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Best Diaper Caddies of 2023

Make diaper duty hassle-free with these practical diaper caddies.

We’ve tried a lot of diaper caddies over the years and have concluded that not all of these organizational tools are as useful as they claim to be.

Some are flimsy and don’t hold up to months of use. Others are too small to be useful and need to be restocked more than once a day. And a few are far too basic, with space for diapers and wipes but nothing else.

So we did some digging and polled the internet mommy world to find the best diaper caddies that are useful, durable, and perfectly sized, with all you need for diaper emergencies. You won’t be disappointed with these nine great options, and we’ve included a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about purchasing and using a diaper caddy.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Parker Baby Diaper Caddy - Nursery Storage Bin and Car Organizer for Diapers and...
Best Large Size
Parker Baby Caddy
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable compartments
  • Collapsible and portable
Product Image of the hiccapop Hanging Diaper Organizer for Changing Table and Crib, Diaper Stacker...
Sturdiest Design
Hiccapop Nursery Organizer
  • Sturdy shelves
  • No assembly required
  • Lifetime guarantee
Product Image of the Munchkin Diaper Change Organizer
Easiest to Clean
Munchkin Diaper Caddy
  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of storage space
  • Includes 12 scented diaper bags
Product Image of the 3 Sprouts Baby Diaper Caddy - Organizer Basket for Nursery, Hedgehog
Cutest Design
3 Sprouts Baby Diaper Caddy
  • Super cute
  • Sturdy structure
  • Wipeable interior
Product Image of the Ubbi Portable Diaper Changing Station Diaper Storage Caddy Organizer with...
Best with Changing Pad
Ubbi Storage Caddy
  • Minimalist design
  • Comes with a helpful drawer
  • Includes a changing mat
Product Image of the Maliton Hanging Diaper Caddy Organizer - Diaper Stacker for Changing Table,...
Best Hanging Caddy
Maliton Caddy Organizer
  • Attaches to all playards
  • Easy install hooks
  • Stores more diapers than other caddies
Product Image of the KiddyCare Diaper Caddy Organiser Grey Regular Size
Most Stylish
KiddyCare Diaper Caddy
  • Elegant look and durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • 100% lifetime warranty
Product Image of the StarHug Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer - Baby Shower Basket | Large Nursery Storage...
Best for Portability
StarHug Caddy Organizer
  • Customizable and collapsible
  • Lots of storage space
  • Gender-neutral
Product Image of the Putska Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer Nursery Basket Set - A Baby basket gift...
Best Lightweight Caddy
Putska Caddy Organizer
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Large compartments
  • Pacifier clips and bibs included

The Best Diaper Caddies of 2023

Here are our favorite diaper caddies on the market.

1. Parker Baby Diaper Caddy

Best Large Diaper Caddy

Simplify your double-duty diaper changes with the Good Baby Diaper Caddy. This caddy is available in two sizes, with the regular measuring at 13 inches by 9 inches by 7 inches and the large at 16 inches by 10 inches by 7 inches, making it a great option for a single baby or twins.

It comes with plenty of compartments for storage, and the inner insert is removable, so you can customize the caddy to your needs. There are eight exterior pockets, where you can store pacifiers, small toys, diaper cream, and other small items.

The Good Baby comes in a neutral grey color and design, so it will be sure to complement any nursery decor. This caddy is so versatile, it can solve many of your other storage needs. It even works great as a nursing station organizer, so you can easily carry your breast pump and accessories around the house.


  • Long handle.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adjustable compartments.
  • Collapsible and portable.


  • It’s not as durable as some other options.
  • The felt can be difficult to clean.

2. hiccapop Nursery Organizer and Baby Diaper Caddy

Quality for the Long Run

Keep all your diaper essentials easily accessible but out of the way with the Hiccapop Hanging Nursery Organizer. You can have all your diaper needs neatly organized while freeing up space on top of the changing table.

This caddy quickly attaches to changing tables, cribs, or walls. There are three straps with buckles for attaching, which allows it to hold more weight.

This caddy has two pockets and six shelves, including a section designed to hold a large wipes container and an extra-long pocket that can hold up to 72 diapers.

The Hiccapop caddy is available in two gender-neutral colors, white and charcoal gray, and is made with washable and stain-resistant material, so you won’t have to worry when a diaper disaster happens.


  • Sturdy shelves.
  • No assembly required.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • Straps aren’t long enough for cribs with very thick rails.
  • The buckles don’t always stay tight

3. Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer

Easy Breezy Cleaning

The Munchkin Diaper Duty is an awesome tabletop organizer loaded with various compartments of all sizes. Set this plastic, stationary caddy up in your baby’s room so you can be fully prepared for a quick diaper change.

This caddy features a large, flat top that will accommodate a wipe container or wipe warmer and slots in the front for several diapers. The side bins are removable and great for organizing diaper creams, lotions, nail clippers, and more.

Since this caddy is made of plastic and the bins are removable, cleaning is easy —you can rinse it out in the sink or the shower.

If you have some extra space in your baby’s room, this tabletop organizer is probably the perfect fit for you.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • BPA-free.
  • Includes 12 scented diaper bags with purchase.


  • Not portable.
  • Some parents found it to come apart easily.

4. 3 Sprouts Baby Diaper Caddy

Cutest Prints

This cute and simple tote makes diaper organization fun. It comes in various animal prints that will look adorable in any nursery.

The basic design includes two compartments for organizing all your supplies and a handle for easy transporting. You can collapse it to lie flat in storage when not in use. The cardboard panels allow it to remain sturdy and upright, even when it’s empty.

This caddy is so cute and functional, and when you no longer need it for diapers, you can use it for art and craft supplies, books, bath supplies, toys, or more.


  • Super cute.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • The fabric can only be spot cleaned.
  • The polyester coating breaks down over time in warmer climates.

5. Ubbi Portable Diaper Storage Caddy Organizer

Big and Beautiful

This handy caddy is easy to grab and move from room to room. It’s the perfect size with just the right amount of room to store your diapers, wipes, and more.

It even comes with a yoga-style changing pad, so you won’t have to worry about messes on your changing surface.

Moreover, it features two deep interior compartments with ample space for diapers, a wipe case, baby lotion, and a small toy. It also has a drawer in front that’s perfect for storing diaper cream and other baby needs out of your child’s reach.

There are rubber feet, so you won’t have to worry about the caddy sliding away while you’re dealing with a poopy diaper.

The only downside is that this caddy is available with only one color however it is so stylish that you’ll be able to use it as a storage bin for toys, art supplies, or even your mail when you’re out of the diaper stage.


  • Minimalist design blends in well so you won’t have difficulty matching with other items.
  • Comes with a helpful drawer.
  • Includes a changing mat.


  • Doesn’t fold down.

6. Maliton Hanging Diaper Caddy Organizer

Best Hanging Diaper Caddy

This hanging caddy easily attaches to any playard and has plenty of spaces and slots to help you keep everything organized. You can even attach it to some styles of baby cribs.

There’s an extra-large shelf to hold your wipes or a wipe warmer, a large center pocket for diapers, and two pockets on each side for your diaper cream, lotion, a change of clothes, burp cloths, and a toy. The pockets are mesh, making it easy to keep track of your inventory so you won’t end up empty-handed in the middle of a diaper change.

We had this caddy attached to our playpen when our little one was a newborn, and it made diaper changes so much easier. Our newborn cloth diapers fit well into the center pocket, and the top shelf was perfect for storing our spray bottle and cloth wipes.


  • Attaches to all playpens.
  • Easy install hooks.
  • Stores more diapers than other caddies.


  • Not the easiest to clean.
  • Some parents found the top shelf flimsy.

7. KiddyCare Baby Diaper and Wipes Storage Caddy

Most Stylish Diaper Caddy

If you love style, you’ll adore this posh but functional diaper caddy. The KiddyCare Storage Basket will make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach for a hassle-free diaper change. There are three removable interior compartments for storing diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.

This caddy is beautifully designed and made with high-quality cotton. The strap provides a good length so you can easily throw the caddy over your shoulder, freeing up both of your hands for your baby.

You can plan on using this caddy for multiple children and as a toy or travel bag once you’re all done with the diaper stages.


  • Elegant look.
  • Durable.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Dividers are not as sturdy.
  • Only one color option.

8. StarHug Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Best Portable Diaper Caddy

Conquer on-the-go diaper changes with the StarHug Baby Diaper Caddy. This adaptable and portable diaper caddy measures 16 inches by 11 inches by 7 inches, providing more room for storage. It features a removable divider that is highly customizable to suit your needs.

This caddy offers plenty of outside pockets to store all the smaller baby essentials. The polyester lining material is water-resistant, so it’s easy to wipe clean when you have a mess on your hands.

With every purchase of this high-quality caddy organizer comes a matching bottle cozy that fits large 11-ounce baby bottles and helps maintain temperatures for better-tasting milk or drinks.

This caddy is great to have in the car, but once you get to your destination, you can easily stand it on a surface or hang it on the crib or in the closet for quick access to all your baby’s items.


  • Customizable.
  • Collapsible.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Not the most stylish unit.
  • No changing pad included.

9. Putska Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Best Lightweight Diaper Caddy

Lightweight doesn’t always mean small. The Putska Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer is super light, weighing just over one pound, but it’s spacious enough to hold everything you need.

This large diaper caddy has three main compartments with space for diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, and much more. Plus, it has deep and wide side pockets for all the important extras. You can keep bibs, pacifiers, nail clippers, blankets, and even a change of clothes in these side pockets.

The material is high quality and eco-friendly, so you know this caddy will last a long time. Also, the sharp edges are hidden with extra material so your little one won’t get hurt on this caddy.

We love that this caddy comes with extra items. This includes two pacifier clips — so you won’t ever lose pacifiers. It also comes with two cloth bibs for drooly babies.

The flexible handles make this caddy easy and comfortable to carry around. Whether you’re going for a shopping trip, taking a vacation, or just visiting a friend, this lightweight and transportable caddy is a favorite amongst parents.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Large compartments to store everything you need.
  • Extra pacifier clips and bibs included.
  • Strong and sturdy.


  • Some customers don’t like the rough felt material.

Types of Diaper Caddies

The first step in choosing a diaper caddy is deciding what type you want.

There are three main styles to choose from:

Portable Caddy

This is the most popular type of diaper caddy, as most parents love being able to easily move it from room to room or even use it for travel. Portable caddies are usually small with a handle and have enough space for supplies for a day or two.

Hanging Caddy

These types of caddies hang on playpens, cribs, walls, and in closets. And while they are technically portable, they aren’t the easiest to transport, so many parents leave them in one place. Hanging caddies are generally larger, so they can hold more items than other caddies but still free up space in the nursery.

Stationary Caddy

These are the least common type of caddy, as they are meant to stay in one place and take up valuable real estate on the changing table. They do make organization much easier though. If you have the extra space on your changing table and don’t mind going to the nursery for diaper changes, this may be the type of caddy for you.

How to Choose a Diaper Caddy

After you decide what type of caddy you want, some other key features will help you decide on the best diaper caddy for you.


There are diaper caddies for every price point, but the average caddy costs around $20.


Diaper changes can get messy fast, so you will probably want your diaper caddy to be made with easy-to-clean materials. The best diaper caddies are made from plastic, polyester, or stain-resistant materials. Many caddies can be easily spot cleaned or thrown in the washing machine.


Do you want a small diaper caddy that doesn’t fit a whole lot but can easily be tucked away out of sight, or would you rather have a larger caddy that can fit multiple days’ worth of stuff? Remember: You will need a larger caddy if you’re having twins or planning on using cloth diapers.


Diaper caddies come in a variety of colors and prints. It should be easy to find one to suit your nursery decor.

Storage Space

The amount and size of storage space is always a key factor in finding a good diaper caddy. When searching for a caddy, be sure to think about what you want to store in it and assess the number of compartments, pockets, and shelves to see if it will work. The less separation a caddy has, the harder it will be to find items you need, and that will make diaper changes longer and more stressful.

Sturdy Handle

If you choose a portable caddy, look for one with a sturdy handle, so you can easily grab it when you’re in a hurry. It’s even better if the handle fits over your shoulder, as this frees up both your hands for your baby.

Change Pad

Choosing a caddy with an included change pad will mark one less purchase off your list. However, many moms are fine with using prefolds, burp cloths, or receiving blankets as changing pads.

What Should I Store in My Diaper Caddy?

What you store in your diaper caddy will probably change as your baby grows. You will want to store whatever you think you’ll use for your baby on a daily basis.

Some of the essentials include:

Some moms also like to include the following:

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