan Welsh variety is over one thousand years old and came to Wales through Celtic tribes. The Pembroke Welsh corgis were born out of a Spitz-type dog first introduced to Wales by the Vikings.

Who Is the Most Famous Corgi?

The most famous corgi ever belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, known for her love of the corgi breed. The best-known of these corgis was Willow, who took part in the 2012 Summer Olympics’ opening ceremony. She represented the last of the Queen’s corgis, descendents of Susan (the original), and lived a long life to age 14.

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