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Delaney Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Delaney including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Delaney Overview

  • Meaning: Delaney means “black river.”
  • Gender: Delaney is traditionally a girl’s name.
  • Origin: Delaney originates from dubh and Slaney, Gaelic words for the black river.
  • Pronunciation: “De-LAYN-ee”
  • Popularity: The name is popular in the United States.
  • Nicknames: D, Dee, Del, Dela, Delane, Deli, D-Lane, Lane, Laney, Lani, Lanny.
  • Variations: Delalaney, De La Laney, Delalaine, Delane, De Laney, Delanie, De Lanie, De La Lane, Delany, Dulaney, La Lanie, Lalaney, Lelany.
  • Namesakes: Delaney Williams, Delaney Gibson, Delaney Tarr.

What Does the Name Delaney Mean?

In Ireland, the name originates from Ó Dubhshláine, an old Gaelic name. Ó means descendant. Dubh is an Irish word for black, while Sláine is the name of a river in Southeast Ireland (1). This river is also known as the River Slaney. Delaney means “black river” in this context.

The name is also said to come from Normandy, where it would mean “from Laney.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Delaney?

Delaney has two origins: one in Ireland and another in Normandy. In Ireland, the name originates from Ó Dubhshláine, an old Gaelic name.

The name also originates in Normandy, where it meant “from Laney.” The Normans invaded England in 1066 and eventually took the country over, leading to what would become the modern English language.

How Popular Is The Name Delaney?

Delaney is a popular name with more than a millennium of usage. Delaneys have been in Ireland before the 1000s. The name came to America after the 1600s and started becoming more common in the 1800s.

The popularity of the name has remained the same for the last 20 years. In 2000, the name ranked 206. The word reached its peak in popularity in 2004 at rank 169, compared to its current rank of 269 (2).

How Do I Pronounce Delaney?

Delaney is pronounced “De-LAYN-ee” though you can also pronounce it “De-LAHN-ee” depending on the context. The LAYN sound developed because of the anglicization of the Irish vowel sounds.

Likewise, you can also pronounce the “De” as a “Duh” or “Dah.” Usually, British and American speakers will differ over this pronunciation.

Is Delaney A Boy or Girl Name?

Delaney is more popular as a girl’s name, but there’s no reason you can’t use or modify it for a boy. Consider Delan or Delane if you want it to sound a little more masculine.

Variations of Delaney

The reason for so many variations is that you can spell Delaney differently. It is also common to mispronounce. Variations include the following:

  • Delalaney (Norman)
  • De La Laney (Norman)
  • Delalaine (Norman)
  • Delane (French)
  • De Laney (Either)
  • Delanie (Irish)
  • De Lanie (Either)
  • De La Lane (Norman)
  • Delany (Irish)
  • Dulaney (Norman)

Nicknames For Delaney

Delaneys have both male and female nicknames to choose from. Most of these names can be very cute, including:

  • Dee
  • DeeDee
  • Del
  • Dela
  • Delane
  • Deli
  • Lane
  • Laney
  • Lani
  • Lanny

Similar Names to Delaney

If you like the sound of Delaney but aren’t quite certain it’s the right fit for your child, consider some of these complimentary options we’ve put together:

  • Daisy
  • Del
  • Delaine
  • Della
  • Delta
  • Dylan
  • Imani
  • Laine
  • Lana
  • Lanely
  • Land
  • Lily
  • Lilianna

Middle Names for Delaney

There are many middle names for Delaney that sound smooth and fit well. Most of these suggestions are polysyllabic. Some of the best options we came up with are:

Sibling Names for Delaney

Many male and female names go well for siblings of people named Delaney. Some good sibling names for Delaney include:

  • Annie
  • Aniston
  • Daniella
  • Dana
  • Debby
  • Del
  • Derek
  • Devon
  • Justin
  • Martin
  • Martina
  • Masha
  • Rochelle
  • Sammy

Famous People Named Delaney

Looking for inspiration from real life Delaney’s? We put together a list of famous men and women who share the name below:

  • Delaney Coffins: Delaney Coffins is a successful Canadian ice-hockey athlete.
  • Delaney Gibson: Gibson is an American Pop and R&B songwriter. She has recorded four solo albums.
  • Delaney Glazer: Glazer is an American dancer and fashionista. She is 26 years old and has worked with talents like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.
  • Delaney Williams: an American actor who appeared on the HBO show The Wire.
  • Delaney Reilley: a TikTok celebrity with more than 19 million total likes and nearly a million followers.
  • Delaney Tarr: a Parkland School shooting survivor and gun-control activist.
  • Martin Delaney: Black Civil War Veteran and journalist.

Delaney In Popular Culture

The name Delaney appears in pop culture and mass media. Numerous characters bear the name. The majority of Delaneys in media and art have been male.

  • James Delaney: James is Tom Hardy’s character in the British series Taboo.
  • Michael Delaney: Michael Delaney is Steve McQueen’s character from the classic racing movie, Le Mans.
  • Edward X Delaney: Edward is a character from the titular series of mystery novels.
  • Delaney: Delaney is an anime character who appears in the Pokémon animated series.
  • Jasmine Delaney: Jasmine Delaney is a character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.

Delaney FAQs

With several different origins and many distinct variations, you may still have some confusion over the name Delaney and whether it’s right for your child. We’ve compiled a list of answers for some commonly asked questions below!

How Do I Know if Delaney Is Irish or Norman?

Typically, people name their children following the Irish derivative of the word. If your name is something like Dulaney or De Laney, it is likely Norman. Norman names often have the prefix “de,” hence the confusion (3).

Is Delaney in the Bible?

The name Delaney is not in the Bible. It has no Hebrew or Greek origin, nor does it have any Latin roots. The name is Celtic outside of the few Norman families who use it.

How Many Girls Are Born With the Name Delaney?

In 2021, 1,155 baby girls were born and given the name Delaney in the United States (4).

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