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400+ Adorable Male Dog Names: With Awesome Meanings

These male dog names are “doggone” perfect.

Dogs are some of the most loyal, beautiful pets, but it can be hard to find the perfect pick among so many male dog names! If you’re overwhelmed by naming resources, take heart. We’ve simplified the process by giving you a robust collection of over 400 boy names for dogs.

We’ve included sassy, intelligent, and sweet titles for your viewing pleasure. You’ll learn meanings, origins, namesakes, and fun facts. By the end of this roundup, you’ll have several boy dog names on your list of possibilities. So grab a seat; the cutest male names for dogs are just around the corner.

133 Handsome Male Dog Names

These dashing male dog names are cute as pie.

  1. Ace – is of Latin origin, meaning “unity,” and can also point to a winning hand of cards.
  2. Albert – means “noble” and “bright” in German, doubling as a popular surname.
  3. Archie – short for Archibald, made famous in Britain after the birth of Prince Archie of Sussex.
  4. Arlo – is among the oldest male dog names, meaning “fortified hill” in English.
  5. Artie – a cute moniker for Arthur, meaning “bear” in Celtic, ideal for the fierce pup.
  6. Asher – of Hebrew origin, means “happy” and is often shortened to Ash.
  7. Banks – a British topographical surname for families dwelling near river banks.
  8. Barry – the Americanization of Baire, meaning “fair-haired” in Irish, fitting for your white pet.
  9. Beethoven – a talented composer or a fictional Saint Bernard with his own film series.
  10. Bolt – inspired by Disney’s White Swiss Shepherd, known for his speed and big heart.
  11. Bruno – of German origin, means “brown,” and was borne by singer and songwriter Bruno Mars.
  12. Buster – hailing from the U.K., means “tough guy,” an ironic pick for your big sweetie.
  13. Carter – an Irish and Scottish surname traditionally given to those carting goods.
  14. Carver – of English origin, means “one who cuts,” possibly referring to carpenters.
  15. Casanova – inspired by the Italian adventurer hailed for his romantic escapades.
  16. Cedar – a cool nod to the strong cedar tree, symbolizing the power of deep roots.
  17. Chance – of English origin, means “good luck,” reminding you to embrace the unknown.
  18. Charlie – short for Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  19. Chase – means “to hunt” in French, borne by Paw Patrol’s badass German shepherd.
  20. Cherry – among food-inspired boy dog names, can also point to the cherry blossom.
  21. Chester – of English and Latin origin, taken from “castrum” meaning “fort.”
  22. Clifford – a British title that will remind many of the fictional big red dog.
  23. Cooper – means “barrel maker” in English, often shortened to Coop.
  24. Crest – the simplified spelling of Creste, given to those living near the peak of a hill.
  25. Darth – of Latin origin, meaning “dark,” borne by Star Wars Darth Vader.
  26. Davey – short for David, a Hebrew title meaning “beloved.”
  27. Denzel – an English option meaning “fertile land” and “from the high stronghold.”
  28. Dug – an animated dog featured in Disney’s Up, known for his loyalty.
  29. Duke – of Latin origin, means “leader,” perfect for the bossy dog in charge.
  30. Earl – means “nobleman” and “warrior” in English, most popular in the 12th-century.
  31. Eddie – is short for Edward, an English pick meaning “wealthy” and “protector.”
  32. Edison – of British origin, meaning “son of Edward,” joining the ranks of patronymic pet names.
  33. Einstein – a German option that means “stone worker,” borne by genius Albert Einstein.
  34. Eliot – a Hebrew pick meaning “the Lord is my God” with the nickname Eli.
  35. Ember – means “spark” and “burning low” in English, ideal for the fiery boy.
  36. Evan – of Welsh origin, meaning “the Lord is gracious,” connected to John.
  37. Ezra – means “help” and “helper” in Hebrew, among the rarest pet names starting with E.
  38. Finley – of Irish and Scottish origin, means “fair-haired hero” and “courageous one.”
  39. Finn – an Irish pick that means “fair” and “blessed,” mentioned often in Celtic mythology.
  40. Ford – hailing from Britain, meaning “river crossing” and “dweller at the ford.”
  41. Forest – of French origin, means “woodsman” and “woods,” a lovely playground for pups.
  42. Frank – is short for Franklin, meaning “free man” in German, and comes with the nickname Frankie.
  43. Fred – a popular moniker for Alfred, meaning “peace” and “peaceful ruler.”
  44. Garrett – the Irish version of Gerard, meaning “bravery” in German.
  45. Gary – is short for Gerald and Garfield and means “spear” in English.
  46. Gil – taken from Giles, meaning “bright promise” and “joy.”
  47. Goliath – of Hebrew origin, meaning “exile,” borne by the biblical giant.
  48. Grant – a derivative of “grand” meaning “large” and “tall” in English.
  49. Grayson – hailing from Britain, means “son of the grey-haired man” and doubles as a last name.
  50. Gregory – the Americanization of Gregorios, meaning “watchful,” often shortened to Greg.
  51. Gunner – of German origin, meaning “battle” and “warrior,” traditionally given to soldiers.
  52. Gus – short for Augustus and Augustine, means “majestic” and “exalted” in Latin.
  53. Henry – a respelling of Henri meaning “house ruler” in French.
  54. Herbert – of German origin, means “sublime,” “shining,” and “army,” often shortened to Bert.
  55. Hickory – inspired by the mighty hickory tree whose wood is used in barbecuing.
  56. Hooch – a funny pick referring to alcohol or a seedy establishment.
  57. Hunter – means “to pursue” in English, a cool nod to a dog’s favorite pastime.
  58. Ian – short for Yohanan, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  59. Ike – a unique nickname for Isaac meaning “laughter” in Hebrew.
  60. Iman – of Arabic origin, meaning “faith,” perfect for religious pet owners.
  61. Indie – is short for Indigo or Independence but can also point to a style of music.
  62. Ink – a dark liquid used to fill pens, fitting for the black dog.
  63. Isaac – was borne by a biblical figure known for his faithfulness through adversity.
  64. Ivan – taken from John, a Hebrew title meaning “God is gracious.”
  65. Jack – short for John and borne by actor Jack Black, known for his role in Nacho Libre.
  66. Jones – of Welsh and English origin, meaning “son of John.”
  67. Juniper – a Latin option pointing to the lush juniper tree mentioned in the Bible.
  68. Kennedy – the Americanization of Cinnéidigh, meaning “helmeted chief” in Gaelic.
  69. Kevin – a derivative of Caoimhín, meaning “handsome” in Irish.
  70. Kirby – an unusual pet name that means “church settlement” in English.
  71. Lane – of English origin, a habitational surname for those dwelling near paths.
  72. Larry – short for Laurence, meaning “crowned with laurel,” associated with victors.
  73. Lester – of Latin and English origin, means “from Leicester,” often shortened to les.
  74. Levi – a Hebrew title that means “joined” and “unity,” mentioned in the Old Testament.
  75. Lincoln – of English origin, borne by former American president Abraham Lincoln.
  76. Logan – a Scottish option meaning “little hollow,” featured in the hit show Gilmore Girls.
  77. Loki – of Norse origin, meaning “airy,” borne by Marvel’s god of mischief.
  78. Marley – hailing from Britain and means “marshy meadow,” borne by singer Bob Marley.
  79. Maverick – is of American origin, referring to “an independent man who avoids conformity.”
  80. Max – among the most popular dog names, meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  81. Maximus – a Latin option that means “best,” often shortened to Max.
  82. Miles – of Latin origin, means “soldier” and was given to all types of servicemen.
  83. Milo – a Slavic option meaning “soldier,” and inspired by Miles.
  84. Moses – means “to draw out of the water” in Hebrew, borne by an Old Testament leader.
  85. Murphy – of Gaelic origin, meaning “warrior of the sea,” ideal for the dog who likes swimming.
  86. Ned – means “wealthy guardian” in English and was most popular in the early 1900s.
  87. Nelson – is of English origin, meaning “son of Nell” and “champion.”
  88. Newton – an English option that means “new town,” borne by mathematician Isaac Newton.
  89. Oakley – of English origin, means “meadow of oak trees,” inspiring visions of forests.
  90. Oaks – is short for Oakley, traditionally given to families dwelling near oak trees.
  91. Old Yeller – inspired by the fictional Labrador created by Fred Gipson.
  92. Oliver – means “olive tree” in Norse and Latin, a universal symbol of peace.
  93. Ollie – short for Oliver, a Latin and Norse option referring to the mighty olive tree.
  94. Pablo – the Mexican version of Paul, meaning “small” and “humble.”
  95. Paco – short for Francisco, meaning “free” in Spanish.
  96. Parker – an Old English option that means “park keeper,” doubling as a surname.
  97. Petey – short for Peter, meaning “rock” in Hebrew, mentioned in the New Testament.
  98. Quentin – a derivative of Quintus, meaning “the fifth” in French and Latin.
  99. Quest – refers to a fun adventure or journey, often used in fantasy novels.
  100. Quigley – of Irish origin, means “from the mother’s side,” ideal for the Mama’s boy.
  101. Quimby – a cozy Scandinavian pick that means “estate of a woman.”
  102. Quincy – inspired by Quintus, meaning “the fifth” in Latin, traditionally given to the fifth son.
  103. Quinn – of Irish origin, means “wise,” “sense,” and “reason.”
  104. Rory – an Irish title that means “red king,” traditionally given to gingers.
  105. Sammy – is short for Samuel, meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew.
  106. Samson – means “sun child” in Hebrew, borne by a very strong man in the Old Testament.
  107. Samuel – means “God has heard” in Hebrew and is the first prophet in the Old Testament.
  108. Scout – of French origin, means “to listen” and “to hear.”
  109. Shadow – is an Old English pick meaning “shade from the sun,” perfect for the dark dog.
  110. Shiloh – of Hebrew origin, meaning “tranquil” or a biblical city of refuge.
  111. Simba – a Swahili option that means “lion,” featured in Disney’s The Lion King.
  112. Skip – means “sea captain” in English and can also refer to a galloping motion.
  113. Steve – of British origin, means “crown” and “garland,” taken from Stephen.
  114. Theodore – means “gift of God” in Greek and is often shortened to Teddy.
  115. Thor – inspired by the Norse god of thunder, often depicted with his hammer.
  116. Tobias – of Hebrew and Greek origin, means “God is good” and comes with the nickname Toby.
  117. Toto – featured in The Wizard of Oz as Dorothy’s lovable dog.
  118. Trevor – means “homestead” and “settlement” in Welsh.
  119. Udin – of Arabic origin, means “faith,” “belief,” and “religion.”
  120. Ulrich – a German option pointing to a noble and regal ruler.
  121. Vader – of Dutch origin, means “father,” featured in Star Wars.
  122. Wally – a Welsh title meaning “Welshman” or “from Wales” and can be short for Walter.
  123. Washington – of English origin, meaning “from Wassa,” borne by the first U.S. president George Washington.
  124. Watts – short for Walter, meaning “army ruler” in German.
  125. Winston – of British origin, means “joyful stone,” ideal for your optimistic boy.
  126. Wolfgang – inspired by famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  127. Xander – is short for Alexander, meaning “defender of the people” in Greek.
  128. Xavier – of Arabic origin, means “new house” and “bright,” symbolizing a new start.
  129. Yale – a Welsh pick meaning “fertile ground” and “fertile upland.”
  130. Yancy – of Native American origin, meaning “Englishman,” a lovely tribute to your country.
  131. Yang – a Chinese option that means “sun,” “universe,” and “light.”
  132. Yankee – describes someone from New England or a New York baseball teammate.
  133. Yardley – hailing from the U.K., means “fenced meadow,” a fitting habitat for dogs.

134 Cool Boy Dog Names

These rad boy dog names will get your tail wagging.

  1. Archer – a derivative of Aeren, meaning “bowman,” perfect for the hunting dog.
  2. Atlas – inspired by a mythical titan tasked with holding the world’s weight on his shoulders.
  3. August – of Latin origin, means “to increase,” ideal for the dog born in autumn.
  4. Augustus – means “majestic” in Latin, ideal for your great pup.
  5. Axis – inspired by the imaginary pole that the world spins around.
  6. Bailey – hailing from Britain and was initially given to bailiffs or law enforcement.
  7. Beatle – an insect-inspired option that will remind many of The Beatles, a hippy rock band.
  8. Beckham – of English origin, meaning “homestead by the stream,” fitting for the farm dog.
  9. Benji – among the famous male names for dogs, inspired by the fictional dog known for his heroism.
  10. Benny – short for Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand,” or Benedict, meaning “blessed.”
  11. Bentley – hails from the U.K. and means “meadow with coarse grass,” often shortened to Ben.
  12. Bingo – featured in the famous children’s rhyme and Bluey, a children’s show from Disney Junior.
  13. Blaze – means “fire” and “flame” in Latin, a red-hot title for any pet.
  14. Blue – a brilliant hue symbolizing freedom and creativity, perfect for the wild child.
  15. Bond – of English origin, means “farmer” and will remind many of James Bond.
  16. Boss – a slang term for the man in charge, ideal for the powerful pup.
  17. Bully – of English origin, refers to a mean person, though it originally meant “sweetheart.”
  18. Caesar – taken from Caesaries, meaning “full head of hair” in Latin.
  19. Carl – is short for Charles, meaning “free man” in German, fitting for your independent boy.
  20. Cash – of English origin, means “wealth” and “money,” ideal for the fancy breed.
  21. Casper – an Aramaic option meaning “treasurer,” borne by the friendly cartoon ghost.
  22. Clyde – means “friendly” in Scottish, often associated with the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.
  23. Cobalt – a derivative of “kobald,” meaning “goblin” in German.
  24. Coco – of French origin, refers to the delicious cocoa bean.
  25. Cosmo – means “organization” and “beauty” in Greek, inspired by astronomy.
  26. Dallas – a Scottish pick that means “the valley meadows” or a bustling city in Texas.
  27. Dash – an American option that means “to run quickly,” perfect for the speedy pup.
  28. Denver – of French and English origin, meaning “green valley,” can also point to a Colorado city.
  29. Dexter – an English option that means “right-handed” comes with the nickname Dex.
  30. Diesel – a type of fuel or an English title meaning “speed” and “virility.”
  31. Digger – of American origin, pointing to someone who digs or a piece of machinery.
  32. Doodle – an English pick that emerged in the 17th-century, given initially to dull men.
  33. Dude – means “cowboy” in English and doubles as a hip slang word.
  34. East – an English topographical surname or one of four primary directions.
  35. Enzo – of Italian origin, meaning “king” and “rich ruler,” perfect for the posh pooch.
  36. Falcon – an Old English option traditionally given to bird hunters, inspired by the fierce flyer.
  37. Fletcher – hailing from Britain, meaning “arrow maker,” joining the ranks of occupational pet names.
  38. Floyd – of Welsh origin, meaning “grey-haired,” will remind hearers of the band Pink Floyd.
  39. Flynn – means “son of Flann” in Irish, as mentioned in Disney’s Tangled.
  40. Gabe – short for Gabriel, meaning “hero of God” in Hebrew, borne by the famous archangel.
  41. Gandolf – of Norse origin, means “wand,” and the famous wizard from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
  42. Ghost – a spooky English pick that means “breath,” referring to the spirit of dead humans.
  43. Gino – means “farmer,” “well-born,” and “ever-living” in Italian, pronounced “GEE-noh.”
  44. Grinch – inspired by the furry green monster in Dr. Suess’s book for children.
  45. Gumby – a green clay figure featured on television in the 1950s.
  46. Hades – of Greek origin, borne by the mythical god of the Underworld.
  47. Hank – a variation of Henry, meaning “home ruler” in German.
  48. Harry – means “home ruler” in German, borne by the popular fictional wizard Harry Potter.
  49. Haze – taken from “hase,” meaning “hare” in Dutch, can also point to fog.
  50. Hector – of Greek origin, meaning “holdfast,” borne by actor Hector Elizondo.
  51. Hugo – the Latin version of Hugh, meaning “spirit” and “heart.”
  52. Hulk – a nickname for a muscular man or Marvel’s powerful green hero.
  53. Igor – of Russian origin, meaning “warrior,” perfect for the common beast.
  54. Jagger – hailing from the U.K., an occupational surname for butchers.
  55. Jake – short for Jacob, which means “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  56. Joey – a cute moniker for Joseph, meaning “God will increase” in English and Hebrew.
  57. Julian – of Greek origin, meaning “youthful” and “jove’s child.”
  58. Julius – means “devoted to Jove” in Greek, pointing to followers of the sky god.
  59. Jupiter – a Latin option meaning “the supreme god” or the largest planet.
  60. Kahuna – of Hawaiian origin, refers to someone who is an expert in their field.
  61. Kody – a British pick meaning “helpful,” ideal for your friendly bestie.
  62. Kona – points to a small Hawaiian island, which doubles as a rare title for male dogs.
  63. Land – of German, Dutch, and English origin, meaning “territory.”
  64. Lasso – a variation of Laso, meaning “tired” in Italian or a cowboy’s tool for roping horses.
  65. Ledge – among the edgiest boy names for dogs, points to a dangerous cliff.
  66. Leo – the Latin word for “lion,” perfect for the dog who is the “mane” event.
  67. Luca – a derivative of Lucas, meaning “light bearer” in Latin.
  68. Magnum – a derivative of Manus, meaning “great” in Latin.
  69. Manny – short for Emmanuel, meaning “God with us” in Hebrew.
  70. Mars – is inspired by the god of war or the farthest planet from the sun.
  71. Mascot – a sports fixture thought to bring good luck, prevalent in football.
  72. Mick – of Irish origin, meaning “Who is like God?” borne by rocker Mick Jagger.
  73. Mickey – a lighthearted variation of Michael inspired by Disney’s beloved mouse.
  74. Mister Dog – a fictional dog who thinks he is a human, created by Margaret Wise Brown.
  75. Nash – of English origin, meaning “by the ash tree,” can also be short for Nashville.
  76. Nate – short for Nathan, a Hebrew option meaning “God’s gift.”
  77. Nemo – of Latin origin, meaning “nobody,” borne by Pixar’s lovable clownfish.
  78. Neo – a Greek option that means “new,” inspired by Keanu Reeve’s character in The Matrix.
  79. Noah – of Hebrew origin, means “rest,” borne by the infamous Old Testament figure.
  80. Oasis – means “a green spot in the desert” in English, referring to a place of serenity.
  81. Obi – an Ibo option meaning “heart,” ideal for the dog you love with all your might.
  82. Odin – inspired by the Norse god of poetry, death, and frenzy.
  83. Orion – of Greek origin, meaning “heaven’s light,” borne by a beautiful constellation.
  84. Oscar – means “champion warrior” and “deer-lover” in Irish, often shortened to Ozzy.
  85. Oslo – of Norwegian origin, meaning “the meadow beneath the hill.”
  86. Oso – means “bear” in Spanish, borne by Disney Junior’s plush cartoon.
  87. Otis – of English origin, meaning “wealth,” connected to the hit film Milo and Otis.
  88. Ozzy – short for Oscar, meaning “divine power” in German, borne by singer Ozzy Osbourne.
  89. Patty – a top moniker for Patrick, meaning “father” and “nobleman” in Latin.
  90. Peanut – an adorable term of endearment for your small-breed pup.
  91. Pepper – a warm spice used to season savory dishes, usually paired with salt.
  92. Peyton – of English origin, meaning “fighting man’s estate,” borne by footballer Peyton Manning.
  93. Ralph – means “a courageous counselor” in Norse and English.
  94. Rambo – inspired by the 1980s action film star, based on real-life soldiers.
  95. Reece – of Welsh origin, meaning “enthusiasm,” fitting for most dogs.
  96. Reed – hailing from Britain, meaning “red-haired,” fitting for your auburn fur baby.
  97. Riley – an Irish option meaning “rye clearing” and “valiant.”
  98. Ringo – inspired by Ringo Starr, the world-renowned drummer for The Beatles.
  99. Robby – short for Robert, meaning “bright fame” in German, borne by actor Robert Pattinson.
  100. Rocket – a vehicle used to explore space or a moniker for someone with fast legs.
  101. Rocky – of English origin, means “rest” but can also refer to unstable land.
  102. Romeo – a derivative of Romaeus, meaning “pilgrim to Rome.”
  103. Rookie – refers to a new member of a police force or an unseasoned athlete.
  104. Royal – of French origin, meaning “of the king,” ideal for your regal dog.
  105. Rue – an English and Greek unisex option that means “herb” and “regret.”
  106. Saint – a derivative of Sanctus, meaning “holy,” often used in church settings.
  107. Scottie – a moniker for Scott or a type of dog originating in Scotland.
  108. Shrek – taken from Schreck, meaning “fright” and “terror” in German, borne by DreamWorks ogre.
  109. Soldier – a member of the infantry or a nickname for tough guys.
  110. Steel – a British surname traditionally given to steelworkers.
  111. Stone – of British origin, means “dweller by the rocks,” can also be given to stonemasons.
  112. Ted – short for Theodore or Edward, sometimes altered to Teddy.
  113. Thor – inspired by the Norse god of thunder, whom Marvel adapted for the big screen.
  114. Toby – a variation of Tobias, meaning “God is good” in Hebrew.
  115. Tucker – the modern version of Tucher, meaning “cloth-tucker” in German.
  116. Venom – a poisonous liquid associated with snakes or Spiderman’s archnemesis.
  117. Vinnie – is short for Vincent, meaning “to conquer” in Latin.
  118. Vito – the male version of Vita, meaning “life” in Italian.
  119. Von – of Norse origin, meaning “hope,” ideal for the pet who warms your heart.
  120. Warrior – a title of honor given to the best fighters or those who display immense courage.
  121. Weston – an English option that means “from the West town,” doubling as a surname.
  122. Whiz – a fast-moving action or someone with brains and brawn.
  123. Wilde – of German origin, meaning “hunter,” or a moniker for a wild man.
  124. Willow – an English option pointing to the lanky willow tree, which was once considered magical.
  125. Willy – short for William, meaning “resolute protector” in German, inspired by Roald Dahls Willy Wonka.
  126. Woody – a vintage moniker for families dwelling near woods, featured in Disney’s Toy Story.
  127. Yeti – a popular drinkware brand or mythical monster who haunts icy places.
  128. Yogi – refers to a yoga master, fitting for your serene pup.
  129. Yukon – an American title meaning “white river,” inspired by the Yukon River.
  130. Zeke – taken from Ezekiel, a biblical option meaning “God strengthens.”
  131. Zeus – is of Greek origin, meaning “shine” and “sky.”
  132. Zippo – inspired by “zipper,” generally referring to a lighter brand.
  133. Zoomba – a silly, made-up title for the dog with a case of the zoomies.
  134. Zorro – of Spanish origin, means “fox,” fitting for the sly dog.

135 Unique Male Names For Dogs

These uncommon male names for dogs will turn anyone’s head.

  1. Abu – of Arabic origin, meaning “father,” is mentioned in Disney’s Aladdin.
  2. Admiral – an authoritative English option for a high-ranking naval officer.
  3. Alfie – is short for Alfred, meaning “elf,” “counsel,” and “wise” in English.
  4. Alpha – of Greek origin, means “the beginning,” borne by the first letter of the Greek alphabet.
  5. Archibald – means “bold” and “brave” in German, often shortened to Alfie.
  6. Atari – of Japanese origin, meaning “to hit a target,” borne by the vintage gaming system.
  7. Balto – is among the best literary pet names, inspired by the heroic sled dog.
  8. Banjo – the ideal musical title for pet owners who prefer options that start with B.
  9. Baxter – means “baker” in English, referring to those who baked bread or bricks.
  10. Bear – of German origin, meaning “strong” and “brave,” given to men with bearlike qualities.
  11. Beau – meaning “beautiful” in French, can also point to a boyfriend.
  12. Blase – a Latin moniker for someone who stutters, can be pronounced “BLAYZ” or “BLAH-say.”
  13. Bozo – taken from “bozal,” meaning “stupid or foolish person” in Spanish.
  14. Bravo – of Italian and Spanish origin, meaning “brave” and “courageous one.”
  15. Bruiser – a moniker for someone who is tough and likes to pick fights.
  16. Buddy – refers to a best friend or kindred spirit, usually seen in America and Europe.
  17. Buzz – is of American origin, meaning “village in the woods,” as seen in Disney’s Toy Story.
  18. Cannon – means “rule” and “wolf cub” in Irish, can also refer to a weapon of war.
  19. Captain – of English origin, meaning “he who is in charge,” often pointing to sailors.
  20. Champ – short for Champion, fitting for your handsome, strong boy.
  21. Chief – means “leader” in Latin and English and can also refer to the Kansas City Chiefs.
  22. Chili Dog – an American dish consisting of a hot dog topped with chili, onions, and cheese.
  23. Cletis – of Greek origin, means “illustrious” and “called forth.”
  24. Como – means “province” and “land” in Latin, not to be confused with Cosmo.
  25. Cosmic – of Greek origin, meaning “of the universe or cosmos.”
  26. Courage – inspired by Courage the Cowardly Dog, a cartoon debuting in the 1990s.
  27. Cuddles – an adorable tribute to your pet’s favorite activity.
  28. Delta – the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, can also mean “river mouth.”
  29. Deputy – of English origin, means “person appointed to be in charge,” often referring to police officers.
  30. Diablo – the Spanish word for “devil,” ideal for the mischievous dog.
  31. Dickens – means “son of Dick” in English, borne by author Charles Dickens.
  32. Dux – of Latin origin, meaning “leader,” and is a classier form of Duke.
  33. Fargo – means “from the fenced pasture” in Spanish or a city in North Dakota.
  34. Fidget – an action one does when stressed or an Irish last name given to soldiers.
  35. Francois – the French version of Frances, meaning “free man” and “Frenchman.”
  36. Frodo -of English origin, meaning “wise by experience,” ideal for your sage pet.
  37. Fuego – means “fire” and “passion” in Spanish, fitting for your feisty boy.
  38. Gallant – a derivative of Galland, meaning “merry” and “spirited” in French and English.
  39. Hamilton – hailing from the U.K. and traditionally given to families dwelling near hills.
  40. Hansen – of Norwegian origin, meaning “son of Hans,” borne by record producer Beck Hansen.
  41. Harley – means “hare’s meadow” in Old English, often connected to the motorcycle brand.
  42. Honey – a sticky sweetener once considered the nectar of the gods.
  43. Hot Dog – an American treat made by combining different types of meat into a link.
  44. Husky – a type of dog suited for cold climates or a large body type.
  45. Hyde – derived from “hid” meaning “a hide of land,” mentioned in Jekyll and Hyde.
  46. Ibis – of Latin origin, meaning “long-legged bird,” often shortened to Ib (EYEB).
  47. Idris – means “studious” and “scholarly” in Arabic, borne by actor Idris Elba.
  48. Iggy – of English origin, meaning “fiery one,” borne by rapper Iggy Azalea.
  49. Jasper – means “treasurer” in Arabic, as mentioned in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight.
  50. Jax – short for Jackson, meaning “son of John” or “God has been gracious” in Hebrew.
  51. Jerry – a cute moniker for Jeremy and Gerald that means “spear” and “may Jehovah exalt.”
  52. Jett – among the edgiest male dog names, means “black” in French.
  53. Jofi – of Hebrew origin, meaning “beauty” and “handsome,” can be shortened to Jo.
  54. Kai – means “sea” in Hawaiian and can also be short for Micaiah.
  55. Kalypso – a respelling of Calypso, meaning “one who hides” in Greek.
  56. King – of British origin, means “ruler” and “monarch,” a great pick for the royal cutie.
  57. Klue – an edgy respelling of Clue, meaning “hint” or “ball of yarn.”
  58. Kobe – of Swahili origin, means “tortoise” or “turtle,” borne by the late basketball star Kobe Bryant.
  59. Kool-Aid – a tangy, sweet drink in various flavors and hues.
  60. Lord – means “loaf keeper” in German, doubling as a title for nobility.
  61. Lucky – of English origin, means “fortunate,” summing up your feelings about being a dog owner.
  62. Mack – taken from Mac, meaning “son” in Irish, often connected to semi-trucks.
  63. Mando – the masculine version of Manda, meaning “lovable” in Spanish.
  64. Marcus – of Latin origin, meaning “dedicated to Mars,” pointing to the god of war.
  65. Marlboro – inspired by the popular cigarette brand that symbolizes masculinity and independence.
  66. Marshall – a French occupational surname for stablehands or those who love horses.
  67. Maxwell – of Scottish origin, meaning “great stream,” can be shortened to Max.
  68. Nico – short for Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people” in Italian and Greek.
  69. Nippy – refers to a dog who likes to bite or a streak of cold weather.
  70. North – a topographical English surname or one of four primary directions.
  71. Nutso – a moniker for someone with a hyper side.
  72. Nutterbutter – points to the tasty peanut butter cookie famous in America and Europe.
  73. Oreo – a delicious black-and-white sandwich cookie that made waves worldwide.
  74. Paws – an adorable tribute to your pet’s feet, a popular option among cats and dogs.
  75. Phoenix – a mythical bird known for its resilience or an Arizona city known for its culture.
  76. Picasso – inspired by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, meaning “talkative” in Spanish.
  77. Pill – a unit of medicine or an English surname meaning “creek.”
  78. Pitbull – a breed of dog or an American rapper and songwriter known as “Mr. Worldwide.”
  79. Pogo – of English origin, referring to a fun jumping stick, ideal for the energetic puppy.
  80. Prince – a king’s son or a late singer known for his hit song, Purple Rain.
  81. Quaker – refers to a religious group but can also be a moniker for a hefty dog.
  82. Quartz – a stone that many believe attracts creativity and intuition.
  83. Quattro – of Italian origin, meaning “four,” inspired by four martyred saints.
  84. Quirk – means “descendant of Corc” in Irish, can also refer to unique traits.
  85. Radio – taken from “radius,” meaning “beam of light” in Latin.
  86. Reign – among the trendiest male names for dogs, means “rule” in English.
  87. Rex – of Latin origin, meaning “king,” can also point to dinosaurs.
  88. Rin Tin Tin – inspired by a talented German shepherd with a television series.
  89. Roman – means “from Rome” and “strong” in Latin, a cute way to show Italian pride.
  90. Rooster – points to a boy chicken, known for their built-in alarm clock.
  91. Rubble – featured in Paw Patrol as a sweet bulldog with a love for construction.
  92. Ruff – a play on “woof” or an English moniker for someone with a disheveled appearance.
  93. Sabin – of Latin origin, means “from Sabines” and is found in the Quran.
  94. Santana – means “holy” or “follower of Saint Anne” in Spanish, borne by guitarist Carlos Santana.
  95. Scooby – inspired by Scooby Doo, a bandit-catching dog debuting in the 1960s.
  96. Scrappy – joins the ranks of cartoon pet names borne by Scooby Doo’s nephew.
  97. Sergeant – a derivative of Sargent, meaning “officer,” used to describe cops and soldiers.
  98. Sinbad – of Persian origin, means “prince,” featured in DreamWorks namesake film.
  99. Slinky – a toy made of springs or a minor character in the Toy Story franchise.
  100. Smalls – a derivative of “smalig,” an Old English nickname for a thin person.
  101. Snapper – a breed of turtle or fish, can also point to an ill-tempered man.
  102. Sniffles – an adorable option for the dog with a cold, wet nose.
  103. Snoopy – inspired by the cartoon beagle created by Charles M. Schulz in the 1950s.
  104. Sparky – of English origin, means “spirited” and is often given to firedogs.
  105. Spot – among the most popular boy dog names, ideal for your polka-dotted friend.
  106. Stitch – means “scar” in Hawaiian, borne by Disney’s sassy alien in Lilo and Stitch.
  107. Stubby – inspired by Sergeant Stubby, a military dog who served in 17 battles.
  108. Sweetheart – a vintage term of endearment used in place of Honey and Darling.
  109. Sweetie Pie – a combination of Sweetheart and Cutie Pie, perfect for the pet you adore.
  110. Taco Bell Dog – inspired by a Chihuaua named Gidget that appeared in Taco Bell’s commercials.
  111. Tank – short for Tankard, can also be a nickname for a hefty man.
  112. Teddy – a variation of Theodore, meaning “God’s gift” in Greek, will remind hearers of teddy bears.
  113. Tex – of English origin, meaning “from Texas,” a cute title for the Cowboys football fan.
  114. Trakr – a heroic police dog who made headlines during 9/11.
  115. Tramp – borne by Disney’s street dog in Lady and the Tramp.
  116. Uggie – a Russell Terrier who starred in films like Water for Elephants.
  117. Ulysses – the Latin version of Odysseus, meaning “wrathful,” borne by a former U.S. president.
  118. Uncle – an English term referring to a mother or father’s brother.
  119. Uno – means “heavenly roof” in Japanese and “one” in Spanish.
  120. Upton – of English origin, meaning “settlement,” often seen as a surname.
  121. Urbana – a derivative of “urbanus,” meaning “of the city.”
  122. Van – short for Vance, meaning “marshland” in English.
  123. Ventura – of Latin origin, meaning “chance, fortune,” borne by the fictional Ace Ventura, a pet detective.
  124. Victor – means “winner” and “champion” in Latin, often shortened to Vic.
  125. Wags – a cute nod to the back-and-forth motion a dog’s tail makes when it’s happy.
  126. West – an English topographical surname borne by rapper Kanye West.
  127. Wilder – of English and German origin, meaning “untamed,” borne by writer Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  128. Winn-Dixie – featured in the hit book and movie, Because of Winn-Dixie, the ideal title for readers.
  129. Wishbone – a Jack Russell Terrier shown on PBS, known for his love of literature.
  130. Xenon – of Greek origin, means “guest” and “host.”
  131. Xerxes – means “monarch,” “brave,” and “strong” in Greek, featured in the Old Testament.
  132. Xion – a respelling of the biblical Zion, meaning “highest point” or a Japanese option meaning “remembrance.”
  133. Zeal – of English origin, pointing to someone with unbeatable energy surges.
  134. Zero – the smallest number, mentioned in Disney’s Holes.
  135. Ziggy – of German origin, meaning “victorious protector,” mentioned in the namesake comic.

Male Dog Names FAQs

What Is a Cool Name for a Male Dog?

There’s no shortage of cool male names for dogs. Among the most rad are celebrity-inspired options like Beethoven, Denzel, Taco Bell Dog, and Benji. Titles with movie references, like Rocky, Rambo, Darth, Clifford, and Bruno, are always popular. Honorable mentions include trendy human names like Asher, Lane, Chase, Enzo, and Gabe.

What Are Unique Boy Names for a Dog?

You already know your pet is one of a kind, so why not christen him with a unique title? Obscure names like Pill, Steel, Atari, Fidget, and Quartz are always uncommon. Food-inspired titles are also rare, like Nutter Butter, Oreo, Hot Dog, and Chili Dog. Of course, Pogo, Nutso, and Nippy are bound to get double takes, too.

What Are the Most Unique Dog Names?

Many pet owners prefer naming their dogs something unique. If you fall into this category, consider titles like Banjo, Cletis, Dux, Xion, Oslo, Kahuna, and Ibis. Exotic titles like Kai, Jofi, Nico, Von, and Zorro can also be rare. Other rare picks include Deputy, Francois, Gallant, Fuego, Trakr, and Uggie.

What Is a Loyal Dog Name?

Dogs are called “man’s best friend” due to their immense loyalty. It makes sense that you’d want to showcase this trait. Loyal dog names include Balto, which was inspired by a heroic dog who brought medicine to the ill. Another great pick is Dug, featured in Disney’s Up as a loyal friend. Other options include Buddy, Goliath, Old Yeller, Clyde, and Patty.

What’s a Powerful Name for a Dog?

Dogs have been hailed as some of the most powerful creatures for centuries. If you want to honor your pet’s strength, name him Bully, Tank, Hunter, Maximus, or Thor. Royal titles, such as Reign, King, Prince, Duke, and Earl, are also considered strong. And, of course, titles with powerful namesakes like Caesar and Julius are always impactful.

What Male Dog Name Means Love?

Puppies are always a constant source of love and comfort. If you want to name your pet a title meaning “love,” consider Sweetheart, Beau, and Cutie Pie. Other cute picks include Obi, meaning “heart” in Ibo, and Mando, meaning “lovable” in Spanish. Titles pointing to physical affection include Snuggles and Cuddles.

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