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60+ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Names: Hero to Villain

These Ninja Turtle Names will have you saying, “Cowabunga!”

Do you need a crash course on Ninja Turtle Names? Consider this your one-stop shop to become an expert. We’ve compiled the best roundup of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles names, from well-known to rare. This list also includes an array of fun facts to help you brush up on your TMNT knowledge.

Whether you want to keep up with your kids’ interests or discover a new hobby, we’ve got you covered. Grab a slice of pizza and be prepared to get schooled “like a turtle do.”

Leading Ninja Turtles Characters

These top Ninja Turtle Names are the cat’s meow!

  1. April O’Neil – the Ninja Turtles’ first human friend, known for her wit and intelligence.
  2. Donatello – is among the most popular Ninja Turtle names, borne by the purple mask-wearing hero.
  3. Jennika – the second female introduced, famous for her many personalities.
  4. Leonardo – the gang leader whose favorite colors include blue, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.
  5. Michelangelo – the youngest Ninja turtle, who sports a funny orange mask and loves pizza.
  6. Punk Frogs – a team of four green heroes that started as villains.
  7. Raphael – of Italian origin, known for his red mask and rebellious nature.
  8. Venus de Milo – one of the first female characters, honored for her beauty and strength.

Villainous Ninja Turtle Names

These evil Ninja Turtles characters will have you seeing red.

  1. Antrax – a villainous ant who can clone himself, created by Baxter Stockman.
  2. Armaggon – a mutant great white shark that doubles as a skilled assassin.
  3. Baxter Stockman – an intelligent human who creates many weapons and mutant animals.
  4. Bebop – a human turned mutant warthog, sports a dashing purple mohawk.
  5. Chrome Dome – a title making it easy to remember who is who, part of the Foot Clan.
  6. Dirtbag – one of Shredder’s henchmen, a mutated mole who destroys cities by digging.
  7. Go Komodo – a powerful businessman who transforms into an evil Komodo dragon.
  8. Groundchuck – Dirtbag’s counterpart, a bull with extraordinary strength.
  9. Hun – the Purple Dragons leader with impressive martial arts skills.
  10. Jagwar – is a cartoon child who never surrenders, no matter how many times he fails.
  11. Karai – belongs to the Foot Clan, a ninja who is like a daughter to Shredder.
  12. King Komodo – a ferocious dragon who bit off Leonardo’s hand, eventually becoming an ally.
  13. Krang – first introduced in 1987 as the leader of the Kraangs, a group of sneaky aliens.
  14. Maligna – a frightening insect queen who appears in 19 TMNT comics.
  15. Mighty Mutanimals – among the most savage TMNT names, a team of mutants debuting in 1991.
  16. Purple Dragons – a tough-as-nails New York gang closely connected to the Foot Clan.
  17. Rahzar – one of Shredder’s main sidekicks, a mutant grey wolf with spikes and fangs.
  18. Rock Soldiers – are alien figures made from stone, among the Teenage Ninja Turtles’ worst enemies.
  19. Rocksteady – an evil rhinoceros whose name was inspired by a style of Jamaican music.
  20. Savanti Romero – Lord Simultaneous’s leading apprentice, known for his time-traveling skills.
  21. Screwloose – an otherworldly mosquito from the Dimension X planet.
  22. Scumbug – joins the ranks of evil insect Ninja Turtles characters, debuting in 1987.
  23. Street Phantoms – a sneaky band of thieves known for their ghostlike speed.
  24. Superfly – an evil fly and ringleader of the mutants.
  25. Tatsu – one of the henchmen-in-charge of the Foot Men, a favorite friend of the Shredder’s.
  26. Tattoo – a wicked sumo wrestler hailed for his colorful tattoos.
  27. The Foot Clan – a band of ninjas who practice black magic and are always bothering the Ninja Turtles.
  28. The Shredder – the show’s primary villain with many clones, known for his disruptive plans.
  29. Tokka – a snapping turtle with the head of an alligator, debuted in 1990.
  30. Wingnut – Screwloose’s best friend, an alien creature inspired by Batman.

Little-Known TMNT Names

These rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Names will blow your mind.

  1. Ananda – a superstrong girl who founded the 2nd version of the Justice Force.
  2. Atila the Frog – inspired by Atilla the Hun, a member of the Punk Frogs.
  3. Baron Draxum – appears on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, voiced by John Cena.
  4. Bishop – a member of the U.S. Special Forces, an enemy and ally of the TMNT.
  5. Casey Jones – known for his hockey mask, closely tied to Raphael.
  6. Doctor Dome – a member of the Justice Force who created the Domeoids.
  7. Fugitoid – connected to Professor Honeycutt, a scientist who once worked for Krang.
  8. Ghengis Frog – inspired by Ghengis Khan, a member of the Punk Frogs.
  9. Hamato Yoshi – an alias for Splinter, a mutant rat and sensei.
  10. Ice Cream Kitty – half ice cream and half cat, known for her killer claws.
  11. Irma – first appeared in 1987 as a close friend of April O’Neil.
  12. Joey Lastic – a member of the Justice Force, can stretch to new heights.
  13. Justice Force – a band of superheroes similar to the Avengers.
  14. Leatherhead – a Mighty Mutanimal that’s a half alligator, closely connected to Slash.
  15. Master Splinter – a father figure to the TMNT gang, a mutant rat who’s also Yoshi’s pet.
  16. Metal Head – hailed from his flowing metal hair that he uses as a weapon of destruction.
  17. Miyamoto Usagi – an independent samurai who befriended Leonardo.
  18. Mona Lisa – a lizard who takes a liking to Raphael and Donatello.
  19. Mondo Gecko – created by Old Hob, a mutant gecko with a rad personality.
  20. Mr. O’Neil – April O’Neil’s father, a little-known character who owns an antique shop.
  21. Mrs. O’Neil – mother to April O’Neil, captured by the Krang, also known as Bridget O’Neil.
  22. Mutagen Man – among the most memorable Ninja Turtle names, a mutant whose guts are visible.
  23. Ninjara -an alias for Umeko, a Japanese fox who supports the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  24. Rat King – an evil zombie king who can control the city’s rats, known for impersonating others.
  25. Renet Tilley – a female time lord and apprentice to Lord Simultaneous.
  26. Slash – depicted as a hero and a villain, an alien turtle connected to the Foot Clan and the Mutanimals.
  27. Stainless Steel Steve – the leader of the Justice Force, hailed for his hard headgear.
  28. Tang Shen – Hamato Yoshi’s late wife, often seen in flashbacks.

Ninja Turtles Names FAQs

What Are the Names of the 4 Ninja Turtles?

The four Ninja Turtles have unique names that have impressed hearers for years. Donatello is an Italian title inspired by a prominent sculptor in the Renaissance era. Leonardo is named after Leonardo da Vinci, another famous artist. Raphael brings the renowned Italian architect to mind, and Michelangelo is named after a brilliant painter.

Which Ninja Turtle is a Girl?

Over the years, there have been a few girl Ninja Turtles. Venus de Milo was the first female member of TMNT, introduced in 1997. Venus was named after a famous statue and often went by Bonnie. Jennika is the franchise’s latest girl hero, debuting in 2015. Jennika was originally a member of the hated Foot Clan before reemerging as one of the good guys.

What Are the 4 Ninja Turtle’s Personalities?

The best part about the TMNT crew is their different personalities. Donatello is hailed as the most intelligent of the gang, who loves showing off his scientific vocabulary. Leonardo is a natural-born leader with a typical “oldest child” personality. Raphael is the toughest Ninja Turtle who has a dark side. Lastly, Michelangelo is the youngest member, known for his sense of humor.

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