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255 Cool Fortnite Names: Players Will Love

Be the number one player with awesome Fortnite names to match your skills.

For fans, Fortnite is a wildly popular video game focused on eliminating all the other players until you’re number one. Those who dedicate hours to playing Fortnite take their player identities very seriously. Do you need to find the best Fortnite names to help you end up winning the game?

You can locate tons of entertaining Fortnite names in our massive list ahead, including ones you didn’t think of. From names for girls to guys, we’ll make sure your fellow players remember you during (and after) playing the game.

85 Badass Fortnite Names for Guys

Male players will want these tough Fortnite names as their own.

  1. Aggro Ace – named after the Ace in Fortnite and considered an Epic Outfit.
  2. AllNight Ace – an “all night” ace may refer to the “Fortnite All Night” song.
  3. AstralArcher – when your Aerial Archer uses astral projection to achieve higher levels.
  4. AstralAviator – among aviator Fortnite names on the list associated with the wingman character in Fortnite.
  5. Battle Buddy – named after a gaming social media platform where players engage with fans worldwide.
  6. Battle Burst – relates to burst-style rifles in Fortnite used to fight enemy characters.
  7. BlazeBuccaneer – one of the popular “skins” or outfits that players wear as a character.
  8. Blitz Brawler – good when playing Blitz, a fast-paced game mode similar to Battle Royale.
  9. Brave Battler – Brave is a wrap or cosmetic item in Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  10. CelestialChieftain – a type of Celestial Guide, also called “Epic Back Bling” in Fortnite.
  11. Challenge Chaser – when you can’t stop pursuing a group of objectives when playing Battle Royale.
  12. CosmicCrusader – the name of a fixed shooter video game dating back to 1982 IBM programs.
  13. CrypticCommander – be a commander of “cryptic,” known as one of the rarer outfits in Fortnite.
  14. Danger Drifter – like the Nitro Drifter, make sure to drive one of the fastest vehicles around.
  15. Dedication Devastator – the male counterpart to the female Dominator who belongs to Season 1.
  16. Divine Dominator – make your powerful Dominator one of the most mythically powerful yet.
  17. Exquisite Exterminator – a play on the Exterminator, an Epic Auto Sniper in Save the World.
  18. Fearless Fighter – instead of complicated names for Fortnite, try out this one that says it all.
  19. Flash Killer – a nod to the Flash, available as a DC Series Outfit in Fortnite.
  20. Frontier Fighter – associated with Frontier, one of the Rare Outfits available in Battle Royale.
  21. GalacticGuard – also the name of a team alliance appearing in the Cyber Nations Wiki.
  22. Galaxy Gunner – an intergalactic version of a Gunner, also known as an Epic Pet in Fortnite.
  23. Golden Ax – refers to a much beloved 1980s arcade made by Sega Genesis.
  24. Griddy Gunner – an Icon Series Emote (or cosmetic) in Chapter 2: Season 6 of Fortnite.
  25. Grind Guru – when you’ve mastered the art of the “grind” or working hard, you’ll be a success.
  26. Hardwork Hunter – a type of Common Outfit in Battle Royale and one of the 10 Unreleased Recruits.
  27. Havoc Hunter – describes Havoc, a Legendary Outfit first released in Season 3 of Fortnite.
  28. HoursOnEnd Hero – for Fortnite usernames inspired by top players with 2851 hours on Xbox.
  29. Instinct Invader – Instinct is a Rare Outfit in the Counterattack Set in Season 3 of Fortnite.
  30. Intense Invader – a powerful version of a Space Invader, a legendary energy pistol in Save the World.
  31. Jaw-dropping Jumper – an action-packed variation of the many jaw-dropping moments when playing Fortnite.
  32. Justice Jumper – relates to “Orange Justice,” also called Orange Shirt Kid by players.
  33. Knighted Killer – for Knighted, an uncommon wrap achieved when reaching Tier 22 of Season X Battle Pass.
  34. LaserBrain – an achievement in Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Defeat the Willow Stone.
  35. Legendary Looter – the Looter’s real name is Sebastian, but yours can be a true legend.
  36. Lethal Lander – a character called Lethal is a Fortnite esports player you can make deadly.
  37. LightningLancer – an ode to Lancer, a combination of science fiction and fantasy games.
  38. Luminous Looter – a Fortnite esports player, currently a player in the PWR Fortnite organization.
  39. LuminousLycanthrope – when your player is a part werewolf, this is one of the best Fortnite names yet.
  40. Marathon Marksman – for a sniper who uses a Marathon Marksman rifle to shoot with.
  41. Marvelous Marksman – unlike the Marathon Marksman, this version loves to think about his greatness.
  42. MidnightMarauder – one of the Marauders, non-player characters known to wear a fox mask.
  43. MysticMarauder – part of a Mystique Outfit and Shapeshifter appearing in Fortnite Battle Pass.
  44. NeoNinja – a set of Cosmetics in Battle Royale that are stored in a player’s Locker tab.
  45. Nexus Nightmare – a backward form of Nightmare Nexus, a website focused on all things horrifying.
  46. NoSleep Sniper – when your particular sniper doesn’t need any shuteye to get the job done.
  47. Omega Ops – a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite and the name of a first-person shooter game.
  48. OnyxNinja – for Ninja characters in Fortnite who like to dress in black.
  49. Overdrive Operator – describes Overdrive, a Rare Emote in Fortnite who first appeared in Season 7.
  50. Persistence Player – may use Persistence Data, making it possible to use game mechanics in multiple sessions.
  51. PhantomPirate – your pirate may not need the special codes used for Pirate Adventure in Fortnite.
  52. Powerhouse Player – a Rare Outfit player can get by purchasing a Powerhouse Pack, complete with bling.
  53. Quantum Quester – linked to Quantum, a Fortnite esports player and someone looking for a quest.
  54. RadiantRogue – similar to the Radiant Striker, a Rare Outfit (or skin) in Battle Royale.
  55. Rampage Rookie – when you’re a new player who intends to make a big impression on the game.
  56. Refined Ruler – for a ruler who is used to the finer things in life.
  57. Savage Striker – a Fortnite automatic weapon known as a Striker Burst Rifle that fires 2-round bursts.
  58. ScarFace – a Fortnite esports player that plays in the iconic gangster movie.
  59. SereneSamurai – a crossover name taken from Japanese anime for one peace-loving warrior.
  60. ShadowRider – relates to the Shadow Stalker, a rare Glider plane used in Battle Royale.
  61. Sinister Sniper – similar to the Sinister Glare, a Fortnite skin appearing with a hand for a head.
  62. SnipeHype – when everyone can’t stop talking about what a great sniper you are.
  63. SolarSorcerer – a combo of Solar, a Fortnite esports player, and a magical sorcerer.
  64. StealthSlayer – a well-known YouTube gaming channel, loved by casual and professional gamers.
  65. StormySpartan – a spartan take on Stormy Spire, considered a Landmark in Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  66. Sweat Stormer – to call someone a “sweat” in Fortnite means they’re trying really hard to win.
  67. Tactical Trooper – a Tactical Trooper would likely use a Tactical Shotgun to fire at short range.
  68. Tenacity Trooper – in Fortnite, Tenacity reflects the amount of health resources a downed player has.
  69. Thunderhawk – also refers to an action blaster dart gun from Nerf, used in role-play.
  70. ThunderThief – it turns out Thunder is an Epic Outfit in Chapter 4 of Battle Pass.
  71. Top Tier Titan – describes the best type of vehicle in Chapter 3: Season 2 of Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  72. Tryhard Titan – this Fortnite vehicle goes above and beyond to achieve Fortnite greatness.
  73. Turbo Takedown – when you’re also a fan of this boxing-style game focused on Max Steel.
  74. Unyielding Undertaker – works best if you love the Undertaker from WWE as much as playing video games.
  75. VenomVigil – alludes to Venom, one of Fortnite’s Marvel Series Outfits.
  76. Vicious Venturer – a set of cosmetics in Battle Royale, including Airfoil, Triumph, and Ventura.
  77. VortexViper – an expensive pair of binoculars that you can use to win at Fortnite.
  78. WanderingWarden – might be a part of the Rift Warden’s set of cosmetics available in Fortnite.
  79. Warpath Walker – for Warpath, a Fortnite esports player and the name of Warpath: Ace Shooter.
  80. Wild Warrior – when plural, Wild Warriors is an uncommon loading screen and Rare Outfit in Fortnite.
  81. Winter Soldier – inspired by Sgt. Winter, a soldier hero who appears in Save the World.
  82. Xtreme Xplorer – a character who gets Teammate XP Boosts when reaching a certain level in Battle Pass.
  83. Zealous Zapper – refers to Zappers, groups from large Husk Encampments who pair up with Blasters.
  84. Zealous Zenmaster – combining Zealous, a Fortnite esports player, and a powerful Zen master.
  85. ZenithZephyr – the top rare glider in Fortnite, another name for a trusty parachute.

85 Gorgeous Female Fortnite Names

Female gamers will make a big statement with these Fortnite names.

  1. Angel Mary – a nice version of Bloody Mary, a Jam Track in Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 1.
  2. Astral Avenger – for Astral, a Fortnite esports player, and the Avenger logo that appears in Fortnite.
  3. Beauty Battler – the toughest of female Fortnite names for a warrior who is also beautiful.
  4. Bella Battler – like Beauty Battler, a Bella Battler is meant to mean “beautiful” in Italian.
  5. Blossom Brawler – refers to Remnant Blossom, an Epic Back Bling in Fortnite.
  6. Bubblegum Battler – a set of cosmetics in Battle Royale that include Bubblegum Blast.
  7. Build Battle Boss – for a gal who loves to build her own battle when playing Fortnite.
  8. Buttercup Battler – a fighter in the Bleeding Edge Wiki who lost her legs in a vehicle accident.
  9. Butterfly Fly High – for the Butterfly entity existing in the In-Between, which is made of rift shards.
  10. Cherry Chaser – a Fortnite esports player named Cherry; also the champion title in the Candy Crush Wiki.
  11. Cookie Power – the physical number representing a player’s game progress.
  12. Cosmic Comet – a Rare Outfit in Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 1 in the Neutron Repair Set.
  13. Cosmic Cutie – when your Fortnite outfit is just too sweet and unique for words.
  14. Cuddle Commando – a Secret Skin that’s also adorable, appearing in Season 9 of Fortnite.
  15. Cupcake Crusher – a tough version of Cupcake, an Uncommon Emoticon in Fortnite’s Hero Gear Bundle.
  16. Cupid Crusher – when you wish to crush Cupid’s Arrow, an Icon Series Emote in the Fortnite Wiki.
  17. Dainty Dominator – a more feminine version of Dominator, a female in Battle Royale.
  18. Dazzling Diva – a combo of Dazzle, the Dominator of Dusty Depot, and the colorful Party Diva Outfit.
  19. Desert Dominator – an Uncommon Outfit for girls first appearing in Fortnite: Season 9.
  20. Dewdrop Dasher – a ladies’ version of a Dasher or bloodhound character who is an esports player.
  21. Diamond Diva – a fantastic character in Fortnite whose outfit shimmers like a rare diamond.
  22. Dolly Dominator – a mix of Dolly, an Epic Back Bling in Fortnite, and the toughest female Dominator.
  23. Dreamy Dasher – refers to the Dream Dasher bundle, which includes cosmetics from the Broken Light Set.
  24. Dreamy Dominator – a Dominator with the dream bundle, an outfit including the Shattered Wing Back Bling.
  25. Elegant Eliminator – when you’re so good at eliminating other players in the most sophisticated way possible.
  26. Elite Engager – a way to acquire the Elite Agent Epic Outfit unlocked in the Season 3 Battle Pass.
  27. Fairy Ranger – a Dark Series Outfit in Fortnite that uses the darling imagery of fairies.
  28. Femme Fighter – among the coolest names for Fortnite that lets other players know how strong you are.
  29. Ferro Kitten – an edgy name with 4-letters describing Kit, an Epic Outfit in Fortnite.
  30. Fierce Femme – a straightforward way to name yourself as a female fan of gaming.
  31. Flowing Fragster – for sweaty players or fraggers who succeed at causing eliminations.
  32. Fluffy Fighter – refers to Fluffy, a Fortnite esports player who loves to battle.
  33. Frost Queen – another name for the Ice Queen, a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite.
  34. Galactic Goddess – an offshoot of Galaxia, a Legendary Outfit in Battle Royale, including Fractured World Back Bling.
  35. Glitter Gunnar – a glitzy female variation of Gunnar, found at the base of the Imaginary Order.
  36. Glossy Gunner – another form of Fortnite’s Gunnar whose skins look extra fabulous.
  37. Harmony Hunter – a hunter based on Harmony Lee, an Outfit in the Belle of the Beach Set.
  38. Honeybee Hunter – for fans of the Bee Swarm Simulator Wiki, an online multiplayer game.
  39. Jewel Jumper – refers to Jewel, a world resource with a conditional button to create fun modes.
  40. Joyful Jumper – a phrase describing a jumper (or sweater) that makes everyone around you happy.
  41. Khaotic Kween – another variation of the Cube Queen, a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite.
  42. Lady Looter – a female form of Looter, a Fortnite esports player famous for being good.
  43. Leisurely Looter – when you want to emulate the esports player Looter but wish to take it easy.
  44. Lollipop Lancer – for Lancer, a current esports player on BornToPlay, combined with the sweetest candy.
  45. Lovebug Looter – aim at another Fortnite esports player and make him into a sweetheart.
  46. Lucky Queen – you can be the Queen of Lucky, an uncommon pickaxe weapon in Fortnite.
  47. Lullaby Lancer – the name of a Lena Raine song that is perfect for Fortnite fans.
  48. Luminous Lady – inspired by the Luminous Epic skin that is part of the Interstellar Set.
  49. Luna Lancer – similar to the Lunar Lancer character from the Trove video game.
  50. Majestic Maven – the Maven is an automatic shotgun that also comes in an exotic variation.
  51. Mermaid Queen – a powerful upgradeable Combat Card available in the Rogue Adventure Wiki.
  52. Miracle Lady – relates to Miraculous Ladybug Skins, which are all the talk among Fortnite fans on TikTok.
  53. Miss Mystic – another form of Mystique, a Marvel Series Outfit in Fortnite who is a trained assassin.
  54. No Miss Marksman – if you’re not able to use the Marksman Rifle, this name is for you.
  55. Peach Tyranny – for fans of Princess Peach in the “Super Mario Bros” movie, make her a tyrant.
  56. Petal Player – for Petal, an esports Fortnite player; a Prophetic Petals dance, an uncommon Fortnite Emote.
  57. Pinky PiePlayer – a Rare Outfit in Battle Royale that comes with the Pinkie’s Pink Pack Back Bling.
  58. Poised Player – like the Poised Playmaker, a Rare Outfit in Fortnite, and part of the Goalbound Set.
  59. Princess Player – there is no shortage of princess characters in Fortnite, so choose your player wisely.
  60. Queen Quester – associated with the Fortnite Queen Quest, where you head for the Place of Power.
  61. Quick Kill Queen – one of the main aims of Fortnite is to achieve the fastest kills possible.
  62. Quirky Queen – your quirky queen might be the Cube Queen, a reward for the Cube Queen Quests.
  63. Rainbow Raider – a colorful variant of this rare Glider in Battle Royale from Season 3 Battle Pass.
  64. Rosy Raider – this gal is a Rare Outfit that first appeared in Season 2 of Fortnite.
  65. Royale Rose – the Rose team is a set of cosmetics in Battle Royale, including Rose Rider.
  66. Sassy Slayer – a cuter version of Doom Slayer, a Gaming Legends Series Outfit in Fortnite.
  67. Satin Slayer – this particular slayer likes the finer things (and fabrics) in life.
  68. Silk Sniper – silk is an important Fortnite commodity that can be used to make gliders and couches.
  69. Sleek Seeker – a Sleeker is a Rare Outfit and part of The Street Serpent Pack in Fortnite.
  70. Sparkle Sniper – relates to the Sparkle Specialist, a Rare Outfit in Battle Pass: Season 2.
  71. Strawberry Shots – a terrific name if you’re a gal who loves to combine drinking games with Fortnite.
  72. Sugarshot Sniper – the sweetest of sweet shots, a rare Emote obtained from Quest Rewards.
  73. Sunshine Thug – a tougher version of Sunshine, an uncommon emoticon in Season 8: Battle Pass.
  74. Sweet SlayQueen – mimics a song called “Slay Queen,” which is popular at the moment.
  75. Sweetheart Sniper – refers to the many kinds of sniper weapons in Fortnite, although this one sounds darling.
  76. Tender Trooper – linked to the Tender Defender Epic Outfit in the Fowl Play Set.
  77. Thoughtful Thumper – a variation of the Thudthumper pickaxe, part of the Fortnite Checkered Past Set.
  78. Tinseltoes – an adorable name for a headhunter, an Uncommon Outfit in Battle Royale.
  79. Ultra Unicorn – a way to describe Fabio Sparklemane, the cereal mascot for Fortnite.
  80. Venus Voyager – bring the Roman goddess of love to your voyager, a rare glider in Battle Royale.
  81. Watermelon Rookie – could be linked to the Watermelon Wars in Fortnite, if you’re just getting started.
  82. Whimsical Warrior – there are tons of warriors in Fortnite, so make your gal have whimsy.
  83. Wonder Woman – a DC series Outfit, part of the Champion of Themyscira Set.
  84. Xquisite Xena – is one of the many crossover characters arriving in the Fortnite world these days.
  85. Youthful Yara – a mysterious character who’s hard to find, but is one of the finest Fortnite names.

85 Unique One-Word Fortnite Names

Gender doesn’t matter when you’ve got one of these single-syllable Fortnite names.

  1. Ace – a way to honor this Epic Outfit, which is part of the Getaway Gang Set.
  2. Avalanche – a cold-weather setting in Fortnite Creative where players design their games with friends online.
  3. Blaze – a Lava Series Outfit included in the Fortnite Renegade Flame Set.
  4. Blitzkrieg – a form of Blitz Brigade, an Epic Outfit available with the Gridiron Gang Set.
  5. Broken – in honor of David “Broken” Sanz Fuertes, a Fortnite esports player.
  6. Cataclysm – the name of a set in Fortnite, including Renzo the Destroyer.
  7. Coffin – a one-word name inspired by “In the Coffin,” a Fortnite esports player.
  8. Controller – whether you have a PS4 or XBox, be your own master controller.
  9. Crash – call yourself Crash to keep your computer from malfunctioning while playing Fortnite.
  10. Cutthroat – a not-so-obvious choice among Fortnite usernames that relates to the cutthroat game mode.
  11. Cyclone – an uncommon car body first appearing in Chapter 5: Season 1.
  12. Daredevil – a badass Marvel Series Outfit, included in the Daredevil Set.
  13. Dart – a much–used Fortnite weapon that includes the Deco version featuring a purple llama pattern.
  14. Dash – a snappy way to describe the Underworld Dash, where players press the jump button twice.
  15. Dinos – in Fortnite, you can jump on a Raptor dino to tame the beast.
  16. Diviner – a fortune teller whose name is used by a Fortnite esports player for Team Nobu.
  17. Dominator – one of the many Fortnite skins available when playing Battle Royale.
  18. Dragon – an uncommon banner in Battle Royale considered a reward in Season 2: Battle Pass.
  19. Enforcer – a tough Legendary Outfit whose counterpart is called the Bladestorm Enforcer.
  20. Exodus – if you love the Fortnite esports player of the same name, call yourself Exodus.
  21. Fearless – a way to show the world you’re not afraid of anything Fortnite has to offer.
  22. Firestorm – combine your love of Fortnite and DC Comics by naming yourself after this superhero.
  23. Flamingo – for Tex Flamingo, a funny Fortnite pink flamingo with a purple cowboy hat.
  24. Flashpoint – a mostly unused DC Comics series for pro gamers who like short names for Fortnite.
  25. Frosty – a chilly way to fanboy over the Fortnite esports player of the same name.
  26. Ghost – the name of a spy Daction in Chapter 2: Season 1 of Battle Royale.
  27. Havoc – a Legendary Outfit that can be achieved with Twitch Prime Pack 1.
  28. Inferno – a Legendary Outfit appearing in Season 8 of Fortnite with the Inferno Set.
  29. Juggernaut – a particular game mode where every other player goes up against one opponent.
  30. Kaser – an unusual name for a famous Fortnite esports player that sounds like Kaiser.
  31. Legend – formerly known as “Junior Rogue,” this one-word esports player name says it all.
  32. Lynch – a simple way to bring Becky Lynch to mind, an Epic Outfit in Fortnite.
  33. Maestro – a slick nickname used by Roj Ulumaskan, a retired Fortnite esports player.
  34. Maverick – a clean-cut Season 5 Epic Outfit for boys, included in the Cobra Crew Set.
  35. Mirage – give props to David “Mirage” Mérigou, a Fortnite player for Stratum Esports.
  36. Momentum – an Epic pickaxe in Fortnite that gets its power from stolen velocity.
  37. Moonlight – a sleek streaming service that allows fans to play on their PC or any device.
  38. Mystic – show you’re not a tryhard by simplifying the Mystique character into the more simple Mystic.
  39. Nemesis – an automatic rifle you can use in Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  40. Nexus – a European-based team that plays in the Fortnite esports Wiki.
  41. Ninja – the name of the biggest streamer on Twitch who once played for Halo 3.
  42. Odyssey – an Epic Outfit that comes with the Ageless Odyssey Set in Chapter 5: Season 2.
  43. Onslaught – a cool name for an Epic pickaxe which is an award for completing Omega Challenges.
  44. Outlaw – unique among the best Fortnight names when linked to Outlaw’s Haven in Fortnite Creative.
  45. Overdrive – considered a rare Emote, which first appeared in Season 7 of Fortnite.
  46. Overlord – not just an esports player, but a way to show other players you’re the king.
  47. Panda – the cutest link to the P.A.N.D.A Team Leader, a Legendary Outfit.
  48. Paragon – an uncommon Banner in Battle Royale and canceled multiplayer online battle area.
  49. Phoenix – related to Dark Phoenix, a part of The Phoenix Force Set in Fortnite.
  50. Pinnacle – associated with Pinnacle Peak, a Landmark mountain with chests appearing in Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  51. Predator – the famous movie character and a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite in the Jungle Hunter Set.
  52. Psycho – a shortcut to Psycho Bandit, an outfit once included in the Mayhem Set.
  53. Quantum – a bunch of games available in Fortnite Creative, where players can design their own adventures.
  54. Quicksilver – a slick Fortnite skin inspired by a Marvel Comics character.
  55. Rapture – perfect among Fortnite usernames for players who love both Fortnight and Bioshock: Rapture.
  56. Reaper – a dark character appearing in the Bioshock Fanon Wiki to intimidate the other players.
  57. Reckoning – fans of Bioshock can bring this name to Fortnite and stand out from the crowd.
  58. Renegade – an Uncommon Outfit in Fortnite, considered a banshee model.
  59. Resonance – an interactive adventure game that helps players learn English.
  60. Rogue – a southern belle in the Marvel series X-Men who is also a skin in Fortnite.
  61. Sabotage – an option gamers can choose to make a random building explode.
  62. Shadow – a spy and military faction appearing in Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  63. Shockwave – the boldest choice among the best Fortnite names that may not have already been taken.
  64. Slayer – perfect when you’re a fan of Doom Slayer, part of the Nightmare Set.
  65. Spectre – the name of a rare pickaxe included in the Stealth Syndicate Set.
  66. Steelix – inspired by Stefano “Steelix” Maso, an esports player for Wave.
  67. Supernova – one of many cool cosmic symbols available when playing Fortnite.
  68. Surge – when too many players are in the game near a storm circle, a surge occurs.
  69. Temblor – a Spanish word for an earthquake tremor that’ll have the other Fortnite players shaking.
  70. Tempest – a Legendary Outfit that’s available with the Raging Storm Set.
  71. Terax – is popular among Fortnite names since it has the feel of a prehistoric dinosaur.
  72. Thunder – an Epic Fortnite Outfit in the Street Rep Set that costs Nine Battle Stars.
  73. Tiko – the username of a Fortnite player named Jayden who goes by a colorful fish persona.
  74. Titan – a battle tank in the Imagined Order appearing in Chapter 3: Season 2 of Fortnite.
  75. Torrent – a great, sweaty Fortnite name for players who love using torrents to share files.
  76. Toxic – beat the haters to call yourself a toxic player, known for their bad attitude.
  77. Tremor – relates to the earthquakes which occurred in Season 7 of Fortnite.
  78. Tsunami – is a Legendary hydraulic weapon used in the Fortnite Save the World game.
  79. Uprising – relates to the Uprising Event in Fortnite that only diehard fans know about.
  80. Vanguard – a nickname for the Dark Vanguard Outfit in the Space Explorers Set.
  81. Velocity – a Legendary Outfit in Battle Royale that includes the Bomber Bag Back Bling.
  82. Vortex – a Fortnite esports player for Fokus Clan, also a cloud gaming platform for Androids.
  83. Whirlwind – a rare Emote in Fortnite that first appeared in Season 7.
  84. Zenith – a Legendary Outfit that also appears as a Lego-style figure.
  85. Zeus – a Fortnite character who looks like the Greek god within the King of Olympus Set.

Fortnite Names FAQ

Can You Pick Your Name in Fortnite?

Many gamers believe it’s difficult to choose your name in Fortnite. You should arrive at the settings page automatically once you log into your Epic Games account. Once there, simply click the blue “pencil” button to the right of the field marked “display name.” You’re now ready to choose the best among Fortnite names the other players will be sure to remember.

What Is the Epic Name on Fortnite?

An Epic Name refers to the Epic Games display name in your account. It can be used on Epic Games Launcher, the official forum for Fortnite players, and other Epic Games. Your Epic Name also appears on AnswerHub and while playing Fortnite, whether on a PC, Mac, Switch, or mobile.

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