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150+ Badass Mage Names: With Magical Meanings

These mage names are positively spellbinding.

Are you looking for a cool name for your mage? We’ve got you covered with this rich buffet of mage names. We’ve included sweet, tough, unique, and outrageous options for your viewing pleasure. We’ve even incorporated a few famous names for mages.

You’ll find fun facts, namesakes, and more within this roundup. You’ll walk away with the perfect mage name for your badass avatar. So, grab your pencil and paper; it’s time to get schooled on the coolest names for mages.

62 Handsome Male Mage Names

These strong boy mage names will leave you breathless.

  1. Abe no Seimei – a unique title borne by a Japanese civil servant with cool powers.
  2. Albus Dumbledore – joins the ranks of fantasy-themed mage names inspired by Harry Potter’s Headmaster.
  3. Aleister Crowley – an arcane English sorcerer, writer, and poet hailed for his dark magic tricks.
  4. Andre – of French and Portuguese origin, means “man” and “warrior.”
  5. Arrow – an awesome weapon used by many mages, bound to strike fear in fellow gamers.
  6. Artaud Terranova – a fun twist on Arthur, inspired by The Witcher’s mage with bad breath.
  7. Ashton – an English pick meaning “old tree town,” borne by American actor Ashton Kutcher.
  8. Barron – of British origin, means “warrior” and “noble man,” can be a respelling of Baron.
  9. Benny – short for Benjamin, a Hebrew title meaning “son.”
  10. Caesar – is derived from Caesarius, meaning “head of hair,” ideal for long-locked avatars.
  11. Cedric Diggory – among many Harry Potter mage name ideas, borne by a British student.
  12. Chadli – an English and Welsh option that means “battle,” perfect for the badass enchanter.
  13. Chandler – a French occupational surname given to candlemakers and sellers.
  14. Daggett – of Scandinavian origin, means “daylight” and is often shortened to Dag.
  15. Desmond – an Irish habitational surname given to those living near South Munster.
  16. Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter’s archenemy who later became a dark magician.
  17. Elvin – means “noble friend” in German but can also relate to elves.
  18. Flynn – an Irish surname given to those with ruddy complexions, borne by Disney’s Flynn Rider.
  19. Franz – a notable German option meaning “spear,” “fierce,” “bold,” and “free.”
  20. Granger – of French origin, means “granary” and “grain-dealer.”
  21. Grigori Rasputin – a Russian mystic who was close friends with the last Russian emperor.
  22. Harry Dresden – a fictional human wizard imagined by author Jim Butcher.
  23. Harry Potter – among the most popular mage names, borne by J.K. Rowling’s Boy Who Lived.
  24. Jafar – one of the tamest names for mages, inspired by Aladdin’s villain.
  25. John Constantine – featured in multiple DC comic books, a great option for cartoon enthusiasts.
  26. John Dee – a medieval astronomer, teacher, and writer known for his extensive library.
  27. Jude – borne by a fictional spellcaster featured in Fairy Tail, a Japanese manga.
  28. Justin Russo – a clever wizard featured in Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place.
  29. Kai – of Welsh, Greek, and Scandinavian origin, meaning “keeper of the keys.”
  30. Kendrick – a Welsh title that means “greatest champion,” perfect for your battlemage.
  31. King – hailing from the U.K., refers to male rulers or a term of endearment.
  32. Labyrinth – points to a confusing maze often mentioned in legends and video games.
  33. Law – an English surname for families dwelling near low hills or valleys.
  34. Lennox – of Scottish and Gaelic origin, means “elm grove,” symbolizing resilience.
  35. Leo – means “lion” in Latin, doubling as an astrological sign.
  36. Link – short for Lincoln, meaning “lake,” “pool,” and “village.”
  37. Luca – an Italian pick meaning “bringer of light,” often appears as Lucca.
  38. Lucius Malfoy – featured in Harry Potter, a Death Eater, and the patriarch of the Malfoy family.
  39. Mace – hailing from Britain, means “club” or “heavy staff,” perfect for battle-ready gamers.
  40. Matthias – a Hebrew title that means “gift of God,” a fun play on Matthew.
  41. Max – short for Maximilian and Maximus, meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  42. Merlin – a powerful Disney character based on Arthurian legends.
  43. Michael Scot – a Scottish mathematician who served as a court astrologer.
  44. Neville Longbottom – an unassuming Hogwarts student featured throughout the Harry Potter films.
  45. Nicolas Flamel – a French scribe many considered immortal, even after his death.
  46. Orion – is of Greek origin, meaning “dawning,” often associated with Orion’s belt constellation.
  47. Phoenix – a mythical bird known for rising from the ashes or a hip city in Arizona.
  48. Prince – points to the king’s son, borne by Prince, an American singer, songwriter, and actor.
  49. Raiden – the Japanese god of thunder and lightning, equivalent to Zeus.
  50. Remus Lupin – Harry Potter’s Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, known for his wacky ways.
  51. Ronald Weasley – featured throughout J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series as Harry’s best friend.
  52. Scias – inspired by the Dragon Knight commander in the Ys Seven video game.
  53. Severus Snape – featured in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, known for battling between good and evil.
  54. Shayde – a popular mage name in WoW and D&D universes, a cool twist on Shade.
  55. Silas – a Latin title meaning “deep forest,” perfect for role-playing gamers.
  56. Sirius Black – a Harry Potter wizard wrongfully accused of aligning with the Dark Lord.
  57. Valkyrie – inspired by Norse mythology, points to maidens who escorted soldiers to Valhalla.
  58. Vaughn – of Welsh origin, means “little,” among the most sophisticated male mage names.
  59. Vexacion – featured in the animé Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, often shortened to Vex.
  60. Voldemort – the main antagonist in Harry Potter, alternatively known as Tom Riddle.
  61. Vorkalth – a demon hunter that’s well known among WoW players.
  62. Zurin – an unmatchable mage featured in Skyrim, ideal for gamers who love “Z” names.

64 Female Mage Names

These beautiful female mage names will steal the show.

  1. Agate – a beautiful gemstone with many layers, representing the complexity of humanity.
  2. Agnes – means “pure” and “holy” in Greek, borne by Saint Agnes of Rome.
  3. Alex Russo – a cute witch featured in Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place.
  4. Alice – of German origin, meaning “noble” and “exalted,” borne by rocker Alice Cooper.
  5. Allegra – an Italian pick that means “joyful” and “lively,” perfect for the active archmage.
  6. Amaranth – refers to a herb hailed for its brilliant purple flowers, symbolizing immortality.
  7. Ariadne – of Greek origin, borne by the daughter of mythical King Minos of Crete.
  8. Assire var Anahid – a sage witch featured in The Witcher, known for her kindness.
  9. Autumn – joins the ranks of seasonal female mage names, which means “season of harvest” in English.
  10. Bathilda Bagshot – an ancient witch featured in Harry Potter who wrote multiple books.
  11. Belladonna – means “beautiful lady” in Italian but can also point to a poisonous plant.
  12. Bellatrix LeStrange – a modern witch found in the Harry Potter series, known for her loyalty to Voldemort.
  13. Carmilla – a derivative of Carmel, meaning “garden” and “orchard” in Hebrew.
  14. Cristal – of Greek origin, means “ice” but can also point to a precious stone.
  15. Dolores Umbridge – a cruel character created by author J.K. Rowling, hailed for her unorthodox discipline.
  16. Dominique – of French origin, means “of the Lord,” giving this title a spiritual slant.
  17. Estella – means “star” in Latin, perfect for the renowned mage.
  18. Francesca Findabair – an elven queen featured in The Witcher books, delighting readers everywhere.
  19. Fringilla Vigo – a Nilfgaardian sorceress found in The Witcher, known for faking her death.
  20. Galadriel – a fantastical invention from J.R.R. Tolkien, borne by an Elven queen of Lothlórien.
  21. Grimina – a fictional title derived from “grim,” meaning “forbidding” and “uninviting” in English.
  22. Hannah Abbott – featured in the Harry Potter films, a Hufflepuff student and half-blood witch.
  23. Hope – a feeling of expectation or trust, often used in faith-based circles.
  24. Istredd – a creative respelling of Astrid, meaning “divinely beautiful” in Norse.
  25. Jadis the White Witch – an ice queen featured in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.
  26. Joy – of Latin origin, refers to feelings of great pleasure and happiness.
  27. Katia – joins the ranks of Russian wizard names, meaning “pure,” a fun alternative to Katherine.
  28. Katie Bell – featured in Harry Potter as a Gryffindor student and skilled Quidditch player.
  29. Keira Metz – a mystical sorceress from The Witcher, hailed for her expensive taste.
  30. Kikyo – of Japanese origin, meaning “hollyhock” or “mallow.”
  31. Lara Dorren – a warrior elf featured in The Witcher, often depicted with Cregennan of Lod.
  32. Lilith – of Akkadian origin, means “belonging to the night,” mentioned in Mesopotamian mythology.
  33. Luna – a Latin pick meaning “moon” or the mythical Roman personification of the moon.
  34. Lusha – of African origin, means “saffron” or “new,” perfect for the dark-skinned goddess.
  35. Lydia van Bredevoort – a human sorceress featured in The Witcher who moonlights as an artist.
  36. Lytta Neyd – also known as Coral, is featured in Netflix’s The Witcher and is a fan favorite.
  37. Madam Mim – a vintage Disney character appearing in The Sword and the Stone.
  38. Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty’s protagonist, played by Angelina Jolie in the Disney adaptation.
  39. Margarita Laux-Antille – The Witcher’s sorceress and rector of Aretuza, will make many think of alcohol.
  40. Marie Laveau – an American midwife, herbalist, and Voodoo practitioner based in New Orleans.
  41. Marti Sodergren – featured in The Witcher, a sorceress known for creating aphrodisiacs.
  42. Merri – a respelling of Merry, meaning “cheerful” and “lively” in English.
  43. Morgan Le Fay – mentioned Arthurian legends as the best enchantress around.
  44. Nevada – of Spanish origin, means “snow-covered” or an American state.
  45. Penelope – a Greek title that means “weaver,” mentioned in Greek mythology.
  46. Philippa Eilhart – featured in The Witcher and hailed as King Vizimir’s good adviser.
  47. Phoebe – of Greek origin, means “bright” and “radiant,” often shorted to Bee.
  48. Raistlin Majere – an arcane sorcerer mentioned in the Dragonlance books by Weis and Hickman.
  49. Sabrina Glevissig – a Kaedwenian sorceress featured in The Witcher, known for her brilliance.
  50. Sabrina Spellman – featured on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a cartoon and live-action show.
  51. Severina – derived from Severus, meaning “severe” and “stern” in Latin.
  52. Sheala de Tancarville – a famous witch appearing in The Witcher, known for her leadership skills.
  53. Stella – of Italian and Latin origin, means “shooting star.”
  54. Summer – many people’s favorite season, inspiring visions of beach days.
  55. Thea – short for Althea or Dorothea, means “goddess.”
  56. The Wicked Witch of the West – is mentioned in The Wizard of Oz as a funny green character.
  57. Tissaia de Vries – found in The Witcher series as a character who works with young girls.
  58. Triss Merigold – a main character in The Witcher video games, known for her healing potions.
  59. Trix – a 13th-century sorceress mentioned in The Witcher, hailed for her blue eyes.
  60. Visenna – of Polish origin, meaning “of the forest,” perfect for the mysterious avatar.
  61. Winter – means “of the water” in German, referring to snow and ice.
  62. Yennefer – a Polish title meaning “white shadow” or “white wave.”
  63. Ziv – of Hebrew origin, means “radiance” and “light of God.”
  64. Zola – means “quietness” and “mound of earth” in Latin, featured in Grey’s Anatomy.

59 Cool Mage Name Ideas

These fashionable mage name ideas will get your wheels turning.

  1. Alex – is short for Alexander, meaning “defender of the people” in Greek.
  2. Anakin – an American title that means “warrior,” perfect for the avatar with an evil side.
  3. Aslan – is featured in The Chronicles of Narnia as the heroic lion and ruler of Narnia.
  4. Battle – a long fight between two parties or a moniker for a military buddy.
  5. Bear – a burly animal symbolizing familial loyalty, courage, and strength.
  6. Blaze – means “large fire” in English, a popular username among gamers.
  7. Bubba – an informal pet name for brothers, often used between friends.
  8. Chaos – of English origin, means “total disarray” and “disorder.”
  9. Chica – hailing from Spain, an informal term of endearment for a young girl.
  10. Crowley – an Irish surname that means “descendant of the hardy warrior.”
  11. Draven – of American origin, means “of the raven” and “child of beautiful shadows.”
  12. Eldon – an Old English option that means “Ella’s hill” and “sacred hill.”
  13. Elfi – means “elf strength” in English, a reminder that small things are mighty, too.
  14. Finch – an English surname given to those with voices like larks.
  15. Freed – will remind hearers of freedom, which means “woodland” in English.
  16. Gandalf – featured in Lord of the Rings as a magus and wise leading character.
  17. Gnash – a verb meaning “to grind one’s teeth,” often seen as a sign of aggression.
  18. Hero – someone who accomplished a remarkable feat and is idolized by others.
  19. Howl Jenkins Pendragon – the star of Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, a popular animé.
  20. Hulk – a mean green superhero known for his fits of anger and large size.
  21. Jules – short for Juliet or Julia, means “youthful” in French.
  22. Knight – a term for a Middle Ages man who served nobility, often clad in metal armor.
  23. Lorde – an alternate spelling of Lord, borne by an Australian singer and songwriter.
  24. Lumos – taken from “lumen,” a Latin word meaning “light,” mentioned in Harry Potter.
  25. Marley – an English surname meaning “marshy meadow,” borne by singer Bob Marley.
  26. Mayhem – means “chaos” and “disarray” in English, perfect for the punk mage.
  27. Noble – describes someone with extraordinary qualities or a high-ranking person.
  28. Ollie – short for Oliver or Olivia, which means “olive tree” in Latin.
  29. Pandora – a Greek option meaning “all gifted,” mentioned in the famous myth Pandora’s Box.
  30. Peace – refers to tranquility and an overall sense of calm, mentioned many times in the Bible.
  31. Rad – short for Brad, means “adviser” and “skillful” in English.
  32. Radagast the Brown – a creation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s, featured in Lord of the Rings.
  33. Rience – a well-known character in The Witcher, first appearing in the third book.
  34. Rincewind – an unskilled wizard that appears in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.
  35. Rogue – means “undisciplined person” or a type of video game with plenty of dungeons.
  36. Rory – of Irish origin, means “red-haired,” often associated with the hit show Gilmore Girls.
  37. Roux – a French and Latin pick meaning “russet,” initially given to redheads.
  38. Rumpelstiltskin – a fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm, featuring a man who turned straw into gold.
  39. Sabre – of French origin, means “sword,” perfect for the skilled battlemage.
  40. Saruman the White – featured in Lord of the Rings as a talented wizard who betrayed his friends.
  41. Sauron – a Lord of the Rings villain who will do anything to rule Middle Earth.
  42. Sax – of English origin, given to men who made and sold weapons.
  43. Shazam – a moniker for Captain Marvel or a phrase used in magic tricks.
  44. Sid – an English title meaning “wide meadow,” invoking images of serenity and bliss.
  45. Sorel Degerlund – featured in The Witcher, a young mage who assists Grandmaster Ortolan.
  46. Sparrowhawk – a wizard appearing in the Earthsea books by Ursula K. Le Guin.
  47. Spike – of English origin, refers to a heavy nail, often given to dogs.
  48. Stregobor – a Kovirian wizard featured in The Witcher series, known for his illusions.
  49. The Wizard – the mysterious figure in The Wizard of Oz, among the bluntest mage names.
  50. Thor – a prominent figure in Norse mythology, often depicted with his hammer.
  51. Thorne – of English origin, means “thorn thicket,” can also be a habitational surname.
  52. Tigre – means “tiger” in Italian, symbolizing slyness and majesty.
  53. Tillie – a German pick short for Matilda, meaning “battle ready.”
  54. Valor – an English option meaning “courage in the face of danger.”
  55. Vilgefortz of Roggeveen – featured in The Witcher as the leader of the Chapter of Gift and Art.
  56. Weiss – of German origin, means “white,” perfect for the ivory warrior.
  57. Wilde – an English title meaning “high-spirited person” and “leader.”
  58. Xarthisius – a mage who doubles as an astrologer, featured in The Witcher.
  59. Zatanna – a made-up title borne by a magician mentioned in DC comic books.

Mage Names FAQs

What’s a Good Name for a Black Mage?

There’s no shortage of awesome names for your black mage. Often, black mages specialize in black magic, so tough names are a must. Badass male options include Spike, Arrow, Kai, and Mace. Gorgeous female picks like Lilith, Allegra, and Aramanth are also in high demand. If you’re looking for unassuming picks, try Luca, Max, Autumn, or Luna.

What Are Some Cool Wizard Names?

Every gamer wants a cool mage name; after all, it impacts how other gamers view your skills. You can’t go wrong with a title inspired by a fictional mage like Gandalf, Voldemort, or Sparrowhawk. Girly options include Madam Mim, Keira Metz, and Katie Bell. Obscure titles are also rad, including Hope, Joy, Shayde, and Phoenix.

What Is a Good Male Wizard Name?

Male wizard names should be handsome yet demand respect. Many gamers prefer a well-known wizard theme, such as Harry Potter. Common titles within this genre include Sirius Black, Lucius Malfoy, and Draco Malfoy. You could also go with titles inspired by The Witcher. Xarthisius, Rience, Sorel Degerlund, and Vilgefortz of Roggeveen fall within this theme.


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