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201 Badass Ranch Names: Fit For The Wild West

Discover charming ranch names for your homesteading adventure.

Discover ranch names with us! Whether you’re researching existing names for ranches or need a catchy one for your homestead, we’ve got you covered.

We have plenty of fun and catchy suggestions, whether you’re trying to emphasize your ranch’s picturesque landscapes or Wild West vibe or simply need a ranch name for your storybook. Let’s simplify the process of naming your farm by finding a unique selection of ranch name ideas for your piece of paradise.

90 Authentic Ranch Names

Let’s dive into some authentic names for ranches located throughout North America.

  1. A Bar A Ranch – a Wyoming gem since 1922, offering historic charm and diverse outdoor activities.
  2. Alisal Ranch – located in Santa Barbara, California, Alisal offers guests a taste of the Old West.
  3. Averill’s Flathead Lake Ranch – this Montana ranch combines lake recreation with a rich Western heritage.
  4. Babacomari Ranch – situated in Elgin, Arizona, this famous ranch has been around since 1832.
  5. Babbitt Ranch – a family ranch in Arizona, raising open range cattle.
  6. Bell Ranch – among the largest privately owned ranches in U.S. history.
  7. Bitterroot Ranch – a Wyoming ranch known for horseback riding in the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains.
  8. Blackwater Creek Ranch – this ranch offers a real Western experience, located near Yellowstone National Park.
  9. Briscoe Ranch Catarina – this 100,000-acre ranch is managed by the Briscoe family in South Texas.
  10. Brush Creek Ranch – ideal for guests seeking a luxury Western ranch experience in Wyoming.
  11. Brushy Creek Ranch -is a Southern ranch in Homochitto National Forest in Mississippi.
  12. Burnt Well Guest Ranch – a family-operated cattle and sheep ranch in New Mexico.
  13. Cherokee Park Ranch – offers an authentic Western experience on a historic ranch in the Colorado Rockies.
  14. Cibolo Creek Ranch – a historic Texas retreat near Big Bend National Park, blending luxury and Old West charm.
  15. Circle A Ranch – a working cattle ranch in Missouri, dedicated to ethical ranching practices.
  16. Circle Bar B Ranch – this ranch in Goleta, California, has been family-owned and operated for generations.
  17. Circle Z Ranch – a historic Arizona guest ranch known for horseback riding, hiking, and genuine cowboy hospitality.
  18. C Lazy U Ranch – an all-inclusive guest ranch in Colorado with horseback riding.
  19. Covered Wagon Ranch – features historic log cabins and Old West charm in Montana’s wilderness.
  20. Crossed Sabres Ranch – this family-operated ranch is in the heart of Shoshone National Forest.
  21. Darwin Ranch – this Wyoming ranch was inspired by the safari lodges of East Africa.
  22. Deseret Ranches – these cattle ranches in Florida are owned by the Church of Latter-Day Saints.
  23. Devil’s Thumb Ranch – offers untamed access to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, ideal for skiers.
  24. Diamond A Ranch – the largest cattle ranch in Arizona, also known as The Big Boquillas.
  25. Diamond D Ranch – located in Stanley, Idaho, Diamond D Ranch is surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes.
  26. Eatons’ Ranch – is situated along the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.
  27. Elkhorn Ranch – this rugged ranch in Montana’s backcountry guarantees an authentic Western experience.
  28. Express UU Bar Ranch – is part of the Express Ranches, the United State’s top seed stock producer.
  29. Four Sixes Ranch – a Texas Panhandle icon since 1870, renowned for quality cattle, horses, and Western heritage.
  30. Greenhorn Ranch – located in Northern California, Greenhorn offers skeet shooting, gold panning, and archery.
  31. Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch – offers a wild and remote experience, providing an authentic taste of Montana’s wilderness.
  32. High Lonesome Ranch – a working ranch in Colorado, known for its grass-fed beef.
  33. Howard Mesa Ranch – located in Williams, Arizona, this ranch includes several grazing fields and farmhouses.
  34. Hubbard’s Six Quarter Circle Ranch – with cattle, horseback riding, and fishing, this is an authentic Montana ranch.
  35. Hughes Ranch – this family-operated ranch is located in Norwood, Colorado.
  36. Independence Valley Farm and Ranch – a farm and cattle ranch in Nevada with over 100,000 acres.
  37. JA Ranch – founded in 1876 by Charles Goodnight and John Adair, pioneers in Texas ranching history.
  38. King Ranch – a legendary Texas ranch founded in 1853 with a rich cattle heritage.
  39. La Escalera Ranch – among the largest cattle ranches in the United States, located in Texas.
  40. Latigo Ranch – this Colorado dude ranch, perched at 9,000 feet, offers breathtaking views.
  41. Lazy J Ranch – found in Milford, Texas, this ranch is known for its peaceful surroundings.
  42. Lazy L&B Ranch – a unique Wyoming haven, surrounded by 80,000 acres of diverse landscapes.
  43. Lee Ranch – this farm is currently operated by the third generation of the Lee family.
  44. Lost Creek Ranch – offers horseback riding, hiking, river floating, and more in the Wyoming wilderness.
  45. Lost Valley Ranch – a Colorado Rockies retreat, popular for horseback riding and outdoor adventures.
  46. Majestic Dude Ranch – this classic ranch in the Colorado Rockies is bursting with western charm.
  47. Matador Ranch – established in 1882, this famous cattle ranch is located in Matador, Texas.
  48. McCoy Ranch – is the name of several working cattle ranches in Texas.
  49. McGarry Ranches – located near the Snake River in Idaho, this working ranch offers fishing and cattle roping.
  50. Medicine Bow Lodge and Adventure Guest Ranch – a historic Wyoming dude ranch dating back to 1917.
  51. 9 Ranch – founded in 1916 by Joe Lane, this ranch spans New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona.
  52. Nunley Brothers Ranch – the lands of this family ranch span South Texas.
  53. O RO Ranch – situated in Prescott, Arizona, this ranch has a strong commitment to ranching traditions.
  54. Parade Rest Ranch – an authentic Montana dude ranch with world-class fly fishing.
  55. Paws Up Resort – this luxurious Montana ranch features upscale dining and glamping tents.
  56. Pitchfork Ranch – established in 1883, this Texas landmark is known for its cattle ranching and vast landscapes.
  57. Powderhorn Ranch – contains one of the largest undisturbed coastal prairie habitats in Texas.
  58. Rainbow Trout Ranch -this Colorado ranch offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.
  59. Rancho de la Osa – one of Arizona’s most famous ranches, frequently visited by U.S. presidents.
  60. Rancho Las Cascadas – a luxury equestrian resort in Mexico offering horseback adventures.
  61. Rancho San Josemaría – a Mexican farmstead known for its handmade sheep milk cheeses.
  62. Rawah Ranch – this rustic ranch in Colorado has an authentic Western feel.
  63. Red Horse Mountain Ranch – is a dude ranch resort near Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
  64. Rimrock Ranch – this Wyoming ranch has a diverse herd of horses catering to all skill levels.
  65. Rocking Z Guest Ranch – a working cattle ranch in Montana.
  66. San Cristobal Ranch – known for raising top-quality cattle and high-performing horses.
  67. Shoshone Lodge and Guest Ranch – situated in a beautiful mountain valley, this ranch has been operating for nearly 100 years.
  68. Sierra Bonita Ranch – one of the largest and most famous ranches in the Southwest.
  69. Silver Spur Ranch – located in Idaho, this ranch allows guests to participate in a horse drive.
  70. Singleton Ranch – established in 1986, Singleton is among the largest cattle ranches in the United States.
  71. Smith Fork Ranch – it blends comfort, hospitality, cuisine, and Rocky Mountain adventures.
  72. Spotted Horse Ranch – this relaxing Wyoming dude ranch has operated for over 50 years.
  73. Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch – is in a secluded area of Arizona, an hour away from the nearest town.
  74. Tanque Verde Ranch – an old-time ranch in Arizona known for its breathtaking desert landscapes.
  75. T4 Ranch – this 200,000-acre farm is owned by descendants of New Mexico’s first ranchers.
  76. The Continental Divide Ranch – a lovely ranch in Wyoming, with acres of pines and aspens.
  77. The High Lonesome Ranch – at 9,000 feet elevation, this Colorado ranch is a sight to behold.
  78. The Home Ranch – this family-owned ranch is in the heart of Elk River Valley, Colorado.
  79. The IX Ranch – this famous ranch in Montana is valued at over 66 million.
  80. Triangle C Ranch – a classic Wyoming dude ranch preserving cowboy culture.
  81. Triple Creek Ranch – an adults-only ranch in Montana, featuring horseback rides and mountain views.
  82. Tumbling River Ranch – a serene retreat near Denver, offering unique horseback rides to heights of 12,200 feet.
  83. Twin Creek Ranch – this ranch in Central Montana is a popular hunting destination.
  84. Vee Bar Guest Ranch – whether you enjoy horseback riding or campfire, this Colorado retreat has something for everyone.
  85. Vermejo – located in New Mexico, Vermejo is a guest ranch focused on conservation.
  86. Waggoner Ranch – founded in 1849, this classic Texas ranch is known for its cattle and oil.
  87. Western Pleasure Guest Ranch – this family-owned ranch in Idaho offers stunning views and fresh mountain air.
  88. White Stallion Ranch – one of the best dude ranches in North America, brimming with Southwestern charm.
  89. XIT Ranch – operated from 1885 to 1912, one of the largest ranches in Texas history.
  90. Zapata Ranch – a working cattle and bison ranch offering experiences in Colorado’s great outdoors.

40 Badass Farm Names

These awesome ranch name ideas are perfect for working ranches with real-life cowboys!

  1. Bit and Bridle Ranch -perfect for a horse-riding ranch with equestrian facilities.
  2. Brazen Bull Ranch – where the resilience of the herd brands the land with unyielding strength and determination.
  3. Buck Ridge Lodge – a scenic hunting retreat known for its trophy bucks.
  4. Buckskin Bluff Ranch – a rugged choice among our names for ranches, well suited for a hunting lodge.
  5. Buffalo Blaze Ranch – a tribute to the majestic buffalo, featuring sprawling plains and a rustic charm.
  6. Cactus Creek Corral – a picturesque ranch nestled by a babbling creek, surrounded by towering cacti.
  7. Cattleman’s Retreat – one of the best names for ranches with tons of cattle.
  8. Cowboy Crest Homestead – perfect for a homestead offering a genuine Western experience.
  9. Coyote Creek Homestead – this secluded retreat is surrounded by nature and wildlife.
  10. Desert Rose Ranch – one of the best ranch name ideas for a homestead in the Arizona desert.
  11. Desperado Delight Ranch – a haven for those with a wild spirit and taste for adventure.
  12. Desperado Dream Ranch – a badass ranch name for those with dreams as big as Texas.
  13. Eagle’s Eyrie Escape – perched high in the hills, this ranch offers breathtaking views.
  14. Frontier Fireside Retreat – this ranch invites you to relax fireside.
  15. Gaucho Grove – a Southwestern escape with a touch of gaucho flair.
  16. Ghost Rider Ranch – where the spirit of the Old West never dies.
  17. Harvest Moon Ranch – like the harvest moon, this ranch promises endless abundance and prosperity.
  18. Horse Haven Farms – a refuge for modern-day cowboys.
  19. Horseshoe Valley Ranch – offers prime terrain for horse enthusiasts and Western adventures.
  20. Iron Fist Ranch – where rugged landscapes meet unyielding determination, forging champions in every herd.
  21. Lone Oak Ranch – ideal for a Texan homestead with beautiful natural surroundings.
  22. Lone Pine Homestead – a gorgeous retreat surrounded by beautiful pines.
  23. Lonesome Shepherd Ranch – a haven for sheepherders, featuring wide-open spaces and grazing lands.
  24. Lone Star Meadows – a Texan paradise for horse enthusiasts, featuring vast pastures and a rustic charm.
  25. Rapid Run Ranch – situated near a rushing river, this ranch is as adventurous as it is picturesque.
  26. Rebel Roost Ranch – a haven for untamed spirits, with the clever nickname of RRR.
  27. Renegade Ridge Homestead – ideal for rebels craving that Old Western charm.
  28. Rogue Rodeo Ranch – on this ranch, cattle rustlin’ and good times reign supreme.
  29. Roughrider Ridge Retreat – a rugged retreat atop a scenic ridge, inviting adventures and breathtaking views.
  30. Saddlewood Trails Ranch – this ranch’s horseback trails are perfect for cowboys and nature enthusiasts.
  31. Shadow Ridge – on this mysterious ranch, legends come alive.
  32. Six-Shooter Ranch – a funny ranch name for those with a quick wit and a quicker trigger.
  33. Sundance Saddle Ranch – saddle up for endless adventures beneath the Texan sun.
  34. Thunderbolt Trails Ranch – a badass haven for trailblazers and untamed spirits.
  35. Trailblazer Ranch – an ideal destination for horseback exploration.
  36. Whiskey Ridge Ranch – where every sunset is a toast to freedom.
  37. Wilderness Pursuit Ranch – where guests can experience the thrill of the hunt in untamed wilderness.
  38. Wild West Oasis – this cool ranch name encapsulates the adventurous spirit of the Old West.
  39. Wrangler’s Retreat Ranch – a retreat for cowboys and wranglers, featuring horse corrals, cattle pens, and rustic homesteads.
  40. Wrangler’s Way Ranch – where the cowboy way of life is not just a choice, but a tradition.

71 Charming Names for Ranches

Check out these cute and catchy farm name ideas!

  1. Amber Meadows Ranch -perfect for a peaceful countryside farm, with sprawling amber fields.
  2. Azure Sky Ranch – where endless blue skies meet rolling plains.
  3. Bluebird Ranch – a romantic spot filled with picturesque meadows and wildlife.
  4. Bluebonnet Ranch – perfect for a Texan ranch featuring the State’s flowers.
  5. Blue Horizon Homestead – where blue skies meet open landscapes for a serene countryside experience.
  6. Blue Sky Acres – ideal for ranches with rolling fields and wide open spaces.
  7. Bluewater Bluff Ranch – an idyllic retreat for water activities and scenic views.
  8. Bonfire Bluff – a cozy ranch atop a bluff, where bonfires light up the night.
  9. Bull Hill Guest Ranch – one of two dude ranches in Washington, founded in 1903.
  10. Caballero Cielo Hacienda – this Spanish ranch name is perfect for a ranch in Mexico.
  11. Canter Creek Ranch – a haven for horse enthusiasts with scenic trails and rolling meadows.
  12. Cozy Critter Farms – one of the best farm names for a farmstead with cute critters.
  13. Creekview Meadows – this charming ranch promises scenic and calming surroundings.
  14. Crimson Sky Ranch – offers breathtaking views of Arizona’s red deserts and sunsets.
  15. Crystal Creek Ranch – this ranch is a nature lover’s paradise, with pristine waters and abundant wildlife.
  16. Family Acres Ranch – a charming homestead in the heart of Texas, blending Southern hospitality with scenic landscapes.
  17. Fresh Harvest Farm – a friendly place growing delicious things, where everyone feels like part of the family.
  18. Gallop & Graze Ranch – a horse-friendly haven with ample grazing areas and riding spaces.
  19. Glen Gardens Ranch – nestled in a graceful glen, this charming ranch offers peaceful retreats.
  20. Golden Grains Ranch – a Midwest gem, perfect for a quaint farmstead surrounded by golden wheat fields.
  21. Goosewing Ranch – located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Goosewing has diverse wildlife like moose, bears, and eagles.
  22. Graceful Grove Ranch – where the beauty of nature intertwines with Christian values.
  23. Grazing Grove Ranch – features a scenic grove where sheep and cows graze.
  24. Green Acres Farm – the perfect ranch for cultivating crops, with wide open spaces and fertile soil.
  25. Green Pasture Farm – ideal for a thriving farm known for its fertile and lush pastures.
  26. Happy Stream Farm – a cute name for a charming farmhouse surrounded by a beautiful stream.
  27. Heartland Ranch – this country ranch is all about rural living.
  28. Hidden Gem Ranch – among the best ranch names for a special retreat that’s anything but common.
  29. Hidden Harmony Haven – for a secluded ranch where nature takes center stage.
  30. Highland Heritage Ranch – this ranch offers a glimpse into the past while embracing the future.
  31. Honeycomb Hideaway – this hideaway is a cozy retreat for those seeking cute countryside bliss.
  32. Jalisco Jewel Ranch – this ranch pays homage to the vibrant culture of Jalisco, Mexico.
  33. Lone Mesa Ranch – a solitary mesa with a rustic feel, perfect for a retreat.
  34. Mystic Pines Ranch – is a creative retreat for outdoor enthusiasts, with enchanting forests and streams.
  35. Oakridge Cattle Farm – an oak-studded landscape providing shade and serenity for your livestock.
  36. Piedra Roja Homestead – meaning “red rock,” Piedra Roja is perfect for a ranch with rugged terrain.
  37. Ponderosa Peaks Homestead – a rustic refuge surrounded by majestic Ponderosa pines.
  38. Prairie Grace Ranch – a serene ranch, ideal for a quiet lifestyle.
  39. Prairie Haven Ranch – your cattle’s ideal home, featuring abundant grasslands.
  40. Prickly Pear Pastures – a welcoming ranch surrounded by beautiful desert flora.
  41. Quaint Quarters Ranch – offers a small yet delightful Southern-inspired retreat.
  42. Rancho Rio Verde – a vibrant green haven along the flowing rivers of Mexico.
  43. Rawhide Range Ranch – a rough-and-tumble ranch where the spirit of the Old West thrives.
  44. Redemption Ridge Ranch – situated on a ridge, this ranch offers a peaceful Christian retreat.
  45. Rio Rancho Retreat – a retreat along the Rio Grande, offering nature and relaxation.
  46. Rolling Prairie Ranch – this large ranch has plenty of land for grazing and cultivation.
  47. Rustic Ridge Retreat – ideal for a rustic ranch with panoramic views.
  48. Saddle & Sage Ranch – a catchy choice among ranch names, with a modern charm.
  49. Saddle Song Ranch – a catchy option among our names for ranches, just right for cowboys who enjoy singing.
  50. Serenity Springs Ranch – a charming retreat with bubbling springs.
  51. Sierra Skyline Stables – a horse lover’s sanctuary set against the majestic backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.
  52. Sierra Vista Ranch – ideal for elevated terrains offering beautiful mountain views.
  53. Silver Canyon Ranch – the majestic canyons and silver-hued landscapes offer a unique setting for outdoor enthusiasts.
  54. Southern Comfort Farm – an inviting family homestead, where generations gather to enjoy the best of country living.
  55. Starlight Trails Ranch – permits guests to ride on horseback beneath the night sky.
  56. Starry Skies Ranch – a romantic choice for a beautiful ranch with a great view of the stars.
  57. Stetson Springs Ranch – this name references the iconic Western cowboy hat, the Stetson.
  58. Sunbeam Meadows Ranch – where smiles are as abundant as the rolling meadows.
  59. Sunny Saddle Homestead – perfect for a sunny Texan ranch, bursting with natural charm.
  60. Sunset Serenity Ranch – find peace beneath beautiful Texan sunsets.
  61. Sweet Tea Ranch – perfect for sipping sweet tea by the farmhouse, surrounded by gorgeous southern landscapes.
  62. The Cozy Corral – a small cottage-style ranch bursting with country charm.
  63. Thunderhoof Ranch – perfect for a ranch known for its powerful and majestic horses.
  64. Tranquil Trails Homestead – a beautiful escape for hikers and nature lovers.
  65. Tranquil Waters Ranch – where still ponds mirror the sky, inviting reflection and peace.
  66. Valle Tranquilo Ranch – ideal for a quiet valley setting with a peaceful atmosphere.
  67. Verdant Valley Ranch – its lush green fields are a haven for horses, sheep, cows, and other livestock.
  68. Whimsy Woods Ranch – a creatively named retreat with a touch of whimsical charm.
  69. Whispering Oaks Ranch – a ranch offering beauty, tranquility, and timeless charm.
  70. Whispering Winds Farm – among the best farm names for a tranquil farm with beautiful surroundings.
  71. Wildflower Valley Ranch – the colorful flowers provide a stunning backdrop for this picturesque ranch.

Ranch Names FAQs

How Do You Make Good Ranch Names?

To create great ranch names, consider your ranch’s location and unique features like views, wildlife, or history. Use descriptive words to evoke emotions and ensure memorability. Tailor the name to your ranch’s identity and target audience or even the animals you’re raising. Get creative with options like Sunset Ridge Ranch, Wildflower Valley Ranch, or Prairie Haven Ranch, reflecting your ranch’s unique charm. Or, consider badass ranch names like Buck Ridge Lodge or Cattleman’s Retreat, which are perfect for a working or hunting ranch.

Why Do Some Names for Ranches Start With Bar?

Some ranch names start with “Bar” because it references the branding practice historically used in cattle ranching. In the past, ranchers branded their cattle with symbols, including horizontal marks called “bars,” which were part of their unique brand. For instance, a rancher by the name of Tom Smith might register his brand as “T—S,” pronounced “Tee Bar Ess.” This tradition of branding influenced ranch names, with “Bar” often signifying the ranch’s association with cattle ranching and its branding heritage.

What Are Some Good Farm Names?

Good farm names often reflect the farm’s location, activities, or values. For example, farm names like Sunrise Acres suggest bright new beginnings, whereas Green Pasture Farm emphasizes the lush and fertile land. Whispering Winds Farm is more poetic, portraying the farm’s tranquility and natural beauty. Ultimately, choose farm names that resonate with your farm’s identity and mission.

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