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200+ Adorable Fox Names: With Awesome Meanings

These fox names will make any animal feel “foxy.”

Are you one of the lucky few pet fox owners? Or maybe your little one wants to call his favorite zoo animal by name. Either way, you’ll find endless options in this roundup of names for foxes. We’ve included silly, sassy, and sophisticated fox names to fit various tastes.

We’ve even included fun facts about each title to help you grow your knowledge. You’ll rediscover old favorite fox names and learn about the latest trends. Grab your pen and notebook; it’s time to get your thinking cap on!

71 Handsome Boy Fox Names

These dashing boy fox names will capture your heart.

  1. Albert – of German origin, meaning “bright,” “shining,” and “famous.”
  2. Alfred – a cute English title that means “old peace” or “wise,” often shortened to Alfie.
  3. Bandit – joins the ranks of badass fox names, referring to a sly thief.
  4. Bentley – an English surname given to those who lived near rolling meadows.
  5. Bomber – a cool military airplane that can drop bombs from the sky.
  6. Buddy – among the most famous nicknames for foxes, pointing to a friend.
  7. Casper – of Persian origin, means “treasure bearer,” borne by a cartoon ghost.
  8. Caspian – hailing from the U.K., meaning “white,” referring to the sea between Asia and Europe.
  9. Chase – a French occupational surname that means “to hunt.”
  10. Chestnut – inspired by the delicious chestnut or the same red-brown shade of a fox.
  11. Chilly – of American origin, meaning “cold,” perfect for the arctic fox.
  12. Chris – short for Christian or Christopher, meaning “bearing Christ” in Greek.
  13. Clover – means “meadow flower” in English, often connected with lucky four-leaf clovers.
  14. Coby – a nickname for Jacob, meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  15. Dave – short for David, a biblical title that means “beloved,” borne by the legendary Psalmist.
  16. Dexter – an English title meaning “right-handed,” or a surname given to those who dyed cloth.
  17. Diesel – a type of fuel or a moniker for Matthias, meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  18. Dobby – means “benevolent elf” in English, borne by Harry Potter’s funny elfin character.
  19. Duke – of Latin origin, meaning “leader,” associated with nobility.
  20. Elliott – a derivative of Elijah, a biblical pick meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  21. Ember – among unique boy fox names, refers to a spark or a low burning fire.
  22. Foxy the Pirate – an evil animatronic character featured in Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  23. George – derived from “georgos,” which means “farmer” in Greek.
  24. Gideon Grey – a male character from Zootopia, hailed for his baking skills.
  25. Gingerbread Man – inspired by literature, an ironic title as the fox is the cookie’s enemy.
  26. Gizmo – refers to a gadget or device, a popular name for pet dogs and foxes.
  27. Goldie – of British origin, meaning “made of gold,” fitting for the golden snow fox.
  28. Gray – an English nickname initially given to men with gray hair.
  29. Harley – means “hare’s meadow” in English, associated with the motorcycle brand.
  30. Henry – of French origin, meaning “house ruler,” perfect for the fox that rules the roost.
  31. Hickory – points to the fragrant tree, symbolizing the power of deep roots.
  32. Horace – a variation of Horatius, a Latin title meaning “time” and “season.”
  33. Jonah – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “dove,” a universal symbol of peace.
  34. Jonny – short for John, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  35. Jude – a Greek title meaning “praised,” associated with a song by the Beatles.
  36. Kettu – the Finnish word for “fox” is among the best names for blunt pet owners.
  37. Kit – a moniker for Christian or the official term for a baby fox.
  38. Koda – short for Dakota, a Native American name meaning “friend.”
  39. Kona – of Hawaiian origin, refers to the dry side of an island.
  40. Lomdhi – the Hindu word for “fox,” often shortened to Dee.
  41. Mantra – a Sanskrit term that refers to a spiritual chant, prayer, or hymn.
  42. Max – derived from Maxmillian, a stout Latin title meaning “greatest.”
  43. Michael J. Fox – inspired by a Canadian American actor known for his role in Back to the Future.
  44. Monty – of French origin, means “mountain,” fitting for the silver mountain fox.
  45. Mr. Fox – a comedy film based on the hit children’s novel by the same name.
  46. Mr. Tod – a children’s series written by Beatrix Potter, featuring characters from Peter Rabbit.
  47. Mystic – refers to someone who follows mysticism or whose job is to gain spiritual knowledge.
  48. Nick Wilder – a sly fox featured in Disney’s Zootopia.
  49. Oscar – a classic title borne by a mythical Irish warrior known for his immense strength.
  50. Peter – of Greek origin, meaning “rock,” associated with one of Christ’s disciples.
  51. Rambo – a Norwegian surname given to families dwelling near raven’s nests.
  52. Ranger – means “forest guardian” in French, the perfect fox habitat.
  53. Raphie – short for Raphael, a Hebrew title meaning “God has healed.”
  54. Renard – of German origin, meaning “fox” or “strong decision.”
  55. Robin Hood – a kindhearted bandit depicted as a fox in Disney’s adaptation.
  56. Rocky – of English origin, meaning “rest,” but can also point to rough terrain.
  57. Rufus – a Latin option meaning “red-haired,” fitting for the handsome fox.
  58. Scout – means “to listen” or “to find” in French.
  59. Shifty – refers to someone who appears deceitful, often used to describe foxes.
  60. Sionnach – of Irish origin, meaning “fox,” traditionally given to sly men.
  61. Snoopy – describes an individual who is overly curious or nosy.
  62. Sparky – an English moniker given to those with fiery personalities.
  63. Steve – means “garland” and “victorious” in English, borne by a Minecraft character.
  64. Swiper the Fox – inspired by Dora the Explorer’s sneaky fox.
  65. Teddy – a French pick meaning “wealthy protector” can be short for Theodore.
  66. Todd – is of British origin, meaning “fox” but can also mean “thanks” in Hebrew.
  67. Volpe – an Italian nickname given to men with red hair like foxes.
  68. Whisper – means “soft voice” in America, speaking to the discreetness of a fox.
  69. Wilde – hailing from Germany, meaning “hunter,” or a moniker describing a wild person.
  70. Winston – an English pick meaning “joyful stone,” often shortened to Win.
  71. Zorro – of Spanish origin, meaning “sly” and “fox.”

70 Beautiful Girl Fox Names

These girl fox names are fabulous, fancy, and fresh.

  1. Abby – short for Abigail, meaning “my father’s joy” in Hebrew.
  2. Alpine – of Gaelic origin, meaning “fair,” associated with the Swiss Alps.
  3. Astra – among astronomy-inspired girl fox names, meaning “star” in Greek.
  4. Baby – refers to an infant, also used as a term of endearment between couples.
  5. Bea – short for Beatrice, a Latin title that means “blessed.”
  6. Bella – a moniker for Isabella, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  7. Charlotte – the feminization of Charles, meaning “free woman” in French.
  8. Cinderella – is Disney’s beautiful blonde princess, fitting for the fox with white fur.
  9. Cleopatra – a Greek title meaning “glory of the father,” borne by Egypt’s famous queen.
  10. Coco – means “cocoa” in French, often connected to designer Coco Chanel.
  11. Crystal – a derivative of “krystallos,” meaning “clear” or “precious” in Greek.
  12. Daisy – points to a cheery flower symbolizing positivity and purity.
  13. Daphne – of Greek origin, meaning “laurel tree,” inspired by a mythical nymph.
  14. Darcy – an Irish pick given to black-haired women, featured in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.
  15. Darling – means “beloved one” in English and Scottish.
  16. Demi – of French origin, meaning “half” or “small,” perfect for the petite kit.
  17. Dita – a Spanish option that means “prosperous in war” and “strife for wealth.”
  18. Dolly – short for Dorothy, meaning “gift of God,” borne by singer Dolly Parton.
  19. Fawna – a young deer or the Roman goddess of fields and forests.
  20. Felicity – derived from Felicitas, meaning “happiness” in Latin.
  21. Fern – an English topographical surname pointing to those living near ferns.
  22. Florence – taken from “florentius,” which means “blossoming” in Latin.
  23. Foxy Lady – refers to a physically attractive woman.
  24. Gemma – means “gem” or “jewel” in Latin, perfect for your invaluable pet.
  25. Ginger – a warm spice used in baking and autumnal beverages.
  26. Isobel – a respelling of Isabella, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  27. Izzy – short for Elizabeth or Isabell, means “God is my oath” and “lovely.”
  28. Jett – means “jet black” in English, borne by rocker Joan Jett.
  29. Jewel – an English option referring to a precious stone.
  30. Juliette – a fancy respelling of Juliet, meaning “youthful” and “Jove’s child” in Latin.
  31. Juno – the Roman equivalent of Hera, the goddess of women and marriage.
  32. Karina – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “pure of heart.”
  33. Kira – a Greek title referring to a lord or lady, can also mean “black” in Irish.
  34. Lady – hailing from the U.K., meaning “noble kind,” often given to high society.
  35. Lady Fox – inspired by Aileen Fox, an English archaeologist who made significant Roman discoveries.
  36. Lauren – the feminization of Laurence, meaning “laurel tree” and “victory” in French.
  37. Lily – of Latin origin, meaning “innocence” or a flower symbolizing rebirth.
  38. Lucida – a derivative of “lucidus,” meaning “bright” in Latin.
  39. Luna – the Roman personification of the moon, perfect for the little night owl.
  40. Maid Marian – is Robin Hood’s love interest, known for her kind heart.
  41. Matilda – a Germanic title that means “mighty in battle.”
  42. Megan Fox – an American actress and poet known for her role in the Transformers films.
  43. Melissa – of Greek origin, meaning “honeybee” and often shortened to Lissa.
  44. Melody – a pattern of musical notes or a catchy tune.
  45. Mia – short for Mila, meaning “dear” and “darling” in Slavic.
  46. Misty – hailing from Britain, a meteorological title referring to a foggy day.
  47. Monroe – of Scottish and Irish origin, often associated with actress Marilyn Monroe.
  48. Mrs. Fox – featured in the Fantastic Mr. Fox film, a wife and mother to Ash Fox.
  49. Nala – an African title meaning “queen” and “lioness,” featured in Disney’s The Lion King.
  50. Penny – of Greek origin, short for Penelope, the mythical Queen of Ithaca.
  51. Pixie – points to a fairy, petite woman, or short hairstyle.
  52. Princess – means “daughter of the king” in English, perfect for the confident kit.
  53. Rosy – short for Rose, a flower symbolizing passion and friendship.
  54. Roxy – of Persian origin, meaning “dawn,” “bright,” and “star.”
  55. Ruby – means “red precious stone” in Latin and French, doubling as July’s birthstone.
  56. Sally – of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess,” often used as a nickname for Sarah.
  57. Sandy – a derivative of Alexandra, meaning “man’s defender” in Greek.
  58. Sarah – the biblical wife of Abraham, considered the mother of all Hebrew people.
  59. Scarlette – a French occupational surname for those who shrank cloth.
  60. Sophie – short for Sophia, a Greek pick meaning “wisdom.”
  61. Sweetie Pie – a term of endearment for the fox with a sweet personality.
  62. Swift – means “windblown” in English, borne by singer Taylor Swift.
  63. Tina – of Latin origin, meaning “follower of Christ,” can be short for Christina.
  64. Tinkerbell – Disney’s lovable pixie featured in Peter Pan.
  65. Trixie – short for Beatrice, a Latin option meaning “joy” or “bringer of happiness.”
  66. Tulip – the Turkish word for “turban” or a bright flower symbolizing renewal.
  67. Vixen – a female fox or an attractive woman with a fierce persona.
  68. Willow – refers to the willow tree, hailed for its resilience.
  69. Winnie – of Welsh origin, meaning “gentle friend” or “friend of peace.”
  70. Zita – a Greek title meaning “little hope,” among the most positive names for foxes.

80 Cool Fox Names

These rad fox names are peachy-keen.

  1. Alfie – a moniker for Alfred, meaning “elf” and “wise” in English.
  2. Apollo – means “manly beauty” in Greek, borne by the mythical god of medicine.
  3. Autumn – of Latin origin, refers to a season of harvest.
  4. Blanco – a Spanish option that means “bright white,” perfect for the fox dwelling in cold climates.
  5. Blaze – of Latin origin, refers to a fire or flame, symbolizing romantic passion.
  6. Boo – an American title meaning “little one” or a term of endearment.
  7. Br’er Fox – a fictional character featured in African American stories.
  8. Bubbles – among silly nicknames for foxes, borne by one of the Powerpuff Girls.
  9. Casey – is of Irish origin, a unisex pick meaning “brave.”
  10. Cheeto – a popular brand of cheesy snacks featuring a cheetah mascot.
  11. China – refers to a lovely country known for its rich culture and history.
  12. Chloe – is of Greek origin, meaning “blooming” and “shoot.”
  13. Chopper – someone who chops food or a helicopter.
  14. Copper – a reddish-brown mineral or a golden brown hue, similar to fox fur.
  15. Cutie – describes someone with an adorable face, fitting for the handsome fox.
  16. Daffy – short for Daphne, a Greek title meaning “laurel tree,” borne by Disney’s Daffy Duck.
  17. Dakota – of Native American origin, pointing to the spirit of friendship.
  18. Demo – a Greek title meaning “the people,” can also refer to the act of demolishing.
  19. Eevee – of Japanese and English origin, a kawaii title doubling as a respelling of Eve.
  20. Elfie – a derivative of Elfreda, meaning “power” and “strength” in German.
  21. Eskimo – an Indigenous tribe dwelling in the Arctic, a fitting pick for the snow fox.
  22. Flash – a flash of light or a sudden movement associated with DC Comics’ hero.
  23. Foxy – refers to someone sly as a fox or physically attractive.
  24. Foxy Loxy – an attractive fox featured in the hit film Chicken Little.
  25. Fuzzy – of English origin, points to a soft, fluffy texture.
  26. Honey – a syrup made by bees that was once considered the nectar of the gods.
  27. Hunter – hailing from Britain, meaning “pursuer” or “one that hunts.”
  28. Ivory – of English origin, meaning “white as an elephant’s tusks.”
  29. Ivy – means “vine” in English and Latin, given to newlyweds as a sign of eternal love.
  30. Jojo – is of Ghanaian origin, meaning “born on Monday.”
  31. Jupiter – the Roman god of all gods or the largest planet in the solar system.
  32. Latte – is a coffee beverage made with cream that produces a light tan shade.
  33. Leo – means “lion” in Greek and Latin, borne by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
  34. Lightning – refers to a bolt of electricity seen in storms.
  35. London – of English origin, means “from the great river,” or a popular city in England.
  36. Lorde – an alternate spelling of “lord” given to members of the nobility.
  37. Lotus – means “lotus flower” in Greek, symbolizing resilience.
  38. Maple – an English habitational surname given to families dwelling near maple trees.
  39. Marley – means “marshy meadow” in English, borne by singer Bob Marley.
  40. Mars – is of Roman origin, meaning “God of war,” referring to the god of agriculture.
  41. Nibbles – the perfect name for the fox who likes to roughhouse.
  42. Ollie – short for Oliver, meaning “olive tree,” a symbol of peace.
  43. Onyx – of Greek origin, meaning “claw” or a gemstone once thought to be the gods’ fingernails.
  44. Opal – a Sanskrit pick meaning “precious stone,” doubling as October’s birthstone.
  45. Oreo – points to the black and white cookie famous in America and Europe.
  46. Ozzy – short for Oscar and Osbourne, meaning “divine power” in German.
  47. Paris – of Greek origin, meaning “defender,” or the “city of love” in France.
  48. Peaches – a juicy fruit that Georgia is known for, associated with Nintendo’s Princess Peach.
  49. Penelope – a Greek mythical pick borne by a queen who used her loom to deceive men.
  50. Pepper – means “hot spice” in English, perfect for the fiery fox.
  51. Pikachu – of Japanese origin, meaning “sparkle noise mouse,” featured in Pokemon.
  52. Pumpkin – an autumnal squash or a term of endearment for a child.
  53. Raven – means “wise” and “dark-haired” in English or a bird featured in literature.
  54. Rebane – an Estonian surname meaning “fox,” given to families with sneaky habits.
  55. Red – a brilliant hue or a nickname for someone with red hair.
  56. Rex – of Latin origin, meaning “king,” often associated with dinosaurs.
  57. Ripley – hailing from the U.K., meaning “strip of clearing in the woods.”
  58. Roho – a Swahili option meaning “soul,” traditionally given to little boys.
  59. Rooney – is of Irish origin, meaning “descendant of champions.”
  60. Rusty – an English moniker for those with red hair and ruddy complexions.
  61. Scorch – of English origin, meaning “to burn” or “to be burned.”
  62. Seeker – refers to someone searching for a role featured in Harry Potter’s Quidditch game.
  63. Shimmer – means “to glisten softly” in English, describing a fox’s coat to a tee.
  64. Silver Fox – a breed of fox that can also be black or a handsome older man.
  65. Simba – joins the ranks of Disney fox names, which means “lion” in Swahili.
  66. Snowflake – a natural phenomenon seen in the winter, symbolizing individuality.
  67. Spirit – of English origin, meaning “soul,” but can refer to alcohol.
  68. Summer – a season of relaxation and fun in the sun.
  69. Sunny – an English nickname given to those with optimistic personalities.
  70. Sunset – a beautiful event occurring at the end of the day.
  71. Sweetie – a casual alternative to Sweetheart, ideal for the cuddly fox.
  72. Thor – is the Norse god of thunder who can also be seen in Marvel’s multiverse.
  73. Tilly – short for Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle” in German.
  74. Titan – a Greek pick meaning “defender” or Tennessee’s football team.
  75. Vanilla – a fragrant baking ingredient made from vanilla beans.
  76. Wiggles – the ideal title for the fox who can’t stop moving.
  77. Winter – a season of cold and stillness, symbolizing rest and renewal.
  78. Yeti – of Tibetan origin, means “small manlike animal,” the subject of many legends.
  79. Zealand – an English title referring to those from the sea land.
  80. Zeus – the Greek sky god, a popular pet title meaning “sky” and “shine.”

Fox Names FAQs

What Is a Cute Name for a Fox?

There’s no shortage of adorable fox names, ranging from popular to rare. Terms of endearment like Sweetie, Cutie, Honey, and Pumpkin are some of the cutest options. Cute boy fox names include Casper, Dobby, Duke, Gizmo, Rufus, and Max. Looking for a female title? Try Bea, Coco, Dolly, Izzy, or Lady.

What Is a Mythical Name for a Fox?

Mythical fox names are a wonderful theme that speaks of intelligence and strength. Among the most popular legendary titles are Zeus, Titan, Apollo, and Jupiter. Beautiful goddess names include Penelope, which is often shortened to Penny. Daphne, Penny, Fawna, Juno, and Luna are other gorgeous options that will turn heads.

What Is a Name for a Girl Fox?

Girl foxes are known for being matronly, sly, and sometimes friendly. It makes sense that you’d want to christen your female fox with the best name possible. Celebrity-inspired titles include Dolly, Megan Fox, Darcy, and Cleopatra. Try Alpine, Willow, Daisy, or Fern if you prefer serene nature names. Famous cartoon fox names like Mrs. Fox, Lady Fox, and Maid Marian are also great picks.

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