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150+ Sassy Pig Names: And Cool Facts

These cute pig names will leave you in a heap of giggles.

Pigs are well-known for their intelligence, cleanliness, and, of course, cute faces. This may be why they’ve evolved into a popular pet. Every lovable pet needs the perfect name, so we’ve compiled a list of the 150+ best pig names. From strong to sweet, we’ve got it all!

We’ve even included fun facts about each title to help you make the best decision. Kick back and relax; these names for pigs will make you happy as a pig in clover.

51 Sweet Girl Pig Names

These adorable girl pig names are the bee’s knees.

  1. Amy Swinehouse – a creative homage to the late singer Amy Winehouse.
  2. Arabella – of Latin origin, means “yielding to prayer” and “beautiful lion.”
  3. Ava – a Latin pick meaning “sound,” fitting for your little oinker.
  4. Ballerina – a female ballet dancer, perfect for your piggy in pink.
  5. Bella – means “beautiful” in Italian, making your sow the belle of the ball.
  6. Bertie – a cute moniker for Bertha, meaning “bright raven.”
  7. Bonnie – of Scottish origin, given to pretty girls, associated with the infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde.
  8. Callie – a Greek nymph who was the object of Zeus’ affection, means “lovely.”
  9. Cinderella – among Disney’s most famous princesses, perfect for fairytale fans.
  10. Daisy – a fragrant bloom symbolizing innocence, joy, and pleasure.
  11. Diva – of English origin, points to a successful celebrity, usually a woman.
  12. Dolly – short for Dorothy, borne by the great singer Dolly Parton.
  13. Donatella – means “gift of God,” associated with designer Donatella Versace.
  14. Dottie – a clever derivative of Dorothy, means “gift from God” in Greek.
  15. Duchess -derived from “dux,” meaning “leader,” refers to the wife of a Duke.
  16. Flower – a general title covering a colorful bouquet of options.
  17. Henrietta -of French origin, means “home ruler,” perfect for the pig that rules the sty.
  18. Jewel – a precious stone or a legendary country music singer.
  19. Lady – an English option referring to members of the nobility or a pet name for an elegant girl.
  20. Lassie – of Scottish origin, meaning “little girl,” connected to the infamous collie.
  21. Lola – short for Delores, meaning “sorrow,” associated with the Virgin Mary.
  22. Lucy – the female version of Lucius, meaning “light.”
  23. Luna – the Roman personification of the moon, borne by Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.
  24. Madame Oink – a funny option for your distinguished pet, sure to make any child smile.
  25. Maple – of English origin, initially given to those living near maple trees, associated with maple syrup.
  26. Minnie – a fun take on Mini, a good pick for your teacup piglet.
  27. Miss Piggy – the Muppets superstar known for her fashionable antics.
  28. Missy – a moniker for Melissa, meaning “bee” in Greek.
  29. Mitzi – a moniker for Maria, means “star of the sea” or “bitter.”
  30. Nellie – of Latin origin, meaning “sun ray” or “shining light.”
  31. Peaches – connected to the lovely state of Georgia or Mario’s femme fatale, Princess Peach.
  32. Pearl – a priceless jewel representing June, ideal for the spring piglet.
  33. Penelope – of Greek origin, meaning “weaver,” inspired by the mythical queen of Ithaca.
  34. Peppa – a sassy cartoon pig, well-loved by European and American toddlers.
  35. Petal – means “leaf” in Greek, a wonderful homage to your beautiful pig.
  36. Petunia – the love interest of Porky Pig, featured in Looney Tunes.
  37. Pixie – means “fairy,” but can also point to a short hairstyle.
  38. Poppy – a red flower often associated with the military.
  39. Princess – the king’s daughter, among the girliest pig names.
  40. Queenie – a moniker for a queen, perfect for the piggie who leads by example.
  41. Rosie – short for Rose, symbolizes love, passion, and friendship.
  42. Rosita – of Spanish and Latin origin, pointing to the fragrant rose.
  43. Sadie – a cute alternative to Sarah, means “princess” in Hebrew.
  44. Seraphina – derived from “seraphim,” angelic beings mentioned in the Bible.
  45. Sparkles – a unique option for any female pig with the “dazzle” factor.
  46. Sugar – is among the sweetest girl pig names, fitting for the piglet/sow with a great personality.
  47. Sweetie – short for sweetheart, a cute pet name for your favorite pet pig.
  48. Teacup – a nickname for small breeds of domestic pigs, often kept indoors.
  49. Thimble – of English origin, a protective covering for sewers.
  50. Thumbelina – is a classic fairytale about a tiny girl looking for love.
  51. Tinker Bell – borne by Peter Pan’s sassy fairy, fitting for your mini domestic piglet.

52 Handsome Boy Pig Names

These dashing boy pig names will capture your heart in no time.

  1. Alexander – of Greek origin, means “man’s defender,” often shortened to Alex.
  2. Bandit – an Old Western term pointing to an outlaw who terrorized small towns.
  3. Boarest – a cute take on Boris, ideal for the burly boar who outranks them all.
  4. Boomer – associated with the older generation, a cool option for the aging pig.
  5. Brutus – of Latin origin, meaning “heavy,” can be shortened to Brute.
  6. Bubba – is slang for “brother,” borne by Angry Bird’s green piglet.
  7. Buzz – a derivative of Busby, meaning “village in the woods.”
  8. Caesar – of Latin origin, meaning “head of hair,” associated with ruler Julius Caesar.
  9. Charlie – short for Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  10. Digger – refers to one who digs, most certainly describing your boar.
  11. Duke – a common term for nobility but an uncommon name for swine.
  12. Elvis – means “all wise” in Norse, borne by the famous rock n’ roll icon, Elvis Presley.
  13. Goliath – the biblical giant defeated by King David, fitting for the massive hog.
  14. Gus – short for Angus, Augustus, and Gustav, meaning “majestic.”
  15. Hamilton – hailing from the U.K., meaning “flat-topped hill.”
  16. Hamlet – means “trickster” in Danish, a cute option for your future Sunday ham.
  17. Hank – of German origin, means “home ruler,” perfect for the macho man.
  18. Homer – among literary boy pig names, borne by a legendary Greek poet.
  19. Jimmy Dean – a popular food company specializing in sausage and bacon.
  20. Kevin Bacon – the star of Footloose, Mystic River, and Tremors; of American origin.
  21. King – a male ruler or monarch, perfect for the highest quality swine.
  22. Legend – means “hero” or “fable,” a badass option for your memorable hog.
  23. Legion – of German origin, means “people’s ruler,” but can also refer to a group of people.
  24. Manbearpig – a demonic pig hybrid featured on South Park, a best-ranking adult show.
  25. Maximus – means “greatest” in Latin, often shortened to Max.
  26. Maxwell – of Scottish origin, meaning “great stream,” ideal for the pig dwelling near a creek.
  27. Mickey – closely connected to Michael, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  28. Molasses – a sticky black syrup made from sugar cane, a favorite treat for swine.
  29. Old Major – featured in George Orwell’s hit novel Animal Farm, a great pick for the bossy hog.
  30. Olympus – a great mountain where many Greek gods dwelled, including Zeus.
  31. Orson – of French and Latin origin, means “bear cub” or “durable.”
  32. Otis – means “son of Ode” in English, perfect for pet owners desiring 4-letter names for pigs.
  33. Pigmalion – a punny alternative inspired the Pygmalion, a play by George Bernard Shaw.
  34. Presley – of English origin, meaning “from the priest’s meadow.”
  35. Prince – a Latin pick traditionally given to firstborn sons, fitting for the oldest piglet.
  36. Pumbaa – featured in Disney’s The Lion King, means “silly” in Swahili.
  37. Reaper – means “harvester” in English, often associated with the Grim Reaper.
  38. Rex – of Latin origin, means “king,” connected to dinosaurs.
  39. Rocky – an Italian pick meaning “rest,” borne by the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa.
  40. Romeo – a Shakesperean option, meaning “pilgrim to Rome,” and Juliet’s love interest.
  41. Royal – of French and British origin, means “of the king,” perfect for your dignified boy.
  42. Rustler – refers to someone who steals livestock from farms, for the boar who stole your heart.
  43. Sebastian – a derivative of “sebastos,” meaning “revered” in Greek.
  44. Shakespeare – an English author, poet, and playwright whose work is celebrated worldwide.
  45. Sir Oinks-a-Lot – a cute take on Sir Mix-a-Lot, a vintage rapper and producer.
  46. Storm – a disruption of nature’s atmosphere, fitting for your little whirlwind.
  47. Tank – joins the ranks of military-inspired pig names, describing the sturdy boar.
  48. Teddy – short for Theodore, meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  49. Warthog – a wild boar found in Africa, fitting for the exotic breed of pig.
  50. Wilbur – of German origin, meaning “resolute,” borne by the star of Charlotte’s Web.
  51. Willy – short for William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  52. Zeus – the Greek god of thunder, means “sky” and “shine.”

54 Adorable Pig Names

These darling pig names are the cream of the crop.

  1. Alpha Pig – a Greek option pointing to the star of the show.
  2. Babe – the famous piglet in a popular children’s book-turned-movie.
  3. Baby Cakes – a tasty alternative to Sweetheart or Honey.
  4. Beast – a ferocious option for the hefty hog.
  5. Bebop – featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, known as the primary villain.
  6. Bratwurst – a German sausage made of pork, popular in America and Europe.
  7. Buttercup – represents a yellow flower symbolizing youthfulness and friendship.
  8. Chewbacon – a good alternative to Chewbacca, Star Wars’ furry warrior.
  9. Chorizo – a spicy sausage popular in Spanish kitchens, comes with nicknames like Rizo.
  10. Cookie – ideal for pet owners with sweet tooths, means “sweet biscuit” in English.
  11. Cuddles – an English term of endearment for the pig with a soft side.
  12. Cupcake – a sweet baked good, often topped with sprinkles and icing.
  13. Curly – an English moniker for those with wavy hair, a great pick for the Mangalica pig.
  14. Darling – means “beloved one” in English, borne by the Darling family in Peter Pan.
  15. Gizmo – a fun gadget with many quirks and a unique pick for your one-of-a-kind hog.
  16. Grumpig – inspired by grey days and grumpy faces, a cute tribute to your little rain cloud.
  17. Hambone – a bone found in a chunk of pork or a class clown.
  18. Hamm – among the bluntest names for pigs or a surname borne by soccer great, Mia Hamm.
  19. Happig – a made-up title that’s fitting for your cheery piglet.
  20. Happy – a feeling of pleasure or joy, letting your pet know how much you love them.
  21. Hickory – joins the ranks of nature-inspired pig names claimed by the Hickory tree.
  22. Hobbit – a fictional race of creatures featured in Tolkien’s books.
  23. Hogwarts – the school of wizardry, made popular by the Harry Potter franchise.
  24. Honey – means “nectar” in English, a highly valuable sweetener in the Middle Ages.
  25. Jerky – a piece of dried meat that originated with the Spanish Conquistadors.
  26. Muffin – derived from “muffen,” meaning “small cake” in German.
  27. Munchkin – a small person or a term of endearment for a child.
  28. Nova – stems from “novus” meaning “new” in Latin.
  29. Oinker – a slang word describing a pig or a messy person.
  30. Oinks – an English option fitting for the noisy little piglet.
  31. Oreo – a cream-filled sandwich cookie, ideal for the black and white hog.
  32. Pancetta – means “little belly” in Italian, fitting for potbelly swine.
  33. Pepper – a spice used in all types of cooking, meaning “hot spice” in English.
  34. Piggly Wiggly – a Southern chain of grocery stores that originated in Tennessee.
  35. Piggy Smalls – inspired by rapper Biggie Smalls or the Notorious B.I.G.
  36. Piglet – the timid pig from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh stories or a baby pig.
  37. Pig Newton – inspired by the famous Fig Newton cookies by Nabisco.
  38. Pigsty – the place where farm pigs are held or a messy room.
  39. Pigtail – a popular hairstyle for little girls or a roll of tobacco.
  40. Pinky – an English moniker given to children with pink-toned skin, perfect for the pink piggy.
  41. Pork Chop – a cut of pork taken from the rib area or an uncouth person.
  42. Porky -the distinguished partner of Petunia, featured in Looney Tunes.
  43. Pua -means “flower” in Hawaiian, borne by the pet pig in Disney’s Moana.
  44. Pumpkin – of Greek origin, meaning “large melon,” ideal for the piglet born in autumn.
  45. Sausage – a style of meat made with ground pork and seasonings.
  46. Shrimp -among the most ironic names for pigs, referring to the small guy.
  47. Skittles – a colorful, fruity candy fitting for the hog that makes life sweet.
  48. Smooches – means “kisses” in English, a cute tribute to your lovable piglet.
  49. Snickers – a type of chocolate filled with nuts, fitting for the pig that makes life crazy.
  50. Snowball – an English pet name for someone with white hair.
  51. Sooey -the official name for a sound farmers make to call a pig home.
  52. Squealer – describes the way pigs communicate or a tattletale.
  53. Truffle – a hog who locates truffles, perfect for the pig with a keen sense of smell.
  54. Waddles – appears in Disney’s Gravity Falls as Mabel’s mischievous pet pig.

Pig Names FAQs

What Is a Good Name for a Pig?

There’s no shortage of good names for pigs, and luckily, there’s something for everyone. You’ll adore Brutus, Alexander, Caesar, Legend, and Rocky if you’re looking for tough pig names. If sweet names are on your radar, try Peaches, Sugar, Honey, or Cupcake. Funny pig names are also abundant, such as Kevin Bacon, Piggy Smalls, and Amy Swinehouse.

What Are Famous Pig Names?

Throughout history, many pigs have risen through the ranks, most fictional. Among the most memorable is Wilbur, the humble star of Charlotte’s Web. Edgier famous pigs include Manbearpig, a primary protagonist from South Park. No list of famous pigs is complete without Old Major, featured in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

What’s a Good Name for a Female Pig?

Female pig names are abundant, ranging from edgy to sweet. Floral pig titles are all the rage, for example, Rosita, Buttercup, and Daisy. Names meaning “pretty” are always a good choice, such as Bonnie and Bella. Pig owners with high hopes may consider royal titles like Lady, Princess, or Duchess.

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