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Kaia Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Kaia including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Kaia Overview

  • Meaning: Kaia has several meanings, such as earth, the sea, and “each of the two.”
  • Gender: Kaia is most commonly given as a girl’s name.
  • Origin: Ancient Greece, as well as Scandinavia, Italy, and India.
  • Pronunciation: Most people pronounce this name as “Ki-uh,but you can also say “Ki-yuh” or “Ki-ah.”
  • Popularity: By 2000, this name hit the charts as a fairly popular choice. It was number 231 in 2021 and is working its way up to increased popularity.
  • Nicknames: Ka, Kay, Kei, Kiki, KK, and Ya.
  • Variations: Kai, Kaiah, Kaya, Keya.
  • Namesakes: Kaia Wilson, Kaia Gerber, Kaia Iva, Kaia Parnaby.

What Does Kaia Mean?

Kaia is a name with beautiful meanings. People commonly define it as “Earth” in Indian culture or “the sea” for Hawaiian people. Scandinavian people translate it as “each of the two,” implying a kind of harmony.

Regardless of the meaning, you choose for your baby Kaia, the name is strong, emotional, and creative. It’s a modern name with traditional roots.

What Is the Origin of the Name Kaia?

There are several origins for the name Kaia depending on the meaning. For instance, the Indian meaning of earth has roots in Latin. It’s a derivative of the word Gaia, which is the belief that the world and its systems all function as one (1).

The Scandinavian meaning of Kaia comes from a Greek background. The Greek word translates to “pure” or “each of the two.”

How Popular Is the Name Kaia?

Kaia was a rare name, not even making the baby name charts until 2000. As soon as it ranked, though, it was a fairly popular name in the 900s. From 2002 to 2014 it stayed in the 500 and 600 range (2).

By 2015, Kaia was a popular name, ranking higher than 500. Since then, it rose to the 300s and 200s. If this increase continues, it will soon be a very popular name.

How Do I Pronounce Kaia?

The standard pronunciation of Kaia is Ki-uh. However, since it’s a unique name, you might choose to pronounce it as Ki-yuh or Ki-ah. These varying options can ensure your daughter stands out from the crowd.

Is Kaia a Boy or Girl Name?

Kaia is a girl’s name. There are no records of people using it for males on the Social Security Association’s baby name list.

Variations of Kaia

There are variations of the name Kaia depending on the cultural background. North American parents have also spelled the name in different ways.

  • Kai (Hawaiian)
  • Kaiah (North American)
  • Kaya (Hindu, Japanese, Turkish, Zulu)

Nicknames for Kaia

Kaia is a short name, but it’s two syllables. There are several options if you want to shorten it into a cute nickname.

  • Ka
  • Kay
  • Kei
  • Kiki
  • KK
  • Ya

Similar Names to Kaia

Kaia is a stunningly unique name. If you’re looking for something similar for your daughter, check out these options.

Middle Names for Kaia

With a first name like Kaia, you might be unsure what to use for a middle name. Since Kaia is short and sweet, you can choose another unique name or go for something longer and more traditional.

Sibling Names for Kaia

If your daughter is Kaia, you want a sibling name to compliment hers. Whether you choose something equally unique or more common, it’s sure to sound great with Kaia.

This list has names for Kaia’s sister.

If you’re having a boy, you might choose to go with something timeless and traditional or more modern. Something short sounds just as good with Kaia as a longer name will. These names are ideal for Kaia’s brother.

Famous People Named Kaia

There are many famous people named Kaia. See if you recognize any of these celebrities.

  • Kaia Arua: Cricket player from Papua New Guinea.
  • Kaia Beck: American reality TV star.
  • Kaia Faith Calaway: Daughter of the American wrestler known as The Undertaker.
  • Kaia Gerber: American model.
  • Kaia Iva: Politician from Estonia.
  • Kaia Kater: Musician from Canada.
  • Kaia Wøien Nicolaisen: Norwegian athlete.
  • Kaia Bruland Nilssen: Norwegian novelist.
  • Kaia Parnaby: Softball player from Australia.
  • Kaia Storvik: Norwegian politician.
  • Kaia Urb: Estonian musician.
  • Kaia Wilson: American musician.

Kaia in Popular Culture

Kaia isn’t only a good name for your daughter. Many TV and movie producers have chosen this name for fictional characters.

  • Kaia: a character in the animated TV show “Motorcity.”
  • Kaia: a character in the video game “Godzilla BC” and the movie “Age of Kaiju.”
  • Kaia: the God of Earth in the role-playing game Starborn Alignment.
  • KAIA: a musical girl group formed in the Philippines.
  • Kaia Nieves: a character on the TV series “Supernatural” and “Wayward Sisters.”
  • Kaia Sellers: a character on the TV show “Seven Deadly Sins.”
  • Kaia Stokes: a character on the show “Home and Away.”

Kaia FAQs

You’ve learned a lot of background on the name Kaia. There are multiple meanings for this name and countless compatible options for middle and sibling names. If you want to know more about Kaia before naming your baby, check out the answers to these questions.

Is Kaia a Rare Name?

Kaia was a rare name before 2000. When it first hit the baby name charts, it was already somewhat popular. In its first 20 years on the chart, it quickly rose to the 200s, making it a popular name. If the trend continues, it will surely become very popular.

Is Kaia a Good Name?

Kaia is a beautiful name with a short, sweet, and laidback sound. Parents who want a name that ties back to traditional roots will consider Kaia a great choice.

What Language is Kaia?

Kaia comes from the ancient Greek language originally. It’s also a variation of the Italian name Gaia. It has different meanings in various cultures, including Scandinavian, Hawaiian, and Latin.

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