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200+ Heartwarming Cow Names: With Cool Facts

These cow names will leave you feeling “a-MOO-sed!”

Choosing a name for your bull or heifer can be challenging, but you don’t have to have a cow! This comprehensive list of over 200 cow names has everything you want and more. Whether you’re looking for sassy, silly, or sophisticated names for cows, we’ve got your back.

With this many options, you’re bound to find your perfect match. Sit back and relax; you’ll explore this roundup until the cows come home.

67 Darling Girl Cow Names

These beautiful cow names for girls will have your heifer feeling like a knockout.

  1. Amber – of Latin and French origin, refers to a gemstone ideal for the amber-colored cow.
  2. Angel – a Greek option describing heavenly beings, a popular term of endearment.
  3. Annabelle – means “favored grace” and “beauty” in Hebrew and French.
  4. Aurora – often associated with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, means “dawn” in Latin.
  5. Beauty – the ideal pick for your beloved pet, telling the world how beautiful she is.
  6. Bella – of Italian origin, meaning “beautiful,” can be short for Isabella.
  7. Bessie -short for Elizabeth, means “God is my oath” in Hebrew, often shortened to Bess.
  8. Betsy – a variation of Bethia, referring to a daughter of God or worshipper of God.
  9. Bianca – means “white” and “pure” in Italian, ideal for the fluffy white Highland.
  10. Bluebell – an English option pointing to the bluebell flower symbolizing eternal love.
  11. Callie – a cute derivative of Callisto, meaning “lovely” in Greek.
  12. Candie -short for Candice, meaning “clarity” or “whiteness” in Latin.
  13. Clarabelle – means “bright” in Latin, borne by Disney’s fictional black and white cow.
  14. Cleo – of English origin, means “glory” and can be short for Cleopatra.
  15. Crystal – a derivative of “krystallos,” meaning “ice” in Greek.
  16. Daisy – inspired by the white and yellow flower symbolizing joy and innocence.
  17. Diamond – a rare gem doubling as April’s birthstone, perfect for the spring baby.
  18. Diva – means “goddess” in Latin, a pet name for celebrities.
  19. Dixie – of French origin, means “tenth,” or the Southern portion of the U.S.
  20. Dolly – an English option meaning “gift of God,” borne by singer Dolly Parton.
  21. Dottie – among the cutest girl cow names, means “gift of God” in Greek.
  22. Duchess – a derivative of Dux, meaning “leader,” often given to noble women.
  23. Ella – means “fairy maiden” in German, perfect for cattle owners who like brief titles.
  24. Emery – of English origin, means “power” or “industrious,” ideal for the hardworking dairy cow.
  25. Emma – means “whole” or “universal” in German and can be short for Emily.
  26. Flossie – a classic moniker for Florence, meaning “flourishing” in Latin.
  27. Gemmy – means “precious stone” in Italian, perfect for your jewel of a girl.
  28. Gertie – a German pick meaning “spear of strength,” short for Gertrude.
  29. Ginger – among the most common nicknames for redheads, meaning “pure” in English.
  30. Hattie – short for Harriet, meaning “home-ruler” in German.
  31. Heifer – is the official term for a young cow that hasn’t given birth.
  32. Helga – of Norse origin, meaning “holy,” “sacred,” and “blessed.”
  33. Henrietta – means “keeper of the home” or “rules her household” in French.
  34. Holly – a merry flower commonly seen at Christmas, symbolizing courage.
  35. Ivory – of English origin, meaning “white as elephant’s tusks.”
  36. Ivy – a vining plant initially worn by newlyweds as a sign of unending love.
  37. Katie – short for Katherine, meaning “pure” in Greek.
  38. Lady – of English origin, means “noble kind,” a sophisticated alternative to Princess.
  39. Lassie – a Scottish term of endearment meaning “little girl,” borne by the famous Collie.
  40. Lily – means “innocence” in Latin and can also refer to the flower symbolizing resurrection.
  41. Lina – of Arabic origin, meaning “small palm tree” and “sunlight.”
  42. Lucy – short for Lucille, means “light” in Latin and English.
  43. Lulu – a moniker for Louise or Luella, means “calm” and “precious” in Swahili.
  44. Luna – the Roman goddess of the moon, an excellent pick for the calf born at night.
  45. Magnolia – of Latin origin, means “Magnol’s flower,” perfect for the Southern belle.
  46. Mary Moo Cow – featured in Arthur, a children’s show produced by PBS.
  47. Millie – short for Millicent, means “strong in work” in German.
  48. Minnie – is of Hebrew origin, borne by Minnie Mouse, the famous Disney character.
  49. Molly – a variation of Mary, meaning “star of the sea” or “bitter” in Hebrew.
  50. Moo-lan – a punny take on Mulan, Disney’s warrior princess.
  51. Nellie – of Latin origin meaning “horned” or “light,” ideal for your Highland.
  52. Nova – a derivative of Novus, meaning “new” in Latin.
  53. Opal – means “precious stone” in Sanskrit, doubling as October’s birthstone.
  54. Pearl – of Latin origin, known as one of the classiest jewels.
  55. Penelope – means “weaver” in Greek, inspired by the mythical Queen of Ithaca.
  56. Penny – short for Penelope or a copper-colored coin.
  57. Petunia – a colorful flower symbolizing hope and wellness.
  58. Polly – of Latin origin, a sassy variation of Molly, meaning “star of the sea.”
  59. Princess – means “royal daughter” in English, a common title for cherished calves.
  60. Rosebud – refers to a young rose, perfect for your beautiful red cow.
  61. Ruby – a derivative of “ruber,” meaning “red,” a gemstone symbolizing passion.
  62. Sadie – an alternative to Sarah, meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  63. Snow White – a good nod to Disney’s raven-haired princess, an ironic pick for the white cow.
  64. Star – of English origin, a popular choice for cows with star-shaped patches.
  65. Stella – means “celestial star” in Latin and Italian, perfect for the social sweetheart.
  66. Tulip – means “turban” in Turkish or a bright bloom seen in spring.
  67. Violet – a shade of purple or a flower symbolizing humility and honor.

75 Handsome Boy Cow Names

These dapper boy cow names will melt your heart.

  1. Alexander – means “defender of the people” in Greek, associated with Alexander the Great.
  2. Amadeus – a Latin pick meaning “loved by God” or “love of God.”
  3. Angus – of Celtic origin, means “one choice” or a specific breed of beef cattle.
  4. Apollo – a beastly Greek title meaning “destroyer,” a great option for your male cow.
  5. Astro – of Greek origin, meaning “of the stars,” associated with astronomy.
  6. Benjamin – a biblical title, means “son of my right hand,” often shortened to Benny.
  7. Bert – short for Albert or Robert, means “bright” in German.
  8. Big Red – a unique soda or spicy bubble gum, ideal for the cinnamon-colored steer.
  9. Billy – of German origin, means “resolute protector.”
  10. Blackbeard – an English pirate known for his death-defying acts at sea.
  11. Blaze – a Latin option meaning “flame” or “fire.”
  12. Boo – an English term of endearment or a spooky sound associated with ghosts.
  13. Bowie – of Scottish origin, means “yellow-haired,” perfect for your pale cow.
  14. Bro – a cute alternative to Dude or Brother, can also be short for Brogen.
  15. Brooks – of English origin, among nature-inspired boy cow names.
  16. Brutus – a Latin pick meaning “heavy,” fitting for the hefty boy.
  17. Bubba – an alternative to “bro,” meaning “brother” in English.
  18. Bullhorn – a tool that amplifies voices, perfect for your noisy bull.
  19. Bully – an English term describing a person who teases others.
  20. Buzz – short for Busby, meaning “village in the woods” in English.
  21. Caesar – derived from “caesaries,” meaning “head of hair,” associated with Julius Caesar.
  22. Carter – an English occupational surname for those who transported goods by cart.
  23. Chief – a common term for a leader, among the bossiest names for cows.
  24. Comet – derived from “kometes,” meaning “a head with long hair,” also associated with astronomy.
  25. Cud – partially digested food that cows chew to aid the digestion process.
  26. Dash – means “to run quickly” in English, short for Dashing.
  27. Diablo – the Spanish variation of Devil, perfect for your mischievous moo.
  28. Duke – of Latin origin, meaning “leader,” often referring to nobility.
  29. Earl – a stately English option meaning “prince,” “royal,” or “warrior.”
  30. Eddie Moophey – a hilarious take on Eddie Murphy, a beloved actor.
  31. Einstein – means “stone worker” in German, borne by genius Albert Einstein.
  32. Elvis – a derivative of Alwiss, meaning “all wise” in German, borne by singer Elvis Presley.
  33. Everett – means “strong boar” in German, given to those with tough personalities.
  34. Galileo – means “of Galilee” in Latin, inspired by famed astronomer Galileo Galilei.
  35. George – derived from Georgos, meaning “earth worker” or “farmer” in Greek.
  36. Grampa – a moniker for Grandpa, ideal for the cow with an old soul.
  37. Handsome – describes an attractive person, a fantastic pick for the outstanding stud.
  38. Hank – means “home ruler” in German, fitting for the pet you can’t turn down.
  39. Harley – of English origin, meaning “hare’s meadow,” also associated with motorcycles.
  40. Henry – joins the ranks of French cow names, which means “home ruler” in French.
  41. Hugh Heifer – a favorite among punny pet owners, inspired by playboy Hugh Hefner.
  42. Hunter – the best title for your ferocious calf, means “pursuer” in English.
  43. Jack Black – a classy pick for your black steer, borne by funny actor Jack Black.
  44. King – hailing from the U.K., means “ruler” or “monarch.”
  45. Knight – of English origin, means “warrior,” an honored title in the Middle Ages.
  46. Knox – an English habitational surname meaning “from the small hill.”
  47. Lennon – means “lover” in Irish, borne by singer John Lennon.
  48. Leo – of Latin origin, means “lion,” symbolizing majesty and grace.
  49. Max – short for Maximilian, meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  50. Maximus -often given to military leaders, means “greatest” in Latin.
  51. Moocifer – a devilish take on Lucifer, the biblical name of Satan.
  52. Nemo – of Latin origin, meaning “nobody,” featured in Pixar’s Finding Nemo.
  53. Oaks – means “oak tree” in English, symbolizing the power of strong roots.
  54. Phantom – describes an apparition or ghost, perfect for your white cow.
  55. Prince – a derivative of “princeps,” meaning “first one” in Latin, traditionally given to firstborns.
  56. Raider – an English option pointing to someone who invades and plunders land.
  57. Raven – of English origin, a moniker for dark-haired people or a mysterious bird seen in literature.
  58. Red Bull – a popular energy drink and a delightful pick for the high-energy calf.
  59. Remy – a French occupational surname given to oarsmen.
  60. River – of English origin, referring to a flowing body of water, peaceful and chaotic.
  61. Roman – means “strong” and “powerful” in Hebrew, can also point to a person from Rome.
  62. Sebastian – a Greek option meaning “venerable” and “revered.”
  63. Silver – of Latin origin, means “white” and “shining.”
  64. Sir Loin – a punny alternative to Sirloin, among the best cuts of beef.
  65. Sleepy – describes the cow who is always ready for a nap.
  66. Stud – a male animal kept for breeding purposes or a handsome boy.
  67. Tank – often associated with the military, can also describe a sturdy cow.
  68. T Bone – a style of steak taken from the cow’s tenderloin.
  69. Teddy – short for Theodore, meaning “gift of God” in Greek, also connected to teddy bears.
  70. Thor – of Norse origin, meaning “thunder,” borne by the mythical thunder God.
  71. Tuck – short for Tucker, an occupational surname for those who sewed clothes.
  72. Uncle – a playful term of endearment for an honored male.
  73. Willy – short for William, means “will-helmet” in German.
  74. Woody – a moniker for Woodrow, meaning “from the lane in the woods” in English.
  75. Zeus – of Greek origin, meaning “sky,” borne by the leading mythical god.

63 Adorable Cow Names

“Moove” over, cute cow names coming through.

  1. Big Mac – a snazzy McDonald’s burger that’s globally famous.
  2. Black Beauty – inspired by Anna Sewell’s fictional horse, the perfect name for your black cow.
  3. Black Magic – the evil use of supernatural powers, ideal for the dark-colored calf.
  4. Blackjack – a popular card game played in casinos.
  5. Bossy – describes the animal with an agenda, common for female calves.
  6. Brownie – a decadent chocolate dessert, perfect for the little brown heifer.
  7. Buttercup – a playful pet name or a flower symbolizing friendship and cheer.
  8. Butterlicious – the ideal cow name for milk-loving owners, an excellent pick for heifers.
  9. Buttermilk – a fermented liquid used in baking, made from butter residual.
  10. Calf – a baby cow or a muscle on the lower leg.
  11. Chopper – someone who chops things or a helicopter.
  12. Cinnamon – a spice made from the bark of cinnamon trees, often used in baked treats.
  13. Copper – a soft metal commonly used in electrical work, perfect for the golden brown calf.
  14. Cowabunga – a slang word coined by the writer of the Howdy Doody Show for kids.
  15. Domino – among the oldest board games, can also be used to create art.
  16. Ebony – a valued black wood found in luxury furniture or a shade of black.
  17. Espresso – means “pressed out” in Italian, referring to a strong style of coffee.
  18. Guinness – a popular type of beer in Ireland, perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day calf.
  19. Hershey – is commonly associated with the candy brand or a town in Pennsylvania.
  20. Holstein – a black and white breed of cow known for its milk production.
  21. Honey – means “nectar” in English, a prized sweet in the Middle Ages.
  22. Jersey – a breed of small dairy cows that originated in the U.K.
  23. Ko – of Japanese origin, means “to till,” once a typical job for cows.
  24. Latte – points to a delicious beverage made with coffee and steamed milk.
  25. Licorice – a plant that was used medicinally or a vintage candy.
  26. Longhorn – an American cattle breed known for its unusually long horns.
  27. Lorde – a classy alternative to Lord, inspired by the New Zealand singer Lorde.
  28. Magic – means “wonderful” and “exciting” in English, perfect for the cow that leaves you wondering.
  29. Midnight – the darkest time of night, an ideal pick for the cow with ebony fur.
  30. Milk Dud – a chocolate caramel made popular in the United States, and a favorite movie theater treat.
  31. Milkshake – a decadent frozen dessert made with ice cream and milk.
  32. Milky Way – a beautiful galaxy or a fluffy candy bar made by Mars, Incorporated.
  33. Mocha – a warm beverage made by mixing coffee, cream, and chocolate.
  34. Molasses – an old-fashioned sweetener made from sugar cane and sugar beet syrup.
  35. Moo-Moo – a fun alternative to Muumuu, a style of house dress.
  36. Moosy – inspired by Maisy, meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  37. Mucca – means “dairy cow” in Italian, fitting for your little milk machine.
  38. Nanny – a sassy moniker for Anna or Hannah, means “God has heard me” in Hebrew.
  39. Nutella – inspired by the chocolate hazelnut spread that’s all the rage in America and Europe.
  40. Nutmeg – a warm spice often used in autumn baking, native to Indonesia.
  41. Onyx – of Greek origin, means “claw” or “nail,” can also describe a dark gemstone.
  42. Oreo – a chocolate and cream sandwich cookie by Nabisco, ideal for the black and white pet.
  43. Paprika – inspired by the spice made from red peppers, often used in ethnic cooking.
  44. Patches – describes the cow with splotches of color, often shortened to Patch.
  45. Polka – a style of dance that originated with the Czechoslovakian or a dot of color.
  46. Revel – means “rejoice” in English, perfect for the chipper calf.
  47. Rusty – an English moniker traditionally given to redheads.
  48. Shadow – means “shade from the sun” in English, fitting for the pessimistic heifer.
  49. Slate – a rock that makes writing tools or a shade of grey.
  50. Smokey – means “smoke colored,” borne by singer Smokey Robinson.
  51. Snowflake – a beautiful, unique piece of snow fitting for the white cow.
  52. Speckle – means “small dot of color” in English, ideal for the polka-dot calf.
  53. Spot – a popular name for beloved pets with adorable spots of black or white.
  54. Sprinkles – a garnish put on baked goods, ideal for the steer that makes life sweet.
  55. Storm – a disruption in the atmosphere, can also refer to a tumultuous person.
  56. Sugar – a term of endearment given to a sweet-tempered individual.
  57. Sunshine – of English origin, refers to the sun’s rays or a cheery person.
  58. Sweetie – short for Sweetheart, a popular pet name for couples.
  59. Thunder – a loud noise that happens during a storm.
  60. Titan – means “defender” in Greek, pointing to mythical warriors.
  61. Tootsie – a typical pet name for children, can also point to the Tootsie Roll candy.
  62. Valentine – of Latin origin, means “strong” and “healthy.”
  63. Voodoo – a derivative of “voudou,” meaning “spirit” in Haitian.

Cow Names FAQs

What’s a Good Name for a Cow?

There are endless good names for cows, ranging from silly to sophisticated. If you want a punny option, try Moo-lan, Hugh Heifer, or Eddie Moophey, which will get some attention. If you prefer Disney-inspired titles, go with Aurora, Clarabelle, Snow White, or Minnie. Cow names fit for a royal cow include Bella, Duke, Duchess, Princess, and Lady.

What’s the Most Popular Cow Name?

Hands down, the most popular cow names keep it simple and sweet. Bessie, Daisy, Dolly, Lucy, and Petunia are popular for girl cows. Famous picks for boys include Diablo, Angus, Raider, Tank, and Zeus. Popular unisex choices are also great, for example, Bossy, Buttercup, Jersey, Spot, and Holstein.

Why Should You Name a Cow?

Cows are among the most popular farm animals, used for their meat and milk. Cow owners often name their stock to feel a deeper connection with the animal. Cows are intelligent creatures who love hearing their name and will form a bond with their owner over time. Everyone knows that a happy cow produces more milk.

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