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150+ Beautiful Horse Names: for Your Elegant Pony

Hang onto your hat; these horse names will leave you in the dust

Hold your horses; it’s time to discover the best names for horses. We’ve gathered the world’s best horse names in one place to make your naming process simple. From racehorse names to female horse names, we’ve got it all. We’ve even included some fun facts, giving you the confidence to make an informed decision.

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth; this roundup is top-notch. So saddle up. The cutest horse names are just around the bend!

61 Dazzling Girl Horse Names

These sophisticated girl horse names will make anyone get off their high horse.

  1. Amber – is of French and Latin origin, meaning “jewel.”
  2. Amiga – a Spanish option meaning “female friend,” a beautiful tribute to your bestie.
  3. Annie – is short for Anna or Hannah and means “God’s grace” in Hebrew.
  4. Ariel – means “lion of God” in Hebrew, joining the ranks of spiritual names for horses.
  5. Ballerina – refers to a fancy ballet dancer, a common pick for the graceful mare.
  6. Bea – a moniker for Beatrice, meaning “bringer of happiness” in English.
  7. Bella – means “beautiful” in Latin and can be short for Isabella.
  8. Belle – of French origin, meaning “beautiful” or “lovely,” a moniker for Isabelle.
  9. Bonnie – a Scottish term of endearment describing a pretty girl.
  10. Breezy – means “windy” in English, one of many nature-inspired names for horses.
  11. Calamity – refers to a disaster, borne by horse-riding sharpshooter Calamity Jane.
  12. Charlee – a variation of Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  13. Cherry – connected to the delicious red fruit, a popular name for the auburn girl.
  14. Cheyenne – of Native American origin, means “people of a different language.”
  15. Chica – means “little girl” in Spanish, a cute pick for the friendly mare.
  16. Cinderella – featured in the namesake Disney film, sure to bring a smile to any girl’s face.
  17. Clover – of English origin, meaning “meadow flower,” a good treat for foals.
  18. Daphne – means “laurel tree” in Greek, a sign of victory and celebration.
  19. Dawn – the Greek goddess of daybreak, perfect for the horse born during a sunrise.
  20. Debutante – a derivative of “debut,” meaning “first showing” or “appearance.”
  21. Dina – means “judgment” in Hebrew or a small town in Pakistan.
  22. Diva – of Latin origin, meaning “goddess,” often given to celebrities.
  23. Dixie – a French option traditionally given to the tenth child.
  24. Dolly – short for Delores or Dorothy, of English origin, borne by singer Dolly Parton.
  25. Duchess – a derivative of “dux,” meaning “leader” or “chief” in Latin.
  26. Dulce – of Spanish origin, meaning sweet, often used in reference to candy.
  27. Faith – joins the ranks of virtuous female horse names, which means “trust” and “devotion.”
  28. Fancy – a derivative of Frances meaning “free man” in Latin or a decorative item.
  29. Fiona – of Scottish origin, meaning “white” or “fair,” perfect for the ivory mare.
  30. Flicka – means “peaceful ruler” in German, borne by a fictional wild horse.
  31. Gilly – short for Gillian, meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  32. Ginger – a warm spice used in baking, means “pure” in English.
  33. Grace – of Latin origin, means “favor” and “blessing.”
  34. Gypsy – means “wanderer” in English, perfect for the horse that’s wild at heart.
  35. Hattie – short for Harriet, meaning “home-ruler” in English.
  36. Holly – a jolly plant used in Christmas decorations, ideal for the merry foal.
  37. Hope – means “fulfillment” and “faith” in English, traditionally given to twins.
  38. Juliet – the cutest alternative to Julie, meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  39. Lady – of English origin, meaning “noble kind,” fitting for the proper pony.
  40. Lily – a Latin pick that means “pure” or a beautiful flower that appears at Easter.
  41. Lucy – the feminization of Lucius, meaning “as of light” in Latin.
  42. Lulu – a moniker for Louisa or a stand-alone African title meaning “precious.”
  43. Maggie – is of Greek origin, meaning “pearl,” and also June’s birthstone.
  44. Merry – an English pick meaning “joyful” or “lighthearted.”
  45. Misty – a meteorological term describing a cloudy, rainy day.
  46. Molly – the Irish version of Mary, means “star of the sea” or “bitter.”
  47. Moxie – of American origin, means “nerve” or “energy.”
  48. Nanny – is a moniker for Ann, meaning “grace” or “favor.”
  49. Peaches – a fragrant fruit that Georgia is famous for, borne by Mario’s Princess Peach.
  50. Peggy – short for Margaret, means “pearl” in Greek and English.
  51. Princess – of English origin, means “king’s daughter,” perfect for the picturesque steed.
  52. Rebel – a derivative of “rebelle,” meaning “someone with little respect for authority.”
  53. Rosie – of Latin origin, a moniker for Rose, symbolizes passion and friendship.
  54. Sage – means “wise” and “healthy” in Latin, a title given to naturopaths.
  55. Scout – a French option meaning “to listen,” perfect for the nosy pet.
  56. Sky – means “atmosphere seen from earth” in Latin, for the horse with high hopes.
  57. Snow White – Disney’s raven-haired princess, a fitting pick for the ebony pony.
  58. Stella – of Latin and Italian origin, means “celestial star,” a fun alternative to Luna.
  59. Sugar – a term of endearment often used between couples for the mare that’s sweet as pie.
  60. Trixie – of Latin origin, meaning “bringer of joy,” describing your pony to a tee.
  61. Willow – an English pick meaning “freedom” points to the willow tree, symbolizing resilience.

72 Dashing Boy Horse Names

Wild stallions can’t drag you away from these handsome boy horse names.

  1. Ace – means “unity” in Latin, also associated with a winning hand of cards.
  2. Aladdin – of Arabic origin, meaning “nobility of faith,” borne by Disney’s handsome prince.
  3. Alpha – a Greek option meaning “beginning” can also refer to the superior stud.
  4. Augustus – of Latin origin, meaning “great” or “magnificent,” fitting for most ponies.
  5. Axl – a derivative of Absalom, the biblical son of King David, means “father is peace.”
  6. Bandit – means “thief” in English, ideal for the boy who stole your heart.
  7. Blue Boy – joins the ranks of racehorse names borne by a popular blue roan stallion.
  8. Bruno – means “brown” in Latin, perfect for the mocha-colored foal.
  9. Buck – refers to a deer or cowboy in English, ironic for the handsome gelding.
  10. Buckeye – of Native American origin, points to a nut resembling a deer’s eye.
  11. Buddy – means “friend” or “companion” in English, can be a moniker for Bud.
  12. Bullet – a derivative of “boullet,” meaning “small ball,” in French, associated with war and hunting.
  13. Buster – hailing from the U.K., means “tough guy” in English, fitting for the badass horse.
  14. Buzz – a moniker for Busby, meaning “village in the woods” in English.
  15. Caesar – means “head of hair” in Latin, perfect for the bay with a flowing mane.
  16. Captain – refers to the man in charge, fitting for the pony that rules the barn.
  17. Casanova – means “new house” in Latin, borne by a gentleman known for his many conquests.
  18. Cash – of English origin, means “hollow,” associated with singer Johnny Cash.
  19. Casper – an Aramaic option that means “treasurer” or the infamous friendly ghost.
  20. Charley Horse – a punny pick for your beloved steed, describes a painful muscle cramp.
  21. Chief – means “leader of the clan” in English, perfect for the bossy boy.
  22. Clyde – of Scottish origin, means “warm,” often associated with partners in crime Bonnie and Clyde.
  23. Columbus – a Latin option meaning “dove,” a symbol of peace.
  24. Dakota – of Native American origin, means “friend” or “ally.”
  25. Dash – among the fastest name ideas for horses, means “to run quickly” in English.
  26. Dexter – an English occupational surname given to those who dyed cloth.
  27. Diablo – of Spanish origin, means “devil,” a unique pick for the mischievous stud.
  28. Diesel – a moniker for Matthew or Matthias, but can also point to a type of fuel.
  29. Dude – an American pick meaning “cowboy,” among the most country male horse names.
  30. Duke – a Latin option that means “leader,” generally describing nobility.
  31. Elvis – a derivative of Alwiss, meaning “all-wise,” borne by singer Elvis Presley.
  32. Fisher – hailing from the U.K., meaning “fishermen.”
  33. Grampa – an alternative spelling of Grandpa, perfect for the pony with an old soul.
  34. Guapo – of Spanish origin, meaning “handsome” or “good-looking.”
  35. Gucci – an Italian slang word that means “awesome” or “cool.”
  36. Herc – short for Hercules, meaning “hero” or “warrior” in Greek.
  37. Hombre – means “dude” or “guy” in Spanish, a fun nickname for your best friend.
  38. Houdini – inspired by Harry Houdini, remembered for his escape tactics.
  39. Hunter – of English origin, means “pursuer,” perfect for your fierce steed.
  40. Ivanhoe – means “God is gracious” in Slavic, connected to John.
  41. Jasper – a Persian pick meaning “treasurer,” an excellent pick for the Arabian horse.
  42. Keno – a derivative of Konrad, means “bold advisor” in Polish.
  43. Kia – an African pick meaning “hill” or “mountain,” associated with a fuel-efficient car.
  44. King – hailing from Britain, means “ruler,” perfect for the king of the hill.
  45. Lucifer – an ominous option meaning “bearer of light” in Hebrew, one of Satan’s aliases.
  46. Lucius – of Latin origin, means “light,” ideal for your sunshine gelding.
  47. Luke – short for Lucas, means “light giver” in Latin, borne by one of Christ’s disciples.
  48. Mac – means “son” in Scottish and Irish, fitting for the horse you love like a child.
  49. Mateo – the Spanish variation of Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  50. Maximus – of Latin origin, means “greatest,” often shortened to Max.
  51. Neptune – a derivative of Neptunus, referring to the Roman god of water.
  52. Oaks – short for Oakley, meaning “oak tree,” ideal for your steady steed.
  53. Pablo – a Mexican option meaning “little,” connected to Paul.
  54. Quest – means “seek” and “mission” in English, associated with adventures.
  55. Rancher – refers to someone who owns or works on a ranch.
  56. Ranger – of French origin, meaning “forest guardian.”
  57. Renegade – means “defector” or “rebel” in English, perfect for the little troublemaker.
  58. Sampson – a biblical character known for his strength, often shortened to Sammy.
  59. Sheriff – refers to a leading member of law enforcement, a common title in Old Westerns.
  60. Smokey – points to the smoke-colored horse, ideal for your gray beauty.
  61. Stallion – a farmer’s term for a horse kept for breeding, known for their wild personalities.
  62. Stud – a pet name for a handsome boy or a horse whose primary job is breeding.
  63. Teddy – means “wealthy protector” in French, connected to teddy bears.
  64. Thor – the Norse god of thunder who became a Marvel success.
  65. Trigger – an English option meaning “to initiate.”
  66. Triton – of Greek origin, means “god of the sea,” featured in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  67. Tucker – an English moniker for a prankster or an occupational surname for seamstresses.
  68. Ty – means “rock” or “sharp” in Hebrew and can be short for Tyler.
  69. Ulysses – a literary option featured in Homer’s Odyssey, delighting readers everywhere.
  70. Uncle Sam – a nickname for the United States, perfect for the patriotic pony.
  71. Van Gogh – inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh, who painted The Starry Night.
  72. Zeus – the Greek god of sky and thunder, known as the head deity.

61 Adorable Horse Names

These darling horse names will gallop away with your heart.

  1. Amigo – means “friend” in Spanish, perfect for your sanguine sweetie.
  2. Apple Jacks – a delicious cinnamon and apple-flavored cereal popular in the U.S.
  3. Arabian Nights – an intriguing collection of Arabian folk tales, a fitting option for the black beauty.
  4. Aries – a Latin option meaning “ram,” perfect for the March or April foal.
  5. Black Beauty – one of literature’s most famous horses, an accurate pick for your ebony pony.
  6. Black Sabbath – an English rock band featuring singer Ozzy Osbourne.
  7. Blitzen – one of Santa’s reindeer, fitting for your favorite Christmas gift.
  8. Champ – short for Champion, a top pick for racehorses.
  9. Chance – hailing from the U.K., means “good fortune,” a reminder to dream big.
  10. Cinnamon – a fragrant spice used in baked goods, sure to remind anyone of cozy kitchens.
  11. Cocoa – means “chocolate bean” in English, a title bakers will quickly add to their list.
  12. Comet – a derivative of “kometes,” meaning “a head with long hair.”
  13. Cupid – the god of desire, love, and intimacy, often connected to Valentine’s Day.
  14. Dallas – of Scottish origin, means “the valley meadows” or a bustling city in Texas.
  15. Dancer – an occupational title for an acrobat or dancer, a top pick for show ponies.
  16. Diamond – means “of high value” or “brilliant” in English.
  17. Disco – a style of dance music made popular in the 1970s.
  18. Dreamer – refers to a person with big dreams or an active imagination.
  19. Dusty – of German origin, meaning “warrior,” but can also point to a dirty surface.
  20. Ebony – means “deep black wood” in Latin, used to make luxury furniture.
  21. Eclipse – a unisex option referring to a rare event when the moon covers the sun’s rays.
  22. Encore – an additional act at the end of a play or concert, often requested by fans.
  23. Freedom -means “not in captivity” in English, perfect for the Independence Day foal.
  24. Genie – a derivative of John, meaning “God is gracious” or a mythical wish-granter.
  25. Honey Bunches – a term of endearment used as an alternative to Honey and Sweetheart.
  26. Hurricane – of Native American origin, means “evil spirit of the wind.”
  27. Jagger – an English occupational surname given to butchers, borne by singer Mick Jagger.
  28. Jaguar – a large black cat symbolizing strength or a luxurious sports car.
  29. Jett – of English origin, means “jet black,” borne by rocker Joan Jett.
  30. Jumper – commonly given to show horses who can clear massive hurdles.
  31. Justice – a derivative of Justus, ing “just” and “righteous” in English.
  32. Legend – a tale passed down through generations or an extraordinary person.
  33. Liberty – derived from Libertas, the Roman personification of freedom.
  34. Lightning – a flash of light that occurs during storms.
  35. Loredo – a town in Texas known for its lively Spanish culture.
  36. Lucky – an English option meaning “fortunate,” often associated with Lady Luck.
  37. Magic – means “full of wonder” in English, ideal for the pony that leaves you awe-struck.
  38. Magnum – means “great” in Latin, can be shortened to Mag or Maggie.
  39. Memphis – derived from Men-nefer, meaning “enduring” in Egyptian.
  40. Mocha – a delicious beverage made with coffee, chocolate, and milk.
  41. Montana – means “mountain” in Latin, the perfect way to show pride in your state.
  42. Moondance – a Native American ritual or a hit song by Van Morrison.
  43. Moonshine -means “smuggled liquor” in English, a moniker for troublemakers.
  44. Mystic – a spiritual option referring to someone who seeks New Age wisdom.
  45. Navajo -means “farm fields in the valley” in Spanish or a Native American tribe.
  46. Noir – of French origin, meaning “black,” fitting for the horse with a dark coat.
  47. Nutmeg -means “musk nut” in English, a warm spice used in baking.
  48. Onyx – a Greek pick meaning “claw,” referring to a mythical god’s fingernails.
  49. Outlaw – points to someone outside the law, a cool alternative to Criminal.
  50. Paprika – a spice made from dried bell peppers, used in Mexican cooking.
  51. Phoenix – a mythical creature known for its ability to rise from the ashes.
  52. Prancer – one of Santa’s beloved reindeer, perfect for the horse who demands an audience.
  53. Rain – an English pick meaning “abundant blessing from above.”
  54. Rhapsody – joins the ranks of musical horse names, refers to a composition.
  55. Ringo -of Japanese origin, means “apple,” a favorite treat for livestock.
  56. Rio – means “river” in Spanish, commonly associated with the Rio Grande.
  57. Rusty – a fun nickname for redheads, perfect for the auburn pony.
  58. Spirit -inspired by the fictional stallion that’s starred in many movies and shows.
  59. Star – a celestial body that many believe can tell the future.
  60. Sunshine – a moniker given to those with cheery temperaments.
  61. Tango – a derivative of “tangere,” meaning “touch” in Latin or an intimate dance for two.

Horse Names FAQs

How Do I Pick a Name for My Horse?

Picking a name for your horse doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re feeling stumped, you can name your horse after the color of their coat, for example, Mocha, Cocoa, Amber, and Black Beauty. You can also give your pony a title inspired by its personality. Many pet owners prefer tough horse names like Casanova, Stud, Zeus, and Thor. Others prefer sweeter options like Honey Bunches, Cupid, and Sunshine.

What Is a Famous Horse Name?

Horses are majestic creatures, so it’s no surprise that many have made history. Famous horse names inspired by literature include Black Beauty, Spirit, and Misty. Many horse lovers adore naming their pets after famous people. Calamity, Annie, Dolly, Caesar, and Augustus are all top choices. Your star racehorse in the making could also benefit from a sporty title like Jumper or Prancer.

What Is the Rarest Horse Name?

There’s no shortage of rare horse names, ranging from outrageous to slightly off the wall. Foreign options, including Amiga, Amigo, Chica, Dulce, and Diablo, are considered unique. Some pet owners consider badass names unusual, making Bandit, Clyde, and Diesel an anomaly. Other eclectic names for horses include Apple Jacks, Eclipse, Encore, and Rhapsody.

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