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Jayden Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Jayden including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Jayden Overview

  • Meaning: The meaning most often given to Jayden is “truthful.”
  • Gender: The name is gender-neutral, but has been more popular for boys than girls.
  • Origin: A modern combination of the “JAY” sound in Jason with names like Brayden or Hayden.
  • Pronunciation: “JAY-den”
  • Popularity: The name has been very popular in the United States in the past two decades and was still in the top 50 baby names in 2021.
  • Nicknames: Baby Jay, Blue Jay, JJ.
  • Variations: Jaeden, Jaedyn, Jaden, Jadon, Jaidan.
  • Namesakes: Jayden Yuan, Jayden Reed, Jayden Panesso.

What Does Jayden Mean?

Jayden is likely a name of modern creation and does not have a definitive meaning rooted in any etymology.

Jadon, biblically means “he will judge” in Hebrew, is a name that many point to when giving meaning to the name Jayden. Jadon may also contribute to some believing that the name Jayden is biblical. However, Jayden has most often meant “truthful.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Jayden?

Jayden is likely a modern creation that combines popular names from the mid-to-late 1900s (1). Jayden probably came from a combination of the name Jason, popular in the 1970s, with names like Braden or Hayden.

While some attribute the meaning of the biblical name Jadon to the name Jayden, it is likely not the source of this particular name.

Jadon was first seen in the U.S. census in 1858, the name Jayden not being listed by the Social Security Administration until 1977 (meaning that 1977 was the first year five or more babies named Jayden). This more or less supports the theory that Jayden is a modern creation.

How Popular Is the Name Jayden?

The name was very obscure until the 1990s. Jayden made its first appearance on the Social Security Administration’s top 1000 baby names in 1994 at number 850 (2). Jayden gained traction at the end of the 1990s and entered the 2000s at spot 194. The name has been very popular in the last two decades and was even in the top ten baby boy names from 2009 to 2013.

In 2021 the name remained popular, sitting comfortably at spot 41.

How Do I Pronounce Jayden?

Jayden is pronounced, “JAY-den.” Since it is most likely a hybridization of two names, Jayden takes on the pronunciations from those names rather than the Hebrew name Jadon.

Is Jayden a Boy or Girl Name?

According to the Social Security Administration, Jayden has been more popular as a boy name. However, the name is not uncommon for a girl name.

From 1998 to 2018, Jayden was in the top 1000 girls’ names. The name peaked in 2007 and 2008, making it into the 170s. Since 2008, though, the name faded out of popularity—dropping out of the top 1000 after 2018.

Regardless, Jayden is a gender-neutral name.

Variations of Jayden

The name Jayden has many variations. Most variations may have come from modern naming trends of altering the spelling. The origin of Jayden may be a reason why there are many variants as well, given that the name hybridized desirable sounds from other names.

  • Jaeden (English)
  • Jaedyn (English)
  • Jaden (Hebrew)
  • Jadin (English)
  • Jadon (Hebrew)
  • Jaidan (English)
  • Jaiden (English)

Nicknames for Jayden

While Jayden isn’t the most complicated name to pronounce, you may want a shorter version for a young brother or sister to be able to pronounce. You may also find yourself wanting to coo some silly or cute names at your new baby.

The perfect nickname for your baby may just come to you one day—or they might just do something worth teasing them over for the rest of their lives. But if you need help brainstorming, do not worry because Jayden has a few nicknames already.

  • Baby Jay
  • Blue Jay
  • Jay
  • Jaydee
  • JJ

Similar Names to Jayden

Maybe Jayden sounds almost right but is missing something. You like the sound but not the meaning, or maybe the meaning but not the sound. Perhaps you want a name that sounds similar but is more established in history.

If you want something similar to Jayden, these are a few names that might put you on the right path toward that perfect name.

Middle Names for Jayden

If you settle on Jayden as a first name, you may now have the struggle of finding the perfect middle name for your baby.

Middle names might be more tricky because there are more options. You’ve let go of some of the rules you may have had for the first name and now everything goes.

There are a lot of names out there, and it may be hard to find one that fits the name Jayden. Here are a few names that might help you narrow things down.

Sibling Names for Jayden

If you have a Jayden who is becoming a big brother or sister soon, you may be considering sibling names. These names might sound nice with Jayden or help guide you in the right direction.

Famous People Named Jayden

Because Jayden is a newer name, you won’t find as many famous figures who share it. The name Jayden does have a somewhat strange trend of being incredibly popular among those who grew up to be well-known soccer or rugby players (particularly in Australia).

  • Jayden Brailey: Australian rugby league player.
  • Jayden Hayward: New Zealand rugby union player.
  • Jayden Hunt: Australian rules footballer.
  • Jayden Levitt: South African-born cricketer.
  • Jayden Panesso: Vocalist for American band Sylar.
  • Jayden Reed: American football player.
  • Jayden Warn: Australian wheelchair rugby player.
  • Jayden Yuan: Chinese actor and martial artist.

Jayden in Popular Culture

While the number of fictional Jaydens might be small compared to other names, it is still good to know what popular characters exist.

  • Jayden: The name was given to Data in a 1994 episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”
  • Jayden Hoyles: A character in the 2019 Netflix series “Daybreak.”
  • Jayden Hunt: From the British soap opera “Doctors.”
  • Jayden Johnson: Character from the 2009 American TV film “American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong.”
  • Jayden Shiba: The leader in the TV series “Power Rangers Samurai.”
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