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175+ Fierce Paladin Names: With Heroic Meanings

These trendy paladin names will have you battle-ready in no time.

Are you looking for the perfect paladin name for your beloved character? Creating your paladin is fun, but many gamers get stumped when choosing a name. We’ve got you covered with over 175 options, ranging from funny to sophisticated. Whether you’re looking for male or female paladin names, you’re bound to find something you love.

With this many options, your avatar will be the coolest paladin on the interweb. Grab your favorite drink and get ready to discover the most legendary paladin titles.

65 Handsome Male Paladin Names

These dashing male paladin names will leave opponents shaking in their boots.

  1. Aarow – a cute alternative to Arrow, referring to a weapon many skilled warriors use.
  2. Aimeri – of French and German origin, meaning “king of work.”
  3. Alexandros – a variation of Alexander, which means “defender of man” in Greek.
  4. Antarok – is well-known in the WoW universe for his awesome feats of strength.
  5. Arthur – of Scottish origin, meaning “strong as a bear,” often shortened to Arty.
  6. Azar – a Persian option that means “fire,” perfect for the avatar with a winning streak.
  7. Ballador – an Italian surname derived from “balloso,” a moniker for a rascal.
  8. Bat – a mysterious race in DnD or a nocturnal animal with a spooky reputation.
  9. Bodivine – among made-up male paladin names, can be shortened to Bo.
  10. Brogun – an alternate spelling of Brogan, meaning “sturdy shoe” in Irish.
  11. Darkraven – a great nod to the black raven featured in many fantasy novels.
  12. Duncan – of Scottish origin, means “dark-skinned warrior” and was originally a surname.
  13. Duthorian – borne by Duthorican Rall, a human NPC part of WoW quests.
  14. Eldur – an English option meaning “from the elder tree,” pointing to an elderberry bush.
  15. Errol – a British pick that means “nobleman” and “warrior.”
  16. Fintan – means “little fair one” or “white fire” in Irish, a clever pick for the pale elf.
  17. Fulk – of Old English origin, means “folk” or “people.”
  18. Gavinrad – a fictional crusader featured in WoW, hailed for his bravery.
  19. Geofridus Avelane – one of Reddit’s most suggested paladin names, perfect for the stumped gamer.
  20. Gerould Mornshield – a tough, made-up title for the paladin with the highest-ranked armor.
  21. Gregor – of Greek origin, means “tough” or “vigilant,” often shortened to Greg.
  22. Greyson – a British moniker pointing to the son of a gray-haired man.
  23. Honfoi the Friendly – joins the ranks of nonsensical paladin names given to the most charismatic players.
  24. Hunter – means “pursuer” in English and can be used for male or female paladins.
  25. Irulon Doomfist – a common player name in the WoW community, borne by humans and paladins.
  26. Ivanhoe – an alternative to Ivan, meaning “God is gracious” in Slavic, connected to John.
  27. Jakob – a respelling of Jacob, a biblical title that means “supplanter” or “may God protect.”
  28. Josse – short for Jodocus, meaning “lord” and “warrior” in French.
  29. Karman – a fun alternative to Carman, meaning “garden” or “orchard” in Hebrew.
  30. Kindlyman Dogoode – a popular gamertag given to charismatic players.
  31. Lovis – of German origin, means “famous warrior,” connected to Louis.
  32. Ludovicus – a French and German pick meaning “shining warrior.”
  33. Meryn – means “of the sea” in Latin, can be pronounced “MAIR-ihn” or “MAR-ihn.”
  34. Mikael – a respelling of Michael, a holy title meaning “he who is like God” in Hebrew.
  35. Miles – of Latin origin, traditionally given to soldiers who walked long distances.
  36. Miles Lightbringer – among the best paladin names for human races, includes a touch of positivity.
  37. Morrigan – of Irish origin, a good respelling of Morgan, which means “phantom.”
  38. Moses – a Hebrew title meaning “drawn out of the water,” referring to the biblical figure Moses.
  39. Nemas – an enigma of a title, thought to mean “blessing” in Hebrew.
  40. Niran – of Thai origin, meaning “eternal,” perfect for the immortal avatar.
  41. Orlando Lighthammer – has a rich history in the gaming world, given to avatars with high rankings.
  42. Percival – of French and Welsh origin, meaning “pierce the vale,” often shortened to Perci.
  43. Polaris – a Latin pick meaning “pole star,” referring to constellations.
  44. Raleigh – of English origin, meaning “deer’s meadow” or a bustling city in North Carolina.
  45. Richard – a French title given to kings, means “strong ruler” and comes with the nickname Rich.
  46. Ronbinet Firesword – stems from Robin, meaning “famed” or “shining” in English.
  47. Roger – a derivative of Hrod, meaning “famous spear” in German.
  48. Roland – means “renowned land” in German and is closely connected to the title Orlando.
  49. Roland Sunguard – known as a real brute, featured in the Final Fantasy franchise.
  50. Ryker the Titan – means “rich defender” in German, fitting for the paladin that comes first.
  51. Sahar – an Arabic title meaning “early,” “dawn,” and “awakening.”
  52. Salem – has witchy vibes and means “peaceful” and “safe” in Arabic.
  53. Tauren – of American origin, a combination of Lauren and Taurus.
  54. Thogold – a made-up title for the avatar with a heart of gold.
  55. Thor – means “thunder” in Norse, borne by Marvel’s mythical hero.
  56. Thunderhammer – a nonsensical pick that possibly refers to Thor’s infamous hammer.
  57. Titan – of Greek origin, meaning “defender,” adapted by many mythical conquerors.
  58. Valorcall – inspired by Valor, a Latin title meaning “bravery” and “courage.”
  59. Vindicator – points to a savior or someone who clears them of misjudgment.
  60. Wilhelm – of German origin, meaning “resolute protection” or “helmet of protection.”
  61. Wilmot Mornwalker – a popular username for DnD players that appears sporadically across the web.
  62. Xandor – derived from Xander, which means “defender of mankind” in Greek.
  63. Xanroar – a funny play on Xander, a Greek title short for Alexander.
  64. Zander – of Greek origin, meaning “defender of mankind,” perfect for the warrior paladin.
  65. Zorus – combines Horus and Zorro, giving you the best of both worlds.

62 Beautiful Female Paladin Names

These gorgeous female paladin names will break hearts and weaken knees.

  1. Aetati – of Latin origin, means “lifetime” or “age.”
  2. Aidah – a variation of Adah, meaning “reward” and “noble,” can be pronounced “AY-duh” or “EYE-duh.”
  3. Alayla – means “warrior goddess” in Greek, often shortened to Layla.
  4. Alexia Roseheart – joins the ranks of Final Fantasy female paladin names, meaning “helper” in Greek.
  5. Alyx – a cute respelling of Alex, meaning “defender” in Greek, perfect for the noble dwarf.
  6. Amazonia – refers to the beautiful land around the Amazon River.
  7. Auriol the Fearless – the perfect title for the brave paladin; Auriol means “golden” in Latin.
  8. Avril – of French origin, refers to April, a month full of blooms and rain.
  9. Avyanna – an American title pointing to a strong, beautiful woman.
  10. Benita – a Spanish pick that means “blessed with,” often shortened to Nita.
  11. Bertha Brightshield – inspired by Bert, a German title meaning “famous one.”
  12. Bessie – short for Elisabeth, a Hebrew title meaning “God is my oath.”
  13. Brienne – a gender-neutral Irish option referring to someone of noble status.
  14. Brigette – of Swedish and Gaelic origin, meaning “exalted one.”
  15. Brina – a Hebrew and Slavic pick that means “brown” or “noble.”
  16. Callan – of Irish origin, means “descendant of Cathalan” or “battle.”
  17. Clotilda – which means “renowned battle” in German, comes with the moniker Tilda.
  18. Daesyn – a Gaelic option that means “beloved,” a girly alternative to Jason.
  19. Deborah – means “bee” in Hebrew, borne by a biblical judge.
  20. Diana – the Roman goddess of forests, fertility, and the moon, meaning “divine” in Greek.
  21. Discordia – of Latin origin, means “quarreling,” perfect for the chaotic avatar.
  22. Earlene – the feminization of Earl, a noble title meaning “princess” and “warrior.”
  23. Eira – a Welsh title meaning “snow” or “merciful.”
  24. Ela Illuminax – borne by a Final Fantasy character with arresting blue eyes and intense warrior skills.
  25. Eloisa Nightbane – a mysterious title for the veiled warrior, Eloisa means “healthy” in German.
  26. Esabela – of Spanish and Hebrew origin, meaning “devoted to God,” an exotic alternative to Isabella.
  27. Eudora – means “good gift” in Greek, joining the ranks of vintage paladin names.
  28. Frieda – a German title meaning “peace,” borne by Frieda Hempel, a Swiss skier.
  29. Griselda – refers to a German woman of exemplary patience or a “gray battle.”
  30. Hedvige – an alternate spelling of Hedwig, meaning “fighter” in German.
  31. Hellissent Dawnguard – inspired by the Elder Scrolls video game, fitting for the paladin on Night Watch.
  32. Honore – of French origin, means “honored one,” perfect for your MVP.
  33. Idlea of Light – a made-up title that can be pronounced “IHD-lee” or “EYED-lee.”
  34. Jade – a green stone symbolizing riches and fame.
  35. Juliana – the feminine version of Julius, meaning “youthful one” in Latin.
  36. Lace – a delicate fabric worn by many fancy ladies.
  37. Lei – means “string of flowers” in Hawaiian or “flower bud” in Chinese.
  38. Lisetta – an exotic variation of Elisabeth, meaning “God is my promise” in Hebrew.
  39. Lysandra – a reimagining of Alexandra, a Greek title that means “man’s defender.”
  40. Macee – means “weapon” in French, fitting for the badass paladin.
  41. Madlyn the Worthy – a title given to those deserving of honor.
  42. Mariam – of Aramaic origin, meaning “star of the sea,” a fun alternative to Miriam.
  43. Matilda – a Germanic option meaning “mighty in battle,” often shortened to Tilly.
  44. Minerva – the Roman goddess of wisdom, likened to Athena.
  45. Minka – means “strong-willed warrior” in Polish, borne by actress Minka Kelly.
  46. Nesryn – of unknown origin, rumored to mean “rising.”
  47. Nova – derived from Novus, meaning “new” in Latin, associated with astronomy.
  48. Opaline – inspired by “opal,” means “jewel” in Sanskrit.
  49. Renna – of Latin origin, meaning “resurrection” or “born again,” connected to Jesus Christ.
  50. Rosamunde – a German and Latin option that means “horse protection” and “pure rose.”
  51. Ruby – of French and Latin origin, referring to a precious red stone symbolizing passion.
  52. Rylee – an adorable respelling of Riley, meaning “courageous” in Irish.
  53. Saxona – a derivative of Saxon, a German title pointing to swords.
  54. Sella – of Italian origin, initially a surname given to those who lived near mountains.
  55. Serena – a Latin pick that means “tranquil” and “serene.”
  56. Serina Shadowbane – the “surrenderer of souls” featured in Final Fantasy.
  57. Skyla – of Dutch origin, means “scholar,” perfect for the intelligent character.
  58. Tilda the Faithful – inspired by Matilda, meaning “strength in battle” in German.
  59. Tosia – means “reaper” and “highly praised” in Greek.
  60. Valkyria – a derivative of Valkyrie, a mythical group of women who escorted Norse soldiers to heaven.
  61. Xena – of Greek origin, meaning “guest” and “stranger,” perfect for gamers who like the “X” factor.
  62. Zillah – the biblical wife of Lamech, listed as a loving mother and wife.

51 Cool Paladin Names

These rad paladin names will have you saying, “Game on!”

  1. Adikia – the Greek personification of injustice and evil deeds.
  2. Adrielle – a Latin option describing someone from Hadria, often shortened to Ellie.
  3. Aeolus – an alternate spelling of Aiolos, the Greek god of wind.
  4. Aether – of Greek origin, meaning “brightness” and “bright upper sky.”
  5. Aidene – the feminization of Aidan, a Gaelic title that means “fire.”
  6. Aileena – hailing from Australia, a variation of Angela, meaning “messenger of God.”
  7. Amaris – the simplified version of Amaria, meaning “promised by God” in Hebrew.
  8. Annika – means “grace” in Russian, often shortened to Anni.
  9. Ansela – the girly version of Ansel, which means “god” and “protector” in English.
  10. Antheia – a fancy respelling of Anthea, meaning “flowery” in Greek.
  11. Apollo – the Greek god of medicine and healing, often depicted with his chariot.
  12. Arator – a sixth-century Christian poet known for retelling the apostles’ timeline.
  13. Aries – means “the ram,” often associated with the astrological sign.
  14. Arrowsmith – an occupational surname for men who created arrows.
  15. Calypso – joins the ranks of mythical Greek paladin names, meaning “hidden.”
  16. Cathelina – a flouncy alternative to Katherine, meaning “pure” in Greek.
  17. Chaos – means “pandemonium” in Greek, hailed as the first person created in mythology.
  18. Cynth – short for Cynthia, meaning “from Mount Kynthos” and “hyacinth” in Greek.
  19. Diante – of English origin, thought to mean “life force.”
  20. Edan – a variation of Aidan, meaning “fire” in Greek, or Eden, meaning “pleasure” in Hebrew.
  21. Elderqueen – a popular title in fantasy referring to the family’s monarch.
  22. Elpis – the personification of hope, mentioned in Pandora’s box.
  23. Enigma – points to someone who speaks in riddles of Greek origin.
  24. Enyo – the Greek goddess of war and Ares’ partner in crime.
  25. Ezlyn – of Arabic origin, meaning “freedom,” perfect for the independent paladin.
  26. Fae – means “fairy” in French, a popular term in fantasy novels.
  27. Faegan – an English title that means “joyful,” often shortened to Fae.
  28. Falan – of Hindi origin, meaning “fertile” and “fruitful.”
  29. Fallon – means “descended from a ruler” or “superior” in Irish.
  30. Finn – of Irish origin, meaning “fair,” perfect for the blonde avatar.
  31. Fury – an English option referring to wild and violent anger.
  32. Gavril – a variation of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew.
  33. Gunner – points to a hunter or someone who operates a gun in war.
  34. Hercules – a derivative of Herakles, meaning “hero,” borne by Disney’s mythical titan.
  35. Ivory – hailing from the U.K., means “white as an elephant’s tusk.”
  36. Justice – a virtuous title pointing to righteousness or fairness.
  37. Keziah – of Hebrew origin, meaning “restored to the heart of God.”
  38. Lan – means “orchid” in Vietnamese and Chinese, symbolizing love and fairness.
  39. Leo – a Latin pick meaning “lion,” borne by actor Leonardo di Caprio.
  40. Luna – the Roman personification of the moon, often associated with a Harry Potter character.
  41. Mace – of British origin, means “heavy staff” or “club.”
  42. Maegan – means “pearl” in Welsh and is connected to Margaret.
  43. Onyx – a black gemstone once thought to be made of mythical god’s fingernails.
  44. Paal – an alternative spelling of Paul, meaning “humble” in Latin.
  45. Roman – of Latin origin, traditionally given to those from Rome.
  46. Rue – an English and Greek pick meaning “herb” and “regret.”
  47. Ryuu – means “dragon” in Japanese, seen as edgy due to the double “U” ending.
  48. Sheridan – a unisex pick meaning “seeker” in Gaelic.
  49. Skender – of Celtic and Germanic origin, meaning “land lying in waste.”
  50. Victory – means “win” in Latin and can be shortened to Vick or Vicky.
  51. Zeus – of Greek origin, means “sky” and “shine.”

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