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350+ Male Cat Names: Unique, Popular & Funny Meanings

These male cat names are “purrfect” for your favorite boy.

Cat owners are among the happiest people and for a good reason. A cat is a fabulous pet, with softness, sass, and a cute personality! It makes sense that you’d want to find the perfect title for your favorite feline. This roundup of handsome male cat names will help you narrow your options.

We’ve included intelligent, sweet, and badass boy cat names for your viewing pleasure. You’ll even discover fun facts, namesakes, and origins. We can guarantee that you’ll never need another buffet of boy names for cats. Grab a chair; the naming process begins now!

120 Handsome Male Cat Names

These adorable pet names are the “cat’s meow.”

  1. Ace – of Latin origin, meaning “unity,” but can also point to a winning hand of cards.
  2. Alex – short for Alexander, meaning “defender of the people” in Greek, often shorted to Lex.
  3. Alvin – hailing from the U.K., meaning “loyal friend,” perfect for your faithful feline.
  4. Angus – the Americanization of Óengus, the mythical Celtic god of youth, love, and wit.
  5. Apollo – joins the ranks of badass male cat names, meaning “destroyer” in Greek.
  6. Armani – an Italian title meaning “child of Armano,” associated with the popular fashion label.
  7. Asher – means “happy” and “blessed” in Hebrew, borne by Pokemon’s leading character.
  8. Atlas – of Greek origin, inspired by mythology’s titan doomed to carry the world on his shoulders.
  9. Augustus – a Latin title meaning “great,” borne by the legendary leader Augustus Caesar.
  10. Baron – an English title for nobility or a Hebrew pick that means “son of strength.”
  11. Beau – of French origin, means “handsome” or a term of endearment for men.
  12. Beethoven – a Dutch option that means “beet farm,” borne by German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.
  13. Benny – short for Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand” in Hebrew, mentioned in the Bible.
  14. Bruno – taken from Brunus, a German option meaning “son of the brown one.”
  15. Buddha – of Indian origin, meaning “enlightened,” borne by the founder of Buddhism.
  16. Caesar – a derivative of Caesarius, meaning “head of hair” in Latin, ideal for the fluffy cat.
  17. Calvin – a French and Latin title referring to a bald man, fitting for the Sphynx kitten.
  18. Casper – of Aramaic origin, means “treasurer,” often connected to the cartoon ghost.
  19. Cedar – among nature-inspired boy cat names, pointing to the robust and beautiful tree.
  20. Charlie – short for Charles, meaning “free man” in Latin, ideal for the free-spirited pet.
  21. Claude – a sophisticated option meaning “strong-willed” in French, often paired with Jean.
  22. Clay – hailing from Britain, an English surname traditionally given to clay workers.
  23. Copper – describes a precious metal or a red-brown color, ideal for the ginger cat.
  24. Dallas – means “from the valley meadows” in Scottish, can also point to a bustling Texas city.
  25. Dante – taken from Durante, meaning “steadfast” and “enduring” in Italian.
  26. Daytona – is of American origin, meaning “town of day,” associated with the racing city in Florida.
  27. Denver – means “green valley” in French and “from Anvers” in English.
  28. Dewey – a Welsh option that means “beloved,” fitting for your cute boy.
  29. Diego – is of Spanish origin, meaning “supplanter,” connected to the biblical title Jacob.
  30. Duncan – means “dark-skinned warrior” in Scottish, a perfect title for your black kitten.
  31. Dylan – of Welsh origin, meaning “son of the sea,” doubles as a surname.
  32. Edward – a derivative of Ēadweard, meaning “wealth” and “protector” in English.
  33. Eli – short for Elijah or Elias, biblical titles that mean “ascended” and “height.”
  34. Figaro – a French occupational surname given to barbers, ideal for the kitten with a gorgeous mane.
  35. Finn – taken from Fionn, a mythical Irish title inspired by a strong warrior.
  36. Gandhi – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “perfume seller,” often connected to Mahatma Gandhi.
  37. Gary – an Old English pick meaning “spear” and can be short for Gerald.
  38. Gaston – of French and German origin, meaning “guest,” mentioned in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
  39. George – a Greek pick meaning “earth worker,” fitting for the little farm cat.
  40. Gus – is short for Augustus, meaning “great” and “venerable” in Latin.
  41. Guy – a vintage moniker that means “guide” and “leader” in French.
  42. Hamilton – hailing from Britain, meaning “flat-topped hill,” borne by leader Alexander Hamilton.
  43. Harley – means “hare’s meadow” in English and is connected to a famous motorcycle brand.
  44. Harry – of German origin, meaning “home-ruler,” inspired by the fictional Harry Potter.
  45. Harvey – is among fierce male names for cats, meaning “battle worthy” in French.
  46. Heathcliff – a handsome character in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, or an orange cartoon kitten.
  47. Hermes – of Greek origin, meaning “messenger,” borne by a mythical mediator.
  48. Horton – an English habitational surname given to families dwelling near rocky land.
  49. Houston – means “from Hugh’s town” in Scottish, associated with the sophisticated city in Texas.
  50. Hunter – of British origin, referring to one who hunts, ideal for the sneaky kitten.
  51. Ibis – means “long-legged bird” in Latin, pronounced “EYE-biss.”
  52. Icon – refers to a celebrity, an emoji, or a religious painting.
  53. Iggy – of English origin, meaning “fiery one,” a unique tribute to your orange cat.
  54. Indie – short for Independent, Indigo, or India, can also describe a style of music.
  55. Irving – a Scottish topographical surname for those living near rivers, borne by author Washington Irving.
  56. Ivan – the Slavic and Russian form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  57. Jacques – a sophisticated variation of Jacob, meaning “supplanter” in French.
  58. Jake – short for Jacob, a biblical option that means “He will supplant.”
  59. James – a derivative of Jacob, meaning “He will provide” in Hebrew, often shortened to Jim.
  60. Jesse – is of English, Dutch, and Hebrew origin, meaning “king” and “the Lord exists.”
  61. Johnny – a cute moniker for John, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  62. Kevin – the Americanization of Caoimhín, meaning “handsome” in Gaelic.
  63. Kodiak – of Native American origin, meaning “island,” perfect for the beach cat.
  64. Lane – an English pick initially given to families living along paths.
  65. Lars – short for Laurentius, which means “crowned with laurel” in Latin, associated with champions.
  66. Laser – a variant of Lazarus or a pointed light beam cats love to chase.
  67. Lennox – of Scottish and Gaelic origin, points to a place with many elm trees.
  68. Leo – the Latin word for “lion,” or a moniker for Leonardo, borne by actor Leo DiCaprio.
  69. Lester – an English and Latin pick that means “from Leicester,” often shortened to Les.
  70. Lincoln – of English origin, refers to a lake or colony borne by former president Abraham Lincoln.
  71. Livingston – means “dear friend’s place” in English, perfect for the cat who rules the roost.
  72. Magnum – of German origin, meaning “great” and “strength.”
  73. Mars – a mythical title meaning “god of war” or the fourth planet.
  74. Maxwell – an English option meaning “great spring” and “great stream,” often shortened to Max.
  75. Mickey – a cheery variation of Michael, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  76. Miles – of Latin origin, meaning “soldier,” traditionally given to any service member.
  77. Milo – means “beloved” in Slavic and “soldier” in Latin.
  78. Mochi – of Japanese origin, points to a rice cake used in ice cream treats.
  79. Mojo – an African pick meaning “magic” and “the ability to get things done.”
  80. Moses – a biblical title mentioned in the Old Testament, meaning “to draw out.”
  81. Murphy – of Gaelic origin, meaning “warrior of the sea,” doubling as a surname.
  82. Napoleon – means “from Naples” in Italian, borne by a great French military leader.
  83. Nash – is of English origin, meaning “from/by the ash tree” or a moniker for Nashville.
  84. Newton – hailing from Britain, refers to someone from the new town, borne by mathematician Isaac Newton.
  85. Octavius – of Latin origin, given initially to the eighth-born child, comes with the nickname Tavi.
  86. Odin – a Norse pick meaning “lord of frenzy,” borne by the god of poetry and death.
  87. Oliver – is of Latin origin, meaning “olive tree,” a universal symbol of peace.
  88. Opie – from Osbert and the ancient Germanic Oseberht, with “ōs” meaning “god” and “berht” meaning “bright.”
  89. Orlando – the Italian version of Roland, meaning “fame of the land.”
  90. Pablo – a Hispanic variation of Paul, meaning “little” and “humble.”
  91. Palermo – an Italian habitational surname for those dwelling near Palermo in Sicily.
  92. Parker – is of English origin, an occupational surname, and a forename meaning “park keeper.”
  93. Pirate – the ideal title for the sassy kitten who stole your heart.
  94. Purr-cy – a punny twist on Percy, meaning “one who pierces the valley” in French.
  95. Quentin – of French origin, meaning “the fifth,” symbolizing curiosity and creativity.
  96. Quimby – a Scandinavian option that means “queen’s estate,” borne by Beverly Cleary’s Quimby family.
  97. Quincy – a derivative of Quintus, meaning “the fifth,” referring to the day someone is born.
  98. Quixote – inspired by Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, an adventurer.
  99. Ralphie – short for Ralph, meaning “wolf counsel” in German.
  100. Reed – means “red-haired” in English, but it can also describe a stout plant.
  101. Remy – a French occupational surname referring to oarsmen.
  102. Romeo – of Latin origin, meaning “pilgrim to Rome,” often connected to Romeo and Juliet.
  103. Rufus – a Latin option that means “red-haired boy,” a popular pet title.
  104. Sam – short for Samuel, meaning “God has heard me” in Hebrew.
  105. Samson – inspired by the biblical character known for his strength and gullibility.
  106. Scout – featured in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, means “to listen” in French.
  107. Seamus – the Irish version of James, meaning “supplanter,” often shortened to Sea.
  108. Sherlock – an English surname for someone with fair hair, featured in the hit Sherlock Holmes franchise.
  109. Simon – means “listen” in Hebrew and “flat-nosed” in Greek.
  110. Sphynx – a hairless breed of cat once worshipped in ancient Egypt.
  111. Stallone – of Italian origin, means “horse stable” or “stallion,” once given to horsemen.
  112. Stanley – means “stony field” in English, borne by food critic Stanley Tucci.
  113. Sylvester – taken from “silvestris,” meaning “wooded” and “wild” in Latin.
  114. Taiwan – an East Asian country known for its culture, the ideal title for your siamese cat.
  115. Tim – is of Greek origin, short for Timothy, which means “one who honors God.”
  116. Titus – a Roman and Latin pick that means “title of honor,” fitting for your esteemed pet.
  117. Tom – short for Thomas, meaning “twin” in Aramaic, comes with the nickname Tommy.
  118. Trapper – of German origin, means “troublemaker,” ideal for the mischievous pet.
  119. Turbo – a spinning object or something that operates at high speed.
  120. Udin – an Arabic option that means “faith” and “religion.”

121 Cool Boy Cat Names

These rad boy cat names are as cool as a cucumber.

  1. Ash – short for Asher, meaning “blessed” and “happy” in Hebrew, ideal for the cheery cat.
  2. Astro – is of Greek origin, referring to something “of the stars.”
  3. Atticus – means “man of Attica” in Latin, as mentioned in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
  4. Bandit – a vintage term for a robber, perfect for the slinky kitty.
  5. Batman – joins the ranks of superhero boy names for cats created by DC Comics.
  6. Baxter – means “baker” in English, referring to those who baked bread or bricks.
  7. Beans – a term of endearment for your petite kitten with a funny personality.
  8. Blu – an alternate spelling of Blue, fitting for the cat with grey-blue fur.
  9. Bo – of Scandinavian origin, means “to live” and “dwell,” doubling as a moniker.
  10. Bonsai – an Asian practice consisting of raising miniature trees.
  11. Booker – is of English origin and is an occupational surname for scholars or teachers.
  12. Boomer – a Dutch surname given to those who guarded barriers or lumberjacks.
  13. Boots – a popular title for kittens who appear to be wearing booties on their paws.
  14. Bravo – of Italian and Spanish origin, means “courageous,” ideal for the daring pet.
  15. Cal – a Spanish surname for those from Cal or a moniker for Callum and Caleb.
  16. Cat Daddy – a song by The Rej3ctz that led to a dance by the same name.
  17. Catye – an adorable take on Kanye, an American rapper and songwriter.
  18. Cheeto – points to the dusty orange snack popular in America and Europe.
  19. Cheshire – a nod to the cat created by Lewis Carroll for the Alice in Wonderland series.
  20. Chief – is among the top pet names, usually given to bossy cats.
  21. Chucky – a moniker for Charles, which means “free man” in German.
  22. Cocoa – means “chocolate bean” in English, a good pick for the brown kitten.
  23. Cooper – of English origin, meaning “barrel maker,” comes with the nickname Coop.
  24. Cosmo – a Greek pick meaning “order” and “beauty,” often pointing to astronomy.
  25. Cove – a picturesque English option that means “small bay,” bringing beach scenes to mind.
  26. Diablo – of Spanish origin, meaning “devil,” fitting for the naughty kitty.
  27. Diddy – a trendy tribute to rapper P. Diddy, known for his hit song Creepin’.
  28. Diesel – of English and Australian origin, means “virility” and “speed.”
  29. Dino – an Italian option meaning “brave bear” or a moniker for dinosaurs.
  30. Doc – a moniker for Doctor, will remind many of Looney Tunes.
  31. Dog – among the most ironic male cat names, a daring nod to a cat’s enemy.
  32. Dougie – is short for Doug, which means “dark stream” in Gaelic or a fancy dance.
  33. Drake – means “dragon” and “male duck” in Dutch, borne by the prestigious university.
  34. Einstein – of German origin, meaning “rock,” inspired by inventor Albert Einstein.
  35. Elvis – taken from Alviss, meaning “all wise” in German, borne by rocker Elvis Presley.
  36. Eminem – inspired by the raunchy, bold rapper whose real name is Marshall Mathers.
  37. Fargo – a variation of Vargas, meaning “from the fenced pasture” in Spanish.
  38. Fisher – hailing from the U.K., meaning “fishermen,” doubling as a trendy surname.
  39. Flynn – a derivative of Ó Floinn, meaning “son of Flann” in Irish, mentioned in Disney’s Tangled.
  40. Franklin – an English option that means “free landowner not of nobility,” often shortened to Frankie.
  41. Freckles – a funny nickname for those with pigmentation spots.
  42. Garfield – an unusual tribute to the cool orange cartoon kitty that’s been popular since 1978.
  43. Gizmo – refers to a small gadget with no other formal name.
  44. Gumbo – a stew popular in Louisiana, meaning “okra” in African.
  45. Hobbes – inspired by the adorable stuffed tiger featured in the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.
  46. Inky – connected to Ink, making it the ideal black or gray cat title.
  47. Jabba – inspired by Jabba the Hutt, a Star Wars character known for his large size.
  48. Jack – short for John, a Hebrew title meaning “God is gracious.”
  49. Jagger – of English origin, meaning “carter,” borne by singer Mick Jagger.
  50. Java – an Arabic option referring to islands in Indonesia or coffee.
  51. Jax – an edgy variation of Jack, meaning “God has been gracious” in Hebrew.
  52. Jazz – points to a rhythmic style of music featuring saxophones and trumpets.
  53. Jett – means “jet black” in English, the ideal pick for the midnight-hued kitten.
  54. Joker – is a moniker for a funny person or a villain created by DC Comics.
  55. Jules – is short for Julien, meaning “youthful” in French.
  56. Kimchi – an Asian dish of fermented vegetables, can be spicy or sour.
  57. Kitty – a term of endearment for your special boy, meaning “pure” in Latin.
  58. Kobe – of Swahili origin, meaning “tortoise” or “turtle.”
  59. Linus – a Greek pick that means “flax colored,” ideal for the golden kitten.
  60. Lobster – points to the red sea creature or a pet name taken from Friends.
  61. Logan – of Scottish origin, means “hollow” and is also used as a surname.
  62. Loki – means “airy” in Norse, borne by Marvel’s god of mischief.
  63. Luca – a derivative of Lucas, meaning “bringer of light” and “from Luciana” in Latin.
  64. Luigi – of Italian origin, means “renowned warrior,” borne by video game duo Mario and Luigi.
  65. Magic – refers to supernatural powers or illusions, ideal for your supernaturally cute pet.
  66. Mario – an Italian pick that means “manly” and “Mars,” referring to the mythical god of war.
  67. Marley – hailing from the U.K., meaning “marshy meadow,” borne by singer Bob Marley.
  68. Mason – an English occupational surname given to stonemasons.
  69. Maverick – of American origin, means “man who avoids conformity.”
  70. Max – short for Maximilian, meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  71. Maximus – of Latin origin, meaning “greatest,” often shortened to Max.
  72. Midnight – the start of a new day, symbolizing fresh beginnings.
  73. Mocha – a coffee drink made with milk and chocolate, fitting for the brown kitten.
  74. Mufasa – means “king” in Arabic and is featured in Disney’s The Lion King.
  75. Nemo – of Latin origin, meaning “nobody,” is often associated with Pixar’s Finding Nemo.
  76. Nico – short of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people” in Italian.
  77. Nike – a Greek pick that means “victory,” inspired by the goddess of champions.
  78. Ninja – of Japanese origin, meaning “one who is invisible,” referring to warriors.
  79. Onyx – means “claw” and “nail” in Greek, a gemstone once considered the god’s nails.
  80. Oreo – a deliciously creamy white and black sandwich cookie famous in America.
  81. Orion – of Greek origin, meaning “heaven’s light” or a constellation of seven stars.
  82. Oscar – means “God spear,” “deer lover,” and “champion warrior” in Irish.
  83. Otter – a German occupational title for an otter hunter or a moniker for a slothful person.
  84. Ozzy – short for Oscar, meaning “divine power” in German, borne by rocker Ozzy Osbourne.
  85. Patches – an adorable title for the kitten with patches of different colored fur.
  86. Peter Pan – a character created by J.M. Barrie that later gained a Disney adaptation.
  87. Picatso – a punny take on Picasso, a Spanish painter and sculptor.
  88. Puma – means “mountain lion” in Latin or a brand of athleticwear.
  89. Rambo – of Norwegian origin, means “raven’s nest,” featured in the 1980s namesake films.
  90. Rebel – an English pick pointing to a defiant person, ideal for the stubborn feline.
  91. Reese – a Welsh option that means “enthusiasm” and “fire,” fitting your fierce cat to a tee.
  92. Ringo – of Japanese origin, meaning “apple,” borne by a Beatles member.
  93. Robin – a variation of Robert, meaning “bright fame” in English.
  94. Rocco – means “rest” and “repose” in Italian, ideal for the lazy kitten.
  95. Rocky – hailing from Britain, meaning “rest” but can also refer to unstable ground.
  96. Roman – of Latin origin, describing someone from Rome, fitting for the fashionable pet.
  97. Rory – means “red king” in Irish, perfect for your ginger kitten.
  98. Roscoe – a Norse title that means “deer wood” or “from the deer forest.”
  99. Saint – of Latin origin, meaning “holy,” connected to heroes of the faith.
  100. Sarge – short for Seargeant, a military and police ranking.
  101. Scar – a lion villain featured in Disney’s The Lion King or a blemish on the skin.
  102. Scooter – a lighthearted moniker for a Scottish person or a two-wheeled mode of transportation.
  103. Shakespeare – inspired by the famous poet and playwright, William Shakespeare.
  104. Sheldon – hails from the U.K. and means “steeped valley.”
  105. Shrek – taken from Schreck, meaning “fright” in German, borne by a fictional ogre.
  106. Snickers – a delicious candy bar famous in America and Europe or a fit of giggles.
  107. Sonny – means “son” in English, borne by part of the legendary music duo Sonny and Cher.
  108. Spirit – an English option pointing to someone’s soul or moxie.
  109. Stormy – means “storm” and “tempest” in English, fitting for your temperamental dude.
  110. Sushi – a tasty Japanese dish made of rice, fish, and seaweed.
  111. Swag – a modern English phrase referring to someone with confidence.
  112. Taz – means “God’s gift” in Latin often associated with the cartoon Tasmanian devil.
  113. Teddy – short for Theodore, which means “God’s gift” in Greek.
  114. Theo – a moniker for Theodore, meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  115. Thoreau – of French origin, traditionally given to those with bull-like strength.
  116. Toby – short for Tobias, meaning “God is good” in Greek.
  117. Toots – a term of endearment used as an alternative to Baby or Honey.
  118. Tyson – means “high-spirited” in French, borne by fighter Mike Tyson.
  119. Uncle – the brother of someone’s mother or father, or a nickname for a big man.
  120. Uno – means “roof” in Japanese or “one” in Spanish.
  121. Wile. E – a nod to Wile. E Coyote, a sneaky dog featured in Looney Tunes.

118 Unique Male Names For Cats

These unusual male names for cats will leave you amazed.

  1. Achilles – a derivative of “achos,” meaning “pain” in Greek or the back of the heel.
  2. Alibi – of Latin origin, meaning “somewhere else,” often used in crime shows.
  3. Beast – a large animal or a person with beastly, vile qualities.
  4. Biebs – an adorable moniker inspired by Canadian singer Justin Bieber.
  5. Bond – of English origin, means “farmer,” often connected to James Bond.
  6. Boo – means “beautiful” in French and can also be a term of endearment.
  7. Bucky – an American title meaning “little buck,” doubling as a moniker for a large-toothed person.
  8. Buster – hailing from the U.K., means “tough guy,” fitting for your ferocious feline.
  9. Buttons – an English occupational surname for those making or selling buttons.
  10. Captain – of English origin, meaning “he who is in charge,” ideal for the bossy kitten.
  11. Cash – an English pick that means “money” and “wealth,” belonging to singer Johnny Cash.
  12. Cat – among the most literal male cat names, mentioned in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  13. Cecily – taken from Caelius, meaning “heaven” in English, often shortened to Cecil.
  14. Cinnamon – a warm spice used to sweeten baked goods and beverages.
  15. Claws – an adorable tribute to your cat’s fiercest feature – their sharp talons.
  16. Cletis – among the best Greek boy cat names, means “illustrious” and “invoked.”
  17. Clyde – of Scottish origin, means “warm” and “friendly,” often associated with criminals Bonnie and Clyde.
  18. Cowboy – refers to a man who takes care of horses and cows.
  19. Cuddles – a cute tribute to your snuggly pet with a sweet side.
  20. Cullin – an alternate spelling of Cullen, meaning “handsome boy” in Gaelic.
  21. Cupid – the mythical god of love and attraction, often depicted as a baby.
  22. Curry – a South Asian dish made of chicken, vegetables, and curry powder.
  23. Cutie – a term of endearment for your adorable boy, used in place of Handsome.
  24. Cyrus – of Persian origin, meaning “sun,” mentioned in the Old Testament.
  25. Dash – means “to run quickly” in English, ideal for your fast pet.
  26. Dax – a French option meaning “leader,” traditionally given to firstborn sons.
  27. Dr. Who – a quirky BBC character who travels back in time, first appearing in 1963.
  28. Duke – a title for nobility or an English slang word meaning “to fight it out.”
  29. Edgar – of English origin, meaning “wealthy spear,” comes with the nickname Eddie.
  30. Elf – a mythical figure known for its pointed ears, mentioned in many Christmas tales.
  31. Elmer – hailing from Britain, meaning “noble” and “famous.”
  32. Elmo – a Latin and Greek option meaning “to love,” borne by Sesame Street’s furry red monster.
  33. Enzo – short for Lorenzo and Vincenzo, means “home ruler” in Spanish.
  34. Espresso – a dark shot of coffee containing lots of caffeine, ideal for the energetic kitten.
  35. Felix – the male version of Felicity, meaning “luck” and “happy” in Latin.
  36. Firecracker – a small firework or a moniker for one with explosive traits.
  37. Fizz – a mixture of liquid and gas, seen in soft drinks and carbonated water.
  38. Flash – a brief burst of light or a DC Comics superhero known for his speed.
  39. Frisco – of Spanish and Latin origin, means “Frenchman” and “free man.”
  40. Frito – means “fried” in Spanish or a salty corn chip popular in America and Europe.
  41. Frodo – is Old English, meaning “wise by experience” and the beloved Lord of the Rings character.
  42. Frost – an English and German moniker for cold people, borne by poet Robert Frost.
  43. Gatsby – is of German origin, meaning “left-handed” and “God.”
  44. Ginger – means “virginal” in English or a zesty spice used in holiday treats.
  45. Hades – the fictional god of the underworld, mentioned in Disney’s Hercules.
  46. Hagrid – featured in Harry Potter as a burly landkeeper with a heart for teaching.
  47. Homer – of Greek origin, meaning “security” and “hostage,” mentioned in Iliad’s Homer.
  48. Houdini – inspired by Henry Houdini, an infamous escape artist.
  49. Ice King – a masculine take on Ice Queen, given to frosty individuals.
  50. Jasper – means “treasurer” in Persian and is often shortened to Jas.
  51. Jester – a Middle Ages pick referring to the court comedian or reciter of plays.
  52. Jinx – of Latin origin, meaning “spell” or “charm,” perfect for the spooky cat.
  53. Junior – means “young” in Latin but can also refer to a father’s namesake.
  54. Jupiter – a Latin title meaning “Jove’s god” and “sky” can also point to a planet.
  55. Justis – a trendy respelling of Justice, which means “upright” and “righteous” in Latin.
  56. Kashmir – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “land by water,” often shortened to Kash.
  57. King – a British pick that means “monarch” or a moniker for kingly men.
  58. Kit – short for Christopher, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  59. Knight – of English origin, meaning “warrior,” traditionally given to the king’s soldiers.
  60. Latte – a coffee drink made with steamed milk, ideal for the tan kitten.
  61. Loco – means “crazy” and “insane” in Spanish and can also be short for locomotive.
  62. Lucky – of English origin, meaning “good fortune,” describing your feelings about being a pet owner.
  63. Mac – means “son of” in Irish, often connected to McDonald’s Big Mac burgers.
  64. Magpie – a French moniker meaning “chatterbox,” perfect for your loudmouthed darling.
  65. Malo – means “winner” in Hawaiian and “bright pledge” in French.
  66. Mater – a German topographical surname for those dwelling near meadows.
  67. Merlin – taken from Myrddin, meaning “sea fortress” in Welsh.
  68. Miso – a Japanese seasoning made with fermented soybeans and salt.
  69. Mittens – the perfect title for kittens appearing to wear stockings on their paws.
  70. Moby – inspired by the hit novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville.
  71. Mouse – an adorable homage to the cat’s most tormented victim.
  72. Mouser – a nickname for a cat who keeps the home mouse free.
  73. Nacho – an appetizer served at Mexican restaurants that includes tortilla chips and cheese.
  74. Nibbles – a cute tribute to the kitten who loves to bite playfully.
  75. Noodles – will make many hearers think of their favorite pasta dishes.
  76. Nutmeg – a spiced powder made from a tropical fruit.
  77. Oasis – a luscious desert landmark that includes water or a place of refuge.
  78. Ollie – short for Oliver, meaning “olive tree,” symbolizing peace and unity.
  79. Peeves – inspired by the sassy poltergeist in the Harry Potter series.
  80. Pepper – among the most popular spices, often paired with salt.
  81. Prince – the king’s son or a famous singer known for his hit song, Purple Rain.
  82. Quasimodo – a hunchback featured in The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.
  83. Rattles – an English option referring to a baby’s toy or the sound of a broken item.
  84. Rover – a moniker for someone who likes to explore or a type of vehicle.
  85. Rusty – of English origin, meaning “redheaded” can also point to an item affected by rust.
  86. Salem – a Hebrew and Arabic option meaning “perfect” and “complete,” fitting for your cherished cat.
  87. Sashimi – a Japanese dish that includes thinly sliced fish, rice, and veggies.
  88. Shadow – hailing from Britain, meaning “shade,” ideal for the black cat.
  89. Simba – of Swahili origin, meaning “strength,” mentioned in Disney’s The Lion King.
  90. Smalls – a term of endearment for someone small, mentioned in The Sandlot.
  91. Smokey – points to polluted air or a grey-blue hue, borne by activist Smokey Bear.
  92. Sneaker – an athletic shoe or someone with the ability to sneak around.
  93. Snowball – the perfect title for your white cat born in the heart of winter.
  94. Soot – another word for “ash,” a fitting pick for the grey or black kitten.
  95. Spade – a tool used for digging or a type of card.
  96. Sparky – of English and Norse origin, means “high-spirited” and “lively.”
  97. Spock – a Scandinavian pick meaning “maker of wheels,” borne by pediatrician Dr. Spock.
  98. Sprout – a seedling or a pet name for a child with a growth spurt.
  99. Sumo – of Japanese origin, means “to rush at,” referring to a type of wrestling.
  100. Sunny – short for Sunshine, typically given to optimistic people.
  101. Sweetie Pie – a term of endearment combining Sweetheart and Cutie Pie.
  102. Tamale – taken from “tamal,” meaning “wrapped” in Spanish, pointing to a Mexican dish.
  103. Thor – the mythical Norse god of thunder, often depicted with his hammer.
  104. Tiger – a large orange or white cat with black stripes, known as a fierce hunter.
  105. Tigger – featured in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, hailed for his excessive energy.
  106. Tigre – the Spanish word for Tiger, pointing to one of the world’s biggest cats.
  107. Titan – of Greek origin, meaning “defender,” and is the subject of many legends.
  108. Vader – a Dutch pick meaning “father” and “senior,” borne by Star Wars Darth Vader.
  109. Valentino – means “of great health” in Italian, often shortened to Tino and Val.
  110. Valerian – a Latin option meaning “healthy” and “great,” borne by a Roman emperor.
  111. Valor – of English origin, meaning “bravery” and “courage.”
  112. Vino – an Italian pick referring to red wine, comes with the nickname Vinny.
  113. Waffles – will remind hearers of their favorite breakfast dish.
  114. Warrior – of English origin, means “fighter in war,” given to the most talented soldiers.
  115. Wasabi – a Japanese condiment that tastes similar to horseradish.
  116. Whiskers – an adorable tribute to your kitten’s cutest facial feature.
  117. Zen – is of Japanese origin, meaning “meditation,” and can refer to a state of tranquility.
  118. Ziggy – a German option meaning “victorious protector.”

Male Cat Names FAQs

What Are Nerdy Male Cat Names?

Nerdy cat names appeal to intelligent pet owners. This is fitting, as cats are some of the smartest pets. You can’t go wrong with a literature-inspired title like Edward, Harry, Thoreau, or Shakespeare. Mythical titles, like Apollo, Titan, Thor, and Angus, are also scholarly. Cat names with intelligent namesakes include Einstein, Beethoven, and Hamilton.

What Are Lucky Male Cat Names?

Cat owners consider themselves blessed, so it makes sense you’d desire lucky cat names. The most apparent title in this category is Lucky, a popular pick for dogs and cats. Other fortunate names include Felix, which means “lucky” in Latin, and Malo, a Hawaiian title for winners. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Ace, the champion of cards.

What Are Vintage Boy Cat Names?

Vintage cat names have a certain charm fit for your distinguished furry gentleman. Alvin, Augustus, Dewey, George, and Horton are a few vintage selections. Other titles in this category include Irving, Heathcliff, Lester, and Maximus. Try Clyde, Bond, Roscoe, and Sonny if you’re looking for celebrity-inspired vintage titles.

What Are Rare Male Cat Names?

You already know there’s no one like your cat, and it’s only natural to want to name him something unique. There’s no shortage of rare cat titles, like Figaro, Ibis, Dougie, and Dax. Kitty, Cat, Lobster, and Magic are great examples of obscure picks. Honorable mentions include famous titles like Picatso, Eminem, Kobe, and Spock.

What Male Cat Names Mean Gentle?

There are plenty of cat names meaning “gentle,” such as Buddha and Ghandi, two of the gentlest men to exist. Other soft options include Elmo, meaning “to love” in Greek, and Sunny, given to animals with kind dispositions. You could also go with Oasis or Zen, which brings tranquil scenes to mind.

What Are Silly Names for a Male Cat?

Humorous cat names will ensure you’re always smiling. Food-inspired titles like Noodles, Miso, Sashimi, and Nacho are among the funniest options. Terms of endearment are also a hoot, like Sweetie Pie, Cuddles, Cat Daddy, Chief, and Beau. Augustus, Tiger, Caesar, Gaston, and Hunter are ironic names for your tiny terror.

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