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400+ Adorable Female Dog Names: Popular to Unique

These charming female dog names are perfect for a man’s best friend!

Are you on the hunt for adorable female dog names for your furry princess? Well, look no further!

In this article, we’re diving into a wide variety of girl dog names that are adorable and unique. Whether you want names with cute meanings referencing pop culture or just whimsical picks, we’ve got something for you. Get ready to discover female names for dogs that perfectly match your puppy’s personality!

167 Cute Female Dog Names

These adorable female dog names will make everyone go “awhhh.”

  1. Abby – meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew, Abby is perfect for a dog who’s man’s best friend.
  2. Allie – this charming name meaning “nobleness” is perfect for a loyal dog with a loving nature.
  3. Angel – this celestial cutie means “messenger” in Greek.
  4. April – an ideal choice for a vibrant and spirited pup associated with the month.
  5. Ariel – in Hebrew, Ariel means “lion of God,” ideal for a brave little cub.
  6. Baby – a sweet name for a small and lovable canine.
  7. Bailey – a bubbly and bright girl dog name, meaning “bailiff” in English.
  8. Bam-Bam – this funny choice is associated with the Flintstones character.
  9. Bambi – derived from the Italian “bambina” (young girl), perfect for an innocent little puppy.
  10. Bella – perfect for a gorgeous pup, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  11. Belle – in French, “belle” means “beautiful.”
  12. Betty – this sweet name has classic appeal, meaning “pledged to God” in English.
  13. Birdie – a perfect match for a dog with a cheerful and lively demeanor.
  14. Biscuit – a descriptive term for a small, baked treat, perfect for a dog who’s always hungry.
  15. Bonnie – in Scottish, Bonnie means “pretty” or “charming.”
  16. Brownie – inspired by the chocolatey treat, ideal for a pup with a warm personality.
  17. Bubbles – is effervescent and full of joy, perfect for a bubbly ball of energy.
  18. Bumble – an unusual choice among girl dog names, fitting for a pup buzzing with energy.
  19. Bumblebee – Buzzing with energy, perfect for a dog with a lively, spirited personality. Fun fact: Sweet pollinator.
  20. Bunny – a sweet name for a cute dog with a gentle presence.
  21. Buttercup – this puppy is bound to be as sweet as the treat she’s named after.
  22. Butterscotch – inspired by the treat, Butterscotch is perfect for a dog with golden fur.
  23. Candy – a playful name for a dog with a lovable nature.
  24. Cappuccino – this fun title is perfect for a coffee-colored pup.
  25. Cassie – a charming Greek name meaning “pure.”
  26. Charm – ideal for a dog with a charming personality.
  27. Cherry – inspired by the sweet, red fruit.
  28. Cherub – an angelic name for a puppy that was heaven-sent.
  29. Chloe – means “green shoot” in Greek, referencing a new plant blooming in spring.
  30. Chuckles – suits a dog with a joyful and light-hearted nature.
  31. Clementine – this adorable fruit name suits a dog with a cheerful and sunny disposition.
  32. Cleo – a regal choice among female dog names, meaning “glory of the father” in Greek.
  33. Clover – your pup is bound to be lucky with a name like Clover!
  34. Coco – a coco-nutty delight, this tropical treat of French origin is a pet name for Nicole.
  35. Cocoa – inspired by the bean used to make chocolate, ideal for a black or brown dog.
  36. Cricket – this playful title could be a funny choice for a pup with a chirpy bark.
  37. Cupcake – a dog named Cupcake is a true delight, spreading joy with every tail wag.
  38. Daisy – a flower-inspired pick, meaning “day’s eye” in Old English.
  39. Daisy Mae – a Southern belle with a double dose of charm.
  40. Daphne – in Greek, Daphne means “laurel,” which is associated with a nymph in Greek myths.
  41. Dolly – an adorable nickname for Dorothy, inspired by the toy.
  42. Doodle – a playful option for a creative and goofy little pup.
  43. Doodlebug – if you’re looking for something unique and funny, Doodlebug could be the one.
  44. Dottie – a nickname for Dorothea meaning “gift of God,” perfect for a spotted pup.
  45. Edel – from the name of a mountain flower, meaning “noble” in German.
  46. Ella – from a Germanic word meaning “other,” perfect for a dog like “no other.”
  47. Ellery – this English name meaning “cheerful,” suits a happy puppy.
  48. Elsa – this majestic title meaning “pledged to God” is ideal for Frozen fans.
  49. Elsie – in English and Swedish, Elsie is a charming short form of Elizabeth.
  50. Emma – meaning “great” in Germanic, Emma is a timeless dog name with universal charm.
  51. Emmy – a bright and cheerful short form of Emma or Emily.
  52. Eva – in Hebrew, Eva means “to breathe” or “to live.”
  53. Eve – this graceful dog name is associated with the Bible’s first woman.
  54. Faith – is one of the best female names for dogs, referencing their undying loyalty.
  55. Fiona – means “blessed” in Gaelic, perfect for a dog who’s a blessing from above.
  56. Fizz – this unusual name is ideal for a lively and sparkling personality.
  57. Flora – in Latin, this blossoming beauty means “flower.”
  58. Frolic – a playful choice for a pup who loves to frolic around.
  59. Gigi – this chic name is a short form of Georgine or Virginie in France.
  60. Ginger – is of English origin, referencing the fiery hair color or root.
  61. Ginny – a sweet nickname for Virginia, meaning “maid” or “virgin” in English.
  62. Goldie – an ideal choice for a dog with a lovely golden coat.
  63. Gracie – this cute form of Grace is ideal for a pup with a gentle nature.
  64. Gumdrop – the paw-fect name for your candy-coated cutie!
  65. Hazel – this charming English name references the hazel tree or light brown color.
  66. Harmony – of English origin, perfect for a dog that brings peace and joy.
  67. Honey – ideal for a warm and affectionate companion who sweetens every moment.
  68. Isabella – an elegant choice among female dog names, borne by several early queens.
  69. Ivy – this short and sweet title adds a touch of botanical charm.
  70. Izzy – a fun English short form of Isidore, Isabel, or Israel.
  71. Jasmine – references the beautifully fragrant flower, symbolizing love and beauty.
  72. Jewel – an ideal choice for a dog who’s as precious as a jewel.
  73. Josie – an adorable English short form of Josephine.
  74. Joy – a fitting choice for a dog who brings joy with every tail wag.
  75. June – references the summer month, perfect for puppies with warm and sunny personalities.
  76. Junie – an adorable short form of June.
  77. Kiki – you can use Kiki alone or as a short form of Katherine, Kristie, or Kristina.
  78. Kona – a tropical option among girl dog names, meaning “leeward” in Hawaiian.
  79. Lady – originally an English title of nobility, perfect for a fancy pup who’s regal and refined.
  80. Laila – this enchanting Arabic name meaning “night” is suited for a dog with dark fur.
  81. Lana – from Russian or English, meaning “light” or “little rock.”
  82. Layla – suits a dog with a dark and enchanting presence.
  83. Leia – a cute female dog name for Star Wars fans.
  84. Lilah – this sweet Persian variation of Layla means “night.”
  85. Lilo – in Hawaiian, Lilo means “lost one” or “transferred one,” perfect for an adopted dog.
  86. Lily – an English name for the flower, symbolizing grace and purity.
  87. Lizzy – playful and charming, Lizzy is perfect for a dog with a spirited personality.
  88. Lola – means “sorrows” in Spanish, perfect for a dog who will take your sadness away.
  89. London – inspired by the capital of England, ideal for a city-dwelling dog.
  90. Lottie – this French name meaning “free man” suits a dainty dog.
  91. Lucky – if your dog is your lucky charm, Lucky could be a great choice!
  92. Lucy – this lovely form of Lucia (light) has been popular since the Middle Ages.
  93. Lula – a vintage short form of Louise.
  94. Lulu – a lively German and English nickname for Louise or Lucinda.
  95. Luna – among the best female dog names for a white pup, meaning “moon” in Latin.
  96. Macaroon – this sweet name was inspired by the French pastry.
  97. Maddie – perfect for a spunky sweetheart, meaning “strong in battle.”
  98. Mae – this timeless beauty is associated with the month of May.
  99. Maggie – meaning “pearl” in Greek, Maggie is a classic choice with timeless charm.
  100. Magnolia – inspired by the flower, Magnolia is bursting with Southern charm.
  101. Mango – this fruit name suits a dog with a sweet and vibrant personality.
  102. Margo – of French origin, meaning “pearl,” giving it an elegant feel.
  103. Marmalade – inspired by the fruit spread, perfect for a pup as sweet as jam.
  104. Maui – a tropical and exotic name inspired by the Hawaiian island.
  105. Mia – meaning “mine” in Italian, Mia is ideal for a small pup with a big heart.
  106. Mini – a cute name for a small and lovable dog.
  107. Minnie – meaning “resolute protector,” Minnie is a darling in every way.
  108. Missy – from a slang term meaning “young woman.”
  109. Misty – a dreamy and gentle soul, Misty brings serenity to your life.
  110. Mittens – one of the best girl names for cats and dogs with a cuddly vibe.
  111. Mocha – a perfect choice for a coffee-colored cutie.
  112. Molly – this charming Irish name means “bitter” or “rebellious.”
  113. Moonpie – inspired by the round chocolate and marshmallow flavored treat.
  114. Moxie – an English word for a courageous spirit, perfect for a sassy dog.
  115. Muffin – a delectable name for your delightfully lovable pup.
  116. Nala – belonged to Simba’s love interest in The Lion King.
  117. Nessie – inspired by the Loch Ness monster, perfect for a dog with a mysterious nature.
  118. Nina – one of the cutest girl dog names, meaning “girl” in Spanish.
  119. Nugget – a perfect choice for a dog who’s as cute and tiny as a nugget.
  120. Nutella – inspired by the hazelnut spread, Nutella is irresistibly sweet.
  121. Olive – from the English and French word for the olive tree.
  122. Oreo – a playful name for a dog with a black-and-white coat.
  123. Pancakes – an ideal name for a dog with a warm and comforting personality.
  124. Peaches – this fruit name has a distinctly Southern feel.
  125. Peanut – the perfect name for a small, lovable canine.
  126. Pearl – this aquatic name could be perfect for a dog who loves to swim.
  127. Pebbles – suggests a dog with a smooth, dark coat, like a pebble.
  128. Penelope – is of Greek origin, meaning “weaver” or “duck.”
  129. Penny – this short form of Penelope is ideal for a pup with a copper coat.
  130. Pepper – this fun name adds a dash of spice and a pinch of mischief.
  131. Pickles – a creative choice for a pup who loves to snack.
  132. Piper – this surname-turned-given-name was initially given to flute players.
  133. Pippa – an adorable short form of Philippa meaning “lover of horses.”
  134. Pippin – is inspired by The Hobbit, a cool choice for fantasy nerds.
  135. Pixie – an ideal choice for a playful dog who’s a bit of a mischief-maker.
  136. Pogo – is bouncing with energy—perfect for your lively and spirited furball.
  137. Polly – often given to parrots instead of dogs, means “rebellious” in English.
  138. Poppy – of English origin, a floral beauty suited for a pup with a vibrant personality.
  139. Precious – is one of the best female names for treasured and adored dogs.
  140. Pumpkin – a festive choice for a dog born in the fall.
  141. Razzle – any dog named Razzle is sure to dazzle and impress!
  142. Rosie – this classic cutie means “famous type” in Germanic.
  143. Ruby – associated with the dark red gemstone.
  144. Sadie – this Hebrew name means “princess” is bursting with Southern charm.
  145. Slinky – ideal for a flexible pooch with a knack for escaping from anywhere!
  146. Snickerdoodle – an irresistibly cute pick inspired by the cinnamon cookie.
  147. Snickers – this pup is a bit “nutty,” but you may like it that way.
  148. Sophie – means “wisdom” in French, bringing joy and elegance to your sophisticated companion.
  149. Sorbet – inspired by the frozen treat, Sorbet suits a dog with a fantastic personality.
  150. Squiggle – an animated dog who is playfully wiggly.
  151. Stella – means “star” in Latin; your Stella will lighten up your world with her bright personality.
  152. Summer – a pup named Summer could embody the warmth and cheerfulness of the season.
  153. Sunny – a sweet choice for a happy and lively companion with a bright demeanor.
  154. Sunshine – fitting for a warm and affectionate dog, Sunshine is radiant and lively.
  155. Sweetie – for a loving companion, Sweetie is an affectionate and charming choice.
  156. Taffy – sweet and stretchy, suits a dog with a playful personality; also a candy-coated charm.
  157. Teddy – perfect for a cuddly and huggable companion, like a teddy bear.
  158. Tidbit – a dog named Tidbit may be small, but she is mighty!
  159. Tinkerbell – this magical name is perfect for a small dog with an enchanting charm.
  160. Tootsie – a candy-related name, inspired by the chocolate-flavored taffy.
  161. Waffles – the perfect name for your favorite breakfast buddy.
  162. Whisker – one of the best girl names for cats or dogs.
  163. Wigglebutt – an ideal choice for a lively and animated tailwagger.
  164. Wigglypuff – with this pup, adorable wiggles are endless.
  165. Willow – this popular English name is inspired by the willow tree.
  166. Winnie – of English and Welsh origin, meaning “friend of peace” or “blessed.”
  167. Zoe – this Greek name meaning “life” is perfect for a pup full of life and love.

132 Badass Girl Dog Names

These badass female dog names will make your pup seem tough!

  1. Akira – this Japanese name meaning “bright” is ideal for an intelligent dog.
  2. Ally – means “nobleness” in English, perfect for a dog with a devoted personality.
  3. Artemis – the Greek goddess of the hunt, perfect for a hunting dog.
  4. Arya – a relentless warrior name inspired by Game of Thrones.
  5. Astraea – from Greek meaning “star,” associated with the goddess of justice and innocence.
  6. Astrid – this Norse title meaning “beautiful God” is well-suited for your furry Viking queen.
  7. Athena – inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom, perfect for an intelligent pup.
  8. Autumn – this cozy pick is ideal for a pup born in the fall.
  9. Bane – means “causing great distress” in English, suits a powerful and imposing dog.
  10. Banzai – associated with the Japanese battle cry, fitting for a pup with a daring spirit.
  11. Bear – a powerful name for a strong dog with a loyal nature.
  12. Bentley – this charming pick means “grass clearing” in Old English.
  13. Billie – a strong choice for girl dogs, meaning “resolute protector” in Germanic.
  14. Blaze – a badass option for a pup with a fiery personality.
  15. Blu – this sky-inspired title suits a dog with a calm demeanor.
  16. Bolt – perfect for a dog with lightning-quick agility.
  17. Brandy – associated with the sweet liquor, ultimately from the Dutch “brandewijn” (burnt wine).
  18. Brooklyn – this urban pick suits a stylish, city-dwelling dog.
  19. Buffy – an ideal choice for a hunting dog, inspired by Buffy the vampire slayer.
  20. Cascade – for a pup as powerful and beautiful as a waterfall.
  21. Charlee – this adorable take on Charlee is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
  22. Charlie – a cool unisex choice, meaning “free man” or “army” in Germanic.
  23. Chewy – this short form of Chewbacca is a cool choice for Star Wars fans.
  24. Dakota – a Native American name meaning “allies” or “friends.”
  25. Darcy – this French name is perfect for book lovers and is associated with Pride and Prejudice.
  26. Delta – the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet.
  27. Diamond – for a dog as powerful and beautiful as the precious stone.
  28. Dior – a stylish pick, associated with the luxury fashion brand.
  29. Dixie – this English name, meaning “ten,” is bursting with southern charm.
  30. Diva – any dog named Diva is sure to be dramatic and fun.
  31. Duchess – a regal name for a pup who gets royal treatment.
  32. Echo – in Greek myths, Echo was a nymph who could only repeat what others said.
  33. Effie – a charming name, meaning “to use words of good omen” in Greek.
  34. Elektra – meaning “amber,” Elektra was a heroine in Greek myths.
  35. Ember – for a pup who lights up your life and makes it brighter.
  36. Faye – a sweet choice for a dog with fairy-like charm.
  37. Foxy – a fitting name for a dog with a cunning and spirited personality.
  38. Freyja – associated with the Norse goddess of love and beauty.
  39. Frida – means “peaceful” in German.
  40. Fury – an intense choice for a dog with a powerful and fiery disposition.
  41. Gemma – from an Italian nickname meaning “gem” or “precious stone.”
  42. Gia – a chic Italian short form of Gianna.
  43. Gypsy – this free-spirited pick suits a dog with an adventurous nature.
  44. Harley – is a badass choice for motorcycle lovers.
  45. Havoc – a wild and energetic choice for your little mischief maker.
  46. Hera – in Greek myths, Hera was the queen of the gods.
  47. Huntress – a top choice for a pup who’s great at hunting down treats.
  48. Inara – this lovely name is inspired by a character from Joss Whedon’s “Firefly.”
  49. Indie – a free-spirited name inspired by the daring Indiana Jones.
  50. Jackie – a feminine form of the Hebrew Jacob (supplanter).
  51. Jazz – this smooth name is perfect for a dog with a laid-back nature.
  52. Jett – references an aircraft or a deep black color, perfect for dark-coated pups.
  53. Jinx – an English word referencing a charm or a spell.
  54. Jolene – has an American charm associated with Dolly Parton’s song.
  55. Juno – a regal name of Roman origin, symbolizing the goddess of protection and women.
  56. Kahlan – this fierce name is from the fantasy book series The Sword of Truth.
  57. Kaia – in Greek, this lovely short form of Katherine means “pure.”
  58. Kaiju – an unusual option among our female dog names, meaning “strange beast” in Japanese.
  59. Khaleesi – this could be a majestic dog name for Game of Thrones fans.
  60. Korra – a powerful title inspired by The Legend of Korra TV show.
  61. Leona – meaning “lion” in Greek, suited for a strong and courageous canine companion.
  62. Liberty – this powerful title symbolizes freedom and independence.
  63. Luna-Tic – your pup is bound to be wild and free with this funny name.
  64. Lyra – is a constellation in the northern sky.
  65. Maeve – means “intoxicating beauty” in Irish, for an exotic beauty.
  66. Marley – meaning “pleasant wood” or boundary wood,” Marley is perfect for an outdoorsy dog.
  67. Matilda – this badass Germanic name means “strength in battle.”
  68. Midnight – a dark and mysterious name for a black-coated dog.
  69. Mischief – your pup could be a troublemaker with this fun name!
  70. Morrigan – in Irish myths, Morrigan was a warrior goddess.
  71. Nashira – derived from the Arabic “sa’d nashirah” (bearer of good news, lucky one).
  72. Nikita – a Sanskrit name meaning “house” or “habitation,” well-suited for an indoor dog.
  73. Oakley – for a dog as big and sturdy as an oak tree.
  74. Ollie – a playful option among our female names for dogs, also suited for male dogs.
  75. Onyx – this badass dog name is associated with a black gemstone.
  76. Opal – from the English word for an iridescent stone.
  77. Pandemonium – a chaotic choice among our female dog names, with the nickname Panda for short.
  78. Phoenix – associated with the mythological bird, perfect for a determined dog.
  79. Queenie – a regal choice for a dog treated like a queen.
  80. Quincy – meaning ” fifth” in Latin; Quincy adds a playful touch to your growing pack.
  81. Raven – if your dog is dark-coated or intelligent, Raven is a solid choice.
  82. Raya – a Bulgarian diminutive of Rayna, meaning “happy.”
  83. Remi – this title is bursting with French charm, meaning “oarsman.”
  84. Ripley – this Old English title means “a clearing in the woods.”
  85. Rogue – an English word for a maverick.
  86. Rory – from an Old Irish name meaning “red king,” suited for male or female dogs.
  87. Roux – originally a nickname for a red-headed person, perfect for a copper-coated pup.
  88. Roxy – this fun nickname for Roxana means “bright” or “shining” in Greek.
  89. Rue – associated with a medicinal herb, perfect for a dog who heals your soul.
  90. Ruthie – an endearing nickname for Ruth meaning “friend.”
  91. Ryder – a badass choice for your pup, meaning “mounted warrior” or “messenger.”
  92. Sage – the English word for a herb or a wise person.
  93. Salem – for a dog with a bewitching and fearless nature.
  94. Sasha – of Russian origin, Sasha means “defending men.”
  95. Sassy – a popular choice for confident girl dogs with funny personalities.
  96. Savannah – the word for an immense grassy plain (like the ones dogs love to run in).
  97. Scarlet – references the red color or a type of cloth.
  98. Scout – this adventurous name suits a dog with an inquisitive nature.
  99. Shadow – for a dog, great at hiding before the vet or bathtime.
  100. Shiloh – in Hebrew, this pleasant name means “tranquil.”
  101. Sierra – associated with the Sierra mountains, perfect for a mountain dog.
  102. Sky – a cute choice for a dog with blue eyes.
  103. Skylar – this popular 90s and early 2000s name means “scholar” in English.
  104. Sorceress – suits a dog with magical charm and a captivating allure.
  105. Star – an ideal name for a dog with a sparkling and radiant charm.
  106. Storm – your dog could be a force of nature with this mighty name.
  107. Stormy – suits a dog with a dynamic and energetic personality.
  108. Sundance – a badass name associated with The Sundance Kid AKA outlaw Harry Longabaugh.
  109. Tempest – from an English word meaning “a violent, windy storm.”
  110. Tessa – this short form of Theresa may mean “summer” or “to harvest.”
  111. Thunder – a bold name, your pup is bound to command attention.
  112. Tillie – a gentle and sweet-sounding diminutive of Matilda.
  113. Tilly – although Tilly sounds sweet, it has a powerful meaning of “strength in battle” in Germanic.
  114. Trixie – a name for a trickster, Trixie adds a touch of mischief to your life.
  115. Valkyrie – in Norse myths, the Valkyrie were female warrior spirits.
  116. Venus – associated with the Roman goddess of love.
  117. Verve – from an English word meaning “vigor and spirit” or “enthusiasm.”
  118. Vesper – this lovely Latin name means “evening star.”
  119. Violet – for a pup as beautiful and bright as the flowers.
  120. Viper – no one will want to mess with a dog named Viper!
  121. Vixen – is the English word for a female fox.
  122. Vroom – for a pup who often gets the zoomies.
  123. Whiskey – with your dog Whiskey, you always have a good time.
  124. Wiggleworm – ideal for a dog that can’t sit still.
  125. Winter – a cool choice for a pup born in the winter months.
  126. Xena – this badass Greek name means “foreigner” or “guest.”
  127. Zara – an exotic short form for the Bulgarian name Zaharina.
  128. Zelda – is associated with the princess in the Legend of Zelda video games.
  129. Ziggy – for a dog with a unique and offbeat personality.
  130. Ziggy Stardust – this cosmic rockstar name is as bold as your furry superstar.
  131. Zola – in the South African Xhosa language, Zola means “calm.”
  132. Zoom – a perfect choice for a swift and zippy pup.

103 Unusual Female Names for Dogs

Check out these original female names for dogs that’ll make your pup stand out at the dog park.

  1. Apple – a fresh choice for your lively little girl.
  2. Astra – this celestial name means “star” in Greek.
  3. Aurelia – meaning “golden” in Roman, Aurelia is perfect for a golden retriever.
  4. Avery – a whimsical English name meaning “elf ruler” or “elf counsel.”
  5. Basil – means “king” in Greek, also associated with the herb.
  6. Bean – perfect for a pup who’s as small and cute as a bean.
  7. Bekke – a unique option among our female names for dogs, meaning “stream” in Old Norse.
  8. Bellamy – with the lovely meaning of “beautiful friend,” Bellamy is a great pick.
  9. Berlin – an unusual name associated with the German city.
  10. Besiana – an Albanian variation of Besjana, with meanings of “faith” or “promise.”
  11. Bindi – an indigenous aboriginal word meaning “butterfly,” perfect for an Australian shepherd.
  12. Blink – suits a fast dog who can disappear in the blink of an eye.
  13. Calista – this exotic beauty means “most beautiful” in Greek.
  14. Calypso – a perfect choice for Greek mythology lovers, associated with a nymph in Homer’s Odyssey.
  15. Canela – derived from a Spanish word meaning “cinnamon.”
  16. Cashew – a quirky choice for your little nut.
  17. Cayenne – associated with the spicy seasoning, perfect for your little fireball.
  18. Charleston – inspired by the beautiful city in South Carolina.
  19. Chiffon – the name of a light, silky fabric, ideal for a dog with a soft coat.
  20. Circe – a mythical enchantress in Greek myths.
  21. Coconut – this silly name comes with the cute nickname Coco.
  22. Cressida – make your dog sound fancy with this Shakespearean name meaning “golden.”
  23. Cyra – a cute choice for a good dog, associated with Saint Cyra.
  24. Eevee – a charming variation of Evie, meaning “to live.”
  25. Elara – meaning “hazelnut” in Greek, Elara is perfect for a brown-colored dog.
  26. Eleanor – this lovely Old French name suits a dog with a dignified presence.
  27. Elowen – a beautiful Cornish name, meaning “elm tree.”
  28. Eula – from the Greek name Eulalia, meaning “sweetly speaking.”
  29. Eulalia – means “sweetly speaking,” perfect for a pup with a beautiful bark.
  30. Fandango – if you love watching movies with your dog, this could be the one.
  31. Fern – a lovely choice for nature lovers, inspired by the plant.
  32. Fiddlesticks – a slang term meaning “nonsense,” well-suited for a goofy pup.
  33. Fiora – from the Italian “fiore” (flower).
  34. Freya – associated with the Norse goddess of beauty.
  35. Frostbite – a perfect choice for a dog with a cool and calm demeanor.
  36. Gaia – ideal for a pup who loves the outdoors, named after the Greek earth goddess.
  37. Gertie – a vintage choice among our girl dog names; a short form of Gertrude.
  38. Ila – in Sanskrit, Ila means “earth” or “speech.”
  39. Indigo – inspired by the purplish-blue color.
  40. Ioni – an unusual dog name, from the Old Norse “ey” (island).
  41. Isabeau – you can’t get much cuter than Isabeau, a French name meaning “God’s oath.”
  42. Isolde – the German form of Iseult, meaning “ice battle.”
  43. Izzie – a fitting name for a dog with a spirited and energetic nature.
  44. Juniper – this botanical beauty could be perfect for a dog who loves being outside.
  45. Kismet – if you and your pup were meant to be, this could be the one.
  46. Lemon – a lively choice for a dog with a vibrant personality.
  47. Lumina – this luminous name means “light” in Latin.
  48. Madonna – perfect for fans of the Queen of Pop.
  49. Mimosa – your pup could be bubbly and fun with a name like Mimosa.
  50. Mishka – this charming Russian name is typically for boys but works for girl dogs, too.
  51. Momo – in Japanese, this uber-adorable name means “peach.”
  52. Mona – a sophisticated Irish name meaning “little noble one.”
  53. Neroli – associated with an essential oil distilled from orange blossoms.
  54. Nimble – perfect for a dog with swift and nimble movements.
  55. Nola – this name is inspired by the Cajun city of New Orleans.
  56. Noodle – is ideal for a dog with a goofy personality.
  57. Nori – a short and sweet Japanese name meaning “ceremony” or “seaweed.”
  58. Nova – derived from the Latin “novus,” meaning “new,” perfect for your newest addition.
  59. Nyx – associated with the Greek night goddess, perfect for your dark-coated companion.
  60. Oceane – an ocean-inspired pick for a dog who loves the water.
  61. Odessa – this exotic name was inspired by a Ukrainian city near the Black Sea.
  62. Ondine – is a gorgeous option among female dog names, from the Latin “unda” (wave).
  63. Oriana – means “gold” in Latin, perfect for a dog with a golden coat.
  64. Paisley – this playful name was inspired by the fabric pattern.
  65. Pandora – in Greek, Pandora means “all gifts,” perfect for mythology lovers.
  66. Petunia – this floral delight suits a dog with a sweet and charming nature.
  67. Pixel – a modern dog name, possibly appealing to tech-savvy pet parents.
  68. Quasar – the word for a star-like celestial body, ideal for outer space lovers.
  69. Quibble – means “playfully argumentative,” perfect for a dog with a feisty nature.
  70. Quinoa – from the name of the wholesome grain.
  71. Ray – a unisex pick, meaning “advice and protection” or “light from the sun.”
  72. Rhea – means “to flow” or “ground” in Greek.
  73. Rhubarb – a zesty plant name often associated with rhubarb pie.
  74. Sable – meaning “black,” Sable is perfect for a dark-coated beauty.
  75. Saffron – the name of a spice, from the Arabic “za’faran” (gold leaves).
  76. Sapphira – inspired by Sapphire, the beautiful blue gemstone.
  77. Selene – a gorgeous option among female names for dogs, meaning “moon.”
  78. Seraphim – this Hebrew name means “fiery ones,” referencing an order of angels.
  79. Seraphina – is an angelic choice for your puppy, meaning “fiery ones” in Hebrew.
  80. Serendipity – the English word for a pleasant surprise.
  81. Shae – this cool female dog name comes from the Irish “ségda” (good, favorable).
  82. Soraya – this lovely Arabic name references “the Pleiades,” a constellation in the northern sky.
  83. Sorrel – inspired by the plant, ultimately from the French “sur” (sour).
  84. Thalassa – is associated with the Greek personification of the sea.
  85. Thalia – this Greek name meaning “to blossom” suits a joyful companion.
  86. Tinsley – an English place name meaning “hill” or “mound.”
  87. Ulani – if you have a tropical pup, consider the Hawaiian Ulani, which means “cheerful.”
  88. Velvet – a lovely choice for a dog with a soft and luxurious coat.
  89. Vera – means “faith” in Russian for a dog who is always faithful.
  90. Veridian – is either derived from “verdant” (green, growing) or “veritas” (truth).
  91. Willa – this sweet female form of William means “resolute protector.”
  92. Wombat – a quirky option that’s as unique and goofy as your pup.
  93. Xanthe – from the Greek meaning “yellow” or “blonde,” well-suited for a golden-coated cutie.
  94. Yara – an ideal choice for man’s best friend, meaning “friend” or “helper” in Persian.
  95. Yuki – this Japanese name means “happiness” and “snow.”
  96. Yumi – in Japanese, Yumi means “archery bow.”
  97. Zephyra – means “west wind” in Greek; Zephyra is an unusual option for your special pup.
  98. Zephyrine – this name is ideal for a dog who’s fun and free-spirited.
  99. Zigzag – is perfect for a dog who loves to run around.
  100. Zinnia – a lovely floral name for a dog as beautiful as the flower.
  101. Zobiya – an exotic choice among female dog names, meaning “a gift from God” in Arabic.
  102. Zuri – this gorgeous Swahili name means “beautiful.”
  103. Zuzu – a rare short form of Susan, meaning “lily.”

Female Dog Names FAQs

What Is a Cool Name for a Female Dog?

You can draw inspiration from various sources when choosing cool female dog names. Consider names that reflect her personality, appearance, or even your favorite characters. For a stylish vibe, names like Bella, Luna, or Stella could be fitting. Consider whimsical names like Zara, Juno, or Indie if you want something unique. Nature-inspired names like Willow or Aurora have a cool sound. Ultimately, the coolest girl dog names are the ones that resonate with you and your four-legged friend.

What Is a Rare Girl Dog Name?

Explore mythology, ancient cultures, and lesser-known literary characters for rare girl dog names. Opt for names like Sapphira, Seraphina, or Tanzanite for a touch of elegance and mystique. Gemstone-inspired names and characters from obscure works also offer unique options. Try to find rare female names for dogs that resonate with your pup’s unique personality.

What Girl Puppy Name Means Strong?

Looking for strong and spirited girl dog names for your puppy? Consider Brianna, meaning “strong and virtuous,” or Valerie, which means “to be strong” or “brave.” Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle,” and word names like Storm and Rebel are fantastic options for an extra dose of badassery. These female dog names sound strong and also celebrate your pup’s bravery.

What Girl Dog Name Means Love?

For a girl dog name that embodies love, explore options with amorous meanings. Cara means “beloved” in Italian, Amara signifies “everlasting love,” and unique names like Loving, Aimee, or Carys embrace the theme of “affection.” Opt for a name that sounds sweet and reflects the love and joy your furry companion brings into your life.

What Is a Loyal Female Dog Name?

Consider names that reflect unwavering devotion and faithfulness for a loyal female dog. Names like Faith, Loyal, or Fidelity explicitly embody loyalty. You can also explore names symbolizing loyalty in different cultures, such as Amina in Arabic or Verity in English. Ultimately, choose a name that resonates with your pup’s devoted nature and brings a sense of loyalty into your everyday adventures together.

What Female Dog Name Means Warrior?

For a female dog with a warrior spirit, consider names that signify strength, courage, and bravery. Names like Bellatrix, inspired by the fierce Harry Potter character, or Brienne, reminiscent of the valiant warrior in Game of Thrones, evoke a powerful vibe. You can also explore names with warrior meanings, such as Kahlan, meaning “mighty warrior” in Irish, or Zelda, which has a warrior-like quality. Choose a name that captures your dog’s fearless and determined nature, embodying the spirit of a true canine warrior.

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