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250+ Best Druid Names: With Magic Meanings

Dance into the mystical realm of druid names and come out with nothing but fantastical choices for your inner magician.

When someone says “druid names,” your mind may conjure all sorts of otherworldly ideas. You may even draw a blank when trying to imagine strong and beautiful names for druids.

Look no further, because our meticulously organized set of druid names has everything from the historical to the downright weird. Whether you’re a Celtic history buff, an ardent role player, or just obsessed with the magical, this list is for you. You might not become a spellbinder, but you’ll have the most popular druid names to choose from.

85 Meaningful Male Druid Names

Find the magic hidden in plain sight among these cool male druid names.

  1. Adriel – a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “God is my master” or “of God’s flock.”
  2. Aglain – a leader of the druids in King Arthur, has Moorish origins, meaning “born again.”
  3. Aiche – means “beauty” in several African languages and is a character in the Mythgate Wiki.
  4. Allanon – means “strong-willed” in Celtic and is a druid master from The Sword of Shannara.
  5. Amergin – for Amergin Glúingel, a Chief Ollam of Ireland, means “white knees.”
  6. Aodh – means “the bringer of fire” in Celtic mythology from the Old Irish Áed.
  7. Ari – has multiple meanings, including “eagle” in Norse, “lion” in Hebrew,” and “sun-like” in Indian-Badaga.
  8. Beiric – comes from the Celtic Old English Beric, meaning “grain farm.”
  9. Cailte – means “powerful” in Gaelic and associated with Cathal, meaning “powerful in battle.”
  10. Cathbad – means “knower of the oak tree” and is a druid of King Conchobar mac Nessa.
  11. Cerdan – originated with the Spanish Prince Fernando of Castile and is a druid in King Arthur.
  12. Chulainn – an Irish incarnation of the god Lugh, meaning “the powerful one.”
  13. Cian – means “enduring” and “strong”; the son of Dian in Fenian Irish mythology.
  14. Conanmeans “wolf” or “hound” and is associated with the Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhall.
  15. Conor – means “lover of hounds,” as the manliest of male druid names, the King of Ulster.
  16. Cormac – first used by 3rd-century Irish King Cormac Mac Airt; means “son of the charioteer.”
  17. Cumhall – a druid in the Fenian Cycle mythologies whose name means “strong.”
  18. Daegal – a druid from Camelot in King Arthur whose name means “dweller by the lake.”
  19. Dagda – means “good God” and is a figure called Eochaid Ollathair in Celtic mythology.
  20. Dax – means “leader” in French and derives from a French place name.
  21. Diarmuid – means “the one loved by all” and is the most famous of druid names for a warrior.
  22. Diviciacus – an Aedui druid in 1st-century B.C. Gaul, whose name means “avenger.”
  23. Domingo – based on Latin Dominicus, meaning “of the Lord,” and a clever take on Dominic.
  24. Druce – from the Old French “rieux,” meaning “streams,” associated with Dreux in Eure-et-Loire, France.
  25. Dubthach – means “dark-skinned” in Gaelic since dark skin was associated with magical powers.
  26. Emrys – means “immortal” in Welsh and is another name for Merlin, meaning “the one without end.”
  27. Enzo – a nickname for Lorenzo meaning “home-ruler,” one of the few Italian male druid names.
  28. Erwan – means “archer” in Irish, linked to the yew tree, and is a French druid, Erwan Berthou.
  29. Fergus – from the Old Scottish-Gaelic Fearghas, meaning “highest choice” or “strong one.”
  30. Finn – another name for Fionn mac Cumhall, which means “fair” or “gentle.”
  31. Fintan – means “the fair one;” Fintan the Wise was an Irish druid who could shapeshift.
  32. Fionn – means “fair-haired” and belonged to the hero Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool).
  33. Gael – means “Irishman” from the Old Irish Goídel and “blessed and generous” from Gwenael.
  34. Gareth – means “modest” and “brave”; Sir Gareth was a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table.
  35. Garnock – is a Welsh name meaning “dwells by the alder tree river.”
  36. Gavin – from the medieval Gawain, meaning “white hawk”; Sir Gawain was an Arthurian knight.
  37. Gilmac – means “stronghold” in Gaelic; Gilmac Morn is a member of the Fianna druid army.
  38. Godfrey – from the Old French Godefroy, composed of “gōd,” meaning “good” and “fred,” meaning “peace.”
  39. Golmac – a WoW character based on Gilmac, meaning “stronghold” in Gaelic.
  40. Gwenc’hlan – means “holy race” in Gaelic; a Bretonian druid master also known as Guinclaff.
  41. Iseldir – a druid chieftain for King Arthur whose name means “brave” or “soldier.”
  42. Kaede – a unisex name meaning “maple leaf” in Japanese and a female character in WoW.
  43. Keegan – an Anglo derivation of MacAodhagáin, based on Aodh, meaning “son of fire.”
  44. Kent – an ancient Celtic tribe in Britain; from the Celtic “cant,” meaning “edge.”
  45. Kevin – from the Irish Caoimhín, composed of “coém,” meaning “handsome,” and “gein,” meaning “birth.”
  46. Kian – means “ancient” in Gaelic and is a 6th-century Breton druid bard.
  47. Kyrie – means “lord” in Greek, from the Kyrie eleison prayer, meaning “Lord, have mercy.”
  48. Lir – from the Old Irish Ler, meaning “sea”; for pagans, King Lir is a sea god.
  49. Lochru – a Gypsy word meaning “druid seer”; an Arthurian druid who saved Merlin’s life.
  50. Lugh – the sun god in Irish mythology; means “bright” or “shiny.”
  51. Malcolm – derived from Maol Chaluim, meaning “devotee of St. Columba,” belonging to four Scottish kings.
  52. Manannán – for Manannán mac Lir, the “son of the sea,” from the Celtic “moniyo,” meaning “mountain.”
  53. Merlin – the most famous among male druid names meaning “fortress near the sea” in Welsh.
  54. Mikko – a nickname for Michael or Michaela, meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew.
  55. Mogh – for the powerful Mogh Ruith in Irish mythology, whose name means “slave to the wheel.”
  56. Mordred – a character in King Arthur whose name comes from the Latin Mordredus, meaning “brave.”
  57. Myrddin – means “stronghold by the sea” in Welsh as the original name of Merlin.
  58. Nevin – means “little saint” in Irish, deriving from the Gaelic “cnámh,” meaning “bone.”
  59. Niall – means “champion” in Irish, after Niall Noígíallach, an Irish king.
  60. Nuada – means “cloud maker” as one of the original Celtic druidic Nuadat family members.
  61. Oisin – a Fenian cycle druid and poet whose name means “small deer.”
  62. Ollie – a nickname for Oliver, meaning “warrior” or “elf army” for a half-elf, half-druid.
  63. Ono – is a character sculptor in Westmarch in the video game WoW.
  64. Osburne – from the Old Norse Osbern and Osborne, meaning “bear god.”
  65. Oscar – means “spear of the almighty” in Latin and is a druid in Irish mythology.
  66. Ossian – an Anglicized variant of the Old Irish Oisín, meaning “fawn.”
  67. Owen – a unisex name meaning “young warrior” and “well born” in Welsh.
  68. Penn – from the Breton-English “penn,” meaning “hill,” “pen fold,” and “sheep pen.”
  69. Rogan – an Anglo form of Ó’Ruadhagáin, from the Irish “ruadh,” meaning “red-headed.”
  70. Rory – from the Old Irish Ruaidhrí, meaning “red king,” the 12th-century king of Ireland.
  71. Ruadan – from the Irish “ruadh,” meaning “red,” reflecting the druid connection between red hair and magic.
  72. Sean – an Irish version of John, meaning “gracious” or “gift from God.”
  73. Siodhachan – the druid Siodhachan O’Suileabhain was known as Atticus O’Sullivan, whose name means “peaceful.”
  74. Sorley – from the Gaelic “somhairle,” meaning “summer wanderer” and “summer traveler.”
  75. Sylvan – means “of the forest” in Latin for Sylvanus, the god of forests and nature.
  76. Tadg – the prophetic Irish druid Tadg mac Nuadat’s name means “poet” or “bard” in Celtic.
  77. Taliesin – means “shining forehead” in Welsh and is a warrior in Arthurian legend.
  78. Tiago – is a druid troll guardian in WoW; short for Santiago, meaning “may God protect.”
  79. Tiernan – taken from the Irish “tigerna,” meaning “lord” and usually a surname.
  80. Tobin – a character in the 1957 film The Druid Cycle, meaning “God is good.”
  81. Trent – a surname for those living near the River Trent, meaning “the flooder” or “trespasser.”
  82. Tripp – means “one who tripped” in French for someone who had difficulty walking.
  83. Valdemar – means “renowned leader” in German and a character in DnD.
  84. Wyrmbane – for Halford Wyrmbane, a high commander in World of Warcraft.
  85. Yaqorel – an awesome name inspired by a character in Dungeons and Dragons.

86 Powerful Female Druid Names

Celebrate the beauty of druid names for the many female druids out there.

  1. Amaris – means “gift of God” in Hebrew, and is a member of the Celtic Fianna warriors.
  2. Aoife – pronounced as “EE-faa” in Irish and means “beauty” or “radiant.”
  3. Aria – a female favorite among names for druids meaning “music” or “song.”
  4. Arianwen – a delicate Welsh choice for female druid names meaning “white” and “holy silver.”
  5. Astrid – means “divinely beautiful” in Scandanavian from the Old Norse word Ástríðr.
  6. Banshee – from the Irish “bean sí,” meaning “woman of the fairy mounds.”
  7. Becuille – a druid of Greek mythology whose name means “calm” and “pleasant.”
  8. Bertha – means “the bright one” in German, common among female druid names in Arthurian legend.
  9. Blaez – from the Old English “blæse,” meaning “torch,” “fire,” or “bright flame.”
  10. Bodhmall – a druid priestess and a healer in Irish mythology whose name means “guiding light.”
  11. Boudicca – means “victory” in Latin and a member of the Celtic Fianna warrior clan.
  12. Brighid – means “strength” or “exalted one” and is the Celtic goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.
  13. Bryrona – an ancient Greek flowering vine used chiefly for medical healing.
  14. Camma – equivalent to the Latin Camilla and a Celtic druidess associated with Tadg.
  15. Caoimhe – pronounced “KEE-vaa” and the daughter of Fionn mac Cumhall; means “gentle” or “precious.”
  16. Celestina – from the Latin “cælestis,” meaning “heavenly” or “from the sky.”
  17. Ceridwen – is the White Witch in Welsh mythology; composed of “cerdd,” meaning “song” and “wen,” meaning “holy.”
  18. Chossach – the Gaelic term for a female priestess, or druidess, meaning “knower of the oak tree.”
  19. Cwyn – a Welsh variation of Cwen, meaning “royal woman” or “queenly.”
  20. Dornall – a druidic trainer in the Arthurian Legends whose name means “brave” or “courageous” in Gaelic.
  21. Druidia – the word for a female druid, meaning “knower of the oak tree.”
  22. Dryade – spirits or nymphs said to live in oak trees; sometimes called Dryad.
  23. Eira – means “snow” in Welsh, based on the Norse Eir, for the goddess of health.
  24. Elen – from the ancient Greek “helénē,” meaning “light,” “bright,” and “shining.”
  25. Ella – a favorite druid nickname and a German diminutive of Eleanor, meaning “bright light.”
  26. Emma – means “of the earth” in German, inspired by modern druid Emma Restall, writer of Druid Priestess.
  27. Faelynn – made up of the Celtic “fae,” meaning “fairy” and “lynn,” meaning “lake.”
  28. Faustina – a female form of the Latin Faust, meaning “one who enjoys good luck” and “fortunate.”
  29. Ffion – a Welsh girl’s name meaning “foxglove,” referring to the bright pink flower.
  30. Fidelma – from the Old Irish “feideil,” meaning “ever-good,” “enduring,” or “constant.”
  31. Flidais – the druidic equivalent to the goddess Artemis, whose name means “beautiful flowing hair” in Irish.
  32. Freya – also called The Lady of the Lake in Arthurian Legend, means “noble” in Norse.
  33. Ganna – a Latin and Ukrainian name meaning “favor” or “woman who is full of grace.”
  34. Guinevere – means “fair one” in Welsh, famous among female druid names as King Arthur’s wife.
  35. Gwendolyn – made up of the Welsh “gwen,” meaning “fair,” and “dolen,” meaning “ring”; interchangeable with Guinevere.
  36. Heather – for the white or purple flowering plant that grows in Scotland.
  37. Iris – the ancient Greek personification of a rainbow, meaning “messenger of the gods.”
  38. Isolde – means “ice ruler,” famously associated with the princess in Tristan and Isolde.
  39. Ithel – means “generous lord” in Welsh and originated as the Middle Welsh Ithael.
  40. Jenny – a diminutive for Jennifer meaning “soft” and a cute example of gentler druidic names.
  41. Joycemeans “joy” in Latin, associated with a female druid in the time of St. Patrick.
  42. Kara – an Arthurian druidess associated with Mordred whose name means ‘caring” or “beloved.”
  43. Keyleth – a half-elf character from the show Critical Role whose elven name means “courage.”
  44. Krisfina – an Italian variation of Kristina, meaning “God will increase,” used in DnD.
  45. Liath – means “gray” in Celtic; a member of the Fianna clan associated with Fionn mac Cumhall.
  46. Lilith – the first wife of Adam in Mesopotamian mythology, meaning “belonging to the night.”
  47. Lunara – a Kazakh nickname for Gulnara meaning “flower,” “rose,” and “pomegranate.”
  48. Lynet – means “grace” in Celtic, a female druid in the fantasy series Redwood Realms.
  49. Maeve – means “intoxicating” or “she who rules” in Irish; Queen of Connacht and goddess of love.
  50. Marable – a variation of Mirabel, from the Latin “mirabilis,” meaning “marvelous” and “wondrous.”
  51. Milcah – a Hebrew word for “queen”; the daughter of Haran in the Bible.
  52. Morgana – the female form of Morgan, meaning “sea dweller”; a druidess in Arthurian Legend.
  53. Morgause – the half-sister of King Arthur and a high priestess in Arthurian Legend.
  54. Muirne – means “high spirited” in Irish; mother of Fionn mac Cumhall in Irish mythology.
  55. Nergis – a Turkish form of the Greek Narcissus meaning “daffodil” and “narcissus.”
  56. Nerys – composed of the Middle Welsh “ner,” meaning “lord” and the suffix “-ys.”
  57. Nia – a Swahili girl’s name meaning “lustrous” or “purpose”; also the Welsh form of Niamh, meaning “bright.”
  58. Niamh – means “bright” in Old Irish as the “daughter of the sea god.”
  59. Noorie – found in Arabic, Hebrew, and Indian, meaning “light” and “divine light.”
  60. Ogma – from the Greek Ogham, meaning “roots,” and a Welsh goddess of literature and drama.
  61. Oona – means “one” or “universal” in Latin; the Anglo form of the Irish Una, meaning “lamb.”
  62. Oriana – a gypsy name originating in Rome that means “dawn” in Latin.
  63. Orla – from the Celtic Órfhlaith, composed of the Gaelic “ór,” meaning “gold,” and “fhlaith,” meaning “princess.”
  64. Relbeo – means “red fierce,” referring to a Greek druidess known for making fire.
  65. Rhiannon – means “great queen” or “goddess” in Welsh for the Celtic goddess of fertility.
  66. Rowanwood – a compound name using Rowan, meaning “rowan tree” in Gaelic, and “wood” to emphasize nature.
  67. Sachi – a nickname for the Japanese Sachiko, meaning “child of joy” and “blissful.”
  68. Sadhbh – pronounced “SWAEYD,” meaning “sweet” or “goodness” for Sadb, a druid known for the best herbs.
  69. Sallyanne – a compound name meaning “princess” in Hebrew and “blossom” in Greek.
  70. Sara – a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “princess” after Abraham’s wife in the Bible.
  71. Sefa – a diminutive of Josephine, meaning “pure,” and a handmaiden to Queen Guinevere.
  72. Seraphina – means “burning ones” in Hebrew after the seraphim, the highest-ranking angels.
  73. Shadi – in Arabic, it means “seeker of knowledge” and also “happiness” or “joy.”
  74. Sinead – means “God’s gracious gift” in Gaelic as the Irish version of Jane or Jennifer.
  75. Sloane – means “little raider” in Gaelic and is the main character of Druid Dreams chronicles.
  76. Sorcha – derived from the Old Irish “soirche,” meaning “brightness” or “shining.”
  77. Sylvaine – a female spelling of Sylvain, a French variant of Sylvanus, the Roman god of the forest.
  78. Tara – means “hill” in Gaelic, inspired by The Hill of Tara in Meath, Ireland.
  79. Tlachtga – means “power of the earth” and is the red-haired druid daughter of Mug Ruith.
  80. Tuirne – the sister of druidess Muirne in Irish mythology whose name means “thorn” or “strength.”
  81. Valmoira – an archdruid character in the World of Warcraft video game.
  82. Veleda – an ancient Germanic prophetess of the German Bructeri tribe in 69-70 A.D.
  83. Willow – from the Old English “welig,” meaning “willow tree,” believed to be magical.
  84. Wynna – a cute Welsh name meaning “fair” or “pure” and a diminutive of Winona.
  85. Yavanna – means “giver of fruits” and is a goddess of the harvest in Tolkien’s book series.
  86. Ysabeau – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “God’s promise” and a cool variation of Isabel.

85 Fantastical Druidic Names

Go wild with out-of-the-box druid names you won’t forget anytime soon.

  1. Acheron – means “river of sorrow” in Greek, inspired by the river leading to the underworld.
  2. Aed – means “ruler of the underworld” and alludes to the Irish Aodh, meaning “fire.
  3. Aglaia – has Greek origins meaning “brilliance” and “splendor,” whether elven or human.
  4. Anenga – the leader of the druids in Stormshield in the WoW Wiki.
  5. Arden – means “valley of the eagle” and the magic forest in Shakespeare’s As You Like It.
  6. Ashwyn – from Old English, where it means “friend of the ash tree” or “spear friend.”
  7. Aurora – the divine personification of “dawn” in Roman mythology; also means “daybreak.”
  8. Bane – a Slavic nickname for Branislav meaning “glorious defender,” which becomes unisex for fantasy-obsessed druids.
  9. Banning – means “small, fair one” in Irish; originally a surname for a “warrior” or “soldier.”
  10. Bayou – the murkiest of Americana druid names meaning “wetland” or “marsh.”
  11. Blath – originally a German surname for a “maker of breastplates for armor,” also meaning “plateau.”
  12. Boreus – means “north wind” in Greek, deriving from “boraô,” meaning “to devour.”
  13. Bouldershoulder – Pikel Bouldershoulder is a dwarf druid of Mielikki in the Forgotten Realms Wiki.
  14. Brieg – a German surname based on a town along the Oder River, meaning “esteem.”
  15. Cadence – refers to the “rhythm” or “flow” in music to keep druidic names moving.
  16. Camelot – the official castle and court associated with tales of King Arthur.
  17. Celestine – refers to Celestine of the Harvest, a worgen druid of Gilneas in the Wowpedia Wiki.
  18. Cherub – taken from the Persian “karubu,” meaning “angel” and the sweetest angels of all.
  19. Cinder – means “low ash” or “burning wood” in Old English and one of the DnD druid names.
  20. Clawandorder – refers to a claw and order mission in the Wiki for Borderlands 3.
  21. Cleary – from the Irish Ó’Cléirigh, meaning “descendant of Cléireach” and “cleric.”
  22. Corndrew – a character in Rizzle’s Raiders, on Wiki’s World of Warcraft.
  23. Daire – means “fruitful” or “fertile” in Old Irish, along with “oak tree” and “oak grove.”
  24. Dareth – druid trainer in WoW; also means “wisdom,” “gift,” or “oak tree.”
  25. Dike – a Nigerian Igbo name from West Africa, meaning “powerful man” or “resilient.”
  26. Dobby – a Harry Potter name known as the “benevolent elf,” also short for Robert.
  27. Draco – from the Greek Drakon, meaning “dragon” or “serpent” and a dragon-like constellation.
  28. Drakonius – from the Greek “dracon,” meaning “dragon” or “serpent,” and “derkomai,” meaning “to see clearly.”
  29. Draoithe – the Irish-Gaelic word for a “druid wizard” or “magician” skilled at all things mystic.
  30. Driscoll – an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó hEidirsceóil, meaning “descendant of the messenger.”
  31. Echo – means “reflected sound” in Greek and is a nymph who loved Narcissus in Greek mythology.
  32. Eila – means “shining torch” and “oak tree” in Hebrew, referring to the definition of a druid.
  33. Elara – from the Greek “alara,” meaning “spear shaft” or “hazelnut.”
  34. Eldermoon – refers to the “wisdom of the moon” that comes with a lot of druidic practice.
  35. Ember – means “burning low” from the Old English “æmerge,” meaning “spark.”
  36. Erebus – refers to the mythological underworld and is sometimes called Tartarus or Hades.
  37. Fallax – taken from the Latin “fallax,” meaning “deceptive” or “treacherous.”
  38. Fiadh – from an Irish word meaning “deer” or “wildness,” referring to the feral aspect of nature.
  39. Finch – a name for someone resembling a finch songbird or one who sings like a bird.
  40. Gainei – an Anglo form of the Gaelic Ó’Geigheannaigh, meaning “descendant of Géibheannach,” meaning “fettered.”
  41. Galanthus – means “milk flower” in Greek, similar to Galanthus, a Greek nymph.
  42. Ganna – means “heaven” or “paradise” in Egyptian; it’s also Ukrainian for a “woman full of grace.”
  43. Gart Mistrunner – a funny name for a tauren druid trainer in Camp Narache, WoW.
  44. Getafix – a character in the Asterix comics whose name means “getting a fix” of magical potion.
  45. Golmac – inspired by Gilmac Morn, a member of the Fianna druid army.
  46. Grove – one of many surname-inspired names for druids, for someone living by a grove.
  47. Hafren – a Welsh name for the River Severn, separating England and Wales.
  48. Harene Plainwalker – is a druid trainer located in Silvermoon City in World of Warcraft.
  49. Hawthorne – indicated a place “where Hawthorne trees grow” in ancient Britain.
  50. Iapetus – means “to wound” or “to pierce” in Latin and is a Greek titan god of morality.
  51. Jojo – a Ghanaian unisex name given more to girls “born on a Monday.”
  52. Joran – a Swedish variation of the Greek George, meaning “farmer” or “earthworker.”
  53. Juniper – from the Latin “juniperus,” meaning to “think” or “produce” and a symbol of growth.
  54. Lark – used to describe a lark songbird; “up with the lark” refers to early risers.
  55. Linden – means “made from Linwood” or “lime tree,” which symbolizes divination.
  56. Lleu – means “to shine” in Welsh as a short form of Llewellyn.
  57. Maple – from the Old English “mapultreow,” meaning “maple tree” for those who lived nearby.
  58. Metrobull – a druid character in World of Warcraft, also called “the dreamer.”
  59. Necromancer – a wizard or magician who communicates with the dead and a character in Diablo 2.
  60. Nightshade – Saelya Nightshade, a character in the Moonguard Wiki and a family of plants.
  61. Nikephoros – another name for the Greek goddess Athena; means “carrying victory” in Greek.
  62. Oak – the simplest of names for druids defined as “knower of the oak.”
  63. Onyx – from the Greek “onux,” meaning “claw” or “nail,” and a black stone protecting against evil.
  64. Órlaith – means “golden” or “golden princess” in Irish and is the original form of Orla.
  65. Owlbear – a Native American-inspired character in DnD who gives bear hugs and attacks using a beak.
  66. Pikel – for Pikel Bouldershoulder, a character in The Cleric Quintet book series by R.A. Salvatore.
  67. Quinn – from the Old Irish word Conn, meaning “head” or “chief,” also meaning “wise” and “sense.”
  68. Salal – means “waterfalls” in Arabic; in Old English, it means “evergreen shrub with flowers and berries.”
  69. Shazorwyn – inspired by Ilyrana Shazorwyn, a witchy elf character in Beyond Arwyll Stead.
  70. Shumblechops – a druid character in the Trial of the Crusader in WoW.
  71. Sin – a Chinese surname that means “bush” in Hebrew based on the Akkadian “su’en.”
  72. Skylar – means “scholar” and “skye” in Old English and “cloud” in Old Norse.
  73. Stormy – a character’s name in the X-Men series meaning “storm” or “tempest.”
  74. Tamsin – a Welsh name meaning “twin” based on Thomas and Thomasina.
  75. Teddiursa – an adorable teddy bear Pokemon character in the Generation II Pokemon Wiki.
  76. Theacta – has unknown origins but means “quiet” for an introverted druid to enjoy.
  77. Thistle – means “to prick” from the Old English “thistel” and the national symbol of Scotland.
  78. Thranduil – a Hobbit character whose name is composed of “tharan,” meaning “vigorous” and “ethuil,” meaning “spring.”
  79. Treehugger – a My Little Pony game character who is — of course — a pony.
  80. Tristan – means “sad” or “sorrowful” in Welsh and one of the Knights of the Round Table.
  81. Ulalume – from the Latin “ululare,” meaning a “light symbolizing sorrow” and an Edgar Allan Poe poem.
  82. Vortex – from the Latin “vortex,” meaning “eddy of water, wind, or flame” or a “whirlpool.”
  83. Xanthus – means “golden” or “blond” in Greek and another name for Scamander, the river of Troy.
  84. Yogibear – the most harmless of druidic names based on the cartoon character.
  85. Zephyr – means “west wind” in Greek for the wind controlled by the god Zephyrus.

Druid Names FAQ

What Is the Celtic Name for Druid?

In the Celtic language, druids are called “draoithe,” which is a plural form of “draoi,” meaning “sorcerers with supernatural powers.” The Draoi held high status in ancient society and were known for their abilities as diviners who had the most divine powers. The Irish root “druí” simply means “magician,” “wizard,” or “diviner.”

What Is a Female Druid Called?

A female druid is known as a druidess. They were not the wives of Druids but the female equivalent of the magical ones. One of the most famous druidesses was Geal Chossach, whose name means “white-legged” and was pronounced “Gall-KOH-suh.” You can still visit her grave in Inishowen, Donegal, in Ireland.

Who Are Famous Druids?

One of the better-known historical druids was Bodhmall, a female druid from the Fenian cycle of Irish mythology. Others include Cathbad, a male druid from the Ulster Cycle, and Gwenc’hlan, a 6th-century Breton druid. We’d all agree that Merlin is the top druid of all time, found in the Arthurian legends.

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Maryana Vestic

Maryana Vestic is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and food photographer with a background in entertainment Business Affairs. She studied film at NYU, Irish Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and has an MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction from The New School. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, and horror films, as well as running a local baking business in Brooklyn with her boyfriend.