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270 Cute Gray Cat Names: For Your Fun Feline

Find the perfect gray cat names for the most precious little lion in your home.

Whether playful, sweet, or in-between, your silver feline deserves one of the best gray cat names. How can you choose among tons of gray cat names that exist worldwide?

Look no further because our guide to unforgettable grey cat names will sort things out for you. This list is easily organized so you can find the coolest names for gray cats from many fun sources. You’ll soon be glad you did your research to end up with an ideal name for your gray beastie.

So let’s take a peek!

90 Strong Male Gray Cat Names

These traditional names for male gray cats are strong yet sweet for the furry guy you love best.

  1. Andy – a male diminutive of Andrew, meaning “brave” or manly,” based on the Greek Andreas.
  2. Artie – a Celtic nickname for Arthur, based on the Germanic “artos,” meaning “bear.”
  3. Ash – short for the Hebrew Asher, ranked 5th among names for cats in 2022.
  4. Asher – means “happy” and “blessed” in Hebrew, associated with the color gray.
  5. Bailey – an Old English surname originally meaning “berry clearing,” “bailiff,” and “city fortification.”
  6. Billy – based on the German Wilhelm, meaning “will-helmet” and “protection” for badass cats.
  7. Bobby – a classic pet name for cats you don’t want to call Robert, meaning “bright fame.”
  8. Bruce – originally a Scottish name meaning “woods” or “thicket,” where your gray kitten hides.
  9. Bullet – taken from the French “boullet,” meaning “small ball,” for fast cats.
  10. Casey – means “watchful,” “vigilant,” and “brave” in Gaelic for your kitty who’s always on the ball.
  11. Cat Damon – a clever play on Matt Damon for Hollywood-bound cats who are leading men.
  12. Checkers – derives from the checkerboard game and is a cool ode to cats with spots.
  13. Chex – perhaps inspired by Chex cereal for a checkered cat who loves to play.
  14. Christopher – a classic boy’s name meaning “bearing Christ” for a traditional kitty.
  15. Comet – dust-based objects that fall from the sky and appear gray to our eyes.
  16. Cosmo – the best of gray cat names when your feline is simply out of this world.
  17. Dagger – from the Old French “dague” and Latin “daca,” associated with bravery.
  18. Dennis – dates back to ancient Greece as a “follower of Dionysus.”
  19. Dorian Gray – honors the Oscar Wilde character who doesn’t age with a nod to the color gray.
  20. Drew – a Welsh name meaning “wise,” also an unexpected nickname for Andrew.
  21. Duke – means “leader” in Latin and is an honorary title for your royal cat.
  22. Dustin – originally the Norman Tustin, meaning “Thor’s stone” for strong gray cat vibes.
  23. Dusty – means “brave warrior” in German for kitties who like to roll around in the dirt.
  24. Earl – the most British of titles and names, meaning “noble,” “warrior,” and “prince.”
  25. Einstein – show the world your cat is as smart as nuclear physicist Albert Einstein.
  26. Elder – means “elder tree” or “revered one” for cats with seniority.
  27. Elvis – if your cat moves like the king of rock n’ roll, Elvis is his name.
  28. Ethan – a biblical name meaning “firm,” “enduring,” and “long-lived” in Hebrew.
  29. Freddy – a diminutive of the Germanic Frederick, meaning “peace ruler” and “magical counsel.”
  30. Gainsboro – an English surname meaning “stronghold of a man named Gegn” for your feline’s fortress.
  31. Gandalf – from the Norse “gandr,” meaning “wand,” and “álfr,” meaning “elf” in Lord of the Rings.
  32. George – is based on the Greek “georgo,” meaning “farmer,” belonging to many kings.
  33. Gerry – a nickname for the Germanic Gerald, meaning “brave” and “ruling spear.”
  34. Goose – using grey cat names inspired by other gray animals (like birds) is genius!
  35. Grady – an Irish unisex name meaning “noble” and “renowned” that’s as GRAY-dy as they come.
  36. Greyson – an ode to all things gray that means “son of the gray-haired man” (or cat).
  37. Harvey – based on Breton Haerviu, meaning “strong in battle,” when your cat loves to play hard.
  38. Hex – from the Middle German “hecke,” meaning “hedge,” where kitties love to hide.
  39. Hulk – means “large person or thing” for gray cats who fancy themselves as the Incredible Hulk.
  40. Ivan – the Slavic form of John, meaning “God is gracious,” with a unique flair for cats.
  41. Jude Paw – a pun based on the actor Jude Law when cats must steal the limelight.
  42. Keegan – an Anglo form of the Irish MacAodhagáin, based on Aodh, meaning “fiery.”
  43. Kylo – means “sky” in Latin for the Star Wars character who loves to wear dark gray.
  44. Lance – a short form of Lancelot for the most knightly names for gray cats.
  45. Leo – gray cats can pretend to be a “lion” any day!
  46. Levi – means “joined in harmony” and dates back to the son of Jacob in the Bible.
  47. Lloyd – a Welsh name meaning “gray-haired,” purrfect for your silver kitten.
  48. Luke – is a popular modern version of the Latin Lucas, meaning “light-giving.”
  49. Mason – an occupational name for a “worker in stone” for your hardworking gray cat.
  50. Max – a nickname for the Latin Maximillian, otherwise known as the “GRAY-test.”
  51. Maxwell – a unique form of Max based in Scottish, meaning “great-stream.”
  52. Midnight – will do nicely when your pet’s gray fur is almost as black as midnight.
  53. Mikey – the cutest pet form of Michael, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  54. Myles – associated with the German Milo, meaning “soldier” in cat form.
  55. Nathaniel – originated as the ancient Hebrew Netan’el, meaning “gift of God.”
  56. Neptune – for the Roman god of the sea and the rare kitty who loves water.
  57. Nero – after the Roman emperor, meaning “black” and “strong” – for your black and grey tough kitty.
  58. Nico – an Italian nickname for Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people” (and the felines).
  59. Nimbus – means “dark cloud,” when your gray cat’s markings are in a league of their own.
  60. Odie – a pet name for Otis and Odell, meaning “of the valley” or “wealthy.”
  61. Oscar – means “God spear,” “deer-lover,” or “champion warrior” in Gaelic and Norse.
  62. Ozzy – a nickname for Oscar, meaning “divine power” and “divine protector.”
  63. Parker – an English surname for a “park-keeper,” when your kitty’s in charge of the green spaces.
  64. Patch – refers to a “small piece of cloth or land” for cats who aren’t gray everywhere.
  65. River – a boho name for a “flowing body of water” that cats tend to shy away from.
  66. Romeo – means “pilgrim to Rome” or “Roman” when cats are lovers, not fighters.
  67. Rusty – kitty doesn’t have to be a redhead for Rusty to remind you of a rusty nail.
  68. Scots – a Scottish name meaning “wanderer” and the name for the Scottish people.
  69. Seymour – refers to “marshy land by the sea” and is one of the classic cat monikers.
  70. Shadow – means “shade from the sun” for the most literal male gray cat names.
  71. Silverton – an English surname meaning “silver town” for the most distinguished male gray cat names.
  72. Simba – from Swahili, meaning “lion” and “strength,” when your cat’s the king of his jungle.
  73. Smokey – an American diminutive for smoke, the ultimate reference to gray things.
  74. Spike – the toughest of nicknames meaning “heavy nail” when cats are tough as nails.
  75. Steve – a common modern version of Stephen, meaning “garland,” “victory,” and “crown.”
  76. Sylvester – an ode to the cartoon cat whose black-and-white markings equal gray.
  77. Taylor – from the Old French “tailleur,” meaning “cutter,” for the occupation of a tailor.
  78. Thor – the ancient Norse god of thunder who makes gray skies powerful and beautiful.
  79. Thumper – means “to walk with heavy steps,” associated with Thumper, the rabbit.
  80. Tiger – based on the Persian “tigra,” meaning “powerful cat” when nothing less will do.
  81. Tigger – the famous tiger character, means “overly enthusiastic” when your kitty is super energetic.
  82. Tinley – from the Old English “tynan,” meaning “hedge” or fence”; inspired by gray tin.
  83. Titan – refers to a race of immortal giants in ancient Greek mythology.
  84. Tucker – given to someone who’s a “tormentor” or “trickster” – for feisty gray cats.
  85. Vince – is a short form of the Latin Vincent, meaning “conquering;” that’s no small feat.
  86. Wes – a nickname for Westley, meaning “town in the west” or “western settlement.”
  87. Westley – a spelling variation of Wesley, meaning “western meadow” in Old English.
  88. Wolf – gray wolves will love knowing the coolest gray cats are named after them.
  89. Zane – means “Yahweh is gracious” in Arabic and “white as snow” for gray and white felines.
  90. Ziggie – for cats who want “victory” but need to emulate the David Bowie character Ziggy Stardust.

90 Pretty Grey Female Cat Names

These beautiful names for female gray cats are both delicate and strong for the little rebel in your life.

  1. Agnes – means “pure” and “holy” in Greek in honor of St. Agnes.
  2. Anastasia – a Russian and Greek name meaning “resurrection” for immortal girl cats.
  3. Artemis – means “twin of Apollo” for the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt.
  4. Ashley – the female form of “ash” for the gray substance that mirrors your gray kitty.
  5. Baloo – the name of a bear in The Jungle Book – for cats having an identity crisis.
  6. Belle – a French name meaning “fair” and “beautiful” for the prettiest gray cat of all.
  7. Biancameans “white” and “pure” in Italian when your kitten is gray and white.
  8. Bluebell – refers to the spring flower when a cat’s gray tone is more of a blue.
  9. Callie – means “beautiful,” as a short form of Calisto, a nymph of Greek mythology.
  10. Cami – a Scottish nickname for Camille, meaning “crooked nose” when perfection isn’t everything.
  11. Celeste – means “heavenly” in Latin for the grayness of the almost-night sky.
  12. Cleo – some gray female cat names deserve the royalty of this nickname for Cleopatra.
  13. Crystal – means “ice,” “gem,” and “earth mineral” in Greek when a cat’s color is precious.
  14. Daisy – a favorite flower, based on the Old English “dægeseage,” meaning “day’s eye.”
  15. Dakota – a Native American-Sioux name meaning “friend” or “ally” for your feline pal.
  16. Dawn – refers to the “sunrise” or “daybreak” when your lady cat is up early.
  17. Dixie – from the French “dix,” meaning “tenth” and a nod to the Old American South.
  18. Dot – a nickname for Dorothy, perfect when your kitty has gray spots.
  19. Edith – from the male Old English Eadgyð, meaning “prosperous in strife.”
  20. Eloise – the French version of Heloise, meaning “healthy” and “wide” for curvy kitties.
  21. Elsa – a Germanic form of Alice that also means “God’s promise” in Hebrew.
  22. Em – a pet form of Emily, meaning “industrial,” and Emma, meaning “universal.”
  23. Esme – means “esteemed” in French, a short form of the Spanish Esmeralda, meaning “emerald.”
  24. Fae – a whimsical fairy name meaning “trust” and “belief,” forever associated with a feisty elf.
  25. Fenrira – the feminine form of Fenrir, meaning “fen-dweller” in Norse, based on a mythological wolf.
  26. Flower – gray cats deserve the rainbow of colors associated with Flower.
  27. Fox – an Old English nickname for a cunning person (or the slyest of cats).
  28. Galena – a female version of the Greek Galen, meaning “calm,” when your kitty is zen.
  29. Gertrude – a German name meaning “spear” and “strength” that can be softened as Gertie.
  30. Ginger – no orange cat is needed when Ginger is one of the most popular cat names.
  31. Graycie – a play on the girl’s name Gracie, meaning “favor” or “blessing” in Latin.
  32. Heather – the famously beautiful plant found in Scotland for your pretty girl cat.
  33. Henna – means “blessed” in Arabic, referring to the traditional dye tattooed on Indian brides.
  34. Hyacinth – refers to the blue Larkspur flower that belongs among gray cat names.
  35. Iris – the Greek personification of a rainbow that includes gray somewhere in there.
  36. Judy – a nickname for Judith, meaning “woman of Judea” and “praised.”
  37. Juno – belongs to the top Roman goddess, known as the “queen of heaven.”
  38. Katana – both Japanese and Persian, meaning “honorable” or “sword” (and the princess in Mortal Kombat).
  39. Katniss – means “aquatic plant” in Greek and is a cat-friendly nod to The Hunger Games.
  40. Katya – short for the Russian Ekaterina, meaning “pure” and “perfect” for your flawless feline.
  41. Lady Jane – a medieval version of Joan that alludes to Lady Jane Grey, the “Nine Days’ Queen.”
  42. Lalli – a unisex Indian name meaning “radiance, blush;” also an Italian surname meaning “to sing a lullaby.”
  43. Lavender – when your gray cat is more of a lavender, referring to the sweet-smelling flower.
  44. Lilac – a bluish-purplish color that might look gray in the right light.
  45. Lulu – has Swahili, Hawaiian, and Tanzanian origins whose meanings include “precious,” “peaceful,” “protected,” and “calm.”
  46. Luna – the ideal name for a light gray cat from the Greek “luna,” meaning “moon.”
  47. Maple – from the Old English “mapultreow,” given to someone who lived near maple trees.
  48. Margot – derives from the Greek “margarites,” meaning “pearl,” and a diminutive for Marguerite.
  49. Medusa – means “cunning” in Greek, best associated with the Greek Medusa with live snakes for hair.
  50. Melody – composed of the Greek “melos,” meaning “song,” and “odos,” meaning “way” for your cat’s meow.
  51. Meredith – means “great ruler” in Welsh, plus “magnificent” for the top cat around.
  52. Mila – a diminutive of Camilla, also meaning “favored” in Slavic.
  53. Misha – a traditional Russian name also meaning “he who resembles God” in Hebrew.
  54. Misty – associated with a “light fog” or “blurry haze” of a gray, rainy day.
  55. Moanameans “ocean” or “sea” in Hawaiian and Polynesian, referring to any “vast body of water.”
  56. Morticia – based on the word “mortician,” inspired by the lead character of the Addams Family.
  57. Moxie – symbolizes “energy” and “spirit” for the gray cat with tons of it!
  58. Mystique – relates to “mystery” for the lady cat who’s got it built in.
  59. Nessie – means “from the headland” and is linked to the gray Loch Ness monster.
  60. Nola – a cute short form of the Irish Fionnula, meaning “fair shoulder.”
  61. Nova – from the Latin “novus,” meaning “new,” that brings to mind a cat’s explosion of energy.
  62. Opal – an old lady’s name for a white gemstone that appears gray and represents love.
  63. Pearl – influenced by the Greek Marguerite, meaning “pearl” with vintage flair.
  64. Pepper – an Old German nickname for Piper given to people (and cats) with a hot temper.
  65. Petal – derived from the Greek “petalon,” meaning “leaf” for your feline who runs through flowers.
  66. Rain – means “abundant blessing from above” when your cat jumps from a high place.
  67. Raya – a Hebrew name for a “friend” or “beloved woman” for your sweet cat girl.
  68. Sable – a unisex name meaning “black” that’s close enough for a pretty female kitty.
  69. Sadie – short for Sarah, meaning “princess” in Hebrew, for royal-friendly grey female cat names.
  70. Sasha – a short form of the Greek Alexandra, meaning “to defend man” (and animal)!
  71. Shelby – means “willow” or “from the ledge estate” in Norse, associated with the willow tree.
  72. Skye – a Norse name meaning “isle of clouds,” reminds us of the Scottish Isle of Skye.
  73. Skylar – means “noble scholar” and is also based on the Dutch surname Schuyler, meaning “scholar.”
  74. Star – comes from the Latin “stella” and is a unique Stella alternative for your gray cat.
  75. Stella – is Latin for “celestial star” and one of the most popular cat names.
  76. Stormy – a good name for your “storm” and “tempest” loving gray cat.
  77. Susie – a darling diminutive for Susan or Susanna, meaning “lily.”
  78. Sylvie – means “from the forest” in French, based on the Latin Sylvester.
  79. Tabitha – dates back to biblical times, meaning “gazelle” and “gracious” in Hebrew.
  80. Talia – made up of the Hebrew “tal,” meaning “dew,” and “Yah,” referring to God.
  81. Tallulah – means “leaping water” in Native American Choctaw and “lady of abundance” in Irish.
  82. Tasmin – a diminutive of Thomasina meaning “she who fulfills” in Arabic.
  83. Tawny – an Irish name meaning “green field” or “golden brown,” complementing a kitty’s gray tones.
  84. Trudy – a fun diminutive of the German Gertrude, meaning “spear” and “strength.”
  85. Tyra – refers to the “land of the yew tree” in Gaelic.
  86. Ursula – from the Latin “ursa,” meaning “she-bear,” and a funny choice among gray cat names.
  87. Vee – originally a Nordic surname based on “vé,” meaning “sacred place.”
  88. Venus – is the Greek goddess of love to impress your gray feline gal.
  89. Willow – derived from the Old English “welig,” for the highest willow tree a cat can climb.
  90. Zelda – the nickname for Griselda, meaning “gray battle-maid,” and the Hebrew Selig, meaning “blessed.”

90 Cool Unisex Gray Cat Names

Here, you’ll find grey cat names that range from the mildly unusual to the all-out weird.

  1. Alloy – a term for any combination of gray metals when cats are tough enough for any challenge.
  2. Anchovy – from the Latin “apua,” meaning “small fish,” and your boy or girl cat’s favorite dish.
  3. Aniseed – the main ingredient in licorice for the world’s spiciest kitty.
  4. Asteroid – means “star-like” in Greek for a “small, rocky body orbiting the sun.”
  5. Bandit – another word for a “thief” among names for gray cats who steal treats.
  6. Blade – means “knife” or “sword” in Old English, when a gray cat fancies himself a weapon.
  7. Bolt – a derivative of Bolton, meaning “from/of the manor farm” and “thunderbolt.”
  8. Brick – an English slang term meaning “good person,” “strong,” or “reliable.”
  9. Carbon – from the Latin “carbo,” meaning “charcoal,” for the coolest shade of gray.
  10. Catzilla – a created combination of “cat” and “godzilla,” for the little beast you love best.
  11. Chai – a Hebrew name meaning “living” and “vital” and one of the tastiest teas.
  12. Charcoal – composed of the Old English “col,” meaning “coal,” associated with the word “char” (to scorch).
  13. Chrome – from the Greek “khrōma,” meaning “color”; linked to the shiny metal of a fast car.
  14. Cinder – sometimes a nickname for Cinderella, meaning “low burning ash or wood.”
  15. Cirrus – means “lock of hair” and is a wispy cloud shaped like a gray and white cat.
  16. Cloud – you may find your favorite gray cat’s face in a cloud if you look hard enough.
  17. Clove – from the Latin “clavus,” meaning “nail,” that’s as hard as metal.
  18. Coal – when “coal” is black, a little dust makes it gray in no time.
  19. Comet – means “celestial body with a tail,” just like your fast cay’s tail!
  20. Disco – short for the French “discothèque,” where kitty cats love to dance.
  21. Dove – a grayish bird associated with peace when your feline is well-behaved.
  22. Drizzle – from the Middle English “drysning,” meaning “a falling of dew” in the gray night.
  23. Echo – a nymph who loved Narcissus in Greek mythology.
  24. Eeyore – the moody gray donkey character appearing in the Winnie-the-Pooh books.
  25. Ember – an English name meaning “spark” or “burning low,” when kitties have a fiery personality.
  26. Flint – originally given to an Englishman who was “born near an outcrop of flint.”
  27. Flipper – a cartoon fish who’s gray and loves to swim in the ocean.
  28. Foggy – a Scandinavian term for a “thick mist” that’s almost always gray.
  29. Ghost – from the Middle English “gast,” meaning “spirit,” for gray cats who hide under the bed.
  30. Glitter – means “to glitter” in Old Norse from “glitra,” for kitties with the shiniest eyes.
  31. Granite – a hard rock name for a cat who’s a natural-born rock star.
  32. Haze – a nickname meaning “hare,” for gray rabbits and cats who romp and play.
  33. Loki – the Norse god of mischief who inspires the trickster associated with male gray cat names.
  34. Mackerel – means “marked” or “spotted” in French, for kitties with a particular fur coat.
  35. Manta – an occupational Spanish surname for a maker of wool blankets related to soft fur.
  36. Marble – means “crystalline rock” or “shining stone,” for the strongest grey cat names.
  37. Meatball – when some cats are chubby, only the name Meatball will do!
  38. Mercury – the Roman messenger god whose planet is the most metallic of them all.
  39. Mittens – associated with the Old French “mite,” the original nickname for a cat.
  40. Moby – for the whale Moby Dick, an ideal name for a grey and white kitten.
  41. Monsoon – from the Arabic “mausim,” meaning “season of winds,” for the cat with mood swings.
  42. Moomeans “God” in Chinese and is a cute ode to a spotted cow cat.
  43. Moon – when the Greek Luna won’t do, get literal by calling your cat Moon.
  44. Moonshine – a slang term for illegal liquor made during Prohibition that’s entertaining and energetic.
  45. Mouse – mice everywhere will thank you for naming your “timid” cat Mouse.
  46. Mushroom – from the French “mousseron,” referring to “mousse” for a soft gray kitty.
  47. Nebula – a Latin word meaning “mist” for the most mysterious grey cat names.
  48. Nickel – five cents is worth this metallic moniker when your cat’s a shiny guy or gal.
  49. Obsidian – refers to “glass-like volcanic rock” from the Latin “obsidianus,” for black and gray cats.
  50. Orca – larger-than-life grey and white felines deserve to be named after an Orca whale.
  51. Oyster – from the Greek “ostrakon,” meaning “a hard shell,” when your cat has a tough exterior.
  52. Pale – an English nickname meaning “pale complexion” if your kitty is a light shade of gray.
  53. Pebbles – the little girl in The Flintstones TV series and an endearing ode to gray.
  54. Periwinkle – the specific blue/purple color and flower, as delicate as your favorite feline.
  55. Pewter – a specific gray tin alloy made using copper and antimony.
  56. Phantom – from the Latin “phantasma,” meaning “apparition” for cats as ethereal as ghosts.
  57. Possum – means “white animal” in the Native American-Powhatan language for a grey and white fur baby.
  58. Puff – based on the German “buff,” a nickname for someone who likes to “push” and “shove.”
  59. Raccoon – a Native American-Powhatan word meaning “animal that scratches with its hands,” which cats love doing.
  60. Razor – relates to the Old French “roy,” meaning “king” for a “regal” person or cat.
  61. Rhino – is short for Rhinoceros, the biggest and grayish beast of them all.
  62. Rocket – means “jet-propelled tube,” proof that cats can be as fast as a spaceship.
  63. Sage – a Latin name for a “wise one” when your cat’s gray hairs prove seniority.
  64. Salem – one of the biblical names for Jerusalem and where black (and gray) cats rule.
  65. Sapphiremeans “blue” in Latin and is the name for the darkest blue gemstone.
  66. Senior – a good name for an older cat sibling who rules the house.
  67. Sharkie – the only choice for an adorable half-shark-half-cat who’s grey and white.
  68. Shimmer – an English word meaning “glisten softly” for a feline with a silky smooth coat.
  69. Silk – an occupational name for a maker of silk or a cat who shines bright.
  70. Silver – originally the Latin “argentum,” the prettiest of grey female cat names.
  71. Slate – means “gray-green rock” for a kitty with a particular fur color.
  72. Smudge – from the German “smudden,” meaning “to soil with dirt” when kitties play too hard.
  73. Socks – the name given to President Bill Clinton’s cat to impress the most haughty pet.
  74. Soots – or Soot, linked to the gray soot color from a well-used fireplace.
  75. Speckles – names for gray cats like Speckles reflect the unique pattern of a fur coat.
  76. Spots – a riff on Spot, the most recognizable dog name of yesteryear for a spotty kitty.
  77. Sprinkle – an English diminutive of Spring used for any “lively young man.”
  78. Stardust – a nod to the gray meteor dust that sometimes follows star fields in the sky.
  79. Steel – a manly way to describe your steel-like cat with vigorous male gray cat names.
  80. Sterling – from the Old English Stirling, meaning “little star”; refers to the UK Pound Sterling.
  81. Suede – originally means “from Sweden” but is known for the “smooth velvety leather” feel.
  82. Tabs – a cool short form of “tabby,” referring to cats with a unique coat.
  83. Thunder – the ultimate gray and rainy name for a cat who isn’t afraid of bad weather.
  84. Tin – a type of metal meaning “dedicated to Mars (the god of war).”
  85. Tinsel – for gray kittens born around Christmas who light up your life like a tinsel-covered tree.
  86. Torbie – for cats with an orange coat and a tabby’s pattern, making a Torbie cat.
  87. Windy – describes a volatile weather pattern known as an aggressive breeze.
  88. Winter – a German word meaning “time of water” when white, blue, and gray colors reign supreme.
  89. Zebra – from the Latin “equiferus,” meaning “wild horse,” for kitties with an identity crisis.
  90. Zinc – originally the Persian “sing,” meaning “stone,” known for its silvery tones.

Gray Cat Names FAQ

What Is a Good Name for a Gray Cat?

The top five most popular gray cat names are Luna, Pepper, Stella, Smokey, and Ash. While Luna means “moon,” Pepper reflects the black-gray color of your kitty, as does Smokey and Ash. Stella means “star,” which might appear gray to the naked eye when gazing at the black night sky.

What Is the #1 Female Cat Name?

As of 2022, Luna is the most popular female cat name for kitties of any color. While meaning “moon” in Latin, Luna also represents a divine personification of the moon in ancient Roman mythology. It’s also a character in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

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