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Arya Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Arya including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Arya Overview

  • Meaning: Arya means “noble.”
  • Gender: Arya is traditionally a boy’s name but has become more of a girl’s name in the United States.
  • Origin: Arya originated in India and Iran and is a Sanskrit word.
  • Pronunciation: Arya is pronounced, “ah-ree-uh.”
  • Popularity: Arya is a moderately popular name, especially recently.
  • Nicknames: Ari, Riri, Rya, Yaya.
  • Variations: Ariya, Aria, Aryo, Aarya.
  • Namesakes: Arya Stark, Game of Thrones character.

What Does Arya Mean?

Arya is a name that means “noble” in several different languages. There are many variations and countries of origin, but the most common consensus is that the word Arya means “noble” in Sanskrit, an Asian-Indian language (1).

What is the Origin of the Name Arya?

The name Arya originates from Sanskrit, a language traditionally spoken and written on the Indian subcontinent. It has been a popular baby name in India for centuries and is a very traditional Indian girl name. It’s also popular in other West Asian countries.

How Popular is the Name Arya?

In the United States, Arya is much more popular for girls than for boys. It was the fastest-growing name in 2012, jumping nearly 300 positions on the popularity list. Now, it rests at 120th in the United States for girls’ names (2).

It’s largely agreed that the popularity of the name rose sharply because of the show “Game of Thrones” and the character Arya Stark (3). Since then, the popularity of the name has increased greatly, especially in the United States and Europe.

How Do I Pronounce Arya?

Arya has various pronunciations depending on the country of origin. In America and the United Kingdom, the pronunciation is “ah-ree-uh.” In India, the pronunciation is similar, but with more emphasis on the second syllable instead of the first.

Is Arya a Boy or Girl Name?

Arya is an Indian boy’s name. For centuries in India, only boys would be named Arya. However, it’s more gender-neutral in the United States. In America, it’s pretty evenly split between baby boys and girls with the name Arya.

Variations of Arya

There are several variations of Arya from different countries and provinces in India and Western Asia. Here are some of the most common variations:

  • Aarya (Sanskrit, Old Persian)
  • Aria (Italian, Latin)
  • Ario (Greek)
  • Ariya (Sanskrit, Old Persian)
  • Aryo (Persian)
  • Aryono (Indonesian)

Nicknames for Arya

Any name eventually has nicknames, even a noble and short name, such as Arya. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Ari
  • Ree
  • Riri
  • Rya
  • Yaya

Similar Names to Arya

If you like Arya, but it’s not quite the right name for your child, that’s fine! Here are some similar options, both in meaning, sound, and quality. We’ve included both boy and girl names along with some gender-neutral names.

Middle Names for Arya

Any good first name needs a strong middle name to complete it. When you’re looking for middle names, you want names that add character and meaning without overshadowing the first name. They also need to flow. Here’s a list of some of the middle names that flow well with Arya:

Sibling Names for Arya

If you already have a child named Arya, you might want to consider some similar-sounding names or names with similar meanings for your child’s siblings. Here are some baby names that work well with Arya.

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Arya

There are several celebrities and famous people with the name Arya:

  • Anita Arya: Indian politician.
  • Arya Bhatta: Ancient Indian mathematician.
  • Arya Mitra Sharma: Indian doctor.
  • Arya Penanseng: Former Sultan of Demak.
  • Arya Rohit: Indian actress.

Arya in Popular Culture

Although Arya hasn’t been a popular name in America until the last ten years, it became popular because of pop culture. The list is short, but there are some fictional characters named Arya who have affected the popularity of the name. Here’s a list.

  • Arya Drottningu: Character from the Inheritance book series.
  • Arya Stark: Character from the book and tv show “Game of Thrones.”

Arya FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the name Arya and its origins.

Is Arya a Biblical Name?

Arya is not a biblical girl’s name. It is a traditional Indian name and has been used for centuries in Western Asia. However, the concept behind Arya, that of nobility, is mentioned throughout the Bible several times.

Why Is Arya So Popular?

Arya is a popular name now largely because of the book series and television show “Game of Thrones.” Arya Stark, one of the prominent characters in the show, is a protagonist and an example of a strong and bold woman. With the original meaning of the name, its simplicity, and the popularity of this character, the name gained popularity quickly.

What Does Arya Mean in Persian?

In Persian, the name Arya means friend or faithful. This name is popular across many cultures with beautiful meanings wherever it goes.

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