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Valerie Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Valerie including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Valerie Overview

  • Meaning: “healthy and strong,” “valiant,” “fierce,” and “brave.”
  • Gender: Valerie is a girl’s name.
  • Origin: The name Valerie stems from primarily French and Latin origins.
  • Pronunciation: “VAHL-err-EE”
  • Popularity: Valerie is a popular name currently ranking at #153 of the 1,000 baby girl names as of 2021.
  • Nicknames: Erie, Ree, Val, Vallie, and Valley.
  • Variations: Valarie, Valeree, Valeria, Valery, and Valorie.
  • Namesakes: Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie French, Valerie Harper, Valerie Plame, Valerie Sayers, and Valerie Zimrig.

What Does Valerie Mean?

Valerie means “strong and healthy” in Latin and French. Another Latin root word related to the name also translates Valerie to mean “brave,” “fierce,” and “valiant.”

Because of these many powerful meanings, Valerie is a great name that exudes lovely connotations. This modern name has many origins that have grown into an American name many people consider for their baby.

What Is the Origin of the Name Valerie?

Valerie stems from primarily Latin and French origin. The name is a French variation of Valeria. Its original variation was prominent in the 1890s before the modernized version, Valerie, became more popular in the mid-20th century. (1)

Valerius was the name of a Roman clan which is a key origin of the name Valerie. The clan was a patrician family that lived in ancient Rome. (2)

Besides these origins, there are also Russian, Slavic, and German roots for the name Valerie. This is because a given male name Valery that originates from the Latin word, “Valerius.”

How Popular Is the Name Valerie?

Valerie is a popular name currently ranking #153 out of the Social Security Administration’s top 1,000 baby girl names as of 2021. It was the most popular in 2006, ranking at #127. The name entered the top 1,000 baby girl names list in 1900 at #831. (3)

In 1959, Valerie reached its highest popularity at rank #60. It was in the best 100 names for baby girls from 1973 to 1987 before returning to the 100s to 200s ranking afterward.

How Do I Pronounce Valerie?

You pronounce Valerie as VAHL-err-EE.

Another pronunciation option is by saying VAL-e-REE.

Is Valerie a Boy or Girl Name?

Valerie is a feminine-only name. In German and Russian origins, Valery, a variation of Valerie, is sometimes used as a male name. Valery is not in the best 1,000 baby names for boys in the United States Social Security Administration records. However, Valery ranks as #890 on the best 1,000 baby girl names list.

Variations of Valerie

Valerie has creative variations based on how you want to present your child’s name phonetically. Out of all the name variations listed, Valarie continues to be the most popular spelling of the name. These are the variations of Valerie that we adore:

  • Valarie (French)
  • Valeree (Latin)
  • Valeria (Latin and French)
  • Valery (French and German)
  • Valorie (French)

Nicknames for Valerie

Valerie is an ardent and playful name with many opportunities for nicknames. Here are the nicknames that we picked out for Valerie:

  • Erie
  • Ree
  • Val
  • Vallie
  • Valley

Similar Names to Valerie

The modern and spunky name Valerie has many similar names to choose from to compare your options. These are the similar names to Valerie that we love:

Middle Names for Valerie

There are endless possibilities for middle names for Valerie. These are the middle names we believe flow well with the given name Valerie:

Sibling Names for Valerie

If you have a child named Valerie, we know you are on the search for the perfect sibling name for your next bundle of joy. Here are some suggestions for brother and sister names that go well with Valerie:

For a Brother:

For a Sister:

Famous People Named Valerie

Considering Valerie’s popularity history on the best names list for girls, there are many famous people with the namesake. From actresses to CIA agents to athletes, Valerie runs the gamut of famous individuals throughout different industries. These are the celebrity women we wanted to highlight with the name Valerie:

  • Valerie Bertinelli: American actress.
  • Valerie French: American professional wrestler.
  • Valerie Harper: American actress.
  • Valerie Plame: Former CIA agent.
  • Valerie Sayers: American author.
  • Valerie Zimring: American rhythmic gymnast.

Valerie in Popular Culture

Valerie has many pop culture references throughout reality television and cartoons. Here are some of the references we picked:

  • Valerie: Character in the adult cartoon “Frisky Dingo.”
  • Valerie Brown: Character in “Josie and the Pussycats” series.
  • Valerie Bassett: Supporting character on the hit reality television series “Will and Grace.”
  • Valerie Gray: Ghost hunter in the Nickelodeon hit cartoon, “Danny Phantom.”
  • Valerie Lewton: Character in the movie “Final Destination.”
  • Valerie Malone: Character on the reality TV series “Beverly Hills 90210.”

Valerie FAQs

Valerie is a youthful and playful name, but we imagine you may still have some questions. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the name Valerie:

Is Valerie a vintage name?

The name Valeria became prominent in the 1890s among French parents. By 1900, Valerie ranked at #831 and quickly spiked in popularity by 1950 when it hit #115. In 1952, it hit the top 100 baby girls’ name list for the first time until 1970 before it had its second run on the list from 1973 to 1987.

Is Valerie a Russian name?

Valerie may also have Russian and Slavic roots from the masculine given name, Valery. This name also comes from the Latin word “Valerius.”

Is Valerie a beautiful name?

Valerie is a highly beautiful name that evokes power, beauty, and dominance. After all, it sounds almost like valiant, which is a stellar meaning.

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